Dizzy - Marriage Disposal

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Description: Deep within Illyria, Dizzy and Elphelt discuss about the nature of humanity, love, and the seme and ukes between them.

In the Illyrian valley, there was a place hidden by magic.

It was underground, hidden in the vast tunnels underneath the arcadian valley. It was the Telluric Complex, the ancient magitek system that long ago maintained and controlled the vast flows of magical energy that powered within it. The interior of the complex is almost industrial; a careful union of massive gears, bridges over impossibly deep ravines, and a mix of stone, metal, and ceramic walls all around. Guardian armors are stationed throughout the countless pillars, acting as grounds and redirecting ground flows up into ceiling flows. Hewn into the composite material are rifts driven into the walls. Within these rifts is the very spiritual energy of the leylines, contained by specially forged metal and intricate runes. Eldritch energy flows all around; even contained it cannot help but radiate out in pure spiritual force. This made the complex dangerous for most humans.

But the Gears found it a pleasant home.

Most of them found refuge in the Atrium of the complex. In the Atrium, the flow of energy passes through here before funneling across the mysterious complex. This is the largest room of the entire complex, even larger than the actual core. High above is a beautiful tapestry of lights, shapes, and colors as the sea of chi mixes and mingles overhead, sifting and sorting into their proper channels. In fact, because the chi is funneling it up so high, this is one of the safest locations in the complex, and many of the living chambers are at or near the Atrium. The vast magical mill, a churning kiln of impossible and ancient technology, had served many purposes for the Illyrian people. The most obvious is the source of magic, and the means of capturing and controlling magic in a reliable, stable supply. The second is that it made for an excellent home for the Gears, brought over by Ky Kiske and Leo Whitefang in the aftermath of the Gears War. Headed by Dr. Paradigm, these gears spent most of their time within the Atrium. Many of the gears lacked even the basic means of digestion, and were made to sustain themselves either on spiritual violence, or raw chi transfers. With the volume of magical energy radiating from even the atrium, these Gears can feed and endure happily and peacefully, though the lack of sunlight and surface time has been a constant point of conflict between Dr. Paradigm and the Kings. Despite this, almost all the gears spent their lives deep below in the nurturing home of the Telluric Complex.

Even the big ones.

One of the massive gears was resting on his six knees, as low as possible around one of the nodes. The creature was massive, it's boneless, rubbery head force to coil to fit within the Atrium. The elephantine sauropod had a long, horse-like face, with four eyes in slits upon the middle of its face. It's tail is short, and grounded like a seventh leg, an anchor for it's staggering movements. Covering its body are mother of pearl-colored chitinous scales. Crawling all over it is the host of countless other smaller gears, not quite parasitic but in an act of symbiotic commensalism. The creatures can generously be considered abstract; there are a number of attributes that demonstrate clear arthropod heritage, but secondary attribute reveal both humanoid and fungal roots as well. Burrowing in and out of the scales to the tender, spongy flesh underneath, they pick and clean non-gear growths and parasites that irritate the sauropod, as well as suck excess chi to prevent flesh eruptions.

Dizzy, in turn, was helping at the belly.

The blue haired Command Gear didn't always spend her time in the complex. She always felt it important to spend equal time between the humans, and the Gears. Here amongst the gears, she could be more natural. She didn't have to wear a disguise. She was not wearing many clothes; she seemed almost naked at first, short of black stockings, with the straps of leather binding her chest, her pelvis, her neck, her upper arms and thighs. Her black tail writhed around her, her white and black wings folded behind her securely. There was yellow ribbons in her hair, on her tail. Reaching up high, she focuses her red eyes as she runs her hands along the hideous scales, pulling the plates away to allow the smaller gears to burrow in. The sauropod itself happily chews on some hay; he was one of the ones who was meant to be a laborer, not a fighter, and was given a little more freedom in his creature to feed. Many of the other gears work hard to provide food for their fellow creatures. It was difficult work sometimes, but everyone worked together.

Even the simple ones like this one.

Most of the gears were like beasts. But Dizzy understood animals and beasts. Much more than humans. Maybe. Maybe she understood humans a lot more than she thought. Dizzy lets out a gasp after she pulled back one of the scales; underneath the plate was a red ring of pustules, inflamed and oozing. Immediately, Dizzy's white wing transforms into the shape of a motherly woman, and a blast of cooling mist paints across the infection, sealing it. "Does that feel good Denver?" Dizzy asks brightly. In response, the leviathan unleashes a deep cacophony, like a vast church organ with all the keys pressed at once, trumpeting with a maddening din.

"Oh! Yes! You like that a lot don't you?"

Telluric Complex is a strange, wonderful, and absolutely harmonious place where gears are left to live. A pleasant home, yes, but to some, it has its ups and downs. For on particular gear that submitted herself to join for the safety of other gears, it was more of a -down- than an up. Oh it wasn't the company, it wasn't the location or even the lack of sunlight and separation from the outside world.

It was the low battery warning on a device.

A device which Elphelt was tearing up at, sat off to the side in her eye-catching white and pink wedding dress, her grip making the thing shake in her hands. Tear stains are already present on her face, as it's clear to any gear passing by... she's dealing with something personal and emotional. Maybe a lost one up in the world of humans? Maybe regrets about ditching that rockstar on the wedding alter? As time passes, she quiets up, eyes wide as the speaker of the device is slowly heard for once over the sniffling and nose-blowing antics of the gear. "I love you." "I know."

"WHAT?!" Wide-eyed, she blurts out, just as the device goes dark and cuts its life. "Bu- You- She-, and the-" ... "RAAAAAAAA! That's not the answer you're supposed to give! UUUGH! How can this be better than the later movies, this is just--just ... OOOOOOO!" Angry at the turn of events, the bunny-eared wedding gown gear leaves the device behind, and heads right on over more into the middle of the Atrium, where a low note starts to shift to a higher note the more she walks over. Spying a pair of familiar white and black wings, she pauses in her angry stomps to take in the situation, of just what Dizzy's doing. A little glance left, a little glance right, and she starts to sneak sneak... but with shoes like that, it isn't doing her any good. Not to mention the clinks and metallic tangs of whatever's hidden underneath that dress bumping into one another.

Maybe Dizzy will see her coming. Maybe she won't. But she's going to do every effort to reaaaaach over carefully -- wait are those wings going to see her? Maybe covering her eyes and going 'Guess who?' won't work. Rather than continue the plan, she decides to just take the more general approach.

"Diiiizzy. Watcha doooooin?"

Dizzy doesn't quite -see- Elphelt coming.

Certainly, she could recognize her by the other senses. The blurting. The great emotional distress. The -stomp stomp stomp-. She could -hear- her coming, but seeing? She was focused more on Denver's great big undulating tummy of clanging scales and crawling gears, but she made sure to move -just- enough to let her look over. So when she finally speaks up?

Dizzy gives a little gasp and looks behind her.

"Oh! Hello Elphelt! I thought you were watching your little show!" Dizzy gently folds the scale over. "I was just giving Denver a little spa treatment! He has been having some itchy tummy trouble, and the little gears have been having a lot of trouble getting to his sore spots." Dizzy pat pats the tummy plate. Denver lets out a heaving grunt, into a deep moan. "Did he finally confess his feelings?" Dizzy asks turning around. Her wings rise up slightly, with her pointer fingers tapping together meekly in front of her. Tap tap tap. Dizzy begins to blush, as she lowers her gaze.

"Did they.... you..."

Tap Tap.

"You know... do the thing that you do after you confess 'I love you?"


It was all fine and dandy at the start. Elphelt was smiling, going on a high rise with talking to Dizzy. Helping the little gears help Denver with his troubles, that's the kind of thing that warms her heart.

And then Elphelt's heart grew ten times smaller.

Forcing a smile, eyes closed. "...No."

Lip twitch.

"It... he..." Her pitches rises higher as she tries to contain that anger. "Didn't *quite* confess. He said 'I know'."

... The air around Elphelt is tense, and dark, an atmosphere so thick and cold that no sub-arctic gear would help you survive.

"They said the earlier movies were good. I think they ... maybe have over exaugurated."

But that mood quickly drops, like a sudden moodswing of a change. It took -this- long for Elphelt to notice something off about Dizzy asking this kind of thing, but now that she's found the bait, she's biting it and taking the line out for miles.

"Waaait a moment... Dizzy, since when are you interested in that kind of thing?"

Dizzy happened to think that the earlier ones were more romantic!

I mean, technically they were later, but in the chronological lineup they were earlier. So it made sense they were more romantic than the actiony later ones. Except they were made later, so maybe it wasn't. Of course there was the newest ones, but those relationships didn't make sense even to Dizzy. Dizzy had a lot of thoughts and opinions on the other movies, and she was really curious about how this one would go, but, well.

Elphelt was prying.

She was poking.

And Dizzy was still transfixed at Elphelt's boots.

Tap tap tap.

Dizzy leaves her fingertips touching, as her chest rises, then falls as she exhales. "Well, I was starting to think and talk about things. And I was thinking that, well, you know, well, I'm starting to get very old now." Dizzy explains, nodding her head. "And if I am getting very old, I ought to be thinking about a family, and settling down. And well. There was somebody I know, and I was, I was thinking..." Denver suddenly arches his head around. He looks at Dizzy with his four eyes, his long jaw slack, waiting in anticipation. Dizzy giggles nervously. "Oh no, Denver, we are just friends!"

Denver droops.

The behemoth lets out a groan of despair, as he turns away. Dizzy covers her mouth. "Oh, I hope I wasn't leading him on. Was I leading him on Elphelt? I thought grooming was just a thing that you did to be nice! I hope..." Dizzy looks away, her shoulders slumping. "I hope it's not a human misunderstanding." Dizzy sighs. She looks back at Elphelt.

"Do you think I'm being too human?"

The fingertips touching. The glancing down. The blush. The slow breath. Yes. Yes. Perfect. Elphelt knew she had a winner. As an expert of love dramas, romantic movies, dating and flirting, she knows. Dizzy has an eye on -someone-. But now was the time to listen! Hands move down and fold over one another like a presentable proper lady fit for the wedding gown she's in, even smiling a little at Denver glancing over wanting to hear just what was going on.

"Grooming -is- something you do, in a way, to a ... significant other. It's a little complicated!"

Professor Elphelt, PhD in Love, reporting.

Though that last one catches her a little bit offguard, even slightly taken aback as her own shoulders roll back a little. "Being too... human?" Now this wasn't a question she was quite expecting, looking up a little. Even a hand moves to her cheek, a single finger scratching it in thought. "... Well, hmmm... I don't... think so? Why should feelings and emotions be limited to humans? Why can't we just... adopt them and make it into our own thing?" And then, the thinking drops.

Because Elphelt is now hugging her arms over herself, her gaze entering that daydreaming state. "Ohhh a forbidden love between two separate races, such taboo but no actions or words could stop them from expressing their feelings...!" This tiny little 'fangirl' squeal slips out from Elphelt's lips as she considers the possibilities! Dizzy, thinking about being too human, to fall for and make a family with a human!


It was then that the tires screech in Elphelt's mind, her eyes snapping open to the sound of glass breaking. Wait. Just. A. Second.

Unfolding her arms, she puts a hand over the side of her mouth and stage-whisper voices, "Dizzy, did you fall for a -human-?!"

Dizzy actually begins to shrink as Elphelt describes this incredible fantasy.

At first, she seems like she can handle it. It was absurd. She had heard about grooming before, but usually it was with an age gap, and well, she couldn't imagine him grooming her. That would be ridiculous. He could barely brush his own hair, how could he even begin to take those smooth, but strong fingers, running them through her hair, looking her in the eyes as- oh no. A taboo. And when she talks about no action or words, well.

Dizzy begins to hide.

Both of her wings wrap around her by the end of Elphelt's rant, as Dizzy comes into a full crouch, squatting down as her wings cover her. When Elphelt finally whispers, she is quiet. The only sound was Denver's sobs filling the Atrium. She finally pulls aside one of the wings, the white one, and peeks out at Elphelt. Her eyes were wide, and there were tears in them. Dizzy nods her head twice, unable to say the words out loud.

Before lets go of the wing, letting it envelope her once more.

Instead of seeing Dizzy, Elphelt sees a black and white egg-like crouched thing at her feet. Her eyes stare forwards, then her head tilts down to look just as the wings slowly open. Denver's sobs are filling the Atrium, and that peek is noticed. A white wing moves, and her eyes return the gaze with a more concerned gaze. It was one thing to daydream and fangirl over the possibility of the love story that this could go into, but it was -another- thing to see this. The one thing that can pull a different side of Elphelt out, one that overwrites the love-stricken marriage maniac: A gear in this kind of distress.

It's a subtle and slow movement as she just crouches down, then lifts the hem of that wedding dress to rest her knees down to plant one hand on her lap, and offer the other out, slowly, with a genuine smile.

"Sorry, Dizzy, I got a little... carried away there. Come on out, it's alright~. You don't have to say who it is if you don't want to, but if you want to know how to handle these emotions, well... I'm willing to lend and ear and all the time you need."

For a moment, one of the wings change.

At first, it's the black one. For a moment, it merges and shifts, taking the shape of a SCOWLING grim reaper, it's face twisted into a -very- defensive grimace. It silently shakes a bony finger at Elphelt, as a deep gamma flame builds in his eyes... until the other wing comes around too. The white one shifts into a blue, lady-like shape. Bonking the skeleton on the head, she shakes her finger at him silently. And then, the reaper shifts his attention to the blue one. As the duo begin to argue quietly, Dizzy stands up. On her back, for a moment, there almost looks like a silver serpent slithering quickly, before disappearing out of sight. Dizzy, looking ashamed of herself, speaks up. "Undine! Necro! Please stop! Please!" The duo looks at Dizzy, back at Elphelt, and then shift back into their wings. "I should be apologizing to you. I'm just so confused. See, I-" Dizzy briefly considers if she should mention it. It was all so embarassing. At the same time, Elphelt was supposed to be an expert on these sort of things. Maybe she had insight on a calm and measured way to respond to it. Dizzy eases into it, while she keeps her red eyes averts. "... I had my chance to confess to him... And..."

"... It didn't go right..."

Oh no. Not the wings. NOT THE WINGS!

That scowling grim reaper, shaking it's bony finger, it put Elphelt on guard, leaning back and letting her eyes go wide. But now the more calm side comes, and gently bonks the grim reaper on the head. She looks, wide eyed, and quiet, like two parents bickering in front of her. That's when Dizzy just gets right on up, and something else shows. Elphelt. Is silent.

Just a smile. A 'I did not see anything' smile. 'I see nothing' smile. But now things are... GENERALLY back to normal. The switch for Elphelt to go from her usual self to full on care mode was at its max, especially with the sight before her. Sure, that other side was coming out, but much like the struggle between Necro and Undine, it's being held back to show a more genuine side from the gear, one no one on the surface has ever seen before.

Once Dizzy has the courage to admit what was going on, and how something went wrong, she takes a little step forwards, a hand reaching out to just rest on that shoulder. It wasn't something out of pity, it was just a reassurance: Elphelt was there, and she was listening.

"It doesn't sound like it was your fault... Did something get in the way?"

The wings twitch when Elphelt puts her hand on Dizzy's shoulder, but nothing else.

Dizzy turns her head forlornly, as she recollects the moment. "I was supposed to be going away, Elphelt. To finally go out in the world and explore it. To help Ramlethal, to help her understand that we can all live in peace and harmony. I was supposed to do that, and..."

"Ky Kiske came to say goodbye, to see me off."

Dizzy giggles. "And I imagined him like a little rabbit. You know how when a little rabbit is caught, it screams and squeals? I saw the look on his face, and felt his heart pounding in his chest, and he made me think of a rabbit. And I thought, how I would feel, if I was the rabbit, and he caught me..." Dizzy lets out a long, loving sigh. "Undine has been telling me things, about boys, and what you can do with boys, who are really men. And I think Necro has been very upset, and he has his opinions on men, who are really boys. So I sat next to him, and he sat next to me. And I was... I was going to tell him, I was going to confess to him in just the right way, at the right moment. Before we were going to leave. I was going to say I... I l.... I was going to confess to him. And then... then I was going to do it right there, Elphelt. Right there by the fountain, you know that Elphelt?" Dizzy looks brightly at Elphelt, before looking down coyly. "I was going to hold his hands, right there. Until...." The coy look fades into a frown. "Until King Leo showed up, and interrupted everything. Oh, and he told me I can't go because the world is too dangerous!" Dizzy gives a tiny pout, before she looks at Elphelt.

"You don't think King Leo wants to have Ky Kiske be like a rabbit to him too, do you?"

The twitch is noted. The mental note of 'don't go any further' is noted. This should be enough, anyway!

The thought of Dizzy going away does rise something in Elphelt, a bit of worry. More so as she hears about her 'twin', Ramlethal. Now its her turn to frown a bit more, as the info starts to overwhelm her a little. More so when she hears the name:

Ky Kiske.

Inside Elphelt's mind, the Magical Ab-venger Cutie Goddess Elphelt tries to grab the controls of the situation, eyes turned into hearts as she struggles in vain with a more calm and controlled copy Elphelt. 'LEMME DO IT!' 'No.' 'LEMME!' 'No.' 'PRETTY PLEASE?!' 'No.' 'BUT I GOOOOTTA!' 'No.'

On the outside, Elphelt keeps her cool, just putting on a bright smile for Dizzy. "... First off... I think you were doing everything right. Confessing there at the fountain, just before leaving... That sounds really romantic. I'm sure even Ky would have been caught like a rabbit in your hands~." But she needs more information. She has Dizzy's side of things, noting down everything like a detective. A romance detective.

Now, in Elphelt's mind, the two sides have combined, the calm side wearing a detective's outfit, the other a police officer's outfit, while they stare down a motionless life-size Dizzy plush in a chair, with a single light hovering above. The calm Elphelt flips open her note book, and looks to the doll, as her words become the words that gear speaks to Dizzy on the outside:

"Let's set aside King Leo for just a moment, we'll get back to him... Can you tell me how Ky was reacting?"

Dizzy gets a faraway look.

"He was all... twitterpated. Yes. He was twitterpated. He was definately feeling something. He wanted me to touch him, to hold him. His fingers were, well, they were spread out like this." Dizzy shows Elphelt how Ky's fingers looked using her fingers. "You see! All spread out, just asking for me to slip right in between them, to get a strong grip! But I think he was afraid of me." Dizzy's eyebrows droop a bit. "But... he never is the one who hunts me down, who chases after my attention. It's always me, after him. He always gets very nervous and flustered around me. One time, he was working at a desk, and I was walking by, when I dropped a pen. I bent over and picked it up, and when I looked back, he looked like he was about to throw up! And I noticed, so I asked if anything was wrong, and I leaned over like so." Dizzy leans forward like so. "And he starts to get all pale and clammy, like a fever! So I asked if I could do anything for him, and then he said no and left! That was just one time, but..."

And then Dizzy starts to look frustrated.

She sniffles. "There are so many of those just one times, Elphelt! Why, when I kissed him and held his hand, he wiped away my kiss like this!" Dizzy rubbed her cheek, and then humphs, crossing her arms. And then, that bad thought came up. That wicked, bad, mean thought, that sometimes, when she has that thought, she sometimes imagines the complete extermination of all human life on the entire planet, to clear the way for the Gears Absolution upon the future of Earth. Dizzy pouts. "If he really liked me, he would have sided with me instead of Leo. But he doesn't. He never does. Like when I was reading a book about kings, there were these two kings, and one of them was the dominant king, they called him the seme, and the other one was the smaller submissive king. They called him the uke. I didn't get very far into it, I found a fascinating book about different turtles, like some that live only on land, while others live only in the water, but I think I got the idea about how it is when you have two kings who rule together." Dizzy gives another frustrated huff.

"I just wish that Ky would be the seme and Leo would be the uke, don't you think?"

All the detail! It was like Elphelt could reconstruct the scene, more so as Dizzy shows her the exact hand motions in detail! It was a lot of info for her to take in and process, as her mind cross references the past shows and romances she's seen, all she's read, all the... -anime- she's seen. Her detective self lays it all out on the table... All of what she knows. And she comes to a conclusion, a sparkle in her eye. Got it.

"I see..." That hand on that shoulder gives Dizzy a few reassuring rubs, trying to keep that mood up. She was like a doctor at this point, this was just purely professional for the gear: She had an issue, and Elphelt was here to give her treatment. But on that first topic... she has to skirt some of the truth a bit. "I think... Ky noticed some things about you. And at the time, he wasn't... ready to actually compliment you on them. It might have been... Rude. So, don't fret, he wasn't actually being mean, you just got him a little... flustered." She gives a wink, and puts a finger to her lips, as if telling Dizzy to keep quiet about it.

"And him rubbing that kiss away? That wasn't what you thought it was, not quite~. Imagine if Ky did that to you," She goes on, as that hand now moves to her cheek, mimicking what Dizzy showed her. "That wasn't quite him wiping it away. That was a moment of shock and ... longing. Like he wanted another. Wouldn't you want the same?" But to try and keep Dizzy from blushing at that, she continues on, giving a bit of this... little giggle at the mention of seme and uke.

"I think, deep down inside, Ky is a seme. We just need to push his buttons to bring it out." No, she's not going to ruin Dizzy's mind with what they actually mean. Skirting the truth, it's gotta be done! "The problem, Dizzy... is Ky's position. He's a king, and that's an important position to the humans. It's a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, and more so if he falls for a gear. The public's opinion would sway, but he'd stay true to you until the end, fighting to the very end for your lo-"

Internally, the calm Elphelt grabs a folding fan and smacks the back of the head on Magical Ab-venger Cutie Goddess Elphelt, causing her to tumble and fall over.

That makes Elphelt pause, and put a hand to her chest to take a little breath. "... -Excuse me-. Ahem~. What I mean to say is... I think it can happen. I have the utmost confidence that if you confessed, Ky would have accepted it. But the politics of a king steps in his way..." She pauses... and smiles, looking at Dizzy with a bit of a newfound purpose.

"... I think if you left anyway? He'd come after you. The world being dangerous is exactly what would make him come chase after you, I'm sure of it." The hand returns to her lips, and she winks. "But I think the two of you need one more meeting before that happens. Then you and I can go find Ramlethal together."

Dizzy looks up at Elphelt in awe, as the Valentine radiates her wisdom upon her.

There was a lot to take in. Well, she was putting out a lot. But carefully, she explained, reasonably, that Ky Kiske's funny behavior wasn't actually him rejecting her. But in fact, was signs that he was secretly sharing feelings for her all this time! When she says he would want a long thing and wanting another, Dizzy nod nods her head. "Deep down he is a seme! Yes! Of course! I must push his buttons to make it come out! That makes a lot of sense. He would come after me if I left!" Dizzy nods her head one more time. It made perfect sense. Dizzy blinks at Elphelt, which was like two winks at once, and tilts her head. "But I should find him in private, right? Maybe I could sneak into his bedroom while he is sleeping, and crawl on his sheets, and wake him up! Then I could tell him how much I love him, how I would want to do anything for him, and if there was anything I could do to let him know how much I love him! Then his seme will come out, without King Leo interrupting, of course. Well. Unless he was there too. Hm. I would have to make sure he was distracted."

Dizzy looks worried.

" I'm worried." She clarifies. "King Leo and Ky Kiske wanted me to stay down here while that strange man named Rugal visits. They were afraid that he was going to kidnap us! But what if it's because... maybe they want to have someone else be Ky Kiske's special someone who loves him forever?" The command gear looks worried, as she imagines what someone like that would look like. It looks an awful lot like Elphelt in her head. "Like they were afraid a low-born Gear like myself was going to steal away Ky Kiske! To distract him with my homely inhuman ways? What if he had like a handsome daughter or son, who starts to try and lure him away using feminine wiles, like baking for him, or playing a harp? And pushing his buttons without me around, to make him seme!" Dizzy looks very seriously at Elphelt, clasping her hands upon the other.

"Based on your research, does that ever happen?"

Elphelt stares. Dizzy just broke -her- for a second...

CLANG CLANG CLANG. An orderly Elphelt dressed in black garb sits at the judge's bench, banging her gavel. "Order, order in the court! Prosecutor Elphelt, your opening statement?" A red wedding dressed Elphelt clears her throat. "Judge Elphelt, Jury of the Elphelt, it's clear to me that the defendant Elphelt has no idea what she's doing right now, and is going to cause a huge mess for herself and Dizzy!" "I object!" Comes from the blue dressed Elphelt on the opposite bench, slamming her hands down. "Speculation and lack of foundation, plus your opening statement is an arguement! I'll show you I can do this!"

Internal court of Elphelt adjourned, she pieces things together and thinks this through. That finger that was at her lips now goes to her chin, thinking quietly. "Let's... step back a little bit, Dizzy. Getting into bed like that with him, out of nowhere? That's saved for what's called the 'Honeymoon', which is a thing you do after being married. If you did that now, Ky might act like what happened when you dropped your pen. But a -lot- worse." That's the best way to put it, obviously. But instead of getting the chance to get to tell Dizzy how to do it, she pauses, hearing the words 'I'm worried'. She just quiets up and listens, hearing what's going on. This... This is news to hear. Something she's glad her more serious side is out for.

"... -Dizzy-." Now that's a firm tone. Dizzy might be a mother figure in the making, but it seemed more like Elphelt was taking that role, her other hand now reaching to grasp both shoulders, firmly. The Gear Commander side of her was taking over a little, a little possessive even at the gear's safety. "... It does happen, yes, but based on my research... It's never for the King. It's always for a Prince, or a Princess. So for something like that to happen to Ky? It doesn't seem likely... so I'm sure you're safe from some 'low-born Gear' taking him before you can push those buttons yourself."

"But now -I'm- worried."

"... I think... The thought of you and Ky together is a happy one. But if this 'Rugal' is trying to take us away... Ky Kiske keeping us down here for our safety doesn't seem like something he'd lie about. Especially with what you've told me." ... "This is going to be a lot to ask, and I have to have your utmost trust... But I think I should talk with Ky Kiske. Both on the Gears, on Rugal, and about... you. Is that okay, Dizzy? Can you trust me with trying to bring you two together?" ... She raises a finger, smiling. "On the promise I get to be your bridesmaid at the wedding~?"

"I don't think they ever lie to me, but..."

Dizzy places her hands over her heart. "I just want to be able to stretch my wings and fly! There are so many wonderful things in the world, and I won't be able to see them because the world is afraid of me, or the world is too dangerous. But the world is never not dangerous. I feel- I feel like they are acting just as bad as Necro and Undine! Oh, sorry." Dizzy's wings droop. "Everyone wants to protect me and keep me safe, but I don't want to stay trapped in a cage forever. If I wanted that, I would have just stayed in my egg, or- or stayed with the NOL." Dizzy huffs, and after a moment, smiles.

"I do trust you though, Elphelt."

Dizzy clap claps her hands. "If you could go up, and talk with Ky Kiske. And find out if that Rugal man has a prince or princess he is trying to marry off. Maybe if we could make Leo look much more handsome than Ky- well I don't know if that's possible. But you are the love expert. I trust your measured and rational love judgement! That makes you a matchmaker! And of course you can be one of my bridesmaid. I hope Ramlethal could be too, and Jack'O... I bet if I threw the bouquet of flowers, you would catch it, but then your hand might touch someone and you look in his eyes and it turns out it is-"

"Oh!" Dizzy gasps.

"Oh no! You have to be in a disguise if you go up there!" The command gear exclaims. "If you look like this, people will immediately know if you are a gear!" Dizzy gestures at herself. "I think it has something to do with having too many belts. I tried to take off most of my belts to disguise better, but that made a lot of people very very sick and I had to wear a nun's outfit, and pretend to be a nun in the Sacred Order. I don't think you have too many belts, but they prefer Black over Pink and..." Dizzy looks at Elphelt's outfit. Down, specifically. Then she places her hands across her own chest, folding her hands over her own bust meekly.

"I think there is one or two other things you would need to change." The command gear states softly.

Such a story. Dizzy, the locked bird in a cage just wanting to fly! Wait this sounds familiar.

Elphelt waits and listens, letting the command gear state her side and even her demands. It's given a small aside, just a smile as she gives a small head tilt. "I think I'm rubbing off on you a liiiittle bit. But it does sound like funI... REALLY Don't think Rugal is going to bring some prince or princess, but for you, Dizzy? I'll make sure."

But to change her outfit... That might not be possible. Because Elphelt has every excuse in the book for this one. "What? No, this isn't gear attire! This is a cosplay!" She does let go of Dizzy now, and takes a step back. Oh. Oh she's rehearsed this. She spins in place, and then strikes this pose, one arm up in a flex as she looks to the side, the other pointing at Dizzy with two fingers. "I'm Magical Bunny-Gun Chan, Savior of Cards, from Ex Vs X - Sakura reDUX 2!"


"It's an obscure anime." She relaxes a little, and frowns as she puts a hand behind her head, rubbing it as she puffs out a sigh. "But maybe you're riiiiiight. That worked at the Anime Convention, it might not work here..."

Now it's a bit more of a whine, as she starts to blabber on a bit. "But I -looooooove- this dress. I only take it off to wash it, then it goes right baaack oooon. How am I supposed to get married if I don't have it? Uuuu~..." Still pouting, shoulders slumped and bent over, little crocodile tears flowing down her cheeks, she gives Dizzy the look. The -look- a begging pet might give. "Can you help me with it, pleeeeeeeease?"

Dizzy just wanted to make sure things were in their place.

The command gear tilts her head as Elphelt strikes a pose. She tilts her head the other way, still remaining silent. When Elphelt gave her the sad puppy eyes, she turns away, her heart weak. She couldn't bear to see someone small and cute be so sad. She had to be rational. But Dizzy had to help! The gear levels her gaze upon the poor marriage-mistress. She considers, looking seriously. "Well you have to look like a normal human, but... that is true. What if the man or woman or thing of your dreams passes you by the chance of fate, and the moment to get married was right then and there, and you missed it because you weren't in a bridal uniform? What if.... we made it look more.... maid like? Oh a sailor fuku, like a student? No, no..." And then she unleashes the gasps of gasps, as her eyes sparkle, as suddenly, she has a vision. More than a Master Gear Order. More than Marriage. It was... a disguise.

"No! Better!"

Dizzy goes over to a washtub, filled with used rags, each with a unique and rancid color. Scooping them up, she flutters her wings, bursting with speed at Elphelt as she speaks. "I was reading a book about one of Charlemagne's knights, one of the Twelve Paladins, who served with the Sacred Order in the Great Holy Grail Wars. It was the same book about the two kings I mentioned before, in fact. There are still knights serving in the order I think, in that style, but... well, they have a very different uniform, but I think with a little adjustment... you would almost look just like him!"


Dizzy places a black towel over Elphelt's shoulders, as she tries to remember from the book. "We would just need to put a black jacket over you, and tie a braid in there, a pink one to match your hair..." She brings a blood-soaked rag, placing it up in her hat, and proceeds to tie small black towelettes in there. "With ribbons... just like mine! But black! Yes! And we can do a big light pink cape, with a fur trim- yes yes!" She carries one of the towels with the mossiest pink growth around her neck. She then wraps two more, one on each arm, to give her the poofiest sleeves. She then gestures, miming hemming up an invisible dress. "And then you just roll up your skirt, and that's it! You are almost a splitting image of the knights! I mean. We would just close this part in the front-" Dizzy places a black rag over the exposed part of Elphelt's shirt. "And there! Now you look just like a knight of the Sacred Order! And if the opportunity comes where you need to be married, you can just take off your costume, and your old costume would be underneath, and you would be ready to be married right there!" Dizzy claps her hands. "I will call you Elephto Saber, the sailor paladin!" She pauses a moment, inspecting her handiwork briefly. She brings her fist to her chin, the light leaving her eyes as she grows very concerned.


"Maybe we should ask for some help from one of the weaver Gears."

"Maid? Oh goodness, no no, not a maid, Dizzy, that's the -worst- thing you could pick, romance novels usually have a maid getting hitched with someone important! Let's try something else."
Student. "Ohhh that's a bad one, too... Maybe for something else, but not for something like this..." But then, the idea. An epiphany! Eureka! She watches in slight confusion as Dizzy goes to the washtub, grabbing the rags as she's suddenly bum rushed with knowledge, and hearing about one of the knights. The idea, as it starts out, begins to make Elphelt smile. It sounds perfect! A lady knight, no one has fallen for a lady knight except for someone like the knight captain in her stories, it was perfect! No king could fall for it!
And then there's a little moment of her pupils shrinking.


But now she becomes a makeshift coathanger. Before she even realizes it, her hands are out to her sides as Dizzy places towel after towel on her, making the 'uniform' take it's look. Dizzy seems absolutely excited, which is a lot better than the sadness and worry she had before, so Elphelt lets it go, more or less playing mannequin for the command gear as more colors are made, the imagination comes to life. The name comes to her mind, and a spark of light goes through it.

"... Ele...pehto... -Saber-?"

Stare. ... Stare. ... Smile. Big Smile. Bigger Smile.

"Dizzy. It's. -Perfect.- No one would mistake that for a gear! Dizzy, you're..." She hops up and down a bit, making the rags flutter and bounce a little on her form as well. Especially the one covering the exposed part of her chest. "You're so smaaaaart with disguises, it's genius!"

Dizzy giggles softly, as she claps her hand.

"I think, I think with a little polish, something to tie the fabric down so it doesn't slip, and maybe something for the smell, it will be perfect. Of course, King Leo and Ky Kiske will recognize you, but people on the outside will just think you are a handsome and noble knight! But you are really Elphelt Valentine! And you won't be any less attractive and inviting for weddings!" As if on cue, the behemoth Denver long neck stretches, looms over Elphelt, staring at her with tear stared eyes.

He gives a lustful -huff- over her.

"See! Even Denver doesn't recognize you... I think..." Denver certainly never responded to Elphelt's marriage invitations before this, at least as far as Dizzy could remember. Did Denver respond? In any case, Denver was now nuzzling Elphelt as gently as he could with his snout. Dizzy nods. "I am going to go get the Weaver Of Dreams, he is up in his web! You can stay with Denver and take over the grooming while I am gone! He seems to like you very much, and has forgotten how I said we were just friends! This is happy for everyone! Oh Elphelto, you are the warmest, kindness friend I know." Dizzy gives Elphelt a little hug, and pulling away with a sickening 'thwock' sound, she stretches her wings, and begins to take flight.

Denver gives another boop with his massive snoot, purring in a deep baritone.

Denver gets a look. And Elphelt notices. Uh oh. Looong neck comes and looms, and that -huff- over her. Oh dear. She sweat drops some, and puts on this bit of a shocked denial face. "You weren't' doing this -earlier- with the wedding outfit?! Do I look BETTER like this?!" She glances down at the rags now on her dress. And notices something... off. She of course sees Denver nuzzling and nudging her, but the rags on her. A hand lightly mooooves over and raises one off her. And she notices it.

Unseen to the human naked eye, Elphelt's senses a disturbance in the force. Analyzing, eyes focusing on every last fiber, every last weave... and she notices it. The smallest smidge from a rag. On her wedding dress.


Elphelt becomes a tornado, whipping around the things in a flail of hands and arm waves, until the rags are off. Sure, it looked good, and Dizzy knows what to make now, but her dress! HER POOR DRESS! She instantly reaches into that window in her outfit, down her chest to produce a small do-it-yourself-cleaning kit from it, cracking it open and hastefully applying it onto the spots of the dress that, despite looking practically white already, are getting treatment. "Pleasedon'tstainpleasedon'tstainpleasedon'tstainpleasedon'tstainpleasedon'tstain."

10 minutes later...

Elphelt glances over her now sparkling wedding dress, white as pure as snow. Proud of her work, she puts her hands on her hips, and puts on the -biggest- smile. "Crisis adverted, the evil stains are defeated once more!" Blink. "Oh! Denver! Uh... Hm, you wouldn't want a girl with a -just cleaned- wedding dress grooming you, would you?"

Denver stares at the shiny, new, perfectly clean Elphelt.

Oh, he was staring through the whole process. But with how intense Elphelt was, he was more confused than anything. Now, however, clarity revealed itself. Dressed in her wedding best, completely cleared of all of Dizzy's work and rags. The four eyes look at her, focus directly on her. Even the basic mind of the great sauropod could understand, fundementally, what the Valentine meant. For a moment, the great behemoth slurps his rubbery lips.

Denver immediately shifts his attention from Elphelt, and back to the mildewy pile of hay nearby.

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