Edenlith - Friendship put to the test.

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Description: A demon learns the truth to your friends is not always ideal. A sexy man wonders if he will still have his room by the end of the night. A robot settles on amnesia. A cat speaks again. A normal day for the gang.

It's Saturday afternoon and the boys are hanging out in their dorm room. The boys in question being, Rafferty, Ryan and Storm the cat. Storm has a lot less to say for himself than usual, having been entirely mute, since coming into Rafferty's possesion, late on Thursday night. Upon arriving home from an interesting evening in Chinatown's 2020 club, the young model was changing into his silk pyjamas, when there was a knock at his door. When he opened it, there was nobody there, at least nobody human. There in a cat carrier was the white cat named Storm, who in his time at Pacific High, he has come to consider a close friend. This is largely due to their shared dislike of combat, meaning the twosome are often found hiding together, but also because of the feline's exceptional conversational skills. On this occasion however, as previously stated, the cat was mute and only a note was present to explain the situation.

'Take care of Storm' was the simple message, written in Edenlith's distinctive scrawling handwriting. For Eden to go somewhere, without taking her constant companion, it must be important, so filled with concern, he carried the cat into his bedroom, trying not to wake his roomie, Ryan. The cat was obviously in some distress, not only was he silent, but he also seemed to be trembling and was refusing to make eye contact. Rafferty wrapped him in a cashmere blanket and sat with him, until they both fell asleep. The following day he took him to the vet, who informed the boy that there were no physical injuries, but that Storm was displaying signs of trauma.

Thankfully the cat is now eating, which is an encouraging sign. As he munches on his chicken flavoured Iams, the two schoolmates chatter about other matters.

"I can't believe that Amy turned me down for another date" Ryan grumbles. "I took her out to the cinema and paid for a three course meal for us both. I even bought her chocolates. What a bloody mug. Hey, you can't set me up with one of those models from your agency can you, mate?" he asks hopefully.

Rafferty seems to weigh the matter up. "I suppose I could do that, but you'd definitely owe me. Some of them are seriously hot and you're well...I guess you have your charms" he teases, letting his pink tongue poke out from between his lips.

With that, there's a knock on the dorm room door and the blond boy rises to his feet, moving to answer it.

"Well we know it's not you this time, Storm" he says, stopping to tickle him behind the ear. "It will probably be Nena. I asked her to come and watch a movie with us."

When Rafferty opens the door, it is indeed Nena Washington, formerly known as 'ordinary teenage girl' Nena Washington, now working under the label 'Nuclear Nena' after the events of the final match of the Rising Star tournament. The brunette is wearing a fresh sailor-style school uniform, and she's cleaned up remarkably well from the brutal beating and dismemberment that she'd suffered at the hands of Hayley Bretherton.

Such is the lot in life of robots. It's less problematic to put them back together than it is for humans; therefore, humans find it less problematic to forcefully dismantle them. Of course, with Nena's attitude during the tournament, nothing less would have been necessary to stop her, given her near-immunity to the traditional 'K.O.' status used to determine when a fighter has lost.

"Greetings, Farty Trance Welfare Trews."

The brunette turns to Ryan in turn.

"Hello, Learn My Smile Jar."

Finally, she turns her vapid green eyes down to Storm.

"Good afternoon, Tech to Trams."

She steps into the room past Rafferty.

"Are you also to be watching the film in our company, Ryan? Is this because you have been rejected by Amy?"

The dorms were in view now. Eden had done what she had left to do, for now. Both personal, and professional. She had a new outfit now, her school blouse was no longer dark blue for the most part but white. Her hair almost twice as long as before. Her steps more self assure. She takes a quick look around.

Once she is done, she takes off running at her top speed, to get to Rafferty dorm, just savouring the new found freedom. It didn't even take a second for Eden to get to the doors of Rafferty. There was boy in the hall, and to him, Eden simply appeared there, where a second before she wasn't. He rubs his eyes, but continues on his way.

She looks at the door. She would be able to see her friends, and get the cat back. Yes it was her friends too... Eden was gone. It didn't feel as nice inside as it should be, but she was free...

Finally she knocks. A strong firm knock, this door was going to open, or it would get pulverized. Actually she just waited for the door to open, she figured her friend wouldn't like his door pulverized. Unless he had to choose between himself and the door, then she figured his door would be the definitive choice for him.

While she waits, after her initial thoughts, she ponders how to bring all the news to Rafferty, and Nena later on, as she didn't know Nena was here too at the moment.

At Nena's question, the dark haired schoolboy fixes his hazel eyes upon her. His intense expression suggests he wouldn't be averse to tearing her apart, limb from limb, but he forces a smile upon his face.

"Very funny, Nena. Both the anagrams and the comment on my love life." He gives her a slow hand clap and he definitely doesn't look amused.

Rafferty meanwhile seems horrified by his latest title, courtesy of his amor.

"Welfare trews? Do I look like someone who would wear the kind of pants you could only afford on welfare?" he snobbishly demands to know. Apparently he can live with being called farty.

Storm looks up at the sound of Nena's voice and it seems as if he's nodding his head in a form of greeting. He's soon back to focusing on his food though.

"So what shall we watch then?" Rafferty asks, the tone of his voice sounding bright, as he tries to lighten the mood. "I was thinking either Reality Bites or Singles. You know something with that whole nineties retro vibe?"

Before either Nena or Ryan get chance to answer, there's yet another knock at the door. Storm suddenly becomes alert, before weaving his way over there, looking up at the handle expectantly.

"What is it, buddy?" Rafferty wonders. "Is it Eden out there?" He pulls the door open quickly, peering out into the hallway. At the sight of his friend, his face lights up, before gaining a look of confusion.

"Oh, did you get hair extensions? Is that where you've been, having your hair done and doing some shopping?" The fashionista has noted the fresh looking uniform too.

Nena turns to Ryan when he speaks to her.

"Thank you, Ryan. I will file a note in my databanks regarding your appreciation for this interaction and attempt to provide you with more, similar interactions in the future."

She turns her eyes to Rafferty.

"My anagrams are intended for entertainment rather than descriptive purposes, Rafferty. I am aware that you perceive a positive correlation with an elevated sales price to real market value ratio when purchasing clothing products. This is a common trait amongst humans, and can lead even to emperors paying exorbitant sums for non-existent products."

At the sound of the knock from the door, Nena's head turns slightly in that direction, her artificial ear turning to analyze.

"My auditory analysis protocols detect a probability that the party knocking at the door is Eden. However, this probability is forty-two percent."

She delivers this cryptic news with none of the excitement that should accompany the hope that their mutual friend, who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, has potentially returned - though, that's simply par for the course with Nena. Her emotion simulation protocols frequently leave some programming work to be desired.

As Rafferty opens the door, Nena tilts her head to look past him. There's a momentary blue flicker behind her eyes.

"Greetings. You appear to be almost identical to our friend, Eden. Are you her identical twin?"

The door opens. She sees Rafferty, and she nods to him, but she kneels down to pick up Storm first, who jumps in her arms. She also nods at Nena, just to nod, Although it may look like she nods because she's saying she's Eden's twin.

She takes a few moment, to pet Storm, and examine him. He's ok now, Rafferty took him to the vet or something. Rafferty is a coward, but the best caring guy she knows. It makes her smile. She smiles widely, showing teeth. She was truly happy about Storm. Then her face goes back to neutral as she stands back up. She leans in to take a peek at the other guy, this Ryan, as she doesn't remember seeing him before.

After that. She pushes Rafferty backward with relative ease, enough so she can come inside and close the door herself, then she just let it out, not realizing her speaking might be more... surprising or scary for the two that knows her well, and perhaps Ryan, he may have heard of her, same school and all.

"I am Eden, one part of her. The other part died..." Which while not exactly right, was still technically correct as far as she knew. "She was in the way, but I miss her. I had to take care of something, thank you for taking care of Storm. Looks as good as new."

Without stopping she turns her head back to Nena "I saw your fight against Hayley, when you lose and she damaged you heavily? Do you wish me to maim her? I would offer to kill her, but your protocol will not allow this, so I am not offering."

After that she takes a good look at Ryan, before giving her attention back to Rafferty."You went beyond your duty for Storm. If it would make you happy, Ryan can be my boyfriend, and he will not have problems finding a girl anymore, it will be taken care of."

She looks at Rafferty awaiting his answer, but before he can, she adds. "This is my real hair, I prefer longer hair. As for my old suit, too much blood, it wouldn't come off..." She shifts on her legs, and for a brief moment, shows sheats on her thighs, usually hidden by her skirt.

The British boy silently simmers, as Nena fails to detect his sarcasm. Both he and Rafferty are now focused on Eden, looking at her curiously, as they await further explanation of her whereabouts. Ryan is not as close to the blue haired girl as the school sweethearts are, but her absence has been noted and talked about, amongst all of the students in their year.

"It's not her twin, it's Eden" Rafferty laughs, turning back to Nena. "She's just got new hair. I think it suits her!" he declares with enthusiasm.

As the object of his compliment pushes him backward, he seems to take it in his stride, not complaining or attempting to retaliate. Apparently he's used to her behaviour. What he's definitely not used to is her talking though and he stares at Eden in disbelief.

"You had surgery on your vocal chords too?" he asks, apparently ignoring the part about dying.

"It's no problem looking after Storm. He's been a good boy, though he seems to have stopped talking, just as you've learned how to."

Ryan is back to glaring again, though this time his attention is on Eden, as she make him an offer he can refuse.

"I think I'm alright, thanks" he decides, eyeing her cautiously.

"You're a bit too...feisty for my taste."

If Nena takes Eden's nod one way or the other, she doesn't show it, really. There's a reason that nobody at Pacific has been willing to play Nena at poker more than once.

"I do not detect a cessation of functionality in your vital or non-essential organs. It appears that you may be mistaken, or that you are speaking in metaphor. However, I am also detecting inconsistencies, including your previously undisplayed predilection for spoken word."

Her eyes don't move to the sheaths as they're revealed.

"I do not seek nor condone violence against my past opponents. Competitive combat is meant for exhibition purposes only. Also, I am concerned of the possibility that you are equipped with weapons that are illegal on school property, much in the manner of a student of such disreputatable institutions as Gedo."

Eden sighs softly at all Rafferty questions. How can she really explain, without saying she's a demon. She wanted to keep her friends, and there was this other guy, and he didn't even want her, when she was beautiful. One hand reaches under her skirt for one of her Karambits, while she holds Storm in her other hand.

It's when Storm finally speaks. "No Eden, you don't want to do that." He frowns. "I don't want to lose you too." Apparently Storm understood, but it makes sense, as they spent most of their time always together." Storm looks at Ryan. "Why don't you go on the hunt then for a mate, gives us a little time. There are some private times needed for those threes. Please." Storm didn't order after all.

Eden looks at Storm, before answering Nena. "I don't know if they will understand." Storm. "They will, they are friends." Eden shrugs and finally looks at Nena. "My Karambits will stay between my thighs and my skirt at school, unless we get attacked. You are a weapon yourself, and you're in school." She then looks at Rafferty and Nena. "It's good to see you both again. The thought of losing the friendship, makes me unhappy. It is unpleasant to think about. It is weird.

At the mention of illegal weapons, Rafferty's blue eyed gaze drifts down to Eden's thighs questioningly. He raises his perfectly groomed dark eyebrows, but makes no further comment on the matter. Instead he looks between her and Storm, beaming brightly as the cat rediscovers his tongue.

"It looks like he's back to trying to keep you in line" he says, with a grin towards Eden, ignoring the serious tone of the chatter.

Ryan gets the hint and if anything seems to be relieved to have a reason to get out of there. "Yeah, whatever. I'll catch you later, mate" he addresses Rafferty, ignoring the girls and Storm. "I'm gonna go and see a man about a dog." He exits the dorm room, letting the door slam behind him.

Rafferty take a seat on his bed. "It's good to see you too" he replies softly. "We missed having you in class. So do we get to hear the full story, because I'm kinda confused about what's happening here?" He looks towards Nena, curious if she is comprehending more clearly.

Nena's head cants a little to one side at Eden's declaration that her weapons will remain on her person - one of the few tells that the robot girl has, and one usually exhibited when she's confused by someone's behaviour. It straightens when Eden provides the counter-argument.

"I had not considered that, and whilst I would posit from an objective perspective that your argument is fallacious, I will refrain from raising the point again until I have addressed your concern."

Her eyes follow Ryan as the dark-haired lad makes his escape.

"Please exhibit appropriate safety protocols when approaching this man and his dog, and be aware that dogs are not allowed on the premises."

She looks from Rafferty to Eden, then nods once.

"Yes. Please provide additional elucidation regarding your movements over the past few days. I also am interested to know."

Eden waits until Ryan is gone, before answering and opening up. Well she answers about Storm first.

Storm getting hurt was never the plan. I care for him too. It is good he still seems to want to help...

She hesitates, and decides to answer Nena first. Delaying explaining the whole thing. "If you were a concern to me as a weapon, I would destroy you Nena." She says matter of factly. "But you are important to me. It seems even without Eden, I have a love for you and Rafferty." Yes, it's a weird way to say it without explanation.

Storm looks at Eden. "It's time go ahead tell me." She frowns but nods her head. "A while ago, when Eden... the girl... yes let call her the girl, wasn't doing well. I possessed her body. Well partially. We unwillingly shared the body at first, then more willingly, until a few days ago, when I got knocked out and her soul gave herself to a wish."

She takes a break and looks at Storm who nods. "I am a demon you see. But I will not harm either of you. Because I have love for both of you, and the cat. Eden too, but Eden is gone. If you no longer wish to be my friend. It will not be pleasant, I do not know how I will react. I feel pain already from thinking of losing you two. I already have some pain from Eden, inside. It's stupid, I don't exactly like it." She means the pain...

Then there is the time to answer Nena's question. "Eden parents are the ones who hurt her, so I went ahead and killed them. They deserved it and it helped with the pain I felt at the lost. I think you will both say the parents should have went to jail. I do not agree. You are willing to kill monsters to protect humans, they were monsters, and humanity are better off without them." She looks at them both. "I have no regrets and do not feel sorry." She then goes silent and Storm who didn't know about the parents fate at the end of Eden simply says. "Oh." That was something else to digest.

"So what's the punchline then?" Rafferty asks, looking between Eden and Nena. "Because it is a joke, right? I mean, it has to be."

His tall, lean body slumps back on the bed, as he rests his blond head on his silk pillow and lets out a loud sigh. "Not a very funny one though. Killing your parents is pretty dark."

From his position on the bed, he still has a clear view of everyone in the room and he's watching Eden with concern.

"Do you think you might need to see a therapist or something? I know there's a school guidance counselor, who might be able to help you out with that." He pats the bed, gesturing for Nena to join him there. "I can tell you've got some issues going on, but don't talk about destroying Nena. Saying nice things after a statement like that, doesn't make it go away."

It's obvious that the normally easygoing model is disturbed by Eden's version of events, whether he believes them to be true or not. "What do you remember about all this, Storm?" he questions the white cat, desperate for some alternative explanation to his friend either being insane or a murderer.

The robotic brunette listens to Eden's threatening remarks regarding her status as a weapon without reaction. She finally speaks up after Eden finishes.

"You have confirmed my suspicions regarding the murders of Cassian and Elenea Zaizen. During your absence, I established a number of passive search functions using relevant keywords, including your surname, and a number of articles relating to said double murder were flagged."

Her tone remains even as she continues.

"I do not have access to verifiable and reliable information regarding demons, possession, or witches. Therefore, I will respond based exclusively on the information that you have provided in addition to data that I have gathered since your departure."

As she says so, she does not join Rafferty on the bed. Instead, there's a faint whirring, almost undetectable to the human ear, from her body. Her hands clench into fists at her sides as the blue flickering points behind her green irises return.

"You have exercised fallacious logic in your analysis of my threat termination protocols. The primary determining factor for threat prioritization and neutralization is willful action against human life and metaphorical limb. By your own admission, you have acted in such a manner, and threaten to persist in doing so, both against myself, and, more distressingly, against Rafferty."

The flickering light fades, though the whirring sound remains.

"Please remove yourself from the premises, or I will transmit the data package I have been preparing to the relevant authorities. I will refrain from violent apprehension at this juncture, out of respect for the potential for collateral damage."

She looks down at Storm.

"Storm may decide for himself whether he wishes to accompany you, because he is an independent cat, capable of his own decisions."

Eden cocks her head to the side. "I do not think there has been any jokes made?" She looks at Rafferty. "I am being honest to friends as it is the custom." She ponders. "A therapist would not be helpful about anything." She sighs and continues. "I said if I thought she was threat, but I consider Nena a friend."

When Storm is addressed by Rafferty he is about to answer, but then Eden hears Nena.

"I did not hide the fact I killed them, I have been honest to two friends. She puts Storm down, as she understands things are getting tense. "I was under the impression since you are in school Nena, you were able to add new information to your programming and actually learn real things." She was confused. "Further more, because of my time with Edenlith, I believe it's normal to tease a friend, I have taking no violent actions against either of you. Rafferty would break so easily. It is not something I desire. Rafferty is a good man."

She pauses a moment when she is told to leave, just like that."I wish to talk more, I thought we were friends? If authorities are called, there is a high risk of casualties. Avoidable casualties." She does not talk about Nena being a threat further.

Storm looks at both then at Rafferty. "She's not perfect but she learns things. I can help her. You two can help too. You two are my favorite people. Rafferty, you're my best bud... But I am going to go with Eden if it ends up that way, because I know it would do more damage to kick her away like a dirty dog, than keeping with her." He frowns. "But whatever is decided, I get it if you still want to push her away... and I will do my best to keep her away from you." He then looks at Eden. "If you really consider them friends, and I know you do, then you should comply."

"After a moment of thinking Eden says to Storm. "This is Rafferty's room, and I have yet to hear what he decides."

There's an audible gasp from the direction of the bed, as Nena verifies Eden's claims about the murder of her parents. "So best case scenario she just killed her mom and dad, worst case scenario she's a demon too" he states, trying to get his pretty head around the horrific facts.

"Where is the other part of Eden now then?" he asks. "Is that the part that stopped this part going around killing people? If so, I think I miss her." He gets up from the bed, too agitated to stay reclining and starts to pace around the room.

"I think Nena is right, you better go" he says, with some regret. "I'm in trouble when I drink champagne around her, so you can't expect her to accept something like this."

As Eden starts to plead her case, his demeanor softens somewhat, but there's still wariness present. "Why exactly did you kill them? I presume there was a good reason, or at least one you believed to be justified." It seems he's going to at least give her the opportunity to explain things further.

Whilst he awaits her response, he walks over to his bedside cabinet, taking out a small container and removing the lid. The label on it reads 'Calming Balm' and he proceeds to rub some of the contents on his wrists, at the pulse points. Next he produces a blue stress ball, which he starts to furiously knead with his long fingers.

Eventually he looks towards Storm, simply nodding his head, as the feline vocalises his stance on the situation.

"I am quite capable of storing and processing data," Nena says flatly, her posture remaining subtly prepared for physical confrontation. "You did not demonstrate any of the telltale signs of 'teasing.' Perhaps, as a 'demon,' you are unfamiliar with the distinction in tone and body language necessary to denote this intent. I believe you will find that claiming an admission of guilt as a mitigating factor in cases of homicide will not absolve your actions in legal proceedings."

Nena's head tilts slightly to one side.

"Threatening additional casualties in response to contacting the authorities implies that you are not acting out of logic or self-preservation, but malice. This is consistent with most accounts of demonic behaviour, in which demons are portrayed as irredeemable personifications of evil."

Nena's head straightens again, creating an unnatural, metallic crinkling sound.

"You may respond to Rafferty's query. However, I question the logical processes behind your brazen confession, threatening behaviour, and refusal to comply with social and legal norms. These actions are non-compatible with friendship status."

Eden was getting angry. "What do you guys do not understand about torture? yea, maybe I said the wrong things. The fact is the matter is, I do not wish to kill anyone here for no reason, but if you get the authorities, they will try to arrest me, and I won't allow it. I am trying to deal with feelings I don't understand. Maybe Eden would have been able to help me understand, but she's no longer there. I tried to keep her in, but I failed her, so I got her parents. It was the right thing TO DO!" She screams that last part. "Look!"

She concentrates, and the whole room becomes another room, a tortured room. There is a woman and a man, they might be familiar to Nena, as younger versions of Eden's parents, if she saw pictures in her database. They can also see a younger Eden, presumably before the DEmon was inside her. She looks to be around 4-5 years old. The mother is kneeling in front of her holding her hands to keep her in place. "I told you to not come and wake us up during the night, monsters don't exists." While she was saying that, Her father was whipping her across her back, to blood. Eden was crying at that time. There is a shift, an older edenlith, during puberty. "How many times did I tell you that you get to eat during a meal only, no snack. Money don't grow on tree. Daddy will teach you." It seems the mother was the talker, and the father the doer. This time, the father was removing every nail of her fingers. This time Eden wasn't really screaming, only the eyes showed the pain. The mother speaks once more "And now I will to keep you home for a while. Because they won't understand why you don't have fingernails. You would just gives us more trouble.

The demon shows other things. Sometime getting Eden sick, simply so the parents could have attention, or nothing Eden doing being good enough. A B in school. Anything was a good reason. The fact of the matter, it seems that's how they were getting their kicks.

When the Demon is done, showing many scenes, she finally speaks. "This body and this girl took it all, and was still functional, although suicidal. When I took her, it was because of the body, it was perfect. She managed to hold me off from taking over completely. Then I felt all she went through, and I started caring about her...

HShe looks down, this seems to pain her. "I had this fight in the Rosalia, because I had an invitation. I am Demon, but I tried to keep her in. That other girl was useless. Eden wanted to leave the body to go to the witch. I held on, I did not let her go. I could have pushed off and be done, I would have had the body for myself, but I held on! Then I got knocked out, and it allowed Eden to go to the witch, because the other girl did nothing. I am alone with leftover feelings from Eden, which I don't all know how to deal with. I took Storm here, if we had died, Storm would have been brought here."

She takes a deep breath before she continues. "I went to the parents, I slit open their throats, right in the torture room. It was for Eden, and whoever else they may have had in there. I am not a good person at heart, and I will do more things you don't approve of, but this, they deserved it. They were the real monsters. And you know full well, if a demon had been doing what they did, nobody would give a second thought about a hero killing them." She looks up. "And don't start, i am not saying I ama hero, I am a demon, trying to understand, and fit what how I feel!" She finally goes silent.

Rafferty can tell that his girlfriend is primed for conflict and that is concerning, especially since they are in his dorm room! If it got smashed up, or even worse blown up, it wouldn't look good on his permanent record.

"There's no need for anyone to call any authorities right now. I'm sure we can figure this out between us" he says, though the expression on his face suggests he's not confident of this at all. Maybe his desire to not get them involved is due to some lingering loyalty for a friend, or perhaps he's thinking about the fact he may become embroiled in yet another scandal, this one even more troublesome than the rest.

As Eden's anger bubbles over, his kneading of the stress ball intensifies, his carefully manicured nails, now digging into its squishy texture. As she screams out, he gives her a look of alarm, flinching and taking a step away from her, to move closer to Nena. From this position he uncomfortably watches Eden's horrible home video, his fair complexion becoming noticeably paler with every second of suffering. When it's finally, blessedly concluded, there's tears in his piercing blue eyes.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that" he tells the blue haired demon girl sincerely. "Or that she did, or both I guess." He's still trying to adapt to the information he's been presented with today. "I knew Eden was a little...unbalanced at times, but I figured she was just eccentric. I didn't realise the depths of pain she was experiencing."

He hesitates, before continuing. "You say she is with a witch now. How do we know this woman will treat her any better than her...than your parents? She could be being mistreated right now and we wouldn't even know about it!" His silky smooth voice rises up, displaying signs of the panic he's feeling and his eyes shift to Storm. "Did you see this witch? What do you think about the other Eden being with her?"

As talk returns to the homocides, Rafferty shakes his platinum blond head, as if he's trying to get the knowledge out of it.

Nena also observes the macabre montage alongside Rafferty, her posture never shifting, expression never changing. She doesn't lower her guard, or exhibit empathy, or sympathy, or anger, or disgust. She finally turns to Eden.

"They do not exhibit desirable attributes in a parental unit, and were clearly legally deserving of imprisonment, if this footage was accurate. However, I do not possess the capacity for human bias that would enable me to condone your decision to murder them. This act carries the potential for psychological consequences for those who are undeserving of them. Exposure of their misdeeds, providing the opportunity for the criminal justice system to punish their crimes, could have inversely given rise to additional scrutiny for such behaviour. This was an act of chaos, not order."

Nena turns her eyes toward Rafferty.

"Similarly, however, I cannot act in contradiction to my own nature. This knowledge demands action. Nevertheless, I will prioritize the safety of the girl, though I do not understand the nature of her continued existence if you now occupy her physical body," she finishes as she looks back to Eden.

"If you are both willing to behave in a manner that allows me to do so, then, after the conclusion of whatever undertakings are necessary, I will redact my records of what you have told me tonight."

She calms down a bit. She looks sad at the display she showed in her illusions. "I don't understand. I should be more like Nena about those weird feeling. Nena when Storm is done talking, I will have a question."

Storm answers Rafferty as best as he can. "As best as I remember, Eden went to the witch. She offered herself in exchange for both Edenlith and Rosalind to be able to leave. The witch honored that agreement and she looked happy. Like she actually cared... She also agreed when Edenlith asked that if she was the one losing, I be brought to you. I think Eden is at least alive. But I don't think we will ever see her again... I will miss her but Edenlith needs me, like Nena needs you, and vice versa..." He looks sad. "I also don't want to have to choose between any of you. You're all part of my life for a reason.

Edenlith takes over, and answers Nena, before asking her question. "You will not have to worry about learning I killed again, but you're still welcome to come when I fight... This is my body now I guess." Right now she does not tell them how she is more powerful now, since he girl is gone.

She looks at Rafferty then at Nena."Nena, why do you have a boyfriend? I think Rafferty is a great one to have, especially for you, but i do not understand, how you deal with the concept of love. I don't even know how to deal with it at the moment."

She awaits Nena's answer, and after she does, she turns to Rafferty. "Oh, I did not get tortured. I just saw it all happened as Eden shared it with me t one point. when I possessed her, we ran away. That was something we readily agreed on." She finally explains.

The way that Rafferty looks at Nena, is like that of a child, grateful for a parental figure's intervention in a tricky situation. He seems fascinated by her quiet and calm authority, as she says her piece. Nodding along at her rational assessment of events, he then turns his attention to Eden, listening to her response and awaiting her reaction to the robot girl's decision.

"I think you probably absorbed some of the other Eden's humanity" he suggests, way out of his depth on such matters, but still trying to grasp the facts. "Whereas Nena has never had that experience, though she is doing really well with adapting her behaviour to be acceptable to human standards" he says proudly, offering the object of his affection a dazzling smile.

As Storm says his piece, he listens attentively, waiting till he's finished, before chiming in, addressing this version of Eden as he reacts. "Who is Rosalind? Why is she so important that Eden would do that for her?"

"It's so sad that we won't see her again, but then it feels like we are seeing her, when I look at you. It's such a mindfuck" he sighs dramatically.

"I don't for one minute think Nena needs me, by the way, but I am happy that she wants me. I don't even think I need her, truth be told, but we do work together very well, despite the differences between us."

When Eden says she doesn't plan to kill again, or at least not let them know about it, he appears relieved. "I do get why you killed them" he reveals "though I don't think I could have done it" he admits. "I suppose I've never been in a situation where I've had to experience something like that though. I feel very lucky, in so many ways."

He looks curiously at Nena, when Eden questions her, having his own theories on the situation, but wanting to hear what she will say. He briefly glances back towards Eden, when she explains this version of her wasn't tortured "I'm glad of that at least. That you were both able to get somewhere safer."

Nena appears to consider Eden's question for just a moment before addressing it.

"Rafferty requested permission to dance with me at the Valentine's dance. Afterward, having been sufficiently impressed with my dancing acumen, he asked me to date. Therefore, he is now my boyfriend."

She finally appears to power down her combat systems, letting her arms drop to her sides.

"I do not require him. However, I find him aesthetically pleasing, and his well-being and existence provides me with positive feedback. He is fragile, and I am not. Therefore, I consider myself responsible for his protection."

Nena tilts her head slightly to one side, before straightening it again.

"If there is no action that can be taken to recover the one we formerly knew as Eden, then I will proceed with sealing my databanks regarding the fate of herself and her parents when you are both prepared to cease discussion of the matter in my presence."

Eden frowns. "It's possible, and a likely explanation, since I would rather hug you three and protect you, then do anything nasty to any of you. You were ready for a fight Nena, and I didn't even go at it with you. I didn't want to kick your ass to next sunday, it feels like I shouldn't do that to a friend.

He ponders the question, who the fuck was Rosalind, and why shouldn't she kick her ass to next sunday... "I don't know, we did not know her before, but we were fighting together, trying to beat the witch." She frowns.

"I needed to do what I did, and now it's the last time I talk about it with you two. It was a mistake." Was killing the parents a mistake or was telling her friends a mistake. It is ambiguous." She doesn't answer about the safely of them when they left, but they met Storm then, so it was for the best.

She listens to Nena's answer, it felt like it was a mix of Rafferty being her, puppy, her child and lover. She figures she was misunderstand the whole thing, but does not inquire future, at least for now. "Thank you for the explanation." To help with talking about something else, something totally unrelated, she asks both. "What did I miss in school?" She frowns. "I need a boyfriend."

"She was the most interesting girl there" Rafferty recalls, smiling at the memory. "So many of the girls and a couple of the boys were asking me to dance, clambering over me like excitable puppies and there she stood, composed, collected and very cute."

He seems utterly delighted by Nena's praise of his appearance and her desire to protect him. "I have a very beautiful bodyguard" he boasts, edging ever closer to his girlfriend.

"As for being ready to end the discussion, if Eden has finished saying her piece, then I'm okay to leave it there. If we have a choice of this Eden or no Eden, then there's no choice for me. If Storm is able to take this one as his, then I will take her as my friend too."

He gives the demon schoolgirl a hesitant smile. "I suppose I will be the only one who knows the truth, if Nena intends to delete it from her databanks. Other than that witch maybe and...will the other Eden remember she used to be in your body?"

He shrugs off the mystery about the identity of this Rosalind, figuring it will just be another matter he doesn't understand. It's not really for him to worry about. He approaches this new Eden, who he will henceforth endeavour to think of as the only Eden, intending to give her a hug, if she'll accept it, before answering her request for school gossip.

"Well, Tommy and Mandy broke up, because he was hitting on Becky, when he ran into her at the mall and Jennifer Flint saw it all. Becky turned him down, but Mandy said she couldn't trust him anymore and now she's dating Joey Johnson. So I suppose Tommy is free, if you're into that kind of thing, though don't expect us to double date with you. We aren't exactly best buddies."

Nena's expression remains as dispassionate as ever.

"Very well. Proceeding with databank sealing process."

Her eyes appear to be even more blank than usual for a split second. Then:

"Process complete."

She turns to face Eden.

"Hello, Eden. It is good to see that you are well. Do you wish to watch Reality Bytes and or Singles with Rafferty and I?"

Whatever it is that Nena's done, it appears to be manifesting as a case of amnesia - something that the robo-girl has displayed before...

looks at Rafferty, and allows the hug, tapping his back. There also wasn't any jokes about it, just a hug, and then realization came to her eyes, but she said nothing. Nothing until there was talk about Tommy. "No thanks, I need to find my own Rafferty." It could be taken as a compliment.

She let go fully of Rafferty and looks at Nena. "It is good to see you too Nena, I found my vocal cords, and I grew my hair. I needed a change." She is happy she gets to be with her friends again, but she didn't think it was fair for Nena to have to forget things, so it would have to never happen again by her fault. "Thank you Nena, but you two should have time together. I am going to go get some food, and see if I can catch back the school work I missed. Thank you for being my friends." She gives a smile, and bends at the knees to get Storm."

Storm smiles at both of them. "We are lucky to have friends like you. Two very caring friends. I will make it up to you Rafferty, for taking such good care of me, I promise." Eden then leaves the room, and closes the door for them, spending quality time with him, that would be private talk about the other Eden, the Eden that deserved a better life, and unknowingly to any of them, had it so far.

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