Edenlith - Eden tries new clothes, enjoys Velvet.

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Description: Eden tries a bar/cabaret where she thinks she might fit, with new clothes. Isn't sure about the clothes, but the company was good.

The cabaret is just starting it's evening, so to speak--as it mainly runs from when the sun goes down to the small hours when most folks are creeping back home before all the normie types start to stir from their slumber. There'll be few patrons in, as it's basically dusk, but that doesn't mean that there aren't people here for a drink--usually some of the more weird but livin' types, who aren't made so sleepy by the sun--like the assortment of half animal folks, or the more diurnal darkstalkers.

Velvet is around as well, though it would appear the owner of the cabaret (as he's come to be now, there really was few else who could manage the place) is just sort of getting started himself. He's showered, dressed and out on the floor, moving to the bar to help himself to something out of one of the coolers--there is a hiss of compressed air as the can's seal cracks, and he drinks. The long black hair around the elongated bat ears was slicked back, though rapidly drying.

Eden is outside, in the heart of Kabuki-cho, right in front of a door. A door not everyone can see, but she can because, well, she's Edenlith. She was looking at it, standing outside a moment. She was wearing a long red gown, that starts at her breasts, and ends nearly to the floor, with a slit on the left side, going all the way to her hip. She doesn't seems super at ease in that dress, neither does she look at ease in the red heels she is wearing, but she's wearing them. her long blue hair are down. Eden is trying to be dressed up today.

Taking a deep breath, she opens the door to walk inside the place. She looks all around as her eyes are hit by different experiences as she gets in, and she also watches the patrons she can see. She moves around a bit, but right now she looked out of the place. With one step, her right ankle bends, and she grumbles lightly. No real damage however, as it just heals up rather easily. She decides heading toward the bar area would be her best bet, so she does so, not making any noises, beside her heels clicking, but it's probably not the loudest noise in that place.

"Haven't seen you around here before," Velvet tilts his head as he spots the woman entering. Clearly this is no ordinary woman if she can just waltz right in. Velvet comes around the bar, revealing he's in one of his long black suits, which covers from the furred shoulders down to the feet, where he's actually just wearing a pair of fuzzy slippers at the moment, so he probably looks a bit shorter than he normally does, when he's wearing boots, or otherwise. Walking around in heeled boots and such gets tiring after a while, after all, especially for the legs and feet.

"Say, haven't I seen you on Midnight Channel?" Velvet raises a brow, and gesturing with welcome to the possessed girl--of course, he does not know this yet.%r
"Love your shoes, by the way," the performer grins, his long spaded tail lazily swaying about behind him.

After hearing something apparently aimed at her, Edenlith looks around toward the voice. They might be at equal height at the moment, with heels she shouldn't be in. Her red eyes might help she's not totally human herself. "First time, I have to expend my circle." She answers to the man. She sees he's not human himself, but this doesn't make her stare. Good thing too, or she might be against the rule, or just be unpleasant

When the question of the midnight channel comes, she finds no reason to deny it. "Yes, I fight there sometimes. A girl needs her fun." She ponders. She should say her name, he might not remember, and it would be the polite thing to do anyway. The word polite ends up making her chuckle a little. "I am Edenlith, but feel free to call me Eden." She looks at her shoes. "They are a pain to walk in right. I will be dead before a pair of shoes win over me though." She does look at him up and down, but she was trying to assess him, who he was.

With that done, she adds. "You look important, more important than a bartender. Though a bartender is important when you want drinks well done."

"Circle, huh? Circle of friends, or...?" Velvet walks a little closer, noting the glowing eyes, and can probably even feel some of the energy radiating off Edenlith, if she wasn't trying to hide it.

"I'm Velvet Blue, SNF and now Midnight Channel star, paranormal investigator and underground vigilante," he offered a hand, tipped with pointed black nails, though his shake was gentle and supple.

"Having trouble in those? Hmm," Velvet sauntered up beside her, heedless of the suspected danger here--or perhaps he's just that fearless--and peered at them. "The color is very you, though, I must say," he grins, "and matches that dress well, which is striking, I might add," he puts a foot up to demonstrate to her, "Raise your foot as you go, and let your foot fall heel to toe, with me, dear," he motions her to follow with him, as if he was giving her dance instructions, which is... not far from the truth.

Edenlith says, "Circle of friends, circle of non humans. I have those feelings near that I can't get rid of." Edenlith shrugs her shoulders, and he would probably feel it, she's not trying to hide anything of what she is. She's not ashamed, and this body is hers now, so she is who she is.

"I heard about you, a little, I think. Nice to meet you." She nods her head, and takes his hand. Her handshake was harder than his. She can always sneak around if needed, obviously not in those shoes, but being a soft lady, this is a lot harder.

I never wore heels before." She didn't want to behead him yet. He gave her compliments, she wasn't sure if she had to as well. So she goes for the classic. "Thank you I think, I got the color right at least." She grins a little at that.

When he starts showing her how to walk in them, she raises an eyebrow. Why was a man showing a woman how to walk in heel. 'That's stupid' is her first thought. Another comes after. 'That's just nice, he wants to be nice to you.' Those two thoughts might have showed in her face in turn. It seems the later wins as she follows his instructions. As she moves lke that, at one point through the slit of the dress, a karambit knive can be seen against her left thigh. This one has an orange flame on the blade. She follows him wherever he wants at this point. She didn't look worried about getting hurt. "That's nice of you." She finally says."

"What kind of feelings, Miss Edenlith?" Velvet asks, in a curious tone, his yellow, cat-like eyes darting from the floor where they're walking over to the bar, back to her face. The performer does seem to note the strength of her grip with a wince--it's not the weak clutching of a regular human girl by any means.

"I'm a trained stage actor and entertainer, you see--" he tries to assuage her confusion a bit, as they slowly walk towards the bar. "I also perform here, we're a cabaret in addition to a lounge," he gestures toward the stage as they reach the bar seats.

"Lovely knife as well, I use a Japanese short sword myself, it was a gift from a demon friend," he explains, finally getting to a seat, which he climbs up on, sitting cross-legged, and fairly flamboyantly, one of the fuzzy slippers dangling from the black spandex-clad leg and foot.

"You might need a break from those shoes, too, I imagine," Velvet grins.

"I care for and love some people." She shrugs her shoulders. "I am no longer a completely lethal bitch I suppose." She kept following him. Walking better with instructions. Why don't heels come with them in the first place... Because instead humans need warnings, like opening their bottle of water before drinking from it.

After that, she ponders his words again. "So you basically are able to do everything around the place, depending of the mood you are in?" She nods her head. "You probably need to walk in your fair share of heels. This explains that." She looks at the stage, it was hard to miss. This gives him a nod, as yes, there was a stage there, she couldn't deny it.

So he had seen one of her knives. It had to be the slit, or he had xray vision. If he only saw one, it's most like the former. "Would your sword be a Wakizashi by any chance." She said as she tries to keep her gown decent, as she climbs and sits on the stool. "I use two curved blades myself now, among other things." Was that a little rip sound as she finishes getting on the stool. If it was, she's not caring about it. After a moment. "I am not a big fan of heels. I wouldn't fight in those, but they could be some makeshift weapons. I kinda envy your slippers, but I won't try to take them from you." It was hard to say if she was joking, or if she was sincere about taking slippers from someone in the first place.

"Really? Well, that's good, though it can be to be a completely lethal bitch when necessary," Velvet sits on the stool with his drink, offering her a seat at the bar, or if she'd rather go to a table, or the like. When Velvet likes someone, there is also the VIP sitting area, with couches, at that.

"That's right, though I'm not in costume right now," Vel explained, sipping the drink he had. Which seemed to be a grape fanta, or the like. Some cheap soda. "Though, I suppose this could be considered a 'costume' too, by some," he laughed, his blue spaded tail flicking.

"That it would be, wakizashi, knife, what have you--the length of knives are never uniform, obviously, so you could call it a knife, or a short sword, I've seen some two feet long, which I'd call more a 'sword', rather than short, but," he shrugged. "The weaponsmith was a friendly sort, it is demonic in make, is yours?" he seemed curious.

As Edenlith climbed onto the stool, he'd help her keep decent, not that there was anyone to particularly gawk at this hour, besides him--but he had indeed been paying attention to her when he saw her knife, it seemed.

"Eh, you could just take your shoes off, if you want, that's usually what I do," Velvet waved it off, turning on the swivel seat of the barstool to better face her.

Edenlith says, "I kill at times." She admits "I just don't know how to deal with weird feelings." She admits. She might take a table here soon, but wasn't even thinking of the VIP area, or that this man could get her into it. If asked, she might not say she was having a good time, but she was in some ways. This man was intersting.

Don't we all wear a costume most of the time, because it's extremely hard to complete ourselves to everyone we meet?" She says out of the blue. "Be wary of someone who will tell you they are genuine, never in a costume, never wears a mask." She also have to ask. "You feel good with your tail? I had one in VR and it was an annoying thing. I didn't like it. This body wasn't made for one."

After that the conversation goes on the Wakizashi. "If it's a knife, a sword, or a B.F.S, depends of how big the person handling them." She grins. "There are tiny people and big people out there." She ponders. "As for my blades they are specifically made, so they don't break if they hit something at too high speed. Otherwise they aren't really mystical."

At the moment she isn't complaining at the help Velvet is giving her. She didn't need to show she was strong, at least not right now. "Storm would love this place, but I figured this might be a problem if I brought him here, so I did not."

She looks around, and as he says tshe could take off her shoes, she makes them drop on the ground with a 'plock' "Would I get some Cristal at the bar, or would I have to ask someone special for it." She reaches through the slit, and pulls a wad of cash. Apparently her purse,where she put important things, are her thighs... Cristal, was there more to it, or was it just a coincidence. With that said, she gives Velvet a smile, with a hint of a grin, and smirk into it."

"So do I, I just stay away from doing it with humans, generally," Velvet nodded, with some seriousness. "I had to deal with a lot of the dark ones that were brought over under Volkov's control, back during the invasion," he grimaced a little. "Wasn't much to do about it--and yes, I do," he looked back up with a little smile--reaching down to grab the scaly spaded tail, holding it up for her. "It is for balance," he explains, like it was necessary for something, he'd let her see it, or feel it, if she wanted, before letting it drop.

"Ah, well I thought I'd ask--they didn't look they were commercially produced," he nodded, then raised a brow. "Storm? Is that a friend of yours? Any are welcome here, if they can find the entrance--as long as one does not harm my staff or patrons, then they are safe," he explains, with a light bow of his head.

The brows raise again at the wad of money that is drawn out of that dress--from a garter?--before he grins. "Your money is good here, don't worry, I think," he turns and reaches over the bar, picking up a bottle and a glass for her, before pouring it.

"So tell me more about your... circle," he slides the drink over to her, with an amused and curious expression.

Edenlith ponders before saying. "I had to get rid of a couple of humans for doing wrong to the previous owner." She doesn't expand on that, and yes, it was lacking information, one might even say critical information. "You seem nice enough, I don't feel threatened or like I will have to kill you. Fight you, maybe. If you're a big figure of SNF like you said. Sorry for your trouble I think. I think you kicked ass." She chuckles.

"You can ask, if I have a problem I will not answer. If I have a really big problem, I will make a scene and then be thrown out." She chuckles again. She stretches. "Storm is my cat. I've grown attached to him too. I also throw him around sometimes. He's not a fighter anymore though." She smiles. "He's scared like another friend of mine.

"Probably a garter, at least the money wasn't wet. "It's real money from services rendered." Though to be honest, she didn't know how much that thing cost, just that it was supposely pricy a bit.

"My circle is cat, human, robot, fighting. Human fucking Robot, Human punching baby. Cat talking. Robot Learning. I also had another soul before in this body. Rightful owner. I have a weird circle. Maybe you now can be part of my cicle." That was a mouthful.

"Owner?" not only does Velvet's thin brow rise at that, but one of his batty ears also perk up, as if he's heard something either surprising or scandalous, in this case it might be both. "Oh, you can fight me on any venue like that, of course--I don't take things personally," he shakes his head. "No trouble at all, don't worry."

"I like cats, I used to keep them a lot when I was young, too," he turned back to the bar, leaning an elbow and chin against his palm, listening. "Human fucking robot? wait--as in it's a human fucking a robot, or a robot that just looks very human? You have to be more precise when you're making these statements," from Velvet's expression, it's clear he's half joking here, though Eden seems deadly serious.

"Ahh, I see," now we're getting somewhere, was Velvet's tone, after hearing about their previous soul owner. "I was wondering about that, that's a body you've... hitched a ride in, is it? And I wouldn't mind, exactly, if you wanted me in it~" he winked.

"Yea there was a human soul in this body before. We got trapped together for a while. Sort of grew fond of her, but she was taken away, so my body now. It's very pleasant." She didn't seem worried of what he could do to her, or something. Or she was just being stupid, who knows... "Oh I did mean previous owner of this body not of this club. I don't know how many owner this club had." She smiles when he said he would fight her on any venues. "I don't take things personally. if you suck you suck. If I suck I suck, and I will want to kill you. Hell even Rafferty has upset me at times, because he can be so clueless, but he's a good kid."

So Velvet enjoys cats. Good to know she thought. "Are animals allowed here? Otherwise you can meet him another place it's no problem. He's a cool cat." She smiles after that. "Guy named Rafferty a real human is with a very human looking robot. Nena. I like them though. I just call him robot fucker because there was a controversy about that, as well as a baby puncher. it's funny to get to him about that. That's all. Those are my best friends, because they are friendly no matter how much of a bitch I can be. I would kill for them!" She says very serious again"

She takes a sip of the Cristal finally, trying to decide if she likes or not. "You want to fuck me?" she asks bluntly

"I see, and do you think this person wants her body back, ever? Or do you want to give it back?" Velvet inquires, with a curious tone, not judgement or accusatory, in the least. It wasn't really his problem, either way, technically. "Yes, I understood you--this place was sort of community run until I stepped in to take care of it, actually--most people assumed it was mine long ago because I was one of the main figures here. There was a time when these floors weren't even tiled or had the hardwood floors they do now--this used to be a warehouse space, actually," he grinned.

"Oh, you know our dear Rafferty, he is quite a lovely one, isn't he?" he says this of course not being worried about how that might sound, affectionate as it is.

At that next question, which is an eye opener, even for Velvet, he coughs and laughs a little. "Do I what?" he grins, leaning closer and tilting one of his ears closer and angling it so he can hear better. "I might like to get to know you first, but I wouldn't rule it out--just because I play dress-up on stage doesn't mean I'm exclusively gay," he chuckled. "Maybe some of us, course," Velvet mutters as Louis, the very pristinely dressed male reindeer bartender walks by. The deer shoots Velvet an eye roll, followed by a 'hmph' at the accusation.

"I don't think so, the soul was taken away. Not sure if they are dead or what. I kind of don't want them dead." She shrugs. "But they don't get their body back now. It's too late." She had good feelings, but there are limits. She takes another sip, and listens to him about how it wasn't always his. "It sounds like you at least made it what it is today. So like your baby... I think that's right. It's your baby, yes?" She looks up at him

When the question of knowing Rafferty comes up, she nods her head. "I know him, he's lovely, not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, and certainly not courageous, but he's a good guy. If he didn't have Nena, or if I didn't like her just as much as I do him. I would have showed him my kind of love. Probably would be traumatized for life." She sighs. "Why do I even want a boyfriend, bah, I blame the other soul."

She chuckles. "Well you said you wanted to be inside me, didn't you? Unless you wanted to possess me, which I didn't think is what you meant, I figure you wanted to put your virility in my femininity." She ponders. "I am suppose I am bi myself, not caring too much about it, just feel like I should have boyfriend is all. I need to find a man who see sex as a fight." Again rather bluntly. "I won't sexually fight you against your will." She sticks out her tongue. She wasn't drunk. What would it be if she was." She smirks looking at the guy. "I would see Rafferty as bi, if not outright gay, but apparently, he's woman only, and simply Nena at the moment." She nods her head. "He better not end up in jail though."

"I meant your circle, not your body," Velvet said deadpan, but still with a slight grin. Still, he was concerned enough to still listen quietly to the girl's tale about the body's previous owner. That would explain why she was having trouble walking in her shoes, at least.

"I'm sure there's enough men out there who see sex as some sort of conquest though, in a literal and figurative sense," he laughed, shaking it off, reaching over the bar again, he placed the can of soda down, instead taking a shot glass and a small shot glass of vodka--which he promptly filled and downed, using the grape soda as a chaser. Apparently Edenlith's discourse necessitated a stiff drink.

"I think he would get tossed around like a dog toy in prison, you are right," he laughed a little as he cleared his throat, putting the hard alcohol back, no more of that for the moment--it was still early in the day--at least for him.

"Oh you can be in my circle. We can be in each others circle. One day we will fight, and it will be epic. Or disappointing..." She grins she can't help it. "I probably won't be in this dress very often though. That's just not me. I bought it, because you never know if something works if you don't try it. Will keep it if I need to infiltrate somewhere, but I am not a femme fatale, I am just the bitch. I am just not too bitchy tonight. Hopefully you can take it when I do get bitchy. Rafferty can take it. I have to give him that. Stronger men would have given up. 'Eden is no friend, she keeps putting me down, and shit.'. Good on Rafferty for being stronger than them where it counts. Rafferty will never know how much he means to me, and if you tell him, then I will try to kill you, and that won't make you happy. I presume that will make us enemies. I feel you would be a very worthy one however." She nods. That was a rather long sentence to give a shorthanded compliment to Velvet, after a threat.

"Yea, I would too if I was a sex demon. I am no succubus. No problem with them however. Is it rude if I ask you what you are exactly? You can ask me the same, if you don't know."

She imagines Rafferty in jail a moment. "A dog toy, until he would become someone's little bitch. I totally would have to break him out of Jail, with Nena, being grateful, and annoyed at the same time. She speaks in a monotone, trying to imitate Nena, yet not doing it. "Breaking someone out of jail is against the rule Eden, I have to tell you to stop immediately, but thank you for not listening to me."

"Ok it's not the Cristal making me talk so much, so why I am saying so much to you? Am I about to talk your ears off or something?" She looks at him, one could consider it a stare, but she was trying to look in his eyes.

"So you're just trying it out? Was your spirit... not female before you entered that body?" Velvet is curious still, in this place, a darkstalker bar, and cabaret--it's not really an outlandish sort of line of conversation. "I do think the dress and shoes are very 'you', though--they compliment eachother, at that, color coordination is key, after all," Vel drinks the last of the soda, harumphing at it's emptiness as he probably still wants more, hopping down off the stool to move back behind the bar to the cooler. Since he's the one paying the bills here, he just roots around back there like it's all his. Which it kind of is.

"I won't tell Mister Rafferty anything, as long as you stop about killing me, hell--just a minute ago you were asking me to fuck you," Vel laughs a little, the shot of alcohol has given him a bit of liquid courage, even in that awkward moment.

Velvet pauses as he notices Eden seemingly arguing with herself, wondering if there are more than one person in there vaguely, before smiling a little. "It's just my nature, I'm a very good listener, I was made that way, you see," he climbs back onto the stool near her, now facing the bar.

"Oh I love a good skirt. The skirt of the school uniform is just perfect to be in and fight in. This thing is... I don't know. Tight, and I don't have the breasts for it. I am fine with my breasts though. I don't need big tits bouncing into my face everytime I do a heavy move or run around. That would be annoying." She nods her head. "I was feminine, but like. Human female body have certain weaknesses, that are aggravating. Human male too. Let not start on that. I don't even know why I need a style. I am Edenlith, I can just be whatever." With all of that said. "Thank you for saying it fits me. Blue and Red fits together. I know that much." Refering to her blue hair, for the blue. She thought nothing of him going behind the bar as he owned the place. She would do the same with anything that she would own, it makes total sense.

"Ok no more kill talk, it's better when it's a surprise anyway." This time she was kidding... right? At least it looks like it as she gives a small laugh, and comes back to the other subject."I was more asking if it's what you meant, but it's on me for jumping to that conclusion. Ryan, Rafferty's roomate just about ran out of the dorm screaming when there was a mention of hooking up with me. Not like he's a prize either."

There was more than one person before, because of the girl's own soul, but was there a third soul hiding in there, waiting it's time, hidden, or was Eden just used to argue with someone in that body, that's the mystery... She cracks each of her knuckles in turn, for both ends, rather loudly. The dress doesn't make her lady.

She tries spinning on her stool a little, probably looks silly if they don't actually spin.

"You seem to be doing fine, in that regard, anyway," Velvet peered over at Edenlith with an appraising eye, like someone scrutinizing a race horse. Though it obviously wasn't meant to be demeaning, exactly. "Blue and red do fit together, I agree, though I stay away from brighter colors, typically--they're a mood thing, you see," he nods, casually flirting back with her a little. "Oh don't worry about that, men are usually afraid of commitment," Velvet grins. He's not exactly lying either, there, so it seems even more true of a statement.

"Something tells me the spirit was more... masculine, or aggressive, I kind of like the dichotomy between body and spirit, it intrigues me," he leans closer. "Though I do find it /lovely/ this is how you choose to dress, regardless," he's grinning like a cheshire cat.

"Thank you I suppose." Eden tries to move her legs, as he 'appraises' her, but really that gown needs a second slit, and she has knives on her. She grabs the knife, he had seen earlier and makes a slit on the other side of the gown, it did look like she was a bit angry as she was doing it, but it's surprisingly straight, though not as smooth as the real slit. After that she puts it away back where it goes, she's not trying to get kicked out of there, or be seen as threatening. Not really about the latter anyway. "I am not sexy like other girls, but you kinda make me feel like I am." It was almost like she had a need to fit in, having a boyfriend and shit. There was definitely things she was still battling inside herself.

"I am aggressive, I am mean and dangerous. I love violence. Some people deserve to die. And sometimes it's just a job. Blood is beautiful, pain is beautiful, that's why fighting is great." She looks at him. "I talk a lot, but I am still a mystery to you, makes you wonder. I tried a new style. You might be one of the only few to ever see it."

She stands up, but didn't put her shoes back on. She wasn't trying to leave, she just has been sitting for a while, and wanted to be up for a bit. "You dress well yourself, it must not be hard for you to find someone I suppose. Or maybe it is, because you never know if they want you because you're successful or because of you."

"Eesh... could have gotten that dress some tailoring, instead of just using that, hon," Velvet watched Edenlith slit that dress down the other side, creating another opening for her legs. Still wincing a bit from the impromptu adjustment, he looked back up at her, letting his slipper-clad feet dangle from the barstool. "I do? Well, I thought you were pretty good looking when you walked in, if that helps--you've got a certain something," that may just be the alcohol talking, a bit, but Velvet has a very charming side to him, as perhaps the spirit within the girl might be falling prey to.

"I don't find a lot of time for relationships like that, I think I might just fear rejection a bit too much," Velvet shrugs a little, perhaps trying to avoid that line of questioning. "I dress to make a statement, not always for comfort, usually it's just to make me seem more mysterious than I really am--and the black helps me blend in when I'm outside at night. The boots he typically wears do not, however, which was also largely on purpose.

"If you're going to rock the slit dress look you could probably use some stockings, though," he asides to her, looking at Eden as he peers over her again.

"But then I have to be nice to even more people for something I might not wear ever again. That did the trick. I guess I don't care about clothes much..." She stops talking a moment, when he admits she was good looking. She hesitates a bit. "Nobody said that before. I am creepy, which is true most of the time. I just don't fit any school girl type. I think anyway." She shrugs, but does give a sort of smile... was it a shy one, could be.

"Rejection is part of the game I suppose. I don't know why someone would reject you however, unless they are already taken. You have been pretty nice, mysterious and all the things a lot of people want more of." She looks at her nails. They were not painted, and right now she was wondering if she should have. They were healthy at least."

"You are dressed handsomely right now I would say, just no usual with slippers I think." She ends up smiling again.

"Stocking, I should have thought of stocking. that might feel nice, and would go with the garter belt."

"Well, you are creepy, but you're among like down here--I worked to make this a place for people like us--and besides, I can appreciate creepy," Velvet grins a little, finding this amusing, apparently--the direction of the conversation. "People should be happy with themselves no matter what they are, you see," he said this matter of factly, as if it was undeniably true.

"Wait... you're already wearing a garter-belt?" Velvet raised a brow, and found this a little... confusing. "Perhaps we might need to further your education on how to properly accessorize, my dear Eden," he leaned back in the stool, cackling to himself, before slipping down and off the stool, landing on slipper-clad feet.

"Come, come--I can probably help stitch up some of the loose threads on that dress, well, what's left of it," he motions for her to follow.

"I am happy with the company right now, hopefully it can still work out if I am in school uniform too. You can wear whatever you want too when it happens." She was basically subtly or not subtly asking to see him again after today.

She had the name wrong, she was wearing something on each of her thighs to hold her knives and money, and she was calling that garter belt. "Yes I am wearing a garter belt, well two actually, but who's counting." She puts the left over money back where it should be, and brushes the handles of her knives, before standing up. She doesn't put her shoes back on, but she picks them up in her hand. "Ok I will follow you. You can sew? You are full of surprise." And with that she follows him, and for a first meeting, she thought it had and was still full of promises.

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