Chanel - Two women who are more than eyecandy

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Description: A business meeting between two women turn into a fight. Than the fight turns back into a business meeting.

It's early evening in Southtown and the foyer of the Red Dragon Hotel is reasonably busy. Some guests are arriving home after a day out working, shopping or sightseeing, others are just going out for the evening, dressed in their finest clothes to visit a local restaurant or club. A smartly dressed young man in his mid twenties is working on reception, attending to all the needs of the guests, or at least those he is able to. Just off the foyer, is an elegant looking bar area, decorated predominantly in the red of the hotel's name and accented with touches of black and gold. The lighting is dimmed and the music low, the current playlist seeming to be instrumental, jazzier versions of recent pop hits.

On one of the comfortable looking couches sits a tall redhead. She's dressed in a form fitting black dress that leaves little to the imagination and a pair of fur trimmed boots that reach to just below her knees. Her slender fingers tap away on the screen of her phone, as she laughs at something she sees there, though how she is able to view it is anyone's guess. Her thick bangs hang down so low, that they totally obscure her eyes.

It may look to a casual observer that the woman is here to relax. There's a cocktail glass in front of her, from which she occasionally sips, being careful not to poke herself in the face, with the elaborate looking pink paper umbrella decorating the glass. She is actually here for business though, one of the three she is involved in. In this case it's for fashion. She's picked up a couple of contracts since her recent arrival in Southtown. The first for Darkheart Enterprises, helping its owner Lyraelle to launch an upmarket line and the second to create an Autumn/Winter collection for a boutique in town that specialises in the youth market, their target consumers being in the sixteen to twenty five age group.

That is where her guest for the evening comes in. A young model by the name of Chanel is being sent to meet Shermie, to discuss the designs the Parisian has come up with. Chanel will be the the sole model for the campaign, chosen for her natural beauty and growing popularity in the city.

Chanel got in front of the hotel with some minutes to spare. She is wearing a silk satin ruffle halter dress, ending a few inches above her knees. It it blood red in color. She is also wearing a pair of black heels, with straps on top of her feet. Her servant was following her, carrying a few things. She was dressed more modestly as she wasn't there to attract any attention.

Chanel walks inside with confident footsteps. She had a brief overall description of the lady she was suppose to meet so it shouldn't be any trouble. Once in the middle of the area, she stops to look around. She was told the bar area. People always felt friendly after a drink, they were also more vulnerable, but that suits her just fine.

The bar area is easy to fine, and again she starts walking. As she gets closer, she scans the area with her eyes. After a moment, she sees who she is looking for, a tall red head, with unknown eyes... Yes that was her. She walks in her direction, until she is standing in front of her. "Miss Shermie I presume?" She extends her hand.

In her head meanwhile she analyzes her a bit. A black dress with red hair. That's always a winner. She's dressed to put herself on display. The boots are interesting too, but it's really hair hair covering her eyes that are both amusing and puzzling at the same time. It should be fun if nothing else, and she would never say no to new contracts like this.

"Yes it is I, Miss Shermie" the redhead responds, holding out her own olive skinned hand to shake that of the younger woman's. "Please come, take a seat."

She gestures to the sofa facing hers and puts her phone down on the table, to fully take in the appearance of Chanel.

"That is a pretty dress, yes? It suits you well. This is good because I have a ruffled blouse in my collection. It is golden, like the leaves of Autumn before they fall to the ground."

She tilts her head towards the servant "Is this your manager or agent?" she wonders. "If so, then this is not a time for discussing fees, you can talk to the brand about these things, no? I am here to discuss fashion, beauty and creativity!"

She reaches for a sip of her cocktail, seeming dissapointed to find it's finished. Attracting the attention of a nearby waitress, she says "Another Singapore Sling and whatever these ladies want. You can put it on Yashiro's account."

She shakes her hand, firmly, yet not trying to break any bones, she then sits down on the sofa, in such a way so the bottom of her dress stays where it should. "Oui, it's important to find good colors and cuts that fits enhance the body and gives the first impression you desire to give to the rest of the world." She gives a smile to the pretty designer. "You must be very good at what you do, or it wouldn't be me who would be here to wear your clothes." She thought that as much as a golden leaf doesn't stay golden for long after falling to the ground, neither would the blouse, after falling to the ground. "It sounds like an interesting blouse." sh decides to ask. "Is your dress from your own collection

Do not mind Marie. She makes sure I have everything I need in the day to day life. She is not my agent, it would be way too early to discuss fee, and with the wrong person." She gives one more smile.

When the small talk is finish for the moment, she orders a virgin blood mary, that would do the trick.

"Marie does not want a drink?" Shermie wonders, sitting back on the sofa and allowing her self to sink into the luxuriant cushions.

"I am excellent at what I do. I have a natural talent inherited from my mother. She was a wonderful dressmaker in Paris. My dress is my own design, yes. It is not for a collection available to others though, just for me to enjoy wearing."

A slow smile appears on her small, coral painted mouth. "I could model if I want to. I am pretty enough, yes. I prefer to create fashion and music though. These are my passions, along with my hamsters! Do you like hamsters, Chanel?" she asks, her expression hopeful.

"Also, I wonder, is Chanel your real name? It is a wonderful one for the world of fashion! Named after the greatest of all, fabulous Coco!"

"Marie and I have been eating before coming here, but I always leave space for a drink when I know I have meeting." Chanel simply says to the inquiring Shermie. Chanel is relaxed as well, yet there is this awareness, which she seems to keep. Shermie might be able to sense it.

"If you have the talent, might as well make your own exclusive clothes, keep it as a perk. It also works to make yourself publicity as you have the body for wearing such sexy clothes. It doesn't really leave anything to the imagination."

Her legs previously simply closed together, are moved to cross them, in a gentle, agile motion.

"One can do anything if they really put their mind to it, but there will always be some people that are amazing at certain things. No matter how much someone will push themselves, will never get to that level which innate to certain people."

She smiles, and when the drinks are brought, she takes her drink which is handed to her, giving a nod and a smile as thanks, before giving her attention back to the designer. "Hamsters. Little animals which are domesticated, need their owner full protection, in exchange for obedience. They are good company, and easy to get attached to. With the cuteness of hamsters, they are pretty cool as well."

She takes a sip of her drink before she answers about her name. "It's my real name. Chanel, Chanel DeRose, yes, 'the' DeRose family. She smiles, she is proud of her family after all.

"Ah, this is good. It's nice to enjoy a delicious meal."

Her thoughts briefly drift to the last restaurant she visited and how the night took an interesting turn. She stifles a little giggle and sips from her fresh drink, this time the umbrella being yellow.

"You are right, I am a very sexy woman" Shermie nods. "As the old saying goes, if you've got it flaunt it and even if not, then why not flaunt it anyway? It can be fun!"

"I agree that people can work at things. I was not a fighter, but now it's something I sometimes do" she shrugs. "It can be surprisingly amusing at times. As for my hamsters, I love them a lot. They are so adorably cute! I have named them Achu and Ururi. These are good names."

She produces a slim black folder from a tote bag resting on the floor and hands it to Chanel.

"These are the designs I have created and which you will wear in the campaign. I am sure you will be delighted with them" she announces confidently. "If not, then perhaps we will have trouble!" she adds, with a mischevious grin.

It does. Japanese cuisine is very interesting.

As there is a short moment of silence, she thinks back of Echo. She still had a bit of a problem at how she just left like that, it upsetted her. She however push it quickly aside.

"Everyone has the freedom to flaunt themselves, as much as they want. But have to be careful not to fall in the slut category.As the saying goes 'Why buy the cow, when you can have the milk for free.' She winks. She didn't call Shermie a slut, and hopefully it wouldn't feel that way to the other French girl.

Though, when the subject turns to Shermie being a fighter, she cocks her head a bit. "You fight?" She says, a little doubt in her voice, as if she didn't believe it. "Hopefully you do not injure your hands, would be a shame for a designer." She smiles. When she hears about the hamster names, she didn't know what to think or say, and she again shift her position slight. Of course it would be optimal for Shermie to enjoy the names she has given her hamsters. The hamsters themselves would not be able to voice their happiness or anger at such names. "Good, good." She ends up saying, to at least say something.

When Shermie takes out a black folder from a bag on the floor, she presumes they are her designs. She is proven right soon enough as she takes it in her hand, and Shermie confirms it. She moves to get the folder to open.

"If I am not delighted by your designs, if they really want me for this campaign, they ask you to make modifications. Or they would tell me I am not who they are looking for, and get someone else to model them." She smiles, and looks at the models. "Or we could 'Couper la poire en deux.'" She continues looking. "These looks good however, it's enough so I can see myself wearing them, it should not be a problem."

If Chanel could see Shermie's eyebrows, she would find them risen at the mention of the word slut. She may notice the red haired woman's lips tightening however, though for now she remains silent on the subject.

"Yes, I fight. It is mostly to please Yashiro, he gets so angry and it helps him to use that aggression.. I do enjoy it now though. It is most fun when it is both of us and Chrissy. We can team up and kick the butts! I do not worry so much about my hands. If we all spent our time worrying, then life would seem even darker than it already is."

"As for the designs, I am not a dictatorship, if we find something that does not work for you, then we change it. I am able to do such things with ease."

She flicks back one of the twin ponytails, that hangs down to her waist and then asks "Tell me, Mademoiselle De Rose, where in France are you from? I myself come from Belleville, in our beautiful capital."

Chanel does see a little tightening of the lips, was it really because she thought Chanel meant Shermie was, was it because she knew a slut? Was it some traumatic experience in her past young. She didn't know, and as she didn't say anything, pushing on it would seem like she was attacking the poor designer, which she wasn't trying to do, so that subject was dropped.

"So you're trying to please a man, and can't fight well without them and a third person." She wasn't sure if Chrissy was a guy or a girl. "I would like to see if you can kick the butts alone, or if your team is simply carrying you along for the eye candy." She keeps the smile, even as the challenge was sort of given, simply not full force... or perhaps it was full force ,when she said eye candy. The not worrying too much however, she had again to agree with her. "Yes, if one worries too much they end up not doing a single thing, hiding in their little safety bubble, you are right." She nods her head to show that agreeing she has with her.

"Your design are fine. I will wear them. If I end up wanting to buy something for my personal collection, than I will tell you what modifications are needed.

She listens to the question and learning where actually Shermie comes from. "Belleville? That's about between 3 and 4 hours always from where I am from. Neuilly-sur-Seine, a very beautiful place, with people, yet quiet. A place for people who wants the best of both world. Belleville is also nice, because France is a lovely country. Belleville, it speaks for itself.

"Belleville is not the richest part of the city, but it is the most interesting to me" Shermie remarks.

"As for the fighting, I do not do it just to please the man, no. It just keeps him from raging on, which can be tiresome, or at least from raging on as much. It still happens" she admits.

"I did not say I could not fight without he and Chrissy either. I believe you are twisting my words" she says, waggling her finger towards Chanel.

"I could most certainly kick the butts alone, it is just more fun with my bandmates. We make beautiful music together and we kick butt beautifully together is what I mean."

A sly look appears on her face and she adds "Would you like me to kick your butt, little girl? I believe I could to such a thing with ease. Perhaps not so much that we would break your face and stop you making my clothes look good though. That would not be a good thing."

"As for me being eye candy, I am very sweet for people's eyes, yes. If you are suggesting I am there merely for that purpose though, then you'd be very wrong."

"All cities are interesting. In France and all the cities I've seen. The world is beautiful place." She smiles, she was proud of France, yet she did not reject the other countries. This city right now, in Japan, was so beautiful too.

At least he does not kick your butt in conjugal violence. I feel better knowing you are safe from that." She gives a genuine smile. The others might be hard to tell if they were, but this one definitely.

She giggles very slightly. "I might be twisting your words but not too much, nothing that would make them give up in a fight, would it?." She was going to pull back a bit, not to make an enemy of part of the new contract after all. "Ok, you can fight alone, you just prefer the company of those you love, to fight with."

At least she would have continued to pull back, had she not be called little girl..."Little girl? I am not the one trying to hide her emotions." She meant the hair over her eyes, how did she even see anything anyway... She did not care to ask however. "If you can beat me with ease, and further more, if you can break my face so badly I can't do this contract, I would deserve to retire." She shakes her head. "You're on, we fight. If you hold back, you are very stupid. I don't think you are stupid, so don't hold back." Marie was simply watching. She knew better than saying anything at this point.

She adds. "As for knowing if you are simply eye candy or not, we shall soon find out. Let see if I beat you 'Les doigts dans le nez.". She keeps the smile however.

"Yes, the world can be very amusing at times" Shermie agrees, tapping her fingers against her cocktail glass. "I am interested that you feel I hide my emotions though. Why would this be? Is it because you can't see my eyes? Does my interesting hair offend you? That is because I am shy, see. I'm so very shy..."

It's not long before the French woman is giggling wildly, placing her glass down and clapping her hands together in glee.

"Of course, I am joking. You didn't take that seriously did you, little girl?"

Her head and perhaps her hidden eyes move towards Marie "You should maybe get medical supplies for Chanel here. I am about to teach her a lesson in respecting her elders."

Looking back towards the young model, she flashes her a radiant smile.

"This will be a good thing. It will help us to get to know each other better, then after I have beaten you, we can go back to discussing fashion."

She rises from her seat and starts to push back the couch she'd been sitting on, signalling for Chanel to help her.

"We must make a space for us to move around with greater ease."

The waitress and the bar staff look on nervously.

"You might not really hide your emotion, simply who you are, because the eyes are the windows to the soul. I am thinking you have a sexy body, but maybe not terribly so on the inside."

Then she listens to the I am shy routine, very shy. Then she is called little girl again.

"I will hit extra hard right in the kisser, just for you. No I didn't think you were serious. Right now I can hardly believe you're a designer. I could think of another word though, starting by 'D'... Yes, you're a disaster." She gives a wink herself.

Marie speaks. "With all due respect. I don't think it will be necessary, unless you need medical supplies yourself.

"We shuold make this interesting. If I beat you, you will make me a custom dress, to my specification, free of charge."

After saying that, she pushes things around, using a little bit of magic to make it easier, but not making a show of it.

Those coral lips are pursed now and a hand is placed on a shapely hip, as Shermie angles herself towards the teen.

"You should stick to looking pretty, model and stop thinking. You don't seem to be too good at it."

She takes a step closer towards her French foe, shaking her head and causing the red ponytails to flip around her heart-shaped face.

"I think you are a very rude little girl, who needs to be taught a lesson. Perhaps your friend too, or is she your servant? Funny, I thought our country had a revolution centuries ago to get rid of the arrogant aristocracy."

"I could make you a dress, sure. Now I get closer the material on the one you're wearing is a little cheap looking. What about if I win though? What will you do for me?"

She watches curiously as Chanel aids with the moving of the furniture, nodding her head in satisfaction.

"Good, it seems you have some uses. Now we can begin!"

COMBATSYS: Shermie has started a fight here.

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Shermie          0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Chanel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Shermie          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Chanel

"I at least don't need to dress like a whore to get attention." This girl was rubbing all the wrong buttons on her. She turns toward her when she's done moving the stuff. "I think you've read my mind on that one. I think you are a very rude little girl who needs to be taught a lesson. Get out of there." She looks at her. "Both, she's part of her family and she earns money. leave her out of this."

She then has to think what she would do for her... not put a pillow over her face in her sleep. Nan that was mean to even think of doing that. Calm and Strike. "I will recommend you. Less you tell me you don't need to reach more stores with your clothes." She spins on herself, muttering something while she does, and then her clothes have changed, looking like a dominatrix now, and she also has her whip in her hand. Then she passes her hand on her whip, and lits on fire. "Ok the fun begins."

After saying that, Chanel spins her whip , before sending it down, she then kicks the end of it, toward Shermie's chest. "Let see how you like this."

COMBATSYS: Shermie blocks Chanel's The angry snake.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Shermie          0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Chanel

Shermie starts to giggle, bringing her hand up to her mouth as her shoulders tremble with the impact of her mirth.

"Let me get this right, little girl. You call me out for looking like a whore, before changing in to this ensemble?"

She gestures to Chanel's change of costume, continuing to giggle.

"You also steal my lines, because you are not original enough to come up with your own" she scoffs, before waving her hand dismissively.

"Perhaps your servant can use her chance to escape, whilst you're busy having your butt kicked by me!"

"So you say you will recommend me, hm? I imagine you are on social media, so you can do a post praising my design skills, my band Cee Why Es and my superior fighting skills when I win."

She nods in satisfaction at her own idea and then looks at Chanel curiously, as the fiery whip comes flying towards her. Her hands fly up in instinct to protect her ample breasts from its impact, causing two of her fingers to get slightly scorched. Shaking out the damaged digits and then sucking on them to soothe the stinging, she shakes her head at Chanel.

"Bad little girl, now Shermie will have to punish you!"

Spinning around, she runs towards Chanel, backside first, with the intention of smashing her butt into the model's face. If she manages to hit her target, she'll then straighten her legs, bringing them together in mid air, before spinning into the younger woman feet first.

COMBATSYS: Chanel blocks Shermie's Axle Spinning Kick.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Shermie          0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0           Chanel

"Oh shut. I wear it well at least." Hinting Shermie wasn't. She didnt' say anything else about it.

On the other hand, Marie wasn't thinking of leaving. at all, she just watch the two fighting, knowing tempers will flare even more.

"I would recommend as much things as dress will be made when I win, as you won't.

When she does her attack and it is blocked, she's happy there is fire on that whip. She's less happy when a big butt is coming at her. She takes it though, instead just going along with the push. It's when the feet are comign for her, she brings her arms to block, but it rocks her, as she shakes her arms after.

"I get to punish you, you think you're all that, but you are nothing.

The whip is brought back on fire, and she starts making it spin around her, switches it around mid way, and then sends it toward the girl's neck. If it works, she says "Kneel for your mistress!" And then pulls her down on her knees, strangling her and burning her a bit, before letting go.

COMBATSYS: Chanel successfully hits Shermie with Kneel for your Goddess.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Shermie          0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0           Chanel

Looking Chanel up and down, Shermie shrugs her slim shoulders. "If you say so, petite rose. To me you look like a little girl who has got into the costume box."

Shermie's move doesn't go quite as smoothly as she'd hoped, but she recovers quickly, landing back on her feet, albeit briefly.

As the whip comes flying towards her again, she lets out a yelp of surprise, this time not fast enough to prevent it making contact with her smooth skin. She tries to wiggle free, as it latches around her neck, but it only seems to result in it becoming tighter and she drops to her knees, biting down on her lip as the pain kicks in.

Is she looking into Chanel's eyes? It's hard to tell, but her head is tilted up and her jaw looks rather tense.

"I do not need to think such things. I simply know them" she declares, raising herself back up, as gracefully as she can manage and bringing a hand up to her neck to check the damage.

Satisfied it's not too severe, she shimmies towards Chanel, holding her arms out wide, as if she's going in for a hug. Should she manage to get a good grip on the girl, she will spring backwards with her, launching her flying over her head with a swinging motion, with the intention of smashing her into the ground.

COMBATSYS: Shermie successfully hits Chanel with Front Flash.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Shermie          0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1           Chanel

"Yea, I would imagine you would think so. I don't expect anymore for you."

She's pretty happy when her move goes as planned. Though it was kind of eery when she seemed to look at her yet not. Stupid hair.

She smirks, until Shermie glides toward her, arms wide open. She certainly doesn't want to be in any kind of hug with her, would rather be in a move if she has to, or nothing at all. So she tries to spin out of the way, but that doesn't quite work as she expected. Shermie gets her good grip, and does her move as intended, making her body slam into the ground.

For a short moment, Chanel groans, but she then rolls to her feet. Damag can be seen on her face, but already it seems to heal a little.

"Ok, that was interesting, I have to give it to you, but now let see what you will do. It's time for a donation."

Her whip is lit on fire once again. If she has her way, she makes a slash with the end of her whip, at each of Shermie's thighs, then she does it at each of her breasts. Then finally she does it at her face. If she was lucky she would remove some of the hair out of the way at the same time, but she didn't count on that. "How do you like that one bitch, The Goddess of Pain, knows how to give."

COMBATSYS: Chanel successfully hits Shermie with A blood donation for your Goddess.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Shermie          1/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0           Chanel

Shermie claps her hands together as Chanel faceplants the floor, her gleeful expression switching to surprise as Chanel starts to heal in front of her.

"Tu es sÚrieuse? What is this trickery?"

She edges herself in closer, tilting her head as she tries to get a closer look at the girl's face.

"If you wish me to donate money to you, then you are foolish, I..."

She's stopped mid sentence as the whip comes towards her, slashing at her thighs and breasts and causing her to cry out in anguish!

"Arreter!" She flinches as Chanel finds her face, coming dangerously close to uncovering her eyes. Her thick fringe threatens to flutter upwards, revealing what lies beneath, but Shermie flicks her head, protecting her air of mystery for the present moment.

"It seems like I was the one giving!" the older girl gasps. "You rich people are all take take take. Now it's time for you to take some more damage!"

She launches herself forward into a somersault and then attempts a backflipping kick with both feet, with the intention of sending Chanel up into the air. If this works, she will try and hook her legs around the teenager's neck on her way back down, before twisting rapidly, spinning her around until she'd dizzy and then releasing her to drop down hard to the floor of the bar. To add insult to injury, if Chanel ends up in this prone position, she will leap on her, performing a lariat across her face with her extended leg.

COMBATSYS: Chanel dodges Shermie's Lightning Leg Lariat.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Shermie          0/-------/----<<<|-------\-------\0           Chanel

emit "How do you like it bitch?" She says when Shermie asks her to stop. She so didn't care about this woman's money. She probably makes more in a day of work than she makes in a year with her gig or her clothes. Or probably not, but she enjoyed thinking so either way."

When she talks about always taking, so she should take more damage, she concentrates. She gets pushed in the air, but she goes with the flow, it doesn't even look like it really hurt her, but she never gets back down, as she sends her whip to hook on a lamp, and moves out of the way of the rest of the attack, lending swiftly after she swings, and disconnect the whip. "Oh no, you can have all the pain. It suits you." She gives a wink. "I am the Goddess of Pain after all and I give it to all the naughty kids like you."

After that, she rushes to Shermie, and if she has her way, slams the dart into her left shoulder, only after that, does she lit the whip on fire again, and put it around Shermie's neck yet again. She pushes her knee into the girl's back and pulls extra hard on the whip, to strangle her, with 'passion' "Maybe when I am done with you, you will never talk again!"

COMBATSYS: Chanel successfully hits Shermie with The Piano wire is overrated.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Shermie          0/-------/-<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0           Chanel

"Not very much" Shermie admits. "I do not like this pain, unless it is me giving it. I believe it is overrated. As for you being a Goddess? I think not, but you can fight little girl, I will give you that. Perhaps you have more uses than making clothes look reasonably pretty. Maybe you can find work as a dominatrix."

The redhead pulls at her neck, as the whip tugs around it, trying to set herself free from its flaming grip. Writhing and wiggling below the smaller woman's knee, she reaches her hands out, trying to pull at a beautifully patterned Chinese rug to give herself leverage. When she's finally free, she gasps for breath, bending forwards and panting heavily, giving the approaching waitress a clear view of her impressive cleavage.

"Is there anything I can do to help, Miss Shermie?" she asks, trying not to look at the most obvious place.

"Do you need me to call security?"

"Non! I wish to complete my business in peace" she scowls, sending the dark haired woman scurrying off.

Turning her attention back to her opponent, she dances around behind her, trying to position the crook of her elbow against her throat and then her other arm across her forehead, aiming to cut off the blood supply to the brain, with the intention of causing the French model to faint.

COMBATSYS: Chanel blocks Shermie's Choke Hold.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Shermie          0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0           Chanel

"You can fight too. You are not just eye candy while your friends fight. You're just annoying." She sticks out her tongue. "At one point the move does stuff. She wouldn't murder her either, and well Shermie indeed can fight anyhow. She chuckles when the waitress asks if she should call security. "The hell, we're having a 'friendly' bout.

She gets pressure into her throw that damages her, but manages to push the elbow off before it's completed. It still makes her cuff a little. At least she wasn't in lala land. She is grateful for that. La la land. It was her turn now.

She slides around to the left and sends her fiery whip toward Shermie's right temple. She hits with the flat of the blade instead of cutting there if it works. She doesn't want to kill the poor girl. Then she slides to the right, and hits toward her left temple. "Night night." She says at the end, if it works.

COMBATSYS: Shermie blocks Chanel's Night night.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Shermie          1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Chanel

"Some people like to overreact!" Shermie agrees with a giggle. "There is nothing wrong with some cocktails and sport, before getting down to business!"

The tight dress she is adorned in is standing up surpisingly well to the wear and tear it's enduring, providing an excellent advertisement for the wearer's design skills!

"I fight for fun" Shermie admits. "If I annoy you, then I make no apology. That is on you, for letting yourself get annoyed! Really I am a very pleasant person!"

As the choke fails to have it's desired impact, the keyboard player tuts, strutting around in a sprightly stance, as she contemplates her next move. Before she can make any decision, Chanel is back with that whip again. She makes contact, but those thick bangs lessen the impact. There's a slight smell of singing, but it quickly sizzles out.

"Shermie is not ready for sleep yet!"

She is tired though and it takes all her effort to gather her energy to rush past Chanel, calling out "Excuse me!" and then placing her hands on the girl's head. If she can find her balance, she will lift herself up into a handstand, then flip downwards, dropping her legs on to Chanel's shoulders, to lock her ankles over each other. She would then raise one of her hands up, keeping her other on Chanel's head and throw herself into a sideways spin, lifting up the model horizontally and spinning in the air with her, before using her hips to slam her into the ground.

COMBATSYS: Chanel dodges Shermie's Shermie Spiral.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Shermie          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Chanel

"Yea, I gotta know what you're really worth. Gotta say your dress is holding very well. You're still a bitch though." She smirks, she had more respect for her, but still. Give credit where it's due.

She was also impressed with those hair. What is it made with Kevlar? She ends up chuckling to herself, and even more when she says "Shermie si not ready for sleep yet"

She looks tired as She observes her. She feels hands on her head, and soon, Shermie is doing a hand stand on her head, at least that's how it feels like. She closes her eyes for this, and when feels Shermie shifts again, she reaches for something, finding ankles, and she simply pushes her away from her. She figured Shermie could fall back on her feet from this, though if she knocked herself out, there would be no guilt feeling.

After that, for a short moment, Chanel is not doing anything, except energy gathering can be felt from her. "This ends here!" If she ahs her way, she uses her fiery whip to get Shermie's back facing her, then she unleashes, whipping her back to submission. "Mistress is very displease with you! You will learn through pain!"

COMBATSYS: Shermie interrupts You deserve punishment for your actions from Chanel with Shermie Flash.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Shermie          0/-------/------=|=======\==-----\1           Chanel

"What is this bitch word you throw around? Am I a female dog? Non!"

Despite her protest, she seems more amused than annoyed, joining in Chanel's laughter.

As her headstand is stopped in it's prime, she tries to kick out, as the teenager reaches for her ankles, but the girl is too strong. As she's pushed away, Shermie scrambles to find her balance, somehow ending up on her feet, although it is a rather unsteady landing.

When Chanel makes her declaration, she shrugs again. "Perhaps so, perhaps not. I will not give up though."

The whip lashes out, seeking it's now familiar target, but Shermie is ready for it this time.

Dodging out of the way, she strikes a pose, calling out "You won't run away from my Shermie Stand!"

She then flips forward into a handstand, dropping her heel down on to Chanel's head. She follows this up with a flying knee attack and plants her hand back on the girl's head, using it at support to drop behind her. Giggling into her ear, she locks her arms around her waist from behind and pulls her backwards on to her head and shoulders, holding her in place and counting out "One, two, three" as though she's taking part in a wrestling match and has earned herself a pin!

"You are right. Sorry to all the female dogs in this world, it's insulting." But at this point it's more like a friend that throws thing at one another than real anger, she was also tired, she's not like forever more

However she really didn't expect to be interrupted like that. She gets hit severely ending up slammed on her head and back. The whip goes flies out of her hand, and she gets one two three.

But gathering her strength, she eventually kick out and rolls away, then she extends her hand toward her whip. In a feat that looks straight out of a starwars movie, the whip lights up on fire and lifts i nthe air. If she has her way, the whip comes behind Shermie, and goes aruond her arms and chest, putting her in bondage. Then Chanel screams as she jumps to her feat and goes to her punches her face several time. "Why 'Putain D'Enfer' do you not stay on the ground, knocked out!!!" She punches more. There was no finesse in that one, just brutality.

COMBATSYS: Shermie counters Bondage is fun from Chanel with F-Captured.

[                          \\\\  < >  /                             ]
Shermie          0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0           Chanel

Shermie scoffs loudly, blowing her bangs, as she smirks at Chanel. "If I was a puppy, I'd be a pretty one indeed."

As Chanel comes crashing down, she simply nods her head, as if the outcome was always certain.

Good, this is better. I am perhaps learning" she commentates on her own performance. Though she's smart enough to know the fight isn't over yet. Her opponent is down, but not yet out.

As the showstopping whip heads her way, she watches its progress, her mouth falling open in awe, only remembering she's meant to be getting the hell away from it, at the last minute!

She decides to fight fire with fire (so to speak) and instead of dodging the weapon, she thrusts herself towards its controller, smacking her beautifully bouncing breasts into the dominatrix diva.

Her intention is to throw Chanel off balance, which she manages to do, letting out a cheer in the process. She then takes the girl in her arms, looking as if she's going to embrace her initially, but alas no, she proceeds to drop her backwards into a suplex.

"If you we're a puppy you would have better manners and listen." She smirks

That smirk didn't last long the first time, and didn't come back after

The whip didn't do it job, or perhaps Shermie reacted so differently than she should have. She indeed gets off balanced, the whip falling back on the ground and the fire gone.

After that, she slams hard on the ground, and it's really hard to get back up, in fact, she doesn't. She stays down, but moves her leg, to sweep Shermie's leg from under her, so she falls on the ground. If she manages to do that, Chanel's hand gets on a fire, a different fire, bluish, and she moves to slams it in Shermie's chest. This wasn't exactly how she did that usually, but it would have to do. Either way, after that, she falls on the ground, out of the fight, the magic preparing the healing.

COMBATSYS: Chanel can no longer fight.

[                          \\\\  <
Shermie          0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Shermie dodges Chanel's You are mine.

[                          \\\\  <
Shermie          0/-------/---====|

"I wouldn't count on it" Shermie giggles. "Perhaps I would be a naughty puppy."

As the girl falls from grace, Shermie stands over her, surveying the damage done. She pokes her fur trimmed boot into her side and when she's satisfied she's not getting back up anytime soon, she stretches out her curvaceous body and cracks her neck back into place.

"Sweet Dreams" she coos, before returning to her seat and taking a long sip from her cocktail.

"When you are ready, we can resume our business meeting. I think I have an idea for another design!"

While Shermie pokes her, she was healing before her eyes. Marie does go to her though, and kneel down to put her head in her lap. It takes a moment, but soon Chanel is as good as new physical, but she sits up suddenly. "Oh my god all will you shut up?!?!" Then she looks around, holding her head a moment. "Ugh. enough!" Then she calms down as Marie helps her doing so. Soon, the meeting between Shermie and Chanel could continue.

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