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Rising Star Tournament Launched! - Sat Mar 6 2021 - P-Body
The Kanzuki Estate has announced it is hosting the Rising Star tournament. All the up and comers across the world will be tested to see if they are qualified to participate in the Rising Star tournament. The Rising Star tournament is designed for fighters R3 and lower. The lucky winner will not only hold the prestigious title of the Rising Star Champion, but also be the face of the Kanzuki Excellence Center.

The tournament will allow a maximum of 2 alts to be signed up. You may use an apped character, or a temp character. Understand that you can have only one temp character at a time.

As noted, the Rising Star tournament is designed for low ratio types. Because of the variables that affect the power of a character can be independent of ratio, there is a certain level of judgement that will take place. Any character who is questionably too strong for the tournament will be interviewed by an Agent of Kanzuki, which almost certainly will mean a fight.

Anybody who is R2.5 or lower will be auto-qualified, and will not need to be interviewed by an Agent of Kanzuki.

Anybody who is higher than R2.5, but lower than R3.0 may fall within what we call 'borderline.' Because of the variation in AP expenses, a sufficiently strong R2 can be equal to a weaker R3 depending on it's ratio.

At R3.0 and higher, up to R3.3, is almost certainly on the borderline spectrum at best, and will require an interview from an Agent of Kanzuki.

The tournament will be a double elimination tournament, which means that there will be two brackets, a winners bracket and a losers bracket. If you lose a winners bracket match, you get sent to the losers bracket. If you lose a losers bracket match, you are out of the tournament. The winner of the losers bracket will face off against the winner of the winners bracket for the championship. As we get closer to the start of the tournament, a post will be made to clarify the ruleset in detail for the tournament.

Depending on the size of the signups, we may need a qualifiers round to cull down the numbers, but there may be an alternative to that. I will post the action on that when the signups are closed.

Signups have been posted, and will remain open until the 20th of March.

Rising Star 2021 - Round 1 Matches - Sun Mar 21 2021 - P-Body
The Rising Star tournament has begun!

Because of the excellent turnout (wow guys) I have changed it from a double elimination to single eliminiation because 32 with double elimination is friggin insane. Otherwise, it is normal singles, with DKOs resolved with the person closest to zero winning. At this round, you can pick any stage as your stage to fight. As we get into the later stages of the brackets, we will be keeping the matches in the Kanzuki Excellence Center.

The matches are as follows:

1) Mint vs Hisako
2) Heavy D! vs Edenlith
3) Hotaru vs Brandon
4) Tsinghua vs Aaron
5) Bulleta vs Nena
6) Fei vs Ryuko
7) Tarmo vs Kuma
8) Grand vs Xolo
9) Alexis vs La Huesuda
10) Okuno vs Yun
11) Mitsuru vs Daisuke
12) Kelly vs Yuri
13) Himeko vs Fumiko
14) Tsugumi Sendo vs Kasumi Todoh
15) Daisy vs Sakura
16) Clarity vs Hayley

To help facilitate the tournament progression, the following registered fighters have been placed on the Standby bench. In the situation where a fighter is unable to participate, or fails to begin or complete their fight in a reasonable time, a standby can step in to take their face. This is primarily to
deal with fighters who withdraw from the tournament due to inactivity or personal reasons.

Standby Bench

You can see the brackets down below:

I am going to give you guys 2 weeks for this round. That means you have until April 5th on the month to finish your fights. There are a lot of people, and a number of double signups, so I'll be a little flexible with the time as need be. Not too flexible though, we got something big coming up in the pipeline. Send out mails, use discord, do whatever you can to schedule your matches as soon as possible. If you are having trouble scheduling your fights? Reach out to me so I can get your bracket replaced in with a standby.

Have fun fighting!

Rising Star 2021 - R1 Deadlines And Early R2 - Mon Mar 29 2021 - P-Body
Hello folks!

As of the time of this post, we have 9 Ristar R1 matches resolved, 3 in progress, 2 scheduled, and 2 unknown schedule status. This is excellent progress, and I am very pleased with how dilligent you have been with getting your matches arranged and processed. As noted, you have about 2 weeks to finish your matches, and with more than half of them resolved at the end of week 1, that's just great news.

With four matches in uncertain status, I am going to place a deadline for those matches to begin. If any remaining R1 matches are not in progress by EOD Friday this week, I will require standbys to be deployed in order to maintain the forward momentum of the Ristar tournament. I will do what I can to assist you getting contact with your opponents, and only ask you keep proactive on the scheduling.

On a more positive note, because of the rapid progression of the R1 matches, we have some R2 matches that can take place. If you like, you can begin on the following R2 matches now:

17) Hisako vs Edenlith
18) Brandon vs Aaron
22) Daisuke vs Yuri

The deadlines for those aren't even scheduled yet, so no pressure on them yet. As other matches get resolved, you may find that other R2 matches may become available, so if you see that your R2 match is filled in, you may begin your R2 match!

Thank you for your hard work in the tournament, and keep having fun Rising Stars!

Rising Star 2021 - Round 1 Matches Resolved - Mon Apr 5 2021 - P-Body
With 14 of the 16 matches resolved, I feel confident in posting the outcomes of the Round 1 matches with the exception of the outstanding two fights.

1) Mint vs Hisako (W: Hisako)
2) Heavy D! vs Edenlith (W: Edenlith)
3) Hotaru vs Brandon (W: Brandon)
4) Tsinghua vs Aaron (W: Aaron)
5) Bulleta vs Nena (W: TBD)
6) Tarmo vs Ryuko (W: Tarmo)
7) Poison vs Kuma (W: Kuma)
8) Grand vs Xolo (W: Grand)
9) Alexis vs La Huesuda (W: La Huesuda)
10) Okuno vs Yun (W: Yun)
11) Mitsuru vs Daisuke (W: Daisuke)
12) Kelly vs Yuri (W: Yuri)
13) Himeko vs Fumiko (W: Fumiko)
14) Tsugumi Sendo vs Kasumi Todoh (W: TBD)
15) Daisy vs Sakura (W: Sakura)
16) Clarity vs Hayley (W: Hayley)

For the Kasumi/Tsugumi and Bulleta/Nena, I am giving an extension to EOD WEDNESDAY 7th. If the fights are not resolved by then, I will intervene to make a Time Out Win. I will post the matches for Round 2 in a moment.

Rising Star 2021 - Round 2 Matches - Mon Apr 5 2021 - P-Body
For Round 2, we have the following matches. Two have been resolved so far, two are pending Round 1 matches.

17) Hisako vs Edenlith (W: Hisako)
18) Brandon vs Aaron (W: Aaron)
19) (Bulleta/Nena) vs Tarmo
20) Kuma vs Grand
21) La Huesuda vs Yun
22) Daisuke vs Yuri
23) Fumiko vs (Tsugumi Sendo/Kasumi Todoh)
24) Sakura vs Hayley

Deadline will be EOD Monday 19th; Standbys are still standing by but I expect your matches to be starting at least April 16th! And in regard to the Hisako vs Aaron match of R3... go ahead and start it! I like being ahead of schedule! Keep up the good work folks!

Rising Star 2021 - Round 2 Extension - Fri Apr 16 2021 - P-Body
With apologies to the Observer

I am delaying round 2 Standby deadlines to EOD Monday to April 19th, and actual fight deadlines to EOD Thursday April 22nd. I have justifiable reasons for delay due to Covid issues (both on my end and with players) as well as kidnapping Hayley for Neo-League stuff (which disrupted the Sakura/Hayley match).
That gives you guys all opportunities to start this weekend! So do it!

Rising Star 2021 - Round 3Thu Apr 29 2021 - P-Body
With some delays, Round 2 is completed, and Round 3 has officially launched! But some have already been resolved, so we are cruising along real fast now in these final rounds

25 - Hisako vs Aaron (Hisako)
26 - Nena vs Kuma
27 - Yun vs Daisuke (Daisuke)
28 - Tsugumi Sendo vs Hayley

With so few fights left, I think we can wrap round 3 by May 3rd. A very short time frame, but half the fights are already complete. Once those complete, then we can begin the semifinals, and then, the finals! There is a super secret event coming up soon, so time is of the essence! Thank you so much for working so hard for keeping the tournament moving forward guys! You are great!

Rising Star 2021 - Finished!Wed Jun 16 2021 - P-Body

Play that music, as the Rising Star tournament comes to its end. The champion, after a long and hard fought battle through the ranks, is former Aussie Spangles 'Hayley Bretherton.' Having proven herself to be the brightest of the rising stars, she has earned her prize from the Kanzuki Estate, which will be revealed in full in an unlocked ending cutscene soon enough. Until then, she will have the first and most immediate prize: she is no longer to be considered the former Aussie Spangles, but as the Rising Star Champion.

Thank you all for participating in the Rising Star 2021 tournament! I am really happy with how the tournament went through, and was definately a major success as tournaments go. I will look at following the same model in future tournaments, so keep your eyes out!
Below is a link to the challonge rankings, as well as the final rankings below.


Final Rankings
Gold Medalist and Champion of Ristar 2021

Silver Medalists

Bronze Medalists
Blazing Panther (Daisuke)

Tsugumi Sendo
La Huesuda
Heavy D!
Kasumi Todoh

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