Sybil - Mr.Green's Big Bust

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Description: A high roller down on hard luck finds fortunes change for him when approached by a strange woman. If the fortunes are waxing or waning hover, that is for fate to decide.

Under the baking Mojave sun sat a very lucky man who was very down on his luck. Four hundred Thousand Dollars is more than many might make in 10 years of hard work. To win so much in Vegas took unfathomable luck and gambling skill. Such ability would put a grin on any man's face.

It was the Hubris of greed that washed away Greg Green's grin.

He sat at a bus stop just off Sands avenue. He was a tall man with broad shoulders, the ravages of age starting to show. Most prominent was his long and pronounced chin.

He stank faintly of festering vomit, an odor that mixed in with the sweat pooling in the desert heat. His ill fitting t-shirt barely contained his blob-like belly, and it clearly did not match his expensive slacks. His formal shirt and blazer t were folded up in a pack he carried. He had a nub of a Cuban cigar, drawn so hard that no smoke could be seen from it any longer. All that he had left of money was a two dollar tip he managed to wrest back from a suckerfish. When he was trying his best to keep his greedy but broken heart ticking, a woman approached him in a strapless red dress.

She had a few notable features beyond her dress. She was rather tall, her heels bringing her up to Green's height. Her face bore matching red-rimmed sun-shades and was backdropped by long black locks.

"say Mr. Green, do you remember me?" She spoke.

He responded, with all the lies and charm he had learned. A right smile in Vegas could pay out more than slot machines. "Your face seems familiar"

Nailed it.

"I'd bet you thought you'd never see me again. Thanks for being so nice to me. I appreciate it so much, I'd like to give some winnings. Here's $2000" she returned in kind, providing the amount.

Before he could process it, the strange lady was already off. The air gaining a faint scent of aged wine in addition to putrid puke. In her wake followed a Casino Security Guard who seemed to snap his fingers in frustration, as if he had failed to find something.

2000 dollars richer, Mr. Green could get back to business. He had an event to get to, and now he had just enough money to last until the night. He knew a motel just cheap enough that he could stay a while until the night. He took the bus filled with men and women who seemed to be in a likewise state. But Mr. Green was better than all of them, because he had 2k more than any of the other penniless losers who just lost everything in the casinos.

He took the bus to a corner of Sin City so sinful that the moonlight was bloody red. It took a bit of a walk to get the rest of the way. In the retreating daylight heat he had to avoid two heart attacks caused by the strain of the walk. Once the sun went down and the way was lit red and he was able to reach his destination with ease.

He made it to the finest Motel he knew, Chateau Sordide Motel, it has a French name to show how fancy it is. At the desk he paid for just enough hours to account for the night, then gleefully strutted to his first floor room. The room was far more dank than the desert climate would suggest, and equally greener. He had a relaxing sit upon the heart shaped bed and admired his appearance in the many mirrors that all faced the heart.

"You are a Handsome Devil Mr. Green, and real star, all the ladies want to-"

There was a knock knock knock on the door. Mr. Green got up from the bed to look through the eye hole to see who would be knocking at such an hour. His eye swirled about to see a strapless red dress, but not the face. Seeing no debt collector, he opened the door

"Mr. Green, do you remember me?" Said the woman.

He responded, "Your face seems familiar, you just gave me Two thousand dollars earlier"

"I'd bet you thought you'd never see me again. The same woman said, mirroring, before entertaining a more serious tone upon her closing statement. "There is something I wanted to talk to you about."

Mr.Green raised an eyebrow. "wait are you prop-"

A dollar from Green 's pocket flew up to mute the man, as the woman continued. "I know who you really are, what you really are, and what you have in this little pocket. "Another dollar slithered into the pack, spent a moment shuffling in the contents, before exiting with a letter with velvet slightly more stained than originally sent. The dollar flew to bring the letter to the man's hand.

"read it to me." The woman said, letting the bill drop from the man's mouth.

Flustered, Green began slowly read

"To the Lord Gungreg the Green, Master Goblin."

" The season of the Lunar Eclipse is upon us. House Al-... Alucard would be honored if you would join us in celebrating this Portent- Portenus- ". He stopped to try and speak it clearly. "Por-ten-tous occasion by attending a Springtide Rosalia on the night of the upcoming Blood Moon-"

She waved her hand to signal him to stop. "Now Mr. 'Green', it would be terribly inconvenient for you if your, Greedy little grin was shown how truly green it is. " She lightly tapped the side of his greasy cheek.

"Are you asking me on a date?" The Goblin asked with the same incredulous surprise as when she first entered.

"oh ho, ho ho ho," Sybil laughed sarcastically after removing her fingers from his face. "While I am looking for a Mr. Lucky Number Seven, you have shown yourself to be a very unlucky man tonight. But you will be asked to pretend that I am your date, for the purposes of the Rosalia."

She placed more spending cash down upon the stained three-legged coffee table to his side. "If you are a good little goblin, and show your lady a lovely time, I can get you some gambling money to make up for your blackjack losses."

With a pinch of her thumb and middle finger, the bills sped up Gungreg's body like a swarm of slithering rats and collapsed around his neck. As Mr.Green began to have the panic set in, the woman emphasized another point.

"Be a bad little Goblin, and you might just be another..... experience." She bluffed.

She let slip her finger grip, and the bills floated off of the Goblin's neck like any normal paper. "I will find you when it is time for the Rosalia, stay in Vegas, but outside of Paradise." She made her way back towards the door. "Please don't bring the bedbugs with you." She said before closing the room behind her.

Mr.Green huffed as she left. The bedbugs were half the reason he came here, best breakfast buffet in town.

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