Moondyne - A Blossoming Realization

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Description: Blossom tracks Moondyne Mouse down to her new lair in Shibuya, where she's gone to ground after coming to a few SHOCKING realizations courtesy of Raiden.

Blossom has been given a little job, a sidequest, or sidebar, if you will--to go find out what happened to Moondyne Mouse, one of their resident hacker and thievery bots, by the NESTS cartel. She shouldn't be too hard to find, after all, just follow the trail of reports of stolen jewels, data thievery--or the wake of hollow-eyed mindjacked idiots in her wake. She was pretty good at those things--but this time was a little different. After the attack by Raiden, while pulling a job for Sybil, they had been unable to get her on the horn communications-wise. Which could mean she was malfunctioning--which perhaps is why Blossom has been given this assignment.

It turns out the tracking beacon for her leads here, an old nightclub that's seen better days--but apparently was in the process of being torn down, at least partially... the old facade and sign is gone from outside, but one can still see the old imprint left by the sign's letters along the side of the building in downtown Shibuya somewhere. It was a 'wrong side of the tracks' kind of place, to be sure.

Inside, it would appear Moondyne Mouse has taken the place over and turned it into a goddamn supervillain robot hideout--there is power, while the windows are blacked out--but it's clear someone's been here... one of the lounge areas has couches with a few people about--including Mouse who is reclining on a row of long leather sofas that have been arranged a bit away from a stage in the corner.

She's dressed in... a black suit with charcoal gray pinstripes, matching hat and red cravat, dress shoes and spats, everything--but she's not even using her holograms to disguise herself as a human--one can see the big conical ears sticking out from the sides of the hat with her light blue hair hanging down as she pulls a clove cigarette out of a long case, holding it between her buck teeth and lighting it.

Blossom didn't feel like she owned anything to NESTS, not even if they saved her life and gave her that cool body with upgrades, but 2 things made her accept this assignment. First she was bored, and it could be interesting. Also, it was a little assignment, why piss off NESTS right away for such a little thing. They will be pissed soon enough by her if they have to.

So she was on her way. They even gave her the tracking beacon frequency of their target. If someone didn't change it later on, she would be able to keep tracking this thing. That might be useful, if for nothing else than to see if NESTS or her target will think of that. So on her way she goes.

So first taking the train to the Shibuya station, that's where it took her. Seems the rest of the way would have to be on her own terms. She decided to simply walk for the moment, following the beacon. It felt a lot simpler with this body than it probably would have been with her previous meatbag of a body.

She walks all the way, ending up in front of an old nightclub. "I wonder if it's hiding here. From NESTS?" Then again there was power, and it wasn't well hidden, you don't do that mistake if you want to hide. So with that, she was on the process of going inside. She was ready to be 'nice' and try to simply open the door if door there is. But she's totally not against kicking it down, if it is locked.

She probably didn't need to break the door down, but she wanted to. So she kicks it down, announcing to anyone inside she's here, or at least that's someone is here. "Ok if you're not who I am looking for, you can fuck off. If you're the one I am looking for, you will come with me. Easy. Moondyne, is there a Moondyne inside the place?" She knew there was, but there was a few more people than just her in there. Though she should be able to recognize her easily once she has her sight on her.

"Well well well--what is your name, sleek features?" Moondyne raises a brow underneath the black brim of the hat, sitting up from the sofa, but not rising yet. Her white toolpod tipped tail is even flicking out along the cushion next to her. It's fairly obvious this is Moon, even if she is dressed like a prohibition era gangster. It might be a bit 'on the nose' her being a mouse and all, but she's worn this before--but before it was under different circumstances.

On the stage across from where the mouse was sitting was what appeared to be a human woman--yet bizarrely dressed up in Jessica Rabbit cosplay--the red sequin dress, purple gloves, red stiletto heels--everything. Even the ginger hair. It's probably more obviously apparent this is some kind of alteration to her appearance, indeed, as she does not stop singing into the microphone, even as Blossom just kicks the door in, her eyes blank and far away.

Around Mouse was several apparatus--a desk, with a computer placed on it, as well as some robotic devices--with a few of her computer mouse-esque drones flitting about around it.

"That's me, honey--what brings you here?" she raised a brow for a moment, before standing and rising from the sofa, casually approaching Blossom.

Blossom, scans with her robotic eyes, just in case, as she sees some bizarre things in there. "I don't really care, but what the fuck, Who framed Roger Rabbit or something? Though that girl looks really out of it, might be the only cool thing about... Also whatever those little devices are." Though she did check if the drones had a wireless connection, might be useful to hack if needed, if even possible.

She takes a moment before answering Moondyne's question. "Our company is wondering about you, wanted me to find you and bring you back eventually. Now I am wondering if you will come willingly or if you will need to be forced. You are dressed differently than the picture I was sent." She was totally fine doing what was necessary, or even if it wasn't quite necessary to get things settled. She had been too nice lately anyway. Well not really, but she thought she was. "So what will it be Moondyne?"

"Hmm? Oh, right--it's very temporary, I assure you--otherwise you wouldn't get to see the look on their faces when they next snap out of it," Moondyne snorted, referring to 'Jessica' over there. "She had a very big mouth on her, so I put it to better use, come, sit down--" she seems in no rush to head out of her little funhouse so soon, it would appear.

"Lets get a better look at you--cybernetic organism, right?" Moondyne is doing some scanning of her own, even though she's not even wearing her visor at the moment. Not like she needed it too terribly much.

"Question is, is that big juicy brain of yours still mostly human, or did they put any kind of jacks in there...?" she grins.

"Oh one of those who can't shut up. She's probably better off singing then, looking the part too." She sighs. "So you're not going to just come with me. It's going to be more difficult I presume, because nothing is ever simple, at first glance anyway, why would you be different." She was alert, but she couldn't just attack, at least not yet. But she was pondering her options. She went to the couch, not quite sitting yet however.

"I don't think it's terribly difficult for either of us to figure out." She shrugs, her way to confirm to Moondyne she was a cybernetic organism. "So why the weird clothes? Not enough weird in your life?"

"Human enough. If you want to play, be ready for the consequences. Begging to be spared after trying something stupid can be annoying." She watches her. "Are you actually trying to hide from NEST anyway? I don't really care, it's not that I am their biggest fan or anything. But I will do what I am here for is all. You get it I am sure." Not that she get a flying fuck if she got it or not, truth be told.

"Hey it's fine if you want to ask me out on a date, babe, they all do--whether they know it yet or not," Moondyne grinned and readjusted her hat, before sitting back, pulling up a bottle of liqour--perhaps not the expensive Cristal she might want, it's actually Cognac, oof. Might as well be paint thinner~

"I need all the weird in my life, baby--I was in the woods one day when I realized I am destined for greatness, you see," she blinked and made an 'ooh' at Blossom's reply. "Fiesty~" she commented, her tail flicking about a bit more now, doffing her hat and placing it on the back of the sofa.

She poured a glass of the liquor, offering it to Blossom, course, if she didn't accept Moondyne would just shrug and down--all in one go.

"Anyway, sleek features--I was saying--There was this huge energy signature, see--and it fucked me all up--" she grinned, laughing a little. "For a few days I was stuck in a cave, till I was able to recover, it was pretty lonely out there, so I decided to come here to the city and found all these humans just running around and... well they weren't using this place anyway, so," she shrugged.

She snorts. "If I want a date, I won't ask you on a date, I will take you on a date, and you can be sure you will be there, one way or another." She sees the alcohol in her hand, not thinking she needed anything else that might scramble the brain in there, but not caring enough to take the bottle away from her, so she gets to keep it.

"You can totally take this the wrong way, you even should, but you have enough weird right now in your knife, and might need a knock out, or some other forms of mind restrain." She looks at 'Jessica Rabbit another time, and didn't see much of a difference. Perhaps... Anyway she takes the glass. Alcohol was a poison for the brain, it would be taken care of, and Moondyne would have less to take. She downs it, but keeps the glass in her hand at the moment.

Sleek features, she had such weird shit to say. "So you got electrocuted or something and it fucked you all up? And now you think you're doing fine, but really you're still fucked up. Or you're simply naturally fucked up, and the electrocution just confused you a while." She was thinking some of her nanites could go inside and replicate, I mean it was still machine... Then her brain goes on thinking a human behind is like a meat machine, with electricity and such, they might even be able to go in there. "Do you feel like you're a mafia boss from a boss movie usually?"

"Well, aren't you just a fun nazi? Put all the fun in a camp, why don't you," Moondyne hrmphed as the bottle AND glass were taken, she's sitting there like 'heyyyy--I was drinking that!'.

"I feel fine, stop worrying about me--I'll report when I'm damn good and ready!" she huffed, picking herself up, straightening her cravat in the process.

"So what were you be you were cyberized? Some kinda super model?" She walked around Blossom, tilting her head this way and that. From out of her tail pod came a laser pointer, which she was drawing across Blossom's body here and there--like this was some kind of exhibition.

"Mmph, looks like they spent a ton on you, can barely see where they made the incisions..." Moondyne lets her tongue press against the edge of her bucked teeth, before flicking it off, lewdly, all while staring at her, of course, creepily.

She grins a bit at that, she can't help it. "I don't know if alcohol will make you worse right now. Part of me wants to kick your ass righ here right now. Another part of me thinks I should be more subtle." Not expanding on the second point, though she does touch one of her shoulder with one of her hand, after putting the glass down. Almost like a friendly gesture, but it wasn't really. As she was sending a few nanites. Worse come to worse nothing would come out of it.

"Hey! I am not worried about you. What the hell gave you the impression I was worried for you?" She removes her hand at that point.

After that she frowns. "I was nobody. Just a girl, who died. Not sure why the hell they thought I should be this. Love it though. It's everything else that's flawed.

She continues after a small break "I am not even sure what you are, some kind of furry enthousiasm fantasy. But you're not unpleasant to look at. So obviously they didn't try to make a monster or something. You're not having a meltdown because you have problems with yourself, are you?"

"If anything it might affect you more... should drink more," Moondyne grinned, gesturing for the girl to just dunk the whole bottle down. Moondyne does not appear to be too phased when the nanites come in contact with her, at least not for the moment.

"I'm a robot, didn't you know?" the mouse lady frowned, tilting her head this way and that again, as if unsure what to make of Blossom. "And of course I'm sexy, I know you totally wanna do me--but not right now, okay, dear? I'm trying to think," Moondyne rubbed her chin, idly pawing and toying with her cravat in the process.

"I know, lets go find some nuns, and we can turn them into strippers! Or something, would that be fun and make you happy?" she seems to be trying to placate Blossom now that her booze is taken away, though she still puffs on that clove cigarette idly.

At first they would try to replicate, but who knows what defenses Moondyne had. "Nan, it unfortunately doesn't." she shrugs. "I am just not fun, I am a bitch, I want to kill everyone, and if people can't get that, they can just have a heart attack or something."

She makes a face when she says robot. "I wasn't sure if you had a real brain in there, or just some AI shit. I guess that answers the question." She frowns. "No wonder they didn't bother giving you the latest shit." She doesn't answer about want to do her.

The newest idea though intrigues her, nuns stripping. "Now you have peeked my curiousity. Nuns stripping." Would she need to kill everyone, if instead she took control... Could she... This was something to think about, but at later time. "Stripping nuns, I gotta see this. You've giving me an interest right now Moondyne." Of all things to take an interest in...

"I noticed," Moondyne will leave it ambiguous for now if the nanites were getting anyway, there's always the sense of suspense, after all? Isn't that a good thing?

"Well, yeah--it's more of a brain her for example, at least," Moondyne gestured to 'Jessica' on stage over there, who seemed to be going into another song and dance routine.

"Ahh well, I think she's had a enough fun for today," Moon's tail flicked up and beeped, causing the woman to just abruptly stop, staring off into space and grinning as she held her arms and palms flat at her sides.

"There we go, anyhoo--lets go make this report, I don't know what I'm going to tell Sybil though~" she didn't mess up for NESTS, after all, she messed up for Sybs--who by proxy was technically a client of theirs.

"I did a lot of thinking while I was in that grotto, though--and I think this is a brand new me," she grinned, "Lets just make sure to steal something on the way there."

It's totally fine, and not a bad thing. "So you can still notice things at least. Good to know." She smirks at bit and then stands up, amused.

"I see." She ponders, and thinks of different things as Jessica stops her singing, and instead just goes on waiting mode so to speak. "Yea can't have her sing forever, or it will be the same problem as when she talked too much." She looks att he bottle in her hand. "You can have it back, otherwise, i am shattering it on the wall."

Hopefully after this, they will leave alone for a long while." But she had a feeling they probably would not, she was quite the investment."I haven't met that Sybil. I probably wouldn't like her." She didn't like many people after all.

She chuckles."Hopefully you find another calling to move on, and make another brand new you, away from this one." She was ready to go.

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