Rising Star 2022 - Ristar 2022 R1 - Amandine vs Himeko

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Description: These two ladies, both bent on the care for their fellows, will have to duke it out to see which is superior! What better place to war over morale than THE LAFF STOP? Who will win?! Who will cry!?

Houston - The Laff Stop

When Himeko first received the location of her first battle, she had high hopes. Sure she isn't exactly a comedian, most of her jokes come from books, but anyplace that promises a gaffaw or two is certainly a place she'd like to be! Unfortunately a quick Google search had dashed her dreams. But it isn't all bad; maybe looking into her opponent would give her some ideas on some jokes to crack at their expense! .. Only she couldn't find much recorded information on her opponent. Welp. Only one thing to do-

Make the most of it!

Honestly, being in Texas hasn't really been a let-down at all, it's been an incredibly fascinating area to check out, and she arrived at the locale with her mouth stuffed with what appears to be a Maple Glaze doughnut. By each of her sides is a bag stuffed with take-out boxes full of delights such as apple crisp, barbecued chicken, shredded beef sandwiches, chicken fried steak and gravy that altogether make for an interesting mix of aromas that waft in the otherwise unreasonably stuffy air. And were that not enough the bookworm in her wouldn't be satisfied until she picked up a several Texas themed cookbooks as well! In fact she hasn't pulled her nose out from it since arriving, and the pink-gi clad fighter has completely lost track of time while reading through it. She's by no means a cook, so trying to piece everything together is just challenging enough to keep her from noticing that not only is the crew set up, but the match is starting in mere moments!

"Oh," the words were stretched out, enunciated carefully, "my," incredulously, "GOD," and with absolutely no restraint.

"This place is a DUMP. A TRASH PILE. Why are we fighting in an ABANDONED. COMEDY. CLUB." The miniature chef's high-heeled goth boots thumped with a certain --- gravitas --- that did not match someone who could not be five feet tall even with the heels.


Amandine Karnstein sank her fingers into her massive mane of raven hair, which was nearly as tall and wide as she was. Flipping it behind her, she looked around the room and her face pulled up toward her forehead as if it were retreating from the smell.

"And it's so HUMID. I feel like I'm DYING." Her ornate, gothic lolita style dress was by no means helping.

"Oh, you must be." Amandine got a blank look that lingered long enough that one could almost hear the gears trying to spin up. "UH. WELL, I mean, it's only PROPER if I let you introduce YOURSELF. I, AMANDINE KARNSTEIN, need no formal introduction!" The woman put her hands on her hips proudly, puffing out her lack of a chest.

"And you are?"

"Hmmm, hmmm, I see.. I see, I see.." Himeko's eyes squint, not because she can't read, but more out of intense concentration as she tries to picture how to place some of these recipes together. Her dad's a cook, but she'd never really paid attention to what he was actually doing. Really, it *seems* simple enough, but the prep seems pretty tedious! "HMMMM.."

Meanwhile poor Amandine Karnstein is clearly unhappy with things. The young student nods along with the yelling despite not actually hearing the complaints, then when asked of her name she continues to nod still with her nose clearly still stuck in the hardcover cookbook. Really, it's not *that* riveting a tale, but it's just so NEW. And as for the title? It reads: 'United Tastes of Texis: Authentic Recipes from All Corners of the Lone Star State'.

'And you are?' her opponent asks.

".. Hmmm!" is her response.

"Hmm? What kind of response is HMM. You MUST not KNOW who you're dealing with! HMPH! It's not everday someone gets to meet the ILLUSTRIOUS and MAGNIFICENT heiress of the Romanian Karnsteins! Why--" Amandine blinks, squints. She leans forward slightly. "Is that--"

She thump, thump, thumps across the slightly moist carpet floor and approaches Himeko. She looks more closely at the book, then at Himeko.

"A COOKBOOK? Why are you so wrapped up in a c--" The wheels turn. Slowly, she puts ideas together.

"OH. Are you just being COY? You're really a FAN of my WORK, aren't you? I mean, how could you NOT be? After all, I AM a top tier chef and CERTAINLY the greatest in the NOL after all." Amandine raises the back of her hand to her mouth and drops into a haughty "oh ho ho" style laugh.

"So where do you want my autograph? Do you have a pen?" She looks more closely at the book.

"Ugh, TEXANS. A bunch of cowboys and REDNECKS ... though they do make a fine brisket."

Amandine quickly dabs the drool off her mouth with her sleeve. When she does, she sniffs the air.

"Wait." Sniff, sniff. "Did you bring FOOD? What do you have over there? You're SHARING of COURSE, right?"

Even as her opponent approaches Himeko doesn't appear to have it together and if her teacher were here she would likely receive a scolding! .. Or more likely an asking if she could cook anything in that cuz he was starvin' like Marvin. But if there's anything that can break the girl from her concentration, it would be an ojou laugh that not only makes her stand up straigh, but nearly leap out of her pants! Which she thankfully does not.


The book is tossed into the air then, after a couple of fumbles, manages to clutch it toward her chest with her already messy hair just a bit more frazzled as she gives a shocked stare at her super-frilly foe. D- Does she want to be *friends*?? I.. Wow! "What, who me? Share, um, yes?"

But she just as quickly recognizes Amandine's face. No, this isn't the time to be the shy Himeko, but rather the boisterous mascot of her dojo! "That.. That is to SAY!" ahem. She stands up just a bit more confident, as she brushes her thumb across the bridge of her nose as she turns her back. "I *might* share, that is if you can defeat the one that's mastered a pinch of ansatsuken, two tablespoons of muay thai!" A finger raised with each instruction given. "Four cups of PURE ATTITUDE and? Just a SMIDGEN of Hibiki secret sauce! Mix all that together and you've got, well...!"

She turns at the hip, tongue stuck out with a wink and a thumbs up, "Two servings of SAIKYO RYU! So; want your butt kicking for here? .. Or TO GO!!"

COMBATSYS: Himeko has started a fight here.

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Himeko           0/-------/-------|

"GAH," Amandine backsteps when Himeko tosses the book, but she quickly works to regain her composure by brushing her hair back and smoothing out some wrinkles of her dress. "Ah, WELL, let's see what you h--"

But then, Himeko shifts gears, becomes confident. Amandine narrows her eyes. Perhaps, for a moment, she sensed blood in the water. A NERD, that is, her natural pre--no no, this Himeko has panache! Gusto, even.

Amandine crinkles her nose. And food puns. "PUNS? Well, not matter." Amandine dabs another bit of saliva with her cuff before running her tongue across her lips, this time without smearing the Charnel House #666 she recently orded from Thot Topix. --ah, that is, her designer lipstick. Yes. Of course.

"Oh, so NOW you're ready to go. Well, if there's foo--" Amandine closes her mouth. "HONOR, on the LINE, then I GUESS I'll show you my personal HOUSE KARNSTEIN FIGHTING ARTS!" Amandine puts one hand on her hip, then extends the other to its full, diminutive length before snapping her fingers.

"Oh Taaaantaluuuus~"

The distant sound of bending metal echoes across the Laff Stop followed by a loud, wooden crunch and the sounds of something very heavy crashing below.

"...Tantalus? Where is that DAMN. POT. Ruining my OPENING when I am CLEARLY being EXTREMELY COOL."

"ANYWAY!" Amandine slams a heeled boot forward in a stomp that sends spiderweb cracks across the floor before reaching out to try and snatch hold of Himeko's arm and then pull her in before swinging a floofy, dress-covered hip toward the Saikyo fighter.

"Do you really know all those things? What the HELL is an Ann Sats Sue Ken?!"

COMBATSYS: Amandine has joined the fight here.

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Himeko           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Amandine

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[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Himeko           0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0         Amandine

"..." Himeko raises a brow, not so much in response to the call but the sound that follows after. What kind of weird technique involves making a random pot fall over like that? ".. That's.. Weird."

That said, a part of her has to admit that a fellow shortie having such a regal air about her is pretty neat, and the strength she displays with a single stomp is even neater! But there's the old saying that the higher ones stature, the greater it falls to taunting! Or.. Something similar to that.

With the fight underway, Amandine ends up falling just short of grasping her opponent as she draws her arm back with a slight side-step that bring the two nearly face to back. She attempts to take Amandine's arm in turn to grasp at the wrist while, "That isn't the important part; the important thing is the end product; the strongest and most styling fighting style on earth!"

So she's supposed to use the momentum to throw her opponent over her shoulder but, assuming Amandine hadn't managed to slip away in turn, gets lifted just a bit, "Grk!" To make up for it she looks to ram her elbow into the cooks ribs, then attempt the fling a second time! "Oshaaaa!"

COMBATSYS: Amandine blocks Himeko's Saikyo Haraigoshi.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Himeko           0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0         Amandine

"OK, WELL," Amandine says, her rhythm thrown off a bit at Himeko's response. "Style is important I GUESS, I MEAN." Amandine's hip grab finds open air, leaving the chef working her fingers for a minute like she should have hold of something. "FASHION is ESSENTIAL, so one should look good FIGHTING t--"

The lift doesn't quite work right, and it is not helped by the fact that Amandine is deceptively heavy. Instead, she gets elbowed in the ribs.

But it feels a bit like hitting a sandbag. "OW! That was my COR--er, ah."

Amandine pauses, and rather than be caught in a confession about her shapewear, instead steps up and tries to stomp into Himeko's calf and take her feet out from under her.

"What did you say your name was again? I mean." Amandine bites her lip. "I want to ... I want to make sure I get the ACCENT right."

She definitely did not forget the matchup information, and she most certainly read it in the first place.

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Himeko           0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0         Amandine

Fashion? Well given the attire and apparent regal upbringing it does make sense Amandine would be about fashion, but she finds it interesting that even though the two of them value looking good while fighting, it's backed by two different definitions! Himeko isn't entirely certain she heard the word 'corset' or not, but more importantly she can't quite manage to footwork her way out of the stomp from behind that, sure enough, sends her hitting the ground much more hard than she'd like.

Following a grunt of pain, she gives herself a bit of momentum by pushing off her opposite foot to roll away thrice, get to her feet then, ".. The *accent*, huh? Hm.. Hmm hmn!"

Sounds like someone didn't do their homework! She looks over her shoulder, sets her hands upon her hips then replies, "That's understandable! After all a lady of your breed, of your stature, are required to say proper:"

"Jugemu Jugemu Goko-no Surikire Kaijarisuiguo-no Suigyomatsu Unraimatsu Furaimatsu Kunerutokoro-ni Sumutokoro," a pause, "Yaburakoji-no Burakoji Paipopaipo Paipo-no Shuringan,"

Another pause.

"Shuringan-no Gurindai Gurindai-no Ponpokopii-no Ponpokona-no Chokyumei-no"

Then turns to face Amandine once more, this time not with one, but TWO big thumbs up, "Choooooooooooooosuke!!!!!!"

Surely that will confuse her opponent but good! Thus also giving her a moment to focus her chi down toward her ribbon-wrapped feet.

COMBATSYS: Himeko focuses on her next action.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Himeko           0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0         Amandine

When the boot hobbles Himeko for a minute, Amandine's reaction is pleased. She seems gleeful, even, as the other fighter moves away to regroup. But that moment of satisfaction disappears when Himeko goes into rapid-fire Japanese. The chef pauses, her eyes wide like she were suddenly blindsided, called up to deliver a speech when she'd forgotten it was due today. (This was most certainly not something that happened in the NOL officer's academy. That would be outrageous.)

"I. Um." Amandine starts to respond, to say something, when suddenly a chain, roughly as thick and as heavy as what you might see on a ship's anchor, snakes up from somewhere and bumps against her arm.


Amandine tugs the chain, wraps it around her arm, and gives it a mighty tug with such force that it starts tearing a path through the floor before stopping abruptly. With another tug, Amandine yanks a massive black cauldron--looking a bit like something one might see a witch using in an fairy tale--right through the back wall, leaving a vaguely cauldron-shaped hole.

She adjusts her grip, winding the chain around her arm to shorten it, then SWINGS the cauldron around like it were a flail instead of, well, a giant cast-iron pot roughly bigger than she is.

"FINE, you CAUGHT me." She whips the thing around with surprising deftness, all things considered. "I don't even SPEAK Japanese!"

"WELL. It's too HARD."

COMBATSYS: Himeko blocks Amandine's Mix Stir Beat.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Himeko           0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0         Amandine

Once Amandine confesses, Himeko can't help but just grin even wider in turn. It's such a satisfying response, "Too hard?? Is that really something a Karnstein should be- eee?" and yet that satisfaction is short-lived once the cauldron comes immediately into play. Oh. WELL, that answers that, doesn't it!

As it flies toward her, perhaps any sane person would attempt to dive out of the way. Instead she claps her palms together, thrusts them forward afterward, then manages to capture the weapon! Her knees quickly bend deep and her face goes several shades darker, "H-Hooly... B- Bad.. Ideas..."

"You want to play, rough? Okay!!" Her knees buckle as she shoves the cauldron aside, then reaches within the pockets of her gi two withdraw several sheets of standard size papers, "Say hello to my little friends!!" She flings papers off to the side as she races toward her opponent, leaping upward along the way. However as she dives downward, the papers behind her burst into yellow chi and strike forward first before her diving kick can connect, "Hyaah!!"

COMBATSYS: Amandine endures Himeko's Follow the Reader.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Himeko           0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0         Amandine

"I'll have you KNOW that I am an EDUCATED and REFINED lady!" Amandine declares, even as Himeko catches the incoming cauldron and slides along for the ride. "How am I supposed to learn THREE langu--"

Suddenly there's an incoming dive kick, which is quickly outpaced by a flurry of chi ... paper?! The tiny terror powers forward, ready to take it head on and barrel in toward Himeko, taking it to the chest as if she were a much larger, more barrel-shaped, more MANLY fighter like Zangief or Iron Tager or--

"OH GOD DAMNIT, PAPER CUTS?! You're a WAR CRIMINAL! Who weaponizes PAPER CUTS?!"Amandine snaps the chain of Tantalus, bringing it (him?) back behind her, swinging in two circles, then hurling him back toward...and being drug along behind due to the size difference.

COMBATSYS: Himeko dodges Amandine's Bon Appetit!.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Himeko           0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0         Amandine

Dr Himeko Mango says, "H- Hey, it isn't like that..." her voice just for the moment is more sheepish as Himeko's grin twitches following the accusation of being a War Criminal. She should consider herself lucky that, upon landing, that she doesn't end up eating the complete wrath of her regal opponent. Her eyes go wide as the cauldron once more flies at her, "SAIKYO EVASION!"

She performs one of her ultimate techniques of dropping to the floor, curling into a ball and.. rolling under the attack! After the second roll she turns to find her opponent had been carried with the attack and can't help but actually be impressed. She goes back onto the offensive, dashing to close whatever distance may have come between them, beleving to see an opening. "Hmn! I will grant that you are both educated as well as refined.. I mean, look at all those frills!"

Himeko draws back her fist; the pink ribbons about it come unfurled into a drill-like shape that similar flares alight with energy. She thrusts her blazing fist toward Amandine, "So I'll allow you to call me by my true name which is: Himeko! I may not be very ribbonned, but it doesn't get more regal than the name 'Princess child', right? And while I don't have frills... I've got DRILLS!""

COMBATSYS: Amandine blocks Himeko's Irony Punchuation.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Himeko           0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1         Amandine

Amandine Karnstein is, of course, tremendously regal. EXCEPTIONALLY classy. Why, people sometimes stop and stare at how impressively erudite and noble Amandine is! Why, they even--

"HRRGH," Amandine pulls her chain around and uses it to soften the blow of the drink, her heels digging cracks in the worn carpet. "I SUPPOSE it's KIND of classy. Maybe COOL even, but HONESTLY. What is a SAIKYO?"

Having a moment's reprieve, Amandine pauses, tugging the cauldron back over to her with a yank of the massive chain. Afterwards she catches it, wrapping her fingers around the lip and lifting it all one handed to look inside.

"One moment, IF you PLEASE," she says, apparently noticing something. ... after which Amandine turns the cauldron up and starts drinking something out of it. Soup? Stew? How does it stay in there when she swings it around like that?"

In any case, she seems most occupied with a mid-battle snack at the moment.

'KING of classy. Maybe COOL even'.

It takes everything in Himeko not to burst with excitement of what she takes as complete approval but her eyes absolutely are sparkling as her desire for friendship ends up clashing against the secret sauce of saikyo. Wait..

"What is a SAIKYO??" Himeko repeats with greater shock, but then forces a smile, "I- I guess it must be some sort of well kept secret to the nobles, I guess. I mean, it's only the strongest martial art in the world and al- Eh?"

Wait was there always something in the cauldron? She's fairly certain there wasn't anything in there at first, but now she's pretty sure there is and that's kind of weird. Now it would be good sportsmanship to allow Amandine to chug as she pleases but the higher the couldron rises, the greater the temptation rises within her in turn. She draws in her lower lip, then finally gives in and attempts to push the cauldron over her opponents head, which just may knock Amandine over entirely. "Hee~."

Ok the prank looked a lot funnier in her head.

COMBATSYS: Amandine just-defends Himeko's Quick Throw!

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Himeko           0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1         Amandine

COMBATSYS: Amandine successfully aids herself with Soup du Jour.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Himeko           0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1         Amandine

Amandine remains (blissfully?) unaware of the compliment she has leveled, of the seed she has sown. Instead, the miniature mauler continues drinking whatever that is in the cauldron as Himeko begins to explain the secrets of SAIKYO, the strongest style.

But then, Himeko shoves the bottom of the cauldron, tipping it up. Amandine staggers, adjusting her trip on the rim of the massive pot. A normal person here would be caught unawares and have their gag reflex set off, no doubt. There'd be coughing, sputtering, choking to get the glass or bowl clear of their mouth so they could, in turn, get the offending object cleared out.

But Amandine, the big-mouthed, gothic-lolita little jerk she is, reacts a bit differently.

There's several loud, furious gulps as Tantalus tips dangerously, forcing Amandine to step wider to better balance herself against the oppressive weight. Rather than cough and sputter, Amandine surrenders to gluttony, resolved to drink down everything before she can choke on it. All she lacks is a group of overeager frat boys chanting for her to chug. Finally, the cauldron slams down heavily with an empty clang as Amandine drops it back onto the ground. She looks a bit dazed, whatever brew was in the pot lingering on her mouth before she idly licks it from her lips.

"DID YOU PUSH IT?!" she objects. "I could have CHOKED!" And yet, her big mouth shows exactly why she didn't. "I didn't INTEND to drink THE WHOLE THI--" Amandine pauses and blinks, looking a bit uncomfortable. She puts a hand on her stomach, her cheeks puffing up briefly.

And then Amandine belches a gout of chi-flame longer and wider than she is. The decibel range of seems to make the floor and windows rattle.

Wait, what? She.. She did it! Her prank was a success! Sort of! And it isn't just Amandine's strength that's impressive, but her gulping ability (gulpability?) as well! She raises her hands in surrender in response to her opponent's accusation, "Um, I.. Slipped?" she tries with a nervous chuckle, followed by a slight hop away from the sudden belch of flame with wide eyes.

The sheer force of the belch doesn't seem to bother her nearly as much though, "A- Anyway, let's get back to the match, shall we?" Without waiting for an answer, the pink-clad fighter snaps her left leg forward with a kick toward the calf, followed by two quick higher punches, "That was a pretty decent Flame attack, I should have guessed that Yoga would be a part of your fighting style!"

COMBATSYS: Amandine successfully hits Himeko with Tarte Flambe.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Himeko           1/-------/=======|-------\-------\0         Amandine

Wait, what? She.. She did it! Her prank was a success! Sort of! And it isn't just Amandine's strength that's impressive, but her gulping ability (gulpability?) as well! She raises her hands in surrender in response to her opponent's accusation, "Um, I.. Slipped?" she tries with a nervous chuckle, that ends up cut short by Amandine's theatrics. She squints.

And by the time it registers that she should leap back, it's too late to do that unscathed. "G'AH!!!" She raises her arms up in front of her face as she turns to the side to gain even the slightest defense against fire.

Fire! Her one weakness!

The pink clad fighter is sent reeling backward, her back slams hard against that ground though she manages to tuck her knees in to use the momentum to roll back to her feet. "I.. Should have guessed that yoga would be part of your fighting style," she mumbles as she brushes the back of her hand against her lips. She's back to her feet though, and she wastes no time to get close and try to open up her opponent first with a kick toward the calf, followed by two quick punches toward the upper body

COMBATSYS: Amandine endures Himeko's Medium Punch.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Himeko           1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0         Amandine

"Y-yoga? What are EVEN talking about? I just --" Amandine pauses, as if someone just occurred to her. "W-well, PERHAPS my fighting style DOES have some similarities. ... somehow."

Amandine does not have time to explain before Himeko is running her down with a flurry of blows. The first one hits Amandine nondescriptly, the kick beating against the fabric and hitting something solid under there--it's a bit hard to tell with how short Amandine's are even without the dress--and then the punches come in. Amandine soldiers through, taking one in the shoulder and in the chest, but she doesn't stop!

Instead, she advances on Himeko and throws herself forward, aiming to bodyslam the other woman in turn.

"Ha ha! Yes! This is a my ..." Amandine considers. "K-karnstein....press!" She definitely did not just make that up to try and look cooler.

COMBATSYS: Himeko fails to interrupt Medium Strike from Amandine with Koryuken.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Himeko           1/-----==/=======|==-----\-------\0         Amandine

Amandine weathering her blows doesn't seem to bother Himeko very much, she's a bit more focused on putting on pressure. It is a touch surprising that her foe blasts back at her so quickly but if there's one thing she's learned is that modern problems often require old school solutions! Or.. Something like that?

Still she can't help but smile a bit at what is clearly an ad libbed attack, she opts to show off a bit as she hops from one foot to the other before launching her counter attack, "Not so fast!!" Unfortunately her own desire to look cool in return becomes her undoing as she can barely even lift her foot from the ground before her equally small opponent splashes down upon her. "GWAK!"

The impact of back to floor is anything but pleasent, nor is the tumble that follows. It's only out of sheer instinct that she manages to push herself up to one knee with her arms raised in a defensive manner as she gets her bearings back!

"What was that?" Amandine is insufferably smug when she floors Himeko. "I was expecting a COUNTER ATTACK! Oh ho ho! Well, if you're going to pass, let me show you what I can DO!"

Amandine reaches to pick up Himeko and, as chi gathers, slam her back down with a big explosion of power! And, if that were not enough, Amandine chases after with another stomp for good measure.

"Sooo...what did you get, anyway??? In the bags I mean ..." Amandine says this was uncharacteristic subtlety. Perhaps she doesn't want that on camera too.

COMBATSYS: Amandine successfully hits Himeko with Daily Special.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Himeko           1/--=====/=======|===----\-------\0         Amandine

"Tch!" Her cheeks slightly red, Himeko finds herself unable to come up with a snappy comeback- at least for the moment. Shaking off the pain best she can, she thrusts her hand forward with a 'bring it on' manner- And bring it Amanadine does! Once grabbed, she seems to attempt to lock up with her foe in turn... Which, honestly, was not a great idea. Did she not see that ridiculously heavy couldron being slung about?

She's thrown for a complete loop as she's slammed to the ground with such force! It's a wonder she doesn't go flying away Team Rocket style but thankfully she doesn't, instead letting out a groan of pain following the stomp. It's so unexpectedly Saikyo that she would be impressed if she weren't in so much pain as she rolls to create a tiny bit of distance. Just a little,

"You... Want to know what's in the bag, huh?" she wheezes as she rises with a bit of a smirk, "Well I'll tell you what's in the bag!" she yells as chi suddenly surges through her body, papers come bursting out from her gi with such force that it's near-literally raining paper! "With my ultimate saikyo technique.. HAH!" She winds up her arm then thrusts forward with several papers twirling about her fist toward Amandine's jaw, "Blaze Knuckle!" She then stomps forward, to attempt to snatch Amandine's arm and draw her in before swinging her hip toward her opponent lacking any sort of panache, quite blatantly ripping off her Tuxedo Bombe, "A little bit of this; annnd here's your answer!"

Himeko reaches up toward the sky, the papers littered in the air twirling about to take the shape of Tantalus, which she swings down to crashing atop her foe, "My VICTORY is what!"

COMBATSYS: Himeko successfully hits Amandine with #Psych-yo Burst#.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Himeko           0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0         Amandine

Amandine seems to be relishing in a bit of a lead, as she is wont to do. Still oh ho ho-ing about the toss, the chef barely seems to parse that Himeko is back on her feet and planning her next move. "Oh--ho?" The last laugh is cut off by an interrogative lift. "Well, of course! I wouldn't have ASKED otherwise!" Amandine says. "Who do you TAKE me for? HONESTLY. To think that I, Amandine Karnstein, would just make small talk when--" Amandine blinks as suddenly there's a storm of paper brewing.


Swapping at the leaves, Amandine brushes one out of the way just in time to see Himeko crashing through ready to clock her in the jaw with a blazing punch. The miniature menace staggers, then gets pulled in and badonkadbumped in the midsection.

"HURF. Hey, that's my move! Himeko, I thought you were CLASSY! Stealing my--"

She looks up at the paper that has now gathered into a mache Tantalus.

"...oh. What the SH--"

The facsimile smashes down upon her and presses her into that awful, worn carpet of the Laff Stop. For a moment, Amandine lays there, staggered, and then she starts flailing her fists and kicking her feet like she's throwing a tantrum.

"Oh, you, YOU! I bet you have all that PAPER because you're some sort of--some sort of WALKING XEROX MACHINE!" Amandine sticks out her tongue as she climbs to her feet, dusting herself off dramatically. "Well let me show you that the IN-IM-" She pauses. "Un--imit..." Amandine makes a face like she just ate something sour. "I CAN'T BE COPIED!"

She surges forward and leaps up, throwing herself bodily into a drop kick in a flurry of skirt and ruffle.

COMBATSYS: Amandine successfully hits Himeko with Power Strike.

[                            \\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Himeko           0/-------/-----<<|=======\-------\0         Amandine

"Walking Xerox Machine?!?" Himeko blurts in surprise. That's the first time she's heard that one and, given her lack of usual showboating, it's actually quite understandable. Still, it doesn't take away any of the satisfaction of utterly shocking and annoying her opponent with her ultimate Saikyo Technique; she's sure Dan would be proud! But it's unfortunate she used it more out of desperation than pure strategy but..

.. Snicker, "Inimitable," she offers as Amandine attacks though her plan to keep as close as possible ends up backfiring on her! Rather than avoid at chest-height, she ends up taking the blow TO her chest, which once more sends her impacting the ground and sliding quite a bit. Geez she hits HARD! Himeko eventually sits up with her hand to her chest and breathing heavy. "Well the thing is; there are overlaps in our styles. You'd make a great Saikyo student! .. But I'm not done just yet!"

With one more burst of energy, she draws her right hand back and the energy can be seen drawing inward toward her palm, "GaaaaaaaAAAA-" she thrusts her palm forward and what more-or-less represents a ball of energy, somewhat golden in color bursts into existance that sails toward Amandine. It may not be the most fear inducing fireball, but it's got moxie "DOOOOOOOOOOOOKEEEEEEEN!" And that's all she has left, leaving the young fighter dropping to her hands and knees in exhaustion.

COMBATSYS: Himeko can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Amandine         0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Himeko successfully hits Amandine with Gadoken.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Amandine         1/-----==/=======|

"That's RIGHT!" Amandine confirms. "--and YES, THAT!" The chef blinks several times, her head slowly tilting to the side.

"You keep talking about that. Am I going to regret looking it up on the Intern--" Amandine pauses, seeing that Himeko is on the offensive again. She clutches the chains of Tantalus tightly, steeling herself. Readying her defenses. Waiting for--

"Is that IT?" Amandine is incredulous. "THAT'S the big wind-up? What is this even supposed to do? It's not even--"

Amandine proceeds to get slammed in the face by it, her guard too slow. It sends her ass over elbows, a flutter of frilly skirt in her wake as she thumps over onto her back.


COMBATSYS: Amandine takes no action.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Amandine         1/-----==/=======|

COMBATSYS: Amandine has ended the fight here.

Wait, Amandine still doesn't get it? While Himeko may not have given the BEST demonstration of what Saikyo Ryuu is, she can't help but feel a little annoyed that she didn't give enough of an impression to make it clear. But. BUT, that is all right; she's more than willing to lecture or, better yet, give a more formal demonstration at the Hibiki Dojo! And she would express as such if she were in better condition.

While Amandine does end up knocked flat onto her back in a rather comical turn, it only takes a moment or two to officially declare the frilled one the winner of the match! Himeko may be pretty disappointed for a bit, but she'll still be more than happy to try to steal some time from the winner to eat some 'traditional' Texan foodstuffs! Hopefully her pallete isn't TOO refined. Or maybe hope it is? Either way could be fun.

Amandine, for better or worse, seems to be willing to listen to Himeko's explanation of Saikyo for a bit IF (and only if) there are snacks involved. Does she particularly get it? She does not seem to. Does she ask questions? Sometimes. It's a start.

"So you SEE, Himeko," Amandine explains, "Belladonna is a Shimotsuki, and they're VERY hoighty-toighty--but you didn't hear that from me. Belladonna is NICE though. ... mostly. Can you pass me some of the brisket?" She doesn't really wait for the pass. It is more of a take. Amandine's palate, it seems, is about as refined as a garbage disposal, at least in a practical sense.

My GOD," Amandine says. "How do they get it so TENDER? This should be ILLEGAL."

This may go on for a while. Hopefully Himeko is patient. It may feel a bit like having a conversation with an explosive pressure cooker.

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