Velvet Blue - Gearing Up

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Description: Edenlith visits Velvet Blue at the underground cabaret, The Gold Lounge for some costume related help... Question is, costume for /what/?

It's a beautiful evening if you're into that sort of thing. A clear moon, a nice breeze. Perfect for a walk. Right now, Eden is not into it. She wouldn't care most of the time anyway, but tonight she needs help.

She makes her way to the Gold Lounge in a hurry, wearing her usual schoolgirl outfit. In her hands is a red and blue costume. She needs help with it... Fucking piece of crap. Why are all costumes made for big mammaries? Flat women are good women!!!

She gets to the club and makes her way inside. Once in, she looks around for Velvet. Where is he? She starts yelling, "VELVET!" as she moves quickly from room to room until she finds him

Once she does find him, she grabs one of his wrists or at least tries to. "Help me now!" She orders him like he certainly has nothing more important to do than helping her with whatever problem she is having right now. She looks at him, costume on her free arm.

Velvet Blue, as he is called, is currently kicking back in the VIP sitting area at the cloistered corner of the club, behind the curtained off area with the blue and red velvet sofas--which he's currently sitting sideways on and got their feet up. Startled out of the reverie or moment that they were having, they rather ungracefully roll off the side of the sofa and nearly spill the drink they had on the nearby coffee table, lifting themselves off the floor with an unamused look on their face, casting their eyes over to the entrance. It's only a moment they later they realize who the voice belongs to--and scramble to their feet, fixing their hair back in the process.

"Oh what joyous occasion brings you back to my establishment, Miss... 'Lith?" he's wearing a rather casual outfit of close-fitting long-sleeved shirt, denim cutoffs and a pair of black tights, as well as slippers. Yes that's right, they like to lounge around in the... lounge.

When 'Lith grabs his wrist, he'll go wide eyes a moment, raising a brow, raising his other black-nailed hand to try and calm her.

"Hey hey--don't worry--what do you need help with, is someone after you...?" his yellow eyes then alight on the costume. Mmm... interesting already~

She idly wonder why he looks more feminine and curvy than she does, basically at all time. Truth be told, she didn't hate that body. It was great to fight in, and she could do great things with it. She is simply not very curvy compared to most other girls, except for the prepubertal girls.

Now coming back to reality. It didn't take long at all, as to be able to move super fast, she had to be able to think super fast as well. She looks at the comforting gesture from Velvet and looks almost touched until he asks her if someone is after her. At that moment, she bursts out laughing. "If someone is after me, I maim them or something. Be serious. I have this costume, but it doesn't fit very nicely, because I am supposed to have balloons on my chest! You're the most feminine person I know. Help me!" She smiles at him, and with her free hand, she brings the costume to his face because let's face it, Edenlith lacks in manners.

It's true that Vel probably keeps their hair, eyebrows, and whatnot all much more meticulously trimmed and styled, so that might account for some of these differences. Or maybe Vel just had that kind of figure--truth be told, there had to be /some/ kind of reason why his former captor had chosen him, after all. Perhaps that was what Lith was seeing.

"Oh! I see--is this something you're looking to wear to a Halloween party?" he thinks about it a moment, then frowns. "Or are you needing to use it for Midnight Channel?" he lightly grins a little, a plan is forming here, it would appear.

"And I am, aren't I? hmm..." he reaches over to take the costume from her, superwoman, it would appear, he notes silently--before idly turning it this way and that in front of her.

"I think I can probably help, if you want."

emit She saw that in him, she saw something else as well. For some reason, she came to him for help. The way she came in, she wouldn't have stopped until she had found him.

"It's for a fight I will have soon, against Hulk Hogan!" She explains to Velvet, confirming it's for the midnight channel. Hopefully, the person she was fighting would not be the real Hulk Hogan but someone else in disguise.

" That's why we would make a good couple. You're a good curvy girl. I am a nasty boy." She grins after that. It was hard to know if she was teasing him or being serious at this point.

When he says he can help her if she wants, she looks at him in disbelieve. "I ran her to say you had to help me. Of course, I want your help. I demand your help, and you will give it" She sticks out her tongue.

After a moment, she adds. "So now help time!" She looks at him.

"I'm gonna try and forget you said that," Velvet smirked, before turning on the heel of his slippered foot, his blue spaded tail possibly thwapping her against her legs or side, though lightly.

"Follow me," he commanded her, carrying the outfit with him and looking like some kind of strange tailor, especially as they headed to the back of the dressing room area. Down the hall and through a doorway lay the dressing rooms, and Velvet took Edenlith to one of the spares, turning a light on and bringing her to one of the desks, setting the costume down on one of the makeup tables.

"So you were saying it was a little loose around the chest? how about the hips?" he asked, getting out a length of measuring tape, and trying to guide her towards the mirror and lights around it to check her over. Ostensibly, he's going to try and take her measurements, (Giggity.)

"You will try, but it will keep coming back to your mind until it consumes you one day." She sort of giggles, but she manages to make it a bit menacing.

She follows him not far behind, keeping relatively close to him, observing him. She follows him all the way to the dressing room he chooses, looking around. She had never gone in such a dressing room before. it was a bit alien to her.

"It's loose around the chest, around the hips. I would have had better luck with a superman costume." She frowns, she just wanted to be sexy for the match. At times she needs it. Not often, but it comes to her. ".

She follows him to the mirror and extends her arms in the 'T' position. At the moment, she was cooperating. But it could change on a dime.

The room is somewhat sparse, though it includes the usual things--there's a few lockers on one side of the room, with what looked like a few costume pieces sticking out of them--a spare high heel lying around along with a bra here and there. There was also a nearby which Vel started taking out what looked like ladies' tops... but they were... made of foam? Also some vaguely tear-drop shaped pads of a similar material, in peach or yellow skintone colors.

"I think perhaps if you were wear these undernath it... and by 'underneath' I mean in your underwear, or perhaps a pair of tights, something close-fitting and flexible--it might shore up some of the space around the hips.." he dangled the pieces in front of her, nodding and gesturing with his chin for her to try slipping them on--if she had anything that might accompany them, anyway.

"Down here, see?" he gestured to the thigh area just below the waistline.

There was enough to make it a dressing room. That was enough to make Eden look. Sometimes she still has the curiosity of a child.

She raises an eyebrow when Velvet apparently gets some breasts enhancers, she looks even more curious. Looking at it more closely, she didn't think those would pass as breasts at all. She ends up raising an eyebrow.

When he explains himself, she starts to get it's not for the breasts but her hips. She was right to come to him for that. "Oooh. It's some hips stuff." She keeps watching him showing for a moment, then she snatches them from his hands. She raises her skirt, and tries to use her knives holsters tokeep them in place. She also thankfully (or not) panties on underneath the schoolgirl's skirt. She also loosened the holsters before trying to put those things on, so she didn't ruin them. "Like this?" She asks him, once she got them semi decently. It definitely wasn't optimal at the moment.

"Now this is to not say your form is uh, lacking--we're just going to give it a little help," Vel grinned, showing off those fang-like eyeteeth of his, as he blinks when Lith takes the foam pieces and tries to stuff them beneath her... holsters.

"Not quite what I meant, they'll uh, fall out if you try to keep them there, babe," he coughed a little, leaning back on the heels of his feet and gesturing to her with a finger, he'll step forward and take them before attempting to 'help' them down into the girl's underwear, y'know, if she's wearing any--this IS Lith we're talking about.

Should that be successful, he'll step back again, moving around her again and seeing how they fit before gesturing to her.

"Lose the skirt, lets try helping you into the costume," he says in a fairly casual, professional-sounding way. This was a routine thing for this business.

"My form is lacking the typical big breasted bitch with child bearing hips." Eden speaks matter of factly. "It has affected my ability to find a mate." At least that's what she thinks.

"WEll how else would I be able to keep them up there? She rolls her eyes, but then he brings his hands there. "So now I look a self service?" She had panties on, but they had seen better days. She didn't dress sexy tonight. "Oh, so I have to wear panties in the costume." Se nods her head. "ok!"

She takes the skirt off with no modestly at all, as well as her holsters too. She even kicks her shoes off, sending each of them to bang against a locker. At least she didn't aim at Velvet with them. "Do your worse." Whatever she means.

"It's true," Velvet mutters in return, agreeing with her, though in that same professional manner, with no hint of mockery or derision. "However I think this might help, otherwise I might have to take a needle and thread to that costume, which is... more work, but we have time," he directs her to start putting her legs into the costume itself, making sure the hip pads were in her clothing already--and then looking over at her, with a pair of what looked like bra cups.. though without the brassiere part--more teardrop shaped foam pads, stitched at the edges.

"They go in here," Vel made a motion of clutching at his chest with both hands, to give her the idea of where they went--he had no intentions of using hands for this part--who knew what Lith kept in there, perhaps switchblades or poison darts, or something!

She wasn't upset. She knew it was true. She knew how the world works. She didn't think she would find someone who would love her for her. She was also quite particular about who she was. Let be honest. She's hard to love as a mate, less you're into what Eden is.

"It will be fine. I will wear it once, for a fight, then back to myself. I don't think it will matter much, but I will rock the costume." She gives him what looks like a genuine smile. They were few and far between.

After that smile, she slowly puts her legs into the costume and pulls it up. She manages to pull it up to her thighs without much trouble. She then carefully, at least for her, pull it over the fake hips she now has. She then looks up at Velvet. "What do you think?"

Now there was a problem. She unbuttons her school blouse, and under there is no bra. She didn't need one usually. "Ok, I have panties, points for me, but this looks like it needs a bra. I don't have that." She looks at Velvet. "I could buy one, but could I borrow one of yours instead?" She didn't look like she had any doubts he had some bras, but at least she asked. She didn't order him to give her one.

"You tell me? does it feel less baggy in that area? filling it out more?" his eyes widened as she unbuttoned her blouse, realizing she was bra-less. "Woah there, hold on a second--peaks ahoy!" he muttered, ducking down and looking around to try and find something for her to wear--pulling on an elastic strap of a magenta underwire and lace number from one of the lockers--it was a bit more 'mature' looking, but it should probably serve. "Okay, work with me on this, honey, lets do some magic~" Vel announces, slipping around Lith to try and 'lasso' her with the elastic garment, and get it around her arms, before slipping the chest enhancing pads in. Silently, he just hopes these will be enough... Thank god it wasn't a 'PowerGirl' costume...

Once it's on and the inserts pushed in, he'll try to help her getting the rest of the costume on--zipping it up for her and seeing how things worked out in the mirror.

"It feels lots better, yes." Eden nods. She felt the costume tighter at the hips as it should be. It felt weird but nice.

She chuckles when Velvet gets aggravated or something by the lack of a bra. " I can't wear those things over the blouse. I had to open it." She watches as he finds something quickly for her. She had no objection about the model or color of it. She cooperates with him. She gets it easily on her arms when it comes that time. "Thank you. You are nice to me."

When that's done too, she works on getting the rest of the costume on. Once it is on and zipped up, it does look much better to her. She has curves now. She looks at herself in the mirror. "I look different with curves. Now you can have an eyeful" She chuckles then can't help but say. "Thank you. You have helped me. Why have you so easily? "She looks at him through the mirror."

"There we go," once it's finally zipped up, Velvet stands back and lets 'Lith show herself off in the mirror. "Now uh, we'll have to get you out of that--and find a bag for those inserts I am loaning you, okay--you just have to remember how they go on, I am supposed to be heading out for a Midnight Channel bout myself this week, so I might not be available to help you if you need to get your uh, hips or bust back on, okay?" he said this gingerly, not wanting to offend the possessed demoniac girl, at the same time make sure she knew what the plan was here.

"Well, I try to be nice to everyone, if I can help it, treat others the way you want to be treated yourself, y'know?" Velvet nods with a smile, readjusting his slippers a little bashfully.

"Because I felt like it, easy," he winks at her and moves toward the door. "You can take that off or leave it on as you go out, up to you--people just might start thinking we're doing some kind of superhero fetish night or something," he snerks.

"I will get out of it. I do not wish to parade all way back home in them. It's not the time, and it's not me." Eden says honestly before closing her eyes for a short moment.

When she opens them again, she continues speaking, answering velvet further. "I will not bother you further with this, even less so during your match. I will manage now."

She sighs a bit. "I see." She then turns and tries to kiss him on his cheek. "If you unzip me, I will get out of those, then I can be on my way, and you can go back to have a boring life." She grins at him, kidding. At least hopefully so.

"Up to you, babe--I like to give people an opportunity to show their /true/ selves," Velvet smiled, before reaching back behind her and helping to unzip the thing-and get it down and off her without tripping. "You can keep the bra, by the way, even if you don't need it--it might come in useful if you ever need to er, add some 'bounce to the ounce' there," he gestured to Lith's upper body, before waving a hand with his palm out to indicate he didn't need the article back.

"Don't worry about me, I've got plenty more around here," he winked, before blinking at the kiss--rather taken a back by it. Taken back also by the gentleness to it--Edenlith was usually a lot more... forward than that, to be fair.

"Err, uh, thank you!" he grinned, sheepishly now.

"I will get out of it. I do not wish to parade all way back home in them. It's not the time, and it's not me." Eden says honestly before closing her eyes for a short moment.

When she opens them again, she continues speaking, answering velvet further. "I will not bother you further with this, even less so during your match. I will manage now."

She sighs a bit. "I see." She then turns and tries to kiss him on his cheek. "If you unzip me, I will get out of those, then I can be on my way, and you can go back to have a boring life." She grins at him, kidding. At least hopefully so.

When Velvet has indeed unzipped her, she gets out of it and dresses back into her school uniform. "You're welcome. You owe me one." She sticks out her tongue then runs out with everything, just gone. The fact is, when she had trouble, she came to Velvet. Maybe it means something...

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