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Description: The enigmatic Victor Ortega is a man not easily drawn into the limelight. It turns out that wrecking his car is a good way of getting his attention. But why has Vice chosen to assault a man like Ortega? And is this truly the last time that the wrestling champion will find himself assailed in public now that he is returning to the spotlight?

Public appearances by Victor Ortega are rarely modest events. Where he goes, crowds gather, paparazzi swarm, cameras flash and videos, live streams and other assorted bits of media chaos tend to gather and follow. Such affairs are often carefully planned and orchestrated by Ortega himself, to add to the mystique and atmosphere that envelops the immense but often mysterious and occasionally reclusive CWA head and champion. One must give them an occasional taste from time to time before starving them and making them crave more, after all.

But lately, he's emerged from his hibernation to more actively engage in promoting CWA efforts with the fruits of their past tournament having seemingly given him an interest in the new generation of fighters currently dominating the scenes. Howard Arena has recently seen the massive man and his entourage on several occasions. Rumor of collaboration has been leaked to the media and the buzz around his steady presence in Southtown has created rumor after rumor. So time to give them a little taste of what's in store.

When his limo arrives he emerges from it like some sort of bull or ox attempting to squeeze its way through the entrance of the proverbial China Shop. This gets the attention of gathered locals and tourists that have been meandering in hopes of a look at any star fighters due to Rising Star or Neo League and random occurrences like this.

"I will only be a moment.." he rumbles to his assistants before turning towards the crowd and lifting his massive arms up in greeting to them, movements straining his business suit to near saran-wrap like pull across his outrageous physique.

Vice is really starting to hate Southtown.

This miserable place just has too much spirit in it. After being thoroughly crushed, you would hope that the population would at least have the decency to live in fear. But no. They have swarmed to the reconstruction of their home like some crowd of industrious ants eager to rebuild what was taken from them. It is sickening to her. But that's the problem with being in service to another; the duties that Vice is given are not her own. Whilst she would much rather be causing trouble in some destabilised region of the world, or at least engaging in some light murder, today she has been sent with a very different kind of mission in mind.

She is to test the reclusive Victor Ortega on behalf of the true Lord of Battle. Whether he wants to be tested or not.

And so it is that mere moments after Victor has stepped out from his limosine, there is a horrifying and *very* expensive sound of tearing metal. Most of the crowd instantly focuses on her - not that it seems to bother the woman in the least. She's nowhere near as openly muscular or powerful as Victor... but she has, nevertheless, just punched her hand through the hood of his limousine, and in one smooth motion she has torn the engine clean out in a messy gout of oil and other fluids. No doubt to the utter horror of Victor's assistants.


The woman's bellowed shout might well be the only thing that could have cut across the utter horror of the crowd at this point, as she swings the most expensive hunk of improvised weaponry wrestling has ever seen above her head as though it were made of foam, rather than far too much steel.


And then she HURLS the broken wreckage overarm, pitching it right at Victor's head with as much force as a wrecking ball. That's no folding chair, that's for damn sure.

COMBATSYS: Vice has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Vice             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Vice             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0    Victor Ortega

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega blocks Vice's Large Thrown Object.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Vice             0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0    Victor Ortega

Gasps of surprise turn to shrieks and screams as the audience scatters in a panic and even the attendants and assistants to Ortega duck and dodge to the side as the engine is ripped clean and hauled up by the woman with about as much effort as one uses to casually pick up a shopping bag.

Ortega turns just in time to see the engine tumbling towards him like an incoming meteor. His massive arms rise, hands outstretched infront of him and the engine slams home with a horrible cry of wrenching and twisting metal and scalding oil spraying through the air and onto his body. The force of the impact sends him sliding backwards, feet digging grooves into the cement and shoes ripping apart violently from the force. But he does not fall and at the end, maintains his balance and then straightens back up, balancing the wrecked engine in one hand as looks at Vice through his now broken sunglasses.

"I don't know who you are, woman, but I didn't plan on any autograph sessions today." He tosses the engine over his shoulder, sending it thundering to the ground and rolling into a lightpole. "But for you, I can make an exception!"

The massive wrestler lunges forward into a leap that carries him back towards the now ruined vehicle and Vice. Upon landing he suddenly dashes into a blur of movement that belies his incredible size. A club like arm stretches out as he roars in on Vice in an attempted lariat attack from his arm as he drags it behind him and then slams it at her while trying to move past.

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega successfully hits Vice with Running Lariat.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Vice             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0    Victor Ortega

He's faster than he looks!

Vice attempts to duck down under the arm, but Victor is no slouch. As expected of someone who has maintained his position at the top of his sport for such a very long time. Nevertheless, the force of the blow is perhaps a little startling to the Orochi-blooded woman. There aren't many people who can hit her that hard. But if anything, that only excites her more. As she doubles over his arm, the woman snakes around, and her heels dig into the concrete as she regains her footing.

"Don't worry about who I am." She snarls, "Worry about how you're going to stay alive for the next five minutes, because that's all the time it is going to take for me to tear you to pieces!"

A lot of people would take that as a metaphor, but those people don't know Vice. To demonsrate her sincerity, the woman is swinging around, hoping to catch him before he can recover completely from delivering his lariat blow. Regardless of that little detail, though, her leg is swinging around laced with a slashing lick of sharpened chi energy.

More dangerous than any razor blade, Vice's singular goal is to slash over and over again into that mighty body with a series of sharp and shallow kicks, to drive him back against the wreckage of his limosine and into the eyeline of his no-doubt-confused entourage. No one of those kicks is particularly dangerous on its own, but a man of Victor's stature must surely have encountered all kinds of energy before... and this hateful Orochi power aims to open wounds that will continue to bleed profusely far past the initial injury.

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega fails to interrupt Outrage from Vice with Aura Fire.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Vice             0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0    Victor Ortega

The killing intent. It's not the sort of thing that the average person or casual onlookers can sense. It all looks like violent outrageous destructive power to them. But to the trained fighter who can sense the intentions of his or her reads clearly, especially on a being like Vice.

So Victor feels it. Knows it and he looks on in confusion, wondering for a moment if this is some woman he's somehow offended or otherwise caused her to create a vendetta against him. Surely she can't just be here just for the thrill of it..?

"Enough!" he roars, "..You won't get the satisfaction--!" He lunges in, attempting to bring a massive fist up and towards her.. sunlight blazing into an aura of fire that envelops his incoming tree trunk of an arm.....and he's to slow.

The kicks score violently into his torso, slashing at the suit and into his hardened flesh, spraying blood from the array of slashes and causing the giant man to recoil and stagger backwards as the screams of the crowds echo louder from the sight. Wisely, no one dares interfere.

"Satisfaction?" Vice purrs, "Oh, Victor. You've got a LONG way to go before you can satisfy a woman like me."

There's a sneering satisfaction in Vice's voice as she watches the man's blood now starting to flow. Her tongue licks out over her lips, as though she can already taste it on the air. It's exciting, no doubt about that, but satisfaction? She doubts she's getting that today. She could kill every person here and she still wouldn't satisfy the bloodlust rising in her. That horrendous power refuses to be satiated. It does, however, drive her on.

It's just as well that everyone stays back, because Vice isn't the sort to let up for even an instant. Driven to new heights by her successful scoring of wounds, she surges forwards, her gait erratic as she lunges like some coiled viper to try and snare Victor by the face. There can't be many wrestlers who would go for a grab that tenuous, surely?

Only, if she gets her grip, he'll find that it is FAR from tenuous. The superhuman strength she had demonstrated tearing through his car would be put to work swinging him around like an oversized sack of potatoes, slamming him brutally into the ground before she flips, taking him with her, for a SECOND heavy slam into the middle of the road - utterly uncaring of the dangers their fight now poses to traffic. And instead unleashing a burst of eerie grey energy at the point of impact.

If Victor is unlucky enough to have found himself caught up in the entire move again, he will at least get to see the way that power resolves into a leering, skeletal skull. A grappler of his skill will also recognise something that most people just can't see about Vice's style. There's... nothing much complex about it. Little finesse or skill in her throwing. She's just leveraging an impossible amount of raw physical power compacted into a frame far too small to possibly contain it all.

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega blocks Vice's Obscura.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Vice             0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0    Victor Ortega

Concrete sprays everywhere, some of it catching nearby bystanders and dropping them as they are caught up in the collateral of the out of control brawl. Traffic swerves to avoid the violent display, sending some cars crashing into one another as the streets sunder from the force of the impact of the two physical titans.

But there's something off about her grip on him. Vice would quickly recognize it as the master grappler twists his body in a way to blunt the force of the impact and drag and tightens his muscles even further such that the concrete breaks against him like dirt comparatively as opposed to hardened cement.

She -definitely- feels the resistance as Ortega's body refuses to go completely down on the second impact and he presses back up against her, reaching his massive arms up for her the arm gripping his face and for her torso. A flurry of movement and a twist of his body brings the two grapplers closer together as Victor briefly struggles with her and then freezes their movements long enough to snarl out: "Is this -it-?? If you're going to ruin my limo and one of my suits..make it worth my time!!"

With that he spins and twists, trying to literally turn Vice upside down in his grasp while his massive legs flex and then leap - sending both skywards. On his descent back down he swings, bringing her back first towards the concrete with intention on creating a massive crater upon slamming her home.

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega issues a challenge!!

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Vice             0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0    Victor Ortega

COMBATSYS: Vice dodges Victor Ortega's Back Breaker.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Vice             0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0    Victor Ortega

Grappling with Vice is never an easy proposition. He manages to stop her getting the clean hit she wanted, but when he tries to reverse the hold on her... she moves like no human should be able to. Bending and twisting around and away from him, it's more like trying to wrestle with a python than a woman, and it ends with the woman detaching entirely from him, sneering as she brings her fingers up to her lips. In all the commotion, she'd managed to get some of the blood from the shallow cuts she'd forced onto her fingers, and she takes great pleasure in running her tongue across them - maintaining hard eye contact with him as she does so.

"Don't flatter yourself, old man." She hisses, "You might play at hiding in shadows, but I'm the monster in the darkness that'll swallow you whole."

And then she's moving again, her whole body twisting around as she lashes out - and the long sleeve on her dress stretches strangely as she aims to grab the man by the ankle, and simply drag him across the ground towards her - reeling him in like he's some giant fish she just can't wait to get her teeth into.

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega endures Vice's Improvised Throw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Vice             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0    Victor Ortega

Ortega grumbles to himself as he rolls to his feet following his empty handed landing as Vice wrestles herself away from him with skill that seems supernatural to observe in action. He reaches up and completely removes the tattered remains of his shirt and jacket, discarding them to reveal his monument sized torso in full along with the bleeding scars from her earlier assault. He looks on, imperiously, at her taunt..but before he can counter it he sees her lightning like movements and the impossible stretch of her garments to lash out and grab hold of him.

His massive fram gets yanked and he goes tumbling in violently..impacting into the ground but using its momentum to send him rolling towards her and then to spring up at her with arms wide and immense frame practically swallowing her from sight.

"You are right on one thing, little girl.. There are indeed monsters out there.." he rumbles as he closes in, braces and then once more goes for a launch that seeks to carry them upwards with a blazing fireball of chi erupting around them..and them back down, trailing energy like a comets tail as he tries to slam her, back first amongst the abandoned cars around them.

COMBATSYS: Vice fails to interrupt Muscle Bomb from Victor Ortega with Dokken.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Vice             1/-------/=======|-------\-------\0    Victor Ortega

Little girl is a new one. Vice hasn't been called that in quite some time. Between actually being in her thirties, and dressing like she's in her forties, that, more than perhaps anything else, pisses her off more. She growls as he comes in for her, and rather than make any effort to defend herself, she instead aims to plow her fist right into Victor's face with as much force as her impressive, inhuman form can muster.

Unfortunately for her, that doesn't quite work as intended.

Instead, he carries her up into the air and she's brought back down to earth in a blazing comet of power. At least the people in those cars had the good sense to flee the moment they saw the battle being waged in front of them, because the property damage on this one is racking up fast. She's far from finished, though.

Pulling herself out of the wrecked vehicle in which she had been embedded, Vice has finally lost her cool completely. No longer even trying to make coherent sense, she's hunched over, her eyes wild, but all of her attention locked on Victor. He thought he could talk to her about monsters?

She'll show him what monsters can do.

Indeed, the little-girl comment was a calculated insult and it seemed to have done its job. Another car flips as Victor raises to his feet and reaches to his sides to up-end the discarded vechicle and send it crashing away with a display of brute strength that...ironically enough can probably be matched by the slender but toned woman infront of him.

He sees her change of stance and the look on her face well enough but he stalks forward, unperturbed and instead spreads his massive arms wide in an almost magmonious like gesture that is more for onlookers and recording devices then it is for Vice..along with his words.

"Do I need to put you down, woman? Like a rabid animal?!" The fact that she did withstand the Muscle Bomb is not lost on The Muscle Bomber...but there is no time for reflection. Instead he moves into another charge, once more dashing in close despite the wildness of her stance. It's the lot of grapplers to need to get in up close and personal after all.

Once more his massive physique attempts to envelop her and get behind her and if successful to swing her up overhead and then backwards behind him as he falls backwards to try and slam her to the ground among the ruins once again.

COMBATSYS: Vice fails to interrupt Medium Throw from Victor Ortega with Overkill.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Vice             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0    Victor Ortega

It seems that Victor's greater technical skill is paying dividends in the battle between the two grapplers. She's not listening to him any more at least; she's beyond that stage. When he comes for her, she attempts, instead, to writhe with his movements - but the CWF champion proves more than capable of holding on to an anaconda as she twists, and she is instead hammered into the ground more or less unhindered yet again. After all the blows she's taken, she should definitely be staying down.

But she's still not done yet. Spitting and furious, the woman is practically foaming at the mouth as she twists free. She throws her head back, and howls loudly to the sky. A savage smile leering across her features as she snaps her head back down to stare at him. Her voice is, disturbingly coherent given her obviously unhinged state.

"Yes, YES! Fucking END me, DO it you COWARD. If you have the guts, finish it here and now, what are you waiting for? COME ON! HIT ME AGAIN!"

Monsters eh? Ortega has seen some insane things in his time. Cruel beings and strange supernatural forces within and without the CWA. This..this actually gives him pause as he looms over Vice and hears her screams and her rants. His teeth grit and he quickly flickers his gaze towards the onlookers, the cameras flashing, the phones recording...

And there's the simple matter of his own integrity. He may be a monster, but there are different types of monsters...

"I won't let you badger me into destroying myself. You're insane!" he verbalizes while bringing a fist up. His fist clenches as he readies a blow, "But I -will- end this!" Chi swirls, fire once more gathering about his arm as he ducks low and then swings forward, attempting to plant his fist into Vice in a burning strike.

COMBATSYS: Vice blocks Victor Ortega's Spirit Upper.

[                          \\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Vice             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0    Victor Ortega

Vice catches the hand with her own, and knocks it aside. The monstrous strength that the woman displays - not to mention her erratic behaviour - must surely mark her out as a far more literal monster than the kind that Victor considers himself to be. There are all manner of beasts in this world, but there are few as nakedly and unrepentently evil as Vice. She doesn't care about higher ideals. She doesn't serve a grand inner purpose with her violence. She is a leashed demon; sent out at the beck and call of her Master, whom she serves entirely because doing so gives her an outlet for her destructive impulses.

She simply hates these people and their pathetic lives, their petty worries and tiny fears. She wants them dead. And she wants Victor dead more than most of them.

And so she lunges forwards one more time, aiming to grab the far larger man and simply hurl him with all her might - not at the floor, or the vehicles, as their restrained battle has thus far been... but into the crowd. If they are going to be stupid enough to film, the least she can do is give them a spectacle worth remembering her by...

COMBATSYS: Vice has reached second wind!

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Vice             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0    Victor Ortega

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega blocks Vice's Power Throw.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Vice             1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0    Victor Ortega

For Victor, there is indeed no question. This..creature has more then made its nature and abilities known and there's no more taunting or bantering that will make any difference or change her or open any eyes. This is quite different from anything encountered before. Even more then the rage Geese briefly exhibited during their sparring match. This is..inexplicable.

Particularly as the audience is targetted. He is seized and wrenched around and when she swings he kicks his feet back down into the ground to brace himself and he goes sliding backwards, stumbling, but blunting the force of her throw. It is still such that he drags up a massive groove in the streets and goes sailing backwards close to the crowd..but not quite into them.

They scatter. Stupid. But alive save for some bruises caused by the spray of concrete. Noting this, it almost seems as if her strength recovers and Victor grits his teeth, crouches low..and then springs forward with another explosive blast of concrete cratering around him as he springs at her almost like a missile. His body twists in flight as he tries to tackle right into her and slam her to the ground with all the presence of a freight train that just jumped from its tracks.

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega knocks away Vice with Body Splash.

[                                < >  /////////////////             ]
Vice             1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1    Victor Ortega

Again, the wrestler's lunging blow strikes true. Vice is sent hurtling away from the impact, but again, she doesn't stay down for long. At this point, it is only the furious desire to murder that is even keeping her on her feet - and it seems that she has no shortage of that, at least in the short term. How long it will keep going? Well, that's another matter entirely.

But she comes tearing back with a bellowed cry tearing from her throat; an inhuman scream of rage and pain which echoes through the increasingly-deserted streets as she leaps towards the man, aiming to grab him. If she can just get her hands on him, she'll show him exactly what she's made of -- she just needs to get that solid grip one more time, and she just knows she can pound this arrogant fool into so much arrogant mulch...!

COMBATSYS: Vice can no longer fight.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Victor Ortega    1/---====/=======|

COMBATSYS: Victor Ortega blocks Vice's Withering Surface.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Victor Ortega    1/--=====/=======|

Sadly for her last attempt at vengeance, it does not. Victor stands at the ready and he moves with a sudden burst of speed and lunges his massive arm up to act as a barrier against the incoming Vice. He pushes back against her, seeking to send her rebounding back off of him as her leap comes to an end, and he himself backs up in the opposite direction, sliding backwards a few paces in the rubble strewn and ruined streets.

"This is over." he declares with a sense of finality and not a small bit of relief as well.


Over? Well. Perhaps. Or perhaps it is just beginning.

The woman is sent backwards, but Vice is the Hakkeshu of Darkness. As she collapses, and she feels the limits of her power starting to bite at her, the redheaded woman simply has to sink back into that space. The manifestation of Orochi's hatred and control over spaces that the light does not touch... there have been plenty of battles where Vice has had to be recovered; where she has pushed too hard and too heavily against forces even her titanic might cannot breach.

And then there are fights which end like this. She slides backwards, underneath the stricken limousine which had begun this little test. And she lets the shadows take her home.

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