Rising Star 2022 - Ristar 2022 R1 - Daichi vs Tsugumi Sendo

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Description: In this matchup, the raccoon eared Daichi will pit his magic and fighting skills against the rural wrestler Tsugumi. In the worst possible place for the both of them, on the back of a moving Motor Bus! Who will stand victorious and who will (literally) fall from the back of a moving bus?!

"Uuugh, what the heck.."

Kiyokawa, Japan. It was a small village that partially crossed over into the Tanzawa Mountains. The enviroment, rocky and uphill as it may be, was beautiful. Rolling hills covered with lush forests, surrounding the town and most of it's roads.

A serene beauty.. that stood in stark contrast with the huge tour bus that now stood in front of the town center.

Tsugumi and her opponent were to fight on -top-, while it was -driving-. Unsurprisingly, the girl-wrestler was looking nervous at the prospect, standing next to the luxurious grey vehicle. The inside looked oh-so well furnished, providing the utmost levels of comfort for those that could afford it's hire.

Why they decided on making such an expensive vehicle an arena, was a mystery. Nontheless, as a moving arena, there weren't any live spectators, apart from inhabitants of Kiyokawa. A large section of road, starting here and going out and spiraling up the hills, was cordoned off for today.

"They really dialed up the spectacle in comparison to last year.." The girl mumbled. She was dressed in her usual fighting-wear. A rubbery bodysuit going up until her arms and thighs, with a blue-and-white bomber jacket over top, large white gloves and shoes with orange highlights there to provide some contrast.

It's been some time since Daichi entered the combative world; he has been off working on improving his own skills as best he could, without the guidance of his mentor and just his own raw tenacity. Prospects have felt more than a little stymied, which is why RiStar drew his attention; he's an ancient being of the Spirit World, he can warm himself up defeating some low-tier humans! But that doesn't mean he's above doing whatever it takes to tip things to his favor. Eventually, he decides based on primarily gut impulse that Tsugumi Sendo is probably female. With that... he began to research.

When the rival fighter arrives, it certainly turns some heads. 'Daichi' is... ridiculously beautiful. Every Boy Band, every teenage heart-throb, every basic tenet for 'attractive to females', has been hand-tooled into the penultimate transformation. Standing at easily six feet of boyish charm, slender and vaguely feminine in places, his face has a painstaking array of measurements and focal people to be as distractingly handsome as he possibly could. Short hair roguishly swept around, large eyes, a perfect smile, Daichi has pulled all the stops!

"Hello." comes his smooth baritone, blowing a kiss towards those present. In his left hand is a long brown staff, with golden caps at each end; beyond that, he wears a masculine kimono intended for males, extravagant in the details and embroidery. A large sash covers a suspicious lump at his rear, and he wears a somewhat unsuited hat atop his head, with flaps that cover two /more/ suspicious lumps, like he had hair buns hiding beneath it.

"Are we to fight... girl?" Daichi vogues, twirling his staff and taking an aggressive position. None can resist the wiles of his Tanuki no Jutsu - Sexy Distraction! Without any particular concern on his side, he vaults up to land on the rear of the vehicle, resting his staff across the back of his shoulders with a rich laugh~!


Tsugumi stared in slight awe at the newly-arrived perfect pretty boy of a japanese gentlemen. She actually is not -really- one that cares too much about looks, but the sheer levels of handsome this young man inspired was enough to give her pause. "H-Hmph. That's right!"

"Nnggg- Uffff- Yoisho!"

With a bit of effort, Tsugumi inelegantly clammered up the side of the bus, toward the front so that there's a fair few paces between the two of them. "Isn't this insane? Like, this fight has to violate some law of safety, right?!" She commented, though her tone was obviously joking. The wrestler as of yet hat not noticed the weird lumps, as she put her hands out in front of her, open.

"Oh- Woh- Woh!'"

The vehicle began to accelerate and drive. A few car-lengths behind the bus, an emergency ambulance followed in the case of... Premature falls. And above, a helicopter with cameramen would record the fight. Tsugumi, for her part, almost tripped with that first acceleration. The girl returned to her stance, frowning. "Ugh- This is a pain, but lets get started, pretty-boy!" Although she didn't look 100% stable, she was holding her balance for now.

There's a modest smugness to see that Tsugumi reacts at /least/ a little bit. Perhaps she's simply stoic and unflappable; actually inflicting damage on so handsome a tanuki should bring anyone pause! His every motion and shift seems intended to show off his own physique and frame, stretching arms overhead, twisting, a downright excessive amount of motion by all accounts as the vehicle rumbles to life.

"How quaint." At the first acceleration, Daichi did not move an inch, standing in a strong, wide pose as if it were as natural as solid ground. "I suppose a human such as you have not mastered balance to my exte-eee!" The bus hits an unexpected rock and sets him gently staggering, letting out a huff! as he shifts to a combative stance.

"Go easy on me, please. I have a photo shoot this afternoon, and it wouldn't do to be bruised." He aims his staff outwards, before advancing forward with a 'haaaa!' Mistake or not, he does seem remarkably okay with the unsettled, vibrating environment, advancing rapidly as he whirls his weapon from left to right masterfully, before finally dropping it down in an overhead swing trying to clobber Tsugumi right between the eyes with the golden tip...!

COMBATSYS: Daichi has started a fight here.

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Daichi           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo has joined the fight here.

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Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Daichi

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo blocks Daichi's Fierce Strike.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Daichi

"Ahahaha, that's what gettin' high and mighty will do with ya!"

Tsugumi giggled, as the village's houses began to zip by the pair. "And what're you doin' showing off like that? Ain't gonna help!" she lays on a few quips, as she watches the young man posed, then staggers. Her stance remained fairly steadfast, although she was having a bit of trouble stopping herself from giggling.

"No can do, mister! Imma go all out, same as always- Yosha!"

Wearing her thoughts on her sleeve, the wrestling-girl shifted forward in tandem with Daichi! Seeing the staff whirl around before dropping down overhead, she raised her forearm to block the strike at the middle of the weapon's shaft. Her eyes did narrow at dull pain this caused, but she didn't halt to break the clash- Swinging up the elbow of her other arm in a swift attempt to catch his chin before he could escape!

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Daichi with Tsugumi Elbow.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0           Daichi

"What...?! Impossible! My beautiful looks are IRRESISTABLE! You /are/ a boy after all!" Daichi huffs out, glaring towards Tsugumi dubiously as the bus continues along. Using the great reach of his weapon, the transformed Tanuki attempted to shift and intercept the blow, before she rockets forward and /slams/ her elbow into his chin. He's... much denser than he should be. It's as if he weighs twice what he looks. And the blow, more tragically, knocks off his hat. A desperate attempt to swipe at it follows, before it bounces off the bus to the road below.

Underneath it are a pair of raccoon ears, thrusting out of his hair like he were some tanukimimi. Any thoughts they might just be fake are lost when they twitch-twitch in agitation. "Darkstalker!" "So it WAS the Darkstalker!" comes a few shouts from the nearby helicopter, zooming into his head.

"I'M NOT A DARKSTALKER, I'M A NATURE SPIRIT!!" Daichi yells upwards in annoyance. Before whirling around his weapon with a growl, and thrusting it towards Tsugumi ferociously! That's not going to reach -- then it glows bright green, and violently extends a couple meters in an attempt to catch her in the throat! Before he makes to heft her straight up a couple meters, and...

Tries to fling her /right/ off the bus. How terribly cheap. Does he have no honor?! Doesn't seem like it. "If I knock you off, I win!! Begone with you, human insect!!"

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo endures Daichi's Skyhook.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0           Daichi

"....Huh? I'm a... boy?"

She didn't look offended, just confused- But then surprised, as the hat came off. "Wow, those are cute!" Was her first reaction, steadying herself as she stared at the furry, twitching ears- Though as the shapeshifted Tanuki was distracted, she made an attempt to get a few paces closer, but it seemed like his staff found her very quickly!


The shaft wrapped itself around her neck, but as it hefts, and hefts..

Tsugumi didn't budge.

Regardless, the violent pulling and constriction of her neck pained her, the wrestler grunting and groaning as she tried to get closer with the hard wooden staff blocking her path.

Not seeing an opening, she instead resorted to grip the wood with both of her gloved hands, her muscular arms twitching as she tried jerking it her way in an attempt to get Daichi within her range, using her powerful leg to smash four kicks toward Daichi's legs, then torso- Each strike travelling further up his body before finishing by planting her boot deep for the pretty-boy's chin. Normally that last strike would be a flip, but her current predicament made that impossible and/or very stupid.

COMBATSYS: Daichi blocks Tsugumi Sendo's Making Okonomiyaki.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0           Daichi

"Th-they are not cute!" Daichi lies, flattening his ears against his head in a vain attempt to hide them amongst his hair. Still, despite his braced stand and sharp growl of effort, the slender nature spirit can't heft this little girl?! He fights furiously, but his raw strength is clearly less. Only to find her striking out at him--! Without hesitation he retracts the staff, slamming down the golden tip and catching the first three blows with grunts of effort. The last brutal kick sends him skidding backwards with... a spray of sparks? His feet have turned into furred ones! Black claws cling to the ground, scratching up the top of the bus as he gets within a meter of the edge.

"Grr... all my efforts here, and it's my ears you think are cute... well, I can't say you have faulty taste..." Whirling his weapon around, Daichi then kicks forward, sliding along the bus as it begins a risque turn that almost diverts him. His right arm then thrusts out, twisting like a coiling serpent before his palm flashes open. The strike is aimed right at Tsugumi's belly... but the initial hit would not actually hurt more then a firm slap. A moment later, a great, painful swirl of kinetic energy attempts to ravage her insides and pressure points, and blow the human backwards! It seems this tanuki knows some internal methods of laying on the pain against opponents, too!

COMBATSYS: Daichi successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Power Throw.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Tsugumi Sendo    1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Daichi

The wrestler frowns as Daichi manages to defend himself, she had to do a lot to get close enough for that attack. In the heat of the moment, she did not notice the tranformation.

"They are thooough! If I win, can I touch them?"

The girl asks innocently, all the while the houses are getting sparser in density. She just couldn't, the ears were -too- cute. As she stood there, somewhat entranced, she reacted late to Daichi stepping in--! And with his swiftness, his coiling palm snuck it's way past her late guard to tap her on the stomach. "W-What the?!" But.. nothing happened? A long second later, however- The girl felt the pain of that energy ravaging through her body, twisting and swirling around as it violently pushed itself toward the back of her body, launching her away from the shiften Tanuki! "Oooow!!"

The wrestler yelled, slamming into the metal of the bus's exterior, inches away from tipping over and off the front of the bus. "J-Jeez, rude!" She pulled herself up fairly quickly, the wind running through her short brown hair. "Pah- I'm really done' with yer weird little shenanigans, mister!"

t"I'm just gonna havta try harder! Yosha-- Fighting spirit!"

Like the protagonist of a manga, she pumper herself up- Punching her fist into her palm. Although there were no literal flares of energy, Tsugumi enthusiasm grew even further. "Ohohoho, you're gonna get in trouble when I get my hands on ya, cutie! HAAAAAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo gathers her will.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Tsugumi Sendo    2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|====---\-------\0           Daichi

"M-my ears are very sensitive!!" Daichi growls, still keeping them flat to his head as his newly formed feetpaws give him a bit more leverage. Before with a grandiose motion he grasps the sash about his waist and flings it aside.

...revealing his raccoon tail. Which immediately begins to shift around to help him with balance. "You're right. No more holding back!" Slowly he twirls his staff, causing it to gradually shrink until it's barely a foot long. Hiding it in his sleeve, he then crouches down before leaping high. High. Hiiiigh...!

And once he's right over the crackling Tsugumi, he crosses his legs. "Like I'll ever let you lay a hand, human!! TANUKI NO JUTSU--"

Suddenly he goes POMF! in a puff of smoke. "STATUE FORM!"

And then... his entire frame, suddenly weighing /far/ more, descends like a comet, posed all regal and with his hands settled as if a ninja in the middle of a jutsu. Hopefully Tsugumi can deflect it somehow; it's going to go SLAM and dent heavily the roof of the bus when the tanuki lands, before with a CRI-CRACKLE the stone breaks and sloughs off him like a shell!!

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo blocks Daichi's Tanuki no Jutsu - Statue Form.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Tsugumi Sendo    2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|====---\-------\0           Daichi


She shouted, watching her opponent jump up- What she had not anticipated however, was him turning into a bloody boulder.

As the stone-form forest spirit crashed down, Tsugumi had no choice but to brace her arms in front of her: And for a second or so, she managed to lift and keep the massive weight from crushing through her guard-

But she felt her strength waning, and made the smart call to break the stalemate to quickly hop backwards, pushing Daichi off of her so that he -slammed- into the metal of the bus with a loud, loud crash. The vehicle shook and swerved, but the experienced driver hired for the task managed to set it straight before it was in any danger of crashing...

Or falling, because these hills are getting -steep-

Remember that bit about her not flaring with energy? Well, that had swiftly turned out to be incorrect- As a swirling mass of bright yellow-white erupted from her body. Pure light, coalescing into her fist as she groaned loudly, surging forward to -slam- her knuckles into the hopefully-still recovering Tanuki. "Darn it!"

COMBATSYS: Daichi fails to reflect Quick Punch from Tsugumi Sendo with Fool's Errand.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Tsugumi Sendo    2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0           Daichi

Indeed, as expected, the hapless tanuki is still in the process of righting himself in the wake of that statuesque assault; before invoking a word of power, and then shifting to press forward with his free hand, a contract-like image of paper flashing into view. Only, nothing happens when it's hit; it's dispersed violently, and her swung fist collides with his chest, a flash of light singing through the kimono and sending him staggering backwards with a wince. "Eugh... wh-what kind of strange human trickery is this?! I feel all greasy now! That should have stopped you!!" He brush-brushes at the back of his kimono, seeming a fair bit more woozy now in the aftermath of two stout blows from the shorter girl. He assumes an unarmed stance himself once more, claws sinking in a bit tighter as the bus begins to ascend... and ascend... and ascend! It's definitely getting to be enough of a downslope that he's got a sweatdrop forming on his head...

The flash of light blinds Tsugumi, as she's briefly unsure of the results of her punch- But when vision returns, seeing Daichi's expression- And hearing his complaints, told her all she needed to know. "Yeah! Take that!" She did not relent, stomping forward, approaching in front and feinting a kick before, with surprising agility, twisting behind the recovering Daichi in an attempt to enclench his torso with her powerful arms- Wrapping them around his stomach, she then attempted to -lean- backwards, carrying the trickster with to suplex him into the bus's metal!

Only, should she get to that point, it would not end there- As she'd keep up the hold, all the while clenching her arms to squeeze his ribs painfully.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Daichi with Rainbow German Hold ES.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Tsugumi Sendo    2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0           Daichi

"...!!" This was unexpected. Daichi didn't think a young human would be any match for him; and he does feel oddly dense and robust as she grapples him in a vain, writhing attempt to fend off her hands, only for her to slip behind. "I'M TOO PRETTY TO DO THIS TO--" he tries to interject, before his face /slams/ down on the opposite side of her, and she begins to press down the force significantly. "HNN... HNNGH!!" he exhales, before pressing his fingers to his palm. "E-ENOUGH... CANCEL!!"

There's a POMF! of smoke, before... she's grappling a furry, bidepal tanuki. Most would think it a walking raccoon, far more shaped like one of those than anything anthropomorphic; standing perhaps five feet, rotund more than any dare say, his outfit has turned into a simple two-piece tunic and pants of decidedly more... drab affair.

Suddenly interfering with the grappling hold, he then makes to snap out his hand. The miniature staff is caught in his deft paw, before in a ripple of green energy it expands outwards, aiming to catch into Tsugumi's legs, and with a twist send her toppling over to the ground as he tries to fiercely disentangle...!!

COMBATSYS: Daichi successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Weapon Trip.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Tsugumi Sendo    2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0           Daichi


Unsurprisingly, Tsugumi was, well, surprised. It's not ever day that a pretty-boy turns into a mascot. She'd have laughed, was she not absolutely absorbed in scoring the victory- But the newly tiny form, and element of surprise caused Daichi's staff to go unnoticed, curling around her ankle and twisting her off of her feet! Daichi, in tandem, escaped from her grasp.

But it took -barely- any time for her to get back up.

"You're gonna get it!!" More yelling, more pressure. She attempted to grip her hands over the Tanuki's shoulders, flipping herself over and wrapping her legs around his neck in a death-lock, a sort of piggy-back position, with her sitting on Daichi's shoulders.

It remains to be seen whether he can stay standing under her weight, but whatever the case, she begins -slamming- her fists into his the sides of his now thoroughly furry head. Over and over, heavy haymakers hoping to batter and daze the poor forest spirit. The attack was finished with an attempt to lift him up with her legs, spinning him around to her other side to smash him into the bus once more!!

COMBATSYS: Daichi just-defends Tsugumi Sendo's Loop Line Crash!

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/---<<<<|=======\-------\0           Daichi

"...!! Stop--climbing on me... LIKE THAT! TANUKI NO JUTSU..." After a fair amount of struggle, the human does manage to twist about and wrap her legs about his neck, just beginning to clamp down and make his eyes bug out. Before he places his fingers to his palm and squeaks out...


POMF! Suddenly, he expands to almost eight feet high, and easily that much around! Absolutely corpulant, his clothing luckily is modified sufficiently to barely cling to him, with a few rips and tears regardless. Cheeks bulge out like a squirrel full of nuts, but the end result is that Tsugumi is flung off him... rather forcefully. That's probably not a defense anyone has ever used against her before!!

"PFFFFT!!" He then exhales, a great gout of wind as his transformative magic relapses, launching him backwards right towards a potentially disoriented shoot wrestler. Twisting about, he tries to then...

Latch on to Tsugumi's face.

"LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE THIS!!" he snarls out, all scratching claws and squeezing headlocks as the oversized tanuki demonstrates /far/ less finesse than he has elsewhere... didn't he have good balance and unleash an advanced palm strike only a minute ago...?

COMBATSYS: Daichi successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Armed Combo.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0           Daichi

She failed?

She failed?!

Tsugumi could barely believe it. All that effort, all the pressure she put on to get to this point, yet it evaporated against the Tanuki's stalward defense. She couldn't even get out her first punch, as the furry creature inflated his cheeks in a brilliantly strategic use of his abilities. As Daichi intended, she was blown off- Her own tiredness setting in as the high of her adrenaline began to fade, landing on the bus with her back.

Laying close to the edge of one of the sides, she punched the metal casing, denting it inward. "Darn it!" She grunted, extraordinarily frustrated- Completely blinded by her own dissapointment, making it incredibly easy for the forestfolk to latch on!

"Aaah- G-Get off, you little-!"

And with scratching claws and constricting legs, Daichi was successful at wounding her face. Warm droplets of blood ran down the sides of her head, and she was coughing worrisomely when her opponent would finally let her neck go, perhaps aided by the struggling and pushing she was doing herself.

"Oooww.." The shoot wrestler, stumbled to her feet, feeling woozy as keeping her balance on the speeding bus was becoming increasingly difficult. At least the vehicle wasn't going downhill anymore. "This.. This sucks.. This sucks so much.." Tsugumi re-adjusted her stance, wider. deeper. More stable. Staring at the stocky Tanuki, her arms stretching out in front of her again. "I- I got a little bit.. left.."

So she says, but it truly did look like she was about to topple. "Guess I'm... Not gonna get to touch those ears.. after all, huh?"

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo gathers her will.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Tsugumi Sendo    1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Daichi

"Grrr!!" Daichi snarls, brief headlock shifting into a yank of hair before she bodily hurls him away. He can't possibly weigh that much! Even though he's hardly a thin boy, there's still that unusual density to him that makes everything about fighting the tricky tanuki more difficult. "What sucks?! Losing? I'm a mighty Warrior of the Forest! Trained by a hero! Our destinies are ENTIRELY different!" He then pushes up to his feet, brushing away at his thighs and looking up towards Tsugumi with a bit of a grin. "But I'm a sporting sort... that last technique you used was interesting. Show me another!! I need some more practice before progressing in this tournament...!" It doesn't seem he's taking this very seriously; it's not exactly pity. More raccoon arrogance! Who would dare use THE Tsugumi Sendo for base sparring practice in this manner?!

COMBATSYS: Daichi drinks from his sake bottle.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Tsugumi Sendo    1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Daichi


"Are you kidding me?! At least.. Take me seriously until the end!" Tsugumi demanded, the distinct emotion of humiliation entering her mind. Her eyes began to water, as the girl seethed with frustration. "T-That's the least you could do! At least.. do that.. You should always be doing that!"

It's been a very, very long time since Tsugumi Sendo had cried. Thick tears rolled down her cheeks, diluting the still-wet blood that remained on her face.

One one hand, Tsugumi did not want to do as the 'mighty warrior of a forest' commanded.

On the other, she had the overwhelming urge to crush the smug Tanuki into the ground.r
"Trained by a 'Hero', was it? With how nasty you're actin', it doesn't seem like you take to them, mister!"

The wild energy flared up again, her footsteps banging across the metal. Her eyes glowed a pale yellow, and the veins under her arms shone with that same energy. The wrestler began to rush, throwing her entire body at the smaller opponent: Punches, kicks, elbows. The searing heat of that light emboldened the attacks, and with the hope If that the Tanuki was caught off-guard, he'd find Tsugumi slamming her fist unto his chin with an uppercut, to launch him upward.

Upward, and away from the bus.

If she managed that, she'd jump after, making sure that she'd be higher then her opponent, so that she could grab him and hopefully -slam- him into the already-cracked pavement below. The light would erupt again at that point, a flashbang-esque explosion accompanying the slam.

COMBATSYS: Daichi reflects Flying Tsugumi Drop from Tsugumi Sendo with Mischief Makeing.

[                             \  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0           Daichi

"Ehhh... taking you seriously is my decision, not yours... you fought better than I expected for someone your age!!" Daichi does frown when Tsugumi's eyes water, and for all his strange brand of biased cruelty, he doesn't actually feel any pleasure in making a teenage human girl cry. It doesn't quite circle it's way around to guilt or pity, but he's still annoyed at himself for not being properly jaded! That said, he's no fool. Fighting the tanuki is disorienting and tricky, and Tsugumi wasn't able to adapt fast enough to overcome it... in a straight test of martial ability, would he still have won? He doesn't want to think about it!

"This again... you won't surprise me with your strange energy twice, human!" As the fierce, shining fist rushes towards him, he suddenly whips out his free hand with another invocation. "Inversion Technique!" Again that strange contract-like flash of energy rushes out, vaguely transparent, only this time when it ripples over Tsugumi, she's frozen solid in place...! Blinking, Daichi is still fully shocked to find that fierce punch a scant millimeter from hitting him in the whiskered nose.

"EYEEAH!" He then leaps upwards, both of his heels thumping into Tsugumi's torso and launching her upwards along with him. At the apex of the jump, he thrusts downwards with a grunt, kicking her into the metal of the bus as he rears back his staff with both hands. The golden end glows bright green with a swirl of leaves, before he swings it down to impact her torso with a sudden flash of explosive energy, as the tanuki lands on the ground facing her once more...!

Tsugumi felt her movements freeze, her furious expression unmoving as she had no chance to resist the Tanuki's final sequence. She was launched up, then down with Daichi's pair of double-legged kicks, her back slamming into the bus's frame, the wrestler exhaled a sharp gasp. While she was technically not frozen with that energy anymore, with the lack of time and stamina she had left, Daichi found no trouble in -slamming- his chi-enhanced staff into her chest, the force of the explosion jolting her limbs upward for a moment.. before the fell limp onto the banged-up bus.

Her body twitched, trying to feel the strength to push herself up, but finding herself unable to move much of a muscle. At that point, she gave up, as her eyelids closed. "Daisuke will.. beat you.." With the dissapointment of not being able to meet her friend in the tourney, her consciousness slipped. The bus coming to a stop, with the medical vehicle behind them getting ready to tend to her wounds.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo takes no action.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daichi           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daichi           0/-------/------=|

"What's a Daisuke? Is it tasty?" Daichi asks seriously, but it seems that Tsugumi has passed on to the next world... of slumber, at the very least. Wincing heavily from the pain of merely blocking the assaults from the girl, outside the few stout blows that still ring in him, he heads over to the end of the bus as it comes to a stop in order to hop off and down. "Eheheheh... sure. If you beat me, you can TOUCH MY EARS!" he calls back, rushing off before he can be questioned by the tournament staff. He's not much in the mood for hearing about being called a monster after all that; but it's seeming like this tournament might be less trivial than he initially thought to overcome...!

COMBATSYS: Daichi has ended the fight here.

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