Rising Star 2022 - Ristar 2022 R2 - Mitsuru vs Shermie

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Description: "Shermie will be fighting Mitsuru, I'm sure this will be c'est magnifique!" With Blossom behind her, Mitsuru will face Shermie, the star of her number 1 band CYS! But Shermie is all too familiar with Mitsuru, or at least, an idea of Mitsuru that was given to her by Lyraelle...

Mademoiselle Shermie Jourdain has mixed feelings about her match today. On the one hand, fighting is fun and she's looking fabulous in her ultra tight black mini dress and pretty pink fur edged jacket with matching boots. On the other hand, she's going to have to beat up a dying kid. If she loses, then she will seem pathetique. If she wins, then she has beaten up a dying kid. There is no victory in this.

"Hmph. They have set me up" she complains to her hamster friends, Achu and Ururi. "Shermie is on to them, but they will not have the last laugh. Chris has already beaten up that parole officer who tried to bully him and now it is my turn."

Applying another coat of pink lipgloss to her small but perfectly formed mouth, she smiles to herself in the mirror and then pops her furry friends back in their cage.

"I will be back to see you later, my darlings. Please pray for me that I do not make the sick schoolgirl expire."

Thirty minutes later and the French woman is entering the Pao Pao cafe. Several of the tables are occupied by students seeking out a hit of caffeine between classes, but a larger group have gathered around the dancefloor at the back of the venue. As Shermie starts to make her way there, several of the students point and stare. It's not like it's easy for the rockstar to go unnoticed with her distinctive red hair. Despite the fact the bangs of it totally obscure her face, she seems to have no trouble navigating through the narrow gaps between the seats.

"Bonjour, handsome man" she greets one of the older and by far the cutest of the male teens. She follows this by blowing him a kiss, causing his chiseled cheeks to blush scarlet.

"Now, where is poor little Mitsuru?"

See, Mitsuru was supposed to be a fan of CYS.

She -was- a fan, after all. Chris, Yashiro, and Shermie. Chris at the mic, Yashiro on guitar, and Shermie. Shermie on the keyboards. MItsuru had a lot of their stuff, and well, when she found out that Yashiro was -disqualified- by Rose, she almost quit the entire tournament. I mean then she found out the rest of the CYS were in the tournament but she never really imagined she would be running into any of them. She wasn't even in her banchou setup. Mitsuru had shown up in the T-Shirt. Oh she had a Shermie one, she had everyone one. But the Shermie one, well.

The Shermie one didn't fit her right.

She wore jeans too and shoes there were -other- Shermie themed accessories but she didn't like those so she had a big CHris belt on and also a heart-style Yashiro choker. MItsuru had been getting more and more red faced as she waited in the Pao Pao Cafe. She was actually here for a while, hoping to meet Shermie before the match and have an autograph. But she wasn't quite... coming out to approach her. So she hid, far away from the dance floor, at the bar, with a coat over her to hide herself. And she just... stared and watched Shermie. And she just... just was -steaming- mad. She was so angry. But it was Shermie! It was actually Shermie. But she was acting like- ACTING LIKE! ACTING LIKE A FLOWER GIRL! Mitsuru was so angry but. But! IT WAS SHERMIE! FInally she is roused into action when she blows that -kiss- at that boy that MItsuru would never say anything to except to punch him and bully him. Jacket wrapped around her, she stomp stomp stomps up over to Shermie, coat wrapped around her. She stares, eyes burning at Shermie, as she's about to huff. ABOUT TO HUFF! She opens her mouth and.

Nothing comes out.

Wait no just a second.

Yes Mitsuru squeaks.

Mitsuru lets out a hamster-like squeak, before she covers her mouth with both hands, looking away crimson faced. She was shaking. She felt like a puddle of jello. Her coat falls out of her grip, landing on the ground. Dressed in her CYS outfit, she turns back over, her eyes red, lip quivering, expression so pale and grey. (she didn't need any makeup) ((Well she didn't -use- any makeup)) as her long stringy hair seems to just magically puff out. And finally, she puffs her flat chest out. This was her chance. "I'M MITSURU TOKUGAWA!" She says in a voice that was -way- too loud.


She pauses, and suddenly injects.


Shermie is oblivious to the frightened fan by the bar until she announces her presence with the squeaking sound not unlike her pet hamsters.

"Oh you poor thing. Did the cancer steal your voice from you? That is so very sad." She sniffs as if to confirm her sincerity.

"I can see from your pale complexion how unwell you are. You really should be admired for not only fighting your illness, but also fighting in a tournament! Someone should write an article about you and show how brave you are. It really is a remarkable thing."

She reaches out a hand to touch the teen on her arm. "How adorable. You have a Chrissy belt and a Yashiro choker. I will let you into a secret, little girl. He has a big heart underneath his big temper."

Her unseen eyes take in the rest of Mitsuru's ensemble. "No Shermie merchandise though, but this is okay, because now you have the real thing!"

She twirls around, showing of her formidable form, only to find herself stumbling in shock as the girl starts to yell.

Steadying herself, she turns to the girl in surprise.

"You have found your voice, cherie. It is a magnifique miracle! Now all we need to concern ourselves with is if you are able to follow the rules of the fight. You said in your letter that you ride the short bus, so I understand you may have trouble with your learning."

See if Mitsuru -wasn't- around Shermie she would be thinking more clearly.

But as the cameras for the Ristar fight start getting in place, and training on her (they may have been on Shermie for a while so Mitsuru just happens to be in the shot), the full display of Mitsuru's reaction is thankfully not played in real time. "Ca-ca-cancer?!" Mitsuru sputters out. "I'm not- the boots- fur-" Mitsuru tries to make sense, but every time Shermie moves and exists, it breaks her concentration. And when she is -touched-, oh Mitsuru felt very dizzy. Mitsuru scrunches up, trying not to faint. "Sh-short... short bu-bu-bu?" Mitsuru babbles idiotically, unable to even sort out her thoughts. "I thought- I mean- I missed your last concert in England- I had- I was in the hospital because-" She was sputtering quickly, as she touches on her chest, her eyes going to the mirrored one between Shermie. "I- I am- had- I- can fight! I am good at fighting!" Mitsuru brings up her arms, in a boxing stance. Not a very -good- one. "I like Yashiro and Chris too!" She blurts out. "I'm a big fan! I-" Mitsuru suddenly trembles, as something connected. "Y-you!"

She stumbles backwards, her knees feeling so weak. Her whole complexion goes from crimson red to a grey green. She felt like she was about to throw up. "... You got my... got my l-l-letter?!" One of the judges leads Mitsuru to the dance floor, which was by now cleared of the teenagers to allow the fighting. "I- I thought- I-" The lights flash all around Mitsuru, as she stares at Shermie.

"But it was- a- l-l-love letter?!"

"A love letter? Well, I suppose it could be seen as a love for our work" the mademoiselle muses.

"That is so tragique that you could not attend the concert at the Clapham Grand in London, England. Yashiro made a dedication especially for you. It was tres emotive."

Sensing the cameras on her, she adjusts her considerable curves into position, so they can get the most flattering shot possible of her physique.

"You do not need to worry about the words that are difficile for you. Instead we will use our bodies to express ourselves and show them all what we are made of!"

She starts to circle Mitsuru, a slow smile appearing on her face.

"Now s'il te plait, do not vomit on my boots. It will get stuck in the fur!"

COMBATSYS: Shermie has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Shermie          0/-------/------=|

"No no it was for-" %
Mitsuru's face was now kind was swapping between green and red. She didn't even think it was sent out. Was it sent out? Did one of the girls at school send out that letter she wrote? Explaining eloquently on her long imprisonment, and how through it, how CYS was a light in her life. On it allowed her to endure, in spite of Lyraelle, in spite of the abuse. How she hated Iori for taking that away from her. How so much better they were than Athena. How much they were better than even the greatest musical artists of history. Mozart. Bach. Lucky Chloe. All the greatest artists in the world paled in comparison to them. Paragraph after paragraph, page after page. She wrote about how they made her feel, how they saved her from the darkness, from the abyss.

And some of the deeper, more intimidate feelings she had.

On how she knew that she could see a spark between Shermie and Yashiro, how she knew it would be impossible to be cradled in Yashiro's strong arms, to experience that strong embrace. And how Chris, how Chris must feel alone, and how there needed to be someone for Chris. There was a- there was a lot of detail in that letter, and the more and more Mitsuru wrote, the hotter she felt, and- and the passion in her writing. THe lurid details that flowed from her pen upon the lavender scented paper. Mitsuru didn't know how she was able to feel that way, but when she imagined it, she couldn't stop. ANd now- and now and not only did someone pull a horrible prank on her by sneaking it out and obviously reading it, but they SENT IT. TO CYS! WHO RECOGNIZED HER?! Mitsuru realized steadily that the short bus and cancer comments from Shermie were even more clear to her now than before. It was passive aggression. Was it teasing her? No, it wasn't teasing her.

Shermie saw her as a rival.

Mitsuru finally steels herself, swallowing noisily as the battlefield clears itself. Yes. That was it. Mitsuru stiffens herself up, her resolve filling her bones, as she looks directly at her. YEs, that was it. Shermie saw her, MItsuru Tokugawa, as a rival. A -romantic- rival! Mitsuru didn't realize her writing was so powerful, but she did recall that her ancestor, the noble and temperate Yoshitora Tokugawa, was also renowned for his poetry and writing. Perhaps writing from her heart was too much for Shermie, and she had to come and... dispose of her out of JEALOUSY! She blinks hard, with Shermie inviting to show her body. "So you... so you read the letter then!" Mitsuru's face blushes slightly, but she can keep it down. "That letter wasn't- wasn't supposed to be read by you!" Mitsuru strengthens her guard up, as the judges begin to call for the fight to begin. "Did you sneak it away from Chris or Yashiro?!"
%"Or did they read it to you!?!"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Shermie          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          Mitsuru

"Yashiro read it to me" Shermie explains. "Then he read it to our whole audience at the show! We had a wonderful turn out for it. I think I even saw that famous boxer, Steve Fox there. We really did think you would get to hear us say hello. We had a big countdown and the everyone shouted hi. It was wonderful!" she beams.

As soon as she's done with talking, she springs into action! Turning her back on the tortured teen, Shermie leaps upwards, launching herself backside first at her, aiming to smash into the poor girl's face with her delightful derriere. Should she manage to hit her target, she'll take advantage by straightening her legs together in mid air and spinning into the schoolgirl feet first.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru blocks Shermie's Axle Spinning Kick.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Shermie          0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Mitsuru

The whole audience.

Mitsuru feels every word go into her like a hot needle. Yashiro read it to Shermie first. Then the whole audience at the- at the London show. Which she missed. Because she was recovering from a fight. And also Steve was there. Steve. Steve heard the whole- all the detail of it. All of it. And there was a big countdown. The most embarassing and humilating thing is being unfolded before her, that the entire world would know. About her personal, intimate feelings. Her face felt hot.

She was angry.

As Shermie pivots into her with the full forced hip check, the teenager is able to brace against it, defending sturdily. She wanted to compliment Shermie, she wanted to be happy and excited but no. No, she was stuck in her angry, over the sheer humilation. She even- she even looked like Lyraelle. Yes, Mitsuru feels the flicker. As the -legs- come around though, Mitsuru's guard starts to get torn apart, the raw power of the French lady piercing through. Taking a staggering hit past her arms, Mitsuru stumbles unsteadily, taking the kick roughly into her shoulder. Gritting her teeth, she glares back.


Mitsuru stumbles back more, maybe looking just a little intimidated by the whole, vavoom offense. And maybe hurt a lot more than she imagined someone like Shermie could do. Physically. And maybe mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Mitsuru swallows up her insecurity and channels them around her. Pale energy flashes and floods around her, the silvery force running up her arms and to her fists. "Y- didn't you think about how I would feel? I feel like- I feel like I could DIE!" Mitsuru froths at the mouth, eyes bloodshot. She starts to flail her arms around in wide circles. Shimmering blobs of energy peppershots all around as she tries to carpet bomb them around Shermie, the flashes intermingling amongst the dance floor. She was having a tantrum, yes, but as spit flings from her mouth, she catches her breath, body trembling. How could anyone do that? Was it just- were people just like that? Were people just like Lyraelle?

WAs -anybody- who was famous just like Lyraelle!?

COMBATSYS: Shermie blocks Mitsuru's Flash War Dance.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Shermie          0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0          Mitsuru

"Oui, cherie. I think that is the thing with terminal illness. You feel like you could die at any time. You are not expecting to die right now are you?" she gasps, her pretty lips pursing together. "This would not be good publicity for CYS or my fashion brand. Also, it would be very very sad for you." She nods her head solemnly, causing her twin tails to bounce.

Shermie seems to shrug off her attack not hitting with its full impact, after all she fights mostly for fun and the physical workout it gives. It beats the gym any day of the week!

As Mitsuru launches into her flashy display, the Parisian tries desperately to dodge out of the way of the flying spittle. Most likely the poor girl couldn't help it. It was probably one of the side effects of her tragic illness. It's not one that Shermie has heard of, but she is no medic.

As the girl is at risk of colliding with her, she brings her hands up to protect her lower face, whilst the curtain of bangs provides a cushion for the upper section. This still leaves her body exposed though and she finds herself flinching as the flashes strike her stomach and a flailing arm finds it's way into the space between her buxom breasts.

"You are very brave" she compliments. "If you keep fighting this disease like you fight me, there is still hope!"

The French musician flips forward into a handstand, attempting to drop her heel down on to Mitsuru's head. Should this go to plan, she will follow through with a flying knee attack.

COMBATSYS: Shermie successfully hits Mitsuru with Shermie Stand.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Shermie          0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0          Mitsuru

"Br- how dare some clown bo- I- THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPLIMENT!"

Mitsuru was sputtering and spitting, furious and trying very hard not to treat her rival terribly. As she grazes Shermie's ample chest, her face flooding. She didn't -like- that about Shermie. In most of the times she imagined SHermie, that part was left out so she looked a lot more like Mitsuru, or like, Mitsuru looked more like her- But these stray thoughts are met with a forward flip, the handstand bringing a heel down on her. Mitsuru cannot bring the guard up well this time, only barely pushing it into the -same- shoulder as before. She groans as it connects, leaving her open to give a hefty grunt as the knee tears into her own chest. Knocked down on the dance floor, Mitsuru staggers up, looking up at the handsomest, oldest teenager who was dancing before. He was looking dead on at her in the eyes.

He was smirking.

"GRAAAAGH!" Mitsuru shrieks as she stands up, and then she surges with a new energy. There's a distant familiarity with the energy, the strange power flowing around her. A presence of nothingness, of the void. Tightening her fists, she brings her peek a boo stance back around as she closes back at Shermie. She erupts into a quick pair of jabs, aiming at Shermie's upper body and face, the waves of nothingness around her shifting and pouring out with consuming force. " "I don't have any- what I have isn't a -sickness!- It's a real feeling, it's who I am-" Mitsuru begins to cough, as she interrupts herself. Feeling dizzy, she erupts out of her own instability with a staggering body blow, bringing her full force aiming for Shermie's gut with an explosion of the nothingness. She sputters out, spittle running over her lips.

"N-nobody laughed about it, did they!?"

COMBATSYS: Shermie interrupts Fierce Punch from Mitsuru with Shermie Whip.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Shermie          0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0          Mitsuru

"Oh no! You mustn't let your illness become your identity, cherie. You are so much more than that. You are your hopes, your dreams, your desires and all your favourite things. Please do not let it consume you."

The French fighter frowns as the coughing starts, scanning the crowd to make sure there are medics on hand. "Nobody laughed, no. Quite the opposite in fact. I believe I saw some of the mothers crying. Some were there with their own teens and could probably imagine the pain they would feel if it was their child. Are you close to your own parents?"

Now that Mitsuru has risen to her feet, Shermie is ready for her. She can tell that her opponent has a fierce fighting spirit and won't be held back for long. When the body blows come, she deftly dodges each one in turn, before scissoring her legs around the schoolgirl's waist and planting her own hands on the ground. From here she flips her foe over, slamming her back down on the dancefloor. "You okay?" she checks, but doesn't wait for an answer. She's back at her again, locking this time, her arms around Mitsuru's waist and throwing her backwards with a belly to belly release suplex.


"They were- They were crying!?" Mitsuru was almost as stunned by that as the full-forced suplex. Caught in Shermie's arms, she lets out a great grunt of pain as she takes the impact on the head and spine. The empty energy fades away on impact. Flailing her legs a bit, she groans as she is released. "I-I'm okay! Yeah! Wow. THey were all -crying!?-" Mitsuru was so shocked. "That- wow. They were -moved?!-" Mitsuru was dazed. Her deepest, most intimate thoughts revealed by CYS, but instead of mockery it was... empathy? Was this true? Was Shermie less of a rival and more-

More of a mentor, just like Steve?

"I- not my father, he's a complete- well- he doesn't respect me or my mother." Mitsuru babbles, rubbing her head as she looks wild eyed. "We don't get along very well, but I am trying. He's- he's the reason I felt like I had to write the letter, because he didn't care at all about what was happening to me!" Mitsuru struggles in a stand, gritting her teeth as she strides towards Shermie. She remembers how she talked about her suffering in the letter, her agony. She seemed less angry than before, but the empty energy was all gone. Instead, she was trying to figure out how to punch a French lady. Instead, she gives a slow roundhouse kick, and then a second, trying to keep her distance from the intimidating grapples.

"He even wanted me put away there, because it was easier to control me!"

COMBATSYS: Shermie blocks Mitsuru's Strong Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Shermie          0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0          Mitsuru

"That is horrible!" Shermie is clearly outraged at the behaviour of Mitsuru's papa.

"We should always be wary of men who try to control us" she warns the younger female. "Us women have as much right to be free as them."

She flips her hair back into place, although the bangs still hadn't budged an inch. "And yes, as I said they were crying. Tissues and sniffles and everything. People care about you, Mitsuru. Some people in the world actually manage not to be connards."

As Mitsuru kicks out at her, Shermie tries to block it with her bodacious body. She manages to avoid taking any damage to her midsection, by turning to her side, but the roundhouse instead lands firmly on her hip, leaving her with pain that will likely convert to a bruise later.

The keyboard player kicks back, testingly aiming the toes of her boots at the teen.

COMBATSYS: Shermie successfully hits Mitsuru with Light Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Shermie          0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>------\1          Mitsuru

"That's right!"

Mitsuru felt Shermie's wisdom and understanding wash over her. Everything seemed so much clearer when the musician explained it. "I shouldn't let any man control me. Not even Yashiro or Chris! And especially not father-" Mitsuru declares, as she tries to push away the incoming kick. There is no way she's even fast enough; the toes of her boots thrusting right in her ribs. Staggering back, she groans, grabbing her rib. That was a bruiser- absolutely that was a bruiser. She had a lot of bruisers now. And yet... she flexes, her scrawny arms tensing up with tight, strong muscles. "I feel- I feel better than I have ever felt before! I feel like ten billion yen! I fee- Shermie! Shermie I think you've helped me! You've save me Shermie! Oh I'm sorry I didn't bring those boots. Forget Yashiro and Chris. -You're- my inspiration and favorite member of the CYS!"

And the energy swirls around her.

Silver energy cascades around her as she flings at Shermie. She begins to punch, alternating between her lefts and her rights, in a rapidly accelerating barrage. She doesn't even ora ora ora this time, her heart soaring. "I shouldn't have been jealous of you! I'm so sorry! You were so healthy and- and Yashiro was- I- I'm so sorry to make you upset!" The barrage blazes with silver energy, as she continues the rapid-fire gatling punches. Up until she stops hard, breathing roughly as she catches her breath.

"How else can I be more like you, Shermie?!"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Shermie with Blazing Hell Fist EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Shermie          1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1          Mitsuru

Shermie starts to giggle wildly. "No, definitely do not let Yashiro or Chris control you. It is much better to control them."

"As for upsetting me, you have done nothing of the sort. Even if you are to beat me up today, I will not be upset. After all, fighting is good for fun and fitness!"

She quickly retracts her lean leg once it's done the necessary damage. "As for being more like me, you should focus on being the best version of yourself. There is only one of you in the whole wide world. You are a unique and beautiful being and should celebrate this in the time you have left." She pauses for a beat before adding "Although, there is always my fashion range, if you'd like to experience some Shermie style!"

As the barraging ball of silver energy that is Mitsuru moves towards her, Shermie is taken by surprise. She's so busy wielding her words of wisdom, that she forgets she's meant to be fighting!

As such, the attack achieves it's full potential, pummeling the Parisian hard. Her fabulous frame is flung from side to side as the blows connect, causing her to stagger and stumble.

"That really hurt!" she cries, but her tone sounds strangely jubilant.

"Now I will try to hurt you!"

Holding her arms out and gazing upwards towards the ceiling of the Pao Pao cafe, she thrusts out her chest and yells "My present...and a little extra!"

She moves closer to Mitsuru, trying to lock her arms around her waist and pull her in close, almost like an embrace. If this works out, she will then drop backwards, suplexing her on to the ground. Keeping her held in her arms, she'd follow up by shifting around to her back, suplexing for the second time, this time with the German variety! Another shift and she'd be back around to brave a belly to belly hold, which would convert into a final and more forceful suplex, after which she'd finally set her free.

COMBATSYS: Shermie successfully hits Mitsuru with Shermie Carnival.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Shermie          0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Mitsuru

Control guys?

Mitsuru always imagined using physical power to control guys. But Shermie, well. She had different tricks. But she wasn't making fun of Mitsuru, she was being nice and not manipulating her at all. She -liked- Shermie! Even as she was punching her, she felt so alive and joyful! Of course, as she catches her breath, so does in turn Shermie catch her. Seized up, she is once again suplexed hard, slammed right on her head. And again. AND AGAIN! Three different suplexes, from three different styles. She tries to get control, tries to break out, but once Shermie caught her in her grips, she felt kind of squished and caught. After the final break away, she collapses in a heap briefly. Her neck and head felt -awful, she had a fracture on one or the other. Normally she would be more upset except, well. This was fighting between friends.

This was fighting with her -rival-

"How do you control.... guys..." Mitsuru's face was red again, as she rises up. Dazed and delighted. She loses a bit of her groove, but as she steadies out, she gets her hands into fists again. "What is the Shermie style? Can I wear it? Cost doesn't matter my family is -very- rich!" She launches forward and once again CONTINUES the relentless barrage of punches. Blow after blow, strike after strike, the assault rips forward with unbridled fury. Left and right, the rapid fire punching assault transforms into a blur of slashes, before she finally breaks it with a singular uppercut. Chest pounding, body sore. But a smile on her face. Not a cruel one.

But one that was self confident.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Shermie with The Path Of The Raging Demon.
- Power hit! -

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Shermie          0/-------/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Mitsuru

"Oh, there's lots of ways to control guys" Shermie reveals, as her hidden eyes take in the damage she's dealt to Mitsuru. "You can give attention, withdraw attention, flatter them, insult them, come up with amazing ideas and then let them think they thought of it themselves. Then there's French movies, but you're probably too young for those. Chrissy tries to get a peek at them sometimes, but I tell him off."

The French fashionista can't help but admire her plucky opponent. Still fighting on, despite the rough hand in life and soon to be death she's been dealt. "Well, the thing about style is, two people can wear the same outfit but give off a completely different aura in it. You have to wear the clothes, but not let them wear you. I could come by and help you some time, it will be no trouble. You go to school in Southtown, yes? CYS are popular there, so we often visit."

When the flurry of fists come at her, Shermie tries to twist her body this way and that to avoid the worst of the whirlwind of activity. "Mitsuru, you are as they say a badass" she gasps, before groaning with the pain as she's smacked and slashed severely. "You are really hurting me." This is strangely followed by a gleeful giggle.

She bends double, trying to catch her breath and then sways sloppily towards Mitsuru, making an attempt to hit her again. For now, all she has the energy for is to throw out a rapid but relatively powerless punch.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru endures Shermie's Quick Punch.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Shermie          1/-------/=======|>>>>>--\-------\0          Mitsuru

A lot of ways, huh.

Mitsuru takes in those ways. Take attention. Withdraw attention. Flatter them. Insult them. Come up with amazing ideas, and let them think they came up with it. It was an awful lot like how Mitsuru felt like she was being mistreated by some of her fellow students. And teachers. And parents. It was a dirty trick, and yet. Yet. "Yeah I am a badas- A badbutt! And I think if you performed at Seijyun High, you'd be so popular and make so much money!" Mitsuru brags, though as Shermie mentions she is being hurt. "I'm sorry, uh, I like fighting a lot too!" She didn't feel too disturbed by the giggling. She even giggles too. And Shermie helping her pick out clothing? She was about to swoon, until Shermie was coming in to attack. She almost wiggles her bottom in excitement, as she suddenly charges at the punch.

She muscles through it.

Unafraid of the punch, she slams into it, the waves of silvery energy still flowing over her in streams as she takes into the air. It was a solid blow in the ribs, and Mitsuru was going to feel it once she lands, but. It wasn't going to slow her down now. Leaping into the air, Mitsuru slams her leg into a diving kick, attempting to smash through Shermie with a cratering drop kick, trying to carry the pair of them past the dance floor... and right into the table of those boys. "You're hurting me too, Shermie! But that's okay!"

"I can take it!"

COMBATSYS: Shermie issues a challenge!!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Shermie          1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0          Mitsuru

COMBATSYS: Shermie counters Heaven And Earth from Mitsuru with F-Captured.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Shermie          1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1          Mitsuru

"We are strong women, we can handle pain" Shermie agrees, shaking out her fist and finally regaining her balance. She's still not feeling at full par though and she's having to force herself not to let it affect her performance.

Speaking of performance..."Money and popularity are both good things, as long as you don't let them corrupt you" she wisely warns. "Where I come from in Belleville, Paris, there is a strong history of fighting for our rights against such things."

Mitsuru's decision to stand her ground is a brave one and as she takes off beautifully into the air, the French fighter rushes forward to meet her, thrusting out her curvaceous cleavage to throw the Seijyun student off balance. Wrapping the girl up in her arms again, she then slams her back down with another stunning suplex. Coincidentally causing her to land on that very table of bewildered boys. A pretty, poserish looking one with platinum blonde hair lets out an earsplitting scream.

That chest was too much for Mitsuru's own.

As Mitsuru comes down, Shermie's chesty burst catches her in midair. Wrapping her up like a trundle babe, the teenager is brought down upon the very table. Mitsuru was slowing down hard now, dazed, weakened. But not broken. The lanky teen sees stars, looking at the poser. And immediately, with a rush of disgust, she drags herself back up from the heap. She was steadying herself out, the screams of the boys invigorating her. She heard a lot -different- things about the French. But rather than just blurt them out, she listens, and nods. "I hope I can have a real trip to Paris some day, and not just a fight one." The teenage groans, finally finding her feet. That invisible nothingness swirls around her again, that strange, faint energy consuming her own silver energy.

And she bursts forward.

It was the mist step, a technique borrowed from Grandpa Heihachi when she was imprisoned by the Mishima. Dipping in low and fast, she rises up in the same, circular motion with a swift, bursting uppercut, the nothingness energy whirling around her wildly. She was building momentum, carrying with it. The challenge of being a strong woman, of handling pain. She loved the thrill, the strength.

And she only could imagine what else she could do as a big strong woman.

COMBATSYS: Shermie interrupts Wind God Fist from Mitsuru with Shermie Flash.
- Power hit! -

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Shermie          0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1          Mitsuru

Again she rises, the tough teen, tougher than she may even realise herself, gets to her feet and back in the game. "Tres bien, cherie!" the older woman enthuses, clapping together her hands. It's not meant to be patronising, she genuinely is proud.

That doesn't stop her from wanting to win though and as Mitsuru makes her way forward again, the French fashion designer bizarrely finds time to strike a pose before plunging towards her potential protege. As Mitsuru spins upwards, the Parisian plants a hand down firmly on her head, using it to position herself behind the girl. She then locks her arms around the lanky lass' waist, pulling her backwards to hit the ground with her head and shoulders. Holding her in position, she counts "One, two, three" as if the two women were wrapped up in a wrestling match and Shermie has managed to pin her.



Mitsuru groans as she is caught down. The silvery energy and nothingness flashes around her, the rising temper flares up. She grits her teeth, as she begins to grow angry, furious. She would start lashing out. Flailing madly, throwing everything she had out to take Shermie down. As she felt pressed and pinned, she imagined how much damage she could do just by- just by losing her temper. But she thinks about it. What Shermie told her. The letter. How people cried about her suffering, her raw emotions exposed. How Shermie had been so kind and gentle in this fight, as she continued to slam her on the ground over and over again. How patient she was. Almost like she was someone special. She was a fan of CYS. And if she- if she lost here, then it just meant. It just meant Shermie could keep going.

ANd like that, the temper becomes swallowed once more.

"I yi- I may not figh-.." She surrenders, tapping her hand down on the floor. "I g- I give- Nrrrrrrgh!" Mitsuru huffs furiously, that temper swinging right back until, she makes herself relax again. "I am done fighting! You win! Thank you very much for this fight!" Mitsuru wasn't fighting out of the pin anymore. It was kind of nice, being squished. I mean yes her bones and her joints were in total pain, but not right now, when pinned down. Maybe it wouldn't hurt so bad when she was released.

Not so bad.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru takes no action.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Shermie          0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Shermie          0/-------/--=====|

"No, you shouldn't surr..." Shermie starts to say, but her sizeable ego kicks in, realising it would mean she had won, if the schoolgirl did so. "I mean...well fought, cherie! It was a pleasure to defeat you."

She releases Mitsuru from the ground, as the girl taps out, standing up and striking a series of suggestive poses for the spectators. One of the male students almost chokes on his sushi.

She seeks out her opponent's hand, trying to lift it into the air with her own, so they both gain some of the glory being offered. "I want to thank Mademoiselle Mitsuru for this fabulously fun fight. She is a brave and brilliant girl who we should all applaud and celebrate."

She starts to lead the chorus of congratulations, stamping her feet and letting out whoops of delight. "As for me, I will just say to my next opponent in Ristar. You better watch out, because I'm coming for you! You cannot hide from Shermie!" She gives a girlish giggle to the camera and then turns to leave, turning briefly to blow a kiss back at Mitsuru.

"I will be in touch. Shermie will not forget!"

Mitsuru was feeling strange.

As she taps out, she doesn't actually break away. No, she lays there, her entire body going into one big -ache-. All while Shermie was praising her. All while striking those kinds of poses, that her father would lust after. Those were the signs of what a bad girl were. She hated girls like that. And yet, why did she surrender? She could have lashed out in anger. She -felt- that anger. And yet, when she was in the pin, she felt like... she felt that once she started to control her anger, once she stopped obsessing over how people felt about her, she felt the anger melt away. She was happy, wasn't she? But.

What was she supposed to do now?

She is barely standing up, when Shermie is at her side. Shermie lifts her arm up, and she feels... encouraged? Ashamed? She looks at Shermie, and automatically smiles. The CYS were happy people. And real, authentic. Nothing was wrong or evil or bad about them. "Thank you Shermie... I don't think... I think it was really important to meet you." She would write to her again. To them all again. When she's a big mean bancho who ora ora oras people, then she would act all tough and just spit on Shermie or- or something. But she -liked- Shermie. She could imagine herself like a Shermie, being all strong and tough and -confident-, without being a dumb girlie girl. But was it? What was the difference between Shermie and Lyraelle? What was the difference between them and -herself-. Eventually, the medical staff her over, and starts the check up. Mitsuru stares ahead blankly, still not sure what she should be doing. "Am I just a girlie girl pretending to be a tomboy?" Mitsuru asks herself softly, as the nurse begins to check her spine.

"Or just a tomboy who wants to be a girlie girl?"

The nurse shrugs her shoulder.

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