Neo League 0165 - NL#0189: Blazing Panther vs Mitsuru

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Description: In the most unusual Neo League fight, Mitsuru Tokugawa faces off against the masked vigilante Blazing Panther, and... well. Let's be honest, it's not great for anyone involved. Lot of crying and a judge rethinking his decision to stop drinking.

"Why am I doing this, Kaicho?"

Mitsuru was fuming at the streets of Chinatown. The tall, lanky Seijyun High student was dressed in her summer uniform; a formal top with a long skirt past her knees. She was anxious. Very, very anxious. She remembered being here before. When she ran away from Fumiko. Breathing hard, she glances around the side street. It wasn't an empty lot. IT was a huge street, with a lot of- was she here before? Were these all Syndicate front shops and restraints? She was sitting in a little wooden stool, as the whole side street was sectioned off at the block, ready for a fight. Behind her, was a girl in the same uniform as her, moving to rub her shoulders. "Why am I here? Why are you here?"

"And don't -touch me!-"

Kaicho keeps that serene, calm look on her face, as she pulls away her hands. "You are doing this because you have a 1/1/0 win/loss/draw in the Neo League, and have only 5.6 points. You are 15th place, out of 19. And nobody wants to fight you, because you make them feel bad. But. For some reason. The Blazing Panther responded. You remember him, don't you?" Mitsuru's face burns bright red. She wanted to hit Kaicho. She wanted to hit her, and not stop. But she wouldn't, because Kaicho was her friend. And she had so few friends. A chicken flutters by.

She flinches, uncomfortable by the loose animal.

Kaicho doesn't touch her, but mimes patting down Mitsuru's hair. "You are here because this is the venue. I know this is where you were kidnapped, but my father has a lot of business associates here. So this is where I picked the fight. That is why I am here. And also, all of your fight club." The rest of the fight club was sitting on the side. A tiny girl was getting harassed by a busker, while the others were watching Mitsuru and Kaicho. "We are all here to keep you safe. Just in case the Blazing Panther tries to kidnap you too." Mitsuru's back straightens up, her expression bristling. Chest pounding, she breathes heavy and hard, her hands clenching into fists. She stands up. "I won't let that jerk touch me! I hate him! I hate him so much!" And Kaicho adjusts her glasses at that.

"So I guess he is going to hate you too, like the others."

It's not very usual for Daisuke to come arounds this way. Or, well-- maybe it's more accurate to say that Blazing Panther doesn't usually come around this way. While the boy from Taiyo has grown a bit more confident about his own ability to try and keep up the 'vigilante' act, veering away from Southtown Village to the more populous areas of the city have been a bit beyond him still. Especially since he can't really *fly*, so maneuvering the much, MUCH higher rooftops in Southtown proper is not exactly an option.

The fact that the psionic influence he subconsciously exudes to disassociate his identities from the minds of onlookers does help matters, even if he doesn't quite realize it for himself. Unfortunately, the empathic senses have been getting stronger, too, so getting into the tickly-populated downtown area of Southtown is *absolutely* out for the time being.

This far out is... probably fine, though. Probably. It's going to have to be, after getting the most unusual message. A call to see the Tokugawa girl.

Blazing Panther contemplates the invitation while he runs across a long building cutting through a Chinatown street. He probably should consider it much more dubious, but... a part of him can't just deny it, no matter how many different potentials there are for unexpected events, or outright traps.

Everything he'd seen of Tokugawa, of the school she goes to, everything else-- it's not something a part of his own nature can just leave alone either.

The masked young man in a leather jacket makes a leap from the edge of the roof, with the faintest flash of a blue-green energy at the soles of his boots. Sailing over the car-filled street below, red scarf trailing behind him in a glorious flutter before landing onto the opposing roof.

That... hurt much less than before. It felt easier, too. Maybe he is really starting to learn to control it better? Or... maybe his body is actually growing stronger, better able to sustain it? Or even just counterbalance the amount of energy bursts previously used to make up for the lack of the physical strength. Strange. He never saw any improvement in himself a few years ago.

Across the next space between buildings, and then the next, rapidly closing in on the 'venue'.

The fact that it is a 'venue' is a surprising one, though. The clearing barricades on the street down below, the strange, sparse gatherings of people. It's all odd to his eye.

And finally, he drops down from above, falling just a few meters away from where Mitsuru stands, with a momentary blaze of energy at his feet slowing and eventually halting his ascent a couple inches above the curb so he can land the rest of the way safely.

"Hey," the young man calls out through the cover of the dark-red mask, as he brings himself upright. "WHat is all this? I thought--"

But something catches his eye. No. Catches his *feelings* first. A familiar, uncomfortable, outright *disgusting* sensation. His eyes turn to track it with a sideward lean of his body to bring him peeking past the Tokugawa heir to--


Kaicho smirks.

The girl in glasses gives the cruelest, tiniest smile in the corner of her lips, as the Blazing Panther arrives. Of course, she made the call to meet Mitsuru. But she wasn't very clear to both actors, Mitsuru and Blazing Panther, on why they were going to meet together. Why they were going to meet. Mitsuru thought it was a Neo-League fight. And Blazing Panther? It was to settle the anger Mitsuru had over the 'stolen' fight. ANd when Kaicho looks back at the Blazing Panther, its clear on her face. She knows what's she doing. She knows what she told Blazing Panther. She knows what she told Mitsuru. And she knows what that does to the boy under the mask, and how much it would hurt him. But she's not the one who responds.


Mitsuru screams as the masked hero arrives, a flash of energy boiling over her. She was still bright red, face flush as she locks her gaze upon the man. It was a man, right? IT was a man to Mitsuru. The storm of emotion was... different from last time. It was hot, but there was something uncertain. An anxiety. A fear? She was snarling furiously, teeth gritted as she stares furiously. "You think ruining my Rising Star run was enough, with your CHEATING." She snarls, taking a hostile step towards him. "But now I'm going to get my JUSTICE. Justice from my FISTS! I'm going to get my revenge for you SHOOTING DOWN my RISING STAR!" There it is again. The pulse of cruelty from Kaicho, as she suddenly calls out. "Oh, don't pretend you care about the tournament." Kaicho chirps brightly.

"You didn't even accept the invitation to watch the finals, Mitsuru."

Kaicho picks up the stool, bringing it and herself under the ropes to sit just outside it. She puts her cheek in her hand, as she sits on the stool. That smirk doesn't fade. Mitsuru shuts her eyes, fists tightening. She was breathing hard. And the fight hadn't started yet. "You didn't go either." Mitsuru states at Blazing Panther. "You didn't go either, right? Right?!" She looks up, tears in the corner of her eyes, as her face is twisted into a snarling fury.

As the judges and camera crew moves to call the fight to begin.


The red-haired, masked hero's attention focuses firmly on Mitsuru when she yells out, not given the opportunity to ligner on Kaicho.

And he doesn't try to interrupt. Everything that Mitsuru has to lay out, he takes on, allows to wash over him--

Even if they happen to be painful even without the additional aspect of emotional energy assaulting his senses. Even if Mitsuru's own fury may not be entirely justified from the point of view of the spectators, Blazing Panther-- no, Daisuke himself, feels painful truths in there. Afterall, wasn't there a reason he forfeited to Bretherton?

Because he didn't deserve to be there.
He shouldn't have been taking victories from others.
When he had no reason for wanting a victory.

"...No," he whispers out, ultimately, in answer to the teary-eyed, furious girl's question with a slow shake of his head. "It wasn't my place."

The presence of the Neo League officials and the cameras and *everything else* fully sinks in just as the move to declare a beginning for the fight is made, and the redhead is briefly overtaken with panic.

"Wait-- No, stop!" He urges out, taking a single step back with a hand held up defensively. "I didn't come here to fight!"

There it is.

The pulse of pleasure, of delight. Wicked delight. Not from Mitsuru, no, she's in pain. But from the young lady in the glasses, watching the misery unfold. Mitsuru was trembling, and the girl in the glasses coos to her as she continues. "He doesn't want to fight you- Mitsuru. He wanted to fight Hayley. HE wanted to fight Yun. I guess you don't challenge him enough-"


That smirk breaks, fading instantly. "You've- you've probably come to apologize!" Mitsuru gripes, trying so hard not to just -tear- apart everyone here in a frenzied blood riot of terror and hate. "Because the Rising Star match wasn't right- it wasn't fair! If you want to apologize to me though, Blazing Panther!" She states, pumping out her chest.

"You are gonna have to do it with your FISTS!"


The reaction is a surprising one, even if Blazing Panther can't exactly claim that he isn't, on some hidden level, satisfied by the outburst sent by Mitsuru at Kaicho. His own gloved hand lowers down then, while he watches and listens to her griping at him, next.

"...Wether it was fair or not... I really couldn't say, honestly." The young man shakes his head briefly, but otherwise keeps his almost-unnaturally bright green gaze leveld on Mitsuru, without any further hesitation. "But you're probably right that I shouldn't have been there in the first place. ...There was no reason or right."

Slowly, the fingers on one hand curl closed, digging tips against his palm.

"If you really want me to fight, then I will. But...
...Will that make you happy?"

Kaicho was rubbing her hands nervously now.

She was not feeling so smug anymore. Mitsuru wasn't even looking at her anymore. And Blazing Panther... well. He wasn't behaving how he is supposed to either. When he declares that Mitsuru is right, the teenager blink blinks. "Uh! Yeah." She drops her voice, the gruff tone kind of yielding. She was still trying to be angry, but the handsome Blazing Panther was agreeing with her. And then he asks if it would... if it would make her happy? That he was asking if he could do what would... make her happy?

And suddenly, Mitsuru's anger shifts.

She's certainly bright red still. That has definately not changed. But her scowl suddenly becomes so frail, so uncertain. She averts her eyes from Blazing Panther, her stance stumbling. "B-b-baka!" She responds, shaking her head up and down. Is she saying yes. "Of course it would make me happy to pound your face! D-d-dork!" She eases into her fighting stance; still very wide, still with exploitable guard, still with a half-boxer peek-a-boo. But she was so crimson now, and feeling so... strange? She suddenly blurts out.

"You're not even the nicest red head I know!"

Blazing Panther finds himself staring at Mitsuru dubiously. That reaction was... something else. And for some reason or another, his senses can't get a read on her at all now?

How very odd, that.

"Why do I feel like you misunderstood my meaning...?" He might not quite understand it, but there's still a strange little vague hunch.

Well, either way! She seems ready and all-too-eager to fight. He himself might be inclined to avoid fighting like this now, but... when someone is that intent in having this kind of fight with him, it really does feel rude to not answer that. Especially after everything Tsugumi told him. The way people who identify as fighters tend to feel.

How it would be an insult to not answer with everything he has.

The masked man takes a steadying breath, and a single step forward. He doesn't even *remember* Kaicho being there anymore. He does pause to blink at the last statement from her with a confused "Okay...?" before he spreads his feet subtly and draws his left hand up and to the right side to impose his forearm up ahead of himself, while the right remains low and stretched slightly backwards. IT's... not only a bit of an unusual stance, but it is *entirely* different from what he held during the two's match in the tournament. Or any other match in the tournament, for that matter.

"I'm not going to hold anything back then," he declares, as his eyes lock on to the girl from Seijyun Academy. "I'll do my best to give you a good fight, Tokugawa-san, so..."

"Give me everything you got."

COMBATSYS: Daisuke has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daisuke          0/-------/-------|

For a moment, it almost feels like her heart stops!

Mitsuru sways, the initial fury disappearing. A -new- fury comes up, as she sucks in a deep breath of air. "Y-y-yes sir..." Mitsuru whispers to herself. Kaicho lowers her gaze. Suddenly, waves of -jealousy- pour out of the girl with the glasses, as her upper lip curls in disgust. She covers her face, trying to hide it before anyone notices. But then, Mitsuru, recovering her composure, gives a stomp. "Yare yare daze! What the heck is that supposed to mean! I'm going to give a lot to you! So much that you are gonna be crying and weeping on the ground!" She didn't seem very sure about it, no matter how much she tried. She doesn't recognize the stance at all. But from the sidelines, from the other four girls from the fight club, a chatter begins.

"Look at that stance! It's Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu! It's the one that Kasumi uses, I have embroidery class with her!"

"I've seen that stance elsewhere! In the Neo-League finals!"

"But it can't be Daniel Jack-"

"Do you think the Blazing Panther is one of the... is one of the Ladykillers?"

Kaicho suddenly recovers, lifting her head up as the bell rings, a smile on her face. She watches as Mitsuru hurls herself into the air. Leaping up, she flails, unleashing a harrying barrage to bombard the street with half-formed blasts of energy. Unlike Daisuke, it seemed that Mitsuru had barely changed from her previous technique. But in spite of her reckless abandon, she was going to land not too far from the Blazing Panther.

Heart still pounding from his words.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Daisuke

COMBATSYS: Daisuke dodges Mitsuru's Flash War Dance.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Daisuke

That's... even more confusing. For a moment, the mix of the emotional pulse from Kaicho and the sheer sight of Mitsuru cause overwhelming confusion on the part of Blazing Panther. Even concern, maybe, for the latter. But before he can really ask if something's the matter, she's making that violent mental swerve to force herself back on track.

Maybe nothing's the matter afterall...?

Something else serves to distract him pretty quickly however. His eyes swivel over to the way of the Fight Club girls, and he... blinks. Once, twice, three times in rapid succession. Todoh-Ryuu...?

Did he really subconsciously copy part of what he saw of the girl's demonstration? But that doesn't make sense, there's no benefit in just copying the look of the style he hasn't actually properly trained in at all, and he certainly didn't even think about it.


And for that matter--

"...What the hell is a La-"

Before the question finishes, he senses the beginning of Mitsuru's assault! Green eyes flash quickly up above to track her leap, take sight of the barrage of energy blasts launchign out with the swings of her arms.

His eyes narrow. He can see them. He can *sense* them. And he can sense where they're not!

A sudden ducking motion, right underneath one of the energy projectiles. A half-turning step to one side, weaving past two more, and then continuing the turn with a a step back and an upward leap. He doesnt even think about his movements, he suddenly realizes. He's just letting his body move in relation to the instinct of not where the energy will hit, but rather where it *wont*. All the wya until his spin ends with his foot stomping down onto the ground, to anchor him in the small, unreasonably-difficult-to-perceive spot where none of the remaining blasts will graze him. The momentum of the spin still continues in one of his arm, with a swing that sees energy crackling along the length of it---

And suddenly hurling an arrow-shaped bolt from his palm out to Mitsuru in the instant her feet hit the ground.

COMBATSYS: Daisuke successfully hits Mitsuru with Soul Arrow.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0          Daisuke

As Mitsuru lets fly the barrage, the girls continue to gossip.

"I didn't know they wore masks though"

"Oh there are all kinds. I saw one in a full costume like a furry animal."

"Don't they have those campy suits though?"

"Well I mean, Blazing Panther is kind of cute with a mask."

"And he's even moving like a Todoh-Ryuu! That settles it!"

Mitsuru doesn't listen to the conversation, having landed straight into the path of a counter-attack. The bolt surges at her, and all Mitsuru can do is slam her arms brutally at the oncoming blast.

She doesn't block so good.

The blast rips apart her attempt of a guard, blasting her in the chest. Shrieking, she staggers, stumbling backwards as she tries to keep herself standing. Gritting her teeth, she turns that scream into a growl. And that growl, into a snarl. Staggering forward, she flails her arms as she attempts to hurl out a wild, surging right hook. It's a boxer attack, yeah, a good punch. But as she surges in, one of the Fight Clubbers calls out to Mitsuru. "Mitsy! Watch out! I know who Blazing Panther is!" She cries out, as Kaicho adjusts her glasses, staring dead at the Blazing Panther now. "He's one of those Ladykillers! You know!"

"Those creepy Daniel Jack fans!"

COMBATSYS: Daisuke blocks Mitsuru's Aggressive Strike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Daisuke


This fight is getting just more and more confusing for Blazing Panther by the second. he probably isn't going to get a proper answer while he's stuck in fighting it out with Mitsuru, however, and his single-worded question turns to a grunt of exertion almost immediately, with his other arm in the way of Mitsuru's punch, leaning his body back a touch to help soak up the impact against him, with one foot skidding slightly along the ground behind him before he bounces right back towards her.

"Come on, let me feel those feelings!"

He really should try to think more about the things he says before he says them.

His rebound brings him inwards, with one arm sent swinging with him. It's almost a mirror of Mitsuru's own punch, even if less refined. The side of his fist even briefly brushes against the sleeve of her still-outreached arm.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru blocks Daisuke's Medium Punch.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0          Daisuke

"A Ladykiller, huh?!"

Mitsuru scoffs smugly as the punch is deflected. As he asks for those feelings, Mitsuru's feelings change again. From awkward teenage crush to disgust. "Gross! That's totally what a Ladykiller would say too! I hate Daniel Jack! He's a gross Darkstalker monster that preys on girls!" One of the girls from the sidelines pipes up with an 'EEEEEW'. ANd Kaicho? She adjusts her glasses.

"I can definately confirm that the Blazing Panther is one of those Ladykillers."

Mitsuru was flailing her arms as the masked man blitzes back with his follow up; the straight punch comes, and she actually smashes her arm against it, doing more damage to her than to the Blazing Panther. Grunting, she steadies out, swaying as she circles around her opponent. Drawing her leg back, she bursts out with a driving straight kick, attempting to drive her leg straight into the center of the boy's center. "You're probably some kind of pervert for school girls too! A good guy shouldn't wear a mask and get all thirsty for a girl's emotions! A good guy should do something li-like make a special bento box with special tea or something!" She blushes suddenly.

Kaicho is not smiling again.

COMBATSYS: Daisuke fails to interrupt Medium Kick from Mitsuru with Blazing Blow.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0          Daisuke

"...What? I don't even know who that is!" Blazing Panther protests, scarlet brows knitting together in a frown above the mask. "And that's not what I meant with that! What I meant--"

His fist slams into Mitsuru's deflecting arm, recoiling back away from her after.

"Was I want you to show me your convictions through your fists! Your drive!"

A foot stomps down to rebalance himself, just in time to see her coming in for the follow up with the diving kick. And he, too, sends himself swinging in back to her, a sudden flash of energy coating over his arm as another blast bursts at the point of his elbow to force his arm into quick motion--

And then she says *that*.


It's really a good thing that the mask hides the blush that ends up spreading on *his* face. But it does not stop the energy driving his arm to fizzling out and taking away the momentum of his intended attack--


And leaves her foot to spiking into his center, powerfully enough to send him stumbling back several paces' worth before he manages to force himself to a stop with a few coughs.

"...Nnnhhhgh..." He groans out in pain, slowly drawing his eyes up from the floor towards her.

"...Yeah. Just like that."

Kaicho was radiating more jealousy now than ever.

As Mitsuru talks about the bento box, Kaicho averts her eyes again. Clenching her hands together, the waves of envy erupt from her. Envy towards Mitsuru? Towards Daisuke? Why doesn't she just tell Mitsuru who the man under the mask is? But as Mitsuru buckles the Blazing Panther down, the taller girl looms over the masked man, glaring down with her nose all scrunched up. As he says 'just like that?' She actually -screams!-

"You masochistic creep!"

Mitsuru raises up her leg, preparing her little mary jane bootie to stomp on the Blazing Panther. "You're no gentleman!" She lets down a stomp. "A real gentleman knows how to apologize! And how to make a pleasant lady like myself feel just like a proper lady!" Should she get a stomp or not, she would launch herself up in the air, and then give a second -stomp- right at Blazing Panther once more.

"I bet you were trying to peek too, you per-pervert!"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Daisuke with Heaven And Earth.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1          Daisuke

"...You know damn well that is not how I meant it," Blazing Panther mutters with another low grunt while he straightens himself up further.

...But evidently not quick enough to keep him from receiving a sudden stomp on the top of him that drives him right back down onto the ground all over again with a yelp of pain. The repeated attempt in getting up is met quickly by her repeated, driving stomp down onto him from higher up, actually sending Blazing Panter completely, limply down onto the floor.

"..uggghhh..." With growling sound of pain and frustration both, he pushes himself up to one knee first, body shaking vaguely. "That... again...?" His head lifts up first to look up to the tall girl towering over him, before he works himself further up.

"What am I apologizing for, Tokugawa-san?" He asks while he draws himself up slowly, stomping one foot down to secure himself in place where he stands. "You didn't really come here for that either, did you? You came here to beat someone up. Someone who just wanted to reach out a hand in peace."

Bright, emerald eyes, almost seeming to glow, stare right into Mitsuru's own eyes.

"So I ask again. Does that make you happy?"

COMBATSYS: Daisuke gains composure.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0          Daisuke


Mitsuru cheers at herself as she lands the second stomp, grinding her heel for a moment before backing off. "Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho!" She laughs aloud, a proud and noble laugh before she starts coughing and clearing her throat. "Ahem. I mean! What a total dork! And loser! Yeah! You better apologize to me because you can't help yourself I am so pretty and cute! And I might decide to... to-" THe man looks back with those steady eyes, as he returns it back at her. Reflecting it back. MItsuru stumbles back, her composure slipping once more. Until finally, she sputters back.


Mitsuru was hesitating, uncertain, unstable. She averts her eyes, her fists half-heartedly rising up. Pain, uncertainty flashes over her. Sadness, profound sadness. But then, anger to drown out the sadness. She returns her gaze back at the Blazing Panther, her spirit surging. "I'd be happier if you just kept fighting! Nothing makes me happier than beating down a dumb know-nothing and being a tough and respected girl that everyone knows to fear!" Blazing Panther had experienced at least two things that had made her happier than hitting him just in this fight so far. One of them was thinking about how Daisuke was kind to her.

The other was when Blazing Panther asked to make her happy.

Mitsuru seemed convinced that what really was going to make her happy was pretending to be a tough thug who didn't need to rely on anybody. Ignoring how for a brief moment, her ojou laugh made her happier than any ora ora would, that it made the sadness go away... until she realized what she was doing, and the sadness surged back stronger than ever. It seemed that Mitsuru was dead set on doing things that wouldn't make her happy. Just things that painted over the intense flashes of sadness whenever she projected on to the Blazing Panther. But if she thought it would make her happy, it would, wouldn't it? There were those hedonistic glimmers as she imagined winning, and overcoming things with pure strength and will. As she surges with energy, the silvery-white light around her begins to fade, shifting out of the visible light spectrum. It exists, and doesn't. It is there, but unseen. The strange energy swirls around her once more, as she psyches herself up. "I'm going to ora ora ora the dickens out of you, you- you- you dweeb!" Mitsuru declares.

Even the fake swears aren't making her happy.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru gathers her will.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Daisuke

Blazing Pan- no, Daisuke did not like this at all. While he had initially resolved to indeed give her a good fight, now... Now he has doubts. Doubts on if that is such a good idea afterall. Doubts on if that would be good for her.

Certainly, he no longer felt like trying to win. Tsugumi would beat him up if he admitted to that, but...

He watches her carefully. Studies every little hint of bodily language, studies every pulse of emotion transmitted from her into the psionic receiver within his soul.

And as a result of everythin he sees and feels, he comes up with two questions for her:

"What comes after that?
Will *that* make you happy?"

A direct challenge on her stated goal, a challenge on what she will be left with if she succeeds in it.

"If you really want nothing but to beat me up, I will keep fighting." To punctuate that point, he scuffs his foot along the ground, to reassume his initial stance again. "But anything else you might choose? You are allowed to be happy like that, too."

His eyes glow brighter -- it's not an illusion this time, there is very much a distinct, otherwordly glow in them now. "Show me. Show me your conviction, what you truly want, with your next attack. Put all of it into it. Just know, whichever you choose--"

"I will still accept you."

COMBATSYS: Daisuke focuses on his next action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Daisuke

Mitsuru yields, as the Blazing Panther makes his final point.

That pulse, when Blazing Panther says he will accept her. That warm rush of happiness when someone chooses to accept her, no matter what she does. That's the real feeling of happiness. It strangles the anger, cracking her resolve. "Oh... oh Blazing Panther... you... dumb... boy..." She mutters. The energy still swirls around her. She looks to the judge. "Maybe... I should just give it up. It's not fair. You didn't come here for a fight-"

"You don't really believe that, do you Mitsuru?"

Kaicho interrupts, calling from the side lines. It was unmistakable the cruelty that was across her face right now. Mitsuru turns towards her friend, as the girl in the glasses explains, looking at her. "You think a Ladykiller, a masked pervert wants what's good for you? The only reason he'd want to make you happy, is if it made him happy. He's lying to you behind that mask if he says anything else. Boys just do that to make you into their little pieces of candy. Little treats that they suck on, and well, visa versa." Kaicho blushes slightly. Like a puppet on the strings, Mitsuru's emotions change. THe happiness becomes shame. The shame becomes disgust and sadness. And slowly, the anger begins to rise again. "Even girls like Tsugumi will do that, if they want to take a sip of your feminine ways, Mitsuru. It doesn't matter if they give you gifts, and make you feel like a queen. It's just to use you. To pursue you. They're not real friends." Kaicho drops her voice, almost a whisper.

"Not like us."

Mitsuru looks away from Kaicho, tears in her eyes. The words broke through, feasting on her fears and insecurities. And now, Kaicho was radiating happiness, watching those tears on Mitsuru's face. Just as strong, if not stronger, than Mitsuru's own happiness when the Blazing Panther accepted her. A beacon of joy, blazing bright. Kaicho smiles faintly as she looks to Blazing Panther. How Blazing Panther reacted would decide how much stronger than venomous joy would be. Mitsuru nods her head along, as she staggers at Blazing Panther. "Kaicho's right! You're just using honeyed words to confuse me! To trick me into giving up! Just like how Lyraelle did! People always pretend to be nice to me just to- just to play a big dumb prank on me. I bet you aren't even cute under that mask! It's just a prank! I'll love punching you more than anything! RRRAAAAAGH!" Mitsuru's rage overcomes the sadness and pain, as she hurls herself at the red-haired boy. Hands wreathed in the strange nothingness, she unleashes the rapid-fire barrage of punches, snarling as the tears roll down her cheeks as she throws punch after punch into the masked man. "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!" She cries out, only stopping to catch her breath at the end.

And to wipe the tears from her eyes.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Daisuke with Blazing Hell Fist EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1          Daisuke

"... You're wrong."

The two words are breathed out while MItsuru stomps her way towards BLazing Panther, just after her determined roar of fury.

"I don't want you to give up."

She charges at him, and for a good moment, he seems ready to brace himself against it. To make attempts at any number of defensive moves. But then--

His stance changes. No, it's more accurate to say that he loses it entirely.

The red-haired boy drops his arms and shifts to standing fully upright, just soon enough before his opponent reaches him for it to become apparent. Even the glow disappears from his emerald eyes while they watch her advance, watch the cruel trajectory of her fists.

And he does nothing to stop her.

The first punch alone impacts with the kind of force that threatens to send Blazing Panther falling back. But there's only a stumble, and a stomp of one foot on the ground to stubbornly keep himself standing. No-- to keep himself in the path of the rest of the flurry?

Punch after punch after punch after furious punch. Each one willingly taken, allowed to pummel into his body, the sides of his face. One after the other. Until she finally stops, and he allows all the accumulated pain to finally send him staggering back, to falling against the ropes set to mark off the arena.


A few seconds where he doesn't move at all. A few seconds pass, before he lifts up one hand, guiding fingertips to pinching at the bottom of the mask that extends all the way down to the middle of his throat. Tugging it outwards from there, to clear the way for a small river of blood to be spat out without revealing his face, before the mask is allowed to take hold against him again.

"Don't... don't you dare... give up..."

One arm turns up along the rope, tangling into it in an effort to find something to support his body with while his legs shake underneath it in their push to bring him back upwards.

"Not now... and not... after, either..."

Even while he struggles to get himself up, he slowly works his head to tipping upwards, just enough that he can look up to Mitsuru.

"Your Kaicho... the one who did make you come here... has it all wrong, too... Beat on me as much as you want... as long as you want... just... don't let her deny you... don't *you* deny you..."

Fingers tighten around the rope, and with a groan of pain, the boy manages to finally work enough will into his body to bring it bounding up away from the ropes. Momentarily wobbling and stumbling with the sudden loss of external support before his feet stamp to force his body into at least some imitation of balance.

"I don't want you to lose, Tokugawa. But I'm not going to just *let* you win, either... Not if you keep doing that..."

But even though he says that, he's... not actually moving to approach her. Not even making any sign of intent of making for an attack on her.

"No one should... be able to make you do anything... not me... not her... Hhhh... You should be able to... let yourself... want what you want..."

His hands tighten into fists. Not for any threat or intent of assault, but to resolve his own body into the simplest of motions, of merely just straightening himself up in his stance, so he can look directly at Mitsuru again.

"Can you do that?" The boy challenges her, in a near-whisper.
"Can you accept yourself, too?" The boy pleads of her.

COMBATSYS: Daisuke takes no action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1          Daisuke

Mitsuru savagely attacks the Blazing Panther, as he puts up no defense.

This is exactly what Mitsuru wanted, wasn't it? She lands all her hits, her brutal assault into a helpless boy. A helpless man that she could completely dominate and overpower, and he would let her. By the time she wipes away her tears, she could really take a moment to see how bloodied and broken she was making him. It was like squishing a disgusting little bug. She could feel the full satistifaction she always wanted to have when dominating another person in a fight so absolutely, where they can't even bother a defense.

About how hollow it feels.

Mitsuru feels the hot tears rolling down her cheeks as the Blazing Panther tells her not to give up. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" She shrieks, sniffling. Just shame, endless shame and sadness, only drowned out by white hot anger. And when the anger ebbs, so does her voice. She wipes her nose with the back of her arm, clearing away the snot. "Please. Please stop it." She drops her voice, as Kaicho's overbearing happiness takes on a certain primal intensity that might be distracting. Mitsuru tries to explain. "I'm- I'm doing what I want! Nobody makes me! I'm being- I'm being true to myself! I'm just- I'm just listening to her! Kaicho cares about me! She loves..."

Mitsuru chokes.

Her voice trails off, as her face burns beet red with emabrassment. But the fight club? They were all averting their eyes now. But Kaicho. Kaicho was watching, her knees rubbing against each other slightly as she lets Mitsuru's pure emotions wash all over her. "Why are you hurting me like this?! Why don't -you- tell me what makes me happy if you are so smart?!" She declares, as her anger and swirling emotions become too much. She sniffs and starts throwing herself on the boy. She was going to try and pin him down and just start beating him. THere was no finesse, no art. Just trying to keep him down as she flailed at him, pleading with him. "I don't deserve this! Any of this!"

"I don't deserve you caring about me!"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Daisuke with Combo Grapple.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Mitsuru          1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Daisuke

She comes for him again. And just like before, he doesn't seem to even make an effort to defend himself. He falls down onto his back on the ground with Mitsuru on top of him. A grunt, and his eyes narrow weakly up at her. AT the anguished words leaving her mouth.

"...I can't," he tells her, weak in voice but determined in intent. "Only... gghh... you can... no one... else..."

Blows rain on him from above with Mitsuru's desperate outburst. The self-deprecating words sting just as much as the punches themselves, if not more. They reflect off of him, off of his own memories. Off of all the things he yells at himself in the dark.

Blood stains the mask, though Mitsuru would be forgiven for not making it out with the deep red color of the fabric in the first place. Maybe she will notice the moistness of it instead, when her knuckles collide with his face.

He doesn't even try to stop her. But in the brief pause that might eventually come-- she finds his hand on the wrist of her hand holding him down. Not to try to pull or wrest her away from him. Just...

"I..." He utters out, before a pained cough breaks his voice for a brief few seconds.

"Won't... won't... hate you... either..."

COMBATSYS: Daisuke takes no action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Mitsuru          1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Daisuke


Mitsuru refuses the Blazing Panther's rejection. She stays her fists a moment, as she shakes him, refusing her dismount as she sat on him. Is this how Lyraelle felt? This couldn't be how she felt. So why does Mitsuru feel so powerless now? "Tell me! You can feel it, can't you. So tell me! Tell me that- that not fighting you makes me happy? That being praised by boys, and girls, make me happy? That I like being a stupid, pampered princess? That I love attention? That attention makes me happy? That I feel happy being better than people?" Mitsuru doesn't know what else to do as she stops her punching. She decides the rational thing to do is try and strangle the Blazing Panther in front of everyone. All while snot, tears, and spit fling across the mask.


Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, as she pleads. "Please tell me. Tell me that Steve makes me happy, because he cares! That he puts up with me even when I am ugly and mean! Or that I would be happier if I made friends with Tsugumi? That I tried to find Malin again? That I apologized to Fumiko? That I apologized to Franco, and Daisuke, and all those people I hurt because they hurt me, because I hurt so easily- That being with Kaicho makes me happy?" Kaicho turns crimson, averting her eyes. The rest of the Fight Club does too. And now Mitsuru's strength was fading. "T-t-tell me if I tried to make friends, that I would actually have them? That if I could make everyone my friend, that I would be happy? That I am happy that I won't have to be lonely anymore? That I don't have to be helpless? That I would be the most happy if I can be myself, and all it would cost me is my self respect?!" She wouldn't try to strangle long. She would just... just let go, pushing away, tearing away from the Blazing Panther as she just screams. "You think that would make me happy?!"

"Not having any more self respect because I'll be someone that people -like?!-"

COMBATSYS: Daisuke dodges Mitsuru's Quick Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Mitsuru          1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Daisuke

Blazing Panther has been taking it all. Letting himself effectively be used as a punching bag. Something to vent on, something to take out all that anger and frustration and sadness, at the cost of feeling the pain delivered in each strike.

But now, something that Mitsuru says clicks the wrong way in him. Something he can't accept, now.

So when her hands come down to grab at his throat, his arm suddenly shoots up-- sweeping against hers just enough to hold them back long enough he can push himself into a roll that knocks her off of him, and sends him further across the ring.

"Hhh... What are you... talking about... you absolute idiot..." He grumbles past the pain, laid down on his stomach for a moment before he forcefully pushes himself up to his side, scooting further from there until he can find something to prop his back against.

"That's not... something where you can only have one of the other... You don't have to go... all the way to one end or the other, you dumbass..."

A wince of pain, a gloved hand clutching at his own side and a possibly-broken rib while he tries to defiantly push himself up to his feet.

"Be someone... who can be happy... and someone you can like, for yourself... that will be the true you..."

A violent cough of pain, a gurgle of blood trying to force itself up his throat, and the boy is forced to grabbing at a rope for further support, to keep himself from completely collapsing onto the groudn.

"...Having self-respect... doesn't mean needing to push away people... who accept you... dumbass..."

COMBATSYS: Daisuke takes no action.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Mitsuru          1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2          Daisuke


That's all Mitsuru could respond with. With no masked man to strangle, nobody to sit on, she just flails her arms around, striking at flies or birds or something invisible only she could see. "You idiot! You stupid stupid idiot!" She just tantrums out. "You don't understand anything! You don't understand a single thing! You think I can just be happy to be who I am? Who am I? What am I? I'm just an unwanted failure of a daughter who is supposed to be a dumb stupid princess! Is that supposed to be the real me? I don't know!" She shrugs, staring daggers at the Blazing Panther with bloodshot eyes.

"I don't know who the real me is!"

"How can I? You think I was born this way? You think I grew up this way?!" She gestures at the audience around her. "Everyone around me is changing, and I am changing, and you think that I just magically know what I am going to be? I just know what I don't want to be!" She throws a finger at Kaicho, who was -not- happy anymore. "I don't want to be a stupid, painted doll on a shelf! I don't want to be just somebody's girlfriend! I don't want to be an Athena, or a Lightning Spangles. And- and maybe I don't want to be a Jojo either!" She starts to stamp towards the edge of the ring. The judge looks confused. "I'll just try different things, until it is the right thing for me!" She lowers her voice, dropping her gaze.

"I-i-it just means I might have to be unhappy for the rest of my life." She stammers out.

Kaicho suddenly moves in, to cut off at the rope from the sidelines. "Mitsuru, you turn around now. you are about to win-" "No, this is -stupid-!" She roars out to Kaicho, leaning in to scream at her. Kaicho lowers her voice, trying to calm things down. "He is almost done with. You just- If you just hit him, you will win. Please, Mitsuru. I want you to win. Don't do anything stupid, -please-" Mitsuru twitches, and then, grabs Kaicho by her uniform. "This is stupid, and you are stupid!" She begins to shake her, knocking the glasses off Kaicho. The judge starts to object, but Mitsuru just screams out. "I- I quit!"

She shake shakes Kaicho, screaming at her. "I quit your stupid club! I'm done fighting! I'm through! I forfeit, and I hate fighting, and I hate you!" Mitsuru -shoves- Kaicho, throwing her into a pile of chicken crates. "Make it a forfeit! Let him win! I don't care anymore! He's just a stupid boy!" Mitsuru steps over the rope, and surges off. She wasn't going to wander off here. Not alone. She goes to grab her bag. She wasn't going back with the Fight Club. She didn't need friends. She didn't need anybody. She didn't need fighting. And she didn't need the Blazing Panther. As she leaves, the judge forlornly calls it for the Blazing Panther. But Kaicho... Kaicho looks up from the pile of chicken shit she was now sitting in, her uniform stained and torn. She was crying now too. But hatred, raw hatred was pouring off her as she looked to the Blazing Panther. And she practically spat the poison from over her lips as the rest of the fight club help her stand up.

"Look what you -did-"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru has left the fight here.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Daisuke          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|


He can't bring himself to say anything through the breakdown. Or is it a breakthrough? It's hard to say, for now. Whichever it is, between the damage to his ribs and the sheer intensity of the words from Mitsuru at him, at herself, at Kaicho-- he can't get a word in.

It's only once Mitsuru has stepped out of the ring that he manages to force his weakened arm to pull him upwards with the rope's support. The Tokugawa girl leaves, and the judge calls i--


Blazing Panther shouldn't have been able to move. But maybe it was the realization of what was about to happen, and his sheer, abject *objection* to it that brought him into a burst of motion, so impossibly sudden that the judge might not have even realized the masked young man had even appeared to stand there just besides him.

"... It's my loss. Declare it her win. Declare it a draw even. ...HEll, just don't give points to either one if you think the fight wasn't valid. Just don't make it *mine*. Don't you *dare*."

Bright green eyes glow with a near-threat at the judge for a good moment, making sure that the notion of what the judge should do is properly instilled upon him before the redhead turns away.

Kaicho gets only the briefest of looks It's not a glare. There's no hate. It's almost indifference.

For the first time in his life, Daisuke felt like he truly didn't care about what happened to someone. Not that Kaicho would know that.

"Sometimes it has to hurt first," he mutters, low. "Before you can forge your own truth."

A deep breath is let out, and energy focused to gathering at his feet.

An explosive burst sends Blazing Panther into the air, leaping for the roof to leave without having to take the streets. Without having to deal with anyone else.



The landing on the rooftop isn't a gentle one. The boy slumps violently down atop it, groaning and shaking with pain with one hand clutching at his thigh.

"Hhh-- wh-... what...?"

IT felt like his muscles were getting torn apart. Like his nerves were imploding in on themselves.

He thought he had learned to control it? Grown a tolerance to it? Was it because his body was already at it's limit in the first place? Or was it something else?

"Hhh... Damnit..."

Stubbornly, he forces himself up to his feet, ignoring the pain in his leg. Even if he did manage to set her on the proper path, he can't just let her leave completely with those words being the last ones. He has to make sure she knows--

"Ggghh... Move--!"

The boy manages to stubbornly get himself running. Every step with his right leg sends an electirfying jolt of warning signals to his brain, but he ignores it. He runs for the opposite edge of the roof, the direction Mitsuru went on the streetside, and focuses energy to the soles of his feet. Directs it to power in his muscles and as external bursts to launch him through the air, across to the other building, just like so many times before.


His vision turns briefly to white while his body still sails through the air. What started as a controlled leap quickly turns into a helpless hurl across the sky. He makes it to the destination of his leap, but not without cost. His battered body lands side-first upon the cruel cement, bouncing several times over before falling limply on his back.

"Gghh-... ghaahh--!"

It takes him all it has to hold himself back from screaming loudly enough for the people on the streets to hear while he writhes there, clutching at his left leg now. It felt like it exploded. His fingers can feel blood soaking into the fabric of the cargo pants, dripping down towards his boot and smearing onto the cement.

"Hhh-- why now?!"

The leftover emotional energy that surged through the side street still crawls along his body. Like a million bugs, each with a hundred razor-sharp legs digging at his skin. Is that what it is? Is that what's making it go haywire?

It keeps getting worse. His senses grow more sensitive. Enough for him to feel the trailing emotions of the people walking on the streets below in spite of the distance. Dozens upon dozens of whirling balls of emotions battering at his mind, his body.

" Damnit...! Move, damnit...!"

But that doesn't matter. He can worry abotu that later. He has to catch up to her. He can't let it end like this. His body refuses to let him stand up, so he resorts to crawling. Dragging his body across the roof to the next edge. He knows it's fruitless. He knows he can't get any further than that. But he feels like he can't just not try.

He reaches the edge. He crawled further than he realized, only stopping himself once he finds one arm suddenly finding nothing to brace itself on, and instead flopping over the edge of the roof. All he has to do now is just... force energy underneath his body and catapult him over to the next building. That will work, right? He might even find MItsuru on a street besides that building, right?

"... Damnit..."

But it's useless. Even if he could manage that, he would just destroy his body even further. No matter how much he strains, no matter how much he curses at his body to move, the ending was clear from the start. The last strength leaves him, and he limply slumps down as the signal to his concession to the overwhelming pain and the overloading of emotional feedback. All he can do is lay there for now. Lay there and wait for his strength to return enough to get himself home.

And curse himself.
Curse his weakness.
Curse his uselessness.
Curse the existence that is Daisuke Kubo.
Curse the boy that couldn't even help one girl.


And the judge just watches this unfold.

Between dramatic rage quit, self sacrificing poundings, and a boy plumb near leaping over a rooftop, it was a hell of a week to quit drinking. "A double forfeit, after a legitimate fight? Uh, a draw I guess." Kaicho, staring daggers after the Blazing Panther, busily puts on the glasses handed to her. "Are we going to get Mitsuru?" Asks the short round girl. Kaicho huffs as she storms off, leading club. "Fuck- forget about her. I hope she gets kidnapped again, only this time she dies or gets sold off to that Mars And Venus club or- or something! What a stupid bitch!" The judge shakes his head, as the cameraman pipes up. "Man, teenagers are weird, aren't they?" The judge shakes his head. "No less weird than when I was a teen." He looks up at the rooftops, as the scream erupts.

"At least we don't have too many magical girls anymore." He states distantly.

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