Velvet Blue - Down the Rabbithole

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Description: Velvet Blue invites Tsinghua Tao over to the newly renovated Gold Lounge for some conversation, and to check up on how the poor kid is doing.

Tsinghua Tao had returned to his room, after being chewed out by the Taskmaster, ms. Yao- What a strange conversation that was. He avoided punishment, with her reasoning being:

'I want to see where this is going'

Frustratingly vague, as that woman tends to be. Laying on his back on his simple, white-sheeted bed, he got to thinking. The sorceress had always been incredibly strict, why did she let him off now? She seemed amused by his words. As he came up with theories and consideratings, he suddenly felt something- He felt something thin, and narrow pressing against his chest, out of his robes. "I don't remember leaving any.." The boy digs through, before retrieving that small card. It's an invitation! An invitation to the gold lounge, and to meet with Velvet Blue. They saved him not once, but twice! Yet the Estate still insisted on calling him out as a villain.

The boy really couldn't agree with that- But those where thoughts he exclaimed toward Velvet last time they met. He feels bad about doing that, in retrospect. He wants to go, clear things up.. but can he afford too?

In the end, he decided it would be worth it- He even checked with the Taskmaster- Tsinghua thought he would be pushing his luck, but the woman waved it off with an amused smirk. "How terrible- Going back to such an corruptive influence. But I will allow it, as long as it does not interfere with your tasks. And eventually, eventually you will see that I was right."

It was a chilling response, but Tsinghua took the opportunity regardless. A few days later, Tsinghaa would find himself in Southtown after a meeting with the sleazy mr. Ming. And the boy would visit the Gold Lounge- He had the whole afternoon and evening free! Following the directions he makes his way through the city streets, reaching the entrance and stepping inside while looking about nervously..

It's been a little while, since his last visitation.. Will everything still be the same?

As it turned out, everything was NOT quite the same in the Gold Lounge. As our plucky friend Mr. Tsinghua Tao would be finding out, as soon as he stepped up to where he thought the door might be, a literal trap-door opened beneath his feet--a golden light shining from within--and he might find himself spiraling down a... slide? A super fun happy slide?!

Once the light was gone, Tsinghua might find himself deposited on... a couch? he's not in familiar territory, to be sure, he's inside the newly renovated Gold Lounge--the slide had sent him down a chute which deposited him right into the club, in the VIP area, no less--on the blue suede L-shaped sofa just opposite the red velvet one--which was currently empty.

"Well well well, what do we have here..." Velvet Blue is standing near the stage, grinning a little, standing there dressed in what looked like a black robe, stepping closer with the blue spaded tail snaking around just beneath the hem of it.

"I was wondering when you were going to... drop by," Vel lifts the robe open, revealing they're clad in one of their long black form-fitting suits, with the fur ruff around the shoulders--the boots are long, dark and end in off-white/silvery platform heels, high heeled and exquisitely shaped.



A sequence of telling vocal noises, yelping out while sliding down! Is he being kidnapped?! Was ms. Yao right all along?! *thump* But thankfully, he lands on the soft couch- moving his hand over his chest as he breathes in and out heavily out of the suspense and fear he briefly felt! "Phoo, phoo- Was, was that required, good sir Velvet?" He still looks shaky, as he attempts to relax himself in his seat. This time around, the boy was dressed in his pristine white Hanfu robes- It gave off a sense of purity. Quite a contrast with Velvet's black bodysuit!

"That.. really.. frightened me.." The boy comments, before standing up- and bowing in a rather tense fashion. "G-Good evening, mr. Velvet. Thank you kindly for your invitation. You.. uhm, made quite the adjustments to your establishment."

"Did that surprise you? I thought we might try the new VIP entrance," Velvet snickered, waving it off. "Actually no, that was just a little gag of mine, waving to Tsinghua. "I thought you might like to come see me since you were just on TV, I heard there was a kind of upset when you were against that Dizzy girl, yes? And you'd be right, I had the interior refurnished," Velvet stands before Tsinghua, looking at the smaller boy on the sofa, his expression suddenly softening.

"I wasn't sure if you'd come back here, to be honest, the way you left last time..." he sighed a bit, his blue tail flicking around behind him, the starfield pattern on the boots a contrast to the rest of the black suit. As Tsinghua rose to bow, Velvet nodded, offering a hand to Tsing. Did... did he mean to shake, or for Tsing to kiss...?!

It's those boots again!

Tsinghua looks at them while bowing, for a solid second. . Just as mesmerizing as they were the first time. "W-Well, yes. That's quite right.. I might talk more about that later.." But for now, they are still in the starting parts of this conversation, and Velvet's hand is reached out. He looks internally a little puzzled at that, but ultimately- decides on kneeling, before making the courteous gesture of a swift peck on the hand's backside. It is a procedure he is familiar with, certain contacts wished to be greeted in that way- So for the boy, it's not a weird thing. He is a little confused Velvet would have him do that though.. Or that's what he thinks, at least.

"He rises back to his feet, looking up to look the Darkstalker in the eyes. "...Yes, I am sorry about how I acted last time, Velvet, Truly. I duplicated the things I had heard from my masters- But.. I have come to a bit of a realization." He speaks, looking down- still a bit nervous at the concept.

"I have come to realize that I do not have to agree with everything- As long as I perform my duties, and be thankful for what they have granted me. That should be fine."

Vel seems a little surprised that the boy actually went for that bit of coy bait--which it likely was, though Velvet was internally relieved to see the boy--more than he wanted or was capable of expressing right now, it seemed he still couldn't help but be a bit of a flirt.

"It's delightful to see, Young Tao, might you like a seat? Velvet gestures to the red seat behind him, that seems to be reserved for him, looking back at Tsinghua with a bit of a grin. The darkstalker entertainer/vigilante was in some minimal makeup--just lipstick, at the moment, nothing too heavy.

"You have won some measure of freedom from them? And they allow this?" he raised the dark-nail tipped hand that Tsinghua kissed and used it gently raise the boy's chin so their gazes met. "And how does this make you feel?" the yellow cat-like eyes of the darkstalker queen stared right back into his.

"I.. Don't get me wrong, Velvet- I am foremost still loyal to the Estate. Yet, I had a conversation with my overseer a few days ago." He begins, looking rather uncomfortable as Velvet raises up his chin- He'd prefer not to be touched. Not saying much of it, he continues. "It was strange- It was as usual, she threathened me with being.. disciplined again, after the outcry that that miserable SNF caused. But then... I spoke up. I verbally disagreed with her.."

"But she found that funny, and that scares me." A shiver runs down the boř's spine. "Eventually, she decided on giving me the freedom to do what I wish outside of my duty's. Too 'see what will happen'."

Peering into Velvet's yellow eyes- He sighs. "And I am unsure what to think of that, Velvet- It feels a little like.."

"A trap.."

The bat-eared performer is of course able to sense the boy's discomfort--it is like a string plucked on a violin in his aura, so the hand is dropped from his chin quite quickly.

"I realize you are very dutiful and honor bound to your house," the way Vel said it though seemed to imply he disapproved of their strict, punishing ways, as he stepped back and was able to wordlessly sweep the young messenger boy along with him--sliding his tail over to the opposite side, so that Tsinghua would have space next to Velvet on the red sofa.

"It could be, for both you and me, but I am dedicated in finding some relief for you from your situation... if you wish it," Velvet sighed and leaned back on the sofa, crossing their legs, his arms resting along the top and back part of the sofa, probably nearer to Tsing than he'd prefer, but Velvet was not paying attention this exact moment.

"I didn't think you might come back, to be honest--at least not after I saw your new necklace," Velvet gestured with a black nailed finger to the spot on his chest where Sybil's pendant had once lain on his own.

And there he sits, next to the Darkstalker- One of their arms behind the boy's head. Tsinghua is sitting a fairly 'closed' way, his legs pressed tightly against eachother with his hands held together over his legs. Simply put- he looks tense! "I think that relief would be nice- Thank you, Velvet. I am glad to be here, unfamiliar as the place may be.." He admits, truthfully- a polite smile on his face.. but.


"T-The necklace, you say? What of it?" He rubs the amulet nervously, minding his words..

"My dear, you are very tense--" Velvet realized that the closeness of his arm was probably causing this withdrawing it and laying it across his own lap, so Tsinghua could have more... space.

"Well you didn't think she had you wear it for no reason, did you," Vel grinned a little, sliding the opposite way on the sofa, so that even more of a divide can be created between the two. "Were you told what it was for? I suspect not," he sighed, clicking his tongue, briefly inspecting his nails in a kind of vainglorious fashion.

"It does look a bit cute on you, all the same, I suppose..." he looked over at the messenger boy, tilting his head.

"Would you like anything to drink while you're here, by the way?"

"Ah- Thank you, Velvet." The boy says, at the fact of more room being made for him, but the seriousness of this conversation is not lost to him. "Eeeh- I am not sure what you are talking about, Velvet." In the meanwhile, he fetches a piece of paper and pen from his chest pockets, before writing onto it: 'She'll hear. Can't talk. I know what it does, she forced me to wear it.' Amusingly enough, Tsinghua is unaware of this fact- But the amulet is not even connected to Sybil any longer. It is connected to Raiden, rather- It has been for a week or two, now. "The one who gave the amulet is very kind, Velvet." After all that, his voice doesn't show any hint of lying! It seems quite forthright, if anything.

But the boy blushes a little at the compliment. "Th-thank you, Velvet. And, I think I would like some juice- or water, if the former is unavailable. I can.. go and get it myself- I wouldn't want you to trouble yourself, or that kind lady with the bunny-ears.."

"I see," Velvet took the slip of paper wordlessly, and read it over. Huh, he didn't expect the boy to know, perhaps they figured they were not told of it's purpose. Apparently Sybs had done at least that.

"Well, I'll take your word for it," he then grinned, resting his chin against a hand, elbow propped against his knee as he peered over at the boy.

Velvet is still grinning a little, watching Tsing squirm--even if he wasn't trying to make him do so, at least not all the time.

"Oh no, you'd not be a trouble to /me/," Velvet claps his hands and another of the waitstaff--not Cinnamon, the bunny eared lady steps around. "A glass of orange juice for my guest--nothing in it, mind, thank you," Vel had to specify, unless they assumed it was a mixed drink of sorts.

"So, tell me--what does your newfound freedom feel like?" the girl would be around with the juice shotly.

Phew, crisis averted- He thought.. Even though there wasn't any to begin with. "Th-Thank you, m'am." Tsinghua said toward the waitstaff, greeting her with with a quick nod. "How it feels..? I'm not quite sure yet. This is the first time I've taken advantage of it- I still need to be very careful, I realize.. I find it more chilling then comforting." he says, sadly. "Since it's Madam Yao's sole discretion to decide how to proceed. I feel like she's rather.. fickle. I'm afraid she'll change her mind at the worst possible moment, and blame me for it then." Tsinghua explained.

"But nontheless, I am rather thankful- I got lucky. I made a big mistake, and I barely have to pay for it. I don't think that's fair, but I am happy about it." He speaks, nodding. "But these events only make me more afraid of slipping up, you see.. I will have nothing to fall back on, when that happens."

"In a way, it feels more restrictive.." The messenger is speaking from the top of his head, venting- He had not been able to talk about this yet. "For now, I will keep my head down and be careful- I will have to wait and see how this develops." He looks at his friend, smiling warmly. "Forgive, we have been talking about me almost exclusively. I would like to ask, how have you been faring? Any interesting developments in your life?"

"I see, I'm worried for you, you seem to be tugged in everywhich way, except the path you might want to take in life," Velvet sighed, giving a nod to the waitress as she came back with Tsing's cold orange juice. It was probably served in a soda glass.

"Buffeted every which way, it reminds me of when I was younger, I felt quite a lot like that," he looks over at Tsing. "Well that's not true, you'll always have your friends like myself," he waggled a finger, giving a small smile. "Don't think you're completely alone in this life," he leaned back, keeping his arms curled in front of himself, thinking about it.

"I've had to take a few side jobs with some friends of mine, since I wanted to make sure this place was stable, financially--I wound up spending less time out on the streets, or hunting down creatures, not that I suspect there is many left nowadays..." he means after the invasion by Volkov, that is. In a way, it seems sort of wistful--asides from a few scattered werewolves or vampires that had gone to ground there probably wasn't that many troublemakers about.

The boy gives the waitress yet another nod, as he graciously excepts the cold juice. He carefully takes a sip, enjoying the sweet, yet somewhat acidic flavor. "I admit.. it is complicated. A lot of people want me to do different things, yet all of those requests comes out of the same place. My duties. And I remain adamant in doing them." The boy explains. "This is what I want to be doing, at least for now- And... And I think that that is my own decision.. I mean, where would I go otherwise?"

Tsinghua contemplates, being somewhat comforted by Velvet's words. "Thank you, Si Rong. I suppose that your words helped me.. stand up for myself. There has been someone else too. Daichi- A tanuki. He.. I liked that person. But I accidentally made him angry, and I hope he'll want to meet with me again. He also told me to take more control, assured me that I need to make my own decisions... And even Eagle Lass. Amongst all that chaos, she told me things were not my fault. That too, was comforting." He looks rather happy as he talks about all that. "O-Oh, yes. I was still in training when those terrible events occured. I am glad you are not anymore stuck in clearing the aftermath of those events. The place looks nice, Velvet. Focusing your efforts onto here sounds like a fantastic venture."

"Maybe we should have gotten you apple juice instead--I watched a video that said orange juice is kind of mostly sugar... eh," Velvet waves it off, watching the boy drink the juice. He was already starting to hen peck and feel like a parent, over here.

"Well that's simple, where ever you'd want to go--you might need to find some kind of suitable employment, or someone that'd be willing to take you in till you can find something to do, in between SNFs or Midnight channels--they do pay, of course," Velvet shrugged a little. "I wouldn't mind looking after you either, though I'm not sure if you'd be comfortable with that," he grinned a bit.

"As for monster hunting, I don't mind it--I actually... kinda liked it, at times, at least when I didn't have to fight anyone intelligent," a beat, "You know--I mean, like you and me, a vampire that's been haunting an area for a while and won't leave is easy to put the lid on for a while, I don't particularly mind doing stuff like that when they're just being a pain, in the ass or neck or otherwise," he laughed a little, sighing again. "Around here it's just lot of gangster types, not nearly as interesting at times."

"But.. it tastes nice.." He protests, he will have his orange juice... and drink it too! Another good sip. "But I don't think I want to think about any of those things, Si Rong.." He comments, feeling a bit afraid at the prospect of such a change- He is resistant to it, doesn't want that to happen. There is security in his current situation, even if that doesn't mean he is always safe- He usually is though. And he'd rather take that then the uncertainty of seperating.

"Is that so, Si Rong? You must be really quite strong to consistently scare them away- defeat them. Of course, I have witnessed you first-hand in.. uh.. that one fight against the friendly Major.." The memory of that event still embarrassed him- The way he was dressed, in particular! He does not plan on a repeat of that, ever.

"I avoid fighting where I can, but I have always appericated your grace in combat--" The boy admits. "I have always told myself I hate to fight.. But I have become less sure as of late. There have been moments where I have gained actual satisfaction, -fun- out of it. And admittedly, that rather scares me- Hurting people, getting hurt. Yet, this strange, white-haired young man with glowing blue eyes showed up at my door, the other day. We talked, and ate lunch together- He told me that fighting is not something I should fear."

"I am still mulling on that conversation, but maybe he had a point..."

"Some of them I scared away, others not--and there were those that were under Kira Volkov's control that I didn't appreciate having to deal with, will just leave it at that," he cast his glance downward a little. It was not one of Vel's best moments--but it was either dispense with them or let them hurt more people, or eachother.

"Eh, to be fair, you still looked pretty cute in that swords and sandals outfit," he laughed a little, teasing Tsinghua to some extent. "And I dunno, maybe I should wear sandals more... I'm sure it'd go over well with some people," he snerked, leaning over to the side.

"Something tells me you seem to appreciate /these/ quite a bit, though," Vel uncrossed his booted feet and gestured with the one nearest Tsinghua, holding it upa nd turning it around. So sparkly~ and heeled... and oof~

"Wait what, white haired man with glowing blue eyes? Oof, tell me more~" Vel seemed like they were getting to hear some fascinating gossip here, like Tsinghua was meeting all sorts of strange guys. Which well, he was.

"Swords and sandals..?" He looks confused, blushing at the compliment- but gets yet more flustered at Velvet's next accusation! "U-uwah?! The b-boots! They are rather eye-catching is all!" He squirms to defend himself. Tsch- It's not like he would ever wear anything of the sort! "A-Ah, sorry about that, Sirong. Y-Yes, the man."

"He introduced himself as 'Peng You' That is 'friend' in chinese. While he was dressed in the Gong Estate martial disciples uniform, I most doubt that he was actually one of ours. Stranger then that, he looked young- around my age. But spoke with the wisdom of an elder. It was a downright surreal meeting."

"And I have not seen this induvidual since."

"Swords and sandals, it's a term for ancient greek or ancient rome adventure movies--you know, with all the monsters, especially?" Velvet didn't mind explaining things like this to Tsinghua, he knew the boy was a little... deprived, in some areas, of what he'd been exposed to.

"Peng you, huh?" to Velvet, that probably sounded like a bit of an insult in English, but he didn't make any sort of attempt at a comment--he wanted Tsinghua to continue with his story. "So you think they were an imposter, of some sorts? using a disguise, and trying to get close enough to you to...?" he let the question hang in the air, both to let Tsinghua think about it and to hear what he thought it might be.

"You've been working for them for how long? You'd think you'd know who works for your family, yes?" he turned a bit sideways on the sofa to look at Tsing, one arm sprawled along the back of the sofa.

"U-Uhm, I see.." He responded, at the Darkstalker's explanation of the term. He.. didn't see. Not really.

"He was enigmatic. I cannot answer your questions, but I am sure he was not truly one of the Estate. I do not know everyone- But I had never, and have not seen him since. I did consider making a report, but..." He looks downward, smiling. "It was a nice conversation- he was nice to me. He gave me advice on my woes, and even brought me my favorite fruits- Lychee's! He did not do anything else." A false statement, but one that Tsinghua could not know about.

"For the Estate? I have been in active service only since this year, but I have lived in the community my entire life. They educated me, fed me- Protected me, chose and prepared me for these duties." Tsinghua takes a good gulp of the orange juice, before leaning back into the couch. The tense posture had lessened, and he seems to slowly be relaxing more and more.

"And I will always be thankful of that- It is a debt I want to repay."

Velvet is patient with the much younger boy, he just waves it off. Tsinghua is a good kid~ it didn't really matter.

"Really, you already have strange, good looking boys you've never seen before bringing you fruits? Tsinghua, you little devil you~" Velvet teases, even making a motion of fanning himself with one hand, as if this news was far too conspiratorial and scandalous! Once the conversation turned back to the conversation of the estate, Velvet however turned a bit more serious again.

"Well, that is generally what one is expected to do for children, especially those under 18 years of age," he considered something a little, one of his ivory fang-like incisors sticking out over his lower lip, rubbing his chin.

"Though I will admit while parents have things they are obliged to do by law, at least in the west--loving you and caring for you are not always mutual--mine weren't always as accepting of the career I had wanted to take," he said with a shrug, it didn't bother him much now--he was more dismissive of it, apparently.

"H-Hey! Why do I feel like you're being weird again?!" The boy response, at Velvet's Teasing. He could tell there was some subtext he didn't fully grasp, but what that subtext was? Who knows. "W-Well, I suppose you are not wrong. Humans need a lot of care. They gave me that, in place of parents. And I think they gave me love too- at least my Sifu. He has always looked after me." He explains, his tone soft. "He can't do as much for me now that I am in active duty, but he has apperently contested the Taskmaster's plans and demands of me many times." The boy nods.

"And he even told me that I should be less 'uptight', and that I should loosen up- I found that odd. He doesn't seem to stick to our rules and traditions as tightly, anymore." For now, the boy seems to be finished talking- So time for another sip of orange juice, as he finishes the glass!

"Well of course I'm weird, dear, we're all weird here," Velvet just sort of smiled and waved it off a little, of course if one was to look down at the darkstalker's tail, one might notice it's sort of animatedly flopping about, as if Vel was excited or anxious. He is quick to turn to hide it, perhaps after becoming self-conscious of it.

"Ahem," Velvet cleared his throat before continuing, "So you had a person that raised you? Hm..." Vel might have begun to think that Tsing might have even been through a weirder time than he had, growing up--apart from the whole 'kidnapped by demons' part.

"Well, you definitely should try to relax more, you don't want to get high blood pressure when you're older, do you?" he gave Tsing a wink, and then gestured for one of the waitresses. "Are you still thirsty-ish? you really went at that glass," the empty glass would be taken to be refilled or cleaned, depending on the boy's wishes. Velvet Blue expected their hospitality to guests to be immaculate.

"Are you feeling better now at least? you are welcome here anytime you like, you know," he turned and sat back in the sofa, crossing legs again.

"W-Well, I suppose that, according to most, I would be rather 'odd' as well... I have been called a such before. I suppose it's appropriate!" Tsinghua jokes, though his neutral tone might not make that entirely obvious. "Yes. Master Chao- Well, he was not exclusively the one that Raised me- But he did a lot for me indeed."

"A-Ah, right. It was very tasty, Sirong. I think I would like some water- if that's alright." He politely asks, possibly to a waitstaff if one would approach. Afterward, he meets Velvet in the eyes and smiles. "I am, Sirong- Thank you very much. I do not have much time to visit, but I will take the opportuntity If I do have that time, and am in Southtown."

"You are great company- for tolerating my ramblings about myself. It is a little selfish of me, really.." Even though Velvet was largely asking, he feels apologetic!

"I imagine," Velvet smiled, listening to Tsinghua, some of the long dark hair of the performer sliding over his face, only to be brushed back--and tucked behind those large bat ears. He did appreciate the boy was not at odds or unnerved by his appearance, though he was not about to bring that up right now. Perhaps not for a while. Most of Vel's other 'associates' were either darkstalkers themselves or had dealt with them before, so they did not stare. Velvet liked to be stared at, but under different terms and circumstances, to be sure.

"Ice water, Saffron, if you please," he intones to the waitstaff that was helping them earlier--a somewhat short asian lady, though her skin was perhaps too pale, and her hair had a sort of blue-ish cast to it. Were all the waitresses there named after spices...? Probably weren't their real names, to be sure.

"Sirong, that is an interesting title you've given me--how were those wounds the weasel woman gave you, by the way?" he gestures with a hand to the spot on the boy's chest--under his robes. He does not try to prod them, for obvious reasons, though he does turn more to face Tsinghua--one leg tucked beneath him at an angle, the other stretching out a bit toward him.

The boy nods at Saffron. "Thank you, miss." Ever polite to the waitstaff, he is. "A-Ah, right. I suppose it sort of came to be unconciously- Si Rong is simply the word 'Velvet' in chinese, you see." He seems a bit flustered, blushing and scratching his cheek. "I will stop calling you that if you'd prefer. B-But, yes. The wounds."

Nonchalantly, he pulls apart his robes at the shoulders, revealing his upper torso and the chest. Seemingly, there are slight scars left- But the wounds have healed. "The marks used to be clearer, but they have been fading over time.. Master Chao said it was the Chi slowly restoring my body.. I am glad for that. I would not like for those wounds to leave their marks for the rest of my life."

"I like it, you're developing new names and titles for me," Velvet grinned. "As long as it's a title of affection, giving people titles is not such a laughing matter in some of the places I've been," Velvet smiles. "I will prize it however, if you wish to use it," he all but purred, seeming content like a cat with that.

"Oof, I see," Velvet leaned closer to Tsinghua and gently reached out with a dark nailed finger--coming close to but not quite touching the boy's skin as he traced the scar lines with it. "They'd have not faded nearly so quickly if not for me, but... they're mostly gone," Vel nodded and gestured for the boy to close his robe. Anymore of that and some of the other folks in the club might start cracking jokes. Though due to the position of the VIP sitting area, it was mostly obscured.

"I was very worried when you ran off soon after I used my healing technique on you," he paused, taking in a long breath. "I feel sort of like I'm boxing with shadows when people don't let me help them, or I can't help, I should say," he sighed.

He nods, and smiles. "Understood, Sirong. Thank you." He pulled back ever-so-slightly at Velvet's finger coming close, but it was more instinctual- He didn't actually mind. He had expected as much to happen. As requested, he closes his robes- Fiddling with them for a few seconds before they are worn around his body cleanly again.

"There we go- Most certainly, Sirong. You really helped me, and I am ever-grateful for that. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you in return--" He looks up a little, recalling those events with a sly smile. "Though.. I do suppose I technically already payed you back by answering your questions. In retrospect however, that was not much of a fair trade.."

"And, I will do my best to be more receptive to your aid- If it is something I agree with, at least. Our opinions differ, after all."

"Well, I don't need you to feel beholden to me, I do things because I want to--in a lot of cases, I don't expect anything in return, really," Velvet shrugs, leaning back a bit after retracting his hand. "You can't do more to return gratitude than by coming here to hang out with me," he seemed much more casual like this, his speech becoming moreso, as well.

"Opinions differing is what makes us special, and different from eachother, the worst thing I could ever think of is to be just like everyone else, on some level," he gestured to himself and then the club. "It is nice to sit down with someone who's more... well, normal, I guess, and not have them be so on guard with my presence, however," he smiled, his tail slipping out from the side of his legs, and lilting about, showing he was probably more at 'ease' or even 'happier' with how it was lilting about less anxiously.

"I see." The boy said. "You are most kind to be so humble. I will try to come 'hang out' again." It is a bit of a weird term to the boy. Hang out... what? Through context, he does understand what was being said though. "I don't mind uniformity as much- I never have. There is comfort in not standing out, for me- Well, not standing out amongst the rest of my community. Because..." He widens his arms, a gesture to divert the attention to his robes.

"These clothes are obviously far from normal. But I agree, Si Rong. I have seen you, and other 'darkstalkers' enough times to not be inherently discomforted anymore. This is a place I can feel comfortable in, if anything. And- Well.. You are certainly an interesting person, with interesting things to say. I could not say as much of the vast majority of the Estate's members.." He beams another warm smile at Velvet.

"It makes for pleasant conversation."

"So are these," Velvet took a moment to get up and stand right where Tsing could see him, obviously showing off a bit, especially the way it wrapped to the performer's form, and what the boots did to the legs and muscles. "But, I also like to make a statement, and I also like to get a rise out of people," he clears his throat, "Ahem, at times, but I understand what you mean, I used to be a lot like that--I didn't like to be really seen unless I wanted to be, I guess," he sat back down, sighing. "Course I looked a lot more 'normal' then, when I was your age, but..." he looked back at Tsinghua, straight in the eyes, this time.

"We can't sit and lament what has happened to us, in this life--we have to make the most of it, and I actually do like how I look, a lot," he grinned, even showing off those predatory or 'demonish' fangs. "At least I don't scare /you/ away, so there is that," he winked.

"Ah- Th- They certainly are.." He looks a bit embarrased when Velvet shows off. Is it the tight-fittingness? Glancing away a little, he continues. "E-Eye catching, that is. I think they fit you very well, though."

"And, I see. I do suppose it might be related to one's age.." He meets Velvet's intense stare. "R-Right. Those events. It truly sounds awful." He expresses his sympathies to Velvet again- He was informed of the generals before.

"But it is a relief you are able to find confidence in your current self, and appearence- It shows the strength to adapt. And, I agree with you. A-About how you look, that is." Tsinghua makes a compliment, although in a clumsy manner- Complimenting is not something that would inherently embarrass him- Doing so is actually something he had been instructed to do. Flattery is a good avenue to lasting impressions, after all- Yet, the fact that this is in much more of a informal situation does make it a little weird for Tsinghua.

Even though this was a fairly serious and heart-felt discussion, or at least the turn it had taken had swung it that way, Velvet still got a little amusement out of toying with Tsinghua this way, if only on a playful level. More showing off than anything--the lad was still a bit young yet, of course. This however did not save him from the queen's flaunting.

"I made my pain and my sorrow my weapon, and my armor," he gestured to himself, nodding, now back in his seat. "You may have to do the same, at some point in your life," Vel clucked his tongue, flicking another business cards out of the inside front of their suit, holding it aloft towards Tsinghua, he might let go of it--in which case it will do a little loop-de-loop in the air and wind up coming to a land in the boy's hand or lap.

"That's for you, if you were to ever require my presence it should summon me, I'm sure the hour is late for you, however," he groaned a little as he sat up now, more fully.

"Unless you wish to stay and watch some performances?" he grinned.

Quite young indeed. Young enough to not be able to drink! Although his birthday would arrive in less then a month. "Is that.. so?" The boy seems rather sad at his explanation. It is something dark, something scary.

"Iii?" He yelps out softly as the card suddenly floats his way. That was surprising! He catches it between his fingers. "It will summon you? I- I would hate to have you do more then you've already done, but I will keep it in mind- and I will treasure it." Indeed, he neatly stows it in one of his inner pockets, over the chest. At the request to stay and watch, he taps together his fingers nervously- looking down.

"I- I think I would like to do that, if it's alright. I have been curious since you mentioned them before- And uh, I think I c-can afford to stay up an hour or two later then usual. My flight only leaves in the evening tomorrow, y-you see?"

"What.. kind of performances are it?"

"Correct, how badly you need me, well that's up to you," Vel snerked before rising from his spot finally again. He clapped his hands together, seeming to be pleasantly surprised with that. "You do, do you? Ooh, well then, you should get comfortable, since we were going to do some basic cabaret sorts of shows tonight, but since you're my guest..." Vel leaned in closer, almost scandalously close, "I think I might have to treat you to a show myself," Vel means of course, himself going up on stage. Which was apparently not something he did all the time.

"Don't worry, though, we'll keep it /very/ tasteful," Velvet giggles a little, taking up his robe again and throwing it over his shoulder as he starts to march backstage.

This was going to turn out to be an... interesting night for Tsinghua Tao, indeed.

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