Velvet Blue - Beauty Shot

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Description: Rafferty and Lyraelle Darkheart show up at Velvet's newly renovated club, the Gold Lounge to discuss business and plans--and a party ensues!

It's early evening in the newly renovated Darkstalker club known as the Gold Lounge. With new funds having rolled in, the place has definitely seen some of the creature comforts improve--new flooring put in as well as various new furniture and decorations. It's a lot more comfortable inside with environmental controls like a heating and air conditioning--especially during the current heatwave that's going on. Which might explain the current cool temperature inside--to be fair, not many of the regulars would complain about the cold too much.

Velvet is still lazing about in the VIP section off to the side of the stage, in the private sitting area set up there with the couches and coffee table. He's sprawled out on it in one of their full-body black suits with fur ruff around the shoulders, long shiny indigo boots. They're currently enjoying a glass of what looks like juice, though it's impossible to tell if it's a cocktail.

Sighing, he looks around, wondering perhaps not for the first time how high the bills are going to be for this place in the future, but generally looking fairly okay with it. His customers and fans demanded better, he probably reasoned.

At the door was even some security, a rather imposing and burly fellow that Velvet had recruited to work there personally. Anyone coming in would likely be greeted with them.

Apparently Rafferty's services are required by her majesty, The Demon Queen, who is one of his many current employers. Which is how he comes to find himself back at The Gold Lounge, a rather exotic establishment, in which he previously spent a rather interesting evening with the owner, Velvet Blue. He's been told nothing about why his presence is desired there, but he's being paid for his time, which is as good a reason as any to show. He's not quite as fancily attired as on his first visit to the Southtown nightspot, but he is still head to toe in designer labels. A Prada denim shirt, tapered black Alexander McQueen pants and black leather Manolo Blanhik boots combine to create a look that suggests effortless style, but that which comes with a hefty price tag.

The improvements that have been made to the club are noticed by the blond boy, as he confidently glides past the burly bouncer and into the heart of the action. Recognising a bunny girl waitress that he encountered last time he was here, he flashes her a dazzling smile and a wink, before making his way over to join Velvet Blue in the VIP area.

"It's good to see you again, man" he greets the Darkstalker warmly. "That's some interesting footwear, you've got going on."

Taking a seat, without being invited to do so, he sets about making himself very much at home.

"So are you meeting with Lyraelle too, or are you just playing host, for our little rendezvous?"

A telltale clicking of heels echoes down the alleyway outside the Gold Lounge as the sultry silhouette of a succubus approaches with a sensual sashay, green eyes shining in the sheltering shade. As she nears the establishment's Darkstalker bouncer, the face of Lyraelle, at least passingly familiar to all but the most out-of-the-know, comes to light. She fans herself lightly with a plum-coloured paper fan, carefully colour-coordinated with the revealing bikini that she's wearing: a plum halter bikini top and high-cut side-tie bottoms, joined by thin strips that criss-cross over her midsection in front in a manner that makes them appear separate to the swimsuit itself.

Regardless of her decision to dress for the heat, she doesn't look the slightest bit fazed by it.

"Is it hot out here today, or is it just me?" the Demon Queen asks the bouncer as she steps up, the wink and self-assured air she wears as boldly as her outfit suggesting that she already knows the answer in her own mind. Her lips press together thoughtfully as she looks the burly man up and down.

"I don't remember you from last time I was here. I presume you don't need any special identification from me."

Her pursed lips curl into that self-assured smile once more.

Velvet's eyes briefly scan over the area around the entrance as someone new comes in from the outside, the sun outside is temporarily blinding for some of the patrons--Velvet's own eyes narrow into slits like a cat's briefly as a beam of light passes over him. Of course, vision readjusting, he has to do a double take--having glanced at the new arrival at first when the door opened, but his attention quickly snaps back as he realizes just who it is.

"Well hello there--the devil definitely does wear Prada," Velvet greeted his guest. Quickly, if a little hilariously, Velvet is quick to rise, fumbling to put their drink down. "Eh? not quite your style, I take it?" Velvet raises a brow, a little amused at the comment about the boots. "It takes practice and effort to move in these and look /good/, dear, it's a statement-Oh? Lyraelle? Darkheart?" the darkstalker performer is a little confused at this, but then...

The doors open again, and in sashays Lyraelle, in all her dark and engimatic majesty. Several patrons including the bartender have to pause what they're doing and stare, before they awkwardly snap back to what they're doing a few moments later.

The bouncer allows Lyraelle to proceed, after a wave from Velvet--the bouncer had not indeed seen Lyra before, as he's a new addition.

"Hello, miss Darkheart, what pleasure do we owe you this evening?" Velvet's tone is very clear and welcoming, not apparently minding someone just walked in off the street in a bikini--who is he to judge, after all?

A broad grin appears on Rafferty's face, as Velvet references the designer of his shirt and indeed, a popular Hollywood movie.

"Emily Blunt is gorgeous isn't she?" he remarks, about one of the film's stars. "I'm not so much of an Anne Hathaway fan, but obviously I wouldn't turn her down, if I was a single man that is."

His eyes drift down to Velvet's indigo boots. "They're not really my own personal style, but I'd totally wear them if I was paid to and you are for sure rocking them, man. I have worn heels on the catwalk before, so I know how tricky it is to keep your balance. Thankfully I've never had a Naomi moment."

As Lyraelle makes her grand entrance, he can't help but let out a whistle. His blue eyes scan the pink haired temptress, taking in every inch of her striking form. "Gorgeous as ever, Your Majesty" he flatters her, though his words are meant sincerely.

The way that Lyraelle saunters into the Gold Lounge, arms stretching languidly behind her horned head as she walks, suggests that she's entirely at ease with the attention being given to her from all angles. Somehow, every patron in the establishment seems to catch her eye; for a fleeting moment, the smile that she wears becomes a sincere, personal display of attention and warmth. It's probably part of the reason that the celebrity succubus maintains such a fandom in spite of her sometimes-villainous and always self-assured (some might say egomaniacal) public persona - especially since that sense of personal warmth tends to be what comes across in her personal streams.

It could also have to do with her predilection for skimpy outfits.

"Hello, minions! o/~"

Her inflection when delivering her signature line is always a little different, but there's always some degree of both patronization and inclusivity in it. After saluting the club's clientele and staff, the demonette turns her attention to the VIP table where Velvet and Rafferty reside.

"The pleasure is mine, as always, Velvet~ It's been far too long, but I've been unexpectedly and overwhelmingly busy lately - a lot of changes in the aftermath, which I can see goes for the Lounge as well. Everything's looking splendid; I feel right at home."

She winks before looking over to Rafferty.

"Thanks, Rafferty! I just got finished with the latest Midnight Channel stream, and I figured I might as well not change, with this weather. I see you were able to find the place as well; glad to see that you seem comfortable here."

She smiles as she approaches the VIP section.

"I was actually hoping to mix business and pleasure, Velvet. I hope you don't mind if I join you both?~"

"Oh yes, I do agree she is--come, come--you two can have a seat," Velvet would turn and direct the two back to the VIP sitting area, moving toward the red velvet loveseat--leaving the dark blue L-shaped one for the guests. "Really, you? Heels? Hrmm--I might have to do some research later, clearly--ahem, Cinnamon--" Velvet turned from Rafferty, cleared his throat, grinning, and gave a casual wave and a call out to the head waitress, "Please do see to my guests with whatever they wish," he nodded to her, giving the two being seated an ability to order drinks. He seems genuinely surprised and delighted to have the two for company.

"Love the new outfit, by the way, Miss Darkheart," Velvet grins, having to fan themselves a little, as likely a lot of the male--and probably some of the female--staff and patrons were doing at the moment. "So I hear--a lot of people were apparently spirited away to Castle Alucard, was it?" Velvet frowns a little. "That's the kind of behavior I'd expect out of a Makai noble, to be fair, if it was not consentual, anyway," he seems a little conflicted about it. Not mad, but just sort of wary. Due to his own past experiences with that world.

"Business--do tell," Vel picked up his drink and crossed his booted legs as he sat back, relaxing.

"I'm sure I can deal with your company" Rafferty responds, making space for the demoness's delectable derriere on the blue seat.

"Any chance of some of that Cristal we had last time?" he wonders of Cinnamon, licking his lips at the thought. "That went down very nicely."

As Lyraelle explains about her Midnight Channel broadcast, he nods politely, despite a distinct lack of interest in fighting, a certain robot girl's matches aside.

"I'm sure it will be a triumph. If nothing else, then your outfit will be a hit with the minions."

"I've been here before" he goes on to explain. "Velvet was kind enough to invite me as his guest, a few weeks ago. It made for a refreshing change from the daily grind."

To which daily grind the young model refers is anyone's guess, since he leads what would probably be seen as a very charmed life, by most people's standards.

His beautiful face draws a blank, as Castle Alucard is referred to. Whatever antics have gone on in that place are apparenty news to him.

"A pina colada for me, thanks, hon'~" Lyraelle requests of Cinnamon as she plops her demonic derriere onto the L-shaped sofa next to Rafferty, seeming somehow smug about the seating arrangement. She smiles at Velvet. "Aww, you didn't pick this sofa just for me, did you? A seat shaped like my initial is the next best thing to an actual throne~" Perhaps to no one's great shock, it seems that Her Infernal Majesty has chosen to interpret things in an aggrandizing manner as possible - though there does seem to be a hint of self-awareness in her eyes as she fans herself lightly, the motion seeming more aesthetic and mechanical than necessary - the climate-controlled interior hardly calls for such, especially given her scarce state of dress.

"Oh, yes. I was away for a little while. It was a nice vacation, getting to observe the entertainment instead of providing it - and a good opportunity to get inspiration and talent for the Channel. I'd love to get an interdimensional magic castle of my own," she finishes with a wistful sigh as her tail surreptitiously slides toward Rafferty's thigh.

"It's a question of expertise as much as budget, I guess, and I haven't managed to locate quite enough of either yet, as well as things are going - the Elevated Reality arena was a big reinvest of the takings for the last quarter."

She chews her lip thoughtfully for a brief moment as the serpentine appendage tries to get a bit frisky, seemingly of its own accord.

"As for my business with the two of you, it's a nice bit of serendipity that the two of you know each other - I was looking to invite Velvet in on the 'L' range. I don't know if you've done any of that kind of work in the past, Vel, but I think that you've got a great sense of style, and you'd be uniquely fit to help promote the 'L' line for Darkstalkers with Rafferty and I."

Cinnamon is dutiful with the order, marking down a glass of Cristal for the male model and a pina colada for Lyra on her notepad, which is taped to an elastic keychain attached to her hip. "Just be a moment, please," the bunny-eared lady said in a sonorous deep feminine voice, before she stepped off to fulfill both their orders. "I think so, we're all basically Lyra's minions here," he smiled a little, nodding. "I am surprised you decided to come back to see me, what with the state of the place the last time you were here," Vel gently leaned forward towards Lyra, speaking in a lower tone, before lifting his head a bit. "If there is anything you two might need of me, don't hestate to tell me, I will help in what ever way I can," he leaned back again, one of the heeled booted feet bobbing as they sat cross-legged.

"Hmm? Oh I make sure there are accomodations for my guests, is all," Velvet smiled, nodding to her next statement about the castle, "Don't we all," he seemed to agree there. Interdimensional castles were awesome.

"Oh? The 'L' line?" Velvet raised a brow at that, looking between the two to see if this was a playful tease, or not--apparently it was now. "I... I have not, actually," he frowned and wondered about this, stroking his cheek and chin with a black-nailed hand, the tips drawing to points. "I've done a fair bit of work on the stage, both theatrically in my earlier years and on venues like this--" he casually gestures to the stage off to the side behind him. "But never for a clothing brand before, as our dear Rafferty has before, no," he shakes his head. "I don't think our kind was in very high demand, in less enlightened times--as well as my body-type being kind of niche," he gestures to himself, he wasn't very broad shouldered or robost, as he turned side to side in the sofa--and while svelte and androgynous, he did lack the wonderful feminine figure that Lyraelle possessed.

A pair of perfectly groomed dark eyebrows are raised, as Rafferty sees the teasing tail heading in his direction and he can't help but remark on it's invasive presence.

"I don't know whether to let it have it's wicked way with me or tug on it" he ponders.

"Maybe it would be best if you get it under control" he suggests, edging away slightly.

He keeps a cautious gaze on it, as he listens to Lyraelle's explanation for the meeting, finally tearing his eyes away, to look between the faces of his two companions.

"That seems like a splendid idea" he says with a smile.

"As long as you don't mind sharing the limelight with little old me" he comments to Velvet with mock modesty.

"The L line is going to be a little more...classy than Lyraelle's other merchandise. Of course, I love wearing my pink and purple ensemble, complete with furry Lyraelle face slippers" he quips, "but this is going to be more in line with other designers out there. There's even going to be fragrances, which is a particular passion of mine" he explains, though this is probably already evident, by the mesmerising mix of bergamot, angelica, patchouli, coumarin and something distinctly woody that seems to surround him and exude from his smooth, pale skin.

"Different is good in fashion" he encourages Velvet, as the man expresses his concerns. "It's one of the few industries where it's good to be weird and wonderful. Definite emphasis on the latter, in your case."

Velvet's claim that they're all her minions has the Demon Queen practically glowing as she crosses one leg over the other.

"Oh, you're probably right to one degree or another," she claims warmly. "I'm pretty sure that I recognize at least half the people here, whether it's from events or because they're working for me nowadays." While the Midnight Channel has managed to acquire something of a monopoly on monstrous fighters, Darkheart Enterprises' highly Darkstalker-inclusive hiring policy has seen much of the more pacifistic amongst those darkstalkers in Southtown and abroad join the ranks, from studio employees to street teams.

When Rafferty comments on the intrusive presence of her tail, Lyraelle seems amused at first - though his recommendation that she get it under control causes her to sniff disdainfully.

"No need to be rude, Rafferty. After all, I never tell you to keep your natural reactions under control," she says as she leans against his side and flutters her eyelashes at him - though she does reach down and pull her tail away with her hand, lifting her bum up and sitting on it to pin it down as though it otherwise had a mind of its own. She straightens up, stretching her arms behind her head as she lounges on the sofa.

"Anyways, Rafferty's got the rundown right. Different is good, nowadays - and with Darkstalkers, different has so many more possibilities than ever. 'L' is about being the best you can be; it's about being bold and ambitious and unique. I don't want to appeal to the status quo, I want to create a new status quo. After all, a year ago, people would have labeled me as 'niche,' and now I've got the hottest new fighting show on the market."

Velvet is not oblivious to the tail of the succubi that is snaking it's way towards Rafferty--the yellow eyes of the bat-eared performer followed it a little, darting between Lyra and Raff's faces, before he directed his attention back to his drink, apparently feigning obvliviousness a bit, pretending not to notice it as he sipped at his juice.

"Oh, I wouldn't mind that at all, my dear Rafferty," he laughed with a little grin. "I just wasn't aware I was the kind of material Miss Darkheart was looking for, you see," Velvet briefly thought about it--all the merch and T-shirts with Lyra's image or iconography on it--grinning a little bit with a blush as he leaned back.

"Fuzzy Lyra slippers?" Velvet looked back to Rafferty, blinking and grinning again at that, that was... new. Defintiely her, though.

Cinnamon returned shortly after, bearing a silver platter with the pina colada in a hurricane glass for Lyra and the flute of Cristal for Rafferty. The tall mocha-skinned bunny lady took a moment to eavesdrop (as if she hadn't been doing so with those tall ears of hers right along) holding the platter to her front before slipping off, smirking perhaps as now it was her boss that was now going to be the one dressing up.

"It's true... you have brought a lot of work to some of these individuals, so all of us owe you, Miss Darkheart," Velvet cleared his throat and sat up a little more, more soberly now.

"I guess you have yourself a partner, Rafferty, Miss Darkheart," he grinned a bit, sheepishly. What was he getting into?~

Is that perhaps the slightest hint of a blush on the teen's sculpted cheeks, as the haughty hellion refers to his natural reactions? If so, then it soon vanishes, his complexion returning once more to it's flawless state.

As she leans against him, he daringly flicks her pink ponytail, before retreating to the far end of his side of the sofa. He gratefully accepts the champagne, as it arrives, wasting no time in taking his first thirsty sip.

Fuzzy slippers indeed, Velvet" he laughs. "I even wore them to the local convenience store, much to my roommate's horror. Don't worry though, there'll be none of that for you. I'm sure Lyraelle has a talented designer lined up to create something stunning and stylish."

The pink-haired hell-babe reaches out to lazily procure her hurricane glass. Her well-manicured hands, exposed as they are, display nail polish the same shade as her outfit.

"Oh, it means just as much to me as it does to anyone," she says in regards to Velvet's comment about the work being brought to the customers. Still, she doesn't go so far as to say that she isn't owed anything for it.

When Rafferty flicks her ponytail before retreating, Lyraelle's face becomes one of mock shock before she sticks her pink tongue out at him petulantly. She looks as if she might be considering some sort of revenge before his taste of champagne reminds her of her own beverage, which she takes her time to suck a slow swig from while giving the other an emerald-eyed, unreadable stare.

"Oh, I'm definitely planning to consult with a designer. In fact, I've been in touch with one already that seems promising - I should take you to meet her so that we can workshop some ideas," she says, turning her eyes to Velvet, her expression relaxing again.

"I feel like the conversation's been all about me, though - and as much as that may be my favourite subject, how have you been, Velvet? Anything exciting been happening, aside from keeping things fresh in here?"

Velvet smiles as he watches the two on the blue L-shaped sofa, apparently finding it kind of cute and also wholesome, in a way.

"Ah, well unfortunately I've been a bit busy with some things on the personal side, apart from beefing up the club and security concerns here--the Rosalia reminded me again of some of the... threats coming from the demon world, part of me wishes now that I had tried to intervene, but I also did not want to leave my post around Southtown," he sighs a little. "I fear I might be getting a little too soft, sticking to more of these manueverings and distractions--I don't know," he finished the glass of juice, beofre placing it down on the small coffee table that rested between the two sofas.

"I am glad you made it back safetly, however, Miss Darkheart--the tales of your exploits are not unknown around here, as you might guess," he gestured to the patrons around, most of whom were likely stealing glances at the guests.

"I just hope I'm not getting too distracted... Cinnamon, dear? A refresher--I think we ought to toast this business arrangement," Velvet uncrosses their legs and sits up, leaning forward with a newly refilled glass.

Now it seems Lyraelle has decided against revenge, Rafferty relaxes, his lips curling up in amusement.

"Oh the designer is a woman?" He seems pleased by this development. "Anyone I'll have heard of?"

He continues sipping at his sparkling drink, as he observes the interplay between his boss and their host for the evening, his expression once again becoming vacant, as he realises the topic is nothing that particularly concerns him. Apparently the self absorbed creature has a poor attention span, when the information is something he deems as irrelevant to his own interests.

At the mention of refreshers, he downs what's left of the golden liquid in his glass, so he's ready for a refill and then lets his piercing blue eyes drift to the other patrons of the club.

"Ah, mmmhmm - I don't blame you for not wanting to abandon your post," Lady Darkheart says with a sympathetic expression as she dips her head. "Delegation has been a whole learning process for me - I had a lot more time to be hands-on with everything when we first met... lately, I haven't had time for the antics we used to get up to. I've been trying to focus on the big picture - building up my brand means I get more opportunities and resources to help the people under me."

Lyraelle drains off the rest of her pina colada in order to prepare for the refresher, then lets out an 'mmm.'

"I've heard that there's been a bit of a shake-up with things around here - balances of power shifting, and the like. You know you can still always get in touch if anyone gives you trouble, mmmhmm? It's part of my duties as your Queen, after all."

She punctuates the offer to Velvet with a wink, though it's a softer and less smirksome look than her earlier expressions.

"So, Rafferty - since Velvet's made an appearance on the Midnight Channel and is going to be modelling for me now, it only seems right that you make an appearance in a Midnight Channel match, hmm? It's part of your contract with me, after all."

She smiles sweetly at the blond model.

The chatter between the two darkstalkers likely does seem a bit out there for human sorts, so Vel isn't too worried about Rafferty seeming to be absorbed over there.

Cinnamon of course does tend to Rafferty's drink, walking past and refilling it--before depositing the bottle of Cristal on the coffee table--that was one way to ensure there were ample refills, at least. Lyra's glass is taken to be refilled, however.

"A shakeup, you say? Hmm.." Velvet thinks about that a moment, sitting back on the sofa with the glass of juice. They didn't really like to stake a claim on this place or these people as their 'territory' though obviously Lyra's presence was definitely felt. "You know, I think you're right, I should perhaps stop trying to be so aloof and independent with my... uh, mission, so to speak," he cleared his throat with a pull from the glass, juice and likely a bit of vodka, this time, as he'd signalled to the waitress.

"I thought I could do something on my own with keeping the streets safe around here, and I might have initially felt a bit hesitant--but I think I can trust you more, now--if you'd like," Velvet offered, nodding as he looked back at the pink demoness.

"Oh sure, that sounds great, Your Majesty" the boy fires back, with a smile equally dripping in saccharine.

"Let's schedule it for when hell freezes over" he suggests, in a line reminiscent of Don Henley, when he was asked about an Eagles reunion.

He takes the glass from Cinnamon with a "Thanks, darling", pausing to slip her a couple of notes from his bulging wallet.

As the conversation continues around him, he amuses himself by taking out his phone and posing for a staggering array of selfies, all consisting of him photographing himself from different angles, whilst holding a champagne flute. He's about to post the most flattering shot, when he comes to a realisation.

"Oh, oops! That would seriously upset Nena. I best keep them for my private collection."

The pink-haired demoness dips her horned head slightly at Velvet's words.

"Obviously, I have a certain duty to the brand that might make wanton vigilanteism less accessible for me than it was when there was an overarching state of emergency here in the town, but I can always find a way to get things done if anything's threatening the safety of my friends and subjects here in Southtown. I'm good at incognito."

Probably good enough that the comment would come across as odd - but then, she did somehow manage to arrive at the Gold Lounge in a bikini without a train of fawning minions in tow. She turns her eyes back to Rafferty.

"I'll let you know when it does," she says with a wink to the youth. "Aww, it's so sweet that you're dedicated to keeping your sexbot happy. Can't you just change the settings if you're worried about it getting bossy with you, though?"

Cinnamon to her credit, doesn't seem to mind the tips at all--leaving them slipped into a garter beneath her skirt. Rafferty is making friends here already again~

Realizing that Rafferty has been sort of left out of the conversation, Velvet feels a bit bad, clearing his throat. "Sorry about that--Nena?" Vel raises a brow at that, not sure of who that is. "I didn't intend to ignore you, my apologies--but yes, Miss Darkheart--I understand what you're saying. I think we can better work together now, if you wish it--than when you first visited here. I admit I had been a little... concerned," he paused slightly, watching the further shenanigans of the bikini-clad beauty on the sofa with the male model.

"Sexbot...? Uhm, alright then," he laughed a little, not understanding, but apparently still finding this amusing--tipping back the glass again.

"Anyway..." he grinned again, the alcohol adding to the blush in his features. "You'll have to send me some of those slippers, they sounded lovely," he teases a bit.

"She's not a sexbot" the platinum haired poser prettily pouts, pursing his lips together tightly.

"She has feelings and opinions of her own and she doesn't like me drinking alcohol, because I'm not old enough legally. She's what roleplayers would call lawful good" he rather surpisingly remarks, apparently familar with such terms, despite never having played such a game himself.

Turning to Velvet, he shrugs his broad shoulders. "I don't mind being left out, my mind tends to wander if it doesn't need to be here" he says casually, apparently being genuine in his claim.

"Nena is actually my girlfriend. She's beautiful, smart and tough as hell" he states proudly, before offering his phone to Velvet, to prove at least the first of those claims. On the screen is a photograph of a petite and pretty brunette, with Rafferty's arm around her.

A knowing nod is given from Lyraelle to Velvet to signify an implicit agreement to steer the conversation back into more comfortable territory for their mutual acquaintance. After all, it could be damaging to the pair if the blond model were to take an interest in the subtext of their conversation.

"I couldn't possibly comment further - I don't believe in judging people for their romantic predilections, as an employer or personally."

Her green eyes flit with mild interest toward the screen, and she ends up scooting over into Rafferty's space at the excuse, looming sidelong as she sneaks a peek past his shoulder.

"Aww, she's cute - that kind of sweet, glazed and slightly empty look, kind of like a doughnut," the succubus says with a smile as she drapes behind the boy, reaching a hand up to ruffle his blond hair patronizingly. "You two make such a perfect couple~"

"I see, well she's probably right, I'm glad miss Darkheart is here to look after you, since I think that Cristal is going right to your head," Velvet grins with a nod, leaning forward to take the phone and uses his dark-nailed thumb to flick back and forth between the pictures. "Ohh, is that her? she's pretty," he hands the phone back to Rafferty, straining a little bit as he half-stands to do so.

"Now Miss Darkheart," Velvet said, almost like he was a teacher, "Not all of us are as vivacious as you," he manages with a smile, able to calm down a bit thanks to the rapport and also the drinks. Velvet does seem to be enjoying themselves, it would appear, it probably reminds him of friends and family from back home.

"You two are a treat to have around, you know," he smiles. "Well then, I suppose business is settled, when do you need me to 'come in' for meeting your designer for measurements, etc...?"

Rafferty's face becomes radiant, as Lyraelle offers her praise. It takes him a moment to realise it's of the faint variety.

"Hey, wait a minute!" he frowns, before swiftly smoothing out his furrowed brow, with his long fingers.

"She's nothing like a doughnut, if she's any cake based product, it's definitely a cupcake. Also, you're totally trying to get a sneaky swipe at me there, Your Majesty." The title is uttered with more than a hint of sarcasm.

"I may be blond and a model, but I'm not completely dumb. I can totally spot the signs of a jealous woman, when I see them. Let's just say green eyed is not only relevant to your iris colour in this situation."

He follows his words, with a smug and satisfied smirk and then waves off Velvet's suggestion that he's drunk.

"I'm perfectly fine, but yes, she is pretty. Very pretty" he reiterates. "In a really natural way too."

The fact that's he using the word natural to describe a girl who is actually a robot, seems to be lost on the teen.

Velvet's decision to placate the pink-haired princess (in personality, if not title) by appealing to her vanity seems a clever move - her expression shifts into a warm, pleased one in spite of the lightly patronizing tone as she smiles at the host.

"Oh, there's no need for flattery, Vel," the demonette declares with a defused diction that implies that flattery, while unnecessary, is wholly welcome. She's practically hugging Rafferty's shoulders from behind with glee.

"I'll be in touch with you soon about that; I haven't put anything in my calendar just yet -"

Then the blond gets perhaps a bit too clever and un=doormat-like for his own good, and an infernal fire (fortunately figurative, for now) lights behind Lyraelle's emerald-green irises.

"Oh, are you trying to suggest that I have a reason to be jealous of your big-boy toy, honey?"

That hug that Rafferty's getting is getting a little tighter by the second.

"It's not like any of those things you were saying weren't true of me, after all, right?"

It's probably a warning sign when the temptress' tone starts to get lower and more sultry - strangely, though, her tail seems to be practically wagging behind her; probably more akin to a feline preparing to pounce than an excited puppy's, mind.

Velvet is just sort of amused at the two going at it, not quite like a married couple, but it perhaps old girlfriends. It had been a while since he'd felt this giddy watching two people. "No one said that, Raff-honey, trust us," Velvet said reassuringly, not wanting Raff to pout more--as cute as it was.

"It's fine, Miss Darkheart, I like to flatter and flattered in return myself," he smiled, bobbing one of those high heeled booted feet as he sat cross-legged. "Alright, well due stay in touch, I'm hoping we can collaborate more, on multiple things," he was serious about that. Though he was also staring a bit watching Lyra's tail waggle like that, he knows the look--his own has done that when he's been mischievous before. Even though they might be scaly or leathery, it might be the relation to more warm-blooded creatures that makes the two darkstalker's tails act all cat-like.

"Oh my, do mind the furniture, dears~"

Although he's not in a position from which to get a good view of Lyraelle's green eyed glare, he does feel her embrace get uncomfortably tighter. He's not the smartest cookie in the jar, but he's aware enough to realise when he may be treading on dangerous ground and so he softens his tone, replying with a cheery sounding "Of course they're all true of you. Everyone speaks of your brains, brawn and beauty, Queen."

Hopefully that's enough to get him off the hellish hook for the time being.

He lets himself be soothed by Velvet's reassuring words, reverting back from the stance of a petulant teen, to that of a confident man about town. Sipping thoughtfully on his champagne, he muses "I presume you'll have all my measurements from before. You can just call me when it's showtime, if that works for you." A smile is offered to his illustrius employer. It seems at least for now, he's happy for a truce.

Lyraelle's high-heeled plum sandals are up on the upholstery beneath her knees and all as Velvet implores the pair to mind the furniture. The gracious host's request may or may not have been enough to deter the demonette from her course - but Rafferty at least has the survival instincts to pay the tribute demanded of him by Her Infernal Majesty.

"Mmm. I wasn't looking for the vox populi, but I'm sure that you can come up with a more personal commendation and have it in my inbox by the morning," the Demon Queen says to Rafferty with a head-tilt and wink as her grip relaxes. Is she serious? One supposes that it's up to the model to decide whether he thinks she is and what to do about it. The tail doesn't stop flicking, though.

Sitting back, Lyraelle takes her replacement refreshment and lifts it to the twosome in toast.

"Here's to us," she says with a smile. "And to the coming shake-up..."

It might have been that Velvet was even soothing Rafferty with a bit of his own mystical aura, and voice, of course--that came as part of it--though this was mainly to make sure things didn't get too wild. "Indeed, please do keep us abreast of the situation," Velvet managed a sly little grin as he covered his face partially with his elbow for a second there, making off like he was scratching the side of his face.

"Right, here's to good fortunes, good friends, and success in our plans for the future," Velvet got up and would toast the rest of them, even some of the patrons did as well.

It was important sometimes to just enjoy the moment, and this was a good one.

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