Terry - Eternal Rivals

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Description: After his attack on Rock, Terry is unsurprised to find himself being called out; and after measuring himself against Geese once more so long after their first fateful rooftop match, it's clear that the Legendary Wolf will need to sharpen his fangs...!

It was in the early afternoon.

Geese Howard was in his office in the building of the same name, signing deals and taking care of people who tried to cheat him in his operation. Of course, they weren't killed...just beat within an inch of their lives to never -ever- betray Geese again. You know, the usual happenings of the day. But the same thing ate at him, gnawed at the back of his mind.

He fought Terry Bogard. And Lost.

And ever since that day, that day that Terry failed to kill him, Geese -trained- and -trained- and trained, until he knew he could challenge Terry. He didn't want a fight. No...he wanted a massacre. A one-sided beating, one way or the other. To finally say between the two of them, which one was better.

And so, by the time the sun started to set, Geese sent out the challenge. How he got Terry's phone number is anybody's guess. But the message read as follows.

'Bogard. You. Me. Geese Tower. It's time to settle our score.'

That was all that needed to be said between one warrior and another. The challenge, the gauntlet, has been laid down. In the midst of all these tournament news, could this be the next match?! Or was this simply a grudge match?

This was inevitable, in many ways; after what Geese did to Rock, and the conversation the pair had regarding him, his past, and his future... a man of Howard's pride wouldn't let such a defeat rest. And of course, things were much different back then. Terry was at his prime, pushed beyond sane limits, while Geese had been somewhat complacent in his own power, never expecting any to rise up to challenge him... while the Southtown boss has been manic in his own pursuit of physical perfection once more, some of the edge has left Terry, and in many ways he might not be the same threat he was when he leveled that jumpkick to send Geese to his potential doom...

It might say something about what Terry thinks, that he comes alone; distinctive red jacket and hat, jeans, and white tanktop. Striding almost casually into Geese Tower's front entrance. Not expecting an ambush or the like, it would seem. Why would he...? He is not the kind of threat that would be eliminated by assassination, after all. Making the Hungry Wolf a martyr after he won... ah, what sort of message would *that* send?

Terry's main disappoint thus far was never crossing paths with Billy long enough to give him a middle finger and a few snide remarks... yet he quietly stands in the elevator, thrumming up and up with his hands in his jacket pockets. Before the ding, as once more, it opens up to reveal the massive office area reserved for the tyrant of his hometown's underworld...!!

Billy Kane seems to give Terry a bit of the stink eye.

But when those elevator doors open? He sees the glorious room of what can only be the King of this town...nay, this entire country!! Or so Geese would so have one believe. But when you are as rich and well-connected as Geese is? It might as well be the truth.

But the one noticeable difference in this space? Instead of nice flooring, it seems to have been partially converted into a fighting mat for the two to finally duke it out. Unlike Terry, Geese was dressed to fight. He wore a white gi top, sleeves rolled up, his hands wrapped in tape, and his classic red hakama covering his legs.

"Terry Bogard."

His voice is enough to send shivers up the spine. Yet, in his voice was a hint of respect. There was a reason why Terry was not immediately killed. Geese had -honor-. He wanted to defeat Terry with his own strength alone. Besides....Terry is his rival. It wouldn't do to rid oneself of such an enemy through such...cowardly methods.

"You had the courage to answer my challenge." He turns his full attention then upon Terry.

"Well, well, well. Looks like you're still living it up... Geese...!!" There's a fire in Terry's eyes. A simmer to his aura; like a proud wolf baring his fangs. He grips the end of his hat tightly, half-gloves creaking as one eye glares opposite towards Geese. He might be the only person in the world to have such a fierce fire when looking upon the other man... it's certainly not as wild as when they fought years ago, but by no means does Terry seem a small fry.

Yet, this is the same thing Terry has always worn for combat. Striding into the room, boots clacking with the resounding echo of extravagant space to take him to the opposite end of the makeshift fighting zone. Slowly twisting his fingers into a fist, knuckles popping one by one. Shoulders shrug, his neck rolls in a slow stretch. "Heh... your aura's a lot sharper then the last time we fought. Been keeping up your training, now?" Fists then crack together, body tense and briefly holding a pose.

He thrums the core of his own Hakkyokuseiken, then... although he and Geese share the same source, Tung Fu Rue only taught the basic principals of his essence control. They have diverged significantly in how they approach it, since... but although raw compared to Geese's own sharp refinement, power wells as his muscles subtly bulge, exhaling a cloud of steaming breath to billow past his features.

"I'm not scared of you, Geese...! I'm the one person in this world who never will be. But I wonder... you could have called me out any time. Is this really about revenge...? Or you just wanna make sure I pass muster to instruct Rock in your absence, hrrm?! I heard he didn't make it easy for you!"

Geese's eyes remain fixed on Terry, even as he fully turns his body towards him. He steadily approaches then. "Yours is much the same. Afraid that this result will be much different than before...." His blue eyes flash, staring Terry directly in his eyes as his aura seems to simmer and rise, and its clearly noticeable...

...that Geese's guards? His security? Hell, even his secretary? They take some long steps back. They do NOT want to get caught in the crosshairs of this fight. Will Geese's office even survive the power that is about to be unleashed by both of these warriors?

Who knows.

His Hakkyokuseiken hums with power, though with each step of Terry's movement, Geese sees his old teacher. His eyes narrow. "I don't need you to be afraid....I need you to -acknowledge-." Geese narrows his eyes at him then, a devilish smile coming across his face.

But Terry crosses a line.

He mentions Rock. The son of Marie Heinlein. His aura then seems to explode, causing bits of hte wall to suddenly crack as he growls. "And yet, all the same, he too fell. Despite all of your best teachings....you would -dare- teach him to fight me with my own techniques and their unholy union with yours."

He cracks his neck. "We are here to decide who is the greater." Geese steps onto the mat properly.

"and today, it will be me."

"Hah...! There's a lot of ways to evolve, Geese. If all you do is climb a mountain, you'll only see everything from far away. There's merit to my path, too... you never fight people you'd consider a threat. Me, I'm always on the search for people I can give it my all against. That's what made the difference then... and I doubt it's changed now!!" The idea of heart, or fighting spirit; it may not be something Geese personally would consider meaningful, but it's been proven time and again by Terry that his tenacity is his greatest strength.

"Hoo..." Terry remarks, as his jacket billows and he grips the brim of his hat to tug it back firmly into place. "You're wrong. I didn't teach Rock a single one of m moves. ...he copied and evolved them all on his own. Although I won't deny, I find it flattering... that means he acknowledges my strength, eh? Although don't get me wrong... Geese..."

Terry steps opposite the other man, focusing inwards. His inner chi ramps up, before billowing out a fierce crack himself that sets the ground momentarily shuddering. Almost primal, compared to the edge of Geese. They have taken the style in very different directions. "You're strong... but what I don't respect... is that you're a *coward.* Even now... I'm standing opposite because it's a fight you think you can WIN. You're not after a competition... you just want to dominate your opponent. WELL! Let's see if you CAN!!"

Before with no further adieu, Terry shifts forward, kneeling slightly. His right arm rears backwards and up high, orange, fire rippling into being across his knuckles. Unlike Geese, he was never taught the tenets of the reppuken directly, and had to get by on imitation.. but the end result is much the same.

"POWER WAVE!!" He twists down, striking the mat hard. A great gout of energy flares up, before stabilizing with a pulse -- and then rocketing across, leaving a searing, blackened path behind as it aims to impact Geese and erupt forcefully outwards!!

COMBATSYS: Terry has wandered into a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Terry            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Geese has joined the fight here. You cannot escape wrong death.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Terry            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Geese

COMBATSYS: Geese overcomes Power Wave from Terry with Reppuken.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Terry            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Geese

Geese scoffs. "There -are- many ways to evolve, Bogard. As far as I'm concerned, there's only one rule of law that governs all of creation: survival of the fittest." Though Geese had fighting spirit, he has only ever sought out the strongest, force them to admit defeat before him...his greatest strength has been his desire to be the greatest on earth...but it was more than that. His -hatred- was his greatest strength.

It taught him how to survive. How to fight back when the world shoves you down. It was a lesson he tried and failed to teach Rock.

But as he listens to Terry speaking of Rock, that he never taught Rock any of his moves, Rock just learned on his own, Geese narrows his eyes. 'then truly, he is my son.' He thinks to himself, but never would he -ever- allow himself to say such words. Otherwise, his strength would vanish into thin air.

Though as Terry's chi ramps up,Geese takes that moment to enter a stance. "Big talk....lts see if you can BACK IT UP!!!" Geese stands his ground, his own arm reeling back as soon as Terry's does. Though the Power Wave that comes his way is enough to terrify, or at the very least completely demolish the body of any man set against it, Geese had his own cannon in his arsenal. as the wave of energy comes towards him, Geese throws his hand forward as if in a palm strike.


The wave of energy rockets across the mat, leaving slice-marks in its path as it suddenly barrels straight through Terry's power wave and keeps charging forwards!!

COMBATSYS: Geese successfully hits Terry with Reppuken.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Terry            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0            Geese

Ah; not surprising that a proper reppuken can power through. Terry's eyes widen, and he shifts too late in his defensive stance to properly recover. Trying to leap backwards, the blue flames detonate near his feet, washing over him as he lands, clothing smoking, at the very edge of the arena. He can tell... Geese has definitely refined himself much more since the last time he fought. What a shame... this won't be easy at all, will it?

Terry then braces himself, before launching forward in a fierce charge. No hesitation, no doubt... although his response as he gets within a couple meters of Geese is a bit more esoteric. He launches forward, diving as if to roll; hitting his shoulder and rolling partly, as if he intends to just thump against the man's hakama-covered shins...

But his hakkyokuseiken ramps up. Fingers clamp down, digging through the mat to grip into the hard floor beneath. Arms bulge, arresting his forward momentum in a heartbeat. Before he shoves off the ground, whirling upwards in a wild, dangerous spiral, aiming the heel of both feet towards Geese's chin from an abnormal angle. One of his premier moves... and one of the few that Rock himself has personally adopted for himself.


COMBATSYS: Geese blocks Terry's Rising Tackle.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Terry            0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0            Geese

It was only natural that an attack of superior quality could break through the mighty guard of Terry Bogard. Geese seems to smile, like a hyena that had just found its prey after a long hunt. The time for talking had long since been over. Though Geese stands his ground, deepening his stance, even as he watches Terry lunge forward like a wolf for the kill...

He feels the energy ramp up in Terry, only for him to leap forward to try and spin his heels at Geese's chin!

Alas, it was not to be. Geese had been training almost specifically to fight Terry. His hand catches a heel, then his offhand catches the other, managing to block the strikes of hte heel that would have otherwise painted his teeth across the floor.

Instead, Geese tries to push Terry away to get the man back on his feet, then his hand thrusts out aggressively, as if trying to briefly lift Terry by the throat, only to follow up with hisleft hand for a punch right to the gut, if his aim for either attack is true. One cannot succeed without the other, and Terry was prepared for this fight, one way or another.

COMBATSYS: Geese successfully hits Terry with Ko Satsu Shou.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Terry            0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0            Geese

Ah, how things have turned; Rising Tackle, originally, was purposefully crafted to work on Geese... a move difficult to counter or defend against. Yet even with his deceptive approach, it wasn't enough to pierce that iron guard. Still, the fighting has only just begun. Twisting around, he's thusly vulnerable when he lands in a crouch, only to find Geese looming over him. His throat is caught, although a reinforcing burst of hakkyokuseiken protects him to some degree; preventing his windpipe from being crushed, before the fierce blow slams into his surprisingly dense torso.

Indeed, physically, Terry has not slacked at all. He is crafted like steel, a different sort of raw power, and able to amplify himself in countless ways... while Geese keeps his energy flow in a constantly high state, Terry's ability to multiply himself makes him an unpredictable flow. "Want me to be close, huh?! HERE'S A NEW ONE..!"

Suddenly Terry's right foot slams down, the ground seeming to crack and shake beneath. Before he twists, aiming to slam his shoulder dead center into Geese's chest, attempting to launch him clean off his feet and into the air...! Both fists rippling with orange fire, exhaling another gout of steam, as he tries to break through Geese's legendary defenses--!!

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Geese with Star Dunk Volcano ES.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Terry            0/-------/----===|=======\==-----\1            Geese

Once Geese is brought upwards, Terry's burning knee drives after, slamming him in the solar plexus; taking him skywards as well. At the apex of the jump, he then roars, twisting down before slamming his right fist square upon Geese's jaw; launching downwards until the pair hit the ground with a great CRASH of kinetic force, followed by a massive orange explosion that rockets out, likely sending those who dared to watch scurrying even farther; risking knocking over art and paintings, even cracking the distant windows, with the raw power of Terry's own rage.


Geese felt the -steel- of Terry's body as his fist plunged itself into his opponent's ribcage. Though his enemy is a user of hakkyokuseiken, which prevents his windpipe from being crushed by Geese's mighty hand. This development makes him frown ever so slightly, but....it was nice to fight an enemy that he has to -try- hard against.

Though, the announcement of a new one seems to immediately put Geese on the defensive! But it's far too late. Terry's right foot slams down and twists, launching his shoulder solidly into Geese's chest to shift him backwards, going airborn. Though Geese looks like he's going to land on his feet if Terry is not quick enough...

Thankfully for Terry, that is NOT a problem. The Bogard youth follows him, and Geese just -takes- that knee to the abdomen, which makes him go further. At the apex though? He gets punched directly in the jaw, sending him crashing straight down to the ground in an impact that indeed cracks the windows, and even sends an attendant flying!

But this wasn't the end. Terry may sense the hakkyokuseiken gathering around Geese's hand. He lifts it into the air, his other hand attempting to push Terry so he has the distance required to complete the move. "You want something new?!" Geese roars, before he calls out his attack.

"Hishou Nichirin ZAN!!!" and he tries to bring his chi-infused hand into a downward chop, aiming directly where Terry's neck meets his collarbone with enough force to perhaps drive him straight to the ground, even if Geese is struggling to get back to his feet.

The impact of the chop? It cracks the very concrete and wood beneath their bodies.

COMBATSYS: Terry blocks Geese's Hishou Nichirin Zan.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Terry            0/-------/---====|=======\====---\1            Geese

Surging upright once more, Terry spreads his stance, even as Geese's palm slams into him and makes him slide backwards. His feet skid, but he had already begun the technique once more. Igniting himself past his limits, he snaps both of his crossed forearms up; Geese's imbued strike hits him right between, a tempting target to test his strength...

Terry's feet crack the ground beneath, sinking him almost two inches past the matt and into the floor. The warble of force sent out would be like a whip, cracking into pillars, wood, ornamentations and those foolish enough to remain within meters of the pair. But when the whirl of dust and wind settles, Terry remains standing, both of his bulging arms trembling as he keeps Geese's searing hand at bay until it whisks out.

"Heh...! Trying to brute force me, Geese? That's not your style at all... if we're gonna have a down and out slugfest, you're WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE!! Fight me like you mean it, Howard! Show me if even a coward can have fangs!!"

Stepping forward, Terry then twists, leveraging his right fist in a swift, fierce blow, aiming to drive it right upon a small rib; despite the sharpness and speed, more then capable of breaking one even on so dense a frame as Geese!

COMBATSYS: Terry successfully hits Geese with Aggressive Strike.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Terry            0/-------/---====|=======\======-\1            Geese

COMBATSYS: Terry issues a challenge!!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Terry            0/-------/---====|=======\======-\1            Geese

It seems that Geese can't overpower Terry right just this second, but the test of strength is acknowledged. "Don't get ahead of yourself, fool!" Geese replies to Terry harshly, though the pure -impact- of the strike is a testament to the strength of both men, even as Geese looks like he's five seconds from just trying to rip Terry in half.

Though the swiftness of Terry's next attack manages to catch Geese right along the jaw!

In reply? Geese reaches to grab Terry byhis prized Jacket, mostly to throw in some Aikido in there, and attempt to throw him over his shoulder and onto the ground! If he succeeds, he'll try it again! If he succeeds -that-, he'll try again!

"You! Are! A! Fool!" Geese roars with each attempt.

COMBATSYS: Geese successfully hits Terry with Brutal Throw Chain.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Terry            1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Geese

Ah -- this is more of what Terry expected. His shirt and jacket are clenched, before he's whirled overhead. Reinforcing his muscles doesn't help him recover his stance in time, and he slams into the ground opposite Geese with force that could kill a lesser man; only to whirl around and strike again! And a third time, each leaving terrible dents and broken hunks of flooring beneath the matt behind. Finally fabric tears and he rolls away, coughing up blood...

But he rises, shifting up despite the pain, twisting to face Geese once more. "T-that's more like it... c'mon, c'mon!! I'm finally firing on all CYLINDERS!!"

Lunging forward, recklessly, Terry bobs to the left, weaves to the right, before twisting around; bringing his heel in a furious arc, twisting in an attempt to slam it right upon Geese's ribcage, in the same spot that he just then struck with his fist. He's not thinking straight; disoriented and almost punch-drunk from the relentless throws. And acting on instinct is not always the smartest thing against Geese Howard...

COMBATSYS: Geese fails to counter Medium Kick from Terry with Joudan Atemi Nage.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Terry            1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>-\1            Geese

This is what Geese enjoyed.

Not overpowering, not trying to outpunch or outsubmission, just using technical excellence taken from an art that does grappling so, so, so well. Each time Terry's body thuds hard against the ground is music to Geese's ears. And the final time when Terry's fabric rips and he goes rolling away, Geese gestures to Terry to get up. "Is that the best you can do?! I expected more from a BOGARD!"

Geese replies to Terry, though with Terry acting on instinct and bobbing and weaving, it looks like Geese has a counter planned for whatever Terry was going to throw at him! Little did he realize taht Terry's kick strikes Geese hard in the ribcage, forcing him to cough up some blood, and he seems stunned for the moment!

Now was Terry's moment!

Grimacing to himself, Terry manages his blow through sheer relentlessness; it was a mistake, on his part. Perhaps it seemed too easy; or perhaps Geese underestimated the spike of power he could still bear forth through his own chi techniques. Either way, he drives the heel of his foot into Geese's ribs with his full might, finally bringing forth genuine pain and blood from the elder man!

"C'mon, c'mon!! We're just getting STARTED!" Terry then spreads his arms and legs into a fierce stance, surging with orange energy briefly. Invigorated, despite the pain resonating within, he kicks forward and draws back his right arm, shooting forward with enhanced speed and vigor to try and land a sudden, orange-imbued fist right into Geese's jaw. "BURN... KNUCKLE!!" He's indeed trying to drag Geese down into the mud... a war of attrition, where he might not fight at his own best as a result!

COMBATSYS: Geese counters Burn Knuckle from Terry with Oni Hanmon.

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Terry            1/---====/=======|======-\-------\0            Geese

Truth be told, it was a healthy bit of both.

Geese has lost battles before by being too arrogant, or thinking his opponents too weak to keep fighting. So when that leg found his ribs, Geese was reminded once again that he must -never, ever- underestimate Terry Bogard as long as he's still in the fight. And so, after a moment of wheezing, he waits and he bides his time.

When you are near the enemy, make him believe you are far.

Terry comes after him with Burn Knuckle, but what happens next may be...shocking. Geese lunges forward, his offhand managing to push away the punch with his wrist, while the other hand? It attempts to grab Terry by his head. "PRECITABOOOO!!! ONI HANMON!!" and with that single shout, he tries to push all of his arm strength downward, trying to slam Terry face first into the ground by his head, hard enough to create a ripple effect in the already decimated floor beneath them.

Too direct; this is literally Terry's signature technique. Although it's fast and brutal, he's against one of the few men in the world who understand the nuances of it better then any other. Geese's hand strikes the wrist, but nudging that much forward momentum out might still be a rush of adrenaline... a wash of heat and power as it thrusts past Geese's head, only for the hapless Legendary Wolf to be grasped and hurled downwards, slamming into the ground at his feet.

But there's no hesitation. Terry's arms slam down, fist then fist hitting the ground. He struggles against the power and weight of Geese's palm, before hissing something through bloodied teeth.

"Here's... the big one...!!" Suddenly his entire body seems to expand, white shirt ripping slightly, already incredible physique straining against tendons and veins as an orange aura ripples across him. Steam whirls out of his mouth, before he swings out his right hand; the ground explodes behind him, sending broken flooring and ruined mat spraying in his wake. Aiming to strike it right upon Geese's cheek...!


And then all of the power he had welled up to enhance that punch is let loose, flowing out of him like a cannon as a great, wall-sized explosion of orange fire blasts out, sending the heat in the room flying from wall to wall and causing the ceiling above to dent heavily, shattering glass, pottery, igniting tapestries past half-broken columns that causes the upper levels of the building to quake!


COMBATSYS: Terry can no longer fight.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Geese            0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Geese blocks Terry's Buster Wolf ES+.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Geese            1/-------/=======|

Terry goes face first into the floor, rattling the ground they stood upon. Yet, Geese seems to have claimed victory... But he was a fool. He never should have believed that Terry would stay down so easily.

Geese's eyes widen.

This was it. This was the same move that beat him all that time ago. The Buster Wolf. Even as his hand from Terry's head is pushed away in exchange for Terry's advance, the sheer energy of this destroyer-class move breaking everything in the room and shattering glass, tables, even structure of this building as light explodes, aiming to meet Geese's face.

There must be an equal and opposite reaction.

Geese charges his hand with energy, the sheer power of his aura alone is enough to combat Terry's as they both give it their all.

Fist opens to palm, and the explosion that occurs is seen as a beacon to the city of Southtown. Terry will find that his fist was caught by Geese's hand, the impact annihilating Geese's Gi and causing multiple cuts and bruises along his arm. His eyes though, they lock onto Terry. With difficulty, Geese survived their clash and still stands.

But what if Terry?

COMBATSYS: Geese has ended the fight here.

Terry... falls to his knees.

His flow of hakkyokuseiken has been broken; he was unable to maintain his breathing, his clear thought, and when the flux of power leaves him, he cannot rekindle it again. When he tries to draw his fist back from Geese's clamping hand, it's clear; the elder Howard has won. Oh, in thirty seconds, maybe a minute, Terry could probably fight again... but that is not how a fight works, is it? As it lies, this sudden, catastrophic drop in his strength and endurance means the end of the bout.

"...feh. I'd have loved to see you coughing up blood, Geese... but you're more of a monster then the last time we fought, aren't you...?" He glances up, breath coming slow and labored as blood drips from his mouth. He relied on it too much -- his rage. He's no longer the fighter he once was... those kind of instincts, after his changes to style, and even his way of life, only served to weaken him in the end. If he's not able to deal with this man any longer... even if it's not to kill him... then why does he wish to be strong?

"So... so you got it... we're now one and one. ...You gonna make sure it permanently ends in a draw, or you want to settle the score... when I'm /also/ at peak form...?!"

Terry falls to his knees and Geese seems to smile like a bloodthirsty animal as his hand lifts, as if he were readying a killing blow.

Then Terry questions his pride.

His eyes narrow as his expression turns serious. "Idespise the words I slit from my mouth...but if you did not exist, I would not improve. You are my mirror image...and I declare you my rival." Geese tugs at Terry's arm with such force to stand him up, or at least try to, but not even Geese was 100 percent. "I'm now more of a monster than you can fathom, Wolf. You're anger only served to weaken you, like it once did me. Instead, hatred is my strength."

He sneers at him. "Sharpen your teeth, Wolf. Thenwe will fight again. I'll not take an 'easy kill'."

Managing to get unsteadily to his feet, Terry staggers backwards. He glares towards Geese; but the gulf between them was not something impossible. Yet even were he to fight his best, he doesn't yet feel the confidence he'd want to pull it off. This was just to measure... perhaps Geese will become complacent again. Rock will not be the only one resuming his own training -- his time for wandering the world and finding himself is at an end. Now, it's again the time for action. "Every monster's got it's own hero to slay it... Geese..." He steps backwards, finally exhaling before a ripple of strength invigorates him once more. The moment for an easy kill has passed; although he has no intention of resuming the brawl here and now. "You just wait. My fangs'll find your throat again...!!"

Geese lifts his chin, as if to look down at Terry, before he lowers his gaze to Terry and smiles like a King in power.

"If any 'hero' will slay me, I expect it to be my son, not the blood of an old, beaten enemy...but I will await your teeth with open hands. The hunter will become the hunted." He grins like a devil.

"And that day...I will defeat you -again-..!!!" Geese menaces Terry. "Now go, lick your wounds, and give my regards to my weakling son."

"...! ...heheheh. I don't got a problem passing the torch at all..." Terry admits, readily. He slowly wipes blood from his mouth with a slide of thumb once more, and then spits to the site to clear the rest of it from his mouth. He's his own suspicions about Geese's current motivations, including why for years there has been no reprisal for taking in and training his son... but there's no point in voicing them. But this conflict has definitely been an eye opener in a lot of ways; although he certainly does not hate Geese any less, there's a grudging smidgen of respect somewhere. "This isn't over... enjoy your throne while you still got it...!" Twisting away, he then finally strides back in the direction of the elevator; before a groan and a crack, as a few chunks of ceiling collapse nearby from the sheer destructiveness of the pair's headed bout...!

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