Shina - First Strike

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Description: Checking in on a dangerous potential client, Shina takes along Tarmo for back up. It isn't long until her suspicions are justified when an old enemy returns with a force of foot soldiers. Tarmo and Shina have to tangle with a gang of thugs, or else fall victim of angered underworld forces.

Suspicious business offerings are a way of life for a mercenary. There's always some duplicitous chump that wants to take advantage of soldiers of fortune. Normally it's just about money, simple greed or desperation taking advantage of a soul. Less than normal are the ones that seem to like obscuring the nature of the bloody business behind facades of justice or honor in order to be the hero of their own story.

Or to coerce the more noble of the profession into doing their dirty work for them.

The message that came to her seemed like one of these kind. A broadly sympathetic tale of horrible gangsters. . .that called for a meeting at a place like the Southtown Harbor. It stank of melodrama or deceit. Shina wasn't about to walk into the danger zone without some kind of back up. But she had to ask herself what contacts she was going to use.

She figured the set up was work related. Not anything to do with magic or worth pulling the strings of the NOL cat. That wouldn't be well received. She had to look in other routes.

It wasn't the man's usual line of work, that she knew, but Shina saw how he could take a good fight. So it fell to her to suck up her pride and try to contact Tarmo. He'd already bested her in a rematch and now she was here asking for help to stand around and watch her back while she met with a potential threat.

The air of the harbor did nothing to stall the portents of danger. Clouded skies, warm rains falling lightly. Birds are gone, work is slow, the industrial warehouses seems quiet but the groaning and creaking of the settling corrugated metal.

Shina walks slow, boots scraping on the concrete ground. She has her head high as she looks about for any movement or motion of the contact she was here for. Supposedly a man named Jin. But so far, nothing. Nothing but uncertain stillness and a pregnant tension in the air.

If it makes things any better at all for Shina's pride, Tarmo *did* seem not only pretty empathic to the idea of providing her with some backup over work-wise, but... also pretty eager about it, too. Afterall, wouldn't someone who's as fun to fight as her just get into some more fun fights, then?

He'd probably met up with near the road to the harbor proper, too. And for all his typical boisterousness, he is actually making a point now of not making too much noise while he set to following besides her (nevermind the still-odd choice of outfit of an unzipped, hooded field jacket over an otherwise topless form). Eyes surprisingly sharp even now, while they flicker from side to side to consider their surroundings. Watching, just like her, for any movement, even if her eye might be much better at that kind of thing.

"You meet this guy before?" He does ask of her, in a low rumble meant only for her ears.

"Never. Got my contact through a mutual," Shina admits. It's not the most secure way of doing things, but the life of mercenary was never one without some form of risk involved. She looks over to Tarmo with a shrug. In that moment, her youth is evident. A lot of her past was fighting, but some of the more logistical elements were handled by her boss/father.

She looks around and stops. Her eyes narrow. Something felt off in the air. She scratches at her nose and fills her backup in on the situation. "Supposedly had his daughter kidnapped by some local syndicate. Can't trust the cops around here and can't afford their own bodyguards. So looking to spin a sob story for a cheaper fight. But I doubt it."

It's then and there, between the maze of transport containers that make for tall and colorful stacks of walls, that slow clapping echoes.

"Aren't you a smart little girl."

A wheezing voice from above calling down mockingly. A round man, red hair, and a familiar look despite the big plaster over his busted nose. He points a finger down and laughs. "Did you think you'd get away with what you've done!? Not a chance! When we're done with you, they'll never find what's left!"

Shina looks up at the man, and over to Tarmo. "Okay, never mind, I did meet this guy before."

"So then you think--"

Tarmo isn't really given a chance to finish that particular thought before the telltale clapping of shoes on concrete carries over. Mid-way through a stretch of arms over his head, the Finn's attention turns steadily over -- until they land on the rotund redhead right on time with that mocking statement.

"This joker right here?" He asks with a slow blink of his eyes ,apparently not in any way or form jostled by the threat directed to her by him. He even turns his attention right back down to Shina again, as if the guy wasn't even there anymore.

"You make some odd choices in the company ya keep, ya know that?" ... Says the bear-wrestling finn with an exposed chest.

"St-stop ignoring me!" shouts the man above. "You will learn to respect the might of Kenta Oba!" He starts to slam his stylish heel against the ground in petulant frustration. His hands pump the air, and for the humor of his irate expression, his fury can still be felt.

On cue, the doors of several containers open up and disgorge a collection of thugs. Some are dressed well, armed even, but most appear to be the kind on hand at any pool hall or dive bar ready to knock some heads in for a six-pack and a promise of future work. They charge forward with bats and bottles, chains and knives. A noticeable lack of gear for a well heeled yakuza like the red-head appears to be.

Shina takes a step back and looks at Tarmo. "His boss pays well enough and lets Darkstalkers in," she offers with a shrug and a slight uncertain smile. "But I'm starting to think it isn't worth this trouble."

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                                  |-------\-------\0            Shina

"Eeeeh, what are ya prattlin' about up there?!" Tarmo roars back up in annoyance at the redheaded gangster, lowering his arms down from above his head just so he can fold them together over his chest. "We're having a talk over here, ya rude doughboy! Your momma never teach ya manners, Oball?" Oball?

Cue the containers opening, though, and Tarmo's irritation is quickly turned towards the people steadily working on surrounding the two of them. "Sure seems that way," he agrees to Shina's assessment with a slow shrug. "Ah, well..."

His arms uncross, and his posture hunches over slightly-- and an utterly *fierce* grin takes over his expression.

"Here I was wonderin' if this evenin' was gonna be borin'. How 'bout I do some icebreakin' for ya?"

THe particular brand of 'ice breaking' Tarmo has in mind is in no way at all the social kind, however. That ought to become clear enough for Shina when the Finn-- uh.

Well, the Finn launches himself into a charge suddenly. Straight for the wall of thugs, in his best impression of a quarterback in american football-- aiming to slam shoulder-first into whichever unfortunate soul is in his path first, except with the intention of continuing on still to knock the goons about like bowling pins.

He *is* the icebreaker.

Such an invitation is not one that Shina is about to let go unheeded. She laughs, amused and a little flattered at Tarmo's surging charge that leads the way for her own scramble.

She lowers herself and hauls along in the big man's wake. She waits, biding her time until he is just about to smash into the crowd when she leaps up to alight on Tarmo's back. Using him as a spring board, she soars at the crowd, pouncing at the gang members with lightning speed.

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                                  |-------\-------\0            Shina

Kablam! Tarmo careens into the gang with a powerful crash! The gang gets scattered by the crushing blow. The bodies sent flying into a mass here and there. They hit the ground, they clang off the sides of the shipping containers. Their leadership watches on with pitiable shame as the gang he brought gets seemingly wiped aside with a single shoulder charge.

"What is it with you people!" Kenta cries out, tugging at his hair.

Some that have been spared the wrath of a Finnish bear, they manage to catch a pouncing Shina and roll with the attack. While she gets away, the few in the back aren't much worse for wear as they've only been dusted up and rolled in grit.

The two halves look panicked in the moment. They shift one way and the other. It takes the gangster atop a shipping crate shouting with bile, "Go after the woman, you idiots!" to get them to focus on a single target.

And that they do! With a surge, they all rush after Shina. A group tackle to drag the woman down and open her up to the gang's brutish intent.

"You just don't get it, do ya?!" Tarmo manages to growl out once he finally skids to a stop in the wake of the gang-bowling charge.

But with the thugs focusing their attention on his friend now, the Finn frowns. Partly out of disappointment that *he* isn't getting any attention now, sure, but mostly from anger of such a stacked maneuver getting directed at her.

"Oi, oi, what are you doin', huh?!" The BEar Finn practically roars out as he stomps in -- his massive hand reaching right in for the head of one thug, and aiming to swing him by it, if he manages to secure hold, to shove him right into one of his friends! "Turnin' your back on me!"

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                                  |=------\-------\0            Shina

Shina leads the gang on a merry chase, moving like lightning as she stays one step ahead of the pack of thugs. But she can't get away forever and eventually one slams against her. She struggles forward and breaks free from the grip of the gang to push herself forward.

She hurls herself up against a container and springs off of the wall to pounce atop the charging gang. She reaches for one of the group, to take and tear one down into a wrenching, snapping arm lock.

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                                  |===----\-------\0            Shina

One of the thugs, grabbed, turns quickly. It's enough of a twist that the goon breaks free from Tarmo's iron grip, but he stumbles into and bumps against the open door of a shipping container.

The clanging, echoing sound rattles the still air. Several of the goons now start to rethink the shouted strategy of the round red-head watching from above.

And in that moment of distraction, one of the goons gets grappled by the pouncing Shina and rolls to the ground. He cries out in pain and calls for his allies to quickly get upon her while she's stuck.

In a moment of indecisiveness, the gathered goons opt to make a quick audible. They twist and run for Tarmo. After all, the woman isn't running anymore, they can beat her down after. It's just one of their number being held up at the moment. As one, they run over toward Tarmo. A mass of men charging at once to batter and bash the man with clubs and chain.

Goon Squad says, "ex"

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                                  |===----\-------\0            Shina

"Slippery fuck--!" The Finn rumbles-- though he still smiles, seeing that his little maneuver did have some effect still. He doesn't have to take any of them out all at once afterall, no.

And his loud shenanigans had the intended effect, too. Namely that of the thugs descending en masse upon him. The Finn's arms come up for a token defense-- but really, with all the angles, he's getting inevitably smacked through that guard regardless. Blunt weaponry and rattling chain rebound off his massive form, off the mountain of meat -- but the Finn just persists with grit together teeth.

It all comes to a head when he suddenly bursts forward amidst their battering! His hand thrusting out towards one arm swinging a baseball bat in, and yanking him over close enough his other hand can grab onto his other wrist. "Let's gooooooo!!!"

If properly caught, Tarmo turns himself into a spin aroudn and around -- with the thug's arms still held onto, swinging him around himself to sweep into his compatriots, smacking through before finally letting go and sending the poor son of a bitch flying towards the side of a shipping container.

Holding tight on the ground, Shina wrestles with the thug. She grips on the man and gives one twisting crack before rolling off the pained and broken goon to surge up to her feet. Without losing a step she is already charging for the next in her line of sight.

It opens with a heavy blow to the chin that turns into a rolling throw. A woman's battle cry slicks to a yowling peal of a roar as Shina's form twists and the leopard leaps out from the toss with raking claws and teeth.

The beast woman is a crackling flow of predatory fury now, not giving a moment's heed. While Tarmo works to toss and throw the thugs around, Shina's predatory look settles on a new prey. Crashing forward, she lunges for one of the distracted thugs and seeks to clamp her spine crunching fangs on the back of his throat.

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                                  |=======\=------\1            Shina

Around and around he goes, where he stops, nobody knows! Tarmo's makeshift baseball back swings and hits for a solid line drive down shipping container park. And with his moment to round the bases secured, Tarmo discards his back with a thundering clanging crunch against the side of a nearby container.

Others are scattered, tripped up and surprised by the simple lack of expecting one of their own to so readily be used as a bludgeoning tool that they stumble and fall away from Tarmo. They want to be ready, and they want to make distance. Already, one in the back fumbles with a bottle and a torn piece of t-shirt.

Above, Kenta Oba stamps his feet. His protestations to ignore the man and go after the woman have been ignored. And while he wails on about how good help is hard to find, the round little yakuza notices something strange going on. He can see the fur and fang burst out of the shapeshifting Shina. And he calls out, "Darkstalker!" Something that finally gets the attention of the scattered low-rent thugs.

It was the word they needed to hear. Something new and threatening taking shape in their midst. They whirl about and take on the coming threat. Sure, one more of the group is send writhing to the ground, clutching his bleeding side. But it's all they needed to be ready. And as the leopard pounces, so do the men.

A first bottle smashes hard against the woman's face. A club cracks down on her back. She yowls, she slashes. She might hit a few, cause some cuts, but she's at the mercy of the gang that batters down upon her. A heavy iron bar rings out, and the feline slumps lower. Another strike, and another. And another.

The cat is soon dogpiled by the swarm of frightened and frenzied hired muscle.

The same problem with an unorganized force that works agains them can very easily work to their benefit too. Their tactics might be unpredictable-- and when they do get their focus on someone, it is devastating.

Unfortunatley, that focus can result just as easily in lack of situational awareness. One that Tarmo is all too happy to exploit--

Especially after seeing and hearing all this. He never had a particular thought on the whole thing people have against Darkstalkers, no. But... Shina is his friend.

So guess what happens when he sees that kind of hatred directed against her.


The roar of pure rage in the form of finnish expletives comes just before a sudden charge from behind two of the thugs that have come to force Shina on the ground. Enough of a shove with it to jostle them over, but that's not the main intent of his furious advance, no. It's to reach down while their balance is off and grab each by the ankles of one of their legs, before he spins around, and--

Comes whirling upon the remaining lot with the two caught by their legs swung around like ragdolls, with the kind of furious overhead swings meant to force the sods caught underneath down on the ground, before the Finn devolves into a blind fury of hammering the two gangers in his hands down upon the other two over and over and *over*..

Let it be known then that Tarmo is perfectly willing to hit a motherfucker with *two other* motherfuckers.

The beatings hammer down upon the back of Jeanna Gado, aka 'Shina the Leopard'. She plants her broad, heavily-clawed, pawlike hands against the ground. She withstands the strikes that stripe her back. The blunt blows that rock her send waves of pain coursing through her body. She bristles under the blows. She sags. She growls. She wants blood.

Something opens up the space around her. Sounds of someone shouting out. It distracts the gang hammering fists and weapons down at her. It gives her an opening. Starting at her claws, they dig against the ground, sparking of purple lightning crackle at her fingertips.

And then with an ear splitting roar, the beast lashes outward. She flashes this way, claws raking. She hits the side of a container and caroms off to slash back across the crowd. While Tarmo crashes down with inexorable force, Shina lances through with razor claws that leave crackling ozone scented trails of lightning in her wake.

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                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |-------\-------\0            Shina

COMBATSYS: Shina successfully hits Goon Squad with Cross Blade Zapper.

[                                < >  //////////////////////        ]
Goon Squad       1/--=====/=======|-------\-------\0            Tarmo
                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |-------\-------\0            Shina

Their backs are to the Finn. They only look just in time to realize how open they are. Shovel-like hands grab tight onto ankle and calf. The man shout in protest. They reach out for their temporary compatriots. They were not unified before they were here, but this sudden crash of a Darkstalker and a brute have brought the gang to a singular focus.

And in that moment the focus is the giant man swinging two of their own as Persian clubs.

One tries to duck free, but he's battered to the ground with a sharp exhaling whuff coming out of him before he relinquishes consciousness. Another cracks from Tarmo's makeshift bat and slams against the side of a container, stumbling, falling, and collapsing to the pavement.

The ones that aren't struggling being battered by their own number soon find themselves desperately trying to flee from the predatory force that slashes and cuts through them like ribbons. They cry out in pain. Blood spray splashes bright against the containers and paint the pavement.

Some may dislike Darkstalkers for little reason, some dislike Gears for similar. The Leopard is not quite the former, but she is showing just why some of their fears are justified.

The scattered few still standing look up in panic to the man that hired them. They see nothing of the sort; Kenta Oba is long gone scurrying away as quickly as his dress shoes will carry him. So the remaining muscle get together and take one final retreating action. The one with the bottle starts things off. A fiery burst. And soon after bats and clubs and chains swing and fly as the fire burns. A shouting retreat punctuated by one quick fusillade of gunfire to clear the smoking air and, in desperate hopes, take down the dangerous foes that the yakuza set them up against.

COMBATSYS: Goon Squad can no longer fight.

                                  >  //////////////////////        ]
                                  |-------\-------\0            Tarmo
                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |-------\-------\0            Shina

COMBATSYS: Tarmo blocks Goon Squad's Gang Warfare.

                                  >  ///////////////////           ]
                                  |==-----\-------\0            Tarmo
                                  >  //////////////////            ]
                                  |-------\-------\0            Shina

"Hey, welcome back!" Tarmo calls out with a loud rumble of laughter over the sight of Shina going-- well, for lack of better description, beastmode. It also marks him finally letting go of the poor thugs turned into living clubs (or rather, just kind of sending them flopping through the air).

Not a lot of time for celebrations, though. The desperation within the gang is taken notice of quick enough, and Tarmo, for his part-- he decides to impose his larger body mostly in the way, to help shield his compatriot from the blunt weaponry swung in, without any fear over the fire. Tree-thick arms soak up the blows, giving just enough of a push to encourage the harried lot to retreating further--


A gunshot takes him off guard-though. Not just the sound of one-- but the feel of a bullet piercing through the sleeve of his jacket and lodging itself into the thick muscle of his bicep. THe big man winces visibly, but he still refuses to give ground in spite of it. He can't turn his back on this lot now either. He might end up giving them ideas other than retreat if he does.

COMBATSYS: Goon Squad successfully hits Shina with Gang Warfare.

                                  >  ///////////////////           ]
                                  |==-----\-------\0            Tarmo
                                  >  ///////////                   ]
                                  |======-\-------\0            Shina

A gun blazes. The fire rages. The bestial Shina attempts to flee. First one way, then a different. Cut off by fire, she pauses and looks upward. Ready to leap, she whips to the side with the sudden flare of shots. Blood runs down her arms, bites at her side and leg. Seeping wounds on matting fur.

She limps forward and, remaining in her beast form, she bounds upward to the sides of the shipping crate. All thoughts of running down the fleeing thugs are gone as she seeks to put every remaining ounce of herself into making for a tactical retreat. She isn't going to hold ground like the Finn. Brave as it is, she knows a retreating maneuver when she sees one and she knows she isn't armed in the same way.

Up on a container of her own, she flops onto her side and then onto her back. Hissing in pain, she slowly begins to revert back to her human face. Bone and mass cracking, shifting back into a human configuration despite the protesting pain in her body.

While below, the shouts of the fleeing thugs fades as the ones still able to run begin to split up and scurry off to their own drinking holes and hideaways.

And the cause of this, Kenta Oba, already slinks back toward Hanbo's territory to lick his wounds and plan his spin on the events to his boss.

COMBATSYS: Shina has left the fight here.

                                  >  ///////////////////           ]
                                  |==-----\-------\0            Tarmo

Eventually, Tarmo does have to take some retreating movements, too. If only to get out of the way of the few last desperate retreating shots their harassers are taking at his general direction. Even if he is able to walk off that one bullet that hit him, he's not exactly keen on getting more holes in him. It takes the form of him pushing back after the last thugs making an effort at melee, and slipping around the corner of another heavy container. Cover.

Once the more violent noises die down finally, he peeks out again, to confirm there's no more immediate danger.

"Sheesh... That was--" he starts, only to pause when his turning gaze realizes Shina isn't in immediate view there. He goes pacing across the harbor instead with that realization, and calling out, "Hey! Shina!"

Shina lay on the crate. She snarls, the last of her teeth retreating from near saber fang to incisor. There's a voice that grabs her. Someone's calling her name. It gets her grumbling and closing her eyes at the notion of someone trying to get her attention. She hammers a hand on the roof of the crate.

"I'm up here!" she croaks out in a voice still returning to humanity. "I was hit!" She informs. Following comes a growling pained string of curses in French and feline in equal measures.

She falls into panting gasps, pressing a hand against her side, she looks up at the cloudy skies before closing them to feel the rain. The same light rain that already sees itself to putting out the temporary flash fires started by the tossed molotov cocktail.

The combination of the voice and the impact on corrogated metal serves as an effective beacon amidst the barren harbor for him to hone himself in on. Though Tarmo doesn't go so far as to make the attempt to leap up after her. For a bit, he's content with just leaning himself against the side of the container, with his hand moving to rub over his shot arm.

"Yeah, me too," he calls back with a grunt. "Ain't too bad though. Think I can walk it off. How 'bout yours?"

Shina doesn't want to move too much. She's in pain, and she doesn't want to touch the bleeding spots to make certain of whether or not the wounds are the kind that'll take a lot of work to handle. She grunts, shifting, sitting up enough to hold herself by her elbow.

Graze, graze, deep graze, flesh that's starting knitting after she's pulled herself back together again. Maybe there are some perks to being inhuman, she thinks. And with a poke, the yowling that comes from her is pure panther.

"I am okay!" she calls down from above. But there, she falls back again. "But I think I need a rest. You let me know if they return, yes?"

"...That didn't *sound* okay," Tarmo calls up over, pushing just a bit away from the side of the container. Not that he actually has hope of getting a peek up towards his friend like that, but you know.

"...Yeah, sure. Doubt that makes for a very good restin' spot though, you know."

Drawing his hand away from his wounded arm, he thumps a fist against the metal, just to further his point there. "Could carry ya? Has to be some place with a bed 'round here that'll take a couple bloodied idiots without asking any questions."

A long pause. Shina thinks on the matter. She thinks of the things that could go wrong with relying on both public and underground medical contacts. She knows the dangers she's in. And she's only got so much money left to pay people down.

This is going to require fighting her way out. The thought makes Shina grin.

She turns her and rolls herself to the side. "I can walk enough. But I'll take a hand," she relents, her fingerless gloved hand waggling in hopes that Tarmo down below sees where she is.

It's enough for him to take notice of, at least. And that turns to him stepping a bit closer to where the waggling hand is aligned. "Think you can roll over here?" He calls up in askance, holding his arms out -- with apparently very little regard given to the bullet still left in his arm. "I'll get ya. We can figure out where to go from there."

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