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Description: Chanel runs into Echo Lacroix, necromancer and bat lady of Makai, but which is the more fearsome--the necromancess, or the Goddess of Sweet Chains?!

It was a nice morning. A nice morning for shopping. All days at any time are good for shopping. A model needs her clothes, and Chanel is a model. "We're going to find nice things I am sure." Marie her servant nods her head. Chanel was good with her, she paid her well and she did treat like her a friend too. Right now she's carrying a backpack while Chanel is leading them to a store.

"Oh Marie, are you hungry? We can eat something, I could eat something, there has to be something to eat around here too. I recall there was something last time." Marie simply nods, she wasn't a difficult person. Chanel follows Yellow lines. At least there is less people when they are suppose to work, or sleeping. It was easier that way, as she was starting to be noticed in Japan more too, and sometimes she needed some peace from "fans". "Ok there it is, some food. Wait here." She goes inside the store, to buy a few things for herself and Marie, while Marie waits."

Inside the store, there might be a somewhat... odd sight. There is already someone standing there, looking over a rack of clothes, only casually perusing the items hung there. Someone in a very long black dress and MAC Russian Red patent leather heels, who to the naked eye likely appeared as just a tall pale lady with very red lips and long dark hair.

But since Chanel is something of a sorceress, she can see through the magical veil that shields her, revealing white furred skin, long conical ribbed ears and very large wings tucked against the back of the open-backed dress, as the strange bat-lady creature turns to greet her.

"Ooh--there you are, I thought you might be here, you're 'Goddess Sweet Chains', aren't you?" the bat lady seems /delighted/ to see Chanel, which is perhaps probably not shared by her new acquaintance. "I saw you, on television--and wondered if the stories I heard were true," she nodded, as she stands there, ethereal energies and small motes of dark energy float around her, materializing into little blue floating spectral skulls.

She does see the odd sight, as it's not something she sees everyday even with her magical perception. As she has a permanent aura around her, of her magic and also of self healing, the energy was apparent. "Well hello there." She is surprised to see this lady, but not shocked beyond measure. She also notices she is magical as well, which makes sense, as she was using magic to appear normal...

"Yes that's me." She says. She is currently wearing a whitle silk v-neck tshirt, and it even has a pocket over her left breast. That's so hard to find pockets on women's clothes, maybe she put it here with magic." She also has a black leather skirt, ending above the knee, flowing on the curves of her thighs. To complete the outfit she has a pair of sheer black tights and a piar of over-the-knee suede black boots. She also has some jewelry and a purse. She's pure woman, but with her job, she almost basically has to be.

She then continues. "It depends what you heard. If I am magnificient, yes I am. If you mean anything else, you have to say, less you're ready to let me in your mind." She seems to be kidding however, and knew what she probably meant."

"Well yes," Echo gestures to the soft leather belt slung around her waist, which she has pouches and whatnot slung from--she doesn't carry a purse, at least not a handbag one. Even if some do look rather lovely. Or expensive. Take your pick.

"I had heard rumors you were truly of the magic pursuasion, since your wounds always disappear--they couldn't just be due to paltry human medicine," she stepped closer, her voice kept somewhat down, rather than the more raised one she'd used in greeting. "And a lover of fashion and of the dark arts--I had to see if the Goddess of Chains spoke true," Echo grinned, showing fang-like eyeteeth over red lips, her nose more of catlike 'button' and her eyes an unusual orange, with dark slits.

"An intriguing offer, to be sure," she smiled, at the apparent flirty threat, of mind attacking, and all that.

It's hard to have expensive taste for a lot of people, it's easier when you have the money, Chanel was lucky like that, but it does seem like some of the pouches are expensive in their own right, so a question of taste...

She thinks of that as she listens to Echo. "We can agree on that, human medicine sucks for physical wounds. Scars... scars are mortal enemies in my work." She nods her head, looking at the woman in front of her. She consider her like an exotic beauty, instead of something scary. "Goddess of Chains speaks true, and is obeyed." This was bringing out her Dominatrix persona, few people spoke to her about her fighting persona. They all wanted the Model. Sometimes it almost felt like a superman and clark kent relationship. A different costume was enough to make people think they are two different persons. "Who are you anyway? You obviously are more interested in my fighting than in my modeling."

She idly wonders if she wanted to fight... Nan, it seems it's the magic sides of things at the moment that makes her wonder, and perhaps the Dominating side of Goddess of Pain.

"Ahah, I had wondered if that was all just for show, then," Echo grins, noting the shift to a commanding tone. "But, where are my manners, I am Echo Lacroix, Necromancess, a resident in your human world for the time being, well, forseeable future--" Echo turns after giving Chanel a bow, gesturing to some of the more expensive pieces of clothes and shoes on sale, "As long as your people continue making things like /this/, and lovely penthouse apartments, that is, I can forgive the dearth in true magicians I find here," she turned back to Chanel, sending a few of the small floating blue skulls off, likely to look for things--they were invisible to the naked eye right now, anyway.

"Both, actually, and well, even more--I originally crossed over to this world to see out it's magical talent, but I found charlatans and stage magicians, which, well--the former are easy enough to blend into, as a cover here," she steps closer, more conversationally.

"So I'd say all three sides of you," she grins.

"it's sometimes easier to pretend it's just for show, but thankfully I don't really have to. Most of my kind, see the model, and they don't give a damn about the rest and those who do, see Goddess of Pain, then they don't give a damn either. Very few want to see the witch. It works for the better."

She chuckles. "Humans do make great expensive things, also lots are malleable, which can be fun too, but this is Goddess of Pain speaking. I am Chanel DeRose, for my everyday name." She stays tall however, even if she gives a smile. She simply does not bow. "Why are you looking for the real deal anyway? You are the real deal yourself if I am any judge." She then moves a bit, to reach behind Echo. "If I may" She tries to touch a wing, it seems to intrigue her. "This is cool."

"Don't worry, us demon worlders can appreciate a good amount of pain," Echo grins, probably meaning that both figuratively and literally. There /was/ a reason things like BDSM leather clubs inspired movies like Hellraiser, after all.

"Well, they clearly don't know what they're missing--I'd /love/ to talk shop with you at some point, perhaps we can exchange spells sometime," she grinned, blinking a little, and leaning back with a surprised look on her face.

"Well, would you not want to seek other practitioners or others of your kind, if you were relatively alone in such a place like this?" she then blinked a little bit as her wings were fondled--letting the jointed, arm-like wing bones of that wing unfurl a bit for her.

"Everyone wants to touch them," she said with a bit of a good-natured sigh.

"I have a feeling you are or have been on the fighting scene yourself." As she talk she can handle and even appreciate pain. "My last impromptu match ended in a double knock out. This is so... I am mad at that."

She touches the wing, before she continues at what other was said. Who wouldn't want to have wings and fly, beside Echo also looks like a pet, but she doesn't say anything outloud about that, at least not yet, but she does realize she seems to enjoy that side of her too. "Because, either they would be beneath me, or they should." She gives a wink, implying she is kidding, as she comes back in front of her. "So you have a French last name, how does it work?" She doesn't say anything about everyone wanting to touch, at least not outloud. She does end up sliding a hand in her hair, thinking a bit.

The 'arms' of the wings were clad in the same fur as her body, lighter in substance, but the wings themselves were quite leathery--though perhaps not the same kind of leather as the 'Queen of Pain' here was accustomed to. Patent leather pumps or otherwise.

"Ah, So I see," Echo does indeed get the joke, apparently not being too naive here to not get that the queen is flirting with her there, so to speak. Apparently this was turning out to a more.. interesting meeting than Echo had expected.

"Hmm? French? Aren't there lots of people here with French last names, too?" Echo smiles, waiting to see Chanel's reaction.

"Our people sent emissaries here not long ago, around... oh, 700... 800 years ago? by human terms, anyway--the ruling class of Western Europe at the time were French, who had dominated the Anglo-Saxons, the Britons, and the other barbarians during the Norman Conquest," she nodded. "That's what your people called it, anyway. We had visited before, but communication and dealing proved difficult--especially with their lack of fear of our kind," Echo trails off a little here. She might not want to get into the fact that humans are a lot easier to impress and coax when they have forgotten the old ways, and superstitions, and thus are better equipped to deal with 'monsters' and 'demons', methods which have existed since antiquity.

"You have nice wings." Chanel says after having gotten a feel of it. "People want to see the innocent Chanel in modeling. With a little innocent naughtiness bleeding through. Fighting allows another side to come out. Best of both worlds." She smiles a bit, and shifts, not moving from her spot, more like she's striking another subtle pose.

"Here? There are a lot of different cultures, and the French aren't the most numerous around. It's all good, I simply didn't know 'monsters' had french last names, or any last names at all." She ponders, as she listens to Echo explaining the reasons. "So you would rather be feared? I hope that's not too much of a disappointment, but I am not seeing it at all."

MEanwhile poor Marie is waiting outside, none the wiser, not that she would be anyway, she wasn't magical, and wouldn't see what Chanel see at all.

"Indeed, and you have a nice... well, a fair number of things," Echo grins, apparently quite alright with giving praise to the queen of pain. "Hmm, innocence can be quite overrated, in my opinion--perhaps what you need is a bit more of the BITE--" she clearly enunciated her words, while making a gnashing motion with her teeth for effect--"into your work," she grinned, her wing fluttering a little as the other woman pet at it, almost as if Echo was a little ticklish, or the like. She probably was.

"Sorry to drop into a history lesson there, but yes--some of our people adopted the language and culture of yours from that area, in that time," Echo reaches into her belt and withdraws a teacup, which for some reason miraculously has a steaming cup of tea in there, after a little wave of Echo's hand.

"Because lets face it--nothing more gothic looking than medieval French architecture, like Notre Dame," Echo peered around Chanel and noticed her valet of sorts was still waiting out there for her.

"Hmm... perhaps we should continue this conversation at another time? It is very late for me, I sleep during the morning," Echo nodded.

"I have plenty of bite, when necessary, I am wondering if it's necessary right now." Chanel she still ends up smiling some, as Echo says she has nice things, though, not very to the point. It also looks like she is ticklish, something to test at another moment perhaps.

"It wasn't an ultra long one, and it was interesting, so think nothing of it." She sees all that, and it would be more impressive to someone who thought magic wasn't real, it was still cool, of course. "So your kind drinks tea too. Fair."

She then nods "Got a point there, I can't deny it."

"So you take my time, so you can talk to me, which you went to rather some length yourself, since you figured out where I would be, yet you then want to ditch me, just like that? I need to get you on your knees and whip that out of you." Was she kidding, was she meaning it, truthfully, it was quite hard at the moment, it could be either way really.

"Oh not at all, I do think we'll see eachother again, though right now I must say au revoir, my Queen of Chains~" Echo sips the tea, before just... tucking it back in the pouch it came from. It's likely magical. She then turns and begins to saunter out of the botique, after giving the Queen another bow of her head and tucking her wings back in. Not that anyone could see them, but she likely worried about them getting caught on something--like the sliding glass doors she passed out of. A glance is spared at the girl waiting outside of Chanel, Echo just giving her a little grin as she continues out, though once she's out os sight, she'd likely vanish.

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