Dead Or Alive - The Vahana and the Parasite

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Description: Moondyne Mouse runs into Aeria Corday in India while snooping around in DoATech's activities. The mouse runs into a startling secret about the young psychic.

The word that DoATech is marketing a 'cure' for being a dracula has spread far and wide, faster than one might think, however, right now it is more the military-grade hardware that they're moving through India that has the likes of NESTS and Moondyne Mouse sniffing around. Right now she was out in the field, trying to find any clues on what might be up with their shit, and if anything was interesting enough to steal. So far she had not found very much in that regard, so she was getting kinda bored. Thing was, Moon was not just any kind of robot, she had thoughts, and emotions, and worse yet, an ego--and she could get bored. Especially when there were no weird hot Freddy Krueger-looking types around, in particular. Wasn't he married, anyway? Ah well, it's not like she /cared/.

Right now she was sitting, more like squatting on the edge of a small cement building, overlooking the streets of this city area, trying to pick up any traffic from DoATech that might come over the wire. Wireless, radio, wifi-internet, whatever. Did they even have internet in this part of Europe?? She was not disguised in any way right now, not bothering with one, just starkly-white armored mouse bot with faintly glowing eyes hanging out, tail lilting about behind her.

Aeria is feeling great. The first match, fighting in public, and she kicked ass. She knows soon she will be told where to go next. She stayed in India. In the meantime, it gives her time to look at businesses. What is she going to buy? What will she go international for? A Corday Restaurant, why not. Maybe something else. Who knows.

While she walks around, looking at what India has to offer, at least the little part she is in, she would pass by Moondyne. Perhaps she would see isn't totally normal. In more way than one too.

There were men on the streets that might have given Aeria more than a second look, but for some reason they seemed like they didn't want much to do with her, after thinking it over. There was perhaps something about her... or was it a feeling she gave people?

This is perhaps what gets Moondyne's attention, blinking as she looks up. Her visor shades her eyes red,as well as the upper part of her face--she flicks it up and off, preferring to use her regular eyesight without any heads up display for peering down at what looks like... hrm, white woman in India, red eyes. How peculiar~

"Someone looks like they're pretty far from home," Mouse says from above Aeria, perhaps trying to get her attention. Apparently she hadn't felt what was keeping the other people on the street from bothering her, yet.

She was giving off a vibe. For business, yes, it was a woman you want to meet. For personal matter no. She did not know how to interact with people on a personal level, to make friends or more. Not that way. Business partnership is a completely different matter however. It is there, in her non verbal. She doesn't seem to care much either. It shows she isn't here for the people. She's there for herself.

Then there is this voice. The voice from high up. It makes Aeria look up. and then speaks up. "At least I am on the right planet." She says when she sees the owner of the voice. It might sound like she was insulting her, but she wasn't particularly. "Can I help you?" She was curious however, it's not everyday you see someone like her. It might be fun, or she will go on her way just like she has been doing. No love lost.

It's true, Aeria didn't seem like the most... talkitive sort, but this didn't seem to be a problem for Moondyne, who was currently leaning over the edge of the rooftop ledge, just sorta looking down at her.

"Help me? Can you?" Moondyne grinned a little, looking like an oddly futuristic version of the Cheshire Cat for a moment, what with how she grinned, lifting her hands to brush her hair out of the way. "You seem like someone who isn't supposed to be here is all, course, neither am I, by all accounts~" she snort-laughed, unabashedly. She didn't seem to have a lot of shame, for most things.

"You look like you got a lot going on, under the surface--" Moondyne twisted and hung herself upside down, facing towards the girls, by her ankles and tail from the edge of the rooftop ledge. "Now I know what you're thinking--ooh scary, is that a costume? how can I get one? It's totally hot--" she waved a hand, dismissively. "If anyone says they can make you look this good, get your money back," she grinned, peering at the girl, particularly her red eyes.

"I can't do miracles, but I can find you some cream." She smirks a bit. "I was suppose to be here, I was, I kicked ass, I am still here until I have to be elsewhere. Are you Jelly?" She smiles, even if perhaps a smile there wasn't right.

"People are fake on the surface and then are all kind of crappy inside. Don't you think?" That wasn't what Moondyne had talked about, but it's what she got however. "Scary? A giant mouse is scary? Ok?" She grins after. "If someone tells me they can make me look this good, I will ask them why they want to lower my beauty. I am simply fabulous dear!". After that, she finally gives out her name. "I am Aeria, I think at this point I am suppose to say my name." She shrugs.

"Cream? Jelly? hold on a sec here lady, you need to be more exact when you make those kinds of declarations~" Moondyne blinked a little wide and seemed to be amused by this, then frowning a bit as she listened to Aeria and then blinked again. "Oh yeah, totally, shaved apes, the lot of 'em," she nodded, while hanging upside down like that. "Well sure, aren't girls scared of mice? They hide on chairs from us, or something--I dunno, I don't make the rules... actually I don't really have any rules!" another laugh, the mouse left grinning.

"And I am Moondyne Mouse! so now we know eachother!" of course, it was at this point that Moondyne leaned forward, and was able to put a bit more of the creep factor herself into this exchange, by affixing her eyes on Aeria's, the high-tech chi-based neural link in her brain attempting to establish a telepathic link with the red-eyed brunette.

Of course, Moon might be a bit... surprised, by what exactly is lurking in there.

Aeria cocks her head. The mouse girl is not running away yet and doesn't even look like she feels awkward with all this. "Well, cream and jelly... We need donuts. That's what we need. Too bad we're not in America with police officers, we would have donuts." She grins. "Who wants the police though?"

After that she ponders a short moment. "Moondyne Mouse? Mickey Mouse is family?" She is taken aback when Moondyne leans forward. But it's not Aeria who 'attacks' so to speak. But something inside her, snapping at her mentally. A warning to back off. Of course, she could totally ignore that, but who knows what would happen then.

"More partial to Danger Mouse myself," Moondyne said, though that voice might have seemed a little distant, as she tries to establish that link and pry into the girl's mind. She wanted to get to know her a little better~ However, it seems something is in there, waiting.

"Oohh!" Moondyne shuddered and twisted, her eyes scrunching up shut tight, and what feels like an eternity passes, Moondyne is left hanging off the ledge now just by one foot, plus tail, dangling really.

The experience was apparently a bit... jarring, for her.

"Oooh... what is that," the words are probably not spoken, more communicated between the two minds, Moon on one hand not understanding the alien sensation, then again intrigued by it. Some kind of... warning?

She nods at the Danger Mouse bit. She didn't know that one, and she didn't really care at the moment.

Aeria feels weird, almost orgasmic. She didn't understand. She felt pleasure and anger at the same time. What the fuck was going on.

When Moondyne asks in the mind what is that she hears two voices now, Aeria and the parasite united. "You do not have permission. Perhaps you need a lesson yourself." The anger is more prominent in the mind. As it is said, Aeria's body is reaching toward Moondyne, with one hand.

At about this moment, Moondyne is probably a little bemused, but also curious--still, there is an inherent sense of danger here, like whatever sort of danger noodle in there is indeed very much dnagerous. The mouse bot's eyes snap over to the hand reaching out towards her, wondering if that might complete a 'circuit' or the like, somehow. Moon's arms and hands /were/ in reaching distance as she hung down like that, if Aeria reached up. Neither were very tall, but Moon was just hanging down like that. It was mostly her tail and left ankle that were keeping her from falling, at this point.

"What are you, scary mind daddy?" Moon telepathically emitted, realizing that whatever she was to 'it' was probably threatening, and it could apparently speak.

Aeria's hand, grabs the arm. If she has her way, she pulls her down and slams her on the ground. "You want to play? We can play!" She/they send a mind blast. Could Moondyne be affected by a mind blast? Guess we will find out. "Do I have to destroy you Moondyne? Or do I have to enslave you?" Her eyes flash a little. Aeria wasn't difficult to anger sometimes, and the parasite was angered too. It wasn't a good combination.

Moondyne's eyes flash a myriad of colors, almost like tiny television sets that were malfunctioning--white and red, flickering as she's pulled down from the ledge and slammed on the ground, as she's given the mindblast, of sorts.

"Ooohh! Gaah--whoo--" her wailing sort of devolves into a gibbering sort of nonsense, like speaking in tongues--before she rises to her feet.

"Ohwowow--what the hell was that, crazy shit, girl--" she blinks and finally 'rights' herself, pulling herself up and clapping the side of her head with her palm, as if she's trying to fix a TV, perhaps amusingly. Whatever blast she took less 'hurt' her and more disoriented her, causing her to stumble around a bit.

"Hold on babe--my guidance system is a little messed up after that--" she looks down holding her head for a moment, before finally seeming to recover, and looks back up.

"I hate it when that happens!" acting like she wasn't just /attacked/ mentally, over there. Well, it seemed to have an effect, anyway!

"Ooh gaa--whoo--" She repeats as if she is mocking her, but is she? That's not entirely clear. "That as you call it, it's a warning. Do you understand warnings?" She wasn't really nice at the moment. Well maybe she's not a nice girl, but she chuckles when she sees what is for her, a comedic performance to fix herself.

Then things get back to normal sorta. "Just your guidance system? I need to do better next time." She can't help but smirk when Moondyne acts as if it was a random accident or something. "Maybe if you leave my head alone, I can forgive you and be a friend." Can she be a friend to anyone? She's not very good at that, but perhaps she can to a cyborg mouse. Or perhaps she will teach her more lessons.

"Man, I gotta meet that one again--you're not strictly... normal," Moondyne announces, though this is pretty plain to see, she's also grinning a bit even though her eyes are kinda rolling about, as if she was disoriented. "And that thing is not normal either, I'm intriiigued," she finally stops wavering like that, giving the Aeria a little nod of the head.

"I... admit I really wasn't gonna do anything, but then I ran into your friend there," Moon took a step back, showing her hands, as if to show she meant no harm.

"I doubt you wanna be all poked and prodded at, and all that, it's not very fun," she shook her head. "I went through something similar myself after my creators made me"

"Never said I was." She rolls her eyes. "I am Aeria, and that's that." She ponders. "What to do with you now though?

After listening to Moondyne. "So you're just a curious girl, can't help it, is that it?" She watches her as she steps back a bit.

She nods. "It's really not fun, but if it's what it takes to survive, you bid your time. Did you bid you time?" She stills looks at Moondyne.

"I /was/ wondering why a white woman with red eyes was walking around here in India, sure," Moondyne nodded, in a 'yup yup' kind of way. Affirmatively. "You know us mice, we're envoys of the Deva, Ganesha," she grinned broadly, cheesily so, (pardon the expression) as she gestured around her. She doubted that Aeria knew much about Hindu religion, but she didn't resist a chance to bring that up.

"We are his Vahana, his mount," she winked, tilting her head. "Bid my time? What do you mean? Are you alright over there, is Scary Mind Daddy still hungry?" she still apparently found this amusing, though she wasn't trying to taunt Aeria exactly, or her 'special friend' there...

"All this because I have red eyes." Aeria pffts, smirking. "The things people get hooked on, you know?" She shakes her head amused. "Ganesha is the elephant in the room." She doesn't say anything about the being a mount however

"He's cool, I am not. Is your mind corruptable is the question."

Her eyes flash a moment. 'I am deity in flesh.' Nothing might happen, or perhaps not what is expected, if she is even expecting something. Some deity talks, so she had that in the mind.

"Well yeah, among other things, plus being cute," Moondyne nods a bit, before she listens to Aeria. "I mean, moreso than it already did?" she looks curious at that, before shrinking back a bit, as Aeria's eyes flash. Oh no. It was scary, to be sure. Even for her! And she's usually the one doing the scaring!

"I can tell he's a little... aroused, at the moment, maybe I should come back~" Moondyne begins to blend into the night, her hologram emitter cloaking herself, if Aeria doesn't act soon, she might just get away!


"More so." She nods her head. "I am not a nice lady." SHe winks.

She doesn't try to stop her, it almost seem like she's able to see her though. Maybe yes, maybe no. It would remain a mystery. "You get away now, but remember me. Aeria Corday! We will meet again mousy!" She laughs softly, even a little creepily, then goes on her way herself.

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