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Description: Mitsuru just wishes to live a quiet life. But as she settles in her new identity of studying and not bullying people, it invites the worst as Tulip takes on Mitsuru in order to heckle her into a fight, all while Kaicho tries and film it. But Mitsuru finds an unlikely savior in Tulip's own mother...

Mitsuru liked working in the gardens at Seijyun High.

She didn't like actually tending the flowers. But when the gangly schoolgirl wanted to read and study, she liked doing outside. She liked doing -everything- outside more, in general. With the sun pouring down on your head, with the fresh air and breezes blowing around. She hated the sensation of being trapped inside. So she sat on a bench by the flowers of Seijyun High, away from the hustle and bustle, to study and reflect. She was dressed in her summer uniform, and she was otherwise calm. She liked being outside.

But, it meant that she would have to put up with other girls.

As she read 'Pride and Prejudice', writing down the notes as she steadily translated it, she was mercifully being left alone. She didn't want any trouble. SHe was- she was trying a lot harder to be nicer to people. To avoid fights. To avoid- to avoid pettiness. She was doing fine with some of the students outside of SEijyun High. But inside? She had earned a reputation here. ANd she was trying. So. Hard. Not to butt heads. For the most part, she was being left alone. But even that had Mitsuru on edge. She's been left alone before.

ANd it was all a set up for something even worse.

The Girls School's garden was filled with hydrangeas, foxgloves, begonias and a surprising number of lilies, there was one Tulip. Pretending to appreciate the flowers was the girl still in her Justice High uniform.

She pressed to her face her thick coke bottle glasses, and gluped when her eyes confirmed she was looking at Mitsuru. She heard so many things about her, and that all the popular girls were doing it. She knew she was popular, so she would do it to, cause she was popular and that is what popular girls were doing. She just need to be brave.

She folded her large glasses into her pocket, and allowed the colors to blur around her as she approached with a slightly nervous swagger. When she got close enough to see her in clarity again, she gave a casual question over Mitsuru's shoulder.

"Hey, watch'cha reading?"

Mitsuru glances upwards, as she hears a voice behind her.

The hackles on the back of her neck rise up. She felt danger. "A book." Mitsuru states, coldly, looking over her shoulder. When she sees Tulip, however, she looks back down. "For English class." She adds, less coldly, trying to correct herself. But she was on guard, her body language apprehensive. Defensive. She tries to think why she was being approached. Was she trying to be... friends? Mitsuru was paranoid. But she told Steve that she was going to have to be nice. "It's called Pride and Prejudice." She continues, before going silent.

"It okay." Is all she adds on it.

Tulip noticed she was defensive, but not yet overly aggressive and hostile. Withdrawn yes, but no fire. This was a good sign. "I could help you if you like, I English real good-" She stopped herself, and gained a few rosy hints to her face. "I mean I have really good English. She corrected herself.

She gave herself another moment to collect herself to get exactly what emotion she was supposed to use. "There were some questions I wanted to ask you, but if you are still busy..." She began the look down, with a face and voice of a girl afraid to be letdown.

Mitsuru -pouts-

She tries her best, really. She tries, but as the girl continues to PLEAD and YEARN for her attention, and offering help. But when Tulip gives that -pathetic- look, Mitsuru just -rolls- her eyes, and closes her notebook, and her book. Very neatly, she places it beside her, carefully lined up, and then, turns towards Tulip. Promptly, she crosses her arms. She was still giving that chilly reception. But, she wasn't angry yet. "Yare yare daze... If you have questions, you better tell me them!" She growls, teeth tight. She was still sitting down, but she was looking straight at Tulip.

"But if it turns out you are wasting my time..."

The chill travels from Mitsuru's gaze right down Tulip's back. Tulip's thought was to back off, but she steeled herself. She knew if she let herself be intimidated by this girl, she wouldn't be popular.

"I had heard that you were gone for a while and I heard all these rumors, so I wanted to ask you myself." She was looking slightly down and fiddling with her curly black locks, like she was trying to hide embarrassment. Her voice was bashful, but sincere when she asked.

"Was it true that you shacked up with two strange older men you were dating?" Though she still hadn't learned to keep her smile to herself.

Mitsuru's expression is blank as the question is asked.

There is a long, pregnant pause, as pregnant as Mitsuru was in said rumor, before the timely back-alley abortion paid by her mother and father.Mitsuru stands up to full height. She straighens out her skirt. "Steve Fox and Robert Richards were free do-gooders who did not so much as lay a hand on me." She states with an icy chill between her teeth. Her eye was twitching, as she looms over Tulip. She was talking. But her teeth were not seperating between each word. "I was kidnapped by gangsters, and then, I was kidnapped by a very close friend of my family, and I was imprisoned against my will for a long time. As you might imagine, it was very traumatic, so any rumors. Like. That. Would be very-" She shuts her eyes, as her whole body shakes.

She takes a long, slow moment to swallow the flames of white-hot anger.

She thinks very hard about Steve, as she moves foward, opening her eyes. "Who." She begins, bringing out a hand to place on Tulip's shoulder. "Has been talking about these rumors to you." She would not tighten her grip yet. But her teeth would not be unclenching as she continues her words. "Because it would be very nice if we make them apologize to you, for tricking you into making a very, very silly mistake. Because right now, there seems to be some kind of joke. And whoever made this joke?" She balls up her other hand in a fist.

"Expects you to be the punchline."

Tulip found the joke funny. "So the gangsters made you an offer you couldn't refuse?" She was giggling, "Did you say hello to their little friend?" She laughed for another moment before she felt the ice. She clarified her humor with a simple remark. "The news never said anything about gangsters."

She barely maintained her facade of smugness, with her hope holding her up. She knew other people would never hurt her. Something would always come in the last moment to stop them. Just like every time before, that fist wouldn't land on her. "If anything happened to me, my Ma would turn half the world upside down to get me back. I think all you want is to see those two as your princes." She suppressed that natural sense of fear just enough for another flaunt.

"Do you just love men that j-j-jiggle Mitsuru? Can't keep your mitts off them?" Tulip goaded.

Mitsuru was slowly turning a shade of red.

She knows this is a set up. She can -see- its a set up. And yet, as this girl, this little... pipsqueak talks about the people who risked everything to protect her, to save her. Treating them as PERVERTS. And treating her as one of those painted girls? It was getting very hard to keep restrained. Her hand tightens her grip on the shoulder. She raises the fist up. "Y-you are asking for a lot of trouble, you dumb bunny!" She keeps her grip tight, as she winds up, ready to let loose a proper haymaker, just like Steve showed her-

"Are you going to hit her, Mitsuru?"

The words are gentle and calm. The girl is standing as far as she could, while keeping in the garden. Same uniforms as the others. But she wore glasses, and she had this distant, remote look on her face. It was Kaicho, the president of the Fight Club. Kaicho is holding up a phone. "There isn't any sound, you can keep talking, Tulip." Kaicho states briskly. "And if Mitsuru does anything, then everyone can see it, and she can be taken far away. She's gotten in trouble before, you know. She's always on such... thin ice without her friends to help her." Kaicho smiles softly at Mitsuru. The lanky teenager softens her grip on Tulip, a rush of despair charging into her heart. She stares at Kaicho, and then, Tulip. "Why...?" She asks softly to Tulip. Not with that restrained nastiness.

But a profound sadness, and confusion.

"Because you're a big, dirty, violent girl. I'm the little, brave, righteous girl who stood up to you." Tulip said it so plainly, so coldly. The lined up little narative handcrafted give Mitsuru the loosing hand. "Posts like that are popular, and people talk about you already." The fear was gone, Tulip was becoming the mean rich American girl she always dreamed of. She was slowly slipping into the skin of the girl she always knew she was.

"And if you do nothing, then I get to ask all the questions I want." The tiny Tulip grin within the larger girl's grasp. This is it, this is what power felt like. Tulip was feeling it, that sense of control, she knew this must be how all the top girls would feel all the time.

From behind the tall azaleas, the sound of click, click, click, faintly traveled, barely discernible over the conflict brewing.

"Are you gonna punch me, or are you gonna tell me how many rolls the fat one had?" She taunted and flaunted. She saw the sheer despair in her eyes with such clarity and just drank it in. She drank so deeply she could hardly see or notice the tall white pillar slowly approaching.

Mitsuru was running through all the things she wanted to do to Tulip.

She was thinking about kicking her in the gut. And then, stomp her down, over and over. Or maybe she could pour all her chi into her. Or maybe she could grab her, and shake her, before slamming her down in the ground. Just smash her ugly, stupid face. Everything in her wanted to lash out. And then, lash out at Kaicho, and break her stupid glasses into her stupid face. She wanted to explode out, and hurt them all, to protect her friends. But was it? Was it really. Mitsuru was shuddering, breathing hard. Was she going to cry instead? She drops her fists, and exhales.

She goes over to pick up her books.

"I'm going to go away. I don't have time to put up with stupid girls." Mitsuru states bitterly. She wipes her eyes. There isn't really any tears. She's too strong for tears now. But she turns her back to Tulip. "You're dumb." Is all she retorts. But Kaicho's smile doesn't fade. But the atmosphere shifts. "Tulip, I thought you said you were good at being a queen bee." The glasses-wearing girl states softly. "Anybody who is -anybody- can instigate Mitsuru into a crying, screaming mess." Kaicho keeps the phone camera leveled from Mitsuru to Tulip. She lingers on the American.

"Maybe you're just too nice, Tulip, to be number one..."

Tulip was loosing it, she was loosing that power. She didn't want to be like where she was at all those other schools before, she couldn't go back to being that. She had to pour over ways to get this punk to punch, to respond, to degrade herself. She needed that power back. One memory struck.

"I saw your fight with the Panther mask," She quickly blurted out. She paused for a moment, to make sure she had the attention. She lifted up the back of her hand to her mouth, like all the other popular girls she saw. "Maybe I should just tell your little cat boy all about your love of lard?" She giggled again. "Maybe you'll get lucky and he likes fat to, or-"

She put her hands across to her own shoulders. "maybe he likes smaller."

Mitsuru halts, as she mentions Blazing Panther.

She was worried about this. She was always worried about when someone would bring it up. THat horrible fight. She turns back to Tulip, as she continues. About the -love- of lard? Mitsuru starts heading back at Tulip, charging like a bull for a brief second. But as Kaicho aims the phone, the teenager jerks to a halt. Mitsuru felt paralyzed, speechless. She wanted to fly into a berserker rage, she wanted to stand up for her friends. But what could she do, if she couldn't use violence? What other solutions where there, other than pounding the annoying out of this -girl-.

And something sparks in her.

"You think Blazing Panther would even share the time of day with a -low- born piglet like you?" Mitsuru bites back. There was something wrong with her voice. Something shifting, something... arrogant in it. Mitsuru suddenly turns her nose up, looking down at Tulip. "You pudgy little pipsqueak! Did your daddy buy you your glasses, or did you scrape them together out of pickle jars!" Mitsuru keeps her nose in the air, glowering down at the American. Kaicho was still smiling. She wasn't happy about how Mitsuru was standing up for herself.

But she was appreciating how anybody might feel hurt at this point.

Tulip's face turned pink realized she didn't hide the glasses well enough. She was used to this kind of ridicule, but it still hurt whenever it happened. But then she realized, if she didn't fight off now, the tide of it would happen again. "I-i-i paid for them with money I earned!" She shouted defensively.

Click, Click, Click.

Tulip's ear realized the mistake Mitsuru was making. The girl was trying to be stuck up and fancy. "Oh, are you obsessed about breeeeding? I hear your kind of family really loooves that kind of stuff?" Barked at her, drawing out the words with the worst possible interpretations. She started walking towards Mitsuru. "was your mother-aunt ashamed you didn't settle down with a your cousin with the cute lisp? Did you like the two strangers better?" She stopped within half an arm's length of the big tall princess.

"But with a face like that, no wonder your father didn't care for you." She leaned inclose enough to have her hot breath brush Mitsuru's chin. "You're just not his type."

Mitsuru narrows her eyes.

That has to be the line. There was a shift in the air though. As the accusation comes against her -father-, Mitsuru finds herself at the boundaries. Her heart was pounding. Her chest was filling. Adrenaline was flooding. Kaicho whistles. She knows that it hurt. She knows that it hurts so -bad-. As Tulip leans in so close, Mitsuru bends over slightly, wounded. And then, her resolve fills again. She lunges in, bringing her -own- chest into Tulip's. And then, she speaks.

"What is -wrong- with you?"

Mitsuru asks in complete disgust. "You -paid- with money you earned? You're not a bi- you're not a queen bee. You're just like Kaicho! A complete LOSER and a- AND A PARASITE!" Mitsuru looks away from Tulip, scowling at Kaicho. Kaicho actually lowers her phone a bit. She taps something in there. "You're that Katherine girl, aren't you? How many -dads- do you have? This is pathetic! You are pathetic! Why!" And then, she covers her mouth, giving the most ojou of huffs.

"You have some -nerve- to soil my EARS with such INDIGNANT ACCUSATIONS!"

The tone was shifting again, as Kaicho continued to tap away at the phone, a faint smile on her face. Mitsuru was leaning hard into Tulip. She wasn't throwing hands, she wasn't threatening with her fists. But there was a kind of aura around her that was building, a kind of presence. "I've had it! You want to come to me, and insult me? You know what I am going to do?" She points at Tulip, and then, Kaicho.

"I'm going to tell an adult, and have you BOTH get in trouble!"

"I'm an adult" called out from behind Mitsuru.

Managing to slightly loom over even Mitsuru was Sybil Katherine in a shimmering white suit. She inserted just in time to be indirectly insulted. "Sorry to interrupt Miss Tokugawa, but I need to ask my daughter a question." She spoke with all the politeness of an apologizing parent. She walked past Mitsuru and grabbed her daughter by the shoulder, turning her and kneeling down to talk to her in the eye. "Tulip, have you been insulting this young lady?" Before the girl could even speak, Sybil put her finger up and reminded. "You should tell me before I ask her what you did."

Emotions in Tulip's head flashed in a storm. She went from the joy of seeing her mother, to the dread of being seen with her mother, back to the joyful hope her mother would help, back to the shame at what her mother caught her doing. When she heard those words, the last became her reality. She could only resign and admit, "Y-y-yes, Mommy".

From Kaicho's flank however, a second appeared. A lady in a fake Seijyun High uniform and twintails snatched the phone from her hands under the juicy diversion. The blonde started a mild sprint past, there would be no more of this recording.

Mitsuru wasn't going to back down to strange adults.

As Sybil catches her attention, she instictively steps to the side, clearing the way for the mother and daughter encounter. Kaicho herself looks, a faint smile. When the phone was taken away, though, that smile goes away. She squeaks, recoiling away in fright. "H-hey! Tulip! They took the phone!" She declares. Oh, it wasn't -Kaicho's- phone.

But it would be really important to get it back sooner than later.

As Tulip and Sybil banter, Mitsuru interjects. "She was just trying to pick on me because she was hoping to make friends with the popular kids. Or like. Kaicho." Kaicho was not one of the popular kids, in spite of her declarations. Mitsuru looks up and down Sybil. A piece of her wants to twist the knife, really stomp down on Tulip. But strangely enough, Mitsuru didn't... feel like it. She didn't feel like lashing out. But what's more, she didn't feel all too intimidated by the adult now here. "She's was hoping to start a fight with me, so I would beat her up, and then I would get expelled or something. I don't know." Mitsuru sighs, crossing her arms. She didn't feel really great about telling her mother. But.

She felt like she was responsible to help Tupil out too?

The mother listened intently every crime listed, her sunglasses lined up to Mitsuru's nose. As the report ended, she turned back to her daughter. "You did that for social influence?" she said with disappointment.

"Y-yes, mommy" She said meekly, she could never to deny anything to her mother.

Sybil held her daughter's hand, saying "Tulip, you make friends not by putting others down, but by kindness and loyalty." She was letting the words sink in, until she could be certain the lesson was absorbed. She brought herself back to a stand off her long legs. She turned the points of her high heels back to Mitsuru. The broker crossed her hand over her own chest. "I am sorry for what my daughter did to you, but this was at least an opportunity for her to learn. This was my fault for not teaching this lesson sooner." With all the formalities such an exchanged required. She then turned her head to the girl in the glasses, lamenting

"Kaicho! Come here." She called out, with the voice of a stern governess. "I think more apologies are in order"

Mitsuru dances her eyes back and forth between Tulip and her mother.

Sybil apologizes to Mitsuru, but the young teen was squinting, trying to read something on Sybil. There was something... well her words felt correct. But something was picking at Mitsuru. Something was crawling at her. A distrust was over her, a paranoia. She remembers adults like Sybil in the bunker. She remembered -her- in the bunker. "Yes Miss Katherine." Kaicho says submissively, lowering her head as she comes to Sybil. She brings back her smile. Now Mitsuru was looking at Kaicho, and Tulip, and Sybil. The three women.

And Mitsuru felt that nastiest come back, especially with the camera gone.

"It's... it can't be helped." Mitsuru lets loose quietly. Kaicho bows her head to Mitsuru. "I'm so sorry Mitsuru. It was so rude of me to help Tulip pick on you. I was just so worried you would hurt her." It was a bald-faced lie. But Mitsuru was still stunned. Slowly, she begins to tighten her hands into fists again, tightening her grip on her books with the one hand as she takes a step back. She was becoming very uncomfortable all of a sudden.

But she didn't fully understand -why-

Tulip was insulted by Kaicho's apology, she was ignoring the entire planing that Kaicho herself did. But she knew better than interrupt while mother was doing business, and this was some kind of business. Anyone could tell the apology was empty, her mother could tell just as well, this was a matter for later.

The mother just read past every lie and twist trying to be handed to her. But if the lesson was to be learned, she would need to keep the problem girl away. "I think there is something else you should promise each other, face to face?"

She moved put her hands on the back of both Mitsuru and Kaicho to pull them closer and face each other. In truth it was a ploy to pull information from Kaicho's past, with the dive into Mitsuru's being an afterthought.

"Maybe about not doing it again?"

Kaicho actually enjoyed the insult.

Of course, Kaicho was lying. But lying was as easy as breathing. It's why she doesn't even react that much, well, she reacts physically as she is jerked in. But she is so calm as she looks to Tulip, looks to Mitsuru. She is smiling faintly. "I promise never to do this ever again." She says directly, looking Mitsuru in the eye. This doesn't bother her at all.

It's actually -Mitsuru- who tries to writhe away from her grip.

"I don't like being grabbed." Mitsuru growls, before she hastily adds in an honorific. "I mean, I don't like being grabbed, ma'am." She looks around, before she asks. "Who are you? I don't- Adults don't normally come here on campus." It was a dumb question, but Mitsuru was getting more and more paranoid.

She was worried Lyraelle was making trouble.

Sybil got dirt on Kaicho in record time. Just last night she was writing in her diary, with extra slow penmanship. Mitsuru took a bit of time, but felt juicer. She dove past normal teen frivolities, boys and the like. There was a few matters with inferior parents, but she only got the tail end of it. Just as Mitsuru is struggling, she heard a voice that was a bit too familiar. Peng Yo-
The broker realized that Mitsuru was requesting freedom, before she could take the information she was desperately wanted, she let go.

When she saw her mother do her blank face, as she did sometimes, Tulip noticed the opportunity. She had a moment to interject, to be helpful. "My mommy does this, she is very busy, so her visits are surprise treats. Normally I am at my own dorm at the time though..." The explanations ended abruptly.

The mother returned to her senses, continuing like it was an awkward little thing to laugh about. "Yes yes yes, visits like this are normal. And sorry about that, I come from a very touchy feely family..." She trailed off for a moment. But I need to mention a thing Kaicho." Sybil leaned over to the more obedient bully. She placed a hand over her ear to whisper. "Involve my daughter again, I will tell Mitsuru about how you feel." With a harsh threat contrasting her jovial smile.

While her mother was talking to the bully, Tulip turned to Mitsuru. "I-i-i'm sorry to. I shouldn'tve tried to get you to do that, I shouldn'tve listened to Kaicho." She hesitantly apologized with actual remorse.

Tulip's mother returned to full height, her terms made clear. She then turned to Mitsuru, and cupped her hand near her own mouth. "There is something I would like to tell you as well." Though this was less an order more a question, looking for permission to enter her personal space.

Kaicho looks directly at Mrs. Katherine, her expression serene, after the whispering.

She was always a precocious girl. But her emotional response was null. It was constantly null. Even her memories, her feeling. FLatlined. Numb. Muted. And now, with this older woman threatening her secrets, her expression was so calm. She nods her head. "Of course, Miss Katherine." She responds obediently. She wasn't coming across as intimidated.

But she was very aware of her place.

"I don't like touchy feely, ma'am." Mitsuru states with great restraint, her muscles twitching instinctively. She didn't like this. She didn't trust this lady, she didn't trust Tulip, and she never, EVER trusted Kaicho now. With Tulip apologizing to her, she looks to Sybil again. And now, she was coming in, with whispering. She puts up her hands. "Please... please don't come closer. Just tell me here. Make them go away, and just tell me. I don't like people being close-" Kaicho's eyes brighten behind her glasses. She could smell weakness. Mitsuru straightens her own back up. "I mean, yare yare daze; if you are done with this dorks, have them get out of here!" She thumbs her nose, and stares.


The broker simply said "It would be rude to make them leave." As polite a dismissal could be. She instead walked away into a nearby and concealed corner, beckoning Mitsuru.

Yellow poppies, the flowers were growing all about in that corner. It meant something in a language lost to even the info broker. To her, it was just a calm place with a wooden bench to sprawl about across if she desired. Turning back on her heels to the youth, she retrieved something unseen from her pocket. "Put out your hand please, I something to give you." She requested.

She was awaiting that hand, to slip over a business card. The card was printed on a bleached Canadian dollar, but that was of little concern. She just needed that last bit of information.

Tulip was left in the awkward state next to Kaicho, hesitant if she should put her glasses back on to find her way out. She look up and carefully, "Should we still go?" She thought a moment, and took out her thick glasses. There would be a limo waiting for her somewhere.

Mitsuru was okay with being rude sometimes.

Mitsuru holds her books in front of her, frowning warily. Kaicho moves by Tulip, and the girl holds the other ones arm. "You don't need to put your glasses on. You can trust me. Your mother will handle the rest." Kaicho was being calm. But she saw another opportunity, later. She begins to escort Tulip away quietly. When Sybil orders Mitsuru, she tightens her grip. She hated being told what to do, even politely.

And she sees the card.

She stares at the money. "What are you trying to do?" Mitsuru asks directly, squinting her eyes at the woman. "Are you- are you trying to be -nice- to me?" Mitsuru doesn't quite buy how authetic it is. But she didn't know -what- it was. "Are you trying to..." She looks at her face, her body language, and then, Kaicho and Tulip as they force away. She pauses a moment.

And she relaxes, eyes going wide.

"Oh." She suddenly says. She takes the card. She doesn't say it out loud. But it just suddenly -clicks- with her. The touching. The daughter's body language, how she was positioning. It was all very subtle, but... it was clear now. That's why she was behaving so strange, and her daughter... well now she felt kind of crummy. "I'm sorry, Ma'am." She says softly.

ANd she takes the card.

"If she does it again, please call me." Sybil said as she handed the card.

Sybil slid the card into Mitsuru's palm, letting her thumb and pinky touch the skin. She lets her hand linger just a bit, to get that much more information. She feels the crackle of static, the sound of thunder, maybe even the taste of ozone, all from the voice of Peng-you. The past was revealed to her like a painting, Peng-You was no mere man.

For this bit of information she would have sold Goldie's left kidney. But it was just plucked from a high school girl. Sybil felt a twinge of an emotion she hadn't felt in short while... Thankfulness.

"I also heard what happened to you Miss Tokugawa..." The broker spoke quietly, somberly. Money would be poor payment for the girl, what she was in short supply was someone who cared. She figured she could give what a caring person would give.

"If you are in trouble, feel free to call me." She said with concern. "If you ever need help, I can make some calls for you." She patted the girl's hand, and let go.

Mitsuru looks at the card with disinterest.

She barely notices the spark, the secrets pulled out. But when she talks about how she -heard- about what happened, Mitsuru's hackles rise. She straightens her stance, and exhales out from her nose. That was too much. "If you heard what happened to me." Mitsuru says coldly. "Then you would have beaten your dumb daughter for the way she treated me." She tucks the card in her book, and turns her back to Sybil. "I can tell when someone is trying to be nice, instead of being it. Good bye, Mrs. Katherine. I hope I don't ever have to call you." She thinks about her words as she walks away from the garden. It was true, it was rude. But she really did hope she didn't have to. Because if she did?

SHe would be in real trouble.

"We both should glad that the beating was not outsourced to your hands." Sybil responded as politely as can to such coarseness. Though not willing to have a single hand be laid, her daughter would not be above consequence. If Tulip misbehaved that way again, she get worse than a beating, at least from a High school girl's perspective. What embarrassment she felt was punishment itself, repeat offense would be likewise.

Upon Mitsuru's exit she waved goodbye and wished "I hope you have good fortunes Miss." as a parting. She turned her back letting her long black hair whip about. She began her trek back through the garden in a long, fragrant path. Her heels clicked faster on her return...

She felt a storm brewing in the calm summer breeze.

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