Rafferty - Tulip in Spring

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Description: Rafferty takes a shopping trip, to check out the new summer season styles, but gets more than he bargained for, when he meets Tulip Belfort.

In Metro City there is a queen of finances. From her throne she commands her knights and soldiers to take and conquer as she wills it. By her power and her machinations, the name of Sybil Katherine strikes fear in the hearts of men fear. But little known is her princess who sits in her shadow.

The little princess lives locked in a tower in a land a world away from her mother. In the esteemed Justice High of Southtown, Tulip Belfort gained her terribly expensive education. The very day the results of her Trigonometry test were posted, she received a letter from her mother. She knew it was from her mother by how much cash was held in it. Her mother would reward her good grades with vast piles of spending cash, believing some token of work should be demanded for any reward. Tulip just looked at the little date that told her the letter was sent the day she took the test.

The first year was currently at the most expensive boutique she could find at the best mall she could find. She would buy something far more stylish than her Justice Uniform, something that could make even her squishy little face pretty. She knew she was a princess, so she would have to be popular, and all the popular girls in high school had the most pretty and expensive clothes, and she had the richest mommy so she would easily able to buy the best dress and be the most popular girl in school. It was all planned out perfectly, she would just need to pick out the perfect outfit for this most perfect plan.

But she just didn't know what to buy.

It's a Sunday, there's no school and Rafferty is in the mood to shop! It's been over a week since he acquired any new purchases and his credit card is getting withdrawal symptoms. Despite being the location of one of the most humiliating events in his young life so far, the supermodel school boy still has a fondness for the Southtown Mall. The setting is beautiful, its park like vibe allowing shoppers to feel like they are enjoying nature as well as retail therapy, but more importantly, there's some amazing bargains to be had!

The teen has decided to make a day of it. Since his homework is all done (though not by him), he can take his time browsing and he's already stopped for a delicious lunch at a stand selling superfood salads. A glossy looking black plastic bag swings in his right hand as he walks, containing a new summer shirt. He knows just the pants to team it with.

Today he has dressed in a monochrome palette. Tighly fitting white jeans, combine with a black t-shirt and black leather bomber jacket and on his feet are black leather sneakers, fastened with white laces. His platinum blonde hair is as usual immaculate. It's ruffled just enough to create an impression of someone laid back and casual, but actually took him forty minutes to perfect.

Gazing in the windows of the various stores as he passes, Rafferty's eyes come to rest on a beautiful emerald green evening dress. It's practically identical to one that he imagined Nena wearing in a rather elaborate trauma induced daydream. Surely that has to be a sign? He should get that dress for her. Perhaps even buying it will somehow make the daydream more likely to come true.

He makes his way into the fancy looking women's boutique, seeking out the gown in the correct size. There's a handful of women shopping and one rather confused looking schoolgirl. Should she look his way, he would flash her a dazzling Hollywood smile.

She could hardly see without her glasses on, but she hardly wanted to be seen with them. She was so terribly nearsighted that she required the use of thick coke bottle glasses to see. She was peering with her face ever so close to the dresses trying to find the worst bargain like it was a metric of quality. In the corner of her eye she caught a bright clear color that drew her interest enough to draw her close enough to actually see more than an emerald green blob.

When she got to a range to tell it was an evening dress, she heard the footsteps coming behind her, and turned to see. Her eyes being so poor, (unlike her, who was rich), she could barely make out who was approaching. But she was quick to not only make assumptions about what she was seeing, but then make assumptions about who she was seeing. Her quick wits discerned the appearance.

She saw a tall and flat girl with short bleached hair. She looked like she had some kind of black dress that was far too short and matching black shoes. And her legs were not only bare, but so pale that they seemed pure white. The style looked hideous, like she was trying too hard. But it was some kind of style, and girls with style were either be populars or made examples of by the populars. Tulip knew that popular girls would have to show who was the boss, but be just kind enough in case they could also be popular. Tall Blondes were always the most Alpha girls, right.

"Were- *cough* " she tried to speak, before correcting the nasally tone she initially had, trying to replace it with that haughty voice just like her mother's.

"were -You-, trying to buy this?"

The blond boy's radiant smile seems to be wasted on the other teen. She doesn't even react to it! Even worse, she is staring at the exact dress he wanted to buy Nena. He looks the girl over, figuring she and his girlfriend are about the same size.

"Well, yeah, I was hoping to get it as a gift" he admits, trying out the smile again and running his hand through his hair for good measure.

"If you want it for yourself though, that's cool. They may have another one somewhere in the store."

He looks around, trying to attract the attention of the pencil thin assistant. She starts to wander over, noticing the head to toe designer labels, the young fashion lover is wearing.

"We seem to be in a tricky situation" he explains, gesturing towards Tulip.

"This lovely creature and I are both after purchasing the same dress and I fear we may be wanting the same size. I don't suppose you've got another?"

"I'm sorry, but that's the last one available in that size" she responds, with an air of apology.

"The designer only releases one in each size, to keep the item relatively exclusive."

Rafferty nods in understanding "I suspected as much. Oh well, not to worry. What Nena doesn't know, she won't miss. Perhaps I will pick her up a mango and licorice smoothie instead."

Tulip heard the voice, and she once again stood still with a dead blankness. The gears in her head turned in great clanking rotations. She was dealing with a boy, but not only that, a rich boy. This was an even better opportunity. He had a girlfriend, meaning he was taken, but that just meant she could prove how popular she was by stealing him.

She flicked back her dark curly locks over her shoulder in an awkward flirting gesture. "What- *ahem* What was your name? I think we might be able to work something out." She stepped closer to try and see him in focus to test if he was actually cute.

He was.

"I need someone to tell me how cute I look in my outfits, and if you'll do that for me, I will buy this dress for you." Tulip spoke in a clear attempt to imitate how her mother acted, picking up on only half of the subtleties. But the plan she made in three seconds was simple. Be the cutest ever, show she was the cutest ever, then bad mouth whoever that Nena was so the cute boy would only want to date her.

"Unless you get that Nena the plus sized dress, if she drinks that kind of smoothie, she might squeeze in." She said with a smirk.

"Rafferty Lawrence Stewart" the boy replies, in a rather grand way.

His California accent is smooth and honeyed, sounding both masculine and sweet.

"What is your name?" he asks, watching the hair flick with interest.

"I must say, you have very beautiful hair and I'm sure you look wonderful in all your outfits."

The words pour from him effortlessly, accompanied by a glint in his piercing blue eyes.

"You really don't have to pay me to speak the truth, but that dress would look amazing on Nena" he ponders, his expression becoming thoughtful.

"Tell you what, I will take the gown, but I will pay for it myself. That way we are both winners. As for the plus size dress, that wouldn't work out. She's only petite. Not that I have a problem with plus sized women" he quickly adds.

She hears what he says, and she melts. On the half she hadn't learned was the resisting of the other's charm. Here was such a sweet boy, who must have had legs so attractive that he let them breath out in the open air. And his eyes, she had never seen eyes so pretty. His words, they were better than any of the romance novels she read. He was a dreamboat, she wanted to be his girlfriend beyond just showing how popular she was.

"M-m-my name's Tulip, Tulip Belfort.... I like your eyes."

===== Meanwhile, at a Four Seasons Resort in Las Vegas========

Sybil Kathrine was enjoying a relaxing Sunday by the pool. Her subdued soaking of Mojave sun was interrupted when she realized what was going on half a world away. Sitting up straight, she turned to her assistant Goldie with a mortified tone.

"She's discovered a boy!"

===== Meanwhile, back in the Southtown Shopping Mall======== Flustered, Tulip tried to fumble out words. "-i-if I let you take it, then you better take responsibility" She paused for a moment, before realizing the need of clarity. "And find me an even better outfit for me." She attempted to snap her fingers, only to produce a faint rubbing noise with her fingers. She tried twice more before just clapping.

"Snap to it."

Those very eyes stare into Tulip's own, as his long lashes flutter in her direction.

"Thank you for noticing them" he says, visibly preening.

"I take it as a compliment from such a divine looking woman, especially one with such an exquisite name. Tulip, like the prettiest flower of Spring" he beams beauteously towards her.

He fingers the soft, silky fabric of the coveted dress and says ever so sincerely.

"Oh, you have no reason to worry. I take my responsabilities very seriously. I will find you an outfit so ravishing, that you will be the belle of any ball you choose to attend."

He takes the emerald green gown now, if she will allow it, wanting to claim his prize before there's any change of heart.

"The name Belfort sounds familiar to me. Do you have any relatives here in Southtown?" he wonders, starting to browse through the nearby racks for suitable garments.

Selecting an open backed Fendi gown, in a shimmering metallic gold fabric, he holds it up to the light, before testing it against the schoolgirl's skin tone.

"You could totally pull this off" he states.

"Not many could, but you would do so with ease and it would show off your figure fabulously."

Apparently the abrupt way in which she summons him into action, almost as if he's her staff, doesn't phase him. He has the confidence and the experience around wealthy people, to simply let it go. Besides, he understands how important fashion is to people, he's a model after all.

The matching of the dress to Tulip's skin becomes much harder as her skin turns just as red as her namesake flower. She was just blushing at all the sweet complements she was getting.

So this was the power gained by loosing her vision. All the kids back in the Private Metro Schools would tease her, call her four eyes, and all kind of hurtful names. Sometimes they would shortly leave, as their parents could no longer afford tuition. Then the next set of students would call her Four Eyes.

"My Mother lives in Metro City, while my father lives in New Jersey. But during the summer I go back to my father's while Mommy- I mean my mother stays in touch often."

===== Meanwhile, at a Four Seasons Resort in Las Vegas========

"Yep Goldie, Rafferty Lawrence Steward, R-A-F-F-E-R-T-Y. Look him up and see if we can get a mark on him. See if he is decent enough for me to sleep easy tonight, or if you need to bring me the strong stuff"

===== Meanwhile, back in the Southtown Shopping Mall========

Tulip gleefully skipped to the dressing room to show Rafferty how beautiful she looked in that dress. Then she would steal him away instantly once he saw it.

If Rafferty notices Tulip blushing redder than a flower in bloom, he doesn't comment on it. Instead he simply smiles, nodding his head as she explains her family situation.

"My folks are back in California, so I know how it is to be seperated from loved ones" he sympathises, resting his arm lightly on the girl's shoulder and then giving it an encouraging squeeze. As he moves in closer, she will likely be able to detect the fragrance he wears. It seems to be a mix of zesty citrus fruits and exotic smelling spices.

"I'll be right here waiting when you've got the dress on. If you're happy with it, which I have a feeling you will be, then we can work on finding you some shoes and a bag to match."

His blue eyes are already scanning the store, looking for signs of any potential prospects. Spying some off white high heeled sandals with attached gold chains, he hones in on them, checking the item with great attention to detail.

The skinny sales assistant wanders over to join him and he takes the chance to hand her Nena's new gown.

"Would you be a darling and wrap this up for me?" he charms, causing the older woman to colour up too.

"I'll be over to pay for it before I leave. I'm just helping my lovely new friend choose some clothing."

Tulip was struggling with a want to both rush back out and hide away in the booth. All the compliments made her want to show off her stuff, but that nagging doubt made her want to check and double check that she was looking perfect. Since she did not have her glasses with her, it was pure guesswork if she had it right. She preened and fixed and undid and redid. This would be the prime chance to win that little piece of her lifelong (or 5 minute long) dream.

Finally finished, she stepped out the door. Strutting up to show her stuff to Rafferty, she had the utmost confidence in her graceful ability to woe him right off hi- *THWACK*!

Tulip's apparent catwalk debut had been interrupted when she ran headfirst into a column that was unfortunately the same color as the boutique's floor.

Finding a clutch bag that perfectly matches the sandals he picked out, Rafferty is looking rather pleased with himself by the time Tulip emerges from the velvet curtained changing room. His handsome face breaks out into a luminous smile, as he spots her in the golden gown. His fashion judgement as usual was right on the money. (Well, Minion clothing aside, but that was work not play!) He opens his mouths to compliment her when... *THWACK*!

He visibly winces as the poor girl headbutts the solid column and runs over to offer her his assistance. He is a gentleman after all!

"Oh geez, Tulip. Are you alright, babe?" he asks her, offering his lean frame to lean on, should she need the assistance. When two snooty looking women at the other side of the store start to snigger, he gives them a look of disgust, causing them to scurry away.

Poor Tulip was in a daze, her vision was even more blurred by the force of the impact. She could barely sense what was going on. The first thing she vaguely realized was that Rafferty was posting himself roughly above her. The second thing she realized was that her nose was bleeding. He started to get the sense she ran into something.

Her vision began to return to its normal level of blur as she heard the snickering. The first thing she saw in clear focus, was the look of disgust on Rafferty's face. The tears ran down her cheeks, reaching her chin in an awful of red solution.

She stumbled back to her feet, pushing way the handsome boy. All the dreams she made in the last 10 minutes were dashed away like Fairy Floss in a storm's surge, her tears the sea's spray. Before even giving him a chance to speak, she was throwing a wad of cash at the register as ran out, ran away from that traitorous boy, ran-

-right into the freshly cleaned store window just next to the door.

The blond boy is really trying his best to help. He reaches into his leather jacket pocket to fetch a clean white silk handkerchief with the initials 'RLS' embroidered into it, to assist with the blood. He moves to hand it to the tormented Tulip, but she's already taking flight!

"It's okay!" he calls after the unfortunate creature, but then it's definitely not. She's smacked into something else, causing the model to put a hand to his mouth in horror. It really wasn't Tulip's day.

The shop assistant scurries to pick up the notes, some of which have fallen on to the floor.

"I'm guessing you won't be taking the bag and shoes" she calls out.

Her attention then turns to Rafferty.

"Will Sir still be wanting the dress he picked out?" she enquires hopefully. She gets extra pay for commission after all.

"Yes, I still want it" he replies, handing her his Visa card and then glancing back towards Tulip. Perhaps it's best to let her be, she seemed to want to get away from him after all.

===== Meanwhile, at a Four Seasons Resort in Las Vegas========

Sybil had half a bottle of the strong stuff at her feet as she pressed her fingers against her temples. "Yes Goldie, it went bad. This was the worst possible time for her to do this. Just get the pen and paper, we only have time to send her a letter for this."

She stumbled to her feet. "Get the Goblin.

===== Meanwhile, back in the Southtown Shopping Mall========

As Tullip got back to her feet and slowly walked out into the mall, blood dripped onto her dress, but she just didn't care. She had one chance to make him just drop his girlfriend and run away with her, and she blew it twice over. Now she would be nothing but a spoiled dweeby like gee-

Then it hit her. She might not be able to outright charm Rafferty away, but she could do it another way. Maybe if she could drive them apart from each other. Whoever this Nena was, she could get her to break up with Tulip's rightful Rafferty. Mother did tell her, 'All is fair in love, war and financial transactions.' wringing her hands together, she already had the perfect plan to-

Her plan was interrupted as she realized how people were looking at her, covered in way to much blood, and she swiftly made her way elsewhere.

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