Neo League 0165 - NL#0193: Jae vs Banyu

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Description: Flames and waves collide when Banyu and Jae meet in front of a quaint Southtown cafe. A close fight ensues, with both participants finding respect for their opponent.

Another beautiful day!

And, since the day is so opportune, this curious Korean teen decided it was time for another adventure!

Well, that isn't entirely accurate, since said adventure would involve a League fight. I digress.

It's been some time since Jae Hoon has dared to venture out into an unknown part of Southtown - the last forcing him into an estranged encounter with a Darkstalker in some back alleyway of the business district. Considerably more wary but still jovial, he strolls to his destination with determination; the directions point him to a street-side cafe, although what he approaches is not entirely what he expects.

Decorated prettily, it is not hard to miss the place - Wait. Is that a dog statue? How /cute!/ - and surrounding the quaint assortment of cafe furniture is a row of cameras. All their lenses are pointed to the street, and if one actually looks around they'd notice that this portion of the roadway is actually blocked off.

Yep. Definitely a tell-tale sign of a match, outside of a makeshift ring!

There's a buzzing energy as bystanders float about the edges of the location, either moving between the cafe itself or just passing by while conducting other business. It is clear this 'Le Petit Chien' is a hotspot for the locals, but the implication of that doesn't intimidate him. After all, it's not the first time the Kim scion has had to entertain a crowd.

Adorned in his traditional Tae Kwon Do robes, complete with a pack fastened to his back, he appears before the livestream cameras with a bright grin spread wide across his handsome features. The youngest son of Kaphwan is clearly full of good spirits, despite the obvious note of sincerity and seriousness glistening in earthly-coloured eyes. His opponent - this Banyu fellow - is not someone he is intimately aware of, so there remains a hint of anticipation in his gait as he approaches the scene. Bag swinging down to settle on the asphalt, he withdraws a water bottle to lightly sip from while he awaits his adversaries arrival.

And his adversary would arrive, suitably on time- just a few minutes after Jae. And old, large man. Muscular, but with a noticable belly. A greying beard, thick brows and narrow eyes give him a somewhat imposing appearence. The man is wearing a black Pentjak-Silat uniform, with a sash around his waist, and a headband around his forehead- both sharing the same intricately weaved blue wave-like pattern.

The large man takes a quick look around, at the quaint cafe, and the dog statue- the latter of which pushes a brief smile out of his lips. Nontheless, he walks over to his young opponent- surprising lightness in his steps. He barely acknowledges the camera's, doesn't seem to care much about them. Instead, he offers a firm handshake and nod toward Jae. "Greetings." He takes a few seconds to eye down the teen, before nodding and walking backward.

A man of few words, it seemed. He turned around a few paces from his opponent, muttering a simple. "Good Luck, boy."

An older man is to never be underestimated.

In fact, he should be greatly respected. A man of that stature in the martial arts world is often honed in their craft, and Jae Hoon would be honoured to spar against him.

Thus, as Banyu makes his approach, slow and steady, the scion straightens to his full height. It would do no good to perform in any other manner. Friendly, but absolutely serious in his disposition, the teen takes that handshake - a gesture somewhat unfamiliar to him - and bows before his opponent in polite greeting. "It is a pleasure to stand before you today, sir. I look forward to our match." The words are spoken with a soft tenor, but certainly there is no denying that he is sincere. Fighting is everything to the young Kim scion, and to some extent, so do appearances. When the whole world is looking in on this, behaviour and demeanour speak volumes over words themselves.

As such, he is unoffended by the elder gentleman's lack of verbiage, because a conversation is not always needed. Jae returns his water bottle to the pack nearby; it is a few paces back, so after a few lingering sips it takes him no time at all to return to the sparring space. A long breath in, steady push out, and then he's shifting into an offensive fighting stance. Knees bent, his brown irises peer through the open space between hovering fistsr, all notions of playfulness gone from him.

Today, he will display the pride of the Kim family.

The discipline.

A ref signals for the fight to begin by way of a waving hand, and only briefly does Jae Hoon remain rooted to his spot before his feet kick off the gravel. The momentum rushes him forwards in a series of small skips, like a rock trailing over the upper surface of a lake. When he comes within proximity of his opponent, he aims a sideward thrusting kick into his midrib area intent on stumbling Banyu back.

Silent, quick, and potentially a bit painful, should it land.

"Shoukyaku Hou!"

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Banyu has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Banyu

COMBATSYS: Banyu dodges Jae Hoon's Shou-Kyaku Hou.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Banyu

Finally, an opponent with respect. The old man smiles, as the conversation is pleasant, yet not overblown. Banyu did not know that this induvidual would be the current most successful fighter in the Neo-League, he did not pay that much attention to that stuff. While the teen takes his sips of water, Banyu enters his stance. His legs are crouched in deep, the horse stance- While his back fist is strangely raised above his head. More reasonably, the front hand is opened and facing Jae.

"Come'n then."

He grumbles as the Korean makes his initial strike, that thrusting kick flying toward his midsection at the speed of a trained combatant. As a reaction, his front legs extends as he leans his body sideward. It makes the old fisherman dash away just in time for the kick to hit just air.

Banyu responds by stepping in again, somewhat delayed as he attempts to sink a high knee into Jae. Raising him up on a single foot before he comes back down with a overhanded slam with the back of his fist. The combination is finally finished by a rising elbow strike that followed the overhead right away- creating distance as Banyu himself takes a step outside of the close-quarters.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Banyu's Anchor Drop.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0            Banyu

Not easily boded, but rather appreciative of the genuine smile and the straightforward attitude, Jae Hoon does not hesitate in moving into his first assault. The move itself is not meant to hit hard, just quick, so it is a slight surprise that the older man is easily able to shift right out of the destination of that flying foot. Not unreasonable, he doesn't feel discouraged by the miss, and in fact quietly admires Banyu's ability to move around rapidly despite his stature.

Dude sure can move for an old guy!

As I've said before, seasoned fighters are not to be underestimated simply because of their age. This teen is aware that the fight he's engaged in today will be fruitful in a way that most may not find obvious.

The responding onslaught meant to land blows on him come inward, the rising knee just /slightly/ grazing along the surface of his skin as it aims high. Arms jut out above his head, crossing over one another to deflect the following fist and elbow. Probably a small bruise will form where the spike of the elbow hits, but such thoughts don't grace his thoughts for long. Injuries like this are nothing worth spending mental energy on.

Instead, Jae Hoon uses the open opportunity to his complete advantage.

Twirling his arms around in a spiraling motion, dexterous digits attempt to grasp hold of Banyu's outstretched elbow and corresponding arm to avoid the intended creation of distance. He would then direct the elder's arm outwards so that the wrist may linger just over his own shoulder, in which a left hand would wrap tightly around that joint. The right palm would tuck under into the armpit area, and with tremendous momentum would the Kim scion slug the much larger fellow up and over his shoulder, a feat considerably challenging for most folks. The weight that bears down on the blades of his shoulders gets distributed as evenly as possible, with his feet planting firm to the ground, toes spread wide.

With a fierce cry, Jae would try his hand at sending Banyu right clean over his shoulder, tossing him away and likely lending to that original intention of forming some distance between them.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon successfully hits Banyu with Tai-Otoshi.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0            Banyu

"Tch." As his limbs make contact with Jae's guard, he feels how most of the hurt is avoided by his younger opponent's strong arms. All of those strikes were powerful in their own right- Some of Banyu's most powerful, in fact. It is frustrating.

But more frustration was on the way.

Indeed, before he could pull away, his arm is grasped. The young man transitions his hands into those opportune throwing positions swiftly- And Banyu has no time to react as, against the Fisherman's expectation, he gets twisted, lifted, and lobbed over Jae's shoulder. Flying away a few feet before crashing and sliding across the ground with his back. "Ugyaaah--!"

The man however, recuperate fast. Rolling back to his feet as he eyes the Tae-Kwon-Do fighter with noticably angry eyes. "Impressive." Banyu grunts out, rubbing his back. Banyu is one to underestimate his opponents, and that habit was showing itself again. Old does not always equal wise, and while Banyu has plenty wisdom, in fights his arrogance tends to shine clearer.

That hubris will likely fade as the fight goes on, but for the time being- he steps toward Jae once again, overextending himself somewhat while he /whips/ out a powerful backhand, his weight pressed into the strike, all focused on whacking his opponent on the cheek.

COMBATSYS: Banyu successfully hits Jae Hoon with Swift Backhand.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0            Banyu

Wisdom comes through experience, through burdenship. Though Jae Hoon has certainly done his fair share during his lifetime to obtain the knowledge he presents in a fight, it never came easy. In fact, the abilities he displays never came naturally to him, even from a right young age.

All the raw talent resided within his elder brother, who never took his genius-born mind all that seriously.

As such, the youngest son of Kaphwan had to /earn/ his title, alongside the privilege of honouring the Kim family name through martial arts. Endeavours such as this bestowed him with deep-seated insight and within burned a passion so intense, it truly could be manifested in the flame chi he has worked so hard to harness. He fought tooth and nail to be able to stand where he is today, proud and honourable.

If he, at his age, could receive this kind of understanding, then shouldn't an older fellow be all that more wise?

It is clear that Banyu is slighted by the throw, rising with a grumping energy. The Kim scion sinks into a stance in the moments the man begins his advance, arms poised with the intent to bat away whatever comes for him.

Except, well... that doesn't work, because the hand that flies up is actually quicker than anticipated. The knuckles whap into the side of his face, jolting handsome features with a /SLAP/ that causes his head to whip slightly to the side. Irises narrow, pearly whites tighten against his jaw, as an almost-instant swelling begins over the surface of his skin that leaves a mark that is indeed hand-shaped.

Mildly perturbed by such an assault, the Tae Kwon Do fighter spins his lithe form about to create a momentum that drives him from Banyu. A foot only momentarily catches purchase on the ground before he is launched forwards into a somewhat flying motion. Right leg reared back, Jae will swing it forward with an aim for his opponent's gut. The impact would send the older man upward into the sky, with a roaring flame licking along the underside of his heel and searing hot into whatever it may collide with.

COMBATSYS: Banyu endures Jae Hoon's Hien Zan.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Banyu

As his blow connect cleanly, Banyu gives a satisfied nod. If the Fisherman would know of his opponent's background and hard work, his respect would likely only be reinforced- But for the time being, that would not happen. He is much too focused on finally securing a victory for himself.

Because his current losing streak is not a good look for a new fighter or the scene- especially one that is rather easy to mock.

Thankfully though, the few spectators that are currently around don't care, or know enough to make such comments. The old man returns to a stance- Wider, this time. His legs are further beside eachother, and the man's arms have a similairly broad posture. Ready to strike, still- but with a less direct defense.

It would make sense then, when the rising kick comes- his arms don't much move. In fact, he turns his gut /toward/ the attack. His body now sideways as Jae's foot crashes into his belly-


The fisherman grunts out, but swiftly turns the other way yet again! All the while curling up his arm in an attempt tso -slam- his elbow into his adversary's temple. He would keep up the turn, starting to crouch half-way, down into a cross-legged sitting position with one knee raised above the other. He would hold that low position. Certainly a weird stance, but one that allows for interesting defensive applications.

If that spinning elbow would have connected cleanly, Jae would find himself nauseous as his brain gets rattled- Almost like a severe burst of sea-sickness!

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Banyu's Sempok.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jae Hoon         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Banyu

Around them, the cameras shift, panning between action shots with angles that likely serve to entertain those who are witnessing the League fight from the comfort of their homes. There's wild whispers and excitable cheers emitting from the small crowds gathered about the peripherals of the sparring space, all attempts at amping up the combatants. It is noise Jae Hoon often tunes out, finding it to actually be somewhat distracting to his overall focus. With an opponent before him, all eyes should remain on them, intent on bestowing the respect that a well-trained fighter deserves.

Despite all friendly appearances, the Korean teen takes the act of contending very earnestly.

He's just a serious kid sometimes, okay? Don't judge him!

Dark brows arc over deep brown orbs as they hone in on the sharp movements of Banyu's arms. Jae allows only a moment to brush raven-coloured strands out of his line of sight, which actually steers his arms in the direction of encasing his head. He does this because an elbow starts for his temple, and in no way does he intend on allowing this blow to land, knowing it could likely send him for a tumble. The bone collides with his forearm, but in a forward push he deflects it away from him with no real lingering damage.

"Apologies!" comes his soft tenor as he rotates his lean form into a backwards flip, pushing him from Banyu's personal space. The pads of his feet land some short metres away, a healthy distance forced between them as he distributes his weight evenly over the asphalt. "Your accuracy is very precise, but I'm afraid I could not allow that attack to succeed."

A compliment, with the hopes of raising the older gentleman's grumpy demeanour.

The noise around him is suddenly quite disturbing, encroaching on the edges of his awareness. As such, he forces the chittering clear out of his mind in order to retain command over himself, and with fists drawn tight to his sides, Jae Hoon sucks in a deep breath, then slowly releases it. Earth-coloured irises do not shift from Banyu, instead train solely on his every micromovement, awaiting any incoming attacks that may pursue him.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon focuses on his next action.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jae Hoon         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Banyu

Banyu Can't believe it.

Banyu can't belief he made that block, he respects the boy's skill- but his frustration is obvious. Frustration that is, thankfully slightly quelled by Jae's apology and compliment. "Damn it!" He still shouts out though, unable to fully resist that fury.

"You are very skilled, boy. But you will fall under the might of the ocean!"

The fisherman grumbles, as Jae decides on observing the old man's movement. Banyu too dislikes the noise that often surround them in a fight, yet instead of blocking it out- he mostly just actively ignores it until the annoyance gets too large, at which point he would likely sneer at the crows! Jae is observing his attacks, is he?

Then the seaman will give him an attack to observe, an attack he'd be able to observe for a long time.

Darma steps toward him, heaving up his leg high, very high in a rather telegraphed motion. This old man is agile! Only to drop down his heel on the teen, hopefully straight onto his skull.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon interrupts Fierce Impact from Banyu with Shakka Shuu EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Jae Hoon         1/----===/=======|=======\===----\1            Banyu

And observe it, Jae Hoon does.

The subtle movements, even when Banyu rises from a seated position to something more offensive, is caught by the keen eyes of the young Tae Kwon Do practitioner. By no means is he an analytical expert, but he can spot nuances in a fight that have only resulted from the intensive training he has underwent since childhood. A skill his father would be proud of, most definitely, and it really is a shame that it isn't more useful to someone like his elder brother. Thus, his personal ambitions are fueled by the desire to make the Kim patriarch shine with delight.

Jae Hoon appreciates the compliment, but he does not use it to feed his ego. Instead, he allows his abilities to speak for themselves, as the fisherman makes his frustrated advance. It truly is no good for emotions to integrate themselves into a fight, for it makes one's technique sloppy and their strategising somewhat messy. This is not entirely something he sees in Banyu, but he does take note of openings that may not have presented themselves should there have been less enragement involved.

A leg rises high, aiming for the top of his crown, yet brown eyes do not follow the motion. Rather, they hone in on a specific gap where the elder has left himself exposed, and /that/ is where he shifts into. "I will not!" he announces. The movement that follows is so rapid, it nearly appears as a blur, as he toes into Banyu's personal space once again. His knee sinks tight into his own torso, and with tremendous speed does he fire out a volley of side kicks that slam right into his adversary's midrib. The impact of these hits would effectively halt the skull-crushing assault headed straight for him and likely would force the air out of the practitioner's lungs, simultaneously sending the elder skidding away and clean out of close proximity range to the Kim scion.

Resuming a proper fighter's stance, Jae will hold his position with an unwavering strength as he prepares for whatever retaliation waits in the aftermath of his assault.

"Wah?!" *tha-tha-tha-thwap!*

The barrage of kicks dig into the man, his foot only grazing the shoulder of his younger foe as his leg is forced to fall down. The final kick pushes the fisherman away, leaving him to real and stumble- before falling on his behind, a hand grasping his lower chest where the bones got bruised.

"UR-AAAAAAH!" Uh oh.

The anger only grows, as Banyu scrambles to his feet again. He can't have this happen again- It'd be the third- no, fourth youngster in a row to knock him out! He doesn't say much more. Raising his arm diagonally and lunging out with it to chop Jae in the neck- And attempt to restrict his breathing! He follows-up by a short-range slam of his palm into the stomach, further blowing the wind out, should it be able to connect.

COMBATSYS: Banyu successfully hits Jae Hoon with Random Swat.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Jae Hoon         1/--=====/=======|=======\===----\1            Banyu

Some level of irritation is to be expected. In the majority of his fights, Jae Hoon has come across a variety of good sports, but the occasional opponent has served to test even his own patience. One such notable encounter was that of Mitsuru, who decided to see fit to barrage the entire fight with insults regarding his father. Easily able to brush off those sorts of things, he carried onward from there with the anticipation that not all fighters want clean and even.

Now, that is not to say that he figures this will occur with the likes of Banyu. In fact, the elder seems to really only be getting frustrated whenever he gets hit. The reasoning behind it is elusive to Jae, who drives the onslaught of kicks in successive blows that knock the fisherman back some distance from him.

Emotion can worm its way into a match so subtly, most would not notice it. The teen does, however, and holds fast in preparation to dart out of the way of Banyu's fierce advance.

However, it seems that shrill cry of annoyance backs the assault. Unable to avoid the sharp cutting motion aiming right for his neck, the impact hits him just below his Adam's apple. It does not wind him, but it most definitely is not a comfortable sensation to have a collision on such a sensitive bone structure. A quiet yet rather unbecoming sound is forced from beyond the threshold of his lips, a noise disgruntled and almost animalistic in nature that would be embarrassing were it not for the fact that he is engaged in a fight.

What does gut him is the palm hitting his midsection, just below the ribcage. Somehow, this delivery not only manages to steal from his lungs the air that remained in the aftermath, but strangely as he stumbles back, a tingling washes over him. Almost as if he'd just been sapped of some of his energy.

Very peculiar, indeed...

It is not enough to stop him, however.

If the son of Kaphwan is anything, he is steely and determined!

Rising to his full height once more, the Tae Kwon Do practitioner sinks into his heels. Steady. Poised... and then he's off. Rocks fly up behind as he kicks off from the ground, heading straight for the elder fighter. His lithe form contorts about mid-way, allowing his frontward leg to swing back around and shoot out in a backwards heel kick aiming right for Banyu's sternum. The force would send him back a few feet, should it land, and possibly wind him if the heel lands /just/ right.

COMBATSYS: Banyu interrupts Medium Kick from Jae Hoon with Whale Burial.
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jae Hoon         2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0            Banyu

Another sucessful attack, another smirk of satisfaction as he sees the boy gasp for breath- He intended on exploiting that fatigue, as it built up. Banyu had totally lost his cool in a fight before, today was not one of those days. The fight is rather equal, all things considered. The fisherman feels that he had sustained slightly more damage then the korean teen-

And the elder was full well planning on fixing that, all while keeping his head relatively cool..

Relatively, but not fully.

The fisherman uses the time that was granted to him by the boy's staggering to observe- briefly. As Banyu sees the opponent plant himself, then turn into the kick..

Banyu Drops into a sudden split, betraying the agility that doesn't quite mesh his heavy form. Instead of Jae's foot connecting with his sternum cleanly, it instead grazes past the top of his head; Just hard enough to inflict a stinging pain. The indonesian disregards it, opting instead to cross his arms in front of him, before lashing them out to catch Jae in both of his knees with the back of his hands. It would make the hard-working Tae-Kwon-Do fighter stumble and fall to the knees, which Banyu takes advantage of by rising into an upward palm into the chin and standing up!

Jae would find himself falling on his back, while Banyu raises up his arm- With a gap in the loose fist pointing downward. It's almost like.. a stabbing motion?

And indeed, water surges loose from his hand, and it materializes into a long, watery pointed shaft embellished with a sharp-looking point at the tip. A harpoon. A harpoon that's attached to his wrist by a similairly liquid cord. He -Thrusts- it downward. A potentially deadly attack, though the Elder makes sure to stab it it low into his abdomen. A location that's relatively devoid of vital organs.

Yet still, the point penetrates deeper into the skin. Worse still, the harpoon remains there as he lets it go- attached to Banyu's wrist by that cord, which has now extended. He remains silent, as he looms over- Hell-bent on finishing the battle.

Banyu is spirited. An admirable trait by the likes of Jae Hoon.

The motions are fluid as the hand moves from gutting and startling the breath out him to reaching out and finding purchase in the underside of both knees. A surprising feat, considering how quickly he had thrown his leg in for a kick, but the fisherman manages with honed finesse.

As I stated before, a well-seasoned fighter should not be underestimated!

Like the grab intends, Jae Hoon does indeed stumble backwards, somewhat ungracefully might I add. Arms flail slightly at his sides in a weak attempt to regain balance, but it fails him. So easily it is for him to wobble right into that palm strike, his chin knocked upwards and forcing his head to SNAP back. An ache sears across the length of his skull, from back to front, with his jaw slamming shut; it is a stroke of luck that his tongue isn't in the way, lest it be bit off from the sheer force!


The lithe fighter rocks back on his heels, much against his own will. Due to the impact that rocked against his head, Jae Hoon is unable to stop the following attack from taking over his fully exposed torso. Wide open and left to Banyu's mercy, the harpoon is able to land squarely at its destination. The jagged chi-infused point stabs right into soft skin, piercing the surface and painting white fabric with crimson.

Even more ouch!

Handsome featured contort with pain. The body threatens to curl into the wound, an instinctual desire to protect. However, the Kim scion does not follow through with those wishes and instead shifts so that his earth-coloured irises meet with the fisherman above him. A glow of determination shines along the smouldering colour, almost as if they are a reflection of the burning fire that stokes deep within. A heat so intense with restrained emotion, for Jae would not allow the influence of such feelings to overtake his rationalities here.

A surge of powerful energy exudes off of the Korean teen, felt through a heated vibration that radiates from the pores of his skin. Anyone near it would feel the sensation and be reminded of the kind of heat that would emanate off a bonfire. Warm, but maybe not necessarily inviting, given its size and magnitude.

"You don't have me down just yet..." he says with a slightly grated edge to his usual soft tenor. A hand darts down so that deft digits may wrap around the watery cord, which is something he considered to be a long-shot in the moments before doing so - mostly because he hadn't been sure if he could actually grab it. But he does, and when that happens, he yanks Banyu forwards to close the distance between them. And then, with his other hand, he takes hold of the scruff of the elder's collar and further brings him in, while also simultaneously rotating both their bodies so they begin to roll.

During this entanglement, Jae Hoon will attempt to bring his knees up into his bloodied midsection so that the flats of his feet may find purchase on his opponent's chest. When the time is right - just as Banyu's back will be aimed for the sky - he will use tremendous strength to kick the elder up and off of him. Using this momentum through the attachment to the cord, Jae will follow suit, only releasing himself from the harpoon's grasp once he is airborne.

Hot flames will ignite from his calves down, in which the corresponding foot will fly up along the fisherman's body, licking from toe to head. A barrage of these will assault him, explosions of fire bursting around them until a Phoenix soars up from the final crescent kick. The chi-beast will aim to kiss Banyu's collarbone and jaw, crying out as it flies skyward and into the clouds.

"Chou Hou'ou KYAKU!" Jae Hoon will shout with such ferocity, it is a wonder he is not the Phoenix himself!

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon successfully hits Banyu with Chou Hou'ou Kyaku.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/---<<<<|=======\-------\1            Banyu

Finally- Finally he got him in his grasp! Caught like a whale, for the fisherman to move in for a final, lethal attack.. "Prepare to sink, boy."

But it's not that easy when your target isn't a whale, and when you're on solid lands.

Before Banyu knew it, he, himself gets reeled in- a twisted, ironic maneuver against a fisherman. But a maneuver that is utterly successful. Banyu attempted to put up his guard.

There was a slight error in expectations here, Banyu was not a well-seasoned fighter in the traditional sense. He had only been a fighter for under a year- most of which time had been spent training. Sure, he has a very well-built body from the hard labor he had spent most his life doing. And sure, he had come into his fair share of brawls in his days.

But when it comes to the actual fighting scene? Strategy, martial arts, training, and such?

Banyu is little only slightly above a rookie.

And that fact shows itself. He panicks. He panicked as he attempted his guard, unsure how to defend himself against the complex motions of his opponent. Pulled in, grabbed at the scruff, and rolled over. And with impeccable timing on Jae's part, kicked into the air. The teen doesn't let up, being pulled with and into the sky and exploding into a barrage of those crescent kicks. The flames licking at his clothes, scorching holes in the black fabric-

And that damnable bird was just the icing on the cake.

Kim's manifested bird of chi grazes it's beak past the collarbone and chin, knocking him away for a final time as Jae could fall back to the ground.

"UGYAAAAAH-!" He cries out with his little remaining strength, crashing down through one of the cafe's cloth overhangs and through one of the tables. It seemed as if some damage to the property was not able to be avoided after all.

The fisherman stirs, stirs, and- Crawls to a knee, supporting himself with one arm as he prepares for a final assault. "Not- Not' yet- Not again'." Banyu grumbles out, frustration- Anger in his eyes. Another loss would be rather devastating. He desperately wanted to turn around his poor streak, even if he didn't really show it. He got one draw- but after that it was loss, after loss, after loss. Each one crippling the elder's motivation in their own right. Was the humiliation really worth it for the off-chance he could reach his goal?

For Banyu, it was. And with that in mind, a knee turns into two, shaky legs planted on the ground. He is standing, miraculously enough. And with the ocean's unbridled fury stirring in his eyes, begins a mad dash toward Jae Hoon. Lunging out toward the torso of his opponent with his palm stretched wide, attempting to /slam/ it in deep. It is a telegraphed, unskilled attack. But his weight is really pushed into it, and afterwards- he stumbles. He stumbles forward. Toward where Jae once was, risking to fall down..

COMBATSYS: Banyu keeps on fighting!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/---<<<<|=======\-------\0            Banyu

But at the last moment, he steadies himself! Facing the Korean teen once again, against the odds. And bellowing a loud roar. "URAAAAAAAH!"

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Banyu's Palm Smash.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\-------\0            Banyu

Is that... panic Jae Hoon sees?

An unexpected emotion glittering in Banyu's eyes in the seconds before his fiery assault momentarily startles the teen. Perhaps he has been a little too forthcoming with the idea that his opponent is honed like a seasoned martial artist of his age would be, at least through the experiences Jae has had. The ability to lose composure like that is a rare display seen in older fighters, and it does become a subtle cause for surprise.

Such responses are not represented by his handsome features. Rather, the youngest Kim scion demonstrates clear control and determination all through the barrage, ensuring each blow would land successfully. With his adversary shot in some distant direction, his earthbound landing is clean, despite all appearances of exhaustion.

Admittedly, this match has been very even keel, and he honestly is quite impressed by how well they've both managed to keep up with one another.

Regardless of the outcome, this may be the most gratifying fight he's been in for quite some time!

Way to go, Banyu! You've earned Jae Hoon's respect!

Even more so, as the elder somehow recovers enough to stand on wobbly legs, as if they are the single-most thing keeping him from outright collapsing into the rubble. An advance is made towards him, fumbly and absolutely weighted with a brash sort of carelessness in his opponent's attempt to end this fight in victory.

But unfortunately, this is not in the books for Jae.

Swiftly, and with all fatigue reeled in, the Kim boy side-steps out of the way of the strike. His forearm deflects the blow away, redirecting it entirely. This move saps some of that remaining energy, but while he continues to stand, he will absolutely continue to fight!

As Banyu stumbles away, fiercely bellowing a cry at him, his lean form takes flight. In a blur so fast one could miss his movements entirely, he flies skyward. His feet will extend outwards in a downwards diagonal motion, and as the distance encloses between them, Jae will attempt to stomp a series of kicks into the fisherman's crown.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon successfully hits Banyu with Hishou Kyaku.

[                         \\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1            Banyu

He made contact! That's it, that's something. Banyu's adrenaline-racing mind theorizes that that should have at least weakened his guard. There are many things racing through the Fisherman's head, very few of which could be considered lucid. "Go down- Drown!" He keeps yelling, keeping up his own spirits- and by extension, the energy to keep standing.

But Jae dashes in yet again, with that downward barrage of kicks from above. Indeed, it was so fast that Banyu missed his movements entirely- He simply does not have that acuity at this moment. And as such, the stomps collide with his skull- and the indonesian giant finally falls..

But not without attempting a final pair of strikes- He's so close! He's got something to prove, he needs to prove his place in the league- he needs to be successful. "WE BOTH BE GOIN' UNDER, LAD!" His fist raises up, before hammering down into Jae- attempting to bounce him off of the floor while his other hand raises up in tandem.

And the watery harpoon manifests within it once again.

He begins to fall forward, in the direction of Jae- Thrusting, or falling the harpoon into the teen's torso for a second time! Even if it would impale, the water would dissapate only moments after. Only leaving the old man behind, collapsed in a pile and very much unconscious.

Hoping that Jae will be drowning with him.

COMBATSYS: Banyu can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon dodges Banyu's Whale Burial.

[                         \\\\\  <
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|

Perhaps without entirely realising it, the technique Jae Hoon bestows onto Banyu will likely serve to be his final move. Multiple reasons could be the cause for this line of thinking, none of them any clearer than the next, but what the teen does know is that he may not have energy left in the reserves for much else...

In truth, he is absolutely exhausted, working down to the last possible wire.

But he has to force himself to remain as a pillar of strength!

Until the very last moment!

The fair-skinned boy barely manages to make contact with the earth's surface when another attack is launching towards him. Familiar by all rights, a technique used not all that long ago, he is able to glean the movements contained within. That harpoon manifests once more, the sharp point of it all too familiar to his already split torso where crimson has spread across the front of his uniform. The wound itself hasn't been an annoyance at all, probably due to adrenaline, but Jae certainly doesn't want to experience another stabbing!

Using what little momentum he has to anchor himself away from the incoming assault, he dodges with a slight gracelessness to his form. He stumbles off to the side, feet nearly tumbling out from underneath his weight as he skitters some short distance away and only recovering because there is a nearby railing set up as a barrier to the match. The crowd beyond its threshold gasps and widdles back some, startled by his sudden appearance.

Handsome features contorting with further fatigue, lungs heaving heavy breaths as he regains composure, earthly-coloured irises would cast over his shoulder to where Banyu may be. Water disperses from the general vicinity, leaving behind the fisherman's unconscious body in its wake.

There's a stunned silence from the crowd...

Did he just...?

"STOP!" shouts the ref as he darts over to where Jae Hoon stands, still using the metal rails as a crutch. The free hand not gripping the bars is raised up, announcing his victory simultaneously to a "We have a winner!" Cheers rise among the masses.


Guess he'll have to thank Banyu at a later time for such an honourable match...

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