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Description: Tsugumi, desperate for an income, wanders into a Chinatown eatery asking for work. What she finds is either much, much better; or so much worse.

"There it is!"

Tsugumi Sendo had been attemping to get work. Tsugumi Sendo had not been successful. A handful of applications, fewer interviews, and no hits- It might be something about how the girl carries herself. Simply put, she is a bit lacking in elegance and subtlety! That, in combination with her distinct kansai dialect, has not made her that favorable of a candidate thus far. It had not really gotten her down though, and eventually she figured wandering a bit further from home might be favorable. She ended up in Chinatown, eventually! She had heard of a little place that had a repuation of accepting fighter-y types. 'Genhanten'. Apparently the owner is a real slave-driver though..

But it's worth a shot!

Taking note of the weathered old sign on the window, Tsugumi walks into the restaurant, on a sleepy afternoon- Walking into the restaurant without much caution, scanning around for any type of staff that might be able to direct her toward the application process. Loudly, without much care for potential Lunch-eaters, she announces.

"Hello! I'm here about that job?"

Thankfully, on a sleepy afternoon there just aren't that many people for Tsugumi to bellow and disturb-- and those handful of locals and passers-through who did happen into Genhanten for a mid-afternoon bite are rather used to the place's reputation for hosting fights. Or, in fact, employing fighters!

A hostess handles both waiting tables and ringing up take away in these slower hours, and it's with some hesitation that a simple nod indicates the approach of a short, bearded man bearing a large white parcel. This has an order slip attached, and thwumps loudly into the woman's stand with simply a gesture, which garners an acknowledging nod.

The diminutive old chap wearing Chef's whites in a decidedly oldschool Chinese cut seems about to turn on his heel and go back to the kitchen, then, when his gaze snaps sidelong to Tsugumi, as if he hadn't heard her inquiry in the first place. The elder assassin's eyes are, at the moment, ample fogged cataracts that seem to cover pupils that may, once upon a time, have been the darkest pitch.

"Hmph." Gen immediately grunts, a gnarled, bony hand extending to gesture, indicating, well, ALL OF TSUGUMI. "Hasn't anyone ever told you you're too short for martial arts!?" There doesn't seem to be a sense of irony in the declaration. "Too muscular for a tiny, assuredly weak girl?!" The words bite, the tone overtly ornery-- but there's something in the wording. An enigma to the dissonant melody.

What most don't know, and even some of his own students barely believe, is that the tiny chef is the best fighter in this neighborhood; perhaps one of the deadliest in the world, even today. The first thing he does, naturally, is apply pressure. Pressure that, more than likely rings quite familiar to the young hopeful.

"A-Ah, good afternoon, sir- I am-"

Though then she gets berated out of seemingly nowhere, right after she went down into an introductory, respectful bow. And that wasn't even a common gesture for her! But she gets halted, and rises back up- The slightest scowl now clear on her face. "..I am Tsugumi Sendo, mister- And ah disagree! My build as' done me plenty well!" A retort to the claim of her short length: The old man is not wrong, it is a bit of a disadvantage in some scenarios- But she has never really felt sad or spiteful about it. "There's no such thing Ojisan- These muscles keep me tough and strong!" Indeed, that's how she sees to compete, training her body to a point where her physical strength can compete with those much bigger and stronger then her. "Martial arts is ay tool' for the week to get strong, Sir!"

Naturally, Tsugumi does not know of Gen's status: She has not been in the fighting scene that long, and had never witnessed or even really heard about his strength.

Though at that point, Tsugumi isn't too sure what to say against the rude old man.. Though if he is pushing, she will push back at least a little. "I am here looking for a job, Ojisan- Ya ain't gon' tell may that sign isn't valid anymore, hm?" She inquires again.

The girl herself is dressed in rather casual where, only a subtle attempt had been made to eye more formal in her quest of finding a job. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a simple, clean, white shirt above that.

"Hmph." The same monosyllable has a different air, then. Something approaching satisfaction, expressed in the grouchiest, least immediately affirming terms. Gen nods, then nods again, surveying Tsugumi as if looking seriously, for the first time.

"Correct. Usually, this wisdom is beaten out of those such as -you- early on! Fools and tyrants quick to presume themselves -teachers-!" Which it's hard to tell the legendary assassin thinks is terrible, just terrible, amidst the coarse, general grouchiness.

It's also easy to assume that if Daigo Kazama walked in here looking for work, the little old man would run him down as well-- if from a somewhat less ludicrous angle, under the circumstances. "The sign needs more space. Kanji for QUALITY. For IRON-WILLED." It's a lot of qualifications to bus tables or take orders.

But then, there's a more well-kept sign up too: one that lists a roster of staff one can CHALLENGE for FREE FOOD. Notably, Gen is not on that list. The list, complete with attached score card, includes such noteworthy names as Yun, Hotaru, Hayley, and Chun-Li, however. These seeming meta-ramblings of an old man playing an older man are actually relevant puzzle pieces to understanding why the next step of the unusual interview proceed as they do.

"Show me this strength! Hit me, as hard as you can! If you even can! Hohoha!" There seems a legitimate glee to the prospect of finding out, even as the tiny old man squares his stance and tenses his muscles, cracking his neck audibly as his cataract-obscured eyes instead flush to stark, purest white.

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Tsugumi gives him a subtle smirk as she's finally acknowledged, and the man becomes.. marginally more friendly. "Tyrants..?" It was specific enough to catch Tsugumi's attention, but further questions about that subject are not pursued. "W-Wait, right 'ere..?" She takes a look around, they are standing in the middle of the shop. "You -are- the owner, correct?" Because, well- Tsugumi was not actually certain. He had never introduced himself! Who knows, maybe he's only a crazy old man.. But Tsugumi shrugs, and goes with the assumption that he -does- work here. "Yeah, that sounds good!" In reference to the comments he was making about his own sign.

"Well- I'll do my best, Ojisan! Yosha!"

Hitting an elder is only the slightest bit uncomfortable for Tsugumi: She is fully aware some of the most dangerous warriors are the oldest, so she gives him the respect of following his request for violence. However, she does not start going all-out with her grappling techniques! Instead deciding to reel back her muscled arm, before striking it out straight toward the old chef, leaning her body forward in a rather wild haymaker! She is, essentially just testing the waters: If this man truly is as skilled as certain other old folks, he should have no problem handling such an attack!

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"/I/ am the master chef! Owner and proprietor of this fine eatery!" Gen confirms, proudly, shifting his weight from foot to foot. Perhaps he legitimately underestimates the level of training the girl has achieved; perhaps he's not nearly as slippery as he seems to -think- he is. Most magnanimously, and quite inaccurately, maybe he takes the blow on the kisser willfully to test Tsugumi's MIGHT.

Regardless, Gen manages to fluidly weave directly -into- the strike, his skull snapped backwards with reverberating impact. Silence falls across the restaurant, a hushed reaction from the small groups of onlookers. It's like slamming one's fist into a gnarled tree, a granite statue, though. Gen's head snaps sidelong, he lurches a half step, and then his attention snaps right back onto Tsugumi.

"Not pitiful!" The old man congratulates with enthusiasm undemanded of its lyrical content. "Now defend! Do it again!" It's in tandem with this directive that the master chef AND NOT ASSASSIN steps in deftly on Tsugumi's flank and seeks to sweep her ankles out from under her as a hand at her throat violently slams her to the Genhanten floor, a thing of resilient, oft abused tile and woodwork.

There's an almost casual ease to the old man's approach, to his entire attitude, despite that immediate, surprising, seemingly threatening turn on the unlikely challenger's behalf. Still-- it's unquestionable that such a blow was exactly what Gen demanded, and its own kind of meaningful demonstration. Points.

COMBATSYS: Gen successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Weakened Grounding Throw.

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That was.. surprise. Surprise at her attack being the least bit effective. By all accounts, that should have been ducked- side-stepped, deflected! Or indeed, it was intentional on Gen's part. All of her doubts has faded, as even a decently strong blow like that doesn't debalance Gen all that much.. and her fist hurts! At Gen's encouragement, she responds. "Yes!"

Tsugumi Sendo considered herself skilled at grappling.

Yet, the sheer speed of Gen's sweep and subsequent grip at the neck pushes her back into the wooden floor painfully! "Gah!" That -really- hurt, but as she has gotten used to, she pushes past that pain and takes hold of the arm gripping her: Still laying on the floor! She would attempt to yank backward, hopefully making the old man fall forwards right into a double-legged upward kick toward his torso! On a lesser fighter, successfully performing this might knock them skyward: But this possiblity is much shallower considering the obvious strength her elderly opponent holds! She finds no time to chatter, instead giving her all in this bout- Barely even realizing the spectators!

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Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0              Gen

Even with the blows pulled, the old man's aura subtle, difficult to read, it's hard to deny the ferocity in his lethal forms. Gen slams Tsugumi to the floor stiff-armed, and when he's flipped forward, it's suddenly the motion of an earthslide.

The old man rolls willfully into the momentum, tumbling shoulder-first free prematurely and coming up with impressive alacrity into a wide, stable stance. If anything, the skid seems to service his recovery of footing, the bruising impact brushed aside.

Gen squares his facing against Sendo sidelong, a flexed-- coiled-- left hand leading. "Another student seduced by the Southtown fad for fighting--" Gen muses, questions, even as he seeks to backhand the girl across her face as she seeks to recover her own footing.

Once more, it seems too casual for the speed, for the force behind it; but at least he's not trying to decapitate Tsugumi! "-- or do you have /purpose/, ambition behind your hobby?!" Is she a warrior, or a weekender? It may take a moment to collect a coherent answer if Tsugumi is, in fact, impacted by what -has- to be a sack of rocks, rather than an old man's bony knuckles.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo endures Gen's Weakened Medium Punch.

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Tsugumi Sendo    1/------=/=======|=====--\-------\0              Gen


Her kick whiffs past, when Gen uses her movement to flip over faster then she had anticipated. She had barely stood up, before being met with that lightning-fast backhand- All she could do was push onward and weather the impact: Her head shited subtly so that it doesn't quite slam against her temple, just right above it. "Aii-!" The knuckles graze past her skull, and despite the holding back of strength, though rock-hart digits cause a significant burst of pain. But surprisingly, she manages to push onward! She goes right into a wild flurry of attacks with perhaps surprising alacrity!

Punches, elbows- Kicks and even a pair of cartwheels! Laying into the man, attempting to push back before a final uppercut.. probably won't send him skyward: But she improvises. Instead of the normal aerial grab this technique is followed up with she ducks down low, almost instantly attempting to grab his leg before pulling it upwawrd, using her second hand to push at the chest to slam him against the wooden floor if she can manage, dangerously close to one of the tables!

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Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0              Gen

There's an audible CRACK of bone on skull as Gen's backhand impacts Tsugumi... and the girl /utterly/, improbably /tanks/ it! She comes THROUGH the strike ready for action, and for the first time, she catches the old master in an actually rather compromised position. Gen comes around into a ready guard swiftly, but not quite swiftly -enough-, reading the attacks plainly but able to do nothing to stem the onslaught.

Tsugumi unloads that flurry into the little old chef's surprisingly, perhaps even alarmingly resilient frame, musculature largely hidden beneath baggy clothing-- but corded, dense despite his apparent age and deceptive size. It's this sheer fortitude that allows the legendary assassin to stay as clear-headed as he -does- amidst the assault, battered backwards and whipped off balance. It's just enough clarity to roll as he's -slammed- into the floor with a resounding crack, immediately tumbling to braced feet beneath him.

The coiled ball his landing left him in only tightens as the old master springs right back at Tsugumi, twisting a tight somersault. Knees tucked tightly to his chest, powerful arms hugging them tighter, Gen's impact is not unlike that of a cannonball.

A cannonball that also uncoils as it lands, coming up in a practiced stance and -jamming- the flexed digits of a clawed hand as much into as against Tsugumi's solar plexus, each fingertip a thunderous blow at a vulnerable nerve point. "Fine, not just a hobbyist!!" the old man concedes. Actions have messages of their own.

COMBATSYS: Gen successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Weakened Jasen EX.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1              Gen

"Wow, Ojisan!"

Tsugumi is mightily impressed, obviously. Gen is by far the strongest opponent she has faces thus far. The only reason she is not scared sh--tless is well, that it's a test- He's clearly holding back. But Tsugumi feels that raw power and technique even when laying into him: What would be a thoroughly dangerous attack for someone within her league, is practically brushed off by Gen. And not to mention, he slips free from her grasp, at the end! Only to cannonball into her..

And she simply can't compete with that speed.

She could barely react to it, and her feeble attempt at putting her arms in the way is snuffed out by Gen the human cannon slamming into her legs, making the wrestler reel and stumble: Only for the chef to unravel his body to dig his gnarled fingers into the middle of her torso. Even with his force held back, the girl gets slightly lifted up, before doubling over and tumbling forward to the floor! "Ooow.. ow." Groaning in pain, she rolls up and in the motion rises to strike out toward Gen's chin with a simple rising elbow!

"I began practicin' shoot wrestling yeas ago, mister!" And finally, she answers to the master's earlier inquiry.

COMBATSYS: Gen parries Tsugumi Sendo's Tsugumi Elbow!

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/-======|=======\==-----\1              Gen

There is certainly no intention to kill or maim Tsugumi, that much is evident despite the old master's ornery demeanor. There's no venom, no anger in his ruthless onslaught, rather a tangible, almost scientific curiosity; and perhaps more than a few parts pleasure in the simple violence of the affair. She is, notably, better than he thought she'd be; that, or Tsugumi is rising to the unassuming opportunity with aplomb that warrants the same notice, the same quiet respect and attention.

Tsugumi has little to no chance in this fight, even with Gen restraining his lethal might-- but the girl's resolve never even wavers. She seems to /relish/ it. One brutal, nigh impossible to deal with technique flows into the next, and Tsugumi's answer each time is the same: the absolute best reprisal she can manage.

Out of the devastating nervestrike comes a swift, snapping elbow. Gen's void-white eyes seem to track the strike in the instants before it might impact, and instead of his granite jaw, it strikes the old chef's right palm with a clap as if Tsugumi had struck a vault door. Her blow is redirected smoothly leftward,

Gen's flexing arm guiding the momentum with perfect timing, exact positioning. He weaves ever so slightly rightward-- and then the fingers of that parrying palm become the talons of a bird of prey. All five digits snap vise-like around Tsugumi's limb, seeking to secure her soundly before the girl can launch off and land her technique.

As his right seeks to snare, Gen's left fist flexes, the arm bending as muscles tense, suffusing with chi; a subtle, mighty breeze, like a distant rumble of a cyclone in a canyon, heard miles away as a whisper through the trees.

Should he find purchase, Tsugumi would be bodily -snapped- back towards Gen with a /yank/ in the same instant his left fist launches outwards squarely into the side of Sendo's ribcage, with force enough to send the girl hurtling towards, and perhaps even violently /through/ an empty table.

"Fate willing, you shall practice many more! And become /actually/ strong!!" The old man lets out a more extended, no less gleeful chuckle to the one that preceded this entire, strange bout-slash-interview.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo blocks Gen's Weakened Juraku EX.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1              Gen

It might be a little surprising or unnatural how unwavering the girl is.

But having the right expectations set for a fight is an efficient way to avoid unwanted fear or frustration. Gen does not intend on injuring her (or not significantly), and she can't win: That's that expectation. And with such a groundwork set, all she has to do is just try her best: A little dissapointment does creep in when her elbow gets shifted ever-so-slightly by Gen's palm, causing her strike to whiff past and her forearm grabbed! Yet, her training in grappling does make a stand, twisting her own arm while pushing away Gen's with the other's forearm. The swift maneuver gets made just in time for both her arms to be free when the old master intended to yank her into that mighty fist.

But of course, that fist does still come- And with how little time she is afforded, she has to manage with a clumsy bracing of the forearms put in front. A sort of boxer's peek-a-boo. The sheer might of Gen's strike blows her away a few feet, sliding her across the wooden tiles having to steady herself when she almost loses balance! "Y-Yes, mister!" But is not delayed all that much: She handled that strike well, those are some hard forearms! A quick dash gets her back in Gen's range, where she ducks down to attempt gripping both of his knees, before -yanking- his legs upward, intending to make him trip and fall on his back!

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Gen with Quick Throw.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1              Gen

Nothing about expectations keeps Tsugumi from putting on quite a show of will and skill, in this moment. She weathers a hammering blow behind a practiced, resilient guard-- another box ticked, another point earned. She doesn't even suffer horribly for it, deflecting ample amounts of force with defensive acumen. Gen studies it, as much as watches it happen-- analyzes every step, every tale told in technique.

This doesn't stop the old chef's footing from faltering when his legs are literally yanked out from underneath his body, however. Gen thuds to his back, cracking his hard, hard head on the floor with a most painful sounding thwack, but the aged master is already kickin upwards. He rolls in a tight, reverse somersault that puts gymnasts to shame to come back upright in a tight crouch.

"Now do it again! And three more times!" Gen demands, quite potentially impossibly; but therein lies the point. The space between Tsugumi and the diminutive chef is crossed with one leading, deceptively dainty slipper.

From his crouch, Gen launches like a rocket led by that foot in a low, lunging flying kick. His lower leg is bent upwards, reinforcing the angle, all of his weight and momentum focused to that kicking point of impact; which is subsequently aligned, once more, with Tsugumi's ribcage. The old man pressures the girl's punished guard again; and perhaps, then three more times.

The kick is one of the first techniques taught to a much younger Chun-Li, when the girl wasn't even as old or experienced as Tsugumi is now. A classic way of focusing limited mass, even limited strength, into a singular impact with amplification of both legs lunging. Of course, strength is not a thing Gen lacks.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo just-defends Gen's Weakened Gendenansatsushu EX!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Tsugumi Sendo    0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1              Gen

And the miracles keep coming.

She somehow managed to defend against that grab earlier, and subsequently landed another hit on the old man: He got up lightning-fast, but she still feels proud of it. "I'll- Do my best!" She responds, a brief pause signalling some hesitation or doubt. Gen's assault is yet unwaverin, as he goes down to perform that intricate low kick- Performing such a move requires some serious arm-strength to lift up the body like that! Somehow, in some way..

She manages to stop it- Instinctively crouching down to catch Gen's calf and -pushing- it away from herself, perhaps unsteadying the man but at the very least creating enough of an opportunity to dash back and out of danger. "This is fun, Ojisan!" She announces, all the while stretching her arms, before punching one of her palms! She is quite literally pumping herself up. "I'm feelin' my strength waning, but I'm giving it one.. final.. push!" Nothing much happens from the outside, but innerly a newfound rush of incredible adrenaline surges through her- Albeit to produce such a rush of energy, it has to come from somewhere- Indeed, there are hints of her body being tired, slightly shaky movements and heavier breaths creeping through if one looks close enough.

But for the moment, none of that matters: And it is not something even she notices. "YOSHAAA-! Lets see how far I can push this, Old man!"

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo gathers her will.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Tsugumi Sendo    2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\===----\1              Gen

Tsugumi rides the wave of all that force focused into the crouched lunge of a kick, and once more pushes the envelope; rises beyond. Gen certainly knew this was a possibility when he demanded it, but it's both fortuitous and a pleasing contrast to the put-upon whinging that Yun still exposes the old master to on a regular basis! Training that one is like Luke Skywalker with no sense of destiny!

"We'll toughen you up." Gen assures Sendo, in an almost cheerful lilt that's not in the least bit ominous. The restaurant is a low key training venue of exceptional quality, however-- both for the enigmatic sensei and chef at the center of it all, and the myriad of styles and opponents faced among the staff... or facing down the latest hungry fighter of a customer.

Gen slides back to steady footing, unsurprisingly all but rooted to the floor-- when the old master /wants/ to be. Suddenly, he's flying towards the ceiling as if gravity inverted, then tripled.

An instant later, an inverted Gen seems to stand on the ceiling, along a rafter, smirking down at Tsugumi with one arched, stark white brow. The next, Gen flies at a downward angle, kicking off into a heel-led warhead aligned squarely with Sendo's position as the girl gathers more power; tries to meet the legendary assassin's ridiculous demands.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo fails to interrupt Weakened Diving Kick from Gen with Rolling Breaker.

                                  >  /////////////////////         ]
                                  |=======\=====--\1              Gen

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo can no longer fight.

                                  >  /////////////////////         ]
                                  |=======\=====--\1              Gen

She kept pushing her luck, and eventually it came pushing back.

"Uuuh- Yes Sir!" She responded, only to watch Gen leap up and stick to the ceiling. "Wha?!" Quick decision time. Her first instinct is to attempt a block, but then she realizes how utterly beat up her arms are- It won't work! Taking the attack to the face to reposition? That would probably just knock her out. Eventually, there only seems to be one real option- Catch him out of the air! And as she considers, and gets ready to make a catch..

But at that point, something inside of her glows- A sudden burst of light that grew until it visually radiated from her chest. "Eh?! Not again!" The light is actually.. soothing to her, physically. But the distraction is enough, and Gen kicks downward as Tsugumi failed the interception. The old master's rock hard limb slamming painfully against the collarbone, as the girl gasps in pain, and deprived of air. "Guagh-!" And carried straight into the hard wooden floor with the back of her head, a disturbing thump ringing out with it. "Ow.. ow."

The girl grunts out, unnmoving. "Y-Yeah, that's it for me, Ojisan.."

Gen lands forcefully, shock reverberating outwards through the restaurant's floor as he impacts it, as Tsugumi is sent reeling clear. There's no three point crouch, no bent knees absorbing the force; Gen simply seems to descend already in a too-casual ready stance, one which quickly shifts with understanding that the fight is, indeed, over. "You never told me of your great purpose!" The old chef observes, brows wagging.

"But it matters little; creatures your age never get THAT part right. The will to better yourself, to transcend the strange lottery of genetics is enough, hah!" Did Gen just insult her parentage? Perhaps his own. They are both unusually small and unlikely forces.

"You will start tomorrow, training will advance only based on your performance here and in your exercises!" These refer to a rigorous, decidedly old school fitness routine morning and night that includes quite the circuit around the outskirts of Southtown, and more than a few obstacle scenarios involving heavy, heavy weights and difficult footing into forests and mountain.

"Now! Tell me your favorite food, and you shall feast; and we -must- discuss that burst of light..." Unusual, different from the energy coursing through Tsugumi Sendo the rest of the interview; quite curious, indeed.

COMBATSYS: Gen has ended the fight here.

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