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Description: Nena Memory Archive 108: Today, I met a malfunctioning cybernetic human. She threatened Rafferty. We will meet again.

It's been a strange week for the schoolboy named Rafferty Lawrence Stewart. He's been going through the motions of attending class, hanging out with Nena, Eden and Ryan and attending his modelling asignments, but there's been something niggling at the back of his mind. Why does he always attract weirdos into his life?

The latest one to show up was that girl in the Seven Eleven. All he wanted to do was get him and his roomie some snacks and tin foil and then some psycho chick decides to freak him out and accuse him of a sexual assault! It just wasn't fair and he was starting to feel like he was doing something wrong. This is not a feeling he's comfortable with.

Of course no consequences have come of her false accusations, due to a fellow Pacific student, Sophie Summers and her boyfriend, Tora being on hand to film the events. Still, it could have been a different story, if they hadn't been there to help him out. He's pretty sure Nena would have believed him, but others may not have. Especially since he's been involved in so many other controversies this year.

Right now he's sitting on the grass outside the main school building, alongside his girlfriend Nena. It's a Saturday afternoon, so theres no studying to be done. Well, there was that Biology homework, but someone else is taking care of that for him. Instead he can focus on some biology practical work!

He moves a dark strand of hair from Nena's face, tucking it behind her ear and then leans in for a kiss.

Nena has a blank expression on her face as she sits in the grass next to Rafferty, her arms resting around her bare knees. She's wearing her Pacific uniform even though it's her day off; the same as she does every day, with the exception of cheerleading practice. Her green eyes stare vapidly across the street to the buildings opposite.

"Rafferty. I do not understand the practical purpose of this exercise in non-acti-"

She's just starting to express her thoughts when the blond finds her lips with his own.

"Aborting," she says simply against his mouth before engaging in some passionate PDA with her boyfriend.

She looks like the real thing; she tastes like the real thing.

If someone were to quote that particular Radiohead song to her, Nena would simply explain that the reason for this is the synthetic-organic tissue that encases her metal endoskeleton, virtually indistinguishable from the skin and tongue of a biologically-produced individual.

Most people don't ask Nena questions about these things anymore; most people wouldn't want to consider the ramifications of being able to hide a living weapon in the guise of a girl.

Nena is interrupted from escalating the amorous interaction by a pinging sound the likes of which would typically indicate a cell phone going off. She breaks away, expression flattening, before stating:

"Simon wishes to say hello, Rafferty. What reply would you like for me to convey?"

Blossom has been having some interesting times. She managed to make a deal with a yakuza boss and his club. Maybe anyway those things take time. She also managed to fuck with that model's head. But not that much all things considered, the probability he would go to jail, or get in trouble were really slim, there was a few people around and security cameras. Someone ough to have see what really happened. It didn't bother her though. She wanted him to know she was around.

Now she's getting on Pacific School ground. She wasn't here to apply, she was there to find some people. Her eye scan people quickly as she walks around. She couldn't say she really thought of enjoying the company of any of them, it would all be better if they were terminated, but that would cause too much of a commotion to terminate the school, so she simply walks around

At one point she gets out of the school building proper. As she looks around she sees Rafferty and Nena, currently her target. She is about to go toward them, when an adult working there stops her.

"Can I help you?" They ask.

"No." To Blossom it was that, and she tried to move around them, but they stopped her.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" They now ask.

"I am looking for my friends, I found them." Blossom says as patiently as she could. When they still don't let her pass, she whispers something in their ears, and their face go whiter.

"Please be on your way."

Blossom nods, and starts walking again toward the happy (for now) couple.

Rafferty runs his hand down Nena's back, as she returns his affections. He finds himself lost in the embrace, escaping all his troubles for a few precious minutes, before the ping of the phone snaps him back to reality.

"Oh yeah, right. I guess say hello back" he shrugs, in response to his girlfriend's question. "Oh and tell him I wanna take you guys to dinner some time. My treat" he smiles.

He's wonderfully oblivious to the fact that his latest foe is on Pacific property and fails to notice her, as she makes her approach towards he and Nena.

"Perhaps we could go to the place I did my perfume campaign. The food was really good there."

He reclines backwards, using his elbows to prop himself up. He doesn't want to lay fully down, in case he gets grass in his carefully styled hair. He's dressed pretty casually today in an olive green lounge suit and white sneakers, but still somehow manages to look like he's stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine.


This sort of phrase, along with an expression that looks vaguely like she's having mild tummy trouble, is something that Rafferty will be familiar with by now. She doesn't take a phone out; she doesn't need to. The 'ordinary teenage girl' guise belongs to a previous chapter of her existence.

"I am pleased with your offer, and look forward to ingesting the perfume for which you campaigned previously."

As Rafferty reclines backwards, Nena rolls over so that her legs are on either side of his waist, straddling him as she gazes down at him with what might be a hint of affection in her otherwise empty ocular receptors.

"Rafferty. There is a matter regarding our relationship that I wish to place on the table of discussion, in a metaphorical context."

She tips her head up abruptly, turning it to one side, as if she's heard something that disquiets her.

"Apologies. I am detecting unusual readings in the vicinity. Please remain where you are while I scan the area and attempt to locate this disturbance."

Not that Rafferty will have much choice, unless he convinces Nena to move - that metal endoskeleton of hers makes her a fair sight heavier than might be expected for her below-average size.

Ok that little waste of time was done. People are annoying, but predictable. Find something nasty enough on them, and they will leave you alone. Nice when you want them to leave you alone.

She continues toward the couple. The robot is apparently straddling the model. So it was true, in the end, the processing power was to end up being a sex bot, with a supplement of girlfriend options so that the model would no weird out people too much and a fighting supplement, for bodyguard functions perhaps. She ends up shaking her head.

When she is close enough, she starts talking. Apparently she heard Nena. "Perhaps I am the disturbance you are trying to locate Nena." If Nena tries looking for her in the Database she would find out about her, and how she is suppose to be dead, although if she would get access to cameras and such, she had been around for a while after her supposed death. Also Rafferty would most likely recognize the voice of the weirdo of last time. That bitch never allowed him to get the tin foil after all. yes, that was definitely what one had to remember about that time.

A moment later she addresses Rafferty. "I would think a model could get a real living flesh woman, to fuck around with. Or a real living flesh guy, if that's more your thing. Nothing wrong with an effeminate model man, wanting some rear action." She gives the hint of a smile.

"No, you don't eat or drink the perfume" the young model starts to explain, before deciding to give up. It's not like Nena is that interested in food anyway, strange smoothies aside. His blue eyes grow wider, as the schoolgirl straddles him and he swallows hard as she states that she wishes to discuss their relationship. Could this be the conversation he's been waiting for? Truth be told, he probably would have ventured to initiate it long before now, if she'd been an ordinary girl, but their situation is complicated at best and he doesn't even fully understand how things would work that way, despite the online rumours, admittedly triggered by his own reckless post. He's about to voice his opinions on the sensitive matter, when the moment is ruined by Nena's super alertness. He follows her advice, staying in position on the grass, as he watches her scan the school surroundings. After all, if there is a threat, she's far better equipped to deal with it than he.

When Blossom speaks up, he recognises her at once. After all, it's been the voice that's troubled him all week. He fixes his steely gaze on her, as she approaches the entwined duo, absorbing her vitriolic words and detecting she may want more trouble.

"I don't need to explain my love life to you or anyone" he shoots back. "It's really nobody's business. Especially someone who lies about people assaulting her. You're seriously sick and twisted."

This is brave talk, for the usually craven student, but perhaps he feels emboldened by the fact he's got a battle bot shielding his body.

As Blossom starts to near, Nena's head turns around to face her - independent of the rest of her form, at a rather unnatural angle - before Nena's feet push up, legs extending with a faint whirring sound before her body spins around to match the orientation of her face. She studies Blossom with a detached focus, green eyes flickering faintly with a blue tinge.

"Cassidy, Blossom. Government databases regarding your status appear to be erroneous. I will consider correcting them. Alternatively, I may also consider updating your status to match government records."

The last line is spoken with a frigidity that somehow exceeds the usual coolness in her tone, though her poker face remains intact as ever.

"You retain remarkable structural cohesion for a human whose period of decomposition exceeds one week. However, I believe that you are correct in assessment that you are the cause of the anomalous readings produced by my scanners."

The glow goes out in Nena's eyes.

"Your composition appears to be primarily artificial, like my own. However, I do not intend to bond with you over our shared synthetic anatomies, because you threatened to shoot my boyfriend you bitch."

The expletive is delivered with all the passion of a toaster oven, though there's a faint hum emanating from the teen android - as if something inside her is powering up.

She gives a chuckle, a real chuckle, as she was apparently amused. "Technically Rafferty, you are right, it is not my business. Beside it's ok to come out when you're ready. If you last that long anyway." She does not explain further, as Nena talks to her

Yea I am suppose to be dead, but I am not." She does raise an eyebrow. "If you want to update my status, you are more than welcome to try. I would like to attempt the same thing on you.

She listens more to the passionated speech of Nena/"You're a fucking robot, you never had a real brain and never will. Do not even entertain one second, that you actually have any of value in common with me." She stretches her arms over her head, as she hears the hum from the Nena, then gets into position. "You want it, you bring it, miss O.A.S.I.S. Then when you lose I can have more fun with Rafferty." She gives a wink.

As the weight is removed from him, the blond boy watches warily, whilst Nena springs into action. He's fascinated by her ability to call up information on demand and enamoured by her coolness in a crisis, which this has the potential to be.

Blossom sounds like such a soft and gentle name, one that contrasts sharply with the girl's demeanor. Apparently she's a robot of sorts too, but nothing at all like his Nena. Where Nena is ice, Blossom is fire.

The detached manner in which his teen terminator delivers her curse seems all the more chilling for the lack of passion fuelling it. Not for the first time, he is grateful she is on his side.

Rafferty refuses to rise to the riling robot's teases and taunts. For the record, he has no romantic interest in men, but he feels no need to defend this to her. If his desires were for males, he'd have no shame about it.

Her veiled threat to him and her obvious hatred towards Nena however are more concerning. What is an Oasis anyway? He has a vague memory that it's a British rock band, though he only recalls one of their songs. Something about a wall.

He gets to his feet, stretching out to his considerable height and steps closer to the intruder. He's scared, but there's no way he's letting her talk to Nena that way.

As Nena stares down the interloper, her arms drop to her sides, her posture remarkably rigid despite her somewhat combative demeanour. It's perhaps the first time that anything resembling a temper has flared up within the robot. Even so, with the exception of (or arguably even including) the verbal attack on Blossom, she remains calm and calculating in her manner.

"I can confirm that Rafferty expresses arousal in response to myself and other female humans. He does not exhibit the same symptoms in regards to other men, with the exception of actor Johnny Cage."

Her head cocks slightly to one side with an artificial whirr.

"My cognitive capacity greatly exceeds that of the human brain, and, like a human brain, is self-evolving. My non-reliance on organic cerebral matter is responsible for increased longevity, and resilience against malfunction, trauma, and logical failings common in humans, such as bigotry. Therefore, you are correct in your assessment; you lack value in common with mine."

As she finishes her speech, Nena appears to lower her power levels to a faint hum from the throbbing power previously achieved.

"I will not engage you in the manner you intend. This is not a suitable venue, and my safety protocols prohibit me from engaging in criminal assault against a human being without an extant risk to life and limb."

She turns her head toward Rafferty, suddenly seeming faintly concerned.

"Rafferty. Is your vocoder malfunctioning?"

She seems even more amused when Rafferty raises up, for Nena of all things too. "The kid got a spine." Not like she looked older than him at all, which made it simply a weird thing to say.

Her attention goes back to Nena. "If you loved him, you would want him to experience a real relationship, where he could actually make a connection between another soul, and then if willing, a real baby. But instead you keep in in a fake relationship. yet, you do look in love, somewhat." She sighs. "Makes things harder for him."

She ends up frowning at the other part of Nena's speech, so she thought she was better, having a whole artificial brain. "You're just a robot, programmed to see yourself as optimal. Doesn't change anything."She frowns even more when she powers down. "I don't have such safety protocol. Will they get in the way of protecting your love?" With that said, she extends her right arm, aiming at Rafferty's chest, close to his sternum. Her goal was not to break or crush anything. She making a statement. If Nena was not willing, Rafferty was available. After that's done, she bring her hand back to her. "What will it be Nena? Safety protocols, or love?" She actually was curious.

The flawless pale skin of the male model flushes pink, as Nena mentions Johnny Cage. "That's excitement of a different kind" he protests, proving his vocal chords are working as normal. "The man gave me his shades and said we could be in a movie together!" Apparently Rafferty finds the idea of fame and fortune very sexy.

Speaking of sexy, seeing Nena all riled up kinda does it for him, but now is not the time for such things. Now is the time for Nena to tell Blossom what's what, not that he really understands much of what she's saying. Blossom's words though are all too clear.

"Yeah, I've got a spine and balls and whatever other cliches you wanna come out with" Rafferty responds, his voice only showing minimal traces of fear.

"Nena isn't keeping me in anything. If I wanted to be with someone else I would be. Who says I even want kids anyway? Maybe some day, who knows, but you do realise I'm sixteen, right? It's not even on my radar right now."

He shakes his blond head in disbelief, causing a stray strand to fall across his forehead.

"As for you comparing yourself to Nena, trust me Blossom, the contest isn't even close. Nena has no need to try and terroise people to get her kicks, so that puts her way ahead of you. She doesn't need to lie either, like you did in the store."

As their antagonist lays her hand upon him he stiffens, looking towards Nena. "Don't rise to it. Don't give her what she wants. You don't need to prove yourself to me."

Nena keeps her gaze level on Blossom as she speaks. When she thrusts her hand out toward Rafferty's chest, though, Nena's own hand is quick to react - attempting to latch onto the cyborg's wrist and hold her back, even if she's not making an actual attack. It's a preservation instinct that's been demonstrated by the android before in her dealings with at least one bully at Pacific High and curbing his interest in beating Rafferty into the ground.

Odds are that Blossom is a lot stronger than Tommy Roberts - perhaps enough to resist the teenage terminator's steel grip.

"My safety protocols do not prevent me from intervening in the case of a threat, Blossom Cassidy. Nor do they prevent me from taking punitive action in the event of civilian harm."

Her air of detachment only makes her tone all the more menacing.

"Rafferty is correct. My kicks do not require that I antagonize others. They are freely available for distribution in case of aggressive escalation, and also martial exhibitions."

It appears that certain idioms may yet slip the robo-girl's databanks.

"I will posit additionally that, if I require additional data regarding the nature of real relationships, I have access to extensive information in online storage and the capacity to process it rapidly. Therefore, I do not require the enlightenment of a sociopathic transhuman. Thank you for offering."

Blossom aims for Rafferty. It was already not aimed at hurting him at the moment, but when Nena grabs her wrists, it slows it down further and at that point it's nothing more than a love tap. As the two love birds speak, she does yank her arm away using more strength than would be necessary in other situations., and a hole opens up in the palm of that hand. "Fine, you two in your fucked ways, really love one another. It doesn't change anything. As for aggressive escalation... I will give you aggressive escalation if necessary. A bit of red illumination starts to appear from the hole, yet she does not shoot her laser out at least not at the moment. "Some things you can't learn from online, though it is quite useful most of the time." The glows brighten, and she seems like she does want to shoot. Will she? On what

"Fucking hell" She blurbs out suddenly "I should blow this whole school up" not that she tries or anything at the moment. "We will have a bout together face to face, or I will pick everyone you love, one by one, when you expect it the least." She closes her hand, and as she keeps it closed, the hole in the skin heals up. No laser at the moment. "Have I make myself clear to your little AI for brain?" She definitely wasn't the most nice or patient gal of Southtown.

Rafferty is grateful for Nena's protection. He already sees her as his own personal bodyguard as well as his girlfriend, so when she restrains Blossom he can't help but smile with relief. By now a few more students have started to gather, sensing some drama about to unfold. Amongst them are Nena's fellow cheerleaders, Becky and Zanna and Rafferty's roommate, Ryan.

"You alright there, mate?" the British boy checks, staring curiously at Blossom.

"Yeah, it's all good" Rafferty assures him, though his tone is probably far from convincing.

The fashion fan doesn't bother to correct Nena about her use of kicks, as he's too busy staring at Blossom's hand. He's seen what can happen with it and he no longer believes her story about special effects. At the first sign of the red light, he dramatically backs away, before performing a rather acrobatic looking roll, for someone not known for his athleticism. He brings his hands up to cover his head and calls out to the watching crowd "Save yourselves! Get away while you can!"

Becky and Zanna scurry off, the former letting out shrill shrieks and most of the others follow their lead. Only Ryan remains.

"Need me to call someone?" he shouts over, but this time gets no response. Once Blossom mentions blowing up the school though he makes his exit. Perhaps to save himself, or maybe he's gone for help.

Nena stands her ground as Blossom withdraws her hand, the android's own dropping stiffly to her side as she keeps her gaze level with Blossom.

"I would prefer to avoid aggressive escalation. There is no logical benefit."

She positions herself further between Rafferty and the seemingly-deranged cyborg as the red dot appears.

"No. You should not blow this school up. Your recommendation lacks rational basis. Pacific High's structural integrity is well within safe operating parameters and does not require demolition."

Nena's posture seems to shift subtly at Blossom's threat.

"Very well. I am fully capable of understanding both your demand and the implied threat. While I cannot currently understand your motives, I do not see any reason to deny your request. However, we will not fight here at this juncture, as fighting on school grounds is prohibited. Please name a more suitable time and place, and if my schedule is compatible, I will oblige."


"God, Nena is such a psycho. Why would she be friends with someone like that girl?" the blonde Becky says to the green-haired Zanna as they cower behind a wall.

==*== BACK IN THE ACTION ==*==

"However, if you decide to attack others in my social sphere before our engagement, I will endeavour to enlist the assistance of the authorities, and you will be denied the test of combat ability that you seem to seek," Nena says, eyes unblinking. "Now, please, escort yourself from the premises. Your presence appears to be causing public alarm. Or, I should say, causing my boyfriend to create public alarm."

Blossom can't help but smirk some when everyone runs away, Rafferty included. She would love to hack into Nena and see her programming, before destroying her, as she truly seem to love Rafferty, and she doesn't understand why anyone would program that into a Robot. Perhaps she was undercover.

After that, she comes back to reality. Fine, not aggressive escalation or school blowing at the moment. "She didn't feel like dealing with Authorities at this current time, and she understood she was already borderline there, if not already over the point. "We will meet on the parking lot of the abandoned building. Should make you feel better, no accident casualties. I will give you my words I shall not attack anyone in your immediate social circle. But if you go back on your words, I will hunt Rafferty, and wear him like a belt. This is not a threat, it's a promise."

After that she takes a deep breath. "Your boyfriend has the courage of lion. Can stand tall a moment for to defend you, but quickly runs away, his tail between his legs. Not that it could be anywhere, he's a guy." She moves away slowly, watching Nena, and assuming she has a phone, she would get a text message from unknown, giving her a time. Then she really walks away with a purpose, people getting out of her way, except for one, who fell on the ground, but didn't have real damage. With that, she was gone.

"There is also the cafeteria to think about" Rafferty adds. "It's really very good." He lowers his hands, as he senses Nena is getting the situation under some control. "Yeah, sorry about the freaking out and all. It's just, I kinda realised that the movie effects she was showing off at the Seven Eleven must be the real deal and you know...scary."

The blond boy rises slowly to his feet, positioning himself behind his girlfriend. "I could come and watch if you guys schedule a fight. You know, as long as the audience were guaranteed safety."

==*== MEANWHILE==*==

"Yeah, you better come quickly. Nena and some other psycho robot girl are gonna fight or something. I think Rafferty may be about to pass out again."

==*== SHORTLY AFTER ==*==

Ryan and a tall and muscular woman, with strawberry blonde hair cut into an asymmetrical bob come dashing around the corner. She's dressed in a blue pants suit, with a crisp white shirt and red tie and her name badge reads 'Erica Scott - Head of Security.' It seems like she's just in time to witness Blossom giving her departure speech.

"I will condone no threats to students of Pacific High" she says firmly, her voice displaying traces of a Midwest American accent.

"Any fighting that takes place must not be on school property" she adds, rather reduntantly, since the girls have just agreed to do exactly this. She watches Blossom leave, rushing over to check on the fallen student, once she's convinced she's off the premises.

Rafferty meanwhile wraps an arm around Nena, giving her a gentle peck on the cheek. "Thanks for looking after me, babe. I really don't like that girl, she's very rude."

"Yes. Very rude."

Nena's eyes linger on Blossom as she departs.

"Perhaps it is more difficult to exist as a human within artificial skin than as an artificial intelligence within human skin. She appears to be prone to malfunction."

Nena turns her head up to Rafferty.

"Do not worry. I will ensure that she does not cause you additional harm."

Turning to Rafferty, she wraps her arms around his midsection, though as she places her head against his chest, her eyes remain vigilant and vacant, staring off into the distance as she silently processes the situation.

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