Lilith - The Succubecoming

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Description: Lilith separates from her sister (literally) inside Castle Alucard and a brand new Succubit is born.

The fight with Chizuru had been...difficult, and Morrigan could not place exactly why. Certainly the heiress of the Kagura clan was formdiable, more than formidable in some respects, but rarely was Morrigan so weary from a fight---especially one with a mortal. No, she had put on a strong face and her usual air of mystery, but something was eaten at her.

And if it was that damned rabbit there was going to be violence.

Morrigan shifted out of sync with the castle around her, stepping through a wall like someone adjusting a fuzzy television set. One moment, there was nothing, then a vague silhouette, then the whole package, appearing out of thin air. She landed with a light tap, defying gravity as always...only to stagger and right herself against the wall. The succubus frowned and continued onward, floating down a long hallway. In passing, she crossed a portrait bearing the familiar shape of another succubus. She paused, and drew back.

No, that was a mirror, and that was definitely Morrigan--after all, she wasn't a vampire like that pompous Maximoff. Maybe that's why he thought that tacky suit had some sense of style still. She was going to save that line for later.

The noble bit her lip, looking for a long lingering moment into the mirror.

Had Morrigan the Succubus felt ill during her fight, slightly queasy... almost like... indigestion? Certainly not, she was a Succubus, she didn't /get/ indigestion, did she? Maybe off of a particularly rancid soul, perhaps, but not in the physical sense. Maybe it was because she hadn't eaten lately...? But that wouldn't explain the sudden audible grumbling deep down inside--the sort you hear when you haven't eaten for a long time, but her stomach didn't feel empty.

Suddenly, there was a tingling, itching feeling on the side of her shoulder--where the feathered straps that attached to her leotard began. It was like a... rash, which soon became red, raised, sore--and then...

*Blink Blink*

There was a human eye batting it's lash at her confusedly, visible in the mirror, looking around--white sclera and a reddish iris, in fact.

That's probably not good.

Morrigan didn't comment, but the roiling deep inside her did not bode well. With the strangeness throughout the castle, any number of things could be afoot. Poison, perhaps? Did the Kagura woman lie to her and apply some seal? Was that blasted snake attempting some sort of trickery already? There were many old magicks, a countless number of things that could be slowly pulling her this way and that.

But then there is an eye. Morrigan pauses, considers. Some would be unnerved, questioning their sanity.

Morrigan is used to strange things. She lives in a weird world.

"I don't appreciate freeloaders," she grumbles. "Are you going to get out, or is this going to be a forced eviction?" It's bold considering even she doesn't know fully what's afoot here. Or ashoulder, as the case may be.

Suddenly, there is a bit of elastic stretching, and what looks like a whole head has erupted right out of Morrigon's shoulder! However, it's... pretty familiar. Red headwings, purple pixie hair cut...

"Hiya Sis!" Lilith chirps, looking around as the two might be a bit... top-heavy, now that Lilith is slowly starting to erupt from her side--briefly looking like a two-headed ribald parody of the Vishnu as Lilith's left arm started to pop out above Morrigan's--starting to tip the two over, just a bit as they might stumble around.

"Woooah, hold it together sis--I don't want to go headfirst into--" *CLONK* "Ow... that doorway," Lilith looked a fair bit dazed from that, before shaking her head and accidentally bumping it against her sister's!

"Oh, it's you," Morrigan frowned, pursing her lips. "I should have known." The older succubus rolled her eyes. "You are persistent, aren't you? What was all that about fading away?"

Morrigan looks the other way as Lilith clonks her head upon a particularly narrow doorframe, at least for the castle's standards. Any suggestions of her intentionality remain unspoken---for the moment.

"I'm told I'm already uneven toward the top," the green-haired woman says. "So I hope you aren't planning on--" She shifts with discomfort. "Staying there."

"Oh jeez--don't joke like that now--Okay? One, two... threee!" Lilith didn't seem to be her usual witty and caustic self, Morrigan basically had done that one for her--in fact she seemed to be rather uncharacteristically worried, concerned--especially that they might fall over.

With a howl and ripping of nylon and stitched materials Lilith was suddenly Morrigan's conjoined twin--and then after a bit more pulling Lilith was able to yank her hip free of her sister's, with appropriate jiggle physics.

"Nrrrghh---" POP! "Whew... I'm free! And I'm... here...?" Lilith looked around, not recognizing the interior of Castle Alucard, in fact she couldn't tell where she was at all--nor could she really remember that much anymore. She knew she was Lilith and Morrigan was her sister... But that was about it.

Gone was the hatred and the envy, that had clouded her usual child-like optimism and energy--she definitely didn't feel like messing with people or hurting them, so that was a definite shift. Instead she wanted to get out of here--because it was kinda hella spooky!

"Don't know where we are, or what we were doing in here..." Lilith frowned, the large red wings on her back shifting into large cartoony red hands that she looked down at, in addition to her 'human' ones.

"Who said anything about joking?" Morrigan deadpans, looking at Lilith with an expression as flat as she is. It does not last long, however, before Morrigan is sinking her teeth into her lip, bracing herself against the pull as Lilith starts working to separate them. Her wings unravel like thread, winding themselves back together into large, claw-like hand that sink their nails into the castle floor for an anchor.

And then Lilith is free. The older succubus rubs her bare shoulder, her top becoming even more precarious than usual as she does.

"We're--I, was invited by a little rabbit who promised entertainment," Morrigan says. "but she hasn't even come out to greet me yet."

"This isn't... where was I before? There was... a lot of people, right? Not us--humans," Lilith is obviously suffering from some kind of memory loss, here--as should have been obvious. "Uhhh--we gotta get out of here..." she already didn't feel comfortable in Castle Alucard, it would appear, her outfit reforming around her as her wing-arms snapped back into just wings.

"But... wait, what do we do when we get there? I /was/ just inside you, right," Lilith blinked a little, perhaps realizing how rude that sounded.

"Uhm... oh yeah! I got my own body!" she exclaimed, as if this was the greatest thing ever. "I uh.. didn't have one before, right?" she couldn't remember Jedah or the deal she'd made with him, apparently, either.

"Uh, no," Morrigan was blunt, to the point. "You really don't remember, do you, succubit?" Morrigan's wings dispersed fluttering around her as a cloud of bats that slowed flowed together, becoming a small cloud upon which she sat down. Crossing her legs, Morrigan rested her elbow on her thigh and her chin on her palm.

"How curious," she says, "What IS the last thing you remember? Nothing with Dohma, or Jedah?" A body. Hm. That is troubling, Morrigan thought to herself.

"I came out of you, duh," Lilith looked a little exasperated, though it looked like she was about as impatient as ever. About as impatient as a girl her age could be. And she still looked relatively the same, though she might have looked just a little bit more filled out in areas, perhaps her sister /had/ rubbed off on her in some way, after all.

"And no... no, and no," she shook her head. "I don't know who that is," still, the name felt greasy against her tongue, it was something she didn't like, at least that was the vague feeling.

"Why? And why are you so calm? We're in this huge creepy castle!"

"No one's keeping you here," Morrigan said coolly, almost clucking her tongue. She gazed around the castle. "I think."

"Come here, sit," Morrigan shuffled to the side, slightly, her chiropteran cushion seeming to extend to the side to give Lilith space to join her. "You and I need to have a little chat, and then maybe we'll see about getting you out of this place, hmm?"

"I guess," Lilith frowned a little, big sisters being kind of short with their sibs was perhaps a thing to expect, she hesitantly inched closer toward her sister until she finally took more full steps in her direction, finally coming to sit next to her on the cloud of bats. This was a thing Succubi did, don't question it.

"A-Alright... talk to me," she nodded a little, pulling her feet up from beneath her and sitting on her legs, like it was a pillow at a slumber party.

It seemed like it was going to be a long talk.

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