Tsugumi Sendo - Disguise Self

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Description: A mysterious Gyaru-Girl stalks Daisuke all the way to a café.. What could she possibly want?!

For Daisuke Kubo, the recent days have been... an effort, in a manner of speaking. Not just because of the usual, almost routine-like events of getting harrassed by delinquents at school and playing at being a masked vigilante outside of school.

It's his senses. He always had issues with keeping his psychic affinity filtered, but now? Now it feels that much worse. More sensitive, to boot. It's made being in crowds a struggle with overflow of input. Not to mention the headache that comes with *that*.

But he at least has to *try* to get better with it. Little steps with that didn't seem to go anywhere, unfortunately-- so the boy has taken to attempting bigger steps, instead.

...It's not comfortable at all. Even the crowds of Southtown Village, so much smaller compared to those of central Southtown, seem overwhelming. At least the quaint little cafe inside the mall helps filter it a little purely through environmental factors alone. The tea is also calming.

And *still* Daisuke feels awful. Unfamiliar voices flow through his head, emotions both pretty and ugly, soft and spiky assault him constantly. He needs something else to make this a bit more comfortable. Something familiar.

...Which leads us to the text message to Tsugumi that read simply: "Hey, you wanna come get some tea over in Pao Pao? Could use some company for a change".

He's not about to tell her about the psychic senses and the issues he's having with them, though. Even if she does already know about the volatile energy he wields.

For the time being, the redhead sits at a corner chair right by the window that lets him look over the rest of the mall proper, in the Taiyo student uniform, with... a faint hint of a bruise over his left eye which, while seeming to be in the process of healing, is also forcing him to keep the eye closed. Always something with him, huh?

Mitsuru had been stalking Daisuke for a while now.

Following the crowds, she had caught him outside of Taiyo High. She had planned on going to the High School first, but now, well, she had to change her plans. Hiding in the crowds. Now he might have noticed her, and she didn't want that. She was afraid that, well, she would terrify him. So she's been in disguise. IT's sometimes hard to think of what a 'disguise' would be for her. Mitsuru certainly thought about it. A disguise would be something that -nobody- would expect her to wear.

So she ended up putting on a wig.

Having bunched up her hair into buns, she put on a blonde wig, long haired with a big sunflower hairpiece in it. Having tanned her skin with special spray, she let her socks go loose. From there, she just took her Seijyun High uniform, and put an oversized cardigan sweater over it. On her back was a tiny panda backpack. Instead of a piece of grass dangling from her mouth, she had a single piece of pocky candy. With a little bit of makeup, she dabbed on few freckles, and she had perfectly disguised herself. By sticking on a smile and bright eyes, no one would ever expect the unusually tall and flat girl as the elusive Mitsuru Tokugawa.

Instead, they would only see the Kogal Gyaru Cutie out in town.

Shadowing Daisuke, she watched as he entered the Pao Pao Cafe. Watched as he took his seat. Who was he waiting for? And why? Was it a girlfriend? Did he have a girlfriend? Was he cheating on her? Why would it be cheating on her. Mitsuru thought about Daisuke saying sorry and apologizing to OTHER women. She tightened her jaw, tensing it, as she snuck closer and closer. There is a snap, as she breaks her pocky. Coming to an outside table by the cafe window, she takes off her panda backpack, and leans over, trying to get out a new pocky stick to chew on.

You can't be a proper kogal without a pocky stick, after all.

And Tsugumi? Well, Tsugumi had just recieved Daisuke's text. She dropped the game she was playing at home and stepped on the bus toward the mall, and by extension- the Pao Pao Cafe. She was not much familiar with the place- She was admittedly not familiar with much of any diners or cafe's! But she was excited to meet with her friend again-

It had been a little while!

"I'll be right there!" She texted back, halfway there. The girl's life had been fairly leisurely as of late- Besides the weird emergence of chi she experienced, nothing of note really went down- And even that, fairly major event- She did not sweat it too much. A short half-hour after Daisuke's text, the wrestler would arrive! Looking across the cafe's interior, she spots the teen. Beaming a smile, she quickly makes her way over.. But not before shooting a glance at the odd-looking Gyaru Girl sitting outside. She looked disturbingly familiar. And -man- was that girl trying hard to emulate a fashion style that was like, 20 or so years old.

The wrestler just shrugs, scooting over on the chair opposite from Daisuke. "Hello! Thanks for the invitation." Mitsuru would.. most certainly recognize her. They fought, after all! "So, how are ya doin'?" The Kansai dialect is rather obvious, from her intonation and choice of words. Her heads tilts, looking at Kubo with elements of amusement, but worry.

"Ya got yourself' another bruise, huh? What happened this time?"

The Gyaru Gal isn't actually given much notice by Daisuke. Even if he is sitting by the window, he's not actually doing much in the way of peoplewatching. Trying to focus his mind to try to keep it from being overloaded by all the psychic input is rough enough without letting his eyes wander.

For that matter, he can already feel himself sweating just from that mental effort alone. He still can't filter most of it out. He's not sure he ever will be, for that matter. Maybe he will just have to try to train himself to endure it instead.

The wrestler from Kansai at least gets a faint smile flashed her way when she comes finding her way over to sitting down with him. At least that's a *familiar* surge of empathic feedback, if nothing else.

"Eh, I'm... fine," he tries to offer in answer to her question... even while a bead of sweat drips down to his brow. He doesn't exactly look terribly comfortable.

As for the bruise, though? He ends up instinctively touching his finger just above his eye when she points it out, and then shrugs. "Just... the usual, you know?"

The fact that there's 'uusal' for Daisuke and sources of injury might be somewhat concerning.

Mitsuru was trying hard to blend in.

Having rearmed herself with a pocky stick, she turns back over, looking into the window. She immediately snaps it against in her mouth, snapping it and letting another drop. It seemed that Daisuke -was- here with someone. ANd that someone was.... TSUGUMI!? Why was she here? Were they friends? Mitsuru straightens her back up. See, she had planned to apologize to Daisuke, -and- Tsugumi. But the plan was separately. And now, they were both together?

What if they started teasing her?

Mitsuru puffed out her sweater-clad chest. She knew she was tough and rough enough to bully one of them into accepting her apology. But both of them? What if they -laughed- at her? Or started making fun of her for being so nice. It was fortunate that Mitsuru had sprayed her face in disguise, because just thinking about it made her blush. Quickly she grabs another piece of pocky. Sticking it in her mouth, she turns back over. She needed to.... needed to get a better idea of what was going on between them. Breaking out her phone, she was idly poking at it. She moves over to the window. Closer. Closer. Staring into the phone... and the -camera- on it, to spy on the two. Dancing her pocky piece in her mouth, she watches as Daisuke touches himself, smiling at the girl who was looking across the table at him. It must be.... was he hurt?

Did one of those awful street thugs try to beat him up again?

"Gonna be honest here, my dude. You don't look fine. Tell me, what's up?" Genuine, equal concern- She is worried for him. She knew what it looked like when he was feeling off. "Is there anything you'd like? Something sweet maybe..? My treat!" Another question. The wrestler hopes to make a bit better by atleast a little. Politely, she raises a hand for a waiter to come over. "I'll be right there!" The young man responded. Seems like it would be a little while still.

Tsugumi rests her elbow on the table, laying her chin on her hand. Bad posture! An Athlete should know better. A quick glance outside the window revealed that the girl was... looking their way? And she's holding her phone? Huh. The gorin student waved toward the Gyaru with an awkward smile, disregarding the event and turning her attention back to Daisuke.

"I'd like to know, you know?"

"I, uhm... I guess I've just got a bit of a headache going on, it's, um..." Daisuke is trying really, really hard to play it off like it's a much smaller deal than it actually is. Daisuke's habit of trying not to have people worry about him even when it might be warranted might be something Tsugumi is all too familiar by now. Stubborn boy.

He even makes a vaguely dismissive wave with his hand there! "It's really nothing, I'm okay! Aheh..."

And he's a terrible liar, too.

"I... guess some donut or something would be okay, I'm not terribly hungry..." He murmurs while Tsugumi's attention drifts to the window, and--

Huh. That's an odd sensation he's picking up. What is that? It seems to align with the direction Tsugumi's looking, too. Curiously, the redhead turns to follow her gaze, and--

Daisuke's eyes lock onto Mitsuru's through the phone camera.

"...Is it just me, or is that girl looking at us?"

Mitsuru was practically pressing against the window, when the two start noticing her.

The teenager freezes up, when Tsugumi was looking at her. She didn't recognize her, right? But then even when she looks away, now Daisuke was looking at her, being suspicious. The girl gets a look of horror on her face At first, Mitsuru wanted to hide. But why would she hide? She wanted to talk to these people? Mitsuru then thinks, if she was just some gyaru girl on the street, and she saw a tomboy like Tsugumi with a cute boy like Daisuke, what would she to stay in character? She realizes what be done, to defend herself from public embarrassment out here in the mall.

And she giggles girlishly.

Covering her mouth, she continues to film the two. And then, looking up at them from behind the phone, she points at herself, fluttering her eye lashes. And then, she points to -them-. And there, she nods, doing a downward motion. Putting her phone away in her backpack, she turns, and starts walking away...

... To the entrance of the Pao Pao Cafe, to head over to -their- table.

Tsugumi pouts, as Daisuke lies to his face- obviously so. "Fiiine, you don't -have- to tell me.." But she gets distracted, when Daisuke makes that call-out. "Yeah? You noticed too, huh. Should we go..?" But she halts her sentence, as the stranger starts gesturing, and subsequently walking over to the entrance. Tsugumi shrugs, somewhat understanding her intentions. The waiter-boy comes over, meanwhile. The wrestler nods and smiles to him. "Could we have two..." Confirming her suspicions, she shakes her head- The Gyaru now firmly on her way to their table. "Make that three cream-filled doughnuts and a pot of tea."

It's not often Tsugumi goes to places like this, so she might as well spend some additonal cash to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. "Of course, m'am! I'll be right back." The waiter nods, and heads into the kitchen. The Gorin wrestler finally looks at not-Mitsuru, and offers a smile. "Hiya! Did you want to join' us? I'm cool' with that, if you are- Daisuke?" Though, after that, she investigates the girl a bit closer.. A glimmer of recognition.


Daisuke does have the decency to at least look vaguely ashamed, even if Tsugumi seems (begrudgingly) willing to let this particular point go for now.

But his curiousity is on this... gyaru girl, too, similiarly. His scarlet brows furrow together, and his eyes narrow while she approaches. He doesn't really say anything while Tsugumi is giving the initial greetings, for he's focusing on studying her, instead.

With more senses than his mundane ones, at that.

The confirmatory question might seem like it's completely missed by him, even, with the silence that continues for a few more seconds before the redhead suddenly blinks rapidly.


No way. It couldn't be, right?

Mitsury was practically bouncing her way to the duo.

She didn't have that much to bounce. Not in front. And any attempts at sashaying her hips come across less as the paragon of feminity, and more like a member of the Gong Estate forced into a particularly demeaning drag show. And yet, with that vapid smile, that bubbly charm, it couldn't possibly be. It -shouldn't- be. And yet, when she finally closes in, she nods her head at Tsugumi's invitation, and then blink blinks, stretching her hands behind the base of her back. She leans over, smiling so syrupy, looking from Tsugumi, to Daisuke. And then, she answers both of their questions.

"Yes." She says, in the clearest Mitsuru that has ever Mitsuru'd.

She doesn't drop that smile. But she practically hissed through her teeth. "It's me. I am in disguise, so nobody will recognize me. I have been following you Daisuke. And you never noticed, so it was pretty smart of me " She giggles a bit, waggling her fingers at a pair of boys looking at her from the cafe counter. She leans over, and gives a deep whisper. "And if you tell anybody about this." Mitsuru says in the growliest, gruffest voice she has ever mustered. "I will kill you. To death." She gives a long, pregnant pause. She draws in a deep, heavy breath, before she wiggles her hips, and takes a seat. She keeps her voice low, as she bows her head slightly.

"I mean, I am here because I want to apologize for being a jerk!"

"It really is..." Tsugumi whispers, just before Mitsuru would be in earshot. Her eyes widen as Mitsuru herself confirms it- Honestly, she feels tempted to chuckle. But in consideration of Mitsuru's legendarily short fuse, she holds it in for now! Instead, she gives Daisuke a soft punch on the shoulder, smiling. "You didn't see her, Daisuu-chan? I suppose I understand how all those bullies get the jump on you!" She begins teasing her friend for a moment, but quickly turns her attention back to Mitsuru. "It's a very... creative disguise! I probably wouldn't have noticed had you not come closer- Dontcha worry, I won't tell anyone'!" She affirms, a grin creeping across her face.

"Oh! Is that so? That's awesome!" Mitsuru pre-apology is recieved very well, her hands clasping together as she smiled broadly toward actually-Mitsuru. "Take a seat! We'll talk over doughnuts and tea.. I was thinkin' of seeking you out, you know?" She begins rambling somewhat- Choking positivity!

Daisuke just... stares. Daisuke stares at Apparently-Mitsuru for a very long time, with his jaw slackened just enough to leave his mouth visibly hanging open. He's apparently having a *much* harder time processing this than Tsugumi is.

"Eh?!" He's broken from that stare by the punch from Tsugumi, then, jostling the redhead's posture a little bit before he sends a pout to the wrestler's way. "Give me a break there... How was I supposed to expect I'd get tailed by... er..."

Rather than finishing that sentence, he turns his green eyes back to Mitsuru, and just... frowns, with visible confusion.

"...I mean, sure, but like... You felt the need to put on a disguise and tail me... *why* exactly?"


Mitsuru gives such a snort of disgust, she barely could hide her queenly majesty as she looks down at little Daisuke. She is able to recover her composure a bit, clearing her throat as she pouts, shaking her head. "Stupid boy! You probably thought I was a stalker or some kind of fangirl! Like I was going to drug you, and bring you back to my place, and tie you up with tape and force feed you until the police come!" Mitsuru humphs, looking aside at Tsugumi. "That's a -joke- by the way. Ugh!" She ughs again, and seems ready to ugh a third time, but instead shut her eye.

"I'm being mean again..."

She draws in a heavy breath, and exhales. "Thank you for letting me sit with you, and the donuts too, Tsugumi." She looks at Daisuke, and can't help but give a dirty look as she explains herself. "Obviously, I put on a disguise so nobody would recognize me at Taiyo High! Could you believe what would happen to my reputation if all those students saw me bl-blubber and begging for forgiveness? People would think I'm a dumb sissy wimp and then I'd never get any respect!" She gives a second pout, adjusting her wig slightly. "Nobody ever would think I'd be a dumb vapid gyaru girl who only looks around for free food and take pictures of boys and giggling stupidly! And even if they saw me, who would believe it? It's the perfect disguise! Genius! I would go to the school, thank you for those tasty treats you got me, and then apologize for bullying you! It was the perfect plan!" And she -pouts- harder.

"But you didn't -stay- at Taiyo High."

Mitsuru honestly sounded offended, like Daisuke had no right to do things without checking with Mitsuru first. "You were going -out- somewhere, so now instead of finding you at the school, I had to follow you around! And then I saw you with Tsugumi, and then I saw you got hurt, and I was worried that you were going around getting beaten up in alleyways again, and I wasn't there to-" She shuts her eyes, and her nostrils -flare- as she exhales furiously through her nose. "What. I. Mean. To. Say." She states -very- firmly, correcting herself. "Is that I did all this because I wanted to say -sorry- to you. And I was going to go to Gorin High to say sorry to you, Tsugumi, because I've been acting like a total brat!" Her husky Mitsuru voice cracks into that bubbly tone at the end. She looks around, and clears her throat, giving a whisper.

"Is... did you also invite Jae Hoon to come too?"

Tsugumi uses the opportunity of Mitsuru's 'joke' to let out some of those held back chuckles. "Whahaha- Yeah, you don't seem like that type, Tokugawa-San." She scoots to the side, patting the bench to invite Mitsuru over to sit- All the while listening intently to her long-winded ramblings. "That's uh, quite the story.." The wrestler says, a little unsure about what to comment further. "But yea', plans do tend to go bad- Is why I don't really make detailed ones!"

The Gorin student laughs, while the Seijyuun one finishers her story. "Well, it's cool you managed to catch us both at the same place... apology accepted!" The girl smiles. It was just that easy, huh? Tsugumi doesn't really tend to hold grudges. "Its good you came to your senses, Mitsuru-Chan! It really hurt when you blew up like you did in that fight- I felt reaallly bad and unsure. But that's all good now." She nods, and smirks- seemingly amused by some inner thought.

"And uh, as far as I know- We haven't invited Jae.. maybe we can?"

The... 'Joke' doesn't exactly draw out as amused of a reaction from Daisuke. Instead, he finds himself giving Gyarutsuru a vaguely nervous look. "That is... kind of a weird and specific story to spin for a joke, you know...?" He points out before trying to find some brief relief from the cupful of chamomile tea clasped within both of his hands. Siiiip.

"...And that..." He breathes out finally, once the rambling explanation for the disguise and the trailing ends, setting the teacup down and drawing one hand away from it so he might rub his palm over his forehead instead. Processing all that hurts a bit, apparently. "...Is kind of weirdly super elaborate and... kind of maybe unnecessary for just wanting to talk to me? People usually just text or something to ask to meet, right? I mean..." He frowns a bit. "You could have just asked me to go somewhere outside school too, right...? Without being in disguise? No one would be any wiser or anything, just..."

He suddenly realizes he's not *entirely* sure if Mitsuru actually finds dressing up as Gyarutsuru embarrassing or not.

"L-look, anyway... Asides from all that, I'm glad you seem to be... doing well? Uh, Tsugumi already made that order for three, right...?" The last question with a glance to Tsugumi, just before she's scooting to clear way for the other girl.

As for Jae? "...I mean...?" A sideward glance to Mitsuru. "Do you... want me to call him...?"

Mitsuru hadn't really -thought- about how embarassed she should be.

Certainly, she -finds- the idea of being a gyaru embarassing. Certainly, she had ranted and raved how horrible gyarus are, and how awful she would be to be one. But she didn't -think- of herself as a gyaru. Just disguised as one. And nobody would be talking about her being a gyaru, because it's so unlike her. Thus, she felt surprisingly comfortable in the 'costume.' It was even fun. Kinda. I mean not in a way that she -liked- or anything. But it was fun to pretend to be a gyaru to sneak around. Maybe she could try disguising as something else next time. Maybe a girl like Tsugumi, or maybe even a boy or-

As Daisuke talks about how 'weird' and 'elaborate' it is though, Mitsuru balls up a fist.

ALmost ready to beat him, she trembles her fist a bit, and then, exhales. She -tries- to process how she was not doing it the best way. "I mean, you can't just -text- people to come over. You have to do a big... thing about it." Mitsuru was feeling kind of stupid now. Maybe she -didn't- have to be in a disguise. She gives another husky -huff- through her nose. "I mean yes if he would have me." She blurts out. "Like, if he wanted to put up with me." Mitsuru was actually getting more and more flustered now. Not because of how mean the two were. But the OPPOSITE. She was looking back and forth, almost afraid to mention this, but she settles on Tsugumi. "That's... that can't be it though. I was totally -awful- to you guys! I made fun of your accent, a-and being a country girl, and you being, being a wimpy dweeb and a pervert! And I made fun of JAe Hoon and his dad, so he -can't- want to forgive me that easily too." Mitsuru was actually looking -really- uncomfortable now.

"Haven't you been angry at me all this time!?"

"Well.. Yeah. I kinda agree- Sometimes you don't have ta make things so complicated!" Tsugumi nods with Daisuke. Before turning to Mitsuru. "Sure you can! Daisuke texted me to come over.. though I suppose you wouldn't have had our phone numbers yet. But it's fiiine. You'll have our numbers next time!" Tsugumi says. Meanwhile, the waiter comes over with three large cream-filled doughnuts. Those brown ones coated in sugar, and filled with that delicious sort of pudding. In addition, a large tea-pot on a platter, cubes of sugar surrounding it.


The young waiter- probably a highschooler himself, nods and smiles a little shyly. "Well.. I still felt a little angry and sad when I thought back on that memory. And I did feel secretly nervous when I noticed it was you just now! But both of those them kinda vanished whenyun said you wanted to apologize, y'know?" She cocks her head, doing a bit of a 'thinking' motion. "Maybe some folks woud hold it againt ya more- But I think Jae would love to meet' up!"

"Cause' he's a really nice guy."

"I mean..." Is about all Daisuke manages to get out before he gets all swept up in Mitsuru's further words. His lips purse slightly in a subtle pout while he listens, and finally... he shakes his head.

"Of course I was angry," he declares in answer, bluntly, pausing afterwards just long enough to get a brief sip from his tea cup.

"...But these things happen, you know? I can't be angry at you for too long. It's just... how we work as people. Besides..."

He turns his eyes up from the tea cup to Mitsuru herself now-- flashing a small, but almost overwhelmingly warm, smile.

"You're already trying to make up for things. I couldn't not accept that."

His eyes do end up rapidly twitching back and forth between Gya- ahem, Mitsuru and Tsugumi, after that. Hmm. Maybe it's best he let Tsugumi handle this whole Jae Hoon situation... Too busy sipping tea right now, yep yep yep yep.

Mitsuru stares a bit at the donut that comes.

When the waiter comes by, and drops off, she forces a smile and a giggle. It was part of the character. But when the waiter left, she drops that smile too. And then, after a moment, after listening to Daisuke and Tsugumi, about how... how happy and positive Tsugumi had been. How forgiving Daisuke was. Just how kind these people are, when she isn't trying to bully them, she begins to sniffle a bit. And then, she starts to cry. Her makeup starts to run a bit. It wasn't a full -bawling-, but it was just a little bit of crying. Teeny tiny weeping. She grabs a napkin, and blows her nose.

"It's not fair!"

That's what Mitsuru says. "It's not fair that it's- that it's this so easy! I had thought that-" She stammers a bit, trying to control herself. "I'm sorry, it's so nice of you to be so nice to me. I'm sorry I'm making things so complicated." She wipes her eyes. "I would really like it to tell Jae Hoon how I feel, and how stupid I am. Especially if he reacts like you two do. I'm just so... I'm just so shocked. It's just... It's just..." She looks over to Daisuke, nodding her head as he sips tea.

"Well, that Panther Mask person made it sound like this was going to be so BIG and important!"

"Hey hey- It's alright!" Tsugumi looks at Mitsuru with a bit of a confused smile, patting her on the shoulder. "Well, being nice and strong is my job~" The wrestler jokes, with a bit of self-awareness. Meanwhile, Tsugumi lifts the pot of tea to pour a cup for herself and Mitsuru. "Well, that's great! I will give him a call and see if.."

But then, that name is dropped.

The wrestler snortles, before clasping a hand across her mouth- trying to supress an inevitable fit of giggling, while she side-eyes Daisuke with utter amusement. She finds it so funny, in fact- that a few tears of suppressed giggles make their way out of her eyes. She manages to compose herself... somewhat! "Wh- Well, h-he-he sounds like total dork!"

"Did hee give you some big speech or sumfin?"

"U-uh... hey..." Daisuke mumbles over to the other side of the table when Mitsuru's tearworks start coming -- sounding a little helpless at that. Good thing Tsugumi is there to provide the requisite shoulderpats, though.

"...Well. Sometimes things are just complicated, I guess," he allows, head dipping down slightly to peer into the tea again. "... And this kind of thing is just what being friends is about too, isn't it?"

He goes to sip at the tea, and--


An outright spitting does not take place thankfully, but there is a bit of a shake of the cup, and a burst of air and drink both that result in the collar of Daisuke's white shirt getting stained with the tea.

"Agh-- egh, I mean... who...?" He coughs out, before narrowing his eyes at Tsugumi. Glaring daggers!!!

"W-well... maybe... Just hearing this much is a big deal too, r-right? I mean, ahem..." A bit of dabbing at his lips with a napkin, cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. "... You wouldn't have known otherwise, right?"

Mitsuru is unaware of why Tsugumi is giggly, and why Daisuke looks like he swallowed his brain in horror.

As she takes a nibble on the donut, contemplates. "Friends...?" She considers it, unsure with the word. She decides to answer the question, while Daisuke sputters like an weirdo. Panther Mask, or Blazing Mask, or whatever. He was just -awful-." Mitsuru explains to Tsugumi, looking away. "Kaicho, you know my friend- well, former friend? The one with the glasses? She set up a fight between me and Blazing Panther, and we had it. But he was a total dweeb!" Mitsuru explains. "He was trying to accept me, and- and he confronted who I was, and he sounded like a self-help book!" She half asides to Daisuke.

"I mean, can you imagine someone being so cool and confident but so CONCERNED about what's inside?"

Mitsuru scowls furiously, looking back away from Daisuke. "I hated it! He made me feel so -ashamed!- And made me give up! ANd I guess she gave up too! I hated it! I hate hate hate hate him! It made me so mad, that I called my friend Steve, and well, well, we talked, and like, I figured out that maybe Blazing Mask was right, and I need to be a better person. I mean, I guess. So I will have to find him and apologize too, if he would let me get close. I'll probably disguise as a street tough or something, I think he's a super hero. I mean, he is kind of cute, you know?" Mitsuru stiffens up and looks towards Daisuke.

"Sorry, I guess this girl talk is kind of embarrassing for you."

"Wow, I didn't think people like that existed in real life! It's so.. comic-like!"
She is obviously- making fun of Daisuke, though doing it in the context of her conversation with Mitsuru. "You're not friends with her anymore? Well- She was kinda mean to me as well.." Tsugumi nods, leaving the subject of Kaicho at that. She didn't know the girl enough to make stark judgements, after all. "Well, he sounds like a friendly dweeb!"

But she continues to listen, until her new friend is done talking! Giggling more, while shooting a smug smile over to Daisuke when Mitsuru accidentally calls him 'cute'. "I think he was right! Maybe his presentation was a bit try-hard, but I'm glad you made that realization Mitsuru-Chan!" Tsugumi had seemingly moved into 'chan' territory. "And, uh- That was -that- Steve, right?" She asks, making sure. She knew that Steve wasn't actually as bad of a person that the news made him out to be- according to Mitsuru, at least.

"Speaking of friendly dweebs- Yeah, Daisuu-chan gets flustered easily! It's the best." The wrestler winks toward Daisuke, sticking out her tongue slightly.

"Anyways! I'm going to call Kim-Kun- I'll just give it to him pretty straight, yeah?" With that, she gets out her smartphone from her backpack. It's an older model, and looks like it's been in use for multiple years. She taps upon it's surface, before bringing it too her ear- Waiting for, and if the other side will pick up!

Daisuke just kind of... tries to maintain his composure on the other side of the table. Quietly clutching at his cup of tea, with his jaw set hard shut while the two talk about Blazing whatever or something Mask. UGH.

"...Incredibly embarrassing, yes," he mutters in response to Mitsuru while he's glancing down, again, at his tea. Though he does send a brief look back up -- first to glare back at Mitsuru's smug look, and then a bit hesitantly to Mitsuru.

"I met Kaicho when I tried to bring the gift to you," he says, a bit more quietly. "She was... not very pleasant."

He sighs heavily, and takes a loooong sip of tea, all the way until the cup is emptied.

"It's... really none of my business," he allows. "But I think... You should maybe not try a disguise or anything if you go looking for this..." A narrow-eyed look to Tsugumi. "...Weird... Masked dweeb..."

If you think about it, most afternoons for people are bustling. There's folks getting off work, or running errands, and usually, those are all things Jae Hoon would be doing on a normal day.

Today, though?

For once, his day is free of any of his usual obligations. With homework done, all that is really left for him to do is indulge in some household care and one-on-one time with his little animal companion!

He is still cross-legged on the floor in front of a small fish tank setup, holding his wee hamster friend in the broad of his palm as he fixes her up with fresh leaves of lettuce. It brings him great joy, watching her munch away at the food item, and there's absolutely nothing in this present moment that stops him from fawning over her.

It cannot be helped! Not his fault small animals are just so darn cute!

Nearby, though, is a vibrating noise. It rattles against a wooden surface, signalling the arrival of a phone call. A merry tune jingles from it, alerting Jae Hoon from his boyish reverie in search of his cell phone. A bright light flashes up from a countertop.

Oh. That's where he'd left it.

The Korean teen pads to the kitchen space with a hamster in one hand, the free digits of his other flexing out to pick up the phone. On the screen, 'Sendo Tsugumi' lights up, which piques his curiosity somewhat. It'd been some time since they last communicated, so he vaguely wonders what she could be calling about as he slides the green button on the phone to accept the call.

Maybe she wants to train again? Who knows!

"Hello, Sendo?" Jae Hoon says warmly while tucking his shoulder up to hold the cellular to his ear. "It has been some time since we spoke last. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Mitsuru gets a glimmer of suspicion, as Daisuke just acts so -weird-.

"Yeah.... give it to him straight..." Mitsuru says distractly, as she takes a hearty bite out of her donut. She -wanted- to meet with Jae Hoon, all together. Especially if they were... friends... but did she have friends now too? It felt so weird. But not as weird as how Daisuke was acting now. She was now squinting at Daisuke. "So I -shouldn't- be in disguise? Well why not? Have you met this guy too? I bet you know his secret identity or something. Cause Kaicho didn't like the Blazing Panther guy either! Well if you are so much of an expert on him..." She looks at Tsugumi, who was on the phone, and then Daisuke.

And then, she gets an absolutely -viscious- look on her face.

It was almost like her bullying face. But now that she was in gyaru makeup, it somehow looked even more fierce and evil. She wiggles in her chair a little bit, swaying side to side as brings up her donut. She looks at it dismissively, and then, at Daisuke. And then, she asks a simple question, before she takes anothe bite.

"Who do you think the Blazing Panther would find cuter, Daisuke? Me, or Tsugumi?"

"Ah- Hello, Kim-Kun!" Tsugumi responds, bubbly as ever. "Thanks for picking up! How ya been?" She asks, easing into the conversation. After Jae's propable response, the wrestler would continue to the heart of her call. "Just gon' get right into it! Wanna come hang out with me, Daisuke, and.. You member' Mitsuru-Chan, right?" A brief, pause. "Well- She, uh, 'approached' me and Daisuke today.. And she apologized for the things she said and did' to us. She wants to sey sorry to you as well!"


Though suddenly, as Mitsuru makes that comment, Tsugumi snortles, before looking at Daisuke to eye-wag. "S-Sorry about that, Mitsuru-chan just said something really funny. We're over at the Pao Pao cafe, at the mall! Though if ya don't have time today, we coud totally meet up another time.. Or just you and Mitsuru! Whatever's preferred, y'know!" She puts forth some idea's, looking at Mitsuru and nodding.

"She's actually really cool!"

"It's not that I'm some kind of expert..." protests Daisuke, but he lets the rest of his words wander off. Why, you ask? Because now MItsuru looks *suspicious*. And he sends a suspicious look right back at her--

Only for it to be washed away by the armor-piercing question.


All color drains from Daisuke's face briefly, and he purposefully leans himself back a bit further against his bench.

"H-h-how the hell should I know?!" He mumbles out, hoisting his (empty) tea cup up to try and hide at least part of his flushing face. "What a weird freakin' question to ask, sheesh..."

He lets out a sigh, and after a few seconds of trying to steady himself, he peeks over the cup to Mitsuru again.

"Look, it's just... It might not feel genuine if you feel the need to disguise yourself, you know? It's why I was so confused why you were... disguised to come here, too. You should just... be genuine."

At times, it stills amazes the Kim scion that he has been able to obtain friendships so quickly after his move to Southtown. Even though it has been some time since he has heard from both Tsugumi and Daisuke, there is no denying the sense of camaraderie between them.

Naturally, he is more than happy to accompany them and receive their companionship through a simple hangout at a cafe. "Yeah, I'm great, thanks. I don't mind swinging by! I have to pick up some stuff for my hamster anyway."

What strikes him with surprise, however, is the additional person that is with them. Someone he actually didn't really think to expect, nor someone he has actually dwelled on much since their last encounter.

And stranger yet, Mitsuru wants to apologise?

Well, it is true that their League fight didn't go as pleasantly as Jae Hoon had hoped.

The majority of it was filled with barraging insults, most of which involved slander against his father. He didn't entertain any of it, but there has been no doubts he walked away from that match thinking less of his opponent, if only because he can't stand bullies.

Far be it from him to brush off a sincere apology, though.

It is brave and honourable, and if Mitsuru wants a fair chance, then how could he refuse it?

"I remember Mitsuru," he says after Tsugumi's brief giggling fit. Now that she's mentioned it, voices pick up from the background, both of which he recognises. Slightly unsettled but masking it with a calm and mostly friendly demeanour, he adds, "I will hear her out. Give me about twenty minutes and I'll be there."

Mitsuru giggles when Tsugumi bursts out laughing.

But that giggle becomes a sneer of disgust when Daisuke refuses to squirm. "Ugh, you sound just like that Blazing Panther guy! Are all red heads just a bunch of concerned dweebs that care about me?" Mitsuru scoffs, finishing up her donut. After taking time to chew and swallow, she continues. "I bet it's hard because you can't tell if you like me in this outfit, or the tough girl outfit." Mitsuru sneers, and then, suddenly puts on the brightest, bubbliest face she can muster. "Maybe you like, yaknow, a girl who doesn't really think too hard, and just likes cute boys and going shopping and hanging out!" And without even missing a beat, she suddenly puts on the snarling, wrathful visage well associated with MItsuru, as she leans over the table. "Or maybe you want a strong, tough girl that pushes you around, and pins you against the wall!"

Mitsuru snickers wickedly, as she leans back.

WIth that show, she relaxes a bit, as Tsugumi relays some of the conversation. "It's not fair to you though. Steve told me the same thing too, yeah? ANd it is the same Steve that, you know. He helped me out, it was just really confusing during those D-darkstalkers." She gets a strange, shivering reaction. "But whatever. I know who I am under this wig and the tanning spray. I don't have to -prove- what I am to you, or Blazing Panther." She declares, puffing out her chest. "I can be whoever or whatever I want. Or dress up as whatever I want." She pauses a moment, and glances to the phone. "So what, I guess Daisuke has to buy us more food and drinks, because he is too embarrassed to tell us who HE thinks is cuter, or who he thinks Blazing Panther would find cuter." Mitsuru gives a mischievous little smirk.

"I bet Jae Hoon would be able to say who is cuter."

"Awesome, see you soon!" Tsugumi responds, giving Mitsuru a thumbs up. "Oh and, she is in a... disguise at the moment. Prepare yourself for a bit of surprise.." A final heeding, as the call is ended. "He'll be there in 20. Seems like we'll have to keep ourselves entertained till then~" Tsugumi chuckles softly, though afterward looks at Mitsuru a little sternly. "I'm glad you're getting friendly with us, but give him a bit of a break! Boys don't tend to like talking about that stuff.. I don't really either, actually." Sendo admits, taking a hefty bite of her doughnut.

"Though, that's the spirit!"

The wrestler looks optimistic at her relative confidence in herself, they are actually quite insightful and intelligent words! "Nah- I got the bill! Saved up some money recently, so- Don't worry bout' that!" Tsugumi does raise her brow at the girl's final comment, though. "Just, uh- Wait a whil' with tat, yeah? Jae is a lot more reserved then me! I'd just keep it at an apology, and we'll see wher' it goes from der." She winks at her.

"You wouldn't want to scare him away now, would you?"

"Why are you saying that like it's such a bad thing...?" a bemused Daisuke mutters, particularly at Mitsuru's complaints of redheads 'caring about her'. Letting out a low groan of frustration, he lowers his cup down and away, while he lets his back lean fully agains the backrest of the bench on his side of the table.

And he pointedly turns his head off to the side while the Tokugawa girl is... laying out the potential choices of his tastes?! "Th-... that's none of your business!"

He's thrown off hte loop by that particular bit enoguh that he can't even bring himself to consider any insightful response to Mitsuru's more serious words. The line regarding, Jae Hoon, however?

"Maybe," he huffs out, while crossing his arms together over his chest. "Maybe you just have to ask him." Nevermind that even Tsugumi is advising against that at this point.

A... disguise? Welp. Whatever suits her fancy, I guess.In truth, he doesn't live all that far from the high school, which in turn isn't far from the rest of the amenities in the Village. The time requested from Tsugumi and his friends simply was just accounting for the things he needed to gather before heading off.

So, after putting away his little pet companion and taking stock of what she requires, Jae Hoon sets off from his apartment out into the bustling streets of Southtown.

This cafeteria he's supposed to be going to isn't somewhere he's really been before, although he's heard of it through various randoms from work. After all, being staff at one of the more hopping coffee shops in town, the Spilt Bean is sometimes full of gossip from the less-regular customers.

Which means he's heard things, such as that it apparently is a homey destination that is perfect for studying, or to get together with friends after a long day at school.

Sounds cozy!

In the twenty minutes, the teen arrives at the mall, then ends up following posted directions to be able to find his way to this Pao Pao Cafe. It is a quaint little hub, from what he can gather, as he wanders through the front and into the entrance way. Peering around unassumingly, earthly-coloured irises search the bodies for familiar faces. Eventually, he catches sight of blazing red hair, and of course he knows immediately who that belongs to.

Slowly, Jae approaches the group, nerves and mild resentment bundle tightly in his gut, though he shows no indication of it on his features in the hopes that his open-mindedness would resonate through.

"Hey!" he greets with a smile that brightly lights up his handsome features. "Nice to see you all!" Yes. He even means Mitsuru.

Man, what is he getting into here...?

Mitsuru actually lowers her head, when Tsugumi admits that she -doesn't- talk about that.

"Oh. I'm... sorry?" She says, with the same effort one would have pulling a tooth. "I'm sorry! I thought boys and girls liked talking about that all the time. I mean, they do in my comics. I guess... maybe I shouldn't ask him in person when he comes. Unless it's funny? Or... maybe not. He is a lot more uptight than you. He might be angry and fight me if I try..." Mitsuru grumps forlornly, just a bit embarrassed (finally). She lets out a hearty sigh. "I guess we can talk about something else in the next 20 minutes while we wait." She halts a moment, trying to think. And then, her face starts to brighten up.

"So have any of you heard of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?"


It may takes Jae Hoon a moment to realize, by process of elimination, who Mitsuru was.

Because when he arrives, the gyaru girl perks up, eyes wide, a stick of pocky in her mouth going straight up as she keeps explaining in an animated fashion. "... So then, when time is still frozen, he just goes -blam- right through him, and his blood is gushing out like- like this!" She holds up the jelly donut, as a visual aid. "And it's like SQUIRT and it's so intense and... and..." As she realizes that Jae Hoon had arrived, she kind of relaxes. The girl averts her eyes, hiding them under her blonde bangs. She -should- be blushing, but the spray tan was concealing that. She starts to nibble on the jelly donut a bit, and she gives a very, very small response.


Tsugumi Sendo says, "It's not a bad thing!"

She responds to Daisuke with a knowing smirk, before turning back at the apologizing Gyaru-Mitsuru."It's cool! I think Jae would be weirded out more then anything.. just be a little careful!" She reassures, nodding- Though getting a curious expression on her face when Mitsuru begins about her favorite show. "Jojo's, huh? I have heard a little..===================================

Tsugumi was periodically looking up to check if the korean martial artist would be showing up- Though she was enthusiastically listening and asking about the show! "Yeah?! And what happened to Kakyoin next- H- He survived, right?" Though when she looked up, Jae was there! "A-Ah! Welcom', Kim-Kum! Glad you coud come." The wrestler flashes a smile, gesturing toward the free spot on Daisuke's bench. He notices that Mitsuru is getting... shy? embarrassed? Nervous? One, or multiple of those. As such, she decides to kinda.. ease them along the conversation. "I told you a little bit on the phone, thanks' for ya open mind. So.." She glances toward Mitsuru, gauging the situation. "Whenever you're ready!"

"Is there anything I can order for ya, Kim-Kun? My treat!""

At first, Daisuke had not had a chance to mention how much of the Jojo's he has consumed, too.

And by now, he doesn't really have the heart to tell her, either. Maybe it's better this way, anyway. Gives him some respite from the very bizarre and uncomfortable questions, and the time to just enjoy a refill of his tea.

Even if his psychic sense is still not giving him a break. At least the sweating has stopped by now, and he's managed hide the headache otherwise better, too. Plenty time to just try to focus on managing all that awful input while Mitsuru's rambling on and Tsugumi is intently listening.

That particular focus does mean, however, that he's the last one to notice Jae Hoon's approach, and even then mostly through proxy of seeing the girls opposite from him react. He relinquishes one hand away from his teacup when he does, holding it up in a faux-salute gesture before scooting a bit further over to the other end of his bench.

But he stays silent, himself. The floor is Mitsuru's now.

So, Tsugumi wasn't kidding about the disguise. Not even slightly.

But of course, Jae Hoon catches the tail end of what Mitsuru is saying, and honestly? Yeah, he's doubly uncomfortable by it.

Who says stuff like that in public?

Well anyway, he bows to the group, then shyly takes up the offer of settling into the open space next to Daisuke. In looking at the poor fellow, it seems he is rather exasperated, and while he can't entirely guess why, such a thing can only be surmised. After all, the two girls he's with are quite... eccentric, to put it positively.

With hands folded in his lap, the Korean teen offers up that same gentle smile as he looks across the length of the table. Admittedly, it is difficult to ascertain what she is feeling, considering the mixed bag of emotions fluttering across her face. The most obvious is something meek.


"Oh, no, that's quite all right." A palm waves slightly in polite refusal. "I can't stay too long. I have a few errands to run at the mall, so I better not indulge in anything. Thank you for your kind offer, Sendo."

While it is nice to see friends, and he is always in favour of such, there are much more pressing matters at hand. It serves to his interests that someone by the likes of Mitsuru actually wants to apologise to him, and partially, he is curious if she is able to recall just what she'd done that was so hurtful to him. It's been some time since that fight, after all.

And so, all eyes are on her. Anticipating.

All eyes were on Mitsuru.

Mitsuru gradually feels the mood of the table shift. She felt everyone.. waiting for her. Maybe she should have prepared herself mentally for this confrontation, instead of talking about Jojos. She grips her donut, trying to find the right words. She holds it too tight. The jelly pours out of the donut, just like how it did after Dio punched out Kakyoin's own jelly. Drawing in a heavy breath, she finally speaks.

"I'm sorry I made fun of you about your daddy."

Mitsuru holds the squished donut. She turns her eyes upwards, puffing out her chest. Her eyes seemed watery, but she had a defiant, challenging poise as she continued. "I did it because I wanted to hurt you, and because your daddy is Kim Kaphwan, I felt like if I made you feel like you daddy didn't like you, you would feel bad and be hurt. I know if my daddy was Kim Kaphwan, I would be very mad if people made fun of me about that." Her eye twitches, her hands trembling. "I don't... I didn't mean it as a meaningful thing with meaning." Mitsuru explains meaningfully. "I said it to hurt you, because it made me feel good." Mitsuru didn't seem very Jojo right now, but she lowered her eyes. "And I now realize that makes me a bully. You're not the bully. I am. There. THat's my apology. You don't have to accept it, or forgive it. But I won't do it anymore. Well. I'm going to try not to. It's hard sometimes." Mitsuru takes a deep breath, and exhales. "There. I said it. Can I have a napkin Tsugumi?" She puts down the donut.

"I made my hands sticky."

"Uwuuh, sorry for putting on pressure..."

Tsugumi mutters, twiddling her thumbs as she realized what she did. Though, her expression softens as Mitsuru begins talking. Looking between her and Jae, then back to Daisuke- She hopes this will go down well! To offer a bit of support, she rests a hand on Mitsuru's shoulder- She is pouring her heart our, after all.

And, well- How forthright she is is a little touching.

She hadn't needed to be so detailed with Tsugumi, partially because of how hard it is for her to truly hold a grudge- and partially because, well: Mitsuru had only resorted to name-calling, there wasn't any insults toward a parent. It was arguably less severe then the discourse between Mitsuru and Jae. She remains entirely still, mostly just nervous about Jae's response- But when Mitsuru adresses her, she breaks her silence!

"A-Ah, yes- Of course!" She hands out a.. stack of paper napkins to Mitsuru, that is entirely too large. The cafe had a whole bunch of them on every table.

Daisuke's scarlet brows lift upwards, slowly. While he chooses to stay silent for the sake of not interrupting this little exchange, his internal reaction over the particulars of what Mitsuru has to say aren't quite held back.

Maybe he can't help but wonder just how exactly her and Jae Hoon's encounter.

But Mitsuru has laid her heart out -- the pieces of which are left to Jae Hoon to pick up now. And on that account, his eyes sloooowly turn to the Korean. Now the expectations are on him, aren't they?

Daisuke slowly brings the tea cup up to sipping at the tea while he watches. Sssiiiiip.

If there is anything Jae Hoon has learned from his father, it is that sometimes bad people can change. They can become remorseful. At the end of it, their villainous ways can be reversed through diligent hard work and consistent exposure to the good in the world.

Justice always reigns supreme, even if it presents itself unexpectedly.

And it seems today, this apology from Mitsuru? It definitely is one of those moments.

Seeing her before him, appearing truly regretful for her actions, with words truly heartfelt and meaningful, the youngest Kim son feels compelled to relax. The nerves ebb away slightly the more he listens to her reasoning, and it's actually in that moment that he realises she is actually without that stranger that seemed to loom over her during their League fight. Interesting.

What is also interesting is that Tsugumi and Daisuke both present themselves as mildly surprised by Mitsuru's confessions. Had they not been told of what transpired on that day?

Well, not like it matters. Everything occurring now regarding the Tokugawa woman means this is an honest to goodness apology.

Also, RIP that donut.

Any of that previously held resentment and dis-ease he had prior to this moment has fallen away entirely now, even as eyes fall onto him expectantly. Elated is certainly one way to describe how Jae feels about this, but he withholds that in favour of serenity that shines through a warm smile.

It is always nice to be witness to great transformation. No wonder his father found such satisfaction in the reformation of criminals.

"I appreciate your efforts here," he informs. "It seems that you have found yourself in a better grouping of friends that helps you cultivate the desire to do better for yourself. Thank you for being straight with me. You are forgiven. I accept your apology."

"Hopefully, this means we can start off on a better footing?"

"I... I have..."

Mitsuru takes the first napkin as offered by Tsugumi. Instictively, she responds with a small "Dojyaa~n" before clearing her throat. "I have friends." She states plainly. She corrects herself again. "I mean, yeah! I found better friends. Thank you... thank you for forgiving me." SHe keeps her gaze away. "I am sorry for- I mean, thank you for your time so I could apologize to you!" "Maybe... maybe we could..." And she pounds a fist on the table.

"Maybe we could have another rematch, because I totally can definitely beat you!"

She flashes with silvery energy, as her spirit flares up. "Yare yare daze! Yeah! I have to fight all of you again, because we're friends! It's a new leaf! And I gotta be the strongest fighter, so you all don't think I'm soft!" Mitsuru doesn't sound -mean- about it. But she seemed to have gotten her composure again with the promise of fighting. She shrinks a bit though. "But later. Yeah. Later."

"I'm okay to just hang out with my friends today."


Tsugumi exhales, as the pressure is dropped- Everything's cool! "Sweet. Then that's the awkward, important part out of the way~" She comments jokingly, looking amused toward Mitsuru as she begins to makes an awkward attempt at conversation.. "That's the spirit!" She raises her fist, as Mitsuru challenges them. "You did win against me last time~ Not plannin' on repeatin' that though!" She gives her a firm pat on the back. "But yeah- Later! Now we just snack on donuts." And yes, she does snack on a donut after she says that. Though then, he looks toward Daisuke.

"You doin' okay, Daisuu-chan? You've been a little quiet!"

A perceptive waitress comes over with a fourth tea-cup, for Jae. Tsugumi nods a thank you before filling it for the korean boy- Re-flling hers meanwhile. "What have you been up to lately', Kim-Kun?"

"And, would you like some more tea as well, Mitsuru-chan?"


%Daisuke jumps subtly in place where he's seated, what with the flashing of Mitsuru's brand of energy around her, eyes widened out and everything.

"Wait, what do you mean 'all of us'?!" He blurts out, lowering his cup of tea down with that suddenly-growing concern. "We never fought, though!"

Not as far as *she* knows, anyway. So to speak. Daisuke's not really terribly intent on correcting that knowledge for the time being either, however.

"Wha-... me?" Daisuke's hand goes waving in a dismissive attempt towards Tsugumi, and he even sahkes his head. "I'm... I'm fine, I was just thinking. About things. And stuff. I didn't want to interrupt, you know?"

Well, that seemed to have settled things between them. All awkwardness gets triumphed over by Mitsuru's sudden ambitious energy, which actually startles Jae Hoon somewhat, simply because he isn't expecting it.

"Yes, maybe we can have another rematch some day. I'd like that." You can definitely tell he's the more reserved between the two in this scenario, even more so as Tsugumi chimes in with her own enthusiasm. Luckily, all of them are in agreement that such fights would be for another time. Definitely not today.

With Daisuke being timid and quiet in his corner, the overall conversation feels quite loud. Has he had to endure all of this on his own? If so, well... talk about admirable. Jae would be completely overwhelmed by the antics of these two girls if it were just him here in place of the red-headed teen.

Acutely aware of his errands, he does intend to politely excuse himself, but a waitress is quick to stop him simply by offering him an empty cup. Dark irises blink down into the mouth of it, then blink up once more as Sendo begins filling it. Well... it would be rude to dip out now, wouldn't it?

He supposes he can stick around for a short chat. Catch-up, the like.

"Well," he says, hands curling over the body of the cup, the contents warming his palms. "Mostly been working, actually. Now that I have a job, I've been trying to pay my father back for the support he's given me for my move to Southtown, while also paying for my apartment. Other than that, though?" A pondering expression fills his handsome features. "Just been really involved in League, studying hard, and taking care of my hamster."

A simple life, really, and that suits him just fine.

"What about you guys?" Jae Hoon looks about the group, bright-eyed and expectant. "What's new with you?"

"Well- Glad to hear that! You've just been a little, off.. are you ill?" She looks at Daisuke, worried.

Though as Jae begins to talk Tsugumi looks back his way. "Wow- You're rathe' mature, aren't cha? You're pretty young to be livin' alone, you know? Well.. You and Daisuke both." Although unfortunately, Daisuke's reasons for living alone are a bit more tragic- she leaves those details out. "Nice going, Kim-Kun! That's sounds like a lot of work.." She looks toward him almost... sympathetic. It's a lot of responsibility for anyone, although it is his own decision! "The hamster sounds nice though~"

"Well, I haven't been up to too much. Trainin' at the wrestlin' club.. Trying to keep up with my booring studies. That's mainly it! Kinda do feel like gettin' a job sometime though..."


Daisuke glances back over to Tsugumi's way with a faint hint of nervousness. Is he ill, she asks.

"I... I dunno, maybe? Maybe some summer flu or something..."

Maybe he can get away with *that* lie more easily than outright denying it. The increased amount of people in his proximity had the unfortunate side effect of his Senses being assaulted all the more closely and frequently. Especially with Mitsuru tending to be pretty intense emotionally -- both inwardly *and* outwardly.

Wiping away a bead of sweat from his forehead he hadn't even realized had started being pulled by gravity there, he attempts to put on a reassuring smile. "I-... it's not too bad though, honest, I'll... be fine."

And that all having been said, he inclines his head slightly towards Jae Hoon over the... wow, *much* nore normal kind of casual talk question than he's been used to lately. Especially with these two girls occupying the same space as him. "Not a lot... School, looking after the family house... Uh... Just... Stuff, I guess." Stuff being playing at veing a masked vigilante, but that's not exactly something you bring up over small talk in a cafe, you know? Fifty percent of the people at this table are still in the dark about it!

Maturity has always been something of an association to Jae Hoon, especially when being compared to by the likes of his brother. Despite being the youngest of the two, responsibility and hard work has always been something he's strived for, which most people have considered to be rather mature traits. It doesn't exactly allow for much fun, but as luck would have it, the one thing that stands out as his greatest passion is also something he partakes in quite regularly.

Taekwondo serves as his personal joy in life, even if he does take it a little too seriously at times.

Shyly, the young scion brings a hand up so that it may brush against the baby hairs along the nape of his neck. A meek chuckle tumbles from his lips as he says, "Yes, well, I guess you could say that I like the challenge. Besides, it has to happen eventually, right?"

Not to mention the fact that Jae wishes to absolve his father of the burden of his sons staying home longer than they need to. Something Dong Hwan will sady take advantage of for as long as he possibly can...

While Daisuke takes over the conversation, seemingly exhausted by whatever elusive means is tugging at him, the Korean teen takes a moment to quickly but politely drink his tea. Most would probably consider him mildly insane to be drinking boiling hot beverages, but in actuality, he has a rather strange habit of guzzling tea straight from the pot. Maybe the sensitivities of his mouth have burned off over the years of doing this, but it is a rather simple task for him now.

And probably a little weird to behold.

Yeah. He's used to that.

As he originally stated, Jae Hoon doesn't have much time to spend here, despite his wanting to. After all, he has missed his friends greatly. He won't just up and leave, however, and instead will await a moment that isn't so rude to excuse himself.

Training is also about all he does, as well, so he relates to Tsugumi by a show of a pleasant nod. 'Stuff' is so utterly convincing, but not the type of person to pry, this teen will leave it at this: "Sounds like you've got a bit going on that's keeping you busy."

What was new with Mitsuru?

Well, a -lot-. But Mitsuru wasn't actually that -familiar- with her new friends. So rather than just... dominate the conversation and argue and fight and poke fun and challenge, Mitsuru keeps seated and... listens. Listens to her friends. ABout who they are. What they do. And instead of interrupting with her -assumptions- on what they are supposed to be, she just keeps silent. And -Listens-. And when Jae Hoon pries a bit at Daisuke, Mitsuru finally gets enough of an opening to say something.

"Are you drinking straight from the pot, Jae Hoon?"

Mitsuru just -looks- at Jae, jaw slack, kind of out and shocked. She adjusts her blonde wig a moment, shaking her head. "Doesn't that -hurt?" And then, the look of shock fades. Something else comes up. A kind of.... EVIL. A kind of GREAT INJUSTICE. An aura of wickedness comes over Mitsuru, as she can't help herself anymore. She covers her mouth, her eyes betraying her devilish presence. And she begins, telegraphing gravely to both Tsugumi AND Daisuke just what she might be up to.

"Is there anything that could burn your lips?"

"Aww, maybe we should nurse him back to health, Mitsuru-Chan?"

She says, obviously jokingly- Winking and sticking out her tongue afterward to make that entirely clear. Though after that, she looks at him genuinely worried- before clarifying. "Nah, but really Daisuke, hope you feel better soon- Lemme know if I can help." She has the suspicion that there is more going on with Daisuke, though the wrestler does not mention it outright.

"I suppose that's true!"

Tsugumi responds toward Jae. "It hasn't happened with me yet- Not plannin' too for a while really." She raises a brow at the weird tea-drinking technique. But everyone has their quirks, right? She has some she wouldn't be as quick to show. Though as Mitsuru glances her way, after making those surprised comments. She is up to something- Tsugumi is as curious to see where this is going as anyone, but does lean over to the Seijyuun student to whisper- at a tone that only she should be able to hear.

"Don' go too wild, now.."

"W-w-what do you mean 'nurse'?!"

Tsugumi might be obviously joking, but that clearly doesn't stop Daisuke from getting flustered to the point of damn nearly spilling tea over himself all over again! He manages to keep his reaction subdued more than he did last time around, at least, and the most spillage that happens is a few droplets agains the edge of the table.

Apparently Jae Hoon's ability at drinking boiling-hot tea doesn't strike Daisuke to be as odd as it does to Mitsuru and Tsugumi. Maybe he's just used to the kind of eccentrities by now where such a thing is just not as shocking. Especially with people who manipulate fire aroudn him!

But Mitsuru's particular expressiveness does not go unnoticed. Even without his psychic sensitivity to people's emotions and surface thoughts, he would almost certainly catch on to something brewing inside the Seijyuun girl purely thanks to past experiences alone.

And the question she presents has him narrowing his eyes and slooooowly leaning sidelong closer to the Korean boy, where he whispers, "Don't... answer that."

Expressiveness is one way to put this whole interaction.

Whatever the two girls seem to be hinting at is serving to absolutely fluster the crap out of poor Kubo, who is not taking such comments well. To be fair, if he were in Daisuke's shoes, it's entirely possible that he would be responding the same way.

Good thing he's not!

But, it is worth noting that general strangeness about the other male teen that Jae Hoon hasn't seen in some time. Not like he's forgotten, per se, but the reminder that there definitely is more than meets the eye with this guy niggles at his brain. That being said, he leaves it to the other two party members to 'take care of him', so to speak. Clearly, he's in good hands, right?

"No, it doesn't," Jae addresses the initial question from Mitsuru with a shy smile. "It's actually something of a preference now. Hot beverages are just so much better when they burn a little. Not to mention, it's basically fuel for my flames." Whether that is true or not is uncertain. No one has to know that he's made this something of a habit to inform people of this to avoid bizarre stares. It just is what it is, okay?

Following suit is the strange comment, closely followed by the red-headed teen's interjectional whisper. Thinking this may be the perfect opportunity to dip out, Jae Hoon squirms a little in his seat in an attempt to near the edge of the bench, all while sipping back the rest of his tea in one fell swooping guzzle. "Well, I should probably get going. I have a lot of errands to run. But it was nice to see you guys." A bright smile decorates his features once more. Specifically, earthy irises point to the Tokugawa woman as he comes to a stand. "Thank you again for your apology. It really means a lot."

And then, back to the group as a whole. "Let's meet up for a match sometime soon?"

See, Mitsuru was expecting Jae Hoon to squirm like Daisuke.

She was barely able to stave off Tsugumi's teasing, instinctively puffing out her chest at the jab. And when she warns her not to get too wild, Mitsuru took it as a challenge. But when Jae Hoon makes his own defense, Mitsuru almost seems to deflate. When he mentions about he likes it to burn a little, she too feels like she is burning a little. And when he finally talks how it's fuel for him, Mitsuru is thankful that the spray tan can hide her blushing so well. What it can't hide is how small Mitsuru was making herself now, averting her eyes nervously and looking more like Daisuke did earlier. Keeping herself as small as she can be, Jae Hoon makes his farewell. He accepted her apology, and what does she say in response?

She gives a kind of teeny tiny 'meep' as she keeps her eyes averted.

The wrestler smirks, as Daisuke /still/ gets flustered. It's always amusing. "It's kinda impressive, actually!" Tsugumi says. "And, well- I noew' how hot ya flames burn. Pretty sure they feel hotter then that tea!" Tsugumi does a overexaggerated pout toward Jae.

"Awww, errands, hawh? Well- Don't let us stop yawl. Havuh nice day."

Strangely enough, her accent seems to rather be getting more intense- Maybe she was holding it back before? If that were the case, the fact that she's comfortable enough to drop shows some trust- Or just a lack of 'giving a damn'! "Yeah, totally! Wey won't draw next tahm though~" She gives him a thumbs up with the challenge.

And uh, Mitsuru got rather shut down- And is now wallowing in her surprising shyness. Tsugumi shrugs, putting an arm around her and patting the opposite shoulder.

"You'll git 'im next time"

Daisuke actually ends up letting out a sigh of relief when Jae Hoon manages to slither away from Mitsuru's attempts at making him squirm without any damages. There might even be a faint look of respect offered thataway. 'You are stronger than I, Kim-san!!!' that look seems to say.

"Take care out there," the redhead offers to the Korean with a nod of his head. "And good luck with the League."

Well, with one person slipping away, the pressure on his senses is lessened a bit, at least. Not enough to be comfortable yet, but still.

Turning his attention back to the girls once Jae Hoon has made his escape, his scarlet brows shoot up slightly with his consideration of Mitsuru. "...Are you alright?"

And Mitsuru stays quiet, until Jae Hoon is gone.

She inflates herself up a bit again, as her friends... Friends ask her if she's okay. The Tokugawa gives such a huff, that she makes it seem absurd she was ever shy in the first place. "What kind of weirdo gets fuel for his flames by drinking scalding hot water. It's ridiculous! Isn't it ridiculous Tsugumi!? It's so ridiculously ridiculous!" She huff, steams, and fumes. Until, she glances back over to Daisuke. A sneaky look on her face.

"Do you need hot water to fuel your flames right now, Daisuke?"

The wrestler gives Daisuke a nod and smile, as he checks on Mitsuru. Always a kind guy. Mitsuru talks again, and Tsugumi gleefully turns her way. "It's a little weird! But all of us do weird ridiculous things when naw-wun is watchin''. It takes some confidence tuh do it out in the open."

"And I respect that!"

"I'm sure you do weird things, too, Mitsuru~" Wording, Tsugumi Sendo. "Ah mean, I for example luv eatin' leftover dinners cold. There's uh certain joy in cold curry.." What is wrong with this girl?! Like, cold curry?

"You got a big house all for yourself, ya' get up to anething weird in there, Daisuu-chan?"

"...Is it really that ridicilous though?" Daisuke asks with a subtle sideward tilt of his head. "If he channels that chi stuff from his internal soul into flames, then wouldn't it just make sense that hot drinks and food would help with that? Be it physically or mentally, I dunno."

Thankfully, Daisuke has already drained his tea -- otherwise he would end up with a near-spittake again over Mitsuru's following question.

"W-w-w-what flames?!" He blurts out. "I can't do that kind of stuff!"

He huffs further with Tsugumi's following question, and his arms fold up together over his chest. "Nope. Absolutely nothing. Most of my time just goes in looking after the big house! It's a family duty and all."


That is how the gyaru-clad Mitsuru huffs and pouts. "I don't do -anything- weird!" Mitsuru lies blatantly, as she adjusts her blonde wig so her black hair underneath doesn't poke out. "And cold curry is -gross-! It's so thick!" Mitsuru rolls her eyes. "I'm sorry, that's not nice. It's not that weird to eat cold stuff. Like cold chicken..." She trails off, as she looks to Daisuke. "You know a lot about chi stuff! I've been changing my chi a bit too, I can make it go invisible sometimes! Maybe you could invite us to your..." She suddenly gives a -very- princess scoff instinctively. "'big house' to show off some of your energy stuff!" And then, Mitsuru actually says something very innocent, with no malice behind it, though it is definitely still teasing.

"I bet you could do flames if you put your mind to it, Daisuke!"


Tsugumi stares at Daisuke. "Nothing at all? I somehow doubt that!" She says, leaning forward. "Anyways- ya might be right, Daisuu-chan. I wouldna know how it'd work either! I jus' fight by gettin' real cloes and personal-like~" She smirks.

"As both of y'all have experienced."

At Mitsuru's momentary meanness, Tsugumi shrugs. "Eh- Like I said, tis' a weird thing! That's arright though." A devilish grin creeps over her face, as Daisuke is mentioned. "Yeah- You sure know a lot about it for someone who 'can't do anything like that stuff' huh? I think that's what you said earlier!" Putting the boy on the spot again, though leaning back to alleviate the pressure.

"If ay concentrate really really hard, I can light my arm on fire to lariat people with- But I don't tend to do tha' much! That's the extend of control ah have. W-Well, and them weird, sudden surges.. Just kinda looks like light, dose' ones. It's weird." She pouts, as that subject comes up- It has confused her for a while.

"Maybe you could, Daisuke! T'would match yer hair."

"Absolutely nothing weird at all, nope!" Daisuke huffs out in further protest, narrowing his eyes in a glare at Tsugumi first...

And then at Mitsuru! "...Ugh. It's not that I know a lot about it, I'm just extrapolating from what I see and hear from people having it out on tv and all, you know? I'm not..."

There's a pregnant pause there on his part, while his eyes drift down. He somehow even manages to not get hit much by the teasing suggestion of the two girls getting invited to his house.

"I'm not trained in that stuff. I'm not strong like that."

Technically it's not really a lie, just... *he* doesn't know that.

Mitsuru starts to harmonize with Tsugumi, as Daisuke musters his defense.

"Maybe we need to help him tap into his chi, Tsugumi!" Mitsuru states eagerly. "I'm not trained in chi either, but I tried to copy what I've seen in Jojos, and Lightning Spangles, and even Athena, and I was eventually able to do it because I wanted to! Just like you did, Tsugumi! I think it's obvious what's going on with little Daisuke." She turns up her nose at the red head.

"He just hasn't been... motivated enough!"

Mitsuru rubs her hands together. "We need to just stimulate Daisuke's energy together at his house! So he can get in touch with his real battle energy! Then he won't have to worry about those bruises! It's settled then! We are going to-" Mitsuru suddenly claps her hands together.

"Pump you up!"

Mitsuru leans forward at Daisuke, scooting her chair over. "So when is the best day to train you? It can't be today, because I need to wear a new disguise!" She pauses a moment, before correcting herself. "Costume I mean." Another pause.

"Outfit I mean outfit to train you."

"I go tuh Daisuke's place all the time! If Daisuu-chan is cool with it, we could hang out theyre sumtime... Do some training, play games."

It's an honest suggestion! There is not much sense of the potential awkwardness this might entail from Tsugumi. The wrestler does look frustrated at Daisuke though, as he keeps lying. She just really doesn't get why, and it's a little upsetting. She shoots a pretty fierce, almost angry glance at the teen, when he makes that lie.

"Daisuke don't be respondin' to training all that well.. And believe me, I've tried. We can' certainly try more though!"

Her positivity is a little forced this time around, potentially noticed by Daisuke and his psychic senses. A deep sigh escapes her lips, putting her arms together in front of her. "But ya also can't force it, y'know? It he doesn' really wanna, he doesn't really wanna- And that's fine." Speaking from her own personal experience. Though there is a certain amount of underlying frustration at it. She lightens up though.

"Nother' costume, eh? You've made me curious, Mitsu-chan~"

Daisuke gives both of the girls a long, blank look. No flustered reactions this time, no huffy comebacks. Nothing of the sort.

Instead, after a moment has passed, he... stands up from the bench on his side of the table.

"I really should get going," he states, bluntly. "I have housework I need to get done."

"It's not that weird!"

Mitsuru insists, before she quickly corrects herself. "I mean it's not very curious! I like having lots of outfits..." But Daisuke breaks his silence with his own neutral execution. Mitsuru could vaguely sense something between Tsugumi and Daisuke, but she couldn't quite connect them together. "I don't see why; if you have such a big house, why don't you have servants do the chores..." She inquires inquisitively. But she huffs again, as she crosses her arms. "I guess I am just too annoying! Fine! Tsugumi will come by later on our own time! And you better hope you don't have any chores left, because I won't take no for an answer!" Mitsuru stands up too. "Come on, Tsugumi, we have stuff to do too."

They do?

"Huh. Gotcha, Daisuke- Feel betteh soon, yea? Good luck with the housework stuff."

Tsugumi feels a little guilty, maybe she- or they put on too much pressure? "Sorry If I said anythin' wrong. Have a good one." She does wave him off though. He was feeling frustrated with him earlier- maybe he picked up on that? She doesn't mind letting him take a step back.

But she'll be wanting to talk with him later.

"Give 'em a bit of a break, Mitsuru- We've been messin' with him the whole day." She winks, though she is serious about her point. "S-servants..? Normal people can't like, afford servants.." She tilts her head, reminding Mitsuru of her relative wealth. "Oh yeah- Is it okay if I share your number with Mitsu-chan?"

Tsugumi tries to ask a final question before he'd leave. "Uuuh, where are we.. going?"

"...I don't *have* servants," Daisuke points out, with Tsugumi further reinforcing the point. With him slipped away from the booth, his hand flicks in a half-hearted wave to the two, murmuring "Yeah, yeah, if you say so," over Mitsuru's particular brand of insistence. And to Tsugumi: "Sure, I don't mind," while he's already turning to step towards the door.

But he doesn't fully leave without calling last thing over to Mitsuru over his shoulder.

"And for the record, disguising yourself for regular social calls is ridicilous!"

"A b-boys number?"

Mitsuru has gotten Steve's number, sure. But he wasn't a boy, he was British. And in that moment, Mitsuru is distracted long enough for Daisuke to not only make his escape, but send out a parting shot. "Hey!" The teenager fumes, before pouting. Tsugumi, however, had a pretty good question. What were they supposed to do next, with the boys out of the way. Mitsuru gets a blank look on her face for a moment. And then, she gets an idea.

"... Shopping for disguises?"

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