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Description: Following up from the earlier deal made at the cafe, Steve and Lyraelle brawl it out in a public park! When things get more destructive then the boxer had anticipated, the bobbies step in!

"By the way.. Weren't you the one that offered the fight? You said we both had frustrations to work out- I did not see it as a 'favor' from you, as such." Steve Fox and Lyraelle Darkheart, walking toward Fitzroy Square. "I find it highly interesting that you'd say you owe me something while offering payment or.. something else, in return. But asking you to leave Mitsuru alone? Now, that's too big of a favor, isn't it?" He talks with venom in his voice. It makes him utterly frustrated that Lyraelle would still not acknowledge what he percives to be a reasonable promise. "I would much rather exhange the fight for the promise of leaving Mitsuru alone, but you won't let me do that, will you?" Nontheless, he gauges- That is the one thing he wants to get out of this, above anything.

"Because for whatever reason, you are not done bothering her yet." The boxer sighs. "Damn it- Fine, I will agree to your little 'game'. I'll just have to win despite the... odds.." It is utterly infuriating, knowing how unlikely his victory is. He is well enough aware that it has taken two to take her down.. but there's always a chance, right?

Talking as they walk, it would not be long for them to reach Fitzroy Square. It is a decently large, circular patch of grass with trees and flowers strewn about. It is a public location, and a few induviduals are making it their tempoary resting point. A few feet away from the grass's end, buildings start- surrounding the small park. "There we go."

To the casual observer, Lyraelle Darkheart is nowhere to be seen - instead, the woman sauntering alongside Steve with the Demon Queen's casual confidence is a pale woman with straight scarlet hair hanging loose to her shoulders, her white tank top and black leather trousers leaving a pair of tattooed arms on display. The woman's familiar emerald green eyes turn sidelong to Steve as the pair walk, a subtle smile on her face, as though out for a stroll with a close friend or lover. She lets him speak his mind. After all, she assured him he'd have time to consider the offer she'd made - that if he could defeat her in a fair and square fight, he could make one demand of her, while if she defeated him, she'd be allowed to make one demand of him. Implicit (if not explicit) is the assumption that Steve would have the chance to demand that she abandon her campaign against Mitsuru and stay well away from her. He'd also be permitted the opportunity to challenge again - but with the same wager.

The infernal intent of the demoness' demand remains face down on the table, for now.

"It's not in my interest to leave Mitsu-chan alone. In fact, that would make things much less interesting for me. Imagine if I just went about my business with her, with you stuck here in Sunny Britain? I might be playing with you, but it's practically magnanimous of me to let you take a poke like this. It's a chance to go down fighting~ I should've known better than try to get you to take a fall before. Even if the landing would've been nice and soft."

The changeling smiles coquettishly at Steve over her shoulder as she steps forward to scope out the square, thumbs tucking into belt loops at the sides of her waist. Her tongue wets her lips as she looks around thoughtfully at the stand of leafy trees in the otherwise artificial environs of the big city.

"Not quite as private as what I was imagining~ I was thinking along of the lines of a backstreet gym or something, where we could really work up a sweat, then I could celebrate with a victory shower afterward..."

She turns back to Steve, putting on a smile.

"I guess that's what hotel rooms are for~"

She wanders further in amongst the trees.

"I guess the question is whether I should get changed now, or wait and see... does it still work for you if this is the face you're punching?"

She gives Steve her sweetest smile.

Steve himself was dressed, well- Casual but fine. A light blue blouse, with white pants. Summery, something one might wear on.. well, a date.

But this isn't one!

"Atleast you finally state it out clear- Was that so hard?" Steve Fox grunts in annoyance, trying to contain his steadily building anger, he asks- plain and clear. "What do you even want with her, after everything you already did?" He is oh-so-tempted to add more insult to that, call her out for this heinous behavior- but he doesn't. He already has, and it doesn't do anything.

He does adress the rest of her statements, at this point. "Oh, please. You wanted this to be private? Absolutely not. We'll fight, and then we'll go on our seperate ways. Think I'd prefer fighting you like this- Will cause less of a buzz.. Regardless, I know who you are. The face doesn't matter" Steve steps further into the grassy field, beginning to stretch out his body for a minute or two. "But it is ultimately your decision." He scoffs, finishing by elaborating one of the earlier subjects.

"And fighting outside is nicer anyways, why'd I want to go to a stuffy gym?"

The shapeshifted succubus stretches her own limbs out as she sashays over opposite Steve, marking out her own place in preparation for the coming throwdown. The usual expectation is that a fighter preparing to engage in combat would look more focused, but the redhead looks more relaxed as she readies to rumble.

"Think about it, Stevie. I know you weren't conscious for the part where Mitsu-chan literally /wiped her shoes/ on my /face,/ but I'm sure that she's gloated all about it to you. It's what I would've done, and we're so alike, we could practically be sisters."

She gives Steve a challenging look, fixing her green gaze on him as if anticipating his protest in advance.

"And, you're right - I got her right where I wanted her, made her hurt the way she made /me/ hurt. I was ready to let her go, once I had my piece de resistance - the picture to commemorate it all with. My original plan involved rescuing you /myself,/ with that being the price for my help, but that damned Disney bot had to meddle. A little diplomacy, and it would've been a total victory, but instead, I ended up with a pyrrhic one."

She snorts disdainfully.

"Heck, you might even frame it as a victory for the 'good guys.' It's not exactly the feel-good finale I wanted. Do you know how much work I put into that? It's not easy method acting as Miss 'Mommy-Mitsu-never-had' for months on end."

The woman seems to be letting off heat - literally - as she rambles on the subject. Fortunately, no one seems to be paying too much attention to the pair, just yet.

"I thought all boxers loved stuffy gyms - but I'm good with open spaces~ We'll do it right here, then. I'll change as needed - let's see if you can make me break a sweat~"

She cocks her head to one side.

"So... you ready for me, Stevie?~"

"She did.. what?!" Apparently, that little detail was unknown to Steve- And he is apparently not very happy about her doing something like that. "Nice self-consciousness there, your majesty." The boxer raises a brow, though then they furrow again- While Lyraelle answers his question- Well, he did ask, and he expected an answer he wouldn't like. Though he manages to... not blow up, for now. He'll save that for his punches. "I see. Thanks for the answer. I have some regrets about turning that into a fight when it didn't have to be, yet.. It still felt right. Though- are you serious? A 'feel-good' finale? After what you pulled?" Some of the anger is there, but it's more passive.

"I'm as ready as can be- Heads up." He warns his opponent, rising from his stretches. Waiting just a second or two more to make sure she's ready- before dashing in to close the distance. He hopes to gain an advantage, and then keep it! Attempting to sock the demoness in the chin with a left straight- Which would swiftly combo into his other fist hooking into her stomach once- Reeling it back before slamming it in for a second time, all in a swift motion! "Take that!"

COMBATSYS: Steve has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Steve            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Steve            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0         Lyraelle

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Steve's Vanguard Rush.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Steve            0/-------/------<|===----\-------\0         Lyraelle

The scarlet-haired shifter takes on the faintest hint of a poised edge as Steve calls for the heads up. Her posture still isn't quite what most would consider a 'fighting stance' - shoulders low, one hip cocked to the side, arms held at a low ready, fingers apart - but there's an intentionality and tension through her frame as her green-eyed gaze cools and rests on Steve's own.

She doesn't move until he does - and when she does, it's with preternatural alacrity, her left arm snapping up blindingly fast to deflect the left straight, a slight lean and redirection causing it to fly past her pale face. The second punch hooks in toward her gut, demanding a quick and awkward catch from her right hand as she bends her arm. The third blow slips her guard, finding the she-demon's soft core - but even as it tastes flesh, she's already hopping back from the engagement; it's a grazing hit at best.

"I meant feel-good for me, Stevie," she says with a sardonic smile, before raising her left leg up as if to load a side kick - only to instead jab the spiked heel of her black boot down at the shin of Steve's lead leg with sudden, potentially painful force!


COMBATSYS: Steve blocks Lyraelle's Light Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Steve            0/-------/-----<<|===----\-------\0         Lyraelle

"Tsch-" For a moment, it looked like she was too late to block- but such an assumption would only work against a more equal opponent. She can move faster then a human of his caliber- And that's trouble. A lot of trouble. The heel-jab gets cocked- Frutratingly, too low to guard against with one's arms. Instead, Steve decides to instead meet her leg half-way, raising his front leg and throwing it to the side: The result of which being her foot being pushed aside, and most harm avoided- Stopping the Demoness's supernatural strength is straining no matter what, however

"Of course- I'm surprised that I thought otherwise." The boxer responds, jolting out his front arm! It is aimed at wrapping iself around the woman's chest to apply a crushing force as he'd trap her against his own body: In such close proximity that defending or attacking is a uncomfortable venture. His other hand was already put in the right position, close by her stomach! Repeatedly, he performs a short body-blows with that hand; excellent force behind very short motion he is allowed. He would repeat the punch fourfold, or however many Lyraelle would allow before breaking free!

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle interrupts Violent Clinching from Steve with Infernal Majesty.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Steve            1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1         Lyraelle

"Something you'll learn about me, Stevie -"

Lyraelle - or at least, the redhead whose form she almost certainly occupies at present - starts to say as Steve jolts out his lead arm. She seems to take it as another punch, swiftly twirling to avoid it, but she suddenly finds herself wrapped in the boxer's grip and trapped against him.

"- I'm really mostly interested in - oh, that's hot," she says as his arm applies crushing force to her, her green eyes flashing at the intimacy.

"Change your mind - mmmph!"

The other hand hammers into her stomach, eliciting a grunt of pain. It pounds into her again, repeatedly, as he unleashes what would seem a passionate hatred into her.

She twists and flinches at first, seeming in genuine pain, but as she gains control, she starts to grunt and cry out in a somewhat more evocative manner. The boxer would be able to feel the rising body heat rolling off of the redhead - as if the assault were being interpreted in a different manner than intended.


There's only a moment of warning - black holes smouldering through the cotton top, the smell of burning leather - before the demonette erupts, a green, sulfuric conflagration bursting out from her body and engulfing them both as he holds her close. If self-preservation instinct isn't enough to break Steve out of the grapple, the sudden, violent outstretching of the demonette's tattooed and supernaturally strong arms would do so.

As the infernal corona dies down, the shapeshifted succubus is left standing beneath the burning boughs of the tree above, the grass beneath her black heeled boots smouldering to cinders with a lingering smell of brimstone. The last bits of her top and trousers blow away in the breeze as she's left in what previously served as undergarments; a cropped black zipped bandeau that appears to be of a leather-like material and matching high-cut shorts of stretchier fabric. Whatever they're made of, they appear to have been designed, like her usual outfit, to withstand the Demon Queen's fiery personality.

As she laces her fingers over her head, flaunting her form, she turns her eyes to her opponent.

"Like my outfit? Thought I'd wear it - just in case," she says, winking - though there's a bit of a grimace as she does; bruises can be seen forming on her bare midriff from the body blows before.

Her expression becomes more focused as she drops back into a fighting stance.

"Like I was saying - I'm really mostly interested in my own narrative~"

Steve's expression is one of annoyance, as the succubus once again does her usual rotation of teasing and implying. But he did hit her! At least to a certain degree, that hurt. The knowledge that he can do damage to her is knowledge that is emboldening.

Though, then she starts releasing the heat- The boxer gets engulfed! He does let go, though is quickly pushed away further by Lyraelle's push. The emerald flames lick at, and stick to his clothes: Although he manages to pat them away before they could really schorch away his own attire. Now that she is dressed.. rather more distractingly, Steve Fox does his best not to look away from her eyes. "Of course. Almost all crappy are selfish." He shoots back, simply- Opting to concentrate on the fight, rather then contribute further in the vocal wars.

The Englishman dashes in low, swinging his toward Lyraelle with a short uppercut: The gut, again! He uses the advantage the first strike hopefull garnered him to reel back his second fist, launching out a second uppercut- Wider, this time. Aimed at socking the demoness straight in the chin to blow her far through the air!

COMBATSYS: Steve successfully hits Lyraelle with Rocket Launcher.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Steve            0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Lyraelle

A pout pulls at Lyraelle's lips as Steve derides her as selfish.

"You can hardly call me selfish, Stevie. I took the time to... hey, now!"

The British boxer is already rushing in again, heedless of the woman's words and wiles - catching her off-guard with his refusal to bend to her rhythm. He's coming in fast - fast enough for the shapeshifter to shed another layer in her attempts to defend herself. Two leathery black wings sprout from her shoulder blades in a split second, attempting to beat and lift her up and away from Steve's oncoming fists - but the first uppercut catches her in her already-battered belly, causing her to fold inward and falter with a pained expression on her face. The second and more devastating blow blasts her in the chin, sending her skyward not of her own accord, but on Steve's terms. Cindered leaves and burnt branches snap and fly as the Demon Queen crashes through, black and red streaks drawn across her bared flesh by the time that she falls back down to the earth below, landing on her hands and knees and coughing.

"Jesus, Stevie - I didn't know I'd got you that worked up."

She pulls herself up, holding her bruised ribs as blood trickles from her split lip.

"Guess I'll have to... hit my climax fast, if you're just gonna go all out like that!"

Then, with a surge of speed, she lunges forward - wings opening as she tries to swoop shoulder-first into Steve, attempting to capture him around the waist and carry him up through the foliage above. If she succeeds, she would proceed to spin around and hurl him bodily back to Earth, letting out a furious cry as she'd raise her hand palm-open over her head - gathering a massive green fireball of infernal chi above her hand, the glow enough to override the sun's tint with viridian hues. She'd then send the ball of balefire hurtling down toward the boxer, attempting to engulf him - and much of the square - with her hauntingly familiar essence!

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Steve with #Royal Decree - Banishment#.
- Power hit! -

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Steve            1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0         Lyraelle

Yes- yes! That was a very potent strike. He can see the demoness reeling. In fact, he was so innerly jubliant- That Lyraelle's counterattack went undected until it was too late. As such, he gets shoulder'd, lifted and tossed! "Uwaaaaah!!" Yelling out in pain and surprise. But that was only a small fraction of what was to come...

Because it's the fucking sun again.

Indeed, the very same attack that send him to his defeat in their first battle. Heading his way, strong as ever. That terrifying, familiar heat- It comes close, as a horrified scream gets muffled by the sun. It carries him all the way downward, searing his body- clothes, everything with it's heat. The nearby grass and trees get schorched and blackened, the few spectators running away in terror. And Steve was at the center of it all, before all of it explodes--

By the end of it, Steve is left laying in a blackened pile, tatters of clothing surrounding his form- His undies entirely intact, of course. *Cough, Cough* "Bloody hell..." After that eloquent display of the british language, he manages to stumble to his feet! Injured, very injured. His movements shaky with burns all over his body. He remains wordless, instead deciding to engage in a stumbly dash toward Lyraelle once more! He is utterly, solely dedicated to seeing her fall.

And is this guy into stomachs?

Because yet again, he attempts to sink a pair of alternating hooks into the Demon queen's gut.. They come out with incredible swiftness, considering his state.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Steve's Wildman EX.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Steve            0/-------/----===|>>>>>--\-------\0         Lyraelle

Though the full extend of their power wouldn't be able to slip through, the two hooks are proceeded by a third- Reeled back further and hitting harder! Finally, he would lean back his arm all the way, before punching it straight forward in an attempt to blow back the demoness!

In battles past, Lyraelle has often been seen to gloat over the carnage wrought by what's seen by most as her supreme attack - and also over this one. This time, though, there is no self-satisfied smirk as the fireball envelops Steve - only a breathless, dazed air as her chest heaves, the sound of her inhalations more ragged than usual for the damage dealt to her ribcage. She hovers slowly downward, sinking toward the ground.

It's only when she sees that Steve has been reduced to a state of dress similar to her own that she allows herself a small, triumphant smile.

"Well, at least if I have to leave Mitsu-chan alone, I'll have the memory of this view to cherish, Stevie~" the wicked temptress taunts teasingly as Steve struggles back to his feet.

The fistfighter is far from finished, though - even the stumbling dash is dangerous, and though her grace doesn't betray it, she can sense that she's on the metaphorical ropes herself. She doesn't remember Steve being quite as threatening as this during their first encounter - though perhaps that was because Mitsuru was guilty of friendly fire.

Maybe her stomach is her weak spot?

The thought of some meme artist comparing her to King Hippo drives the demonette back into focus, scowling as Steve throws the first hook.

"I see why they call it 'boxing clever, Stevie!" she snaps as her hands fly with lightning speed to intercept the hooks, surrendering the offensive to try and mitigate his blows as best she can, wings drifting her backward but not quite keeping her out of reach of Steve's fists.

"But I've got you downloaded!"

Her right hand flicks up to catch the third hook, drawing a half-wince - then both hands come together to block the final, more telegraphed blow. This one sends her hurtling back through the air, but in controlled fashion, the succubus insisting upon the separation as she shakes her sore arms out.

"Maybe I'll let you... give me ideas!"

The red-haired hellion plants her boots on the scorched earth, then pushes off in a forward flip - as if leaping over Steve to reposition and outflank him with her supernatural speed. Instead of landing on the other side, though, as she comes out of her flip in what some fighting circuit analysts term 'the cross-up,' her wings suddenly swing violently forward - just as her hips are roughly level with Steve's chest - causing her to plow backwards, aiming to knock the boxer down with her shorts-clad bottom (now strangely wreathed with crackling blue lightning) and pin him underneath her.

Should she succeed in doing so, she'd attempt to hook his legs with her arms to keep him in place as a black, spaded tail slithers from the base of her spine like a serpent, intent on wrapping around Steve's nearest arm and capturing it. If that should succeed, Steve would feel his energy start to slip away, drained by the succubus' insidious appendage...!

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Steve with Royal Requisition - Dark Queen's Throne.

[                             \  < >  /////////                     ]
Steve            1/-----==/=======|=------\-------\0         Lyraelle

"Ghhh-" He grunts, as his assault is weathered with excellent precision. Not to mention that Lyraelle is teasing- annoying him all the while. He tries out to drown out the downright grating noise of her voice.. But when his assault is finished, the boxer is left heaving breathlessly. Slumping over somewhat, and only able to watch as the demon queen makes the flip. He attempted to spin his body around, use his trained arms to intercept her backside, but the energy just isn't there- And he gets toppled. "Not- this again..." He mutters, lying on his stomach- unmoving, while the Succubus's tail slithers and wraps around his left arm.

And he feels so weak...

His energy is sucked away, his head feeling drowsy as his body goes limp.

It seemd that was it, when Lyraelle would finish her attack. Atleast for a second or three, he lay still. "NOT YET." He would suddenly yell out, unfortunately also surging the purpose of telegraphing his attack: He surges to his feet in a burst of unnatural speed. Closing whatever distance might be between him, and his K.O- His arm shoots out to wrap around Lyraelle's head, before the other fist twists out to hook her in the temple. This would cause momentary disorientation, which the boxer would use to- again- sink a deep, gut-punch into the woman's battered stomach. Assuming a hit, the Demon Queen would find herself lifted up -on- his fist, carried with as the Brit swings it over to his other side, to slam her into the floor!

But, it wouldn't last. Almost right after making the slam, he would collapse- And, unfortunately for him: It would be a collapse into dreamland, his consciousness fading.

COMBATSYS: Steve can no longer fight.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Steve successfully hits Lyraelle with Gut Wrencher EX.

[                          \\\\  <
Lyraelle         0/-------/=======|

The scarlet-haired succubus is breathing heavily atop Steve as she recovers from the exertion of her own attack. The bruises on her stomach start to fade slightly as Steve's siphoned essence is used to restore her own form.


"Enh? Oh, come-"

The black wings beat, tail untangling itself from Steve's arm as she tries to flee her perch. Curved black horns grow rapidly from the sides of her head in an attempt to protect it as Steve's limb wraps around it.

"Urgh! Why -"

The demonette demands to know moments before the battered boxer bashes his fist into her forehead. Then, another, ultimate blow to her midsection lifts her off her feet, before flipping her over and carrying her down to the blackened grass, her whole body rocking with the jolt of impact. She groans as her green eyes stare up at the sky, the viridian tinge of her flames fading to blue as the last of the little fires burn themselves out.

Steve lurches into view above her.

"N-no... d-dammit..."

A moment later, he collapses down on top of her.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle exercises her royal prerogative of non-action.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle can no longer fight.

"Yea', we caught em' half-naked in a pile. Seems they worn themselves out.."

"B-Bweah?" Steve wakes up. Groggily, he opens his eyes. Head hurting like hell.. The back of a car?! "O-Oh, blimey.. wha?!" apparently, he is not alone in the backseat, quickly realizing that his head was resting on Lyraelle's shoulder. "Ghr-" He pulls away, only provoking another burst of head-ache!

"Hey, you. You're finally awake." The cop moves away from her conversation with a partner- A woman with a red ponytail and freckles, in around her late 20's. "The two of you made quite the bloody scene- Darn martial artists.." She grumbles, seemingly having a bit of a personal dislike for such people. "We're gonna be takin' you down to the Nick. No use strugglin, two of you look terrible anyways.. Not that you'd manage, cause, well.." The lady lazily gestures at the handcuffs, binding them to the car. "Blast!" Steve exclaims in frustration. "Two of you are under arrest for destruction of public property, disturbance of the peace.. and deviancy. You have the right to remain silent.. and all that."

Redhead goes through the motion, seemingly rather disinterested. The boxer meanwhile, decides to just lean back in his seat and go with it- No use making another scene.

Steve turns to Lyraelle, saying. "Blimey, that's just great-"

Meanwhile, sitting in the back seat next to Steve, Lyraelle's red-haired alter-ego is propping herself with an elbow against the door and scowling. The wings and horns are gone; apparently she managed to hide those at some point - otherwise, fitting into the backseat of the cop cruiser might have been difficult. When Steve turns to look at her, she smirks and wiggles her head, before sticking her tongue out at him. It's hard to tell whether she's being annoyed or triumphant in her petulant manner.

Perhaps it's both.

"You can't blame him for being snoozy; we were really going at it, there. I'll probably be feeling it all week."

She winks at Steve so that the cop can see in the rearview, though there's a hidden half-grimace as she stretches her back and brushes her fingers against her badly bruised middle. Even the Demon Queen's supernatural healing hasn't managed to alleviate the damage, yet.

"Stevie didn't destroy any public property, though - can't we work something out, here? Doesn't Her Majesty have fighter insurance?"

She leans over toward Steve, making eyes at him as she does - though she can't really get in his space without consent, given the fact that she's cuffed to her own door.

'We need to talk,' she mouths, covering her lips from the view of the mirror - while making a flirtatious invitation with her eyes. Whether that's for the benefit of the officers or genuine would be up to Steve's interpretation.

"D-Don't make this worse then it already is.." Steve responds to her, at her... suggestive comment. Redhair shrugs, and scratches her head. "Well.. Such a confession would alleviate the charges against 'Stevie'. Such laws would only apply if it'd be a cordoned off for fights such as these, unfortunately- So you ain't in luck." Steve looks somewhat surprised as the succubus defends him, but he rolls with it, before whispering. "Thank you, and yeah- We should." The cop raises a brow, though decides upon not interfering.

The boxer though, rolls his eyes at her motions. He's not planning to respond to her flirtations. "Thanks, officer- you are doing excellent work." He winks, but redhair seems unamused.

A second officer, a portly middle-aged man, steps into the driver's seat. Fidgeting with the keys before the engines shake to a start.

"Whell, letsh get goin.." The man says, with a lisp.

The scarlet-haired seductress pouts at Steve when he rolls his eyes at her, but he's at least close enough to whisper - and the coppers don't seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to the pair. She lowers her voice to a conspiratorial volume, eyes flitting to the rearview as she speaks. Her expression suggests that she's still flirting with him, though her words don't necessarily match that - or her sultry tone.

"Looks like things turned out a little differently than either of us were hoping for," she says, her voice low. "So, we're going to have to discuss what this little simultaneous situation means for our wager. I guess it means that either we both get a demand, or neither of us does."

She brushes her hair back behind her ear, shifting her shoulders as she poses as best she can as if having a discreet bit of banter with a romantic liaison.

"As for our current predicament, I have a good lawyer. So, it's your choice - are we sticking around for the end of the line, or are we getting off at the next light? I'm sure you can guess which one I'd prefer, seeing as I'm the one who's incognito - but if you want me to play nice, you're gonna owe me."

"They did. I vote for the former option."

Both get a demand, huh? He says it shortly, and simply. The cop behind the wheel is not paying much attention, instead just listening to the radio. Steve continues a whisper, frustrated. "Escape if you want- I'm not about to run, I mean: You can just fly off back home, but I -bloody- live here. Ain't gonna work for me. They already know who I am, regardless.."

"I really don't want to owe you though- Feel like you're about to use that to undermine me when we finally negotiate about the demands. So I don't want your help, but I'm staying put." He scoffs, and finally hisses.

"I'm not gonna let you put me in a chokehold for something -you- pulled."


The red-haired succubus seems to accept Steve's preference with a thoughtful sound and look. So, he'd be willing to consider an open-ended request for Mitsuru's protection. She finds her heart strangely warmed by the thought. What the hell?

"Don't worry. I'm not gonna bust us out of this if you're not into it. As for the representation? Fine. It's free. I insist."

Her green eyes gleam as she smiles a cat-like smile at Steve.

"We'll call it remuneration for showing a bored succubus a good time. Fishing for favours is just a personal instinct - like a reflex, really. Comes with the devil-dealing territory. No chokeholds necessary - at least, not till next time we have a rematch."

Her smile turns a bit smirkish again - strangely, she seems entirely relaxed about the predicament that the pair find themselves in. She lounges toward the door, raising her legs up onto the seat -

"Oi, no footsies back there," one of the cops says.

"Sorry, officer~" she says, before putting her heels back on the floor. Her voice drops again. "As for something /I/ pulled? I distinctly remember suggesting we find somewhere more private. We wouldn't have wound up getting 'nicked' if you'd been caught on top of me topless in a gym - probably, anyway. So, since you wouldn't play along before, I suggest you play along now - I'm Roisin, your blind date from FightersOnly. We met at the cafe, then decided to have a little rough play in the park, 'cause we're both into that. Things got out of hand, but nobody got hurt - other than the fact I'll probably be peeing blood from here till Tuesday."

She bats her eyelashes at Steve, a warm look in her eyes - likely, again, for the benefit of the officers up front.

"We both hope to see each other again, and will be grateful to my cousin Lyraelle for posting our bail and legal fees."

She cocks her head to one side.

"Sound fair?"


Steve meets her in the eye.. before, smiling. "Th-Thank you." It seems genuine, if begruding. "A rematch, huh? Not sure I see that happening any time soon. Though the fight was, well- It was a good fight." He admits, scratching his head with the free hand.

"Yeah. You ain't wrong, I was. Lets split responsibility for that- Me for the crappy choice of locale, you for.. throwing a sun." Steve sighs softly, just out of earshot for the copper. "Bloody- I'll play along. Also- ouch, sorry about that.." The 'peeing blood' comment is a rather awful one, and even though it's probably a joke.. he feels sympathetic.

And he hates that!

"Yeah, sounds fair. More then, actually.." The Englishman admits as such. "Guess the only thing I'll have to deal with is another barrage of rumors.. Afraid the press will eat up such a story- Gah, I'm used to it by now." Though he shakes his head.

"Disgraced boxer turns to deviancy in a public park?!"

"Hey, it can't be any worse than the rumours out there already," 'Roisin' says with a wink to Steve as she relaxes against the back seat, resting her head. The vehicles aren't exactly meant to make things comfortable for those who get taken for rides in them. "Besides... I have a cousin who's interested in 'controversial' fighting talent. Maybe she'll be interested in getting you into some real matches."

She closes her eyes and draws in a deep breath through her nostrils - wincing a little, though she seems to try to hide the fact as she exhales.

"Anyway, I'm knackered; think I'll take a little kip on the way to the Yard - thanks again for the good time, hon'~"

With that, the shapeshifting she-devil seems to drift off, apparently careless for all the chaos of the situation. Then again, in London traffic, it's probably going to be a long ride.

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