Dead or Alive - Break-In

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Description: Daisuke and Edenlith (with Storm) save Rafferty. They are not super quiet about it.

Rafferty Lawrence Stewart had never felt or looked so good. The perks of living in a luxury penthouse weren't lost on the supermodel schoolkid and it's a lifestyle that fits him like a slinky silk glove. Breakfasts of exotic fresh fruit, lunches of superfood salads and dinners featuring the finest quality lean organic meat and fish had left him in prime condition. There was also the frequent fitness regime. Access to all the latest gym equipment (albeit in a space that's on the petite side) was a real boon and then there were the cutting edge cosmetics. Never before had his pores been so pampered. Miracle moisturisers, heavenly hair products and fantastic fragrances all added to the enticingly exquiite exisistence. When he woke on a morning, it was upon Egyptian cotton sheets with so high a count, the math loathing youth couldn't figure it out. The decor of the designer pad was straight out of an inspirational interior magazine. Stylish prints and potted palms provided extra finesse to the fabulous fabrics and furnishings.

Should he ever grow tired of this divine dwelling, the blond boy can wander to the lounge area and grab a granola bar from one of a variety of vending machines. Here he sometimes spies an armed solider or two, but they have so far proved to be strangely silent. He's attempted to engage them with a selection of subjects, but it seems they have no interest in classic movies, iconic models of the nineties, the latest runway looks or where to shop in Southtown or Southern California. Maybe that last one was because they didn't seem to be anywhere near either. He's no expert in geography, but he's figured out enough to recognise he's somewhere 'foreign' to him.

Of course, he sometimes gets lonely. It seems like weeks since he's hung out with Nena, Eden and Ryan or spoke to his younger sister, Phoebe on Discord. He can't be sure of the exact date, because someone took his phone off him some time back. When he thinks about that for too long he starts to experience anxiety. The idea of his social media accounts offering no new updates to his fans is enough to bring him out in a cold sweat. If he's not careful, then the name Rafferty will start to become irrelevant. Still, he doesn't have time to get too gloomy, as the people here provide him with tasks to do. Maybe one of them is a personal trainer, as they often request he performs various exercises such as jumping jacks or pull ups. He doesn't mind this much as it helps compliment his gym sessions superbly. He may even be developing a six pack! Then there's the sorting of files. That can be a bit boring, but he just imagines he's organising his clothes closet and that makes it feel more fun. There's usually a silver lining if you look long enough!

Every now and then someone stops by to keep him company or compete with him in his athletic attempts. A couple of them have been cute women and the first time this happened he indulged in some frivolous flirting. This got him into trouble though and he was told he couldn't start romantic relationships with his visitors. He wasn't even wanting to do that anyway! He's been dating Nena exclusively for over a year. It's like they don't even try to keep up with the latest dating deets.

Whoever it is who owns this Ultratech place seem to want him to like them though. They kept going on and on about how great and generous the company is and how much they do for charity. I mean, he gets it they are good guys. They wouldn't treat him this well if they weren't, right? They see to it he has some screen time too, which is a bonus. It's not the kind of thing that would be his first choice of entertainment but some of the movies were okay and a few of the music videos were cool. There was even footage of robots fighting! Maybe they did know about Nena after all and were trying to stop him feeling homesick, or schoolsick he supposes, since his real home is in San Gabriel.

So all in all, things haven't been so bad. He wouldn't mind some fresh air though. He asked for a key card, so he could come and go as he pleases, but they still haven't sorted that out for him. Hopefully they've at least let Masako know why he hasn't been available for jobs. It's vitally important to maintain a professional image.

Edenlith is nearby the Janus facility with Storm. She is supposed to meet up with Daisuke again to rescue Rafferty. "Oh, Rafferty, why do you always get in trouble." she thinks to herself. Lucky for him, she isn't going to get paid, but she is still here. She cares for him in her weird way.

She examines the building, wondering how to best get in. She also had to take into Daisuke. No one in their little gang would want him to die, so starting at the bottom and making their way up might be the best option there. She could be the tank, and Daisuke could be... Whatever it is, he plans to be. She wasn't sure. She just knows he cares about Rafferty too. So that's something.

While Edenlith thinks about those things Storm is looking around for Daisuke. At one point, he sees him, and he pats Edenlith's leg. It makes her look down at him. As it happens, he points toward where he saw him, or at least where he thinks he did.

Edenlith makes her way in his direction. She is wearing a leather black bodysuit, very formfitting. She has not much to display, however. She waves in his direction once she is sure he can see her and proceeds to tell him.

" Hey! Here we are. Do you have a preference for how you wish to do this? I would rather you don't get seriously hurt." She cocks her head and sees if he has a plan of his own.

Honestly, all told? Daisuke felt pretty out of his element right now.

Not just because of having to deal with Edenlith in the first place (which, let's be honest, he's always been a bit wary of that one), no. It is the entire setup of this whole matter, starting all the way from when Raiza first asked him for help with engaging in subterfuge against Ultratech of all things. And when it came to be that the person he was supposed to fish more information out of was not only missing, but FOR SOME REASON his trail lead to an Ultratech facility itself?

Yeah, no. As much as he likes playing at superhero, this is a bit above his paygrade. He is not exactly experienced with breaking and entering, and sneaking into the facilities of a big scary company like Ultratech... well. He definitely feels like he should have brought Raiza along for this, at least-- but for some reason or another he couldn't reach her on her phone. was probably fine. Right?

It's too late to back out now either way, after all the promises he's made to various people. So rather than being left on her own, Edenlith would spot Daisuke - with Storm's help anyhow - walking along the street, clad in some kind of surplus army boots, black cargo pants and a tight leather jacket with a crimson scarf coiled about his neck and shoulders. He comes to a halt when he hears her voice first and...

...He just... kind of stares.

"...W-w-what's with that getup??" As if he's one to talk about *that*.

How does he want to do this, though?

"Um, that's..." Yeah, he's just a bit clueless. He was really hoping she had some kind of thought to give on that first. But now that he's been put on the spot, his eyes draw up, up, uuuup along the big building that has turned into their target-to-be, dark-red brows pushing together with a purse of his lips.

"...I guess there's always the option to just charge in through the front door and hope for the best, but... I dooooon't think that will end well," he murmurs in audible thought, while his gaze flicks a bit lower on the building again. "Uh... I don't know if a company like this would have much in the way of security gaps, but... We could try to stake the place out, too, and see if we can't knock out an employee or two for their uniforms and sneak in? You know, like how people sometimes sneak into an office just by wearing a high-visibility vest and carrying a ladder or a clipboard or whatever... But that'd take a while...."

Aaaand back upwards his gaze goes. Considering the windows lining the building's higher floor.

"...Hey. Funny question. You... wouldn't happen to be able to fly, would you? If I really focus and dare to tank the massive headache after, I... might at least be able to figure out what *floor* he is on from here." Nevermind that he isn't quite explaining yet *how* he would do that.

As the teen twosome look skywards, they may see a light flickering at the very peak of the building. Rafferty has decided to adjust the ambience in his room by setting it to purple, one of the many colours available. Apparently this selection will envoke relaxation, soothing any emotional and mental stress and decreasing the libido.

He wanders over to the window, staring out at the still water beyond. Unbeknown to him, this is the Arabian sea, over which the sun is currently setting. It's a spectacular sight, but one that the male model has now witnessed a number of times, so instead he turns away, seeking out alternative stimulation. His blue eyes fix on a glossy magazine and he picks it up, flicking casually through the pages. An interview with Bella Hadid captures his attention and he sinks down on the soft matress of his super king size bed to read about her health struggles and admire a photograph of her astride a horse. In the distance he can hear the murmurs of some of the armed soldiers, so apparently they do talk at times, just not to him. A flicker of resentment threatens to rise up in him, but he smothers it down, stifling it with the copy of American Vogue.

That's what she gets 'what with that getup'? She smirks a bit instead of ripping his head off. "Did I steal your fashion idea? You want to exchange clothes?" She was kidding, however, but it might not look so.

Then, he mentions his ideas. She thought of storming in as well. She would have a ton of fun doing so but might cause a casualty, and people would be upset. Sneaking in would work, but could Daisuke sneak? She didn't know. As for stealing a uniform... Maybe Daisuke could pass for a guard, a big maybe, but she doesn't think she could.

Then a funny question happens. Can she fly? Not outright, but technically...

"You think the windows are bulletproof? If you find out exactly where he is, I can get us up there, I believe, and through the window, assuming I get there with enough force, otherwise... Well, let's not think of that. It all depends if you can trust me." She smirks again, and it wouldn't help the trust.

She then looks up and sees the purple light. Yet she doesn't mention Rafferty might be there (or not). She wants to see what Daisuke can do.

Storm listens to them both then speaks. "If we get on Rafferty's floor somewhat, we can be sure guards will come, right?" He looks at both of them.

"It has to be, right?" Daisuke agrees with a slow nod of his head, on the matter of bulletproof windows. "...But, suuuure... Enough force... probably after overheating it a bit first... uh... Wait..." Sloooooowly, he turns his head to look back to Edenlith again. Slowly blinking at her as he otherwise just stares for a few seconds in silence.

"...Sure. Why... not..."

He probably doesn't trust her at all. But he also doesn't really have much of a choice, does he?

"Aaaaalmost certainly," he tells the cat (and yes, apparently he is just accepting the presence of a talking cat), while he lowers himself down to a crouch, one palm pressed to the ground. "But if we get real close, we might be able to just... I dunno, go in, grab 'im and jump right back out. Right? Right. Nevermind that I haven't done my fall-slowing trick from that high up yet but it'll probably be fine right yeah ahahahaha OKAY ANYWAY."

Just a little nervous, huh?

A slow, deeeeep breath is taken there, and his eyes close. "... I haven't tried doing this on this kind of scale either, but..."

tThe boy focuses his mind. And he opens it. Usually he does his best to try to *block* the empathic energy of people around him to prevent himself from overwhelming himself. But now? He tries to outright *extend* it.

"...but I should..."

And the emotions of WAY too many people flow into him all at once.


Oh that didn't sound good.

A few seconds after, Daisuke just... FLOPS on the ground, his body twitching and spasming for a few seconds more after before calming down again. ...Mostly.


There might actually be some smoke wafting up from the top of his head. That's probably a bit concerning, too. And when he lifts his head up again, it becomes evident that there's blood flowing down from both of his nostrils.

"...o-o-o-ov..." he stutters, voice all jittery and... somehow, echoing. When his eyes open, there's even a hint of glowing light there in his irises, as he lifts one hand up to point towards one of the topmost windows. The one with the purple light. "...v-v-vver... tt-t-here..."

Poor Rafferty. He's missing out on a discussion about fashion and doesn't even know it. He finishes flicking through the magazine and starts to drum his long fingers on his denim clad thigh. He's feeling restless and in need of one of his long walks through a city or town, soaking up the atmosphere and urban buzz. They never fail to relax him. Well, apart from that one time where he was almost killed at the hands of a mindless thug, before then almost being killed again by Raiza's cousin! He shudders at the memory, his broad shoulders shaking. If it hadn't been for Raiza's rapid response and Daisuke carrying him back to safety he could have died young and beautiful, not even reaching the legendary twenty seven club. Or was that just for musicians?

Way down below, his buddy, Storm the cat is about to embark on yet another crazy adventure with his friend and sometimes torturer Eden and he can do nothing to stop her and save him. That's probably a good thing, since he's in need of some saving himself. If it's indeed perilous to be placed in a penthouse paradise.

He gets up slowly, starting to do some stretching exercises and casually changes the colour of the lighting to red, reminiscent of Daisuke's hair and bleeding nostrils.

Eden idly wonders how he would heat the window, especially in a fraction of a second, but there was no reason to worry about it or worry him about it. They were either going to get through or crash against the window before going back down. A sort of elevator in a humanoid form, if nothing else. Gravity is fun like that.

When Daisuke answers Storm like there's nothing weird, perhaps Storm is pleased, or perhaps he's simply happy he doesn't have to explain or have a panicked Daisuke to deal with. They didn't have time for that. He does answer his line of thoughts. "We might be able to, yes." He didn't seem too sure about it. Edenlith probably wouldn't leave right away or some other thing, but he didn't voice that concern.

Both Edenlith and Storm watch Daisuke as he gets ready for his trick. "You can do it!" says Storm, the ever encouraging cat. Edenlith is simply smirking because to her, it already looks funny. They both watch him intently in their own way.

When he flops to the ground and spasms around, Edenlith's smirk widens. But she loses it a little moment when she sees smoke from the top of his head. She lets out a little giggle while Storm looks at him with concern "Are you going to be ok?" he asks.

Without actually thanking him and not waiting for him to answer her concerned cat, she moves to pick him up with one arm, and Storm in the other. Assuming Daisuke doesn't fight it, she starts backing up. She needs to be able to get some speed after all. "Are you ready, Daisuke? If you want, you can close your eyes. You will know once we are inside." 'Or fail to.' she tells herself inwardly.

Daisuke wasn't exactly in any hurry to get back up right away after he nearly fried his brain through very ill-adviced and reckless application of psychic abilities. But wouldn't you know it, that choice is apparently *also* being taken away from him.

"------ are you ---?" And apparently he isn't entirely recovered from it, either. For though his mostly limp form might be able to bring his head to peek up at Edenlith with bewilderment after being nonchalantly tucked under one arm, his voice is... well. The noise that intermixes with his words is more or less indescribable beyond calling it 'static', like some otherwordly force interfering with his very being.

And accordingly, it takes the poor redhead a few seconds to really fully understand just what she is planning to do. Eyes go wide, and flicker back and forth between her and the window several stories up, before he starts flailing his arms.

"---- ready?!?!!"

What a horrible shame for him that the word 'not' was overwritten by the psychic feedback.

"Red light spells danger." Apparently neither Edenlith or Daisuke are Billy Ocean fans, as they fail to heed the Trinidadian Englishman's warning.

For the record, the Pacific pupil would have shown more concern about Daisuke's health. Not that he'd have been of much use, but at least he wouldn't have found it funny! He's just considering getting a granola bar, possibly one of those almond and coconut protein kinds, when a stiff and sterile voice comes over the speaker. It's hard to identify the gender or nationality of the voice, but its instructions are pretty clear.

"Please perform one hundred jumping jacks promptly."

Now accustomed to commands of this kind, the highschooler doesn't hesitate to obey. He gets into position, before carrying out the cardio with enthusiasm and vigor. As he gets past the half way mark, his pale skin starts to colour pink.

Somewhere, someone watches him on a screen, recording his efforts for some unknown purpose. Oblivious the boy starts to sing.

"I'm a survivor, I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna stop, I'm gonna work harder."

The noughties pop classic is not playing in the penthouse. It's pulled from the memories of his mind, heard hundreds of times on his mom, Gina Stewart's workout playlist.

Whilst the daring duo below take flight, he reaches the crescendo of the song, belting out the bridge sang by Michelle in the original.

"After all the darkness and sadness soon comes happiness. If I surround myself with positive things, I'll gain prosperity."

An uplifting tune indeed.

Edenlith is not usually one for waiting unless it's absolutely necessary to finish her contract. But today there is no contract, it's only to help someone she is fond of, even if this is a feeling one wouldn't guess the girl has.

Storm is about to say something when Daisuke looks as hurt as he is currently, but he says ready, and Edenlith speaks first. "Good!" She took the ready as face valued, not as a question or such. She was fairly certain he would survive. Besides he has red hair, red hair people can't die or something. So whatever Eden has planned, she was starting now.

And what a start it is. She runs first in the opposite direction, apparently, she needs more space. That's not weird, but the speeds she goes at, a speed that might impress the 'Flash' himself might be to someone unused to it. For some reason, that might seem like it defies physics, the two boys she is holding, one a cat, and one young man, are not damaged by the air hitting them. Soon enough, she turns around in a 180 and runs back toward the facility where that window is. That thing is pretty high. What happens if Eden misses, or fails to break the window... It's a good thing to think about, but Eden light is already jumping.

Countering the effect of gravity at the moment everyone flies high up. It looks like they will make it, but it might not be all that reassuring. It was probably why she told Daisuke to close his eyes. The window is coming really fast toward them, or rather them toward it. Instead of using her whole body along with Daisuke's as well, he brings her feet forward. This is either going to be noisy, or really painful on the way down.

Against all hope for some, and healthy optimist for others, her feet actually crash into and break the nasty window, sending sharp shards of it all around on the inside, because of velocity, Eden can only hope if Rafferty is in this room, he's going to hide behind something.

Another problem, while in the air, there is nothing to stop Edenlith easily and anyone with her. But out of caring, at least for the cat, she does her best to take the brunt of the hits once they meet the ground, and finally, the wall.

She is bleeding from cuts, and her suit is a mess, but she moves soon enough to at least Check on Storm, who feels like he lost one of his cat's lives, but was not doing too bad. Her wounds were already starting to heal, thanks to her natural healing \ability. Now to her only one question remains, how long before someone, not Rafferty gets in the room.

It is almost certain that Daisuke has more than a few protests to voice on this particular method being taken for the plan.

Too bad the only thing that comes out of his mouth while he's frantically flailing his arms during the gathering of a running start is just more of that incomprehensible psychic static.

And his voice only returns when they're already in the air.


He did not, in fact, close his eyes.

At least he manages to gather his faculities a few meters before impact with the window. In a frantic, panicked effort, he lifts one of his hands up while Edenlith's feet are aimed in a kick for the window-- and a blast of *something* comes out. Indiscernable energy, momentarily taking the form of a bubble around the three, only for it to burst open in a spike of power the instant they hit the window.

Had Daisuke had more time to plan this through, he might have been able to work a better barrier to shield the lot. Or maybe not, considering his limited mastery of his own powers. At least it keeps *some* of the exploding glass from hitting the lot... But even then, while Daisuke's body is sent bouncing and rolling across the floor on the other side of the window, theres definitely at least one worryingly large shard lodged onto the bicep of his left arm, having cut straight through the leather layer of his jackets sleeve.


At least he's flopping face-first on the ground for a different reason this time. It might not seem that way at first, until he groans out, "Thought I was gonna diiiiieeee..."

Rafferty may have suspected Eden was fond of him. There were the sudden outbursts of emotion, the casual brushing against his frame and the fierce loyalty she has always shown him. On the other hand she frequently threatens him with physical violence and has called him out for being a coward on numerous occasions. There were for sure some mixed messages going on.

The voice over the speaker system returns, this time requesting pullups. He moves over to the door frame and gets to work on them. A few days ago, he struggled to do ten, but now he is up to fifteen. His aim is to manage twenty by the time he gets out of here. However long that may be.

His internal radio switches the song to Power by Kanye West and memories of playing Saints Row The Third flood back to him. He grins as he thinks of him and his cousin, Sam playing the Penthouse Party Time mission. Rafferty was only seven at the time and his cool older cousin let him hang out with his friends. It was a sweet recollection.

As he completes the last pull up, he feels the beautiful burn in his shoulders and turns to admire his reflection in the windowed wall opposite him. Just in time to see the glass shatter!

He lets out an ear piercing scream, that would surely be coveted by any horror movie director. Dropping down to the ground, he covers his face with his hands, whilst the sound of heavily booted feet can be heard in the distance.

Blinking his blue eyes open, the young model bravely looks towards the source of the crash, trying to understand what caused it. Which is when he sees the bleeding Daisuke collapsed on the carpet and promptly passes out.

Who needs an alarm when you have Rafferty. She chuckles inwardly at that thought and coughs. She stands up from the ground after checking Storm, and it's when she feels what she has in her stomach, a shard. She pulls it out and keeps it in her hand, ready to fight all the same. At least she thinks so. "Hi Rafferty, we came to save you. and you Daisuke, there was no way we were going to die." But, of course, there were many ways they could have and still could, but she doesn't seem to think about that. Also oblivious of the pain Daisuke might be in. Perhaps the fact enemies would be here soon was part of it. She looks ready but was she?

Storm goes near Rafferty and Daisuke. "He's going to be ok you think? It's good to see you. You disappeared." He says to Rafferty. He's shaking and looks like he thought he would die as well. Daisuke wasn't alone.

"No way my ass!!!" Daisuke suddenly blurts out, and his head snaps up from the floor with the help of support from his right arm pressing to the floor underneath him, in time with the exclamation -- letting him send a *bit* of a glare at the girl. "We could have been shredded by broken glass!! We-- Acgh...?" Oh, speaking of *that*. He just tried to brace himself to lifting up with his left arm.

The one with the large shard of glass lodged into it.

"... Oh. T-that can't be good..."

Be as it may, Daisuke apparently simply forces himself to not worry about it right now, and uses just his good arm to work himself up to his feet, while he exclaims, "Yeah, we came to... get..."

While the exact nature of the room they are in properly registers in him.


A... lush penthouse? Not some kind of research lab? Or a prison?

"............What the hell is this?!?!" The redhead promptly snaps out, even pointing an accusatory finger at Rafferty! "You worried so many people just to b-- oh, he's out cold. ...Nevermind, I guess." With a long-suffering sigh, his frustration quickly deflates.

Only for tension to spike right back up with that telltale sound of approaching steps beyond the door -- not to mention the lingering sense of empathic energy surrounding him cluing him further in on the approaching guards!

"...Okay I guess there'll be time for questions later, we gotta go!"

And no time to wait to see if Rafferty is going to snap right back awake either. At least Daisuke doesn't seem to think so, since he's bolting for the blacked-out american to crouch down besides him and try to pull him up into a fireman carry over his shoulder. It's... not going to be exactly a painless effort with his other arm being the way it is now, but he's going to try anyway!

"Can you control your fall, Eden-san? I really hope you can because I'm not sure I'm strong enough to carry two people *and* a cat. Maybe one person and the cat, but..."

A feeling of floating, moving through the sky on a fluffy cloud. He reaches out to touch it, experience the texture and wonders that it feels remarkably like cat fur. Then the cloud speaks in a voice that's strangely familar. Stirring from his startled slumber, the stylish schoolboy fixes his eyes on his feline friend, bringing a beaming smile to his beautiful face.

"Storm! It's good to see you, man. What are you doing here in my penthouse pad?"

Could it be that in a matter of days he's become deluded enough to think this is now his home?

He takes in the presence of the others, recognising the pair as friendly faces and sits up slowly, swooning slightly. Apparently there's no need for Daisuke to lift the lad.

"Did you guys come to find me? Have I been missed? Is there an online campaign for me to resume posting. Hash tag Where's Rafferty?"

He seems hopeful of this prospect, forgetting for a minute the drama of the trios arrival on the scene.

"Oh and you guys need to get some medical attention or something, because you have like, glass in you and stuff!"

He rises up to his full six feet three inches and goes in search of some supplies. He swears he spotted a first aid kid around here somewhere.

As he's seeking it out, a loud knock can be heard on the door to the suite.

"Open up Mister Stewart. We need to gain access to your accommodation."

It's the first words the armed soldiers have spoken to him and they don't sound happy.

Daisuke speaks. He even seems angry about the living conditions of Rafferty, who is passed out. This seems strangely normal, familiar, except for the guards coming. At least Daisuke is fine, as she thought he was. Daisuke then mentions how he can probably go down with one person and perhaps her Storm.

She has quite a few thoughts in her head. She would be totally fine leaving Storm with Rafferty, who would be with Daisuke. That works. She could always follow too, but then, the guards would be on them in no time. She doesn't think at the moment she could go full speed after jumping down. No, she has to stay behind and buy them time. It is quite irrational for an assassin who is generally meticulous in violent situations. At least when it's not in a 'friendly' fight.

Then Rafferty wakes up, and he acts like being here is fucking normal. He can make her angry sometimes. She wants to kill him and take care of him. There is no time for more thoughts. The guards are at the door. "Take Rafferty, and take Storm if you think you can make it down in one piece with him there too." She tells Daisuke, as she rubs her stomach. Her stomach is better but still doing some healing. As she starts running for the door, it leaves a bit of a trail of blood on the ground. It was obvious she was going to be the diversion. She crashes into the door, which crashes into the guards.

For his part, Storm is happy to see Rafferty. "Happy you're doing well! Happy Daisuke is doing well. We just need to all get the hell out of here." He seems happy, although nervous. Happy until he hears and sees Edenlith doing what she's doing. He doesn't want her to stay behind. There is fear on his face and all that goes with it. "Eden...". He won't resist, however, if Daisuke gets him with him, nor will he impose if he doesn't.

"...Just like that?!" Daisuke's reaction upon Rafferty simply *waking up* in the middle of everything comes with the perfect kind of cued timing that the second half of any Manzai duo would hope to strive for. He's evne comically left down on the crouched posture where Rafferty had just been laying for a few seconds longer after he's casually stood up and moved on.

"...W-wait, what do you mean *your* penthouse pad? Hold on, do you not know whats been going on?! No one's known where you are! You just *disappeared* as far as most people are concerned!!"

There's the frustration coming again, while he's pushing himself up to standing. Though even amidst all that he can't help but look utterly baffled at the american for the sheer laissez-faire attitude the other boy is having about all these while going off to presumably look for a first aid kit. "L-look, that can wait, we--"

And then comes the knock and the demand to open up.

"Tch-- We're out of time I guess..." Quickly, his hand sweeps down to tug the crimson half-face mask that was tugged underneath his scarf up to concealing his lower facial features. At this point it's more of an artificial confidence booster than anything else, really. "We gotta go-- eh?"

He looks at Edenlith with widened eyes.

"What are you-- AH! WAIT!"

He actually tries to reach his hand out to stop her, but she's already gone, and bursting through the door. Behind the mask, his jaw damn near dislodges itself for how severely his mouth falls open at the sight.

The thought of just sprinting after Rafferty and bodily tackling him out of the window along with himself does cross his mind, but...

That thought is pushed away within a fraction of a second. In the end? He can't abandon someone. But he does back up towards the general direction of Rafferty, at least, while he keeps his eyes firmly locked on the now-destroyed doorway.

"Any way you look at this it can't be normal, right?" He mutters from behind the mask, holding out one hand as lines of energy like electricity currents crackle along the length of his forearm,, in preparation for the need to jump in after Eden. "They didn't even let you call your girlfriend, right? Right?!"

He doesn't look back to Rafferty when he says that. He can only hope the weight of his voice alone is enough to get the message through.

"How do you think Nena feels?!"

"Wait! What? There's no need for us to escape or anything. It's pretty nice here! I know I've been gone a while and everything, but I don't think they mean to harm me. Take a look around! Do you guys want something to eat or drink? The refreshments here are magnificent. There's a huge bath tub and a gym, although you guys probably aren't in the mood for working out, whilst you're all injured and whatever. Oh yeah! I was gonna fetch a first aid kit, but first I'll go see what the guys want. Maybe they wanna see if my guests need anything."

He starts to strut over to the door, oblivous to the obvious danger beyond it, but Eden gets there first, moving past him in a flash of blue hair and eratic energy.

The stunned soldiers cry out in protest at being knocked over by the impact. One of them, a lean and lithe man with long haired pulled back into a ponytail seems to be struggling to catch his breath, but the other, a tough looking steely eyed woman makes a grab for her gun.

With a feeling of betrayal, Rafferty backs up rapidly, until he's safely behind his buddies.

"It's okay! She didn't mean it" he cries, trying to convince them that Eden isn't a threat.

Then quickly to Daisuke, muttered from behind the red haired boy's back. "You're right! They didn't let me call Nena, but I didn't worry too much, because she doesn't get stressed about that stuff! It's one of the many advantages to her being a robot."

Maybe Eden didn't listen to Rafferty too much when he said he was here willingly, or maybe she listened and didn't care, or she even could be angry. She was hard to read. She didn't even seem to listen when Daisuke explained the situation to Rafferty. She certainly didn't listen when Daisuke told her to wait.

Meanwhile Storm doesn't know what to do. He's also not a fighter, unless in the more dire circumstances when he has no choices at all. He can talk, however, so he does that. "Rafferty, a golden cage is still a cage. You don't want to be hidden from the world, do you? Think about all your future fans. You need to be out there.". Seems like the cat is trying to get Rafferty out of here with the young man's ego.

Back to Eden, she's not here to take any prisoners from the other side, and for her defense, the other woman is reaching for her gun. Eden throws the shard of glass she has in her now bleeding hand toward the soldier, and if she has her way, it's for a kill. Again, they have guns. It's not because she's an assassin, right, right. If the other soldier is still conscious, she kicks toward his head to help him take a nap. It makes her wince a bit, as her stomach is not completely healed yet, though better. "Yeah, armed guard to keep you in and us out. They are the best people in the whole world!" She said sarcastically. At least she didn't take a bite out of anyone. "Why are you still here anyway?!?" She asks from outside the penthouse area, waiting for more soldiers or what's not.

"And you didn't think that was weird?!" Daisuke practically groans out with growing annoyance.

His eyes narrow in the meantime -- and suddenly, the energy arcing and crackling about his arm concentrates into a small ball at the palm of his hand, one that promptly launches across the room and through the destroyed doorway, colliding with a drawn gun before exploding out in a wide shockwave and light.

"We're not going anywhere without you! And you're not trying to kill anyone are you?!" Daisuke has some *hangups* about that whole murder thing.

As for Rafferty's... response to him? Daisuke rather purposefully backs up until the heel of his boot is bumping against the side of Rafferty's shoe.

"Does that make her wanting to see you invalid? You don't think she would be concerned about not seeing you? About these people not letting her see you? Don't you want to see her again, Rafferty Stewart?!"

Another sweeping step back, and his wounded arm goes winding about Rafferty while his other hand fires off another blast of energy. "EDEN! Run for the window!!"

Storm's words of wisdom attract Rafferty's attention. Is this what the whole thing has been? Has he been living in a golden cage? He sighs audibly, shaking his head.

"No, I deserve to be seen by the world! The world needs me and I need the world. It's a tragedy to hide such beauty."

A single tear rolls down his chiseled cheek.

"I need to get out of here and get busy living! There's so much I still want to do and see! I don't want to spend the rest of my life doing star jumps, I wanna be a star! I mean, an even bigger one than I am already."

It seems the cat knows exactly how to motivate the male model.

As his owner spits out her sarcasm, the blond boy turns to her with hurt, which switches to horror as he sees her attack the armed duo.

"Don't kill them!" he pleads "But we should get the hell out of here."

The blond may not be the smartest cookie, but he knows enough to realise that both she and Daisuke are irritated with him. He's in no position to protest that though, since they are his best chance of escaping his penthouse prison.

Daisuke's ball of energy does the trick, sending the gun backwards and out of the female soldier's grasp. Her rapid reaction to try and stop this saves her from serious injury as the shard only manages to skim her side. The man does get hit in the head by Eden's extended leg and he's knocked out for the count, but thankfully still breathing.

The frightened fashion lover fights to stop himself from flailing, but he can't help but flinch as Daisuke's foot makes contact with his own.

"No, no, you're right" he admits. "She's probably searching all systems to see where I've dissapeared to. Simon is probably on the case too.

With that he's clinging closely to the Taiyo teen, terrified blue eyes flitting between the female soldier and the shattered window.

That was cute of Daisuke, saying no one would go anywhere without her. She did appreciate it, even if she wasn't very vocal about it. But the killing thing. That woman tried to shoot them. Shooting to her equals 'you die'. So yes, she tried to kill. She didn't understand what the big deal was. But anyway, no one died.

Storm understands Rafferty quite well, it seems. He's happy when Rafferty is ready to leave. "That's my buddy!" Then he turns to Edenlith. "He's right. It's time to go!"

Edenlith heard both of them, saw Rafferty was ready to go, didn't kill anyone as per her friends' request, but she does go for the soldiers' military identification plates or something else she may have as a souvenir. Once that's done, she indeed runs for the window. On the way, she grabs Storm. It doesn't matter to her if Daisuke jumps first or not. She goes out with Storm through the window when it's her time. It makes Storm scream. He isn't used to this.

".....I'm not entirely sure how to feel about *that* being what gets you moving but I'LL TAKE IT I GUESS!" Sometimes Daisuke kind of feels like things just *happen* around him. At this point he's grown to more or less accept it, truth be told.

He sends off one last shockwave-blasting bolt of energy through the door once Edenlith's finally taken to making a run for the window. And with that all done and said? He, too, spins on his heel--

"You might wanna close your eyes!!"

He bodily throws himself against Rafferty, with his arms going around the other boy!


An explosion of cyan-colored, flame-like energy blasts right at his heels -- acting like a brief burst of a rocket engine to launch both himself and Rafferty across the room and straight through the window.

And on the other side, he quickly makes the mistake of looking past Rafferty's body to see just *how high up* they actually are. For a brief second, Daisuke feels like his life (or what he is capable of remembering of it anyway) is flashing before his eyes, but...

He has more important things to do than be scared for his life.


Still maintaining one arm around Rafferty to keep him pulled close, he extends his other hand, hoping to try to reach for Edenlith while they are still in free-fall. "Grab on!! I have a plan!!"

The sound of the cat screaming chills Rafferty to the bones. He hopes his little furry friend is alright. It also doesn't fill him with much confidence about his own descent downwards, but he's gonna have to trust Daisuke on this one.

He doesn't have to be told twice to close his eyes, squeezing them shut so tightly that it actually starts to hurt. He feels himself vibrate from the impact of the other boy's body, but still he doesn't look. He hears that something is happening though and he definitely feels it!

"Woooooooooah!" is his startled cry as the school kids shoot out of the window.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" he bellows breathlessly.

"This is...absoloutely amazing!"

Against all odds, it seems that the craven kid is having the time of his life.

"Don't you dare let my face get messed up though!"

He hasn't totally changed his ways though.

Daring to prise open his peepers, he blinks several times as he seeks out Eden in the sky, praying that she too can soar to safety.

Eden with Storm is in free fall. Time feels like it's slowing down, but she has no such power. Storm is not having the time of his life, to the contrary of Rafferty, but he's alive. Everyone is alive, so far, success!

Daisuke calls for Eden, he has a plan. For a fraction of a second, it looks like Eden doesn't want to give her hand to him, but she takes it soon enough. She trusts him to a point, because if she didn't why would she leave him to carry Rafferty? It would make no sense. She does think about different scenarios if Daisuke's plan fails, even if she doesn't know exactly or perhaps at all what that plan is. There is only so much trust she can give the young man. "Ok, we go with your plan." 'For now' she would say, but she doesn't add that part out loud. At that point, she just hangs on, until Daisuke's idea works, or it doesn't and something must be done. "You're pretty cool." She tells him before truly going silent.

"Not something I can promise, Stewart-san! Whatever comes next, just do your best to grin and bear it!!"

He might be trying to act cool, talking like that and all, with Rafferty held onto tight with one arm while the merry group is in freefall, complete with the vision of his scarf fluttering in the air behind them. But when it really comes down to it? This is beyond what Daisuke has done before. Never something like this height. Never with pre-sustained injuries. And never trying to pull two other people (plus cat) with him.

He tries his best to not let it show though. Even when he takes Eden's hand and uses that grip to pull her closer during that terminal fall-- even if that strain on the muscles of his arm results in a potentially-worrying spurt of blood out from around the shard of glass stuck into it.

"Gghhhh... Even if we make it down to the ground safe, those guys will probably send security or worse after us right down there, so we gotta get far away...! But, as I thought... I'm not strong enough physically... to hold on to both of you...!"

It might sound worrying, but were one to actually look at Daisuke's partially-covered face? There's nothing but sheer resolve in his bright green eyes.

"However...! I might not be some invincible martial artist, but my power isn't based on pure strength alone... It's in giving shape to what is in my heart!"

The redhead wannabe-hero's eyes begin to glow with some ethereal power, and currents of energy crackle in the air around all three (or four) of them.

"And in my heart now is just the wish... Ggghh...!"

Whatever power he channels puts a great strain on him at this scale, clearly. He ísn't planning to admit it to them either, but he has never even thought of trying something like this before. He is purely improvising in this moment.

And while the ground might seem to be approaching at a worrying rate, that focus in him and improvisation bears fruit. In the form of those initially-seperate cracks of energy suddenly taking form, and gathering together-- winding in cyan-colored cable-like forms around Edenlith and Rafferty both, like some kind of safety harnesses that connect to a barely-visible, see-through bubble of telekinetic energy.

"...To bring you back home safe!!"

Another explosion of energy at his feet, similiar to what launched him and Rafferty through the window earlier, but stronger-- and with all four of them bound together by the bindings and the bubble, the group is sent forward through the air like a miniature plane, likely causing a sensation like they truly were suspended in air and flying over the numerous rooftops below.

"It... probably would have been cooler... if I could have formed... wings or something instead...!" The teen grunts out past grit-together teeth, with some mirth echoing through in his voice even past the signs of exertion and pain already there. "But this'll... have to do...!"

Rafferty is relieved as Eden takes hold of Daisuke's extended hand. At least if they die, then they will all die together...


He's feeling perfectly poised and calm. He's floating through the air, feeling fine and loving life. Life is to be lived.

Many mantras enter his mind as they make their way through the night sky.

Daisuke's refusal to pledge a promise is honest at least and worst case scenario, there's always plastic surgery. How would they improve upon perfection though?

He decides not to vocalise this, insead asking "How can I grin and bear it if I have no teeth?

He sees the blood seeping out of Daisuke's arm and really, that can't be good, but there'll be time for healing later, from any phsyical or mental scars.

Right now there's other things to worry about, like the fact that Daisuke's plan seems to be based on...wishful thinking? The model is all for affirmations and positive mental attitude, but can the redhead's desire, heartfelt or otherwise really save the day? It seems like they are about to find out!

Rafferty watches in wonder as the far fetched fantasy starts to literally take shape around him. Not only is it brilliant, but it's beautiful and totally badass!

He gasps, in awe of the Taiyo teen's talents.

"You're like a superhero or something!" he swoons, starstruck and stunned.

As the quartet race over the rooftops, he starts to weep with wonder and a cry comes from somewhere deep in his soul. Should he survive this epic experience, he will remember it forever.

This moment is a roller coaster and a feel-good movie all rolled into one. Eden sees and even feels Daisuke's struggle and the fear going around overall. "You can do it Daisuke!" She mentions at one point. It's hard to know if she's mocking him or encouraging him. Perhaps a mix of both. All things considered, Edenlith seems pretty calm in the situation. Her trust in Daisuke is more than she lets on, or she's not afraid to die. Or perhaps she wouldn't. Who knows at that point. She simplyobserves Daisuke and lets Rafferty talk about his teeth. It's only when Daisuke mentions the guards will probably go after that she makes a move, so to speak. Energy would be felt from her, and her eyes would glow red for a moment. It would be an illusion for the people inside the building, which should keep most of them occupied. Perhaps the group would not hear them when screams and gunshots would start from the illusion. If not all of them were under the illusion, at least quite a few would be.

All the feeling that comes from Daisuke's performance, Edenlith is impressed but she doesn't voice it as Rafferty does. Storm does, however. "You're awesome Daisuke. Are you going to be ok?" Even if he couldn't see the strain and blood coming from his arm, he was smart enough to know it wasn't easy on the young man.

"Save the compliments for... after we're... safe on solid ground...!!" Daisuke insist, having to yell in order to let his voice properly carry over the wind whipping past their high-speed flight. Or, no-- it's probably more "controlled falling" rather than actual flight. That much is probably going to become terrifyingly obvious to both Rafferty and Edenlith when the ground starts getting closer again even if they are still sailing forward through the air.

As the rooftops themselves start getting closer, Daisuke thrusts his feet downwards; directing a blast of energy from the bottoms of them, like a braking thrusters of a landing spacecraft. It... doesn't do much, though. A further focus of channeled energy greates two disc-shaped masses of energy on each side of the bubble holding the group together in their controlled fall, firing off gouts of energy from themselves in a further effort to slow them down. But, as the length of a single-story building comes closer and closer--

"Still too fast...!"

A smaller, controlled burst spins Daisuke around to where his back is facing down towards the ground, then, as he holds out his hands to the other two teens. "Hold on...!!" He doesn't bodily grab on to them, though. Rather, he focuses energy around both of them, and-- he ends up slipping out from the bottom of the 'bubble', just before the rooftop comes along. The velocity of their fall has been lessened significantly, but when his back hits the ground...

"Ghhaaah!!"'s not pleasant.

Daisuke actually *bounces* off the rooftop after that initial impact. The bubble holding Rafferty and Edenlith within it remains just half an inch above him, though, almost as if he's bodily holding it up while his body lands down again and continues skidding along -- only stopping just a few feet short of the very edge of the rooftop. And with that stop there, the bubble and the energy bindings both around Edenlith and Rafferty dissipate like breaking glass, dropping them down the *much* safer fall distance of half a meter.

The blond boy is oblivious to his schoolmate's illusionary antics. He's too concerned with clutching on to Daisuke, as they continue their plunging plane ride. He totally ignores his pilot's pleas for the compliments to stop, throwing in another for good measure.

"I thought you were pretty cool when you carried me home, even if it did result in Ryan teasing me. But now, like wow!"

He's wearing a dumb looking grin on his flawless face, but it's not to last for long.

Grasping the fact that the ground is starting to look chillingly close, his eyes go wide and he starts to whimper. This increases to an all out wail, when he realises they are rapidly approaching the rooftops.

As Daisuke commands them to "Hold on" he nods his head vigorously and follows the advice. There's a wince as the redhead hits the roof, followed by a sigh of relief as he realises that himself, Eden and Storm are still suspended in the air. When he eventually feels himself fall, he still screams, despite the less than lethal landing.

Blinking his blue eyes, he exhales loudly before asking "So where exactly are we?"

Eden didn't do a lot of compliments. She probably would be done now. Though it truly wasn't the best time for them anyway.

Storm isn't very brave with the falling. Edenlith if anything, looks like she's enjoying this. She doesn't look scared at all. She isn't exactly normal.

When Edenlith sees Daisuke slip out of the bubble, she has to say: "Don't die.". She knows full well he's trying to protect the rest of them. When Daisuke's back hit the ground, she says it again: "Don't die.". She can see both Storm and Rafferty are afraid. She understands. They are quite mortal. She would let go when Daisuke tells them to hold on. It would be easier on him, but it was his moment. It would also be beneficial for him, she believes.

Then after all of Daisuke's heroic effort, the bubble bursts. It's of no danger to any of them. So she lets herself falls, landing on one knee, with her free hand touching the ground the other is holding Storm against her. She almost laughs with Rafferty's scream. She also hears his question after, but she looks at Daisuke first to ask. "Are you ok? Do you need me to carry you?". She puts Storm on the ground for now. Storm is quite happy to have his feet on something solid again.

"I'm... okay..." Answers Daisuke. Nevermind that the answer came in the form of a pained groan. And nevermind that he's staying laid down against the roof after just shuffling himself over to being leaned against an air conditioning unit. He's just going to take a few seconds as a breather, honest. At least he manages to push himself to sitting like that! Ignore him draping his arm around his midsection.

"... Honestly don't know," he confesses there, with a bit of a panting breath behind his breath after... everything. "Didn't really aim, you know...?" His attention turns towards Edenlith for a bit, though. "... They might have crazy resources. Can you... keep watch for a bit? I wanna... nnnhhg. Ask some questions of Steward-san..."

And that having been said, wether or not Edenlith takes up guard or not, he still focuses his still-glowing eyes on Rafferty. "...I tried to come talk to you first because Eddow-san asked me to. Said something about... you talking to some professor another? About a 'JANUS'? How... did you end up in an Ultratech penthouse instead and what were they doing with you there?"

"I don't think we get to choose when we die, Eden" the model murmurs, as he looks towards his blue haired buddy. He's not at all embarrassed about the fact he screamed. It's simply a way of releasing emotion.

He reaches out a hand to comfort the frightened feline, using his long fingers to massage his head. It might feel weird if he recalled that Storm was actually a human male trapped in the body of a cat, but that's a story for another night...

"You might need a medic" he suggests to Daisuke, though the other boy has probably already figured that out for himself. When he reveals he is ignorant to their whereabouts, the Californian curiously looks around, seeking any signs of familiar landmarks. He only turns back towards the others when he hears his name. He listens to the questions asked of him patiently, remaining calm and collected before offering his responses.

"I was meant to meet a man named Hideo Shimazu. He's a professor at Justice High who'd been looking into the dissapearances of school students. Someone else came though, this handsome, skinny dude with long black hair. He was dressed really well and seemed powerful, you know? Like he had some kind of aura." He shrugs his broad shoulders. "It's kinda hard to explain. Anyway, he starts telling me I'm really important to the people he represents." He seems to preen a bit at these words.

"I didn't realise who that was at the time, but now I know them to be Ultratech."

"He started telling me I had to go with him. He made it real clear that I had no choice in the matter. That I either went with him willingly or he would break every bone in my body, soo..."

He looks into Daisuke's glowing eyes "I had no choice, obviously. I couldn't risk my career, or even worse my life. I was driven away in a black car to the place you found me, where I've been for maybe days? Weeks? It's hard to keep track when you don't have a phone. Like I told you, they weren't mean to me or anything. They mostly left me alone to enjoy the facilities, but every now and then they asked me to do some exercises or sort some files out for them. Easy enough stuff. They even sent a few people in, but they weren't very happy when I tried to be friendly with them. I think they thought I was flirting, but it was just a bit of fun. I was just lonely mostly. I missed Nena and my friends, but it could have been a lot worse. You saw the place. I wasn't exactly doing penal labour. I probably would have just stayed there, if you three hadn't come looking. It was almost like my real life had stopped existing."

Everyone seems ok, just people getting scared for their life and/or getting hurt in the process. That was fine. She doesn't answer about their whereabouts, whether she knows or not. She didn't even seem to care about that part. She snickers and rolls her eyes at Rafferty when he says they don't choose when they die. She knew that she was being nice to Daisuke.

Storm appreciates Rafferty's comforting gesture. He is a friend after all. "Are you ok Rafferty? Daisuke?" Of course, Daisuke said he was, but the cat still asks.

When Daisuke asks her to stand guard, Eden has no problem with that. She does put Storm down so that he could stay with the duo while she checks the area. She even pulls a sniper scope out of her costume to check in the distance too, laying down. It's certainly not the first time she's scouting an area from the room top. While doing that, she listens to the conversation between the two. Storm is also listening but doesn't say a word at the moment.

"I'll be fine," Daisuke repeats. Though that still probably doesn't make it sound any more convincing.

He's much more focused on getting some explanations out of Rafferty for the time being. He listens attentively, his eyes losing their glow steadily as time goes on. He considers the story with quiet contemplation... but even with the mask, the puzzled frown is visible on his features.

"Exercises and sorting files...? The ladt part dorsn't make any sense to me, but... You didn't get a look at any of the files, did you? Or did they have any like... lab equipment attached to you while you were doing exercises? What about the people that came to see you, did they... do anything? Besides rejecting flirting."

"I think I'm alright, yeah."

He starts checking himself for any obvious damage, but everything seems to be in order, physically at least.

"How about you, Eden? How are you doing?"

His friend likes to come across as tough and like everything is a big joke, but he still feels concerned for her, considering the ordeal they've all been through.

Daisuke earns himself a blank stare, followed by a shake of the head.

"I didn't really look closely at anything, no" he admits.

"It was mostly boring stuff. They showed me a lot of news clippings about the history of the company and how awesome Ultratech is. There was lots of stuff on all the charity work they do. I think they wanted me to like them."

"As for the exercises, I guess they were just watching me. They didn't hook me up to monitors or anything like that. The people who would come visit would sometimes compete against me though. We'd see who could do the most reps in a certain amount of time. Stuff like that."

He pauses for a beat and then adds "They didn't reject me by the way. We just weren't allowed those kind of interactions."

It seems the boy's ego was prickled by that idea.

Edenlith is just keeping watch, as she listens to the duo. Storm is quiet for the most part too, but he is taking in all the information. If someone gives a glance at him, he's even thinking, perhaps putting things together too in his mind.

When Rafferty asks her how she is doing, she takes a few seconds to answer. She also doesn't move her gaze from the area she is watching over. "Oh, I am fine. I fought against Ken and lost. I lost track of you in the process. I didn't like it. Figured you needed help. Wasn't alone. Your body is as good as ever." She was trying to give a compliment he would appreciate.

When there is a pause between the two lads he looks at Rafferty. "You think perhaps they were trying to brainwash you, so you could be a face of Ultratech on tv? Also trying to keep you at your best physically. If they were so good, they wouldn't need to do that. I am happy you're safe and now out of there... buddy." At least Storm has calmed down from his earlier ordeal. Well, their earlier ordeal.

"Just... watching...? I don't get it..." Daisuke's brows seem to knot even further in towards each other as a result of this. One might wonder if he's about to end up popping a blood vessel in his head as a result of too deep thought.

"Gghh... If I had to make a guess..." He rumbles as he finally pushes himself up to standing, slowly, even if it comes with more than a few pained winces on his part. "The other people were... other missing students. But why only from Pacific...? Do they need non-japanese for some reason? It almost sounds like it's some kind of selection process for... something else. Looking for fitting subjects for human experiments or... something else? I dunno..."

His hand briefly moves over to his other arm, brushing fingers over the piece of glass lodged in there. A sting of pain quickly warns him away from trying to yank it out on his own though.

"...You should get out of here. Tell Nena everything. From what I saw of Ristars on FightTube, she should be... more than qualified to protect you in case those guys try to come for you again. If she can scan you or whatever that's... probably a good idea too, just in case. I should call Eddow-san and hope she finally picks up... and probably try to talk to this professor afterall. You said he teaches at Justice?"

"Who is Ken?" Rafferty wonders. He's not too up on the fighting scene unless it involves his Nena or The Demon Queen.

As Eden compliments his body, he sends a smile in her direction. "Thanks, babe. I appreciate it."

He runs a hand through his lustrous locks and then weighs up the Pacific pupil's words. "You know, maybe they were. But then why didn't they just approach me through Masako, my agent?" he wonders.

"It's not like I had any real thoughts on Ultratech either way before they kidnapped me. I would have worked for them, if the price was right. I mean, I work for Lyraelle and wear pink and purple merchandise, so..."

He listens intently to Daisuke's theory, genuinely interested in what his idea may be. Once the redhead's done, he stays silent for a few seconds, contemplating the conversation.

"So you're saying I may have been some test subject? That seems pretty creepy."

He watches as the other boy fingers the trapped glass, wincing even at the idea of the discomfort he must feel.

"Nena will look after me and I'm sure Eden will keep her eyes on me too" he says, with a gesture towards the latter. "The scanning sounds sensible. Imagine if they've put some bug in my food or something. What if they're listening to us now?"

He gasps dramatically, looking around him as if he's expecting to be able to catch them doing so.

He starts to whisper. "Hopefully Raiza will be okay. She's a great girl, though I have to say I kinda regret agreeing to help her with all this."

He closes his eyes suddenly feeling very weary.

"Yeah, the guy was from Justice."

Eden still listens to the two talking. She didn't have much to say about what they were talking about. It seems Storm had more to say. Good for him, but Edenlith was just happy to open her ears and looking for potential trouble to come their way

When Rafferty asks her a question, she answers. "Ken is an ass, but he was fun." That doesn't explain anything to the poor Rafferty, however. She then nods his head at his thanks and just keeps her ears open.

Storm doesn't say much either, until Nena is mentioned for protection. "We can protect you too if you need it. You are our friend. We have your back." Edenlith also nods at that. She looks quite calm over everything.

"If they didn't have any machines hooked up to you and you were 'competing' with others, maybe not *yet* at least..." Daisuke suggests to Rafferty over his fworries -- though judging just from what's visible of his face above the mask, he doesn't seem much less worried himself. "... But possibly under selection for it? I don't know. ...Were there a lot of others?"

With him finally on his feet, he gives one more vaguely concerned look to his arm, before turning away from Rafferty and Edenlith both. He might be a bit stubborn when it comes to injuries and everything. "...Eden, can you get Rafferty somewhere safe? I should... get myself looked at. And probably get to work." Potentially not actually in that order.

Though he does give a bit of a warning look over his shoulder back to Rafferty. "Be careful, okay? If that guy you said came to you really thought you were important to Ultratech for some reason, they'll probably try to come get you back. Forcefully."

"Was fun? You didn't finish him off did you, Eden?" he teases, then in a softer voice. "I really appreciate you guys looking after me. You're good friends. Nena too. Well, more than a friend in her case I guess."

"There were maybe nine others I saw" he tells Daisuke. "I got the impression that some of them may have actually worked there and others were just guests like me. I didn't recognise any of them and they never stayed for long."

As Daisuke prepares to depart he tells him "thanks again for all you've done" and then assures him "Eden will keep me safe, unless she decides to beat me up or something." He pokes a playful tongue out at the girl and then gets to his feet very cautiously.

"Perhaps we should be heading off too. I have some explaining to do to a few people. I'll get Nena up to date on everything that's been happening and tell her all I recall. Maybe she will have some idea who the man is. That would give us a better chance of being prepared."

Edenlith lets them talk some more, but she stands up. It doesn't seem like they will find them now, and it doesn't sound they will stay there much longer. Daisuke and Rafferty seem worried she can feel as much, but right now, she isn't.

When Daisuke asks her if she can take Rafferty, she nods her head. "Yeah, you don't seem to heal really well, so go take care of yourself." She didn't mean it as an insult. Just resting and keeping watch as she did, took care of the damage on her body. Not the leather suit though she needs a new one. She also add for Daisuke. "Nice working with you." She seems serious when she says it too.

She looks at Rafferty when he mentions she might beat him off. "I will let Nena handle the beating this time. You disappeared on her. She might deal with you." She picks up Storm and then offers her hand to Rafferty. Not in a romantic gesture, but to make sure he doesn't wander off and gets himself lost. "To Nena, we go." The way she says it, it sounds like she knows exactly where she is. Perhaps she does perhaps she does not. Time will tell.

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