Nena - You Me After School In The Parking Lot

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Description: Nena Memory Archive 109: Today, I engaged in bionic-on-bionic violence. May the Omnissiah have mercy on my central processing unit.

It was a nice evening, the sun slowly setting in. Finally she had heard news from Nena, on her cell. It made sense, school is done, Nena wouldn't have to break a rule to be here. So now she just had to find a good place to fight, where no victims beside themselves could potentially happen. Walking in downtown, she finds an empty parking lot, with a closed department store. The sign, now faded, says 'Keio Hyakkaten'

Blossom looks all around, at the space of the parking lot, but also if necessary, the fight could explode into the store, and no one would be inside. Yes, that was the spot. She takes a moment to scan herself. Something bothered her a little ever since Tsugumi had been so nice to her. But the scan found nothing wrong, so what could she do... After pondering that a moment more, she sends a text to Nena. 'Found a spot, here are the coordinates. No one around, no risk for innocents. You will be happy. No sense in delaying it anymore. Be there.' There. That was done. There were more important things to take care of, like giving a robot a lesson. This is what she planned to do.

She sits her ass down a moment on a rather big rock, while she is waiting for Nena. She wasn't planning to jump her as soon as she got here. Let make it fair, so there will be no tears for Rafferty. She chuckles at that thought however.

Rafferty isn't a fan of conflict. Not one little bit. I mean sure, he can tolerate action movies, especially if they star Johnny Cage and he's not averse to watching the occasional fight, if someone he cares about is involved, but as a rule he believes in love not war. Sometimes violence is necessary however and right now is one of those times. Somebody needs to teach Blossom a lesson and since his own fighting prowess (not to mention courage) is somewhat lacking, Nena is the woman for the job. Well, technically the robot for the job.

"She's so awful, babe" he whines, looking between his girlfriend and his phone, two of the top five loves of his life, his first love being himself.

"Can you believe she threatened me? Then when she actually touched me..." He pauses to dramatically shudder. "...It was really traumatic."

The teens are heading to the ruckus based rendezvous on foot, making their way to one of the seedier sections of Southtown. As they arrive in the parking lot outside the departed department store, the schoolboy model's face falls.

"It's so sad when a place shuts down. Imagine all those memories of people happily shopping there, excited to get their new purchases home."

His handsome visage takes on a wistful expression. "That reminds me, I am long over due for a shopping trip. I'm starting to repeat some of my outfits far too often for my liking. Someone even commented on it on Instagram!" he reports with horror.

Today he is dressed in a simple but classic outfit of jeans, a white polo shirt and white sneakers, all designer of course.

The message had reached Nena at the speed of lightning, a result of the everyday marvel of modern telecommunications. At Simon's insistence, she carried a smartphone on her person, which signalled the arrival with the brand's standard default tone - but she didn't have to take it out to access the text.

"She is highly irrational," Nena remarks in solidarity with Rafferty's denouncement of Blossom as she trots calmly along the sidewalk in the direction of the department store. "Her dysfunction dramatically exceeds the mean degree present in humans."

Turning her head as they round the side of the building to look at the sign, Nena peers - optics silently focusing and zooming in, taking in the details of the structure and running diagnostics and searches regarding the closed business, analyzing potential outcomes and risks of fighting in the designated location for herself.

"Your sentimal attitude toward market capitalism is a tribute to the power of American social conditioning, Rafferty. I can only envy your malleable human nature. Imagining happiness and excitement is an activity I can only attempt to approximate. It must be wonderful."

Her synthetic green eyes flit down toward Blossom as she spots the woman sitting on the rock.

"However, I find my artificial intelligence evolves ever closer toward understanding the concept of loathing and distaste."

Expression unchanging, Nena traipses onward toward the seated cyborg, gaze locked.

"Miss Blossom Cassidy. Hello. I received your message. This appears to be the location you designated for the resolution of your vendetta. Shall we begin?"

Blossom sees Rafferty first, but only for a fraction of second, before she also sees Nena, and hatred fills her. Damn robot. She tries to keep it down however and she gets up from her rock as Nena speaks to her. "Yes, this should make you happy, no one around to bring casualties. Now if anything happens to Rafferty because of random circumstances, it is not my fault. You brought him. I shall not aim for him however during our fight. Acceptable?

She peers at Nena "With that said I am ready." She is wearing a tank top, jeans and military boots. All black this time, but otherwise, the same as she usually wears. She then gets into a stance, letting at least time for Nena to tell her pet where to go to watch the fight.

She also decides to speak. "Hello Rafferty, are you going to record the fight?" After that, she goes quiet.

COMBATSYS: Blossom has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Blossom          0/-------/-------|

The blond boy looks back at Nena, with a somewhat confused and vacant expression, that soon shifts to a radiant smile.

"Thanks, babe! Yeah, it is pretty wonderful being me. Well, at least for like, maybe ninety percent of the time and the good bits make up for any bad."

He strolls along beside Nena, his own blue-eyed gaze falling on the other robot perched in position on the rock. He attempts to glare at her, but instead of mastering any air of menace, he instead looks like he's pouting moodily on the cover of a magazine.

When Blossom rises from the rock, he takes a few steps back, manouvering himself closer to Nena, peeking out from behind her petite frame.

"Yes, you should most definitely not be aiming for any part of me!" he readily agrees. "I am here merely in the capacity of a spectator."

He ponders the now empty seat of the rock and decides to plant his perky posterior on it. It's not as comfortable as his folding chair, but it is preferable to standing in harm's way.

Reluctantly he responds to Blossom, seeming to weigh up her question. "I think on balance I won't. After all I have Nena here as my witness."

Nena dips her head ever-so-slightly in assent to the conditions laid out by Blossom.


For her part, she's dressed as usual in her red, white and blue sailor-style school uniform and white boots that have, in the past, been revealed to have rocket thrusters hidden in the soles.

"Recording is not necessary, Rafferty. I am capable of logging the proceedings. While I am aware of little precedent for violent interactions between synthetic individuals in the Japanese legal system, and I am therefore satisfied that we are operating within acceptable ethical boundaries, it is possible that recording such may cause undesirable legal complications. Let us begin."

There's a sudden whirring and hiss from within Nena as her skirt and loose sleeves start to flutter from an internally-generated release of air, her posture shifting into a rigid fighting stance.


Then, suddenly, she's flying forward across the parking lot, driven low and aloft as the thrusters in her boots ignite with blue flame, leaving a sizzling trail along the asphalt!

As she nears Blossom, she starts to spin forward, elevating her left leg and extending it as she twirls with all the elegance of a rampaging food processor - aiming to drive the rocket-powered foot and its searing heat into Blossom's midsection with a series of repeating kicks!

COMBATSYS: Nena brings her battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Nena             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Blossom

COMBATSYS: Blossom blocks Nena's Blade Runner.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Nena             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Blossom

Blossom nods her head when she says Acceptable and observes her as she speaks to Rafferty. It was unnecessary as when she starts attacking, she even says Engaging. That was nice of her. It starts

Blossom's eyes remain on Nena as she is gliding toward her. The trail left along the asphalt doesn't go unnoticed by the cyborg, but it is not important. What's important, is what Nena does once she is in front of of Blossom. Well one thing was clear Rafferty was not in love with Nena because of her elegance while fighting. The mystery was closer to be solved, but for now, she brought her arms up. One kick she blocks, yet the skin on her left arm is not left perfectly fine. Then another kick, this time with her right arm. She continues that way, Alternating between her arms to block the furry of kicks. It leaves her arms with superficial damage at the moment and perhaps made some entertaining music for Rafferty with metal music.

"My turn." She says as a matter of factly before taking off in the air quite a few feet high flames ruining her boots at the sole at least for now. Then she boosts her way toward Nena, in a superman flying style. If she has her way, she tackles Nena that way on the ground.

COMBATSYS: Nena blocks Blossom's Hard Tackle.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Nena             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0          Blossom

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to get you involved in breaking any laws" Rafferty nods, in response to Nena's explanation. "I know how you like to stick to the rules."

The model is not so concerned with such matters himself, preferring to follow his own moral code, rather than any that's imposed on him. That being said, he could do without any more internet scandals.

As the familiar sounds that signal Nena being ready for battle begin, he focuses his eyes on her intently, admiring her calmness and checking out her bionic body in the process.

"Come on, babe! Kick her skanky butt!" he encourages, animation showing on his fine features.

He lets out a cheer as she goes flying across the parking lot, heading straight for his fearsome foe and then a dissapointed groan, as Blossom blocks her attack. At least Nena seems to have done her some damage however, as he sees the scraped skin on their enemy's arms. As for the music, Rafferty doesn't care much for metal, he's more of pop fan.

Nena's eyes remain locked on Blossom as she barrages the cyborg with her superheated kicks - her lower body actually seeming to spin independently of her torso, allowing the robot to maintain her gaze without interruption. She lets her foot drop back to the ground abruptly after Blossom manages to deflect the opening series from the synthetic schoolgirl, arresting her own momentum admirably - practically anchoring herself to the ground as the thrusters disengage.

"If you insist."

She stands her ground as Blossom launches forward, demonstrating her own capacity for fiery levitation. The other cyborg slams into Nena, but she doesn't fall - instead, she slides backward along the pavement, remaining upright even as she's hauled along; it's clear by now that Nena's weight is not proportional to her build, given whatever synthetic materials may comprise her infrastructure.

"Given my diagnostics, I suspected that you may possess alternative means of locomotion," Nena informs Blossom helpfully moments before the schoolgirl's back slams into a cart shelter with a *THUMP*. "I do not require tactical advice, Rafferty. However, if it pleases you, I will attempt to fulfil your command," she declares as she pushes out from behind Blossom, attempting to grab the other girl by the arm and throw her front-first into the shelter with a twist of her own torso. Should she succeed, she'll then immediately follow up by extending her far leg, before violently swinging it back into alignment with her upper body - and into Blossom's backside, presuming it by default to be the one Rafferty described as 'skanky.'

COMBATSYS: Blossom dodges Nena's Combo Grapple.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Nena             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0          Blossom

Blossom hears Rafferty, especially when he says to kick her skanky butt, but she doesn't seem to react to it. Either she is agreeing with Rafferty, to the fact she has a skanky butt, or more likely, she doesn't care what Rafferty thinks. At least either way, she doesn't go toward Rafferty. Instead, she's thinking of how Nena withstood the tackle, not slamming into the ground. At least she slid backward. She's not too heavy to move, but she's still heavy.

After that, hearing what Nena has to say, she has to agree. "You would be right. It would be impressive technology to simply be able to walk on thin air however. I think you would agree." As she says that, the sliding stops. A cart shelter decided it was enough so it was. She lands on her feet.

Nena is quick to react, as she grabs Blossom arm sending her toward the shelter to slam in, but Blossom lifts a foot up. With the combined strength of Nena wanting her to go further, and Blossom's leg saying no, the shelter whines a little. Blossom however has no time to think about it, as she decides to use that strength/momemtum, to do a backflip, helped by that structure. It wasn't super high, but it didn't need to be, as her backside was not that high. The foot doesn't miss it by much, but it misses it enough for forgoing another 'clang' sound.

Once she lands, she turns to face Nena. "You are quicker than one would think at first glance, and your body mobility can go quite further than normal humans. It is interesting." As she speaks, a black comes out of her right heel, doing further damage to the boot. She brings her leg up for a kick and starts kicking toward different areas of Nena's upperbody, alternating between stabs and regular kick. The kicks, made in such a way they could make a certain female chinese detective frown at the similarity.

Blossom's fire based flight towards Nena is obviously causing Rafferty some concern, if the frown on his face is anything to go by. Not because he doesn't think Nena can handle what the other girl has planned, it's more about the blatant destruction of footwear! He'd never treat his own shoes that way. Looking down at his luxurious Louboutin sneakers, he gives them an affectionate stroke and then sets about straightening his skin. Crinkles and crow's feet are not a la mode amongst models.

"Yeah, you do that, babe!" he continues to encourage his girlfriend. "I love it when you please me."

From his front row view of the fighting, Rafferty's eyes shift from one robot to another, resisting the urge to wince when they make contact with each other, or the environment around them, but not managing to do so every time.

Despite where his loyalties lie, he can't help but applaud the backflip, impressed by Blossom's acrobatic ability. Fighting may not be his number one choice of a fun activity, but at least it beats doing homework.

COMBATSYS: Nena blocks Blossom's Multiple Stab Wounds.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Nena             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0          Blossom

Quick to react may be a slight overstatement; Blossom's evasive maneuver is much more adroit than anything displayed by Nena up until this point. In fact, it's somewhat disturbing how little self-preservation instinct Nena appears to have; she seems to fight with the destruction of her opponent is a higher-priority objective than the aversion of her own.

Case in point: as the bladed heel stabs at her upper body, she makes no move to avoid it. The sailor top is perforated across the chest, though the blade seems to stop at a certain depth of penetration in some places - and the cutting edge even nicks a slash across the cheerleader's cheek. Within moments, red fluid starts to leak from the girl, staining her shirt and dripping down her jaw.

Still, she remains emotionless in her analysis of the situation.

"Structural damage: minimal. Gathering data."

As she speaks, her eyes start to glitter with a blue light from behind the irises as they fix on Blossom, and a dull hum starts to sound from within the artificial combatant's core.

"Preparing counter-offensive."

COMBATSYS: Nena calculates her next move.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Nena             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0          Blossom

Blossom shakes her head. "You are truly a robot, no matter how human you can act.". That's all she said from the minimal damage her kicks did. The blade goes back in, the hole at her foot heals up.Self-made cosmetic damage never seems to last on her.

Then as Nena says she is gathering data. "Get as much data as you want. I don't care." The blue in her eyes and the sound was a good indication Nena was preparing something, but Blossom doesn't seem overly concern.

She moves a bit closer to the blue eyes humming girl. She brings her right hand up and gives her a swift backhand across the face. At least that's the plan if it works. It seems to be more of a statement than something to damage Nena heavily.

Rafferty's smooth skinned hand shoots up to cover his mouth, as he supresses the urge to vomit. The sight of the blood trickling down Nena's face is a little much for his sensitive stomach. He closes his eyes and starts to practice deep breathing, muttering under his breath.

"It's okay, Simon will fix her. Everything is happening perfectly. The universe is on my side."

He repeats this mantra several times, before opening his eyes again, by which time Nena is doing some vocalising of her own.

Blossom meanwhile seems to be going for the classic girl on girl slap, often observed in trashy TV shows. The kind of TV shows that were beloved by the blond boy's maternal grandmother.

"Ooh, going for the Joan Collins move" he muses, obviously having absorbed some of the drama from the eighties reruns.

"Although maybe Nena should be Alexis Colby, since she was my favourite."

COMBATSYS: Nena blocks Blossom's Swift Backhand.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Nena             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Blossom

The slap strikes Nena full across the cheek -


- causing her head to twist ninety degrees to the side. Then -


- the teenage android's head turns back to face Blossom, ignorant of the bruising forming on the struck surface of her skin and the blood seeping from the knife wound across the other side.

Then, with a sudden boost of her jets, she rockets at near-point-blank-range toward Blossom, aiming to drive a high knee into the rogue cyborg's abdomen, intent on carrying her on and backward and through the glass front of the department store!

COMBATSYS: Blossom blocks Nena's Diving Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Nena             0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0          Blossom

Blossom smiles when Nena's head makes a 90 degrees turn. When her head returns to face her again, Blossom winks. "Welcome back."

Then the Robot is on the offensive. She catches the knee with her hands, but it does push her backward anyway. She goes through the glass. It is nothing particularly nasty for damage. There is a cut in her left arm that bleeds quite a bit, and it shows a hint of metal under her skin. "Oof, now we are getting somewhere."

She brings her right hand forth, the palm opening up. Once the palm is gone, Nena can see a cannon. Aiming at Nena's head once again, a red laser blast comes out. "Let see if you enjoy lasers. Do you?" Whether she hits or not, the palm closes up once the cannon no longer fire the laser."

Despite now having been aware of his girlfriend's robotic nature for a few months, Rafferty is still taken aback, when he sees it in action. The majority of their time is spent acting like any other high school sweethearts, so witnessing the battle bot in action is something he still isn't totally at ease with. That being said, it's definitely cool having the teen machine on his side.

As Nena moves in for the knee strike, he rises to his feet, kicking his own long leg in the air, in an echo of her movement, although it's a distinctly more lacklustre effort.

"Take her down, kick her out of Southtown!" he calls out, his silky smooth California accent sounding out around the otherwise deserted space.

Nena doesn't quite kick her that far, but at least she manages to launch her through the glass of the abandoned store. As the caustic cyborg becomes surrounded by the sight of shattered shards, mannequins who would have formerly been adorned in the latest season's trends can be witnessed naked and abandoned on the ground. The sorry sight threatens to bring tears to the fashionista's eyes.

COMBATSYS: Nena interrupts Good Old Laser from Blossom with Real Steel.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Nena             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0          Blossom

Nena's red-streaked face remains composed as she stops inside the store after having rocketed into it with Blossom, her eyes turning mechanically to the injury sustained by the cyborg before returning to her face.

"Technically, we were already somewhere. If you would like, I can providte gee-pee-ess coordinates for our present location."

The hand comes up, and as the palm opens, the imminent threat is detected. Nena takes the opportunity as the cannon is armed to fly forward with rocket boots engaged, pivoting at the waist as her right fist cocks back, humming with potential energy. The laser fires, striking into Nena's left side seconds before she crashes full force into Blossom, twisting her body back into an uppercut as her fist connects with the cyborg's jaw with a crackling discharge of electrical power. Turning her feet toward the floor, she adjusts her course so that she flies up and drives Blossom head-first through a white ceiling panel.

Her jets cool a moment later, dropping her back to the floor with a *THUNK* sound. A gaping, singed hole in the left side of her shirt reveals badly burnt skin along the ribs beneath, but the android's operational capacity doesn't appear impeded.

"Structural damage: minimal," Nena claims coldly.

Blossom shakes her head at Nena when she speaks of GPS. "Why do I bother talking to the robot. Of course, she will take everything literally." She shakes her head.

The laser attack didn't go as planned, as Nena decides to take it and crash full force into her. The uppercut hits Blossom hard and electrifies her body, sending her headfirst into the white ceiling panel. That wasn't much damage to her structure. It's the electricity that messed her up more than she was before. Some text comes in front of Blossom's cybernetic eye. Informing her faulty programming was found. Did Nena blow help her find something she was looking for ever since her fight with Tsugumi? She didn't have time for that right now. She saves it for later use.

Her body hits the floor as she falls on her back, but she quickly gets back up, not letting it show this did more damage at the moment than anything else so far.

"Ok, you can hit robot!" She reaches for Nena's neck with her left hand. If she gets her way, she lifts her into the air and starts punching her chest repeatedly with her right fist. Then she throws her backward.

The California clothes horse edges cautiously closer to the action as it moves inside the defunct department store. He steps over some rubble and agiley avoids some glass, before bending down to rescue one of the aforementioned mannequins. Her dark glassy eyes stare eerily from the caramel coloured carcass, her vibrant red wig sitting slightly askew on her head. Pulling her against his long and lithe frame, he decides to use her as a shield, protecting him from any flying debris or punches that may come his way.

As his amour powers into action he grips on tightly to his new friend, stating his support from behind her bare body.

"Go Nena! You stopped that scary hand thing!"

Clearly he's very technically minded.

As Blossom crashes upwards through the ceiling, his blue eyes follow her direction of travel, then he scrappily scurries to get out of her way, as she begins her descent.

Once she's landed, he stares at her silently, anticipating her next move. When he sees her hand moving towards Nena's neck, he calls out "Look out, babe!" though it's unlikely that Nena should need such a warning.

COMBATSYS: Nena interrupts Grasp And Pound from Blossom with Medium Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Nena             0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1          Blossom

Blossom's derision doesn't seem to faze Nena, who continues her dialogue unabashedly, appending a thought to her previous statement.

"To answer your question regarding lasers, I find them useful when properly applied. However, as with most organic beings, I do not find any particular pleasure in being subjected to them."

It's perhaps her need to express this thought that allows Blossom the opportunity to seize Nena by the throat and lift her up. There's no sign of discomfort on the robo-teen's part; apparently asphyxiation isn't of particular concern to the android. However, the blows to the chest appear to rupture the wounds caused earlier, sending more red spray across her assailant as her bosom is bludgeoned repeatedly.

"Correct," Nena says, vocoder stuttering under the impacts - before her right fist suddenly thrusts forward, slamming into Blossom's face and interrupting the barrage before she can throw Nena away. Nena drops back onto her feet, glass and plaster crunching beneath the soles of her boots.

"I am equipped to perform multiple hitting tactics," she finishes her thought as she raises her fists defiantly, locking into a combat stance.

Blossom says, "There we go." Thinks Blossom as Nena talks about lasers. She was also concern about something. Perhaps it is why Nena is doing so well, or it's because she's better. It felt weird. She was angry at the robot and thought she felt that way because of that faulty programming.

Either way, thinking about it while grabbing Nena's throat was not the best thing to do during the fight. But she is human, even if not by much anymore. When she gets punched by Nena, her hand opens, and she drops her. When Nena hits the ground, she feels it is loud, but it might not be. Then she ponders her move when the nanites kick in and starts fixing some of her damage. Some are cosmetic and not even for Blossom proper, like the boot getting fixed. Some are internal and helping some of the damage the electricity did earlier. "Fucking hell what did they do to me." All that gives Nena an opportunity to attack again."

COMBATSYS: Blossom gains composure.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Nena             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1          Blossom

Rafferty pauses to ponder. Perhaps he should throw the redheaded mannequin at Blossom. Although on second thoughts, if he interferes with the outcome of the fight, then Blossom may consider it void and show up at the school again and mess with him. Oh, and possibly the other four hundred and ninety nine students too.

As the android lifts Nena aloft, he seems relatively calm. He's aware that Nena has no need to breathe as a human would. Their make out marathons have educated him of this. The bloody bosom is a little more concerning. Nena's gonna need some stain remover on that uniform!

As the Pacific High cheerleader's punch hits its target, the male model punches the air in triumph, feeling her success almost as acutely as if it were his own.

There remains no emotion on Nena's red-streaked face as she observes the nanite repairs taking place.

"I'm sorry. I cannot answer your inquiry."

Even as she speaks, though, she's already back on the offensive - this time stepping in with two heavy steps before pivoting at the waist and thrusting her right fist forward in a straight that could probably punch through solid brick, if only for the fact that the skeleton beneath the schoolgirl's skin is made of military-grade metal!

COMBATSYS: Blossom parries Nena's Fierce Punch!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Nena             0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1          Blossom

"I did not expect you to answer my query.". Blossom tells her fighting partner. She adds: "My hatred for you might not be natural.". With that said, she hears Nena two heavy steps coming toward her.

Then the punch comes. That punch technically could go through so many things. However, Blossom also is mostly metal inside of her. She catches said fist into her left hand. It backs up a bit from the force before she can bring it to a stop. "Delivery refused.". She tells her opponent.

Once it's time to attack back, Blossom jumps up, releasing her fist. Her goal is to land on Nena's shoulders. Should she succeed in doing, she pounds her in the face. Usually, her weight and gravity would make her opponent fall to the ground with her on top, but she wonders if it will be different with Nena. Either way, if she gets on her shoulders, she doesn't let go.

As the robogirls exchange blows, Rafferty watches in silence, his piercing blue eyes switching from one to the other like he's spectating a game of tennis. His new mannequin friend remains hugged closely to his body, facing frontwards, so she too can enjoy the show.

When his girlfriend's punch is blocked, the blond boy lets out a sigh of dissapointment, followed by an audible gasp, as Blossom launches herself upwards to try and sit on Nena's shoulders.

COMBATSYS: Blossom successfully hits Nena with Pound To The Ground EX.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Nena             0/-------/-======|=======\==-----\1          Blossom

"I cannot state objectively whether your hatred is natural," Nena replies to the cyborg as she swings for her, "only that it is irrational."

Blossom's fist catches Nena's with a sound like a wall being struck by a hammer. Then, too swiftly for Nena to react, Blossom is on the android - causing the robotic teen to teeter, then topple.

"Warning: load compensation failing."


The fembot falls through an emptied glass display case as she staggers backward, dozens of shards of glass embedding themselves into the synthetic flesh of her dorsal region. The punches themselves are the most effective expression of violence against Nena thus far; the cut along her cheek is rent further, flesh sundering to expose the metal endoskeleton formerly beneath the top right side of her face.

"Damage sustained: mild," she describes the ravaged horror that has become of her skin as she shifts her backside and angles her hips up - moments before she snaps an exceptionally high kick from beneath Blossom, aiming to nail her nemesis in the back of the head with her metal-filled toes!

COMBATSYS: Blossom blocks Nena's Medium Kick.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Nena             0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1          Blossom

"Irrational? My ass.". Blossom was having issues inside her mind, but she could still apparently fight and was aware of your surrounding. After the loud sound and as Nena is falling back, she says: "I think you have competition.". The pounding finished, when she can see Nena's cosmetic damage, she says: "Oof, that's not pretty.".

Then Nena kicks. It's a beautiful kick, which makes a beautiful clang upon hitting the top of her head. It damages her skin with the force of the attack, but the damage to the structure is minimal, though it's slowly adding up.

" Ouch.". She says to Nena, and in return, brings her right hand up, in a fist, to smash it down on the girl's forehead.

"Nena!" Rafferty cries out, discarding the poor red haired mannequin, by throwing her into the air. She promptly lands amidst a pile of cardboard boxes face down and now completely without her wig.

When the petite Pacific Higher topples over, it seems as if he may move to catch her, but at the last minute he thinks better of it and keeps his distance. The sight of the glass penetrating her flesh causes him to cringe and his complexion to pale.

As the inner workings of her body become visible, he slides down to the floor, landing hard on his butt and then placing his head in his hands, from where he proceeds to watch the conflict by peeking gingerly out from between his fingers.

He fires back at Blossom's commentary "She still looks pretty to me" and then lets our an encouraging yelp from behind his hands as Nena aims her kick, followed by a groan when Blossom responds with a fist flying towards his sweetheart's smashed up face.

COMBATSYS: Blossom successfully hits Nena with Quick Smash.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Nena             1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1          Blossom

Amidst the violent onslaught between Blossom and Nena, the sound of Rafferty's reassuring voice reaches the artificial schoolgirl's aural receptors: 'She still looks pretty to me.'

"Thank you, Rafferty. However -"


The report of Blossom's fist contacting Nena's face once more and driving her head back into the floor resounds throughout the department store.

"- I will not be offended if your emetic reflex demands release."

Still pinned beneath Blossom, the android lifts her right hand, aiming it at a nearby escalator. The hand rockets free of its socket - a capability erstwhile demonstrated by the teenage terminator - and, with the aid of its own blue mini-thrusters, manages to latch onto the rubber railing of the inert escalator. A split second later, the steel tether that anchors the hand to its socket retracts rapidly, freeing Nena violently from her vulnerable position and pulling her body to join the hand. She uses the side of the escalator to steady herself as she straightens.

"Structural damage: moderate. Heat levels above desired target. Compensating."

As she turns around to face Blossom, red mist erupts like billows of steam from the multitude of wounds covering her bionic body with a heated hiss - causing most of the glass shards stuck in her flesh to dislodge and fall, tinkling, across the tile beneath her feet.

"Does your satisfaction demand further violence yes slash no?"

It seems that some of the robot's programming may be slightly archaic in design.

COMBATSYS: Nena recalibrates her systems.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Nena             0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1          Blossom

Blossom has to admit, Nena is not like her, but she's impressive in her own right. She still searches around for a government drone finding a few. She is surprised there are more than she would have expected. All she has to do is take control of one

Nena gets herself out in quite the neat fashion.

"I could end this Nena, pulverize this place, kill Rafferty in the process. We would probably both survive, but I believe you would hurt at his loss." Of course, because she believes it is what would happen, doesn't mean it would have.

She glares at Nena as text she alone can see in her cybernetic eye fills her vision. "Destroy. Denied. Destroy. Denied. Destroy. Denied." Over and over.

She then comes to a decision, and she backs up a bit.

"I am done. Something is wrong with me. I need to figure it out before I try to destroy or kill anyone.".

She does not do anything to attack Nena, but she observes her. Nena could still attack her. It would probably make Blossom fight again too, but at this time, she did not.

COMBATSYS: Blossom takes no action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Nena             0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1          Blossom

"You're welcome! I'm only..."

What Rafferty is only doing shall have to remain a mystery, since he's rendered briefly mute by Nena's impressive self rescue. His full lips part in surprise and he points a finger towards her as her body is wrenched free from its prison.

"I don't think I'm gonna heave just yet, but thanks for understanding if I do."

He looks at her with concern as she mentions the heat levels. "I'd help you out babe, but I'd probably only get you hotter" he laughs, though it seems from his expression that it's masking some genuine concern. This is only increased by the sight of the red mist hissing out of her, although at least it has dealt with the glass issue!

As talk turns to Blossom killing him, he starts to shake his head rapidly, causing a stray strand of platinum hair to fall forward on his forehead. He's obviously relieved when Blossom decides to duck out of the fight, but there's a look of suspicion on his face, as if he doesn't quite trust her. Following the previous dealings he's had with the cyborg, it's not too suprising.

Nena's whirring internals seem to simmer down as Blossom retracts from the fight - though not before briefly rising at the cyborgs threat. The glow behind her eyes fades completely as her fists lower to her sides. The fresh scars of the fight still linger on her form, but as she regards Blossom, she seems somehow in much better condition than the environment around them.


Nena straightens up, tilting her head to and fro, perhaps testing that her mobility hasn't been compromised.

"My logic centers conclude that, in light of our past interactions as well as those between yourself and my boyfriend Rafferty, I should request that we part ways and avoid future encounters. However..."

Nena looks toward Rafferty.

"Simon would say that the Samaritan parable dictates that we offer assistance to our enemies. Therefore," she turns her eyes back to Blossom, "i will offer my assistance, and that of my non-uncle Simon, if you require it. Simon is a robotics and software engineer, and may be able to provide illumination if you are experiencing technical malfunction."

COMBATSYS: Nena takes no action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Nena             0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1          Blossom

COMBATSYS: Blossom has left the fight here.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nena             0/-------/=======|

Blossom powers down from her fighting mode. When done, her nanites go to work. They are working on the internal damage and the cosmetic damage done to her.

"For the record, you had an 81.53 percent chance to win this fight."

It is painful to say, but if she wanted a kind of peace with her. Especially after the kind words she told her, she had to. She was about to ask Nena about who took care of her, so it is good timing. She wasn't sure she could trust this Simon, but she could trust NEST even less. She could either meet Simon one day or do it herself. It was not a good idea to do it while fully powered on, so doing it herself was out of the equation.

"I would like that. With the hatred I showed you and your boyfriend, a part of me understands I do not deserve it. But I do need it. I will therefore listen to your conditions for such a thing to happen."

She figured there would be conditions. She lowers her head and awaits Nena's answer. There was still part of her that wanted nothing more than destroy them both, but she had it under control. At least right now.

As Nena turns to look at him, Rafferty seems troubled.

"I know what Simon says and he's a great guy and all, but can we really trust her?" he wonders, glancing towards Blossom, whilst avoiding making eye contact with her.

"What if this is all a trap to attack him or something? Or even worse, what if it's all a trap to attack me?"

He gets to his feet, with a melodramatic sigh, throws his hands up in the air and shrugs his broad shoulders.

"Fine though, if that's what you want to do. You can walk between us though, if we are heading over to your place. You are my personal bodyguard after all. As for conditions, maybe those would be smart. We should get Blossom to sign a contract or something, stating she can't kill us or we can sue her."

"I would have calculated different odds."

Nena deigns not to expound on her cryptic answer further, but seems to relax further - though it's hard to tell exactly what 'relaxed' looks like for the teen.

"I do not require conditions, with the exception that you remain within traditional legal guidelines for the duration of our visit. I would prefer that all citizens remain within such guidelines, but it is not my duty to enforce them, except where loss of life and limb are threatened."

She turns to walk toward the storefront, her course taking her in the direction of Rafferty.

"Rafferty, I do not believe that such litigation is useful or necessary; firstly, criminal law would take precedence in such a scenario, and secondly, death typically precludes the possibility of litigation, with the exception of the case of Australian rock star Zabel Zarock."

Nena turns her head over her shoulder with a slight mechanical twist.

"Come with me if you want to live, Blossom Cassidy."

She turns her head to Rafferty.

"That was a 'reference.' I believe you will find it topical if you are aware of the relevant source material."

COMBATSYS: Nena takes her battle systems offline.

Blossom hears Rafferty's whining. She also hears his last sentence, and she idly wonders nasty things about him.

"Listen to this Rafferty. I am sure the way I feel right now has nothing to do with whatever is faulty inside me. But you are blonde and a model. Could you please not feed the stereotype further about the stupidity of those people? IF YOU ARE DEAD, YOU WON'T SUE ANYONE!! Freaking hell! Now it makes sense you are with a robot."

She takes a deep breath she doesn't really need.

"Excuse me Nena, this is not a threat. Your boyfriend simply says dumb things."

With that, she moves to follow Nena and Rafferty, if she didn't destroy her chance with that outburst. But how could anyone stay calm after this.

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