Abigail - Burnin' Winter Nights

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Description: K' is simply relaxing and minding his own business - which naturally means its time for Abigail to dispense with some words of wisdom! Naturally fists and fire start flying.

A wandering soul can find comfort in the strangest of places.

While there isn't much to actually /be/ comfortable about in Southtown when you're a renegade, small vices can be attained through simple meandering and investigation into spaces most wouldn't think to go.

This... is honestly probably why a certain Beast of Prey has found himself in a rather strange area of town. Not unfamiliar by any means, but certainly not where most could expect him...

If they did in fact expect him at all.

In a sprawling land heaping with junk, specifically with broken cars, busted parts, and all sorts like this, the silver-haired man has taken residence in a sheltered sort of space between a severely bent passenger door and a stack of worn tires. Cladded in leather, his lean frame is sprawled out along a seat that has been separated from its original place, left to sit alone amongst the organized mess.

One may think it strange for K' to lounge around here, arms propped up behind his head, ankles slightly crossed as he dozes in the mid afternoon sun.

Except, well, this junkyard is familiar to him.

Or, rather... the owner of said junkyard is.

So perhaps it isn't such a weird occurrence that he is spending such a lovely afternoon lazing about like a cat in the bathing sunlight. After all, without much to do aside from probably finding a way to make some cash, the stolen-flamewielder is not hard up on keeping a schedule of sorts.

Likely much to Maxima's irritation.

Ah, whatever. The ol' sap can suck it up for another fucking day or two.

And so, there he is. Enjoying the warm afternoon, tucked up between the two shabby car parts, without a care in the world. What a nice life.

Ah yes. Abigail's Scrap Metal. A certified landmark location here in the tourist trap that is the Bay Area of Metro City. The legendary car modding and mechanic shop run by a man considered to have a practical genius level intellect when it comes to machine work and revving cars - and even occasional super weapons - up to the maximum horse power that they can achieve. The reviews don't lie!

6 Out of 5 Stars! I came in to dispute my bill the other day with this really hot chick and I think I caught sight of the owner! Some big time league champion! He crushed an engine block between his hands and suddenly everything was alright!

5 out of 5 Stars! I came back in because my car was making too much noise after the last visit. This HUGE guy punched a hole through my hood and ripped out a bunch of parts. A few hours later and I go from 0 to 80 so quickly I can't control my car!

And so on and so on. Needless to say, Abigail is a busy man and such activity has little room for laziness during the middle of a work day. THus, as K' enjoys his afternoon sunning a great rumbling shadow begins to fall over him. The ground shakes. Rumbling with the kaiju-esque force of the superhuman hot-rodders approach. The smell of grease and oil wafts through the air and a groaning of metal as the colossus looms into view like a stormcloud boiling over the skies. Abigail stands there, the frame of an entire propped across his monstrous shoulders and his welding mask pulled down over his face. Clothes shredded and smeared with oils and who knows what else.

"Hey..HEY! What're you lazing around here for!?"

Ah, yes.

A blissful warm day can never stay just that, can it?

Much like the cat that is victim to the harassment of their owner upon their noticing that an activity such as casual sunbathing is occurring, therefore needing to be disturbed, K' can only attempt to ignore the rumbling that steadily increases as it draws near.

Perhaps it'll turn in another direction...

Except, it doesn't. Cool.

A looming shadow now overhangs, blocking out the bright rays of sunshine that had been baking into his tanned skin. Even though his eyes are closed, there is no mistaking the lack of warmth that'd been bathing his eyelids. Without his sunglasses, it isn't much trouble to open his eyes, but with the booming familiar voice shouting overtop of him now, the desire to even look at the source isn't even there really.

"Does it matter? Not like I fuckin' work for you." Jeez, lay off the boss attitude. Can't a dude just hang out in a space without someone interrogating him on what his agenda is?

Baby blues peel open slowly now so that they may gaze up at Abigail, albeit rather unimpressed. Dark form-fitting leather creaks as his lean frame rises halfway, his red-cladded hand reaching to the midpoint where the zipper meets the broad of his chest. Hanging there are the aforementioned sunglasses to which he plucks them off to position them over his face, providing the shading he's missing now that the mechanic is standing in his way. Disgruntled, the Beast of Prey lounges back, with both arms up so that his hands may provide him with something of a pillow to the back of his silver head.

"I'm not causing any issues, so what's the problem?"

"No. You DON'T work for me..which makes you an extra bit of content that's taking up space on my property without actually contributin' anything to justify the space its taking up!"

Abigail reaches up with a free hand to lift his welding mask up to reveal his oh-so-lovable (except not really) scowling pitbull like face. "I already deal with the likes of J, Axl and Two-P just loungin' around instead of doing their damn jobs..and I pay them! You and yer boy are just slummin'!"

Truth be told, he's just being grumpy and grouchy. Abigail has, in recent months, seen the loss of his championship belt, losses in Saturday Night Fight participations..and whats worse...a slowing down of business. That last bit being the most aggravating of things even if completely and wholly unrelated to the rest..but it makes the brute that much more likely to find the nearest thing to take his wrath out on. Fortunantely for K'..Abigail also knows K' can simply light him on fire which means the abuse is limited to verbal for now unlike his fellow former Mad Gear.

"You got all that firepower in you. Mix it with some decent horsepower and you should be doin' more then just sleepin' all day."

If there is anything to be learned about someone like K', it is that he often does not take lectures all that lightly. In that, he would rather smash the person's face in and be done with the conversation over being told what to do.

However, it is to the fortune of a very, /very/ small group of lucky souls who don't immediately face such punishment.

Up until recently, only his cyborg companion really fit in that exclusive circle. Maxima stood as the lone being who managed to encroach enough of the borders of the renegade's patience and trust that most things deemed unacceptable on behalf of anyone else gets mostly erased.

The other, now, was the big oaf standing in the way of his sunshine.

Thanks to their time in the King of Fighters tournament, respect had been earned and therefore the private circle of K''s somewhat close acquaintances (or something) wordlessly had been expanded.

Thus, it is probably the sole reason why the silver-haired fighter isn't on his feet, already slamming a burning fist into the middle of Abigail's face.

How nice for him.

Despite this, there is no point in denying the fact that he absolutely doesn't care about what's being dished out at him right now. Clearly, someone has a lot going on, and K', being the dick that he is, simply rolls his eyes behind the sunglasses before plucking the frame between two digits. Lifting them just so baby blues can peer out from underneath, he goes on to say: "Then get Maxima to do some work. He's Canadian; they're supposed to be all nice and shit." The shades are returned to being shields for his eyes as he lounges back once again, perfectly content to continue sunbathing the rest of the afternoon away.

If the brute would just move over... two inches? It'd be perfect.

"He's Canadian? Huh." Clearly the subject of Maxima's place of origin has never come up before, despite the two having fought together and against one another before. You learn something new every day!

"ANyway, Maxima aint here. You are. I'll take care o'him soon enough. "

The fact that his words have just rolled off of K' with about all of the effectiveness of a passing breeze isn't lost on the huge man and he grunts and turns slightly, moving just enough to step to the side, though doing so unwittingly, and allowing some of that blessed sun to grace K' again. It's almost as if he's about to leave and let the man enjoy his lounging around after al--

Ah, no nevermind. The sun vanishes again as Abigail turns and rumbles out, "I'm just sayin' I could figure out a way to use that fire of yours to really make some things happen but it aint much good if you're just takin' up space..."

Abigai pauses and reaches up to rub his jaw in thought, "I keep gettin' saddled with you fire wieldin' folk. What gives with that! First that guy with a sword tha tlooked like a dang zippo lighter.. and then that stupid SNF match that had me balanced on a speedin' car fightin' some other fire wieldin' dude...and now you guys.. Though..come to think of it.. That one fire guy...huh..I guess he does make me think a little of you. Same bad attitude. You got a brother somewhere?"

It would be a lie if I said that K' didn't wish for the company of his companion right about now.

Maybe he'd be able to avoid this whole mess of a conversation and just pawn it off on Maxima, who would likely offer his services as previously stated, because the dude is a nice guy or some shit. Judging from this simple idle chit-chat, there can be no doubting the renegade's lack of people skills, or even the interest in engaging with others. If anything, this is just a huge inconvenience to the point of /relaxing/, which he very much is not doing now.

And just when he thinks maaaaaybe peace will return, with the tricklings of sunlight encroaching on his face...

Nope. The big oaf is at it again.

This time, an irritated sigh actually emits past his lips. It cannot be helped; whatever Abigail thinks his power could be helpful for, it likely would be a tedious task. It's not as if he is terribly familiar with tickering, so working in a junkyard seems completely not ideal. The prospect of making money? That is a little different, and if discussing that suggestion would get the guy out of his face, then he was about ready to commence to it, albeit with an unhidden sense of frustration. Maybe that'll make this end quicker.

But then, a ramble begins, and automatically, the wandering criminal doesn't care. Chalk it up to the fact that there are many flamewielders in the world, some of which didn't have the choice in being such, and that most of them are probably just as hot-headed as he is. Personalities that are just not a joy to deal with sometimes.

And it seems the wrestler has something to say about that.

To the point that it nearly has the Beast of Prey prickling like a disturbed cat, with hairs standing on all ends as he rises to his feet.

As he raises to his full height, he sits about two feet shorter than Abigail, with piercing blue eyes gazing out from over the rim of his shades. Brows knitting tightly over his forehead, hidden by a silver brush of hair, K''s lip curls up in clear disdain for the mere implication that is being put forth here. Obviously, he does not like being compared to others, not in any sense of the word. And especially NOT to the source of his seemingly accursed power.

Besides - the whole of the thing is complicated, and it is not something he is willing to get into in any capacity.

"Fuck no," he growls out. "I'm the only one like me, so you better get that straight before I teach it to you." Yikes. That comment clearly didn't make him happy! Though, he'd rather not fight someone considered to be an ally, so...

A red-cladded hand curls around the hem of his pants pocket, the friction of the two materials creaking as they come together with one hanging off the other. "I don't do favours for free, so if you want me to work, you better pay me. Otherwise, I'm gonna keep doin' what I'm doin' here."

Now Abigail is an oaf. He's a muscled behemoth that seems to have a one track mind. He's brutish. But he's also shrewd, He also has a wit about him and he can be quick with his tongue. And so...he knew what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing and he can't help but grin lightly at K' as he reacts and even threatens him. The aura of intimidation is familiar to him but this is a brute that has traded verbal barbs with the like of Juri and Akuma. The man has guts and pride and is powerful enough to be a threat...or at the very least withstand the beatings he often incurs.

"Yeah, yeah." he rumbles, dismissively..waving a huge hand though his idle movements cause his muscles to bulk and pull visibly. Straining his garments and his flesh like the movements of farm animals fighting for room under his flesh. "Cool yer jets. I'm just teasing you. Can't you tell yet? M'sarcasm is my wit.."

He unshoulders the metallic hulk he'd been carrying, hefting it infront of his torso with a big, albiet 'slasher' like, grin. "If yer paid for it then it aint a favour, now is it? Anyway..your control over your flames probably aint fine tuned enough for what I need. A blast o'TNT going off aint gonna help me with trying to weld something but maybe if you can get yer flames hot enough..." his voice trails off, considering the potential shaping of metal and other materials that could happen.

"Anyway, fine. Lounge and waste yer time then."

There's a terrible crunching and scrunching sound. A whine of metal and a groan of plastics as the metallic hulk in his arms is compressed and smashed together like an accordion. The giants huge hands crushing it as if were little more then a wet paper bag. "...I'll think of something eventually.."

As if this whole thing isn't already annoying enough as it is...

The mere implication that Abigail has the gaul to bring up something rather sensitive - albeit a fact that is quite unknown to him - without landing a fist to the jaw really demonstrates the nature of how the renegade tends to treat the folk he is friendly towards.

That is, if you can even call it friendly.

If anyone outside the inner circle had the balls to bring up his inability to fully control his power, he'd be concerned. That information isn't widely known, and generally earns a rather violent response in return. What would /they/ know about a bloodline power bestowed upon a person who very much is not part of the lineage?

Can only serve to try and harm him. Plain and simple.

Right now, though?

Yeah, K' is irritated, and yet... no fists are flying! Wow!

Instead, the mighty Beast of Prey remains planted where he stands. Tongue audibly clicking against the back of his teeth, the post of his neck rotates round from shoulder to shoulder, eliciting a satisfying crack. The weight of his head shifts side to side once it reaches his opposite deltoid, to which a slow and impatient wisp of breath emits through rows of teeth out past his lips. What can't be seen while this is commencing is the incredibly hard eye roll K' is performing just specially for Abigail.

Eventually though, his head settles low so that baby blues may peer up with wolfish intention over the rim of dark sunglasses. All to convey one single tidbit of non-verbal attitude to the great oaf: fucking /really?/

Consider yourself fortunate not to get set on fire there, dude!

And anyway, regardless of what the mechanic says, no amount of words could push him in one direction or another. Which means, as he is crushing this mass of metallic substance, the wanted criminal simply retreats to the comfort of the nook he'd previously been perched in moments before this lousy conversation began.

"Yeah, you fuckin' /do/ that," the brash fighter says with no shying away from sarcastic wit that seeps into every corner of his rugged voice. Hands return to cradling his silver head, but only after one of them is used to shoo the brute out of the prime real estate the bright sunshine of the day attempts to offer his spot. "Move it. You're in the fuckin' way."


Abigail's rumbling response, as unintelligble sounding as it is, is pretty much all he can get out before going into stunned shock at the words uttered in his direction. Blessed silence follows after as if the giants internal processing systems were struggling with an answer to his unusual predicament and bizarre set of circumstances. He seems to have been locked into a fugue state. Why?

Simple really. Nobody talks to Abigail like that.

And perhaps that is a bit of an exagerration. Some people have. Some have tried. For most, the results are less then satisfactory.

And then the systems reboot. His operating system fires up again and his body begins turning a beet red as his muscles begin visibly creaking up in size, larger and larger and steam starts to emit from his ears and nostrils.

And The Superhuman Hot Rodder does move. He moves his foot. His leg kicks out, lunging forward and up like a sequioa that just decided to start rolling down a mountain side. His massive work boot lunges for the underside of K's makeshift couch with enough force to kick the hulk of an abandoned car into the air and send it spiraling end over end away from him as he shoots for a distant pile of tires. Probably more by chance of the direction he's standing in as kicking everything towards a wall would have suited him just fine.

"You think you can lounge around in my place o'business and talk to ME like THAT?!" He thunders, not caring if K' is airborne with the rest of the things or not. "I'M the CHIEF around here!"

Maybe on some level he expected this.

Most people, even those closest to him, don't always respond well to everything he says. Which, obviously? That kind of makes sense. Not everyone is just going to roll over and take an asshole's verbal beating without some backlash.

So, uh... yeah.

As Abigail begins to unleash a massive boot upon the innocent car wreck K' has taken root upon, the renegade shifts out of the way before he can become part of the wreckage. His lean frame rolls into a small nook between the two junky messes, allowing his own leather shoes to find purchase on the dirt. Up he gets, just out of reach of the now soaring hunks of metal, and he pauses for good measure to watch this occur.

Turning onto the big brute, upper lip curled in a silent snarl. Did this guy seriously intend to fight him, or perhaps to startle him out of his reverie?

"I already told you: if you want someone to work, ask that scrap metal cyborg..." the silver-haired fighter's voice trails as the whole of his body faces the great mechanic. A gloved hand with palm outstretched offers itself to Abigail, but the gesture is not a friendly one.

If anything, it means business.

And K' proves this so as a gathering of flame ignites. The heat encircles the entirety of his hand, burning at a temperature that currently cannot be felt. With a skulking posture and a wolfish bow of his head, he seems all but eager to actually engage in a fight if he doesn't have to. "Don't get me wrong," he begins again, nearly spitting the word towards the earth. "I'm grateful for you helpin' us out, but I ain't gotta take /shit/ from you. You wanna know how hot my flames can get?" That flaming hand beckons Abigail forth. "Come find out."

Unfortunantely for...himself..Abigail has rolled one too many times with some of the most powerful in the professional fighting community. And made a sizable impression on them - which one might suggest -is- a good thing as perhaps it is a reputation well earned.

It does mean that he's never properly been able to gauge when he's in over his head until it's too late...but it also means that one would be wise to not underestimate him either. Not everyone can -lose- to Geese Howard and Rugal still be offered a job by them both due to their impressions of the fight..or survive a match with the likes of Juri and leave them simply wanting more later.

Maybe that last one is less then ideal but one does not have repeat encounters with Juri usually.

Either way, the flames here are seen as an invite, not a reason to back down and the giant reaches up and yanks off the remains of his shredded tee shirt and then pulls loose his welding mask to send it hurtling away, revealing his snarling junkyard dogesque visage and his tossled, messy mohawk as if his hair itself was speaking to how angry he is.

"Yer the one yappin' like a chihuahua! I would have left you alone until you disrespected me! You think I don't know flames? Yer talkin' to the superhuman hot rodder! Let's see how hot yer engines get before overheating!"

He laces his fingers together and cracks his knuckles, producing a sound like tree trunks splintering as he begins walking forward and grinning. "Vroooom!!"

COMBATSYS: Abigail has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          0/-------/-------|

Trading blows with the likes of Abigail is not exactly something K' had on his bucket list of things to do today.

It's not like he doesn't know what the brute is capable of, having fought valiantly with him at his side. As such, the awareness that this engagement likely isn't going to be the most thrilling thing to partake in, perhaps on some level, the renegade deserves a little correction.

Sometimes, though, he probably really should keep his damn mouth shut.

... This is probably why Maxima is his buffer, as sad as it is to say.

That also doesn't mean that this is any less tedious, even if he is pretty well asking for it. Hasn't he learned that attitude honestly gets him nowhere most of the time?

Hah. Of course he hasn't. I hope you didn't expect anything else.

Bright flames smoulder, encircling the red-cladded glove that contains the stolen powers of the Kusanagi bloodline. It burns hot, though the temperature itself is not something he can feel nor control, a fact he is unwilling to utter just now. The accursed elemental power is not something he wishes to discuss often, rather to use it to get himself out of sticky situations...

Much like this one.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," K' growls, the hollow of his voice vibrating broadly within his chest. Standing poised, he cocks his head to the left, cracking it just once more, before returning it to his usual skulking posture. A gesture of nonchalance. "I better not hear you whining when you get third-degree burns."

COMBATSYS: K' has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
K'               0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Abigail

He may be bull headed and too aggressive for his own good -- but Abigail is no fool. Once the their team had been formed it became quickly apparent who the prize horse in that race was and it sure wasn't him or Maxima. They did their part, of course, but K' quickly made it clear exactly what he had to offer and as such deep in his mind, Abigail is busy groaning and going, 'Ugh..here we go again'.

But he manages a mean poker face. "Yeah, yeah. You think I aint dealt with this before? All the crap that folk out there throw around? Satso-whatsits and Hadou-whodunnit and whatever crazy nonsense those idiots whip out like it's some friggen Star Trek episode?"

He suddenly springs, the very ground shaking and cracking from the force of his forward lunge and a plume of dust kicking up behind him as he bears down on K' like a thundering semi-truck cab.

"I aint got time for that! Just pure horsepower, baby!"

His gigantic hand lunges out, seeking to try and snatch K' up and curl him towards Abigail's body in a sudden grab while his other hand lifts up and, if his grab is successful, balls into a huge fist. A fist which then allows a single finger to flick out as the sheer potential of the giants inexplicable strength makes itself known by means of a finger flick that would seemingly hit with the force of a battering ram and could potentially send opponents hurtling away on impact.

COMBATSYS: K' blocks Abigail's Red Leaf.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
K'               0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Abigail

Yadda, yadda.

If K' rolled his eyes any harder, he'd probably be dead.

Even as Abigail advances forth, the huge loafing body storming towards him, the renegade doesn't move. Despite all knowledge that the mechanic can hit harder than a semi-truck, he isn't intimidated by the prospect. If anything, he can tank it, though that certainly doesn't mean he intends to do so. He isn't some bowling pin waiting to be knocked away by the hefty ball threatening to barrel him through.

A mitt thrusts out, meant to pluck him fresh from where he stands. Aware that this would, likely, be unideal in the way of having to be in close quarters with a wrestling-type, he would be severely put at a disadvantage. The grab falls short of it's aim, for the Beast of Prey swiftly bats the advancement away with a burning palm, effectively knocking Abigail away from him. This doesn't come without consequence, however, simply for the fact that the meaty hand attempting to take hold of him does carry weight. The angle isn't great, so it does smart at his wrist a little from the impact, but nothing more - and certainly nothing he can't ignore.

"The fuck you going on about?" spits K' as he rears around, his posture falling back into the lackadaisical, almost bored hunch that he so often carries. With the red-cladded fist tightly balled at his side, the flames engulfing it roar slightly. The intensity seems to be turning up, if anyone is to gauge it from outer appearances. A swirl of hot energy embodies the wandering criminal, warming the length of his arm, as if he is starting to dial things up to ten.

Waiting... for just the right moment.

COMBATSYS: K' gathers his will.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
K'               0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0          Abigail

"Ugh. Why're you so grumpy all of the time!" is Abigail's retort. He's not exactly surprised that his attempt at snatching K' up didn't work but he's still mildly annoyed. Still, K' has somehow managed to outdo him in inherent grouchiness though..really who can blame him given the absurdity of this situation.

When K' fails to counter his assault though, Abigail squints his eyes and peers at the outlaw with an intense gaze as if attempting to ascertain just what is coming next. Besides the obvious that is.

"Have a little fun!" he finally retorts before lunging forward once again, charging at K' with earth stomping steps that seem to increase in force and intensity with each step. A constant barrage of *BOOMS* shaking the walls and windows of his own business as he looms in, twists at the last minute, and then sends a single fist blasting forward at his fire wielding opponent, "KABOOM!"

COMBATSYS: K' interrupts Dynamite Punch from Abigail with Knee Assault EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
K'               0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0          Abigail

Isn't /that/ the question of the century?

If K' wasn't so fucking annoyed, it's possible he'd laugh. After all, with everything that has happened to him, you'd probably be grumpy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Most people likely can oversee the trauma of their past, or at least work through it to some extent.

This explosive renegade, though?

He uses it as /fuel/.

Energized only by way of his irritation, he pushes through the absolute nonsense this scenario has become. Not one to fight people he considers allies, this actually serves to piss him off further. Most of the folk that are thought to be close to him know he finds great inconvenience in fighting, only using it as a means to maintain his lifestyle, and while this situation could easily be slotted under that ideology, that doesn't make this whole fighting-Abigail-thing any less frustrating to deal with. This 'tremendous nuisance' is made known through body language, read through both his steadily growing aggression and the obvious disinterest in participating in any of this crap. Despite himself, however, he readies that flaming fist, preparing for any incoming rushes that are in store for him.

The wrestler tosses in some advice, all of which is swiftly ignored for the time being, as he bursts into K''s personal space a little quicker than can be expected of a man of his size. Steeling himself, the massive hand descending upon him is met not with the smoldering fist that is held at his side. Instead, the lean fighter launches himself forwards, colliding the top of his knee into the underside of Abigail's thick wrist, knocking the punch entirely off trajectory.

Wherever it means to land, it finds a different space all together, in that it grazes over his shoulder through the momentum, biting leather and the jagged metal of his zipper teeth into the side of his neck. It stings, and as he settles himself back down on the earth, fingertips touch at the mark left in the wave of the assault. A slight cut leaves subtle blood drops on his fingertips that get wiped away on a pantleg as he sinks into a rather defensive stance, arms raised, fists barred.

"I ain't interested in fun, dickwad."

The lack of true contact is frustrating. Moreso the stinging counter assault that throws the giant off, sending his fist off target and a shock of pain into his wrist.

But even MORESO is K's own attitude and obvious frustration at this situation. Which..perhaps is understandable..but there is another perspective to this as well.

"Don't go given me those belly aches -now- K'. We wouldn't be tusslin' like this if YOU hadn't mouthed off!" Which only happened due to Abigail's own persistence at bothering K'...

Which wouldn't have happened if K' wasn't just lounging around on Abigail's property..but whose counting. Either way, the goliath doesn't see this as 'fighting allies' as much as asserting perspective..and probably practice as well. There is that.

"So if you're -going- to do it..then throw yourself into it and DO IT!"

He lunges in again, twisting into a spiralling movement that sends his body at K' almost like a wrecking ball. A colossal arm whips around as he spins, going into a full rotation that aims for K's body in a massive back swing that, if it connects, will lift the young roughneck into the air, and causing him to risk being struck a second time by Abigail's continued movement as he comes out of the spin with a follow up uppercut. "VROOOM!"

COMBATSYS: K' endures Abigail's Abi Twist.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
K'               1/----===/=======|======-\-------\0          Abigail

More lecturing advice. Now Abigail was starting to sound like Maxima, for shit's sake.

Man, what a pain in the ass.

If only his partner in arms was here half an hour ago, then neither of them would be in the mess they're in right now. The cyborg would be off helping the shop owner with whatever needs done, and K' could be left to his lounging and lazy sunbathing.

Oh, if only.

"I already told you: I ain't gotta take crap from you!" he shouts, as if that would reinforce this fact. As if actions aren't proving it enough, do words really need to be spoken again? Probably not, but he does so anyway, if only to convey just how fucking annoyed he is by this whole charade.

And even still, Abigail is moving swiftly.

In a hefty lunge, the brute flies towards him again, twisting, turning, behaving like the mass that he is in order to use the weight to his advantage. Knowing full-well this isn't going to feel great, the renegade steels himself. His body withdraws in, tight, as if to make himself appear bigger than he actually is. Ready for impact, he embraces the onslaught of the first hit.

The blow does cause him to stumble back, though somewhat gracefully despite himself, as he attempts to keep himself earthbound. Arms and shoulders ache from the brutal implosion of the first swing, and unfortunately, his defenses crumble slightly to allow room for that uppercut to interweave through the open space between his arms. It lands square on the underside of his jaw, knocking him back and nearly down. The grip of his boots catches the dirt, causing K' to skid until he stops, upper hunched over torso and thighs. Heaving breaths.

For a moment, this is where he remains paused. There's even a dramatic moment where a glob of crimson spittle shoots from his mouth, pooling into the sand. But when his gaze finally lifts...

A wolfish grin has peeled his handsome face apart. Fierce blue eyes peer out from overtop the sunglasses.

The earlier threat of allowing Abigail the pleasure of feeling /just/ how hot his flames are lingers at the tip of his tongue, but the silver-haired fighter feels no need to vocalise it.

Instead, he's suddenly gone from sight.

Into thin air he disappears, translocating himself for a split second until he arrives behind Abigail. Red gauntleted hand flexes dramatically, and in the seconds after, bright hot flames erupt all around the wrestler. They serve to sear, to burn, with tremendous power reserved for just this moment.

COMBATSYS: Abigail Toughs Out K''s Crimson Star Road!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
K'               0/-------/-----==|=======\====---\1          Abigail

"Woo! This is a dead heat!"

He truly did not expect that last blow to land at all and was mainly attempting to use it to push the outlaw off balance..but he'll take it! He's even more impressed by the fact that K' manages to stay upright! A feat that is considerable considering he's facing a man that uses Tractor Wheels as punching bags. "Man..you really were our prize horse in KOF, eh??"

He thunders forward after K', moving into another ready position even as K' recoils and recovers.

It's that wolfish grin that slows him abit though. Abigail's eyes widen a touch before rumbling out, "Now we're talking! Smile!"

And then his entire world fills with flame. He was truthful when speaking to his encounters with Sol Badguy and Kyo. He's experienced supernatural firepower before. But..that doesn't make it hurt any less and the giant lets out a roaring, "Auogh!" as the inferno rips around him and scorches the ground, leaving an Abigail shaped spot on the ground behind him from where the flames blacken the earth behind him save for the portions fully absorbed by his body.

But a sudden rumbling flex and a rocking of the earth and the giant blasts forward through the fire, trailing flames and his body a burning beet red, not just from K's ravaging fires but from his own internal heat boiling up and blasting steam from nostrils and ears. He raises his gigantic arms upwards, seemingly swelling in size as he cries out, "Oh yeah! Let's take it to the REDLINE!"

And with that he suddenly comes charging forward, pressing ahead with a lurching lunge that sends him seemingly sliding across the ground with all the grace of a bus with its brakes cut. It's a simple assault really, just literally trying to slam his body full power into K's with building shaking force.

COMBATSYS: K' dodges Abigail's Metro City Crash.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
K'               0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          Abigail

Well. Perhaps he's a little cocky.

There certainly is no denying the fact that he has power. Tremendous power. Even he doesn't know the full limits of the stolen flames, aside from the reality he faces of how detrimental it is to the wielder.

At least, anyone who isn't part of the bloodline.

A strength he despises, but possesses nonetheless, and is using it to drive home some stupid point with Abigail here about being able to lounge around like a cat in the sun. Such silly things, when you think about it, but for K'? Sometimes, that's just a part of life.

And so, he watches as the wrestler is engulfed in searing hot flames. Probably being roasted like a fresh ham over a barbeque, so to speak. Adjusting his sunglasses, the renegade is pissing about, and honestly had very little desire to continue on with this nonsensical fight. He /could/ walk away right now, and has been very seriously debating it.

That is, until a fiery Abigail comes racing from the walls of bright orange flame.

Swiveling slightly, silver strands trickling over the rim of his shades, he observes the incoming attack almost... boredly. The thunderous stamps of his opponent's feet come closer and closer, shaking the ground almost violently upon his arrival.

And what does K' do?

He waits until the last moment before side-stepping entirely out of the way, wholly missing the body slam that Abigail had in store for him. Fair head cocking slightly to the side, he sniffs the air briefly, then shoves both hands into his pants pockets. Without much of a word otherwise, he abruptly turns, back facing the oaf...

And then he starts to walk away?!

"I'm over this shit." This is what he announces as he begins to create some distance from his ally. "Maxima'll come do whatever shitty task you have. I'm outta here."

COMBATSYS: K' takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
K'               0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          Abigail

It's probably questionable if Abigail even -heard- K' over the din caused by his total whiff and follow up crash into a pile of tires and automotive parts. The material goes flying in every direction, smashing away into the exterior wall of his shop and slamming violently into other abandoned wrecks nearby. For his part, Abigail manages to stay upright and skid to a stop although he grimaces at the damage to his own property and just fumes even moreso before finally registering exactly what K' is doing.

"Wha? What the!?"

He spins on his heels and turns, walking after K' and reaching up to pat down the remaining bits of flame here and there on his body as he approaches furiously.

"You're just gonna WALK AWAY?! What's the matter with you!?"

He comes to a stop, placing a huge fist against his waist and gesturing furiously with his other arm, "It aint even ABOUT getting you to do some work anymore. I figured that wasn't gonna happen when we got -started- talking! You think that's what this is about?? I don't -need- Maxima's help. Or -yours-. Especially yours..."

He seems poised to continue the brawl but he holds back. At the end of the day he's an oafish mechanic..not some blood thirsty berserker. If someone is actually trying to disengage he's got no reason to force the issue. And he -did- hit the guy once, so...

COMBATSYS: Abigail takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
K'               0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          Abigail

COMBATSYS: Abigail has left the fight here.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
K'               0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: K' has ended the fight here.

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