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Description: Are you guys even real hall monitors? You look like the kids on Halloween.

The sun hangs high in the sky above the toughest school this side of Detroit, the infamous Gedo High - and despite its lingering reputation for delinquency, most of the students seem to be in class rather than prowling the halls. A drastic change from the days before one man united the school under his iron fist, when one could find more students smoking in the boys' room or shooting dice in the hallways than actually sitting in their assigned classes.

Though he's far from perfect himself, it seems the Don of Gedo High - the mighty Daigo Kazama - has managed to instill some sense of academic responsibility among the student body. An impressive feat on its own, to say nothing of his success in uniting the various warring factions of the school under his own banner.

On this afternoon, the halls are all but empty - though the young man who stands above even teachers and administration in the local hierarchy is posted up in a spot near one set of washrooms. Hands in the pocket of his gakuran tunic, he carries an air of authority even when standing casually against a set of lockers.

As his one good eye catches a student slipping out of a nearby class, Daigo frowns slightly and straightens his back - taking a quick step into the middle of the hallway. The kid who just left class is looking back in the direction he came from, as though he were ensuring no teacher was following him... and his distraction causes him to walk right into the unyielding body of Daigo - bouncing off him and practically falling to the ground, only barely managing to maintain his footing as his eyes come up, up, up, to stare at the unamused face of the school's banchou.

"Hall pass."

The two words are practically grunted at the student, Daigo's massive arms folded over his chest as he patiently waits for the documentation to be provided to him.

"Man, I just gotta go take a piss..." complains the boy, shuffling his legs as if to illustrate the seriousness of the matter.

"Hall. Pass."

The massive Don most definitely does /not/ like repeating himself - making that clear with a scowl that seems to turn his previously impassive face into something threatening and feral. A small glimpse of the Daigo Kazama that walked into Gedo High during his first year and immediately began dominating the gangs and hoodlums, bringing them into line with nothing but his fists and his frightening presence.

Unfolding his arms from across his chest, the massive lad extends one arm towards his fellow student, palm up in the air before curling his fingers inwards. He's not about to say it again...

And then, the bell rings - signalling the start of the lunch period as the boy under Daigo's stern gaze seems to visibly exhale with relief. Surely he won't need to produce documentation now that class is out of session...


That would be the sound of some very familiar and annoying bubblegum that's happening behind said student that just tried to pull a fast one on the teacher. It's the sound that happens in every class that a certain high-haired psycho decides to show up in. It's also a sound that he halls of Gedo High have come to know and worry. It's not exactly fear that he instills in the students, that's left up to Daigo. No, there's something else that the teen that refuses to answer to anything but EDGE makes very clear in the hearts of everyone here.


Edge slides himself right up behind the class skipper, close enough to be invading his personal space and just leans his head around to make sure that the next bubble he blows overtakes the peripheral vision that this kid might have. Clearly, Edge is this close to make this entire situation worse. Not to mention it should really make this kid feel gross and potentially violated.

It's also a super easy way to hide the blade that he's pressing up against this kid's back. Especially considering that the bell is ringing at this moment.


That second bubble is popped and Edge just grins one of his sinister grins. "Last chance, boyo." Edge immediately cackles as he presses the knife juuuuust a bit deeper into the kid's back. Almost enough to break the skin. It's gotta' be a sharp blade with the way it's cutting through those clothes too!

"We also accept Death Certificates!" Edge's crazy eyed expression kicks in as he works on smacking through that gum wildly.


That single utterance from Daigo - accompanied by a small grin and approving nod at someone approaching from behind the boy - seems to cause some confusion on the face of the kid who had foolishly tried to slip out of class. Is he off the hook? Free to go? All is forgiven?

It's evident in just a moment what exactly captured the attention of the school's bossman; as the kid suddenly goes completely still - that bubblegum pop seeming to strike some fear into his heart. Or maybe it's the knife against him, hidden from the multitude of students who begin to fill the hall, on their way to the cafeteria or outside the premises for their lunch. There are a few lingering glances and whispers from the student body, as they pass by - mainly jokes at the situation the truant has found himself in, sandwiched between Daigo Kazama and 'Edge' Yamada. Anyone in Gedo High - hell, even the other local schools - knows that's the last place anyone would want to be trapped.

His backup arrived, the Don takes a step towards the unfortunate lad, his barrel chest mere inches from the kid's face - preventing him from stepping away from Edge's weapon.

"Sneaking out of class. I wonder what your teacher would have to say about that?"

Of course, the teacher is the least of the kid's worries, doing his best to remain still as the sharp tip of that blade is pushed against his back.

"What do you think, Edge? Worthy of detention? Or... /other/ punishments?"

That question, posed by Daigo to the craziest - and most unpredictable - member of the Gedo High student body is enough to bring a fresh layer of sweat to the trapped boy's face. Anyone who has been here longer than a day knows about the bubblegum-chewer's reputation; and though Daigo might be feared and respected in equal parts, his most trusted Lieutenant is mostly just... feared.

And that fear is so very evident in the voice of the kid trying to go absent without leave; shaky, stuttering words escaping his quivering lips as he tries to push his back away from the knife held against his spine - unable to move forward with Daigo standing so close to him. He's stuck between a giant and a psycho.

"C'mon, guys... I made a m-m-mistake! Won't happen again, I p-p-promise!"

Seems Yamada is capable of instilling a whole /different/ level of fear in this student. After all, he was one of the few brave enough to keep standing up to the Don upon his appearance in the school. It took far longer to convince Edge to join the ranks... and even the massive Kazama boy has trouble keeping him in check from time to time.

Or maybe he finds it too valuable to have such an erratic member within his inner circle, someone without a leash who can do what Daigo is unwilling to do himself.

After all, Daigo will beat you up, at /very/ worst...

...but who the hell knows what Edge is actually capable of, if he's pissed off?

There's a long moment where the gum chewing is just getting louder and louder. It might even be able to be heard over the student flood that's happening all around them. And the look on Edge's face as he chews that gum to no end is one that seems to be quite happy with the few things he's probably envisioning. He's got to be picturing all of the ways he can maim or dismember this rule breaking student because he's damn near cracking up at the thoughts.

"Eh!" Edge seems to be pondering the query that comes from Daigo in that moment because he finally yanks himself out of his violent daydreams. In fact, it takes him a moment to actually realize that the fate of this dude is being put into his hands. Those same hands that are threatening to stab this dude with whatever kind of knife he has. "Nah, I guess we can let him go..." It's about at this point that Edge steps back from the kid, giving the butterfly knife a quick twirl before it goes into one of his many pockets.

Edge moves around the kid and over to Daigo's side of the stand-off, reaching up to pat the Boss on the chest. "After all, he's payin' his fine." To make that very clear, when Edge removes his hand of patting the leather walletness from this kid that used to have to go to the bathroom and is now trying not to get gutted like a fish is revealed to both him and Daigo.

Edge just kind of stares at the kid from his position at Daigo's Right Hand and holds up the loser's license. "We also know where he lives. I don't think we're gonna' have no more trouble."

Edge narrows his eyes at the student. "Right?"


The kid keeps flinching at every loud, obnoxious *POP* that comes from that seemingly ever-present gum Edge chews - like it were a gunshot going off just beside his ear, practically making the poor bastard jump in terror... if he weren't between a knife and a wall of muscle, that is.

Fortunately for him, though, it seems like Daigo's favourite psycho is in a forgiving mood. And when Edge says they ought to let the kid go, the Don simply nods in affirmation, taking a step back from the kid as Edge withdraws his blade - and the wallet - to walk to his boss' side.

"Y-y-yes, sirs!!!" blubbers the unfortunate boy, once he hears that he's free to go - rather than find himself the victim of an schoolyard shanking. He moves to walk away, past the pair of intimidating students standing in front of him. His movement is suddenly arrested, though, as Daigo presses a palm flat against the boy's chest - his other hand reaching out to grab the license from Edge's grip, bringing it in front of his eye as he begins to speak in his deep, booming tone.

"Ichi Kakihara. 472 Azabu-dori Avenue, Apartment 21."

After reading off the name and address, Daigo looks him up and down one last time - grunting in approval at his trembling arms and legs. Seems like he's got the message, and with a shove the Don presses Ichi's license into his chest - with enough force to send the kid sprawling onto the floor, eliciting a round of chuckles from the students who are still lingering in the halls. Many of them clearly stopped to watch the scene unfold, and now that it appears to be wrapped up, they carry on their way.

Notably, Daigo says nothing about the rest of the contents of the wallet, leaving it up to his Lieutenant to decide whether or not to return it.

"See it doesn't happen again, /kid/."

Ichi scampers away, no doubt to go replace his pants and say a prayer to whatever god he believes in; leaving Daigo and Edge standing alone in the middle of the corridor, as the rest of the students walk along the rows of lockers on either side - giving them both a wide berth.

"Thanks for the help, pal."

The words are spoken in as friendly a tone as Daigo is capable of, at least when he's within earshot of the school grounds. He has a reputation to uphold with the rest of the kids, after all, and he can't sound too soft - even when addressing one of the few members of Gedo High he considers a true friend.

Turning his neck to the side, he looks down at Edge to make eye contact, a small smirk appearing on one side of his lips. About as close to a smile as he's going to be flashing in these hallways.

"Got plans for lunch? How about we take a little stroll?"

Edge is going through the wallet with ease at this very moment. He doesn't need to see that Daigo's putting this loser in his place, he's used to seeing that. And he's pretty sure that Bitchy Ichi's not going to be committing any more school based crimes after this so he's focused on going through the wallet for anything they'll be able to find useful. The wallet's tossed over his shoulder, the cash, credit, and debit cards are pocketed. Everything else is handed out to people in the student body that are passing by.

Edge is insane so if he's handing you something that's not a knife in the gut, you take it.

"Eh, piece of cake, Boss." Edge responds but his head turns to watch one of random super hot girls wander past. His head tilts and everything because he's that much of a crude bastard. He watches until she turns the corner and then his attention comes back to the Biggest Dude on Campus. "Idle hands and all that, right?"


Edge shrugs when the topic of lunch is broached. "As long as we stroll through the courtyard, I can grab something on the way." Edge never brings lunch. He doesn't have to. Everybody else does.

While Edge is busy parceling out the remaining contents of the wallet, Daigo simply stands and watches - part of his role as 'gang' leader is making sure his most loyal men stay happy. All the respect and intimidation in the world isn't enough to keep a grip on the delinquents that make up Gedo's student body; one must understand them, and make concessions to their various desires.

The purple-clad knife swinging hoodlum, in particular, seems to get away with more than most when it comes to the Don. Hardly surprising, given his volatile nature and skill with a blade... but more than that, Daigo values loyalty above all else. And for whatever reason, Edge seems willing to throw in his lot with the man he calls 'boss'.

Something catches Daigo's eye, though - one comically large hand reaching through the air to grab something out of Edge's grip before it can be given away to a passing student. Holding it up to his face, the Kazama boy grunts happily as he confirms that it is - in fact - a buy-ten-get-one-free punch-card to a local Ramen shop.

Even better, it's /FULLY PUNCHED/. Good for one extra large donburi bowl - meat of your choice!

"Hrm. I'll take this. Akira's favourite."

That said, he casually puts the meal ticket into his side pocket; any opportunity to surprise his beloved younger sister with even the smallest of gifts, is one that he will never turn down.

The boss of the school grounds doesn't join his friend in leering, but respectfully makes no mention of Edge doing so - boys will be boys, after all. Once his buddy is done scoping out the eye candy and makes the comment about idle hands, Daigo nods in agreement - and again, once the man agrees to follow him to the cafeteria. Leading the way, the little pockets of students move aside as the Gedo's banchou strides along; his gaze alone is enough to cause a few of them to tuck in their shirts, or stand a bit straighter.

Standards must be upheld, even in Gedo High. At least, as long as Daigo Kazama runs things here.

"Tell me something, Edge."

Daigo maintains his pace as he speaks, making sure his long legs don't carry him too far ahead. His voice is deep as always, but far less booming than it usually is. He's not whispering, but definitely making an effort to prevent the conversation from being overheard by the various students still milling around the halls or leaning against lockers.

"What do you think of the school, these days? You seemed very... at home, before I changed this place. I always did wonder, why you eventually chose to follow me - you command great respect and fear within these walls. Enough, perhaps, to have challenged my rule while I was still a new student."

Reaching the entrance into the courtyard, Daigo stops for a moment - his one good eye staring straight at his friend, as though he were waiting for a response before the two go find some sap for Edge to snag a meal off of. There's nothing more in his voice than pure curiosity - he does his best to make it clear that Edge should feel comfortable to give his true opinion on the matter...

...and anyway, it's not likely that even Daigo himself could prevent the wild one from speaking his mind - even if he tried.

It's a good thing that Daigo's walking at this new practiced pace because Edge is taking his sweet time walking with the Boss. He's got to terrorize students through the cafeteria, of course. Which is why he's making quick little pit stops to snatch various items of deliciousness off food trays and out of bags. It's just the way he works. Why would he actually pay for or get his own lunch when he can just have some of everybody else's

Plus, it's more fun to stab an apple and snatch it right before someone's about to bite into it than to bring one from home. Style Points, baby.

Edge picks up the pace after pocketing some of the snacks he's swiped along the way to bring himself right back to Daigo's right hand side, shining up the apple he just stabbed and using that same knife to cut off slices for chewing purposes. Somehow he's still got the bubblegum in his mouth too. He's a compartment chewer. It works for him.

Serious questions are tossed in his direction and Edge isn't one to hold his tongue, really. So what comes out is what comes out. "Eh, it's better than it was. People know what's up. They know who's in charge. That's better than everybody runnin' 'round causin' static and havoc and bein' dramatic, y'know?" Edge shrugs and chomps through another piece of apple. "Besides, as much as I hate school as a concept and chore, I gotta' represent. Im' Gedo For Life, man!"

Edge grabs another slice of that apple before tossing it into the trash. He doesn't want to eat too healthy, he's got snacks in his pockets from thievery and shakedowns.

"You came in, you wrecked shit, but you also brought us all together. So now ain't no other school gonna' mess with us. And if they do?" Edge twirls a particularly large knife that he's retrieved out of nowhere, going crazy eyed and licking the blade as well. Because he's gross and insane and it makes him look like a psychotic madman.


And cue the token maniacal laughter.

The Don says nothing about Edge's habit of putting together his own lunch, piecemeal, from the trays of other kids. In fact, there is a small smirk on his face as he observes the stunned, fearful silence his pal inflicts upon others. Being able to provoke such terror without effort is a valuable skill to possess; and like any skill it must be practiced regularly, lest it grow dull.

It seems the answer to his question is as he expected, as the giant 17 year old nods along to his buddy's reponse - even joining his maniac laughter with a deep, cavernous chuckle of his own. Slapping Edge's shoulder with one of his oversized hands, Daigo allows himself a rare smile - showing his pleasure at the words given in reply.

"Good, my friend! We have much to be proud of, all of us here. We are the future of Southtown, whether the city knows it or not!"

Daigo lets that statement settle in for a moment, offering no explanation on his vision for 'the future' of this city. The vertical scar which runs over his damaged, ruined left eye seems to become pale and white as he considers his next words. Finally, he speaks, his voice low as the smile fades from his face.

"And yet, it is not the other schools that concern me. Gorin, Justice, Taiyo. These places foster weakness. They will never understand life like we do; they've never had to experience it, safe and comfortable in their bubble."

There is a particular tone he takes while lamenting the state of Southtown's other high schools, one that is equal parts disgust and pity. He has never made any attempt to disguise the lack of respect he holds for those places, although he makes no mention of Seijyun High, the all-girls school. After all, his sister Akira is a student of that place... and there is also Zaki, who Daigo holds in some high regard.

"Hard times have made us strong. Good times have made them soft."

A group of approaching students walks towards them - laughing and joking as they stroll, too wrapped up in their own conversation to even take note of the school's Don or his most valued Lieutenant. The looming Kazama suddenly breaks off his conversation with Edge to step towards them, snatching a lit cigarette out of the mouth of the lead boy and regarding him with an unimpressed scowl.

"No smoking."

As the trio scurry away, begging the massive lad to forgive them even as they flee, Daigo waits until they have rounded the nearest corner before placing the cigarette in his own mouth. A single, prolonged puff on the tobacco stick turns the entire length to ash - throwing the filter into a nearby garbage can as he exhales a massive cloud of smoke.

Stepping back towards Edge, he carries on as though nothing happened, cracking his neck in both directions as the nicotine runs through his system. A rare, guilty pleasure.

"And yet, how can we blame them for their weakness? It falls to us, the mighty, to do what they cannot. Protect our streets. Drive out the criminals who prey upon our brothers and sisters."

His good eye is cast down towards Edge, narrowing as he finishes his thought - voice steely and full of resolve, unusually serious considering the fact that its just the two of them within earshot.

"Our work is far from complete. I will need your help, and your blades, in the days to come."

Edge is currently munching on some delicious sugary snack that he just saved another student from having to eat. He's really doing a service if you look at it that way. A service that needs to be done so that the students of Gedo High from having to deal with malnutrition or something like that. He's a helper! Honest!

Edge crunches through the sugary deliciousness while listening to the Boss. When he gets that friendly slap he almost goes to the ground. Daigo definitely needs to reassess knowing his own strength! But Edge makes it look smooth. The wince is only there for a half second.

"Sounds good, Boss! As long as we get to crack some skulls in the process." There's Edge's crazy eyes again. Right as he takes another bite.

Edge may be paying attention or just pretending to. He doesn't have the same vision for the future as Daigo but then he's not a visionary. He's a psychotic Lieutenant that's here to do some of the dirtiest work. He knows what lies in his future: death, prison, etc. So he's not too worried about being anything more than what the world already considers him.

"Yeah, Boss, those schools suck. Don't worry, I diss those chumps every chance I get. Make sure they know they place in all this." Edge grows tired of the current snack and hurls it across the room into another trash bin.

Edge cracks a big smile as the chumps get what's coming to them via a display of Daigo's dominant personality. He's practically laughing his head off and then some. When it all comes back around to him, Edge has opened a bag of chips and is chomping away.

"Say Less, Boss. I got you. Whatever you need." He pops another chip in his mouth and crunches through it. "You point, I stab."

"Such enthusiasm is appreciated, Edge."

Evidently pleased with the words from his Lieutenant, Daigo glances around to ensure - once again - that no passing students might eavesdrop upon his next words.

"The gangs have grown bold again, demanding protection money from businesses operating in /our/ neighbourhood. Be they bold or merely fools, it makes no difference to me. One of our men followed a 'collection' crew back to a..."

He pauses before the next words, the scowl that appears on his face clearly saying more than words ever could in regards to how he feels about such places.

".../hostess/ club in the entertainment district. Mars & Venus. Owned by one Katashi Tairyu. Now, whether it is a coincidence or n-"

Before he can continue on with this line of thought and inform Edge of the next steps he has planned in this constant battle against Southtown's more nefarious criminal element, there is a sudden squeal from down the hall - soon followed by a loud voice, far bubblier and more vapid than one might expect in these corridors.

"Oh my GAAA~A~A~A~AAWD, you guuuuys! I found 'em! <3<3<3"

The sudden outburst breaks Daigo's concentration, his one good eye snapping off of Edge and turning to the source of the commotion. What he sees is enough to cause the Don's mouth to open in disbelief - a rare sight indeed.

But nowhere near as strange a sight, as the group which approaches Daigo and Edge; four girls, the lead member is easily recognizable as Emi Isuzu, one of the school's top students and lead photographer/editor of Gedo High's monthly newspaper for female students, the aptly titled 'Sukeban Style'. She wears a standard-issue Gedo girl's uniform, clutching a notepad and pencil in one hand as a camera dangles from a loop around her neck.

It's the trio of girls who walk slightly behind her that has Daigo nonplussed. The largest, heaviest of the three is wearing a green, sleeveless outfit with several, short wooden boards held around her gut with thick rope. The shortest is wearing a pink hairband around tall, spiky bleach-blonde hair, a pink-ish turtleneck and deep purple pants and school jacket - she is also, notably, blowing large bubbles with a piece of chewing gum. The most muscular of the girls approaches in stern silence, wearing a gakuran tunic and matching pants along with an obviously fake scar over one eye.

Yes. They're dressed as Gan, Edge and Daigo - cosplaying Gedo High's infamous trio of leaders with startling accuracy, even down to their body types. But...

"What the f..."

Before Daigo can utter a rare curse, the pack of girls have stopped a few feet away from them, the photographer grabbing hold of her camera and holding it up with a broad wink directed at both of them.

"He-e-e-ya, boys~! We was wonderin' if we could get your picture with the gals 'ere, y'know, for the school newsletter~!"

With an audible *SLAP*, Daigo's massive palm comes up to smack against his forehead - shaking his head as he tries to wake himself from this terrible dream. But when he pulls his hand back, the girls are still standing there - all of them beaming with pride and clearly expecting an answer. Holding his hand up to block the space between his own face and the sightline of the cosplaying females, Daigo turns his neck to stare at Edge with one eye, wide with shock and - just maybe - a hint of embarassment. He mouths two words at his friend, face pleading with his Lieutenant as he does so:

'Help me.'


Edge doesn't even begin to pretend that he knows or understands what a Katashi Tairyu is. He's much more interested in finishing off the snack that he's stolen. The snack cake has been chewed and the wrapper left on an random student's tray because he's grown tired of making trash baskets with all of his snack trash. He might as well let some students take care of the last of it.

They don't mind, right? Do they even have a choice?

"It don't even matter. Whoever it is, we'll kick they ass and put things back the way they supposed to be. That's what we do. Gedo Gang, Bitches!" Edge makes sure that last part is said loud enough for everyone around to hear. He's even puffing up his slim chest and making sure everybody knows what set he's claiming and representing. Edge is Gedo for life.

When the Cosplay Collective shows up out of nowhere, Edge blows another bubble from the gum he's been chewing this entire time (even while snacking, figure that one out) and he just looks over them all with some kind of weirdly intrigued but slightly disgusted eyebrow raised expression.

"The hell?" Edge isn't sure how he feels about all this and just smacks through his gum chewing in the midst of all this craziness. He tilts his head back and forth, trying to see if he's offended, confused, or turned on. Maybe all of the above. Either way, when the Boss mouths for help, Edge springs into action.

"Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!" Edge makes his way over to the group of girls and flashes a less-than-psychotic smile as he approaches. "The Boss here's got business to take care of. Stat, y'know? So he don't really got time for the press." Edge just starts pushing his way into the group so that he can be in the center of all this. "But on the other hand, ol' Edge here's got nothin' but time." Edge waggles his eyebrows as he reaches out to throw his arms around a couple of cosplaying shoulders. And also give Daigo the signal to get outta' there.

"Let's do this thing!"

Another flash of white breaks Daigo's stern features, smiling briefly at the sheer enthusiasm and school pride on display from his friend and comrade. After all they've been through, bringing some semblance of order to not only the school - but the entire neighbour as well - it comes as no surprise to find Edge so eager to go and teach a lesson, to anyone foolhardy enough to challenge Gedo High's control of the area.

As the pair of schoolyard gangsters find a quartet of female students bearing down upon them, Edge proves that his utility goes beyond merely being the lunatic right-hand of the Don (as some might wrongly assume). His peer has more to offer the stoic giant than simply serving as muscle or an added intimidation factor; the truth is, he's far more adept than Daigo at dealing with the female element in the school.

Yes, for all his strength and domineering presence, the Kazama boy is anything but competent when it comes to dealing with the fairer sex; truth be told, he is somewhat intimidated by most of the girls here, particularly considering that they view his gang as local celebrities.

The gossip section of the newsletter 'Sukeban Style' usually dedicates several paragraphs to whatever he and his Lieutenants have been up to that week... a fact that is a constant source of embarassment to Daigo himself, even if Gan and Edge don't seem particularly bothered by the attention.

He silently asks for help, and Edge throws himself on the proverbial grenade - as any good soldier would. The fact that the 'grenade' in question happen to be four girls probably makes the idea more palatable in the purple-clad kid's head. His friend strides forward to intercept the group, and begins making excuses for Daigo... yes, surely the Don of Gedo High has more important business to attend to! It makes perfect sense, after all, that he would be too busy to humour them with a photo opportunity!

A sigh of relief, as the girls seem pleased that even /one/ of Gedo's famous trio is willing to indulge them - and the photographer is already squealing with glee and snapping pictures of Edge with the cosplayers, by the time Daigo is given the signal to GTFO. Offering Edge an appreciative nod, Daigo doesn't stick around longer than he has to - or risk grabbing their attention by offering his verbal thanks. He's gone, likely before any of the girls think to glance at where he was previously standing.

The minute he's ducked around a corner, out of sight of Edge and the others, Daigo pulls out his cellphone - a hilariously antiquated old 'flip' model - and sends a quick text to his loyal pal. Whenever his Lieutenant next checks his phone, he'll find a message notification from the 'boss'.

'You're a lifesaver, Edge. The Mars & Venus Club, <ADDRESS>, if you wish to pay them a visit to explain the folly of harassing businesses we protect.'

That sent, Daigo wipes the sweat from his brow - the embarassed redness on his cheeks slowly draining away as he gets further and further away from the... situation. For him, the overzealous girls who view him and his men as celebrities are more formidable than any of the gang leaders he humbled in defeat, upon his first arrival at Gedo High.

Chicks are crazy, man.

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