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Description: A matchup that speaks for itself, set to take place in the wrestling ring in Carnival Square at the very heart of the fairground! Hulk Hogan (played by Haggar) will face off against Supergirl (played by Edenlith) for the Midnight Carnival Championship! A packed crowd is expected for this all-ages main event! Promos optional but encouraged!



It's been a long night full of jobbers and midcarders - paid in hot dogs and promises of one day 'making it big' - beating the hell out of eachother and taking table spots, and the crowd is ready to finally see some real main eventers. Like a man wandering the desert in desperate search of an oasis, they are thirsty and looking for an actual match after so many squashes and disappointing performances.

Lucky for them, the main event is sure to be a damn slobberknocker between two titanic warriors. Blood will be spilled. Chairshots will be taken. Dimes WILL be drawn... and maybe a bit of backstage politicking with the booker, Russo or Bischoff or one of those damn rubes.

After a bit of a pause following the last match, giving the ringcrew enough time to check the ropes and sweep up a bit, the sound system suddenly begins blaring a very familiar song.

'I am a real American/
Fight for the rights of every man/
I am a real Am-'

And just like that, the babyface's theme is cut off; a black and white filter inexplicably descends over the entire arena, as the heroic anthem is replaced with a janky, distorted guitar riff. On the screen overhanging the entrance ramp, three letters appear:


After enough time for the crowd to turn from cheers to boos, three individuals step out onto the ramp from the backstage area. Cody Travers, wearing a long, flowing wig, fake goatee and a red-and-black singlet - dressed as Kevin Nash. Guy, wearing a greasy black wig and fake stubble, a toothpick dangling between his teeth - Scott Hall. And finally, the mayor of Metro City, Haggar... he's wearing all black and white, a sleeveless 'nWo' t-shirt and long tights, with a black bandana emblazoned with the word 'HOLLYWOOD' in white. He's holding a replica WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt, which he strums like a guitar as he struts towards the ring - flanked by Cody and Guy, the former getting into the show and the latter looking like he wants to crawl into a hole and be forgotten forever.

They get to the ring, ascend the steps and climb through the ropes, as Hollywood Hulk Haggar beckons for a microphone.

"Lemme tell you marks somethin'; I know you were hoping to see Hulk Haggar the babyface, the do-gooder, the American hero... well, that doesn't work for me, brother! It's Hollywood time, and all you idiots in the crowd are just gonna have to live with it, you hear me?!"

Pausing to pull the microphone away from his mouth and bask in the boos that threatened to drown out his amplified speech, Haggar looks around the audience with a smug, cocky grin on his spray-tanned face.

"You think this bothers me? You think if you boo loud enough, I'm gonna start talkin' about stayin' in school and eatin' your vitamins and being a good citizen? Well think again: we've already got your money from the gate, and Hollywood Haggar has already cashed his cheque, boys and girls. This isn't the old days where you get a good guy and a bad guy tradin' headlocks for 40 minutes before a roll-up pinfall finish; this is a NEW WORLD ORDER of wrestling! And things will never be the same, you goddamn rubes!"

Cody throws his arms up in the air, drawing even more jeers and boos from the assembled audience as Haggar swaggers back and forth around the ring. Guy, predictably, just stands there with his face in his palm; probably wondering how the hell he got talked into this mess in the first place. Probably regretting not ditching his old comrades-in-arms the minute they pitched this stupid idea.

"Now I don't got all night, you hear me, brothers? I've got places to go and people to legdrop: starting with my opponent here and now. So come on, send her out! Let's get this show on the road, and all of you can see how a real legend works in the ring!"

Throwing the microphone out of the ring in the general direction of the Spanish announcer's table, Haggar gestures to Cody Nash and Guy Hall; the pair leave the ring and begin milling around the apron - being pelted with the occasional plastic solo cup or bag of popcorn from the worked marks in the crowd.

Edenlith, as Supergirl. Halloween, come as you aren't. She definitely isn't a hero. She's also not curvy enough to wear that costume, but she got help from someone she likes to a point, to fit in the costume. So the show can indeed get on the road.

She has been waiting from up high. After all, Supergirl can't come into the ring walking, it would kind of suck. Eden enjoys the promo of Hulk Haggar, it was nasty and cool at the same time. Something Eden could get behind. Not that she needs to be cool or anything, except today.

When the promo is done, the theme of Supergirl soon starts after. The crowd looks to see her come out, but she doesn't not. Instead after a while, she makes herself drop from her high-up position. During her descent, the red cape of her costume flows in the air, to some oooh, and ahhh of the crowd. The rest of her costume, a mix of blue and red, is tight against her curvy body. Wait? Eden is curvy? Anyone who knows her might wonder when she got those breasts and hips. That's the magic of Halloween and disguises.

Soon enough, she lands with a tump in the ring, in the superhero pose, to the crowd cheering. Then she gets up and puts her fists on her hips, standing proud. Then she gets a microphone handed to her. She would play the talking game too.

"You got the biggest mouth, that's for sure. That's quite the speech you have going. Need a glass of water before we start?" She smiles at Hollywood Haggar and even gives him a wink before she continues. "Anyway, since you're getting hold, if you need me to hold your hand when trying to run. Just let me know. I am here to help." And just as she finishes that speech, her red eyes glow for a second, as if she would shoot lasers from her eyes. But nothing actually comes out.

She gets rid of her mic as well and ponders for a quick moment what she's going to do about him.

COMBATSYS: Edenlith has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Edenlith         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Haggar has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Haggar           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Edenlith

Hollywood Haggar continues to work the crowd - strutting back and forth and cupping his ear in all four directions as he eats up the negative reaction. Outside the ring, Cody Nash eats a carnival hot dog he has pulled from his singlet, while Guy Hall wishes he was dead.

Their attention, as well as that of the crowd, is suddenly stolen as Haggar's opponent begins to descend to the ring in grand fashion - to cheers, oohs and aahs.

Pointing at Cody, Haggar waits for his comrade to approach the apron from below, before handing off his replica Championship belt - gesturing to the former convict to BE CAREFUL WITH IT. That shit is a collector's item, after all!

His toy now in safe hands, the massive man turns back to face Supergirl as she finally lands in the ring - superhero pose and all. He jerks a thumb in her direction while giving a goofy look to the audience, very much a gesture that screams 'get a load of this'.

It's almost like a classic Hogan vs. Sting match, with the babyface descending from the rafters to save the day!

...not if Haggar has anything to say about it, of course. He's here to usher in a new era of professional wrestling, and he'll be damned if some kid playing as a hero is going to stop him!

"Wow. Very cool, brother," is the sarcastic response from the black-and-white clad wrestler (with no microphone, so only Edenlith and the first few rows are able to pick up on his words). His entire demeanor and expression practically oozes 'cocky dismissiveness', like he can't believe this girl thinks she has a chance in hell against him. For someone who is a hero in Metro City, he sure is good at playing the bad guy when it's called for; maybe he could rebuild Mad Gear once his term in office is over... who knows?!

Some might expect the heel to make the first move, maybe use a foreign object to try and get an advantage right off the bat... but instead, Hollywood Haggar simply stands in the ring and begins to flex, going through a variety of bodybuilder exhibition poses as the crowd continues to boo his very presence. Finally satisfied with displaying his superior physique, the hulking Mayor lifts one hand - palm up to the sky - towards Supergirl. He brings his fingers up and into the palm before lowering them back down: the classic 'come get some' gesture, as the boos slowly die down... clearly the crowd is preparing themselves for this titantic struggle to unfold in the ring!

Eden is not a wrestler. Usually, she fights with two karambit knives, but she could adapt. Today her hands could and would do the job. Well, her hands and her mind.

She watches as he keeps being the bad guy. She understood the basics of a heel versus a face. It was simply funny she was the face in this case. Life is like that sometimes.

Then he shows off his body. To her, that was less impressive. Muscles mean nothing, at least to her. It's as they say. The bigger they are, the bigger they fall.

When he motions for her to come, she smiles. She's ready for this. She knows exactly what she is going to do now. It will be a good way to gauge him.

She toward her opponent, then around him. Her eyes glow red for a moment, as she makes illusions of herself, three of them to be exact. They run around Haggar just as she does. The real Edenlith, or Supergirl in this case and the illusions punches at the man at different times and different areas. Hers could give real bruises and such. Theirs, would give pain, but as part of the illusion, shall the attack(s) succeed.

COMBATSYS: Haggar barely endures Edenlith's I am here, here, here and here.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Haggar           0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0         Edenlith

As his opponent's eyes suddenly glow red, there is a brief, incredulous look that passes over Hollywood Haggar's face. Sure, he's used to wrestlers working gimmicks that involve supernatural forces or inhuman powers; but there's something entirely too authentic about the unnatural colour burning in her gaze.

That said, he's here to play a role; and it's not the place of the heel to show fear, at least not this early in the match. So, with a dramatic flourish he moves his hand up to his face to stifle a fake yawn...

...just as Supergirl finally bursts into action, with a speed that is blinding - even for Hollywood Haggar's trained reactions, honed through time in the ring and on the streets of Metro City. Seems her costume is more fitting than he might have initially thought, as the quickness on display from his opponent is nothing short of startling. To say nothing of the other two copies of her form that suddenly branch off from - what he can only assume - is her true self, standing between them.

He only barely has time to brace for the assault; but rather than lift up his arms in an effort to absorb the blow with his tree-like limbs, he simply digs his heels into the mat and grits his teeth.

One blow strikes him from the left, slamming into his ribs with a crack that echoes throughout the carnival stands... and he doesn't flinch, the only sign that he even took a strike coming in the form of a rapid shaking that begins to travel up and down his entire body.

The second comes, impacting his right cheek as his neck snaps to one side - briefly - before he turns his back straight ahead once more. And the cherry on top, a strike straight into his hulking, heaving chest - this time, he /does/ budge, allowing the momentum of the blow to send him backwards towards the ring ropes...!

His wide back hits the ropes, and he explodes off of them in a sudden run towards Supergirl. Leading with his massive, thickly-muscled barrel chest, he aims to bump her backwards with his mighty pectorals - before following in to wrap those massive arms around her. If he's able to find his grip on her, the Mayor-turned-villain executes a perfect belly-to-belly suplex to send her hurtling away!

COMBATSYS: Edenlith dodges Haggar's Hoodlum Launcher.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Haggar           0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0         Edenlith

The man simply takes the blows, willingly. That deserves respect. He does try to block them, move or anything. Also he's still standing. That Hollywood Haggar guy is really fun. It's play time! Eden starts smile gets wider, the smile of someone happy to be here.

She doesn't have time to be carefree for long. She sees Haggar's back hitting the rope, which in itself, is not threatening, but wen he bounces off of them however. He bumps into her, not enough to hurt her, but it makes her go into the opposite ropes and then bounce back to him to get into his arms. Oh no the big bad guy has his arms on her, what is he going to do? As it stands, nothing, as he prepares to do his belly to belly suplex, she slips off of his arms, like a cat, like liquid, take your pick, before rolling away, ending up in a tarantula stance.

She then after a brief pause, walks like a spider toward her opponent. Usually, she would slice at each ankles with her knife, but this instead, she goes back to old habits. She bites at the left one, screw his clothes, his boots, she's biting at it all if she has her way. This looks nothing like what Supergirl would do, and/or what a face would do. Edenlith is really not a wrestler.

COMBATSYS: Haggar blocks Edenlith's I am coming for you.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Haggar           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0         Edenlith

It's clear there is something OFF about the girl that Hollywood Haggar faces in this ring... between the glowing eyes, clones, and disturbing smile, the Metro City heel finds himself struggling to keep his head in the game. Even with his decades of grappling experience, Supergirl is able to slip out of his grasp like it was nothing; to the roars of the crowd, who don't seem overly concerned about the girl's somewhat inhuman behaviour.

Hell, they'd probably cheer Eric Bischoff if he were going up against Haggar; and that's a shoot, brother.

Hamming it up a bit with an 'oh come on' expression, he doesn't have too much time to be overly dramatic as his opponent begins to do an insanely creepy spider crawl towards him. He barely has time to gesture to Cody 'Big Sexy' Nash, who - like any good friend - is more than willing to oblige in helping Hollywood Hulk Haggar cheat his way to victory against this disturbing girl he finds himself in the ring with.

The replica WCW Championship belt is tossed from outside the ring towards Haggar, who grabs it out of the air just as Supergirl (Spidergirl???) reaches his feet. Thankfully, his wrestling boots are made of relatively tough material - not that it prevents her from sinking her teeth in, but it buys him enough time to react before she manages to chew through the leather and begins to bite his actual flesh.

"This ain't what I signed up for, booker man!"

Just as the blood begins to trickle out of the gouge in his boots, Haggar hefts the belt high above his head with both hands and brings it crashing down towards the crouching Supergirl's spine - hoping that the foreign object is enough to get her to break her gnawing grip on his ankle.

COMBATSYS: Edenlith full-parries Haggar's Random Weapon+!!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Haggar           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0         Edenlith

Eden seems happy to chew at the thick boots. She is having fun and it shows. She also seems fine with tasting blood. She isn't a vampire or anything like that. She does not actively seek to taste blood, but neither does she try to avoid it. With all that, ahe doesn't even seem like she realizes Haggar has a belt now.

But just as he brings it crashing down, a well done trajectory to her spine, her arms reaches back to stop the descent of said object. One would think she would fall face first to the ground, as she has nothing left to keep her upperbody from touching down. But instead with the help of the grip she now has on the belt, she brings herself back up in non natural and perhaps sickening way, as her spine seems to bind in a way that should do more damage than the belt would have done. Perhaps it's an illusion. Either way, she does not look in pain from that effort, instead she smiles again at Haggar and tells him something. Something only he can hear.

"Thank you, this is fun. I did not know wrestling was so fun! Allow me to give you some fun back.

After those words, her eyes glow again, intensive red. Maybe they are a forewarning of danger. It certainly would fit.

She attempt to get inside the head of her opponent as she conjure up the illusion of a hole opening under Haggar's feet. If it is a success, he would see himself falling into hell, surrounded with fire and would feel himself burning for a moment. When the illusion stops, he's in the ring once again, where he was. Eden is no longer holding the belt however, whether the illusion works or not.

COMBATSYS: Haggar interrupts A hell of a time EX from Edenlith with Double Lariat.
- Power hit! -

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Haggar           0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1         Edenlith

Okay, now Hollywood Hulk Haggar is starting to get freaked out a bit. Nobody in creative or booking mentioned he'd be going up against a creepy Tarantula-crawling, ankle-biting, spine-contorting weirdo!

He looks back and forth to the crowd, a puzzled, vaguely disturbed, almost panicked look on his face as Supergirl exclaims just how much she's enjoying this unusual bout. As expected, the audience seems to be eating this up: seeing the heel start to panic against a very unorthodox opponent - they seem to overlook exactly how bizarre the girl actually seems to be, more invested in seeing the 'bad guy' get beaten in this case.

Classic marks.

Something very strange occurs, then. He feels a presence enter his head, as the mat beneath his feet starts to crumble away - revealing a yawning abyss of flame underneath it. Clutching his head with both hands, Hulk Haggar attempts to get his mind right in the face of this bizarre assault - unsure if it's strictly mental, or if the vision he sees is truly something that is occuring in the physical realm.

And then, as he begins to slip into the hole - unable to differentiate between the real and the imagined - he remembers one thing that lifts his spirit and prevents him from falling down the crevice. That ever-important clause in his contract: COMPLETE CREATIVE CONTROL OVER HIS IN-RING CHARACTER.

Who knows how he got those rubes in Management to sign off on it, but however he managed to get such a sweet deal it is enough to keep him from being completely absorbed by the illusion and tumbling into the pit of hellfire. With a bellow from his gigantic lungs and a sudden tremor throughout his muscled frame, he roars out with the magic words:

"That finish doesn't work for me, brother!"

And just like that, the hole is gone, the flames disappeared - though the pain of them licking up his feet and legs remains, all the same.

With a renewed vigor and an explosive velocity, Hollywood Haggar throws himself forward - both arms held up and out, as he rotates around and towards Supergirl with a vicious spinning, double-armed lariat that seems to invigorate the heel.

Once his attack lands, he pulls the classic, cocky move of taking his eyes of his opponent, turning to the crowd and cupping his ear in their direction as the boos once again begin to pour in.

Eden enjoys the look of fear in this Haggar's eyes. He has the same look as some people when she took their life from them. She didn't want to kill or even try to kill him, however. It was a friendly match of pain and suffering.

She manages to get in his mind easily enough, and it doesn't surprise her that much. It surprises her to see him overpower the illusion, however.

The double-armed lariat is not registered in time by Eden. She does not try to block or dodge the attack. She gets hit in the head with such force it makes her slam into one of the turnbuckles before bouncing back, closer to the middle of the wring, laying down face first. Surely she's done for already. How would a small girl get up from that?

Well she gets up, worse for wear as there is quite the bruise where she got hit. Something Haggar would not see, but the crowd would. The bruise was getting dimmer already. Eden's body was healing itself already, a little.

As Haggar still had his back to her. She didn't do something very special or flashy. She ran to him and jumped to slam her elbow to the back of his neck, if she has her way, to land on her feet if it hits.

COMBATSYS: Haggar counters Medium Strike from Edenlith with Giant Swing.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Haggar           0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Edenlith

In a totally dismissive fashion, the Haggar-ster gives his opponent plenty of time to gather her senses and get back to her feet; too wrapped up in working the crowd, and squeezing every last bit of cheap heat from them, to bother worrying about an attack from the rear.

Of course, that doesn't mean he's working blind. His in-ring awareness is no small thing; and he's tuned into every single sound... even those as relatively silent as his opponent moving on the mat.

Spinning around at the last possible moment, Supergirl will find herself stopped dead in her tracks - only millimeters from driving that elbow into Hollywood Haggar's neck. One massive, meaty hand grips her arm; it easily envelops the smaller individual's limb, and the heel lets out a deep, rumbling chuckle before he sets about punishing her for her mistake.


Holding Supergirl aloft by the arm for just a moment, he reaches out with his free hand to grab her other limb; and then, he begins to spin around the center of the ring. The centrifugal force is no small thing, as he tilt-a-whirls his opponent around and around... eventually, the audience can no longer follow HOW many full rotations he has made.

Once reaching maximum speed and holding it for a few seconds, he opens both hands and lets Supergirl go sailing out of the ring... where she ends up landing, who knows? Once his grip is released, Hollywood Hulk Haggar swaggers to one corner, climbs up to the second turnbuckle, and lifts one hand into the air in the classic nWo 'too sweeeeeet' gesture.


Outside the ring, Cody 'Big Sexy' Nash lifts one hand in the air to mirror the gesture of his old friend, and Guy Hall... well, Guy still has his face in his palm, wondering where his life went so wrong to end up here.

Where indeed, Guy? Where indeed.

Again, Eden gets surprised. She thinks she's going to hit this, only to have her arm grabbed. She idly notices that hand is fucking big, as it can circle her whole arm. Granted, her arm wasn't that big, but she still thinks his hand is massive.

Soon, her other arm is grabbed as well, and he spins with her. She runs things in her head, see what she could do or not do. In the end, by choice or by force, she doesn't do anything, and when he releases her at top speed, she goes flying outside the ring, landing on part of a bench people vacated before because they saw her trajectory.

She is in pain. Her body, for a short moment, does not want to get up. But she slowly does anyway, then makes her way over, climbing inside the ring below the ropes, and stands up. She says his name.

"Hollywood Haggar!"

Assuming he turns, she stares at him in the eyes. She is messy right now, even blood coming out of her mouth. She keeps staring at him, whether it's his eyes or back, and concentrates. Whoever is looking at her would see her healing before their eyes. She wasn't back to perfect health at the moment, but she was better.

" It will take more than this to take out Supergirl. Try harder!"

COMBATSYS: Edenlith gains composure.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Haggar           0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>-\1         Edenlith

Dropping off the turnbuckle, back down onto the mat, Hollywood Hulk Haggar finally turns his attention back to Supergirl; just as she slides back into the ring and shouts his moniker.

For his part, he merely shrugs and holds up his hands in a 'who, me?' gesture in response; that done, he lets out a loud laugh that echoes over the carnival grounds. The surprise and concern regarding the strange nature of his opponent seems to have melted away, buoyed by the confidence that comes from physically dominating an enemy as he has just done.

After Supergirl's last statement, he merely points at her and turns his head to face one side of the audience; a 'get a load of this chick' expression on his face demonstrates just how much he thinks of his opponent. Which is to say: not much. Despite the bizarreness of her attacks up to this point, he feels as though the momentum has begun to swing back in his favour now that he has had some time to observe her motions and adapt to the strange fighting style she utilizes.

In fact, he doesn't even bother to press the attack - ceding the momentum he had gained in the past few exchanges. Instead, he merely runs the ring ropes from end-to-end a single time, before stopping in the middle of the ring and cupping his ear to the booing crowd once more.

By all appearances, he's more concerned about pissing off the assembled spectators than worrying about keeping up the pressure on Supergirl.

And why not? Direct attacks have spectacularly failed against his unorthodox enemy; he seems to be much more adept at reacting to her assault, than going on the offensive himself.

COMBATSYS: Haggar gains composure.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Haggar           0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>-\1         Edenlith

Supergirl could see her opponent was getting cocky. At the moment, she is wishing she had her knives. That way, she would be able to cut into the flesh of that man. She would have to settle to hurt his mind.

She takes whatever he does as well as she can. She understands he's playing the heel part still, but now part of her is upset. She takes a deep breath, and her dark blue hair starts moving around her a little, yet it does not follow the wind, as if it has a life of its own. It goes on why he runs around the ring and plays the crowd.

Then another attack comes to his mind. If she succeeds, another illusion happens. He would be in a complete void like there is nothing anymore. As if his very existence has stopped. Has he ever existed? He then would hear Eden's voice, a whisper.

" No one cares, no one loves you. It's time now"

Then there is the pressure on his mind while she punches and claws at his body. They are powerful attacks to let the anger that was building into her out. Then just like that, he would be back in the match. A match he never left.

COMBATSYS: Edenlith successfully hits Haggar with This is the end.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Haggar           0/-------/=======|>>>----\-------\0         Edenlith

COMBATSYS: Haggar issues a challenge!!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Haggar           0/-------/=======|>>>----\-------\0         Edenlith

Nodding at the jeers from the crowd, Hollywood Haggar drops his hand to his side and - finally - turns his attention back towards the dangerous girl who he finds himself in the ring with. Despite all appearances - which come from a place of working the crowd and trying to upset Supergirl - he isn't as dismissive as he might seem.

A man - even one of his size - doesn't survive the streets of Metro City, or its political battlefields, without some sense of self-preservation and awareness.

But there are certain things which awareness alone simply cannot defend against. Though he was able to fight through Supergirl's previous mental assault, this time he is caught unawares as the jeers of the audience suddenly fade away into nothingness.

Immersed in a hallucinatory void, he finds himself in a pool of blackness; a confused look on his face, clearly not used to dealing with such strange, otherworldly attacks on his psyche.

Her statement may have less effect than intended; after all, he's the bad guy here, nobody is supposed to love him!

"Listen u-"

His attended response is cut short, as he feels his opponent tear and rend at his body. Once again unable to discern between the real and the imagined, he is utterly defenseless in the face of Supergirl's potent mental abilities - face wracked with pain as she claws viciously at his massive frame.

He drops to one knee, and when his kneecap strikes the mat it is like a spell has been lifted. Once again, he finds himself overcome with the shouts of the audience, able to single out some yells of concern from Cody 'Big Sexy' Nash at ringside - who seems very concerned about what's happening to his old friend in the face of this strange girl's.

"W-who booked this match..." he grumbles to himself, his voice wavering slightly as he tries to work past the pain and uncertainty which the last attack has left him dealing with.

"Doesn't matter! I'm not done yet, brother!!!"

That triumphant exclamation heralds his return to the bout, as he explodes off his feet and attempts to deliver a football tackle directly to Supergirl's midsection. If he's able to land his strike, he aims to take her directly into the corner; he's clearly looking to slam her spine into the turnbuckle.

COMBATSYS: Edenlith interrupts Strong Throw from Haggar with Ding dong. Pay the consequence.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Haggar           1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1         Edenlith

When Haggar comes back to the real world, he would see Eden smirking. She even gives him a wink too. The anger, for now, is released, and she can go back to her happy self now.

When he says he isn't done, she motions for him to bring it with her hand. She is ready. At least she thinks so.

When he runs to her to do a football tackle, it hits her. It looks like he will be able to get her to turnbuckle easily. But alas, that does not happen as she manages to flip herself from his front to his back. Normally she would use her knife to carve an 'E' in her victim's chest, but since she didn't have any and seeing his momentum is already taking him to the turnbuckle, she instead kicks him in the back to help him get there faster. She doesn't understand why a wrestler is so powerful. She will have to look him up after this.

Now that the anger was gone, her respect also came back. She could deal with losing this bout if it comes to that, but she wouldn't. She's Supergirl!

Her eyes stay focused on Haggar, knowing she will have to deal with more attacks.

Tackling into Supergirl, the hulking Mayor of Metro City and kayfabe head of the nWo lets out a cocky laugh as he aims to drive her into the corner... a laugh that is cut short, as his slippery foe manages to free herself and flip over his massive back. He might have been able to slow his momentum in time to prevent ramming into the corner, but his opponent's well-timed kick into his back serves to increase his velocity.

With the added boost, he has no chance to pause his movement in time... and he crashes, shoulder-first, into the ringpost between the third and second turnbuckle.

The force that he strikes it with is so immense, that he actually DENTS the solid metal post with a resounding CRACK that fills the air - to much cheering from the audience, who are clearly in Supergirl's corner in this bout.

Slumped over the turnbuckle, Hollywood Haggar takes a moment to compose himself with a few heaving breaths as he winces in pain, sweat dripping from his forehead onto the ring apron.

From outside the ring, Cody Nash approaches his old friend and begins to shout encouragement at him, gesturing for Hulk Haggar to get back into the game.

"Just... shut up..." groans the massive, mustached wrestler as he slowly pulls his shoulder away from the damaged ringpost. His body sways dangerously as he wheels about to face the girl once again; his eyes wide and angry, massive barrel chest rising and falling with haggard inhalations and exhalations of air.

Looking like he's well past doing anything fancy, the hulking brute takes two long, stomping steps back towards Supergirl - one fist raising into the air before he throws it through the air, aiming to impact his foe directly in the gut.

IF he manages to land the first, staggering blow, he quickly follows up with a vicious combination of lefts and rights - eventually ending with a short-armed lariat aimed to take Supergirl down to the mat with a mighty impact.

COMBATSYS: Haggar knocks away Edenlith with Rapid Fire Fist.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Haggar           0/-------/-----==|=======\===----\1         Edenlith

Eden watches the big man crash into the turnbuckle. As she sees the damage to the turnbuckle, she can't help but tell him.

"You would have won if your opponent was the turnbuckle."

She stops herself from giggling. The match was fun for her again. Maybe for now long, however. There is his friend cheering him on, and it seems to piss him off more. Then he faces her. It looks like she was about to be in a world of trouble and pain.

When he takes two hard steps toward her, she doesn't move. Maybe she should have. It might be a good idea to have her chase him, but she does not. When the blows come for her guts, she wants to move out of the way or something else that would allow her not to get hit. Unfortunately, with the tiredness and pain, she still gets hit right in the guts. She ends up bent over. She gets back upright, only to get hit again and again and again. The nail in her coffin is the final blow when she slams onto the floor. Surely she won't get up from this.

. She manages to get back up, but she doesn't look too good on her feet. Her mind was doing better than her body at the moment. Her eyes glow red for the third time of this match. If it works, she sends visions of horrors into poor Haggar's mind and attacks him with all she got. Her fists, her feet. Whatever the outcome of this attack. Whether she succeeds or not, she ends up falling to the ground, and she looks out.

COMBATSYS: Edenlith can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Haggar           0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Haggar counters It's already too late from Edenlith with Hammer Thru.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Haggar           0/-------/-======|

The impact of each successive blow that he lands upon his opponent seems to invigorate Hollywood Hulk Haggar more and more; his limbs shaking and trembling by the end of the combination, as he hulks up to maximum power just in time to land his vicious clothesline.

Once Supergirl is flat on the mat, he moves to one side of the ring to grab two handfuls of the top ring ropes; he then shakes them violently, seeming to channel the Ultimate Warrior rather than the Hulkster for a brief moment.

His celebration is short-lived, however, as he feels a presence behind his back... for a second, it seems as though he will be thrust back into another psychic - or spiritual - attack...

"Not today, brother!"

Apparently he's had enough of such nonsense, as he moves to act before his mind is totally invaded; stepping towards his foe and grabbing hold of her wrist as her eyes glow bright red. He already feels the nightmares starting to coalesce in his head... but they are dispelled suddenly, as he gives Supergirl an irish whip right into - and over - the ropes, leaving her to fall outside the ring and completely exorcising her effects on his mind.

Lifting his arms in triumph to a ton of heat from the onlookers, he points at a ringside official and beckons him forward.

"Give me a mic!" bellows the victorious Hollywood Hulk Haggar, as his two lackeys Cody Nash and Guy Hall slide back into the ring - although the latter clearly seems hesitant to involve himself in this mess any more than he already has. Haggar probably has some dirt on the sneaker-wearing ninja to drag him into this, as he begrudgingly follows Cody and begins to throw the infamous nWo hand gesture into the air alongside his two friends.

A ringside official tosses a microphone to Hulk Haggar, who snatches it out of the air and brings it to his lips. He pauses for several moments, a smile making its way across his face as he basks in the boos and hisses and thrown plastic cups from the audience. Finally, he takes a deep breath and begins to speak, his voice oozing condescension and smugness.

"There you have it, boys and girls. Supergirl herself, one of the last of her kind, brought down by the Haggar-ster! And that's just the beginning, brothers! Because I'm not going back to Metro City as just a Mayor. No, that time is over. We're going back to usher in a NEW WORLD ORDER; and I feel sorry for any marks who try to get in our way!"

Taking the replica WCW Championship from Cody, he wraps it around his midsection once again - Guy moving behind him to secure the buckles with a few, under-his-breath mumbles of complaint.

Eventually, the crowd has truly had enough; and chairs soon begin to follow cups and popcorn into the ring, as the trio of heels quickly slide out of the ring and start to head back up the entry ramp... before they have a whole damn riot on their hands!

Once Eden, aka Supergirl, gets thrown out of the ring, she's not moving anymore and looks quite hurt. While Haggardoeshis celebration and leaves, she's not moving. However, her body heals itself during that time. Once he's gone at one point, it's like she just disappeared. One moment she's there on the ground, the next, she is not.

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