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Description: Making good on winning her fight with Himeko, Malin sets out to get her free dinner. Little does she know that the clever Himeko has a nefarious plan for an ambush laying in wait. As Malin infiltrates the inner sanctum of the great Saikyo Dojo, she must come across the last thing she ever expected! Home cooked food.

With the weather getting warmer, and apparently the schools days drawing to a close, it's a boon of sorts for the Saikyo Dojo as some become interested in getting into martial arts. It's a month that Himeko Kashiwagi is always excited for and eager to prepare for though the downside is that, apart from the more dedicated students that a certain mysterious circus girl wrangled in for her, the memberships tend to be of the 'revolving door' variety.

However today in particular is a little bit different since today, once training wraps up, she's going to be meeting up with a friend that isn't named Mimiru here at the dojo and that.. That's so exciting! She'll finally be like the other social butterflies in school! In her excitement she's also ended up being more lax as she watches students, clad in pink gi much like herself, struggle to get the basics down. When she comes to from her daydreaming, it's right on time to see two boys yell 'HYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!' as they high roundhouse one another right in their heads then collapse disgracefully to the floor. There's a moment of silence, then Himeko raises the whistle about her neck to blow with a harsh chirp, "That.. Uh.. D- Double K.O.!" she declares with a weak smile and a nervous laugh. "Um.. All right, everyone, I think that's enough for one day. This is exactly why it's important to get the basics down before getting to the flash and glamour. If you can't look cool doing a high kick, what hope is there in looking cool doing anything else, right?"

Obviously not what the students wanting to hear, they grumble and mutter in obviously uninspired agreement. Another weak chuckle follows, "Um.. W- Well, anyhow I'll see you all next week. Remember I want you all tournament ready for August just like the rest of you. Lets keep our eyes on the goal as inspiration!" she claps her hands twice. "Now lets get a YAHOO!!"


"... Yahoo or you all have to do fifty push ups!"

A groaning chorus of 'yahoo's follow.

It's like this every week. But Himeko's got a date tonight so she can't even bring herself to be annoyed. You win this round, half-hearted slackers.

"I'm getting dinner tonight!"

A happy Malin approaches a dojo for the Saikyo school. Long strides on short legs take her along the neighborhood toward the traditional looking dojo. She has her yo-yo out, and it goes up and down and down and up with each of her steps. She's happy to be meeting up with Himeko, there are not many people that Malin can call a friend. Sure, she's worked with some people, but none of them go to the school she does. So this is new, fresh, and holds potential for others to engage in more regular saving the day around Southtown.

Himeko's also likely to be a source of good, and hopefully free, food.

A noise from inside! Screaming? It sounded like screaming. Was someone being attacked? Malin rushes for the door. She can't let a new friend, who is clearly a kind of hero, get attacked by random thugs.

'Now lets get a Yahoo!!'

Malin screeches to a halt, forcing her yo-yo into a quick round-the-world to slow it down and bring it back safely to her hand. It wasn't an attack, after all. Just students training. Students. . .for this school? Malin is incredulous, rubbing at her chin as she puzzles out the reality of a world with multiple people trying out the Saikyu school. Which is already a derivative of that much more troublesome "other" dojo. A bad omen indeed.

But Malin cannot mind that at this moment. She has something to do. And that something is scoring free food and maybe a friend! Malin slams her fist into her palm and holds her head high. With pride she heads to the dojo, crossing the little courtyard with all the plans in the world to burst onto the scene as only Malin can!

"Hmnn..." Himeko gives the group a brief frown, then nods, "It could be better but all right. Until next week!"
Unknownst to Malin, it isn't common that high school students train here, she's just come on a day that they're penciled in. A majority of the days are occupied by adults and that's a similarly as colorful a group of trainees- But that's another story for another day! After trading bows, the students pack up and head out- If Malin is paying attention to their behavior and good with faces, she may realize that a good number of them are Gedo High school student.

That aside it's true, Malin is about to get her food on, and it was incredibly difficult for Himeko to figure out exactly what to prepare for her fellow shorty and feels just a liiittle bit nervous about what she had finally decided upon. After giving a glance to the clock, "Eep! She'll be here any moment!" she quickly rushes over to the mirror next to Dan's (empty) trophy table to get a look at herself: All right only a little bit sweaty, easily solved with a towel. Her hair is a disaster, which she brushes her fingers through which doesn't fix it at all, ".. Perfect!" but what about her gi? Well.. It isn't uncomfortable so that should be fine. Finally she puts on her glasses. Now.. A greeting. She twists her lips a bit as she frowns at her reflection. What should she say? Malin looks pretty hip so maybe something modern? "What is up, Malin!" she tries.

"Hmn, yo yo YO! What is uuuup home.. boooy!"


".. Like, ohmigoood, I'm so glad you could totally make iiiit!"

High schoolers. The bane of all high schoolers' existences. Malin is good at keeping out of sight and mind when she needs to be. A quick slip of the self to the space above the dojo's door. Slipped up and tightly clutching the sign as the student's file out, Malin waits for them to finally get out of the place so that she can drop down to the ground. Well, that blew that whole chance of trying to make a good entrance.

She lets her yo-yo thwip down and up before making it disappear and finally heading to the door. Which she takes to opening with a quick and easy gliding slide and stepping in. She is, by nature a thief and a spy and her skills come simply to her. They're on display today as she pokes attention inside. And then she crosses her arms. She scans the grounds of the dojo and finally sees the pink thing she's looking for.

And she absolutely, positively is going to play off the chipper practice lines. "I'm glad I could make too!" she calls out. "Can't wait to see how you're going to pay me back for that spar!" Especially when she hasn't had the chance to eat today, and Malin-Style is a combat school that requires a good deal of food to maintain its high performance.

"YEEEEK!" If Himeko were wearing her shoes she most certainly would be leaping out of them upon hearing Malin's voice but lucky for her she doesn't need shoes to leap into the air either and twists midway toward the direction of her schoolmate with eyes wide and quite clearly incredibly flustered, "M- M- Malin! How.. What? How long were you-? Uuuuuu.."

She raises her hands over her head with her face as red as a beet since she doesn't have a book to hide her face behind she doesn't actually know what to do for herself right away, though ultimately decides it best to just move things along best she can. "O- On second thought.. Maybe it's better that you don't answer that. Let's... Let's just go this way instead."

She takes the lead by heading off to the side of the of the dojo in her awkward standing position then nudges the sliding door before them open with her foot which leads to the living quarters that is just as simple-looking (aside from the dynamic coloring) as the previous room.

The first noticeable thing is probably the stacks upon stacks of books littered about on the room- along the walls and upon the floor, an open sleeping bag is bunched up in the corner along with Himeko's other schoolthings. The walls are occupied by pinned up posters or photos of various fighters, those the likes of Dan, two other Taiyo students, and a girl in a gymnastics leotard being the most prominent. Stacks of disorganized papers reside upon a desk, though at the corner nearest to the windows is quite clearly the most organized and cleanest part of the room with a setup of two chairs and a table, a checkered tablecloth and various items that are neatly wrapped up in aluminum foil. "Ahhh.. Anyway, please help yourself to a seat," she then offers after stepping over one of the stacks and finds herself unable to keep eye contact for the moment.

This is the dojo? This is the place these people learn? Not the most secure place that Malin has ever gotten into but certainly the least interesting in a 'what are these people really like' manner. But, as Malin shrugs to her own internal monologue, it's not horrible. And it's a lot better a sight than where that whiny rich girl was staying.

For a moment, Malin wonders whatever happened to the princess puppy. But then sloughs the thought off to focus on the here and now.

"Where is this way?" Malin asks even as she's following along. Not too surprised once she finds out it's where Himeko lives. "Wow, already taking me into your bedroom?" she asks, snooping as her nature commands and already poking at the sleeping roll with the point of her toe. As she looks over to count the posters, she nods. "I see, I should've expected as much, definitely." She doesn't say what she expects, leaves that up in the air just to see how Himeko reacts to open ended accusations of things.

And then comes a small gurgle from her stomach and Malin laughs nervously. "Um, seat!" she says to cover the growling belly. "Do. . .do you have, ah!" she quickly goes over to the chair to spin it around and sit backwards on it with her chin resting on the back.

"'This way' is this way," Himeko says, "I figured it'd be better to eat in a place different from training."

As for how many posters? Roughly fifteen. How many of them are of Dan? About sixty percent of them. How many photos are pinned on the wall? Roughly thirty. About fifteen of them are of a young blonde student. Malin may of this information what she will, but considering Himeko is in the media club maybe it isn't weird? .. No, it's probably weird, but she's oblivious to that. As for the comment about the bedroom, Himeko looks a stunned for a moment, then giggles, "No way; this is just one of my private quarters, I don't *sleep* here, that'd be weird. Besides, my bedroom isn't very interestin-"

Malin's tummy growls, and that gets a bigger laugh from her, enough to shake her out of her incredible embarrassment from earlier. After noticing how her friend seats herself she mimics the manner, but after finding it uncomfortable in about six seconds, she stands up to seat herself properly, then start opening the foil, revealing several kinds of sandwiches. "I wasn't exactly sure what you'd like so I made a few things. This is Braii Broodjie, it's cheese, tomato, salt and onion. Think of it like an African style grilled cheese. And this is a boerewors roll, which is kind of like a hot dog. And the third is just peanut butter and jelly. Oh! And I've got sodas here."
Himeko reaches under the table to drag out the ice cooler, with a few colas but mostly sparkling water. From there she grins, eager to see what Malin will try first.

"You have more than one private quarters?" Malin asks, head tilting. She was not expecting this information but in hearing it she also hears a distinct distant ringing of a cash register bell. All the weird posters and probable obsessing with a particular student aside, Malin knows when she has stumbled into the presence of a meal ticket. That one friend out of so few that has what she wants and needs; companionship and hot dinners.

Malin shakes her head to bring herself out of the tiny mental money hole she's found herself within. But it's only doing so much when suddenly Malin is assaulted by foods of strange and curious lineage. She almost falls back off the chair at the sight of the things laid out. What she had expected, the cool confidence of controlling the moment, that is gone as she just kind of, sort of, stares at Himeko. "I. . .uh. . .uh," she stammers. "I thought we'd just go get some ramen or something."

She catches herself. "Not that this is bad! This is too. . ." Whoa, Malin halts herself from saying 'too much' those are words to never be spoken in most contexts. "goo-. . ." She stops again. "Fanc-. . ." She stops again.

"Too many to have at once!" She laughs, thinking to herself 'saved it!' Before leaning back over to hover her hand over all the treats arrayed out in front of her. She finds herself leaning toward the thing she is under the impression of being a hot dog.

"Is this how you normally eat?" she asks, sniffing the roll with curiosity.

"I do; no one bothers me there but lately I don't really use it much these days." Himeko replies with a bright smile without clarifying where. As for Malin's reaction to the food, Himeko isn't entirely certain what to make of it, her brows furrow and there's a slight tilt of her head as she watches her friend seem to struggle to find the 'right' words to say. "'Ramen'?" she eventually repeats, "Um.. I can't say I've had anything like that before, so I never considered it. Do you like ramen then?"

It's something to keep in mind, but then she appears confident with a nod, "Sometmes! My father is south african, he makes food like this all the time, and all sorts of other things- he loves to cook! Oh now that I think about it, I probably should have brought fries- I don't normally eat them but.. Sorry about that!" with that she picks up the other boerewors roll and takes a bite into it without a second thought. "Mnnn! That's great it's still warm!"

Poor Malin is so cautious, but despite its look topped in thin sliced fried onions and it's 'foreigner' scent, it does taste like beef with a juicy texture that's been well seasoned. "I really like sandwiches; they're really easy to hold while reading or studying."

A small thin sound begins in Malin's ears when Himeko speaks about not using her apparently spare rooms. Malin holds onto the sausage roll in both hands, just about to really take in that first bite. That thin whine in her ear gets louder with more horrifying realizations. This girl is unaware of ramen. . .

Malin felt, in that moment, that there were more terrors in the world than she knew.

She buys time and takes a bite from the sausage roll. She chews, slowly, buying more time with interest. She listens, and listens, and chews and chews. With an audible gulp she swallows and her bought time has to be cashed upon.


She looks down at the roll and nods at it, approving it. She slowly puts cogs to wheels and looks back at Himeko. "So did your father make these?" she asks. "Is he the teacher here? I didn't think this was a foreign style. Though that would explain things. . ."

Well, she isn't the person that made it, but Malin's approval makes Himeko happy all the same. There are very few people that she gets to share a bit of her culture from so this is quite a major victory in her mind. In fact, for someone who doesn't cook she looks maybe a little *too* proud.

And blissfully ignorant of the wonders of ramen.

"Isn't it?? I'm glad you like it!" she exclaims as she takes another bite herself, then nods after chewing and swallowing, "Yes he did; he really loves to cook but despite mother's attempts to get him to start a food stand or something he isn't very interested in doing anything like that. I don't blame him, it looks like cooking is really time consuming." but then her brows furrow, "Eh? Saikyo Style wasn't created by my father, and I'm not really sure what you mean by 'explains things' but my master is," she points over to one of the posters of a man in a pink gi posed in a dynamic high kick giving a thumbs up to the camera with the most infuriatingly smug smile on his face. At the bottom are the words 'Get a KICK out of Saikyo!' "Dan Hibiki! Look at him, isn't he *so* cool??" her eyes, again, light up. "I started learning martial art with my friend Mimiru Kasagi.. I ran into Dan when he accidentally stepped on my glasses; he said that he didn't need glasses to see that I really had potential to become a Saikyo master!"

Malin gnaws at the roll. She takes in Himeko. She also notices that outside of that library that Himeko can give Malin herself a run for the talking money. This is a strange and curious position for Malin to be in. So, stranger in a strangeland that she is, she opts to take the un-Malin approach and play it safe and steady.

So the fighting style wasn't her fathers. A mental image of Malin in front of a whiteboard has to erase the "foreign attempt" written upon it. She finishes the roll without a thought to how quickly it went before sidling over to the sweet option of a peanut butter and jelly. This food isn't mulled over so much as eaten swiftly.

Eating, she stays silent to look at all the posters. Stopping at the one with Dan Hibiki. "I don't know him," she admits. And part of her thinks that that is for the best of things.

She has to pause and put that story told by Himeko into her head. "So he is the one to beat in order to establish Malin-Style?" she asks. "I think I could do it. No problem."

And a sparkling water for Himeko! She twists the cap off as Malin glances at the posters and, well, a lot of them are of Dan. It's probably pretty clear that the student is incredibly fond of him, though once Malin expresses that she never heard of him, she doubles over mid-sip, followed by a choking sound, followed by a series of wheezes and coughing.

After about fifteen seconds she seems to regain control, though tears of the struggle trickle down her cheeks as she looks to Malin in disbelief, "But.. But you.. You seemed like the type of girl that knows anyone who's anyone of importance! You *really* haven't heard of him??" though before Malin can answer that, Himeko raises a hand to her cheek as she furrows her brows, "Oh but then again.. Hibiki-sensei *is* from Hong Kong, so it would make more sense that he'd be more well known there. But on the other hand, this prestigious- No you could not, by the way- dojo's been her a very long time, so how.. Maybe she doesn't watch tv commercials?"

"I'm not prepared, or able, to help if you choke. I never took first aid," Malin states while she watches Himeko choke. She takes a drink from the soda she's claimed as hers.

But even without asking, Malin gets all the information she could want. Man from Hong Kong, invents a derivative style, already has one defeated master which means the others are open season. Excellent.

Evil plotting aside, Malin does enjoy the sweet and salty sandwich and she gives up on things to just listen to Himeko's questions. Television? In this age? With her living conditions? Malin laughs. "I don't have time to watch TV. I'm always on a mission, like breaking into Syndicate secret bases to steal their information. Or raiding gang bars with people like Hayley Bretherton in order to keep the streets safe." She brags, sandwich free hand going to her hip.

"And with this friend from school, we're starting a club that's going to be all about keeping the streets safe for people," she adds, and then a thought comes to her. "But if you want to stay around your mansion and watch television all day, I don't think I should bother you about that."

As if suddenly remembering her eyes were watering, Himeko brushes her eyes with her forearm, "Oh! Um, noted.. But you probably should know at least the very basics of first aid, Malin, like self Heimlich maneuver. If you're on a solo mission and you choke, you would be in serious trouble."
She takes the grilled sandwich this time, then her eyes widen in obvious interest to Malin's cause, "Like.. Like super a hero? Well, maybe more like a super spy; but that's kind of the same! Malin, that's *so* cool! And that's such a relief; for a while I thought that you might be a villain." which she then laughs off. "Thank goodness; now it all makes sense. Malin style is very spy.. Very covert ops, mm-mm"

Nod nod.

"Um.. Well, actually, I'm part of the newspaper club. Even if I did just sit in a mansion and watch television I would be obliged to be interested in something like that. I suppose you wouldn't want me covering your stories but.. But there are other ways I could help if you would have me!"

"I don't eat when I'm on a mission," Malin says, narrow eyed and haughty before she takes another bit of the PBJ sammy. "You see," she says through her food, "Being a little hungry keeps you alert." She almost taps her temple with her sandwich but halts herself before it happens.

At the sudden adulation, Malin basks in it, grinning. And when the bait starts to be bit, a weight soars off Malin. After all, she's already basically told Daisuke that Himeko was in on this whole thing. "It is. Malin-Style is as legitimate as anything else. It's all about surprise and never letting your guard down. True effectiveness and awareness in the moment because you never know when you're getting a knife in your eye from some goon."

She looks proud of herself and gives a sage nod. "Maybe, just maybe, you can be our official coverer. But. but. But!" she grins, ideas flowing freely and fast. . .ly. "You wear that costume you got. It's got a mask. And you can come with us to fight the bad guys, and cover it. Because you will be your own inside girl for all the scoops!"

'Being a little hungry keeps you alert'. Himeko's brows furrow at the advice, but eventually gives a hesitant nod since she's never actually read otherwise. That said, she doesn't appear to have any issue with Malin speaking with her mouth full since she still can hear her words fairly clear. That said, the description of a knife to the eye makes her cringe as she leans back a little bit, "Ew.."

The grotesque warning is shaken off at the prospect of being an excusive coverer; in fact she appears quite elated with the idea, up to the point of wearing her costume. She twists her lips a little then replies, "But.. Malin, Hurricane Hime is the mascot of the Saikyo Ryuu style. Something like that isn't going to hide my identity if that's the idea you're going with. Oh! Unless you mean to just look cool then I'm perfectly all right with that!"

She raises a hand to her chin once more, "Hmn.. Or maybe I could make another costume that's better color coordinated? What do you wear, anyway?"

Good, at least Himeko was a little squicked by the whole 'knife in the eye' line. It made things real. But quietly, Malin had to wonder how giving someone a million paper cuts was any real different. Or fireballs. Or everything else the 'legitimate' fighters got to use but would call out Malin-Style for having. She pouts, upset at the invisible man in her head she argues against.

"So," she says, to usher out the specter and to open her mouth before taking another large sandwich bite. "I think you could use it to brag that your school is out there being awesome. My missions are all super secret, so if you guys wanted the credit, you could have it." She swallows again. "Just, you got to know how it really is and keep getting your dad to make this food. You'd be our coverer and our cover."

But, just to cover all the bases of this sales pitch, she adds, "Or if you want you could make something new and flashy. I just wear what I need for the mission at hand." Which almost always means the outfit Malin has on most of the time she isn't wearing a school uniform. For reasons there are many and not things she wants to dwell on at the moment she's dining fine and free.

"So, um, red, I guess. The other guy's got red hair. Red could be a thing."

'You could use it to brag that your school is out there being awesome'

Himeko gets to her feet and slams her hands upon the table so violently that it rattles, "I'LL DO IT!!"

There's a brief moment of silence.

Then Himeko sits back down, head a bit lowered in a sheepish manner as she clears her throat, "I mean.. I think that that's a wonderful idea. Oh! And sure it shouldn't be any trouble at all making more food!" Of course in the back of her mind she didn't forget Malin mentioning ramen. She should probably research that so she can have that made for her friend as well.

With that said however, red hair? Does she know anyone like that? "Oh right, you did say there's another.. Who might they be?"


Malin downs the last of that sandwich and licks off her fingertips. She's practically beaming at getting that big of a reaction out of Himeko. "So glad you're up for it!" she says, clapping her hands. "I knew you'd be a great member. You care about people. You know what it takes to be a good person." She pushes up, leaping to the chair before putting her foot on the back of the chair and riding it to the floor.

A flick of her foot and she can use the edge of the knife hidden in her shoe to flip the chair back up to all four legs. "As for the third member of the after school secret mission society is Daisuke!" Malin pauses, not remembering his last name. But she soldiers onward! "He's really good at running away and distracting bullies! He has heart, no idea if he can really fight, but I am willing to trust him. Because that's what friends do!"

She grins and points at Himeko. "And I trust you to trust me about this!"

"'Kubo'?" Himeko replies with a weak smile, "A- ah.. Yes, the news club is pretty familiar with him. But I'm sure it's as you say and he has.. Um.. Well, some specific set of skills. And it isn't like I've actually talked with him so perhaps I should do that."

Still, that's quite the surprise as she was expecting someone... Well, someone more like Malin. "Hmm. Malin, I think that you should make a stronger effort to remember the last names of your friend-"

'And I trust you to trust me about this'!

Well, how can she say 'no' to that? She snaps her hand into a salute, "Of course!" But that isn't going to stop her from investigating on her own, either!

"Yes! That one! The red-head!" Malin's pointing intensifies as it's clear that Himeko recognizes the boy in question. This is also a curiosity since Malin has mentioned Himeko, in a way, to Daisuke. Which means that a lot of connections have already been made. And this club is a lot closer to fruition.

Malin crosses her arms and gives her best self confident smirk. "I got a nose for good people. Comes with the territory. You don't get into secret societies for nothing," she says, topping it off with a haughty little chuckle. "Just remember, anything juicy that you find should be shared among your friends."

She lifts her head and looks Himeko straight in the eye, zipping over to get close and serious. "Because if you find secrets to the Syndicate that we can use against them, we can keep a whole lot of people safe."

A small giggle follows Malin's confirmation with a very slight shake of her head. Malin is certainly an unorthodox leader, but Himeko finds that both utterly charming and encouraging. It really speaks to her tastes. Several agreeing nods follow Malin's boast of being in a secret faction, though suddenly she remembers her run-in with a potential recruit by the name of Blazing Panther but she decides maybe it's best to wait until the three of them are together to bring that up.

Her eyes widen, then Himeko leans back just a little with an 'eep' with the other so up in her face! "Well.. I've never even thought about trying to uncover the secrets of the Syndicate before." she admits, ".. Maybe it's time that I start covering more than fights."

"And focus more on investigative journalism."

Malin claps her hands and gestures slowly out to the metaphorical horizon. "Just think of it, breaking open conspiracies, busting up criminal rings, solving crimes and putting boots to bad guys!" Malin paints a word early draft concept sketch for Himeko. "Truth, justice, and fame for your dojo. All because you hung out with the one and only Malin."

She grins, bouncing away from Himeko and setting her hands behind her head in an approximation of 'ccol'. "And I'll get back at the baddies while making sure their ill gotten wealth falls into the hands of those people who truly need it the most." She laughs, thinking about all that wealth and how it doesn't feel bad to take from the bad. It does, in the end, help some of the unfortunate.

Malin eyes the posters all over the room, she hits on the perfect thing and drops into a squared off stance and gives Himeko a thumbs up and a devil-may-care grin. "Hope you're ready to save the world!"

It could be interesting; when Himeko thinks more about it, Ran really was fired up about all those possibilities (breaking open conspiracies at the tap of course), though Himeko really only followed along because she admired her. But the driving force for Himeko absolutely involves bringing fame and prestige to the dojo. It's an opportunity she can't pass up!

"Yes!" Himeko pipes up in agreement. "I sure am! Thank you so much, Malin! I.. I won't let you down, I absolutely won't!" Following that she too gets to her feet to mimic her new friend's thumb up with one of her own. And for the briefest of moments there's a flash of Malin's pose being replaced with Dan in the same position. She blinks rapidly, shakes her head, "O- Oh right, I completely forgot to ask last time. May... I take a photo of us? If it wouldn't be any trouble..."

Perfect! Malin has a meal ticket, she has friends! She has people that can take it to the streets! This is even better than haranguing Hayley Bretherton into raiding bars! Though, maybe having someone who was winning major tournaments be around would help her loads when it came to fighting the Syndicate.

But for all Malin's control of the situation, her success in mimicking Dan has definitely proven more effective than she expected. And now Himeko was asking things. Asking. . .to be in a selfie? Malin grins wide before she takes to adopting yet another 'cool' and easy grin with a shrug. "Sure why not?" she says, and she makes a great deal of effort making the perfect peace sign even before Himeko can get her camera ready.

"This cool enough for ya?"

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