Velvet Blue - A ray of Sunshine

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Description: Learning of the existence of a new vampire in Southtown, Velvet Blue investigates his walled complex in the more well off area of the city.

"What the shit is this..."

Rather strange words coming out of a creature like Velvet Blue, to be damn sure--the darkstalker entertainer definitely had some oddness about him of his own. Right now though, as he stood a few houses down but perched high up on one of the roof of a 4 story apartment building, giving them a decent overlook of the place he'd set out to find tonight, he was not quite sure what to expect. Vampires didn't usually come to densely populated areas like this, at least not usually to live--the few that he knew from the club were usually passing through. It was easier to find food here, sure--but also a lot easier to be noticed, and this place was not really inconspicuous with the high privacy wall and elaborate setup. And it definitely felt and /smelled/ like there was something here, but somehow it didn't feel like the other types of vampires he'd run into. Somehow.

The lithe agile figure was dressed in an all black fullbody suit with fur ruff around the shoulders, a sleek black cloth trenchcoat that they hung up before heading down--and a pair of saucy indigo thigh-high high-heeled boots. Can't forget those. With the yellow cat eyes, the bat ears and the forked leathery blue tail, it was perhaps not hard to see why they called the strange figure 'blue', the color seemed to match. Blue on black. For the most part.

Right now they were hopping down from the building they were on, fast--not needing the height to scale the outer privacy wall of Sunshine's complex there, and headed in, trying to keep themselves unseen... for now.

Inside of the building there's a large crowd just inside the private zen garden. People of all ages dressed in the latest of Japanese fashion. Their eyes are dead, like dolls eyes their expressions flat and lifeless as they stand motionless in the courtyard. They look far off into the distance for miles.

Armed security walk through the crowd of lifeless husks armed with AK-47's and dressed in pitch black armor that hides all of their features. They have been rendered completely undeniably mistakable one for another as they march through the rows guiding each one a singular shorter figure in a labcoat with a camera photographing each of the highly fashionable husks.

A voice echoes out from the darkness and they snap to attention. "A one, two three four," A brief pause. "A five six seven eight" Music suddenly fills the grounds and the crowd begin to move in perfect harmony. "I've got you, under my skin." A voice calls out loud and proud, the most beautiful singing voice almost hypnotic in its nature as it seemingly commands each of the husks into their perfect choreography. "So deep down inside of my heart, that you're almost a part... of me." They go into high leg kicks well over their heads as if they were nothing slide across the ground and move with a perfect sense of mechanical grace. It'd be beautiful if it wasn't quite so horrifying.

On one of the faces a single tear rolls down her eye as she puts on a smile in perfect time with the rest of the crowd, spinning round in effortless harmony the tear dripping down onto her highly expensive dress.

Well, this was scary... Velvet thinks this, rather than mutter it out loud--for while a lot of these people obviously seemed like they were under the influences of something--he wasn't sure how much of the men marching around with guns were not. To the center was some kind of live performance, with a voice echoing over the garden... To say that Velvet couldn't sense what was behind the voice would be a lie--it was actually hard to listen to without trying to do what it said--and unfortunately for Velvet, this performer turned darkstalker and vigilante had exceptionally good hearing.

The queer tailed figure has to duck down low and hide themselves as they skirt around the edge of all the people--like that scene in Metal Gear Solid 2 with Snake sneaking around the entire crowd of soldiers inside that ship--it's not as easy as it looks.

They just had to find where the voice was coming from, a PA? A microphone? They zeroed in on where it was originating...

At the center of the compound standing near a microphone is a mountain of a man. Standing in at just over six foot, and weighing in at over 500lbs he is a monsterous figure. Yet for such a monster of a man he seems to obsess over his fashion, with a fedora that covers his oversized noggin and pitch black hair, and a hand tailored three piece suit he is dressed to impress.

"Come on kick those legs a little higher." He calls out in a boisterous voice with a smile that stretches from ear to ear as he leans firmly on his cane. "Damn Japs wouldn't know good dancing if it slapped em across the face." He mutters to one of the beautiful geisha at either side of him.

It's clear that they had been crying themselves not too long ago, but the overweight man doesn't seem to notice or care about what they feel about the whole thing. He turns back to the microphone and belts out the chorus of his song in a hypnotic voice as the crowd goes through the motions in perfect timing being judged by the silent scientists with their cameras.

"Just won't do to have someone /else/ performing in this city, especially without getting the OK from me..." Velvet finds the cord that is leading to the microphone--they have worked in stage and done their own setup work with sound systems before, they know how this works--and simply unplugs it. They look up to see what the reaction from the crowd might be, before looking over to the very large and very well-dressed individual on the stage, rising up and seeing if they can lead them away from the people.

"These don't look like very good backup dancers--how about we see if we can give these poor guys a rest?" Velvet claps their hands together, trying to radiate a wave of... some pleasant energy. Not exactly europhoric, but perhaps enough to rouse them from whatever spell Sunshine has cast on them.

The music dies as the microphone is unplugged causing Mr.Sunshines mood to go sour for a moment, he lets out a low sigh rolling his neck the best that he can as he looks over towards the cord and the lack of volume.

The energy radiates outword loosening the hold of the dark song on the peoples souls. Some of the light returns to their eyes causing them to fall to the ground only to find themselves at gunpoint by the security.

Sunshine lets out a low clicking sound with his tongue. "Aw someone's not a fan of my music." Every one of his words is spoken in a musical tone. They bore themselves into the mind threatening to push conscious thought out the window. "Tell me little songbird, did you get lost or are you just //suicidal?//" The words echo in the mind a wave of pure depressive energy that's almost visible in the air a pitch black series of sound waves riding on the breeze and pelting towards them. It's a crushing all encompassing depressive energy that rocks to the core.

"Gah... it's... really strong," Velvet can feel the wave of depressive energy hit them like a brick wall, like they've been punched in the gut, and find themselves trying to crawl up onto the stage now--clambering up and heading towards Sunshine, trying to work on distracting him, somehow. His hope at this point was trying to give the crowd enough time to wake up--or perhaps he could do something about the source--that being Sunshine.

"Here I am, Velvet Blue, the Queen of Kabukicho--one of them, anyway--I don't remember you introducing yourself when you moved to this city," Vel marshalled their resolve and stood up high again, a hand on their hip, attempting to maintain a look of strength, somehow.

"What is it you /want/--all these people look like they're having a pretty bad time, whatever game you're playing I think they've had enough, don't you think?"

"I want to make the next generation of Stars, darling." As he speaks stars seemingly begin to swirl from his mouth, an illusion that fades as quickly as it had arrived, there's a power in his words that infiltrates the mind, worms its way through to the core. "Their parents sold them to me most of them, others sold themselves." He smiles a broad smile of pure white teeth.

"//Abandoned// them to my care." More waves of black energy surge directly towards Velvet loaded to the brim with negative energy that crashes like walls against every surface. "I'm just the man looking for a return on investment."

Sunshine keeps that smile on his face his own image seemingly distorting and twisting as the black energy of a vampire surrounds him feeding off the emotions of those around him growing stronger from the purity of those emotions the fear, the anger, the depression, the hatred, the greed. It all fuels him in one way or another and it feels exquisite to him.

"!!" Velvet felt himself seize up and they nearly double over again, holding their chest. "F-Ffuuu--" their voice comes out like broken glass, in a raspy whisper under their breath. It was a vampire, seemingly some kind of mutant one, and of a rather devious speciality.

"You can't be serious--all these people?" Velvet cringed, even though the very white teeth and smile of the very large man had made it hard to look away. Realizing what he was doing, Velvet began to marshall their own positive emotions again, standing up straight again and trying to walk /towards/ Sunshine now, more to try and distract them--they had no hands raised or weapons drawn.

"Well what's not working for you? There's something you want..." Velvet was empathetic, to a high degree--supernaturally so, trying to find another angle of attack here, so to speak.

"I want something new, something special" His words worm in and out of the brain like a snake his motions unnatural inhuman as he leans from one side to the other his body shifting in a way that's simply wrong in every way. He doesn't seem to disturbed by the ability of Velvet to resist his abilities instead seeming more intrigued. "Something that puts records in shops, people in seats."

"Something one in a million." Every word bounds and dances off of his lips as magic even as he motions for his geisha to rise to a stand in the oft chance he needs defending. He locks eyes with Velvet speaking calmly. "I want the next superstar."

"You want the next superstar?" Velvet looked up at the man, or rather--tried to track him--the way he was shifting around from side to side almost made the man seem like a cobra, swaying side to side as it entranced it's prey. A very large, white-suited cobra, that is.

"Then you clearly have no where else to look than here," Velvet has an idea, they just hope this will work--trying to work to cancel out the man's glamour with his own--as they turn and cast it out on the crowd.

"Do you hear me people? Do you want to have a good time?" Velvet can make his voice carry without the use of a microphone, thankfully, they are used to doing stage plays, after all--where indoor voice meant something in a greater magnitude. They were trying to draw some sort of desire energy from them by getting them riled up himself--a sneaky tactic...

The crowd feel the waves of energy coming over them and after being so emotionally drained for so long they flock to the warm energy that emanates from Velvet. They bein to awake from their stupor moving forward towards the energy though the armed guards keep them mostly in line. It's a strange sight their faces lit with joy for the first time in a long time.

Sunshine turns his eye to the crowd seeing them lift their heads to the sound. There's a pause before he slinks back behind his geisha who stand between himself and Velvet. He's planning something of his own.

"That's right, lets hear it--" Velvet basks in the energy that's cycling through the crowd and back to him, apparently whatever gambit he's tried here has worked out--however minorly. It also reinvigorates the bat-eared entertainer, as it turns out, turning and peering at Sunshine.

"If you want to find something, you best try to achieve it on your own, my dear--trying to wring it out of people isn't the way to do it, believe me--I know," Velvet sighs and tries to make some sense to Sunshine--though they might not be in a condition to listen, at least at the moment.

"Also, I apologize not dressing better for the occasion, here--if I knew I was going to be on stage I'd have at least done my makeup," he winks.

The people demand a show, and it's a show that they seem to be getting as they come to their senses, but sunshine? He's no longer where he once was. How do you loose someone like him anyway? He's just there one moment and gone the next like the tub of lard hadn't been standing there just a moment prior.

Out of sight and out of mind Sunshine limps along a darkened hallway followed by his personal security. His cane hits the ground one thump after another as he moves through the darkness the sounds of joy and cheering up above rattling out as he limps his way ever further through the darkness.

"If you want to sit down we can talk and maybe help--" Velvet blinks, as somehow a man /that large/ has managed to disappear. It isn't a short time later that Velvet realizes how exactly he did it--what old stage handlers called a 'vampire', literally a flexible trap door used to slip out from beneath an actor accompanied by a little pryotechnic smoke to facilitate an actor literally 'disappearing' off the stage...

Meanwhile, Velvet has to think instead about how all the men with AK-47s that are locked and loaded and ready to go.

"No encore--sorry gentlemen!" dodging bullets does have the benefit of getting the adrenaline back, however--which is at least enough to raise the spirits again after Sunshine's crushing attack...

Both appear to be exiting now, stage left.

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