Eadni - Return To Witch Mountain

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Description: The Old Mother summons her newest daughter to test her abilities, and task her with helping a doomsday cult.

The hut was overlooking the Tokoniji Falls.

It in the Chubu-Sangaku National Park, far up into the mountains in the heart of Japan. The hut was seated in a small clearing up on the mountain side. A number of skulls impaled on stakes were placed on the cliff faces near the waterfall. . Some are human, though most are of other animals, but each bears burning eyes of emerald flame glowing brightly. The hut itself was astride a pair of long pine trunks, standing high up, facing down upon the waterfall. The pair of legs end with the roots of the tree trunks, shaped like the feet of a bird. Smoke trails out of a stone chimney at the top of the hut; there was always a fire in the hearth. At the base of the tree were a number of children running around a playing; some were setting up their own skull on the stakes, others were splashing down at the river by the waterfall, and some were just gathering berries and plants.

Sitting at the base of the feet was an old woman.

She was in an old rocking chair, rolling back and forth. She was ancient looking, her skin dark, craggy and wrinkled. Her eyes are black, buried deep in her sockets and her brow. Her nose is long, nearly long enough to reach her chin. She is dressed in what looks like layers and layers of woolen shawls and robes colored faded woad and brown, garbing her form loosely as she trudges forward. Her feet are bare. Hunched forward, she carries what looks like bundles of -something- upon her back, bound tightly in thick blankets to keep it together. The items seem larger than her; but some have twigs and branches sticking out from them. At her side, she keeps a leather satchel of sorts; the satchel carries the shape of human faces cured and stretched over it. She usually didn't enjoy being so close to the trails. But she had sent a message, stained in blood and sealed with turpentine and love. One of her daughters would be coming to visit. One of her newest, freshest daughters.

There was something important she needed to do.

Ambrosia received the message, and there was nothing more important than seeing her mother, her new and caring mother. She dropped everything to come at once to her, because this was always important indeed.

She had different looks since she became Ambrosia, since she became herself, but now she is wearing the one she feels most at home with. She has her long reddish orange hair, going down in waves and ending just below her breasts. She has her very light green eyes, still shining with happiness. Along with her delicate face, small nose, and hin lips. Her body looks equally delicate, thin and yet with curves at the right place. There are enough curves to show she is a woman. Her skin is pale yet filled with a certain presence of life.

She makes her way ever closer to her mother, looking around taking in the location and area which makes her think even more of her parent. It definitely wasn't torture to be here.

Then she saw her. She was right in her vision. Her smile, already on her face, widens as she walks toward her. Eadni would probably feel she had more control over magic than last time. Even more powerful, in some subtle ways. Though, she didn't fight as much as one might expect her to. "Mother." She says "I am here. It is good to see you." She isn't sure if she can hug her. It is easy to see she would, if allowed.

Eadni doesn't rise up from her rocking chair when her daughter arrives.

As Ambrosia walks by, the skulls turn towards her slightly, the emerald eye gleaming in each one. Eadni continues her rocking, watching her, smiles curled on her mouth and eyes. "Child, sweet child, sweet and precious child. You have come when you are called." It was always okay to hug mother when she was waiting for you. "And your magic has grown... Come here and give your mother a..." She doesn't open her arms, but she waits as the skulls begin to twist away from Ambrosia. It was too late though.

One of the children had noticed Ambrosia.

A little girl, runs up to Ambrosia with a handwoven basket full of bright red berries, tiny hard ones. When she reaches her, she gives the witch a hug on her legs, keeping her from mother a moment longer. THen, she tugs at her big sister's dress. "Amby's here! Amby's here! Amby is here and she can talk! Amby! Amby! Amby!" She raises up the basket to Ambrosia as she fights to keep her attention from Eadni. "I want to make a pie for Mother. Are these berries good to eat, Amby?"

Eadni falls silent a moment, watching with hollow eyes to see Ambrosia's response.

She knows of the skulls moving even if slightly. She has no problem with them. She has seen worse in her previous lif, and beside, this is normal.

She is about to go in for that hug, but the little girl catches her first. She isn't one to ignore one of the children. They are family too, after all. She gets down on one knee to be at the girl's level and looks at the berries carefully. I wouldn't feed that to our Mother but." She leans toward the little girl and whispers something in her ear. There is no malice toward mother in doing so. Only perhaps giving the girl a feeling she can surprise mother with a gift.

She doesn't get up immediately after that looking to see if the girl is fine with that. She brings her hand up to her hair, to ruffles them a bit. If the girl and mother are both satisfied with the interaction, she stands back up and looks at mother again. She is waiting a few moment to see if this time, she can go for the hug or if another children might need something.

As Ambrosia whispers in the girl's ear, her eyes light up.

"Oooooh. That makes a lot more sense. Thank you Amby, you're the best big sister!" She gives one last hug, and then runs back into the forest, looking for some of those special plants to mix. The other children are fortunately a little too busy with their own games, and Eadni quickly receives the hug. The Old Mother glances up, that smile still stretched across her features.

"Well done child."

Eadni gives the praise quickly, reaching out her gnarled fingers to touch on Ambrosia's own. "Your body's former host was always too sharp with her tongue. Too bitter." Eadni allows the hug to linger as long as it needs, though she doesn't rise up. "You are a far better daughter than she was, I am so pleased with your progress as well." She brings a hand up to touch on Ambrosia's cheek.

"Have you learned any new magic that you want to show your Mother?"

She enjoys the hug. She also enjoys the praise and feels the touch of the mother. "I can do what I got to do without being nasty to my family. Children got to learn and know it's ok to ask questions. Otherwise you have failing children."

After she takes a moment before saying something else. Slowly letting go, but not pulling away from her touch. "Thank you. I did not fight as much as you might have expected, but I focused on other area of magic. Like morphing, teleportation, manipulation. I still know how to fight, I just haven't focused on that." She admits to her. "I can show you something if you so desire." She is still smiling.

Eadni nods her head softly, her hollow eyes watching

"Fighting is a necessary evil, young lady." The Old Mother demurrs softly, shifting the title slightly. "It is hardly the source of power, but as a means to an end. Not knowing how to defend yourself makes you a victim, makes you prey to the close-minded." She pats Ambrosia gently.

"I so desire it, Please show me child."

"I would like to see each of the three. Morphing. Teleportation. And.... Manipulation." She stands up. Her rocking chair twists and fold, curling up back behind her, slithering into her back. She lifts up her satchel, and shuffles her feet towards the middle of the clearing. "You can use me as you see fit child, for the purposes of this demonstration."

"You do not have to be afraid of hurting Mother."

"I know how to fight. I was doing it before. The magic I add to my fighting style is more brute force, and I haven't been fighting enough to learn anything else." But did she need to learn it differently, or was it simply her style. Or perhaps it was only an excuse.

She quickly goes back to the other matter at hand. "I can show you each of time." She wants her to be proud, but earning it rightfully.

Soon after a green glow starts in her hand. She concentrates the glow, going up first in her arms. From there, all parts of her body. That body changes taking the traits of someone else. A young indian man. She isn't fond of male bodies, but it is to show how she can do something different. Could she become other forms? This would not answer it. This is not simply an illusion. The body truly changes. The bone structure, everything else. Only the soul stays the same. A certain pain would be felt as she does it, but Ambrosia does not show display it on her face. Perhaps she could learn even more and do it without pain, but she was not perfect. She has so much to learn.

Once it is done and she's fully an indian man, she looks again at Eadni, her mother. Awaiting what she wants to say about it. Both good or bad. "That's what I do." The voice also an indian male, even with an accent. She hopes that is enough. She never wants to disappoint her.

Eadni is a patient, watchful teacher.

She studies the magic, the seen and the unseen. The depth of the shape, the shifting tendons, the flow of the flesh. She could see the hidden pain. She long abandoned such mortal limitations for her own shell. In time, Ambrosia would learn the same, maybe. And for her to be one of those men of India, a shape so different from her own.

It should a boldness in imagination.

"Well done child." The Old Mother purrs. "You are covering your tells. Any disguise is only as good as the role you make for it, however. Make sure you are comfortable in the skin you wear, before you deceive others." EAdni clasps her hands eagerly, curling and uncurling them together with twitching fingers. "I am satisfied with your progress otherwise. Now, the teleportation." She sweeps her hand along, before rubbing the tip of her long nose. "Can you move yourself, things, and others?"

"What are your limitations?"

"Be who you need to be fully, or don't be." She says softly, happy with the praise. She allows herself to go back to her apparently favorite form, the woman with the reddish orange hair. There is still pain there, but there is an ease with that one which wasn't in the Indian man.

When she's back in her 'own' body. She looks at her mother again, to answer the questions about her teleportations skills. "I feel comfortable one person at a time, or a large item. At the moment, more than that in one go feels taxing. I did learn to teleport sight first. To check the area I wish to go, before going. Don't want to make a mistake and appear into a wall. I will get better, I promise, push the energy and the body beyond what I can currently do. I might even be able to use teleportation while fighting, to be harder to hit and unpredictable." She goes silent after that, so Eadni can say what she has to say, be it good or bad. She's not silly enough to think she learned all there is to learn about such things. Not even close.

EAdni considers cautiously, the answer being modest and not too ambitious.

"It is smart to use a second sight to judge distance. But this is the wisdom, small child. Clairvoyance is taxing magic. THe price of foresight can quickly bear a debt that will never be repaid. And can lead to a trap that is impossible to escape." The Old Mother touches her fingers upon her hollow eyes, her fingers digging in deep. Curling them in, she plucks out a single snail, and pops it between her cracked lips. It's slime stretches across the rows and rows of jagged splinters and iron teeth as she continues softly. "But there are other senses that can be used to determine safety. Sounds. Smells. The weight of breath. But enough talk." She turns her back to Ambrosia, and extends her limb. "Show me."

"Come to my hand, sweet child."

She takes heed of her mother's words. She lets them go into her mind and puts them in a priority box for later study. It was important. Mother sharing another bit of wisdom she can realy learn from. The sight of Eadni with the snail, does not disturb the young woman, nor does her smile falter. It is another part of Mother. Nothing more.

And just like that, she could both display her teleportation knowledge and try to put to use what Eadni just taught her. She does not try to use clairvoyance for this as she is used to. She knows she may give less optimal results and perhaps even fail it, but it would still be a good learning experience. She concentrates, magic forming another power as her hands have white energy this time. She instead uses memories of how her mother looks and awareness of the area she is in. The energy goes up her arms and then her body as she works it in her mind as best as she can. Then poof she is no longer where she was. Only some residual magical energy of teleportation where she one had been. The same energy can be felt in front of Eadni. Not quite exactly at her hand, but a few feets in front. Then she appears there in the same white energy, before it fades away. It looks like she could use some more training in precision. Or perhaps it's the fact she didn't use clairvoyance on this one.

Once it's all done, she looks at Eadni shyly. She is aware she not quite at the exact area she is suppose to be. She doesn't try to say anything to excuse that fact. She simply awaits her commentaries.

There is not anger from the Old Mother, but disappointment.

She holds her hand out, as Ambrosia rematerializes. Her expression is still curled into smiles, in her eyes and mouth. But her movement is still. Slowly, she begins to speak, her tone is firm, and instructive.

"This is less impressive, child."

"Consider, the mistakes. A blade of grass, infused into the bones of your ankle. A wayward fly, caught between your lungs and your heart. And instead of a few feet ahead... a little bit behind, deep into your mother. When you have a choice between distance and precision... always choose precision." There is a cracking sound as her limbs snap, twisting and drawing back. "Be fearful, sweet child, and practice as your life depends on it." She folds her hands before herself once more. "I am satisfied with your progress. Show me your manipulation." She turns her gaze to the children playing, building the stakes of skull sentries.

"Do you need a host to demonstrate on?"

She could feel the disappointment but does nothing but wait. Once Eadni speaks, she listens to everything she has to say. No words come from her still. Nothing is said to put her failures on something else. She knows she is in control. She knows she is responsible for what she does. "Yes, as if my life depends on it, because every practice I do, my life does depend on it. I understand that. I promise." She looks down a bit, aware of her mistake.

When Eadni asks her to show her manipulation skills, she looks back up. She answers the question. "I do. It would be helpful. I don't think I would have the slightest change of manipulating you" She is not that crazy.

Eadni does not respond to Ambrosia statement how whether she would have a chance to manipulate her.

She knew all too well how plucky young ladies can be. She has long memories of the time she had found herself in an oven, after all. But she responds to the lecture well enough. She looks to the young boy, with sandy hair and a big smile always on his face. The Grump Bump, as he was. The Old Mother motions, and he comes, smiling. Always smiling. "Yes Mother?" He asks, smiling, his face contorted in rigus. Eadni pats him on the head. "Your sister Ambrosia is going to be using you for practicing her magic." He looks up at Ambrosia, a fear flickering in his eyes. "Do I just let her do what I want, mother?" Eadni grabs his head softly, and turns his gaze back into her hollow sockets. "No, sweet child. You resist, as best you can." She releases him.

"Begin, child."

When Eadni does not answer, she doesn't push. She simply wait. She watches the two as Mother makes her choice. A young boy, a brother. She doesn't laugh when she looks fearful, but there is a bit of proudness into her. It's nice to be feared at times too. She waits as mother talks to him some more.

Then two simple words. 'Begin childs.' She gets down on one knee and brings her hand to the young boy's cheek. Soon after the initial contact, her hand glows with soft pink magic energy. "It's alright. I don't want to hurt you." Small tendrils of magic attempts to go in his mind. It is not an attack. It doesn't force. It doesn't destroy. If she succeeds in getting in, Eadni would see the precision of that magic. It's like something in her previous life made her familiar with this.

If allowed, the tendrils digs in, entices changes. For this one a simple illusion of a flowery field, of another family, another life. A short illusion, as she would for a moment be the mother of that new family, and she goes in for a hug a motherly hug. As she releases the hug, everything fades naturally.

The boy resists, at first.

He hates magic, and that emotion reveals itself fully as the tendrils enter. He rejects it, he struggles. But every tendril that slips past his guard, floods his senses. The oppressive spirit of Ambrosia overtakes him. He looks up at her, and the false memories rush in. The old life fades away, and he escapes. His eyes are wide, and a real smile finally comes to his face. He comes to Ambrosia, and embraces her. "Mama. Mama I'm sorry. I won't run away again Mama. I won't be bad and mad and- and-" And just like that, with the truth revealed, the illusion fades. He looks up at Ambrosia, and sees what is real. What he did.

ANd he begins to cry.

"Well done, child." Eadni states, as she places her hand on the boys shoulder. He would not be punished. He already had been. False hope was always the most enduring punishment of the Old Mother. She pulls him away from AMbrosia's grasp. "Run along and play." She lets him walk off, as his face is twisted in that grin, as the tears flood down his cheeks. The Old MOther shifts her attention back to Ambrosia. "Much better, my young lady. You have become a fine witch for deception. I am encouraged." She gestures for Ambrosia to come with her, to walk along with her... and she extends her hand, for her daughter to escort her. "I had asked you for help, and I am confident you can provide it, sweet child.

"Are you still willing to help me?"

She felt the resistance, but she made no attempt to up the pressure. Don't give a reason to up someone's guard. Patience is what you need.

She is proud when it works out, yet didn't seem to be in doubt it would. There is something she can be really good at, can't she. She keeps it all inwardly however. You can be proud, but no need to be full of yourself. Full of yourself can get you killed too.

She does not comfort the child when he cries. That wasn't what the exercise was about. Rather, she lets mother decides how to deal with this. She is quiet. But she gives a slight smile to the boy as he is pulled away from her grasp. Then her attention is back on mother.

She stands up when requested and takes her hand. "I came as soon as I got the message Mother. I will do anything I can do to help. I will always be willing to help." She means it now, she really thinks nothing could change that, but Eadni probably knows better. She probably knows how life has a funny way of making some things unexpected.

As he conversation is going on, she escort Eadni, while keeping the pace she sets.

EAdni walks with her along the side of the cliff, looking down at the children splashing in the river below.

"There is a god sleeping deep within the earth, Ambrosia." Eadni was using her child's name now. Witches, you use their proper names when it comes to important business. "It has been stirring for several years now. Its motions writhing like serpents. The followers of this god has been preparing for his awakening. When he fully awakens, he will destroy all human life on this world, and cause life to revert back the animalistic forms, mindless and savage." The Old Mother describes the apocalypse with the same air and tone one might do with the weather. "There are men and women in the world who are realizing this, and are moving here now to stop them." She pauses a moment, looking at the waterfall that was tumbling down. "You are to help the followers, Ambrosia. Guide them to fight violently and viciously against the men who stop them."

"Do you understand why?"

"The children look happy." She lets out but goes silent as Eadni starts speaking. She notices her using her full name and listens even more.

When it's all said and done, she wonders herself. Does she understand why... Does she. "Because human beings are more destructive then any oher animals or anything else. They pretend to be with intelligence yet do the most destruction and go against nature itself. Either they end, or they will end everything else. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day..." She pauses a moment. "I will do as you say." another pause. "I try not to think about it but... Am I going to die too?" It doesn't look like it is going to stop her resolve or her devotion to Mother. "I am going to give it my all." She ends with that, listening again now.

"Oh, it's a common belief. But a wrong one"

When the witch speaks of her own demise, however, Eadni glances up. "You will die, sweet child. But no, not with this. Not unless you must." Eadni touches on Ambrosia's shoulder, a genuine show of empathy. "The cycles of life and death have been ebbing and flowing long within the abyss of time. Death dissolves the body and spirit, flesh into earth, blood into water, and the last breaths into the wind. Until ashes become ashes, and dust becomes dust, and all flows back into the infinite flow of energy. And from that energy, a spark of life is found. Love takes physical form, flesh is crafted, and a soul is born. A baby, sweet child, and from the death, it returns into life."

Releases Ambrosia, and makes the motion of cradling her satchel.

She looks down at the face upon her satchel, touching on it gently. "I have been on this world for a long time. There was a time where there were almost no people in this world, where they were few and scattered in their families. Over time, families became tribes, tribes became villages, and villages into cities, and cities into civilization. And all this time, as humanity grew and transformed, so did the gods. The elements of life and energy flowed in with the souls and spirits of the living, remnants of humanity. Soon they themselves took on the aspects of humans. Envy. Greed. Empathy. Love. Hatred. And above all, foresight. Divinity and Theology shifted from the primal into the sophisticated, and with it, the gods would direct and guide the people of the world into their agendas." She releases the satchel, letting it fall to her gnarled feet.

"Some gods wish to return to the old ways."

"Mindless power, free from the taint of the human spirit. Some of the most ancient ones are free of even the bestial spirit, vast seas of natural power, seeking only to spread and consume and battle the antithesis of itself. Fire and Ice. Earth and Air. Light and Darkness. Some of these gods were consumed, divided up and absorbed into the new gods. Some of them cannot be consumed, without ripping apart the world. And some were simply too strong to defeat. And for these, they were sealed away deep within the earth, with intricate rites and rituals to contain their power. And deep within, they would sleep." She pauses a moment.

"Oh but I am speaking too much."

She looks back to Ambrosia. "Let me say clearly, child, with instruction. I do not want the world to be destroyed at the will of the sleeping serpent god. But I want the sleeping god to awaken, and to help those who wish to awaken it. Humans always have the illusion of control, where they believe the mastery of nature and its order. But whenever they are guided along to carry out their whims, how soon is veil is peeled away from them, and the withering light of reality casts upon their mortal flesh. Those who wish to stop the god from awakening must fail, and will fail. But those who wish to end the world will fail too, and must fail." She nods to Ambrosia. "You must give them what they believe they want: the assurance their god will awaken. But you must ensure they bleed as much as possible. To squander their wealth and power to ensure it. To let them sacrifice and sacrifice for their False Advent, to guide them along their False Hope, and when the time comes to awaken their god?" Eadni steeples her long fingers. "They will get exactly what they thought they wanted. The god will awaken. Look upon the world."

"And then, we will guide it to fall back into its deep sleep once more."

She said her bit, and got it wrong. It's alright. She knows she doesn't have the wisdom Mother has. She is but a teen soul, and a child in this new life. She has much more to learn. So after, when Eadni says that belief is wrong, she listens. Mother has a lot to tell her, and even if she doesn't get it all now, she is sure with introspection and analysing those words later, she will get them.

She enjoys the touch. It's like a connection. She looks at Eadni's face. One might think she would look at her eyes, but at the moment, she looks at her mouth. It's like she could absorb the words easier that way.

When Eadni cradles her satchel it makes Ambrosia focus her attention on it with her eyes. Her ears, however, are still listening to Mother. She keeps her focus. The words are important. At no point does she look bothered or wishing it would just end.

When Eadni releases the satchel, Ambrosia's focus goes back to her mouth when she can. She listens, taking in all she can.

It's only when Mother says she speaks too much, that Ambrosia says something: "You don't speak too much you're giving wisdom." She smiles and goes quiet again.

When it's all said and done, she nods her head. "Alright, I shall do as you wish. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and explaining to me what you meant and what you want. I can't say I understoodd all your wisdom at this moment, but I will go back to your words to analyse them, and grow from them.

"Very few understand what is necessary to assure the cycle of life and death."

"But you understand that it must be done. Good girl. You are a very good girl, Ambrosia. Do not let your spirit diminish." She looks out the children below, motioning to them. "You will find the cultists working at the hot springs in this park, working the visitor centers, working the temples and in the villages nearby. They are lurking in hidden shelters, lurking and waiting. Their intentions are hidden. You will reveal them by a mark." She reaches in the satchel, and pulls out a symbol of a snake on vellum. "A tattoo, that reveals their allegiance to the snake god Orochi. Be subtle, and hide a mockery of the mark on you, using your magic."

"Once you gain their trust, then you begin to lead them into folly."

She places the vellum strip in her hand. "Know that you will be lying to people, and directing them to ever greater atrocities to hasten their demise. You will be playing the role of the most hated of villains, fighting against the heroes. And in the end, there will be nothing but life into death. No heroes. No villains. Despair, in the sake of protecting the people of this earth. You will be treated as a monster, and people will hate you." She wraps her long, viney arm around AMbrosia's shoulder. "But never fear."

"Mother will still love you."

"I don't have to understand everything to do something. I just need to trust you. And I do. I love you, and I am loyal." She looks at Mother as she says those words then she looks where she is looking. She nods her head at the things she has to do. If she has doubt or worries, she is not showing them outward.

She receives the strip in her hand and keeps hold of it. "I will go as far as is necessary. History will say one thing, but inside of me, I will know what I did was right. I will know, because you guide me." She takes a pause as if pondering things. "As long as I have your love, I shall be standing strong, as whatever role history gives me. If I am a villain, then so be it!" With a hand on Ambrosia's shoulder, Eadni would feel the slight shake, the slight tension. But she would also feel the resolve. She had some anxiety, but it would not stop her to do what must be done.

"Well done child."

Eadni draws back her arm, and looks out before the waterfall, her hands folded before her. She is silent for a while, holding perfectly still. The moment Ambrosia would move, or make a sound, she would speak up. "I have just one more question. Your old host body, Edenlith. I wish to leverage her services, but I am having... difficulty divining her. Do you have any clues on her where about? Any shadow of a connection, any dreams I can draw from?" She takes a moment to ponder. "Do not worry if you cannot help me on this."

"You have already offered so much, my sweet child."

She wasn't quite sure why she was praised, but it still made her feel good.

She doesn't move for a while either. Granted, she doesn't know why, but it gives her a bit of time to put her thoughts in order. After a while however, she does start moving a little.

When she hears the question, she ponders for a few seconds. "There are rumors if you say her name three times in a row, she appears a moment later." She chuckles. She's trying to do some humors. "I know you could check pacific height. She still goes to school there as her cover, if nothing else. She can be hired, but I do not currently know how people get in contact with her for such... services." She goes silent a short moment but soon speaks up again. "I can look into it if you so desire, but you probably have contacts who would find it more quickly." It sounds like they don't communicate anymore between one another.

"I am here for you mother, for whatever you need. Though with the mission you gave me, I may have to distant myself. I got to get in character.

"Pacific High."

Eadni takes the place in memory. She will be there soon enough, or at least one of her children. But when Ambrosia discusses dealing with it herself, she is quick to correct. "No no, please do not worry about it my child. You have your duty bestowed upon you. Let mother think about this for you. For now, you are here with your brothers and sisters. Play with them. Enjoy them. And think about what kind of witch you need to complete your goals." The young girl with the basket returns. "Amby! Amby!" She cries out. She had the berries again, but with flowers and plants laid across it in one hand. "I did what you said! I got the special leaves, and I found the bird!" She holds the small sparrow in her other hand, its neck already wrung. She looks at the old mother, and hides both behind her back. She raises up on her tippy toes, and whispers to Ambrosia.

"Can you help me make the special surprise now?"

She nods when Mother says the name. "Alright, I will think about things and play with my siblings for the nicest goodbye ever." She smiles.

When the young girl return, her smile widens for her. She listens to the girl and nods her head "I will. I am so proud of you." She follows the girl and even offers her hand. She looks one 'last' time at mother before she is out of sight. She knows things will be difficult, but she also knows she can do it.

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