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Description: Blossom really wants to get into a club without waiting, until the owner himself Tairyu has to get involved. Annoyance ensue.

A city like Southtown is just as alive during the nights as during the daylight hours. In certain districts of the city, one could easily even fall under the impression that the city is even *more* lively after the sun has begun it's descent below the horizon, with the plethora of bars, clubs, bathhouses and various other hedonistic venues catering to the nightlife.

And tonight happens to a particularly busy evening in the club that comprises the second half of Mars & Venus. All the lavishly-cushioned, booths lining the club floor have been filled, and those emptied by customers running out their reserved time are quickly filled up again by the next in line for their turn at the taste of light hedonism here in the heart of Southtown's entertainment district.

The busy appearance of the club is only further brought to the fore by the large band with a wide selection of instruments at the stage providing a backing track to the beautiful, up-and-coming local singer filling the space with soothing tones of her voice.

Everything at least seems like business as usual, and relatively calm for a place like this. For now, at least.

Blossom was outside, in Southtown, during the night. She would looked like any young adult/teen, yet. She was still trying to get to term with everything. On a subconscious level she was fine, on a conscious one however, she was still get used to it all. Dressed in a simple pair of faded black jeans, and a brown halter top, she wasn't exactly set to go anywhere nice. But maybe with her look, her long slightly wavy, light brown hair and her dark blue eyes, not counting on her slim body, with good proportions, maybe places would give her more of a chance.

Each time she would pass someone, and it was quite often, she would look at them a bit longer than what was usually polite to do, which got her some weird look, but so far, no one bothered the 5'5" young woman.

So many people looked vulnerable... That was what the human race was about, being weak, a lot of them. She was weak before, it was sickening, but now she was so much better.

As she continue walking, she heard a beat coming from a club nearby. She looks up. Mars & Venus. The music she could hear from there made her want to go in. There was a line there, but she wasn't getting in the line, but she was going toward the entrance, as apparently she was just planning to get inside, just like that, in front of everyone else. She was aware the bouncer at the entrance, letting people in, might not see it eye to eye with her. "I want in." She simply says when she's close enough. She is actually patient enough to wait for the answer, for the moment.

It's not exactly unusual for people to try to bypass the line into the club, with any number of excuses. But coming in with such a blunt declaration alone? That's a bit new.

But apparently not shocking enough for the bouncer to not give a long-suffering sigh at the girl. "You need to have a reservation or take a spot at the back of the line," the large, stocky man mutters, the line probably uttered so many times that it comes in automation now. Blossom, though? She does get a momentary look-over of consideration -- and then the man shrugs. "But if you're looking for work, you will need to contact the number listed on our website." She didn't say anything to that effect, sure, but you never know. She does look like she could fit in here, though.

She cocks her head to the side slightly. She didn't exactly want to work there, not as one of the ladies. Perhaps they would need a new bouncer, maybe. "I understand the purpose of the line. Docile little people, waiting their turn, because they can do nothing else, as you might be able to kick each of their asses, or perhaps you just look like you could. I want in, the music calls to me. You can let me in and I will forget you, or you can stop me and then my focus will be fully on you." Had this little woman, that looked like she couldn't weigh more than 120-130, perhaps 140lbs when wet, actually threatened the bouncer... Yes, she just did.

While she awaits his decision, she scans his face, letting it run through a few database, see if she could have any complimentary info on him. She didn't exactly get in a fighting stance, but she stood her ground.

The bouncer gives the young woman long look, complete with several blinks in between there. And after a few seconds of considering the little woman's... threat, he reaches for the key to a radio microphone clasped to the lapel of his jacket with a mutter of "We have a joker at the front."

In a city like this, a club like this does come with some further precautions than might be seen elsewhere in the world. With so many martial artists gathered in one geographical locale, you can way too many people in with similiar kinds of attitudes. And that calls for more security, too. The signs of which already show before the bouncer has even finished giving the signal over the radio -- dark-dressed men gathering out near the entrance.

"Don't do this now, lady," the bouncer warns with a deep scowl. "You're not the first one to act all tough here."

She frowns, her a joker? Well she probably wasn't the first to want to enter like this, it would make sense indeed. Her attention turns from the bounce to the dark-dressed men. Probably better fighters than the bouncer. Could she take them? Who knows, everything inside her screamed yes, but she wasn't a goddess. It doesn't take long for her to speak again. "Will violence get me a pass to enter the building?" It was kind of a silly question, but she felt like asking it. She idly wonders why she is so patient, and she discover it is sort of entertaining her, to see the reactions she is getting.

While she awaits the answer, or waiting for them to try to throw her further, she does a diagnostic of her mechanical parts inside of her. Everything was fine, so there was that. Also worth mentioning, even though she was thin and looked to be about 120lbs or something, with all the parts inside her, she was about 200lbs.

"Only violence," the bouncer answers. The crowd in the line is getting a bit antsier with the gathering of the security outside now, too. "At best you're going to ruin everyone's night, lady." The large man's stance grows firmer, more wound up. Ready to put up his guard and try to push the woman away with the rest of security. "You *really* wanna do this?"

Meanwhile, a camera above the door turns to focus on the woman and the bouncer.

For some reason, she couldn't care less about all those people in line, getting their night ruined. She had a feeling, the people inside didn't much care yet, busy with other things, though she could be wrong.

She ponders her next course of action and hears the camera. If the camera was connected to a computer with a wireless connection, she taps into that connection, and if she has her way, she leaves a message on the computer. "Let me in." Someone had to be watching after all.

Whether this works or not. "I just wanted to go inside, but now I wanna do this." She looks at the large man, and she unceremoniously brings two fingers of her right hands into his throat. This is not an attempt to kill him, but if it works, perhaps an hospital visit could be in order.

Finally she had started violence, if the bounce was disable, she was sure the security would want a piece of her, unless there was someone more reasonable... Not that she was very reasonable herself.


Even for the bouncer, that particular maneuver was unexpected. Breathway truly and properly disturbed, the man staggers back with a hand pressed to his throat-- and finally falls down onto his side on the ground, gurgling helplessly down there.

With that same instant, two things happen. Firstly, the crowd of people around the entrance - comprised of both people waiting to get inside and passersby who stopped to oversee what was happening - retreat away from the woman. Secondly, the gathered security steps up further -- concern hidden behind the forced stoic faces of some, while others draw out extendable batons from their belts.

None advance on the girl right away, though. A defensive perimeter is formed, yes, and eyes are locked on her. Watching for her next move -- and possibly considering how to get to quickly helping the downed bouncer without getting subjected to an attack of opportunity, for lack of better term. The tension is palpable, but--

"Someone want to explain to me what the hell is going on here?"

The deep baritone booms out from behind the security, from the entrance into the club proper. From within is walking another man in dark clothes -- but clearly not security. A tall, japanese man in a dark, slightly-outdated suit over a partially-unbuttoned maroon dress shirt, with lightly-spiked, back-swept hair -- and sharp, green eyes glaring right past the security at the girl.

Two of the men step to their respective sides to clear a further opening for the man while the whispers rumble among the crowds still left to bravely watch the spectacle. The man walking out is recognized as many things. The owner of the clubs. A Neo-League champion. A boss of a Yakuza family. 'The Sun Dragon of Southtown', some call him. Katashi Tairyu.

"What a strange curve of fate," the man rumbles, as he steps past the baton-armed security, and sweeps his eyes down towards the bouncer still clutching onto his throat. "That these things always seem to happen when I am in the office here."

A quick, wordless signal is made with one hand towards the bouncer right as he takes another two steps forward, and levels his sharp gaze back onto the troublemaker, urging two of the men to try and approach the bouncer and drag him away.

"Is there a particular reason you have chosen to injure one of my employees, or are just looking for a fight?"

After the bouncer goes down, she makes no other aggressive, moments, she watches the situation unfold. Technically the people in line as well as other people had moved away, so she could herself go 'in line' and get in. On the other hand, the 'security' took her more seriously. Were they scared? It would please her if they were, but maybe they were just wary of her.

She stopped pondering the situation further when she hears someone speaking. That man had a more commanding tone than the bouncer. She puts her eyes on the man. He was not security that was clear, owner? She gets to see the owner after putting one little bouncer down. Unexpcted.. She examines him further, looking for information on him. Oh he's a Neo-League champion. That's at least deserve some respect.

When they come to get the bouncer she doesn't stop them, showing her 'good faith' perhaps?

When the man speaks the her, she answers. "I want to go inside, the music calls to me. The line was too long. Can I go in now Mister Champion?" She gives a slight smile. "It would please me to go against you, but I do will settle for being inside, enjoying some music, perhaps some company." She wasn't sure if she would appreciate company, she would figure it out if she could. "Is either proposition accepted?" Apparently at the moment, she didn't know he was yakuza.

The stern look on Tairyu's features is much, much more genuinely held in place than that of the security. Brows knit together in a deep scowl while he looks to the girl, like a disappointed parent.

"You must be joking," the club owner rumbles, with his eyes narrowing even further at her. "Even if I was inclined to let you skip the practices that ensure satisfactory service and fair chances at seating, you already lost your privilige to enter from your little show here. I recommend you turn around and find somewhere else to spend your night before my benevolent mood runs out and I decide you need to pay for the damages incurred."

She frowns. "I've showed restraint, so far only the bounce has been hurt, and was taken away without problems from me. I've showed respect, because you are a champion." Of course it's easy to figure out why anyone else would not agree with that assessment. "I am going inside one way or another, is that understood?" Did she just... yes she did

She seems to let that sink in before she continues. "Find a way to allow me inside, and then tell me what it will be." She seems totally fixated on getting outside, when the saner thing by now would probably be to leave. "I will also point out, I did not do damage, except to your bouncer." She seems to not consider the people that couldn't get in, damage. "You could give me a specific table, and a permanent reservation, than this would not need to happen again." She says as if that would be a totally normal solution.

"You really do seem to think this is how this works," the man rumbles out with a scoff, and takes a single, steady step forward -- with enough weight behind it, despite not being an actual stomping motion, to send a heavy sound echoing out through the street.

"You will do no such thing, young lady. You attempt to follow up on an@emit
"You really do seem to think this is how this works," the man rumbles out with a scoff, and takes a single, steady step forward -- with enough weight behind it, despite not being an actual stomping motion, to send a heavy sound echoing out through the street.

"You will do no such thing, young lady. You attempt to follow up on any of your veiled threats, and me and my men *will* restrain you and send you to the appropriate authorities to deal with... whatever you are." He did seem to catch on to the woman being something more than human, then, just from observing her alone.

"Assuming you do not end up disassembled first."

She was well aware he was the real threat, compared to anyone else around at the moment. "You make the rules, you are the owner. You are simply not happy I haven't backed down yet." She then frowns, because she has been threatened, or perhaps it was a promise. She wasn't particularly fond of the ones she was about to mention, but "Where I come from, they won't let it happen." She shrugs. "Would someone stealing profits from this place, be good enough information to let me in?" Did she actually know something, or was she shooting in the dark here. She keeps processing the threat in her head after that, she was trying to see if she actually really cared or if she didn't, about it. She look at her right hand, and the palm opens up, a bit of blood coming out. "I just want in."

The hired security shuffles in the background in the meantime. Some remaining behind Tairyu, others starting to move to circle around the two. But-- something the young woman says catches the boss' ear.

Tairyu's hand suddenly sweeps up, palm open, held up over his shoulder in a signal that suddenly causes all of his men to halt in place, to cease their repositioning of themselves.

"That is quite a piece of information to claim to have, especially in an instance such as this," he murmurs, as his hand lowers back down again, with the nonverbal order having gone through. "Your definition of respectful behaviour is... questionable, but against my better judgement I will humor you enough to ask: What assurances do you have to offer that you could have accurate and truthful information of such nature?"

The palm of her hand closes back and she looks up a she feels the people stop their moving around. Then the man speaks, so she answers. "There are irregularities in the numbers of the computer. The hidden ones. They can pass if you just look at them, but if you dig deeper, they become apparent." Either she is actually got in, or she's making it up as she goes. "So the guy you're looking for has access to the files, and knows the working of the hidden side of the business." She shrugs her shoulders. What she wasn't saying didn't interest her too much, but she still wanted in.

She changes the subject. "Who would blame me for trying to get in anyway, who wants to wait in line with all the sheeps. I am not a sheep, I am patient. You don't know how much I want to beat you all up instead, but I just want in."

"There's *quite* a lot of blame to give," Tairyu insists with a wirnkle of his nose, even as he signals with one hand over his shoulder for one of the security officers to get back to the building. Presumably to get in touch with someone over what was just talked about.

"And I highly recommend you stop disrespecting me, my club, my employees *and* my customers. You're not doing many favors for yourself even if you aren't lying to me." The boss himself doesn't back down in the slightest either, though his posture does relax some, with his hands moving to clasp together over the front of his waist. "If your claims can be verified, I may be able to forgive your poor behaviour and let you skip the line. But don't expect to have any other priviliges."

One dark brow lifts upwards at that point. "If you're too impatient for that, you're certainly welcome to try to... 'beat us all up'. I'm not going to have much capacity for forgiveness from there on, however."

She shrugs her shoulders. "People are sour usually when they are betrayed." She watches as someone goes inside.

After that, there is the question of disrespecting him. "I do not disrespecting you. I would out of all the people around, I respect you the most. You can at least defend yourself well enough to be a champion. This is worthy of respect. The others are nothing. If i could beat your bouncer by only a poke in his throat, he is the problem not me. Your security, well, I don't know, I don't feel much of anything for them. The customers either." She shrugs. "Your club is yours, so I can give it as much respect as I have for you, as it is related.

She sighs a bit. "I will wait, and see. I would rather just fight you, and not because we are in bad terms, and with you getting help. A one on one match, to show how much of a champion you are. But not here, you would probably have problems with collateral damage. Maybe one day somewhere you feel safe at." She gives a hint of a smile at that.

"Then I certainly hope you are patient enough to wait for *longer*," Tairyu growls, hand going underneath his jacket to dig through an inner breast pocket, coming out from within to hold out a ballpoint pen and a small notepad to her. "Contact information, if you would. These things will take time. And if it's verified, we... will have a *lot* to talk about, I am sure."

The expression of a desire for a match, however, is met with a bit of a non-plussed look from the japanese man. "I can't say that I am terribly inclined to entertain you as of yet. You are welcome to change my opinion, though."

"Ok, I leave now. I entertain you about waiting longer. But if what I said saves you as much money as I claim it is, and you will see. I will get that VIP spot kind of deal." She takes the notepad and pen, writing contact information. "There, you can call me anyday or night. If I am in the middle of something I will let you know." She still look disappointed she can't go in now, but she also had a feeling she wouldn't get anything good at the moment from either beating all of them and going in or losing. "I am disappointed, but for now it is fine." She hands the notepad back and the pen. "You have my respect for now. If it change, you will know." Nods her head, and actually starts going away as promised, albeit, slowly.

"Don't presume to think you are in any position to make *demands* yet," Tairyu scoffs out as the notepad gets stuffed back underneath his jacket. "We will *see*."

He watches her turn and walk away, without a further word. He waits long enough for her to have gone away from hearing range, too, before snapping his fingers to signal the security to standing down before digging out a phone from another pocket, wrinkling his nose slightly while dialing someone at the Family office. He's going to need to get some people working on intelligence gathering. And crossreferencing the face of this woman, at that.

It's always something - or someone - new in Southtown when you work in this business.

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