Chanel - Two models together.

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Description: Chanel and Rafferty meet. They aren't sure yet of one another. But with the magic of modeling, they are in love for a short moment, but for a lifetime in their pictures together.

It is a warm sunny day in Tokyo. A good day to do a lot of things. Some people decided to come into the Eventide restaurant & lounge. a very nice place to relax, and meet with all kind of people.

There are people at tables, doing their business. Chanel was about to be one of those persons. She wasn't alone however. She comes in with an holder woman following from behind, a photograph, and a few other persons that weren't quite as obvious as to their functions.

One of them goes to the host, and talks to them in japanese. Letting them know Chanel was ready for a quick photoshoot. The host seems to understand, and goes get the owner of the place to confirm where it would be happening. Meanwhile Chanel moves around the waiting area, looking at everything there. "It is a very nice place." She says to her following servant. "I am honored at having the chance to do a photoshoot there.

All would be well, and everyone would be happy, if a man coming in didn't have wandering hands, and actually cup a feel of Chanel's ass.

Chanel takes a deep breath. Would someone help her from the man. .Well apparently there is no need, as she turns around, grabs the man's arm, kicks him behind his left leg to make him fall on the ground, then puts her boot on his chest, as she twists his arm. "My not so good man, do that again, and I will make sure your left hand is not usable again for a long time. My ass, or any women's ass, is not a self sample buffet." She looks at him for a moment, then she let him go. The man scrambles away as fast as his legs will take him. "I am sorry for the disturbance." She bows toward the patrons of the place, and waits.

Sitting at one of the circular tables in the centre of the Eventide Restaurant is a striking looking teenage boy with platinum blonde hair. It may be lunchtime, but he's dressed for a night on the town, currently clad in a super smart navy blue suit, designed by Hugo Boss, that's been combined with a pale blue shirt and tan leather brogues.

His companion for the meal is a petite and pretty Japanese woman, with waist-length glossy black hair. Her red silk dress leaves nothing to the imagination and her perfectly shaped lips have been coated in lipstick, in the exact same shade of red.

"Good! So that's another contract you've landed" she beams, reaching a small hand out to pat Rafferty's. The gesture is more maternal than romantic and she is looking at him with pride.

"You're starting to become my star signing. Just try not to get involved in any more internet scandals. It spooks some of our more conservative clients."

Despite being underage, Rafferty is joining the woman in consuming a bottle of champagne. Almost empty plates rest in front of them, with the knives and forks placed down, suggesting all the food desired has been consumed.

Once the waiter clears them away, the black haired beauty rises to her feet, signalling for her wrap to be brought to her. She carefully drapes it around her slim shoulders and then bids her goodbye to the young model, sashaying towards the exit.

"See you soon, Masako" Rafferty calls after her, not showing any signs of departing himself just yet.

As he sits at the table, sipping his sparkling drink, his piercing blue eyes come to rest on a scene playing out across the room. Apparently a young woman has been the victim of some unwanted attention and Rafferty is almost tempted to intervene. Almost. The man in question, though much shorter in height than he, seems solidly built and it could be a risk to start trouble with him. He's still mulling over this dilemma, when Chanel makes her move, knocking her assaulter to the ground and then teaching him a lesson. His eyes widen, as he watches her in action. Apparently there's no need for him to be the hero today. What a relief.

She scans the room a moment. She isn't really starting at anyone in particular, but it takes longer than she anticipate for the owner to come and confirm the spot they can do the shoot. She's also getting a bit peckish. After scanning the room a moment, her eyes sets on Rafferty, he was cute, cute enough to go to him, introduce herself and have a bite to eat with someone. The shoot would wait until she's done eating. They made her wait first. She looks at her servant. "I am going to go see that guy, and have a bite. You can sit down, and relax for a bit. Thank you." She walks to Rafferty's table, and he might recognize her, if he keeps track at all of other models, just by look. "Hi I am Chanel DeRose." Her name should be recognize if not hr look. "I would like to sit with you, and eat in your company, before I start my shoot. I will pay, this is not a romantic encounter, simply a friendly one, if you say yes." She puts her hands on the table, bending her waist slightly to do so, but she does not sit yet.

Her servant only watches to be sure she is fine, or is she watching the man to be sure he is fine. It's one of the two. The photograph takes some pictures of the restaurant, mainly the waiting area at the moment. Whether he needs those or is passing the time, is unclear.

Rafferty seems puzzled at first, when Chanel approaches him. He remains speechless, continuing to sip the Cristal, before eventually breaking his silence.

"I recognise your name. It tends to stick in the mind, because of Coco and my favourite flowers" he explains, bestowing a dazzling smile upon the girl.

"I think I may have seen some of your work too. You mostly do commercial, I think?"

Whether he actually knows this for sure, or is making an informed guess based on her height is unclear.

"You're very welcome to sit with me, but I've already eaten. I wouldn't say no to more champagne though" he suggests, with a wink.

"I saw what happened with that man. I was just about to come over and save you, when it became apparent that you're a self rescuing princess."

He drains his glass of the remaining golden liquid.

"I'm Rafferty Lawrence Stewart, by the way. If you didn't already know."

Chanel says, "It's always nice to be recognized." She grins a bit, then pushes her skirt correctly so she can sit down, and crosses her leg.

"Rafferty. You're a starter as far as I know. But with the right coach and help, you're cute enough to make it, babyface and all."

She add "The bad publicity... it's not bad per say, but you're not a bad boy handsome, so I wouldn't say it perfect for you. Try to stay away from anymore scandals."

She orders something when she catches the waitress, a plate of sushi, and another Cristal bottle. "You didn't ask me for any tips, so just an opinion." She takes a sip of the water to wet her throat. "You go to" a slight pause. "Pacific school around here?" When she finishes all that talk, she gives back a dazzling smile of her own.

After a bit of silence, as the bottle and plate is brought to the table, and saying her thanks to the waiter. "I do any modeling requested by me. Like I have photoshoot in a few... You know what, you should be in it." She says without expanding further on that subject, picking a sushi with a couple of sticks and popping it in her mouth. She keeps her mouth close to chew."

As the male model looks back across the table at the French female, an air of coolness may be briefly detected. He's quick to cover it though, returning to his usual charming persona, as he plants the smile back on his handsome face.

"I appreciate the tips and advice, Chanel. How very kind of you to take such an interest in my career. My personal life too it seems. Are you sure you're not a stalker, pretending to be a model?" he teases playfully.

He runs a hand through his carefully tousled tresses and then straigthens the immaculate sleeve of his suit jacket.

"The scandals aren't something that were exactly planned, but none of us have time machines, do we? I'm sure you've made some mistakes."

He goes ahead and pours himself another glass of Cristal, when the champagne is delivered to their table and then fills Chanel's glass too.

"What is the photo shoot for?"

She swallows the piece after chewing before she allows herself a small laugh. "I keep track of other models where I get my contracts. I have a main contract in Japan and you're in Japan, so you've been on my radar a little. I will also be at Pacific school for a little while. It would be nice to know someone beforehand. At least one person that doesn't jump me for help or what's not."

Every movements so far has been with grace, like it was innate to her. Well it would be helpful for modeling, so it wasn't so weird.

"I see you also have great tastes in clothes. You can really afford that?" She didn't mean to be insulting or snob, but it may sound that way."

She pops another sushi in her mouth, chews it and swallows it, before she finally tastes the champagne. After that's done she says. "I am pondering between telling you I do have a time machine, or I never done any mistakes." It's her turn to wink with a mischievous smile, showing she was kidding.

"It's for a new perfume from the company Shiseido. It's named 'Nichibotsu' "I am sure you could hold me for a couple of shots, or whatever the photograph has in mind." She sighs with smile. "It could help you a little."

She takes another sip of the Cristal. "Thank you for filling my glass." She says as she let him think of what she offered.

"Oh, so we're going to be fellow students?" Rafferty asks, with raised eyebrows. His posture seems to be more relaxed, as he leans forward, resting his long fingered left hand on the table and holding the delicate champagne flute with his other.

"You won't have to worry about me jumping you, in any way" he assures her.

"I can't speak for everyone there, but it seems like you can handle yourself anyway."

Looking down at his attire, when Chanel praises it, he smiles to himself, before looking back up to meet her grey eyed gaze.

"I can afford them comfortably, yes. Things are going well for me here."

He laughs lightly, as she makes her joke.

"Go for the time machine, it's more fun. Who wants to know someone who has never made a mistake? They'd have to have lived a very dull and safe life."

He seems to ponder her offer, tapping his fingers lightly on the expensive tablecloth.

"I'd need to check something like that with my agent, Masako. If you excuse me, I'll give her a call."

He gets up from the table, rising to his full height of six feet and three inches and moves to a quieter corner of the room, before dialling the number. From where Chanel sits, she will be able to see by his mouth movements that's he's conversing with someone, but unless she has supersonic hearing, or a gift for lip reading, what he is saying won't be clear.

"While I am in around here at least. When I get a contract in a new country, I will move. Don't get attached." Chanel smirks a bit. "It will be fun while I am around. Everywhere she should be fun."

She smiles so softly, and nods when he says it's going well for him here. She finds it cute, she wonders what he considered well, but doesn't voice it.

"But if you take you time machine you erase your mistakes and don't learn from them anyway. Neither are a good option. Hint, don't go back in time and kill dictators, it doesn't work as one would hope." The way she ays it, it sounds like she actually had experience with that. But it's impossible right?

"Check with your agent. Have fun. "As he talk on the phone, she doesn't even try to listen. She actually takes a picture of the sushi with her phone, and then types something, before uploading it to her twitter account. She then simply eats her mean and drink a bit of Cristal meanwhile.

After a few minutes of animated phone chatter, Rafferty returns to the table, smoothing down his suit, as he sits back down.

"She's looked into things and it seems to be legit, so I'm okay to go ahead with the photo shoot, for the right price of course" he smiles.

"Will I be okay in the clothes I'm wearing, or will they want me to change? I know Shiseido don't do fashion, so there won't be a conflict there. I guess it just depends if it's the right aesthetic for the campaign."

Now work is on the agenda, the champagne is pushed discreetly aside.

"Have you been modeling long, Chanel? I'm guessing with your name and accent you're from France."

She finishes eating the Sushi, and then she passes her hand over her mouth while whispering something. Perhaps Rafferty would feel a certain force from that. She then looks at up. "Perfect. What's your usual price?" She asks him, as if she was the one suppose to handle all that.

She stands up, and takes a good look at him, almost analyzing him and his clothes. "You're fine, you know how to dress. Not all men can, so you got that for you." She pauses before asking. "Don't take this the wrong way, I know you officially have a girlfriend, but I am pretty sure you saying you fucked her was a lie. Are you gay, and she's a facade? Or do you just have great taste in clothes?" She at least was direct.

"To answer your question, I've been modeling in some form since I was 5 years olds. It has been quite a while."

She then takes her phone, calling the boss. "Yea, there will be a man for certain pictures. He knows the biz... Yes he will, we're a bundle for this one. You will thank me later." She closes her phone and looks again at Rafferty.

The whispering isn't missed, but Rafferty is either confident in himself, simply disinterested, or perhaps both, so he doesn't enquire as to what the girl said.

"Ah come, let's not be unclassy" he responds.

"Let's leave the money talk to the people who are paid to do that stuff. We meanwhile, can focus on making the fragrance look good."

He rises from his chair, when she does, finding himself towering over her.

"You're pretty short for a model" he muses.

"Though it doesn't matter as much off the catwalk."

Her comment about his sexuality, earns her an eye roll.

"Surely we're past all that by now. Men can take good care of themselves, without being gay and if I was gay, I'd be proud to admit it, not ashamed. So I guess, in answer to your question, I have great taste in clothes, which I would still have, if I was into men."

Finishing his mini rant, albeit one delivered in perfectly calm and measured tones, he nods his head slowly.

"So you were just a baby then. I've been at it a couple of years, which is still kinda young to start for a guy."

He waits patiently as Chanel makes her phone call, amusing himself by glancing around the eaterie, taking in any new arrivals. When her attention returns to him, he gives her a polite smile.

"I'm ready to start whenever you are."

Chanel looks at him seriously. "I love to know to know the money I make, the percentages everyone involved will take away, and to see the papers too. So if someone tries to take more than they should, I know it straight away." She says matter of factly, but she is still happy and calm. "I have the attributes they desire. I also know how to follow instructions when it's time, and how to give them when it's a different time."

She moves behind him for a short moment, her hand brushing against his arm. She raises her arms up, to touch his shoulders giving them a light squeeze. "I will give it to you. You do tower over me, but I could get you on your knees, easily enough. She licks her lips, and lowers her voice. "I am sorry I asked if you were gay, but a lot of men need directions." She doesn't really explain what she means by that, and she moves back in front of him after she said it.

"I was a baby. I got there because of the help of my parents and even dare I say my sister." She shrugs. "As she speaks, the man in charge and the restaurant owner finally comes. "Oh we will be starting very shortly. Finally." She looks up at him one last time. "Prove to me I was right to believe in you, otherwise your pay is coming out of my check." She winks, and grabs his right hand, making sure she follow him. She wasn't afraid to take charge. "We're ready!" She says. The man looks at Rafferty up and down. "He will do." She looks at him. "He will be perfect." He shrugs. "Whatever you say." The light crew set up, what they need to set up.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, I know my own worth too" Rafferty explains to the other model.

"Business studies is pretty much the only class I'm interested in at school, I just don't like to discuss it model to model, yeah? If we do that, then why are we paying them at all? Actually, you may be on to something there" he jests.

As she comes up behind him, he turns to glance down at her, starting to laugh as her hand caresses him.

"Maybe by using violence you could. I wouldn't count on it happening any other way."

He stares at her hard, as she moves back in front of him, listening to her explain about her past.

"I'm close to my family too" he responds simply, before looking at the man, as he approaches the pretty pair.

"You don't have to worry about me" he tells Chanel, as she takes hold of his hand, pulling it gently free of her grasp.

"I'm perfectly capable of pretending to be attracted to people. I've done it plenty of times."

He gives her a wink and the man gets a tight smile, before the blond boy gets ready to move into position.

"It's always important, but you have a nice point too, so no more salary talk." She smiles softly, almost delicately.

She doesn't answer back to violence or no violence to get him on his knees, but she comments on her family. "I would help my father and mother if they needed it. They don't." She leaves her sister out of this though, for one reason or another." She then goes to her servant, to give her the handbag she carries. It seems there is something important in there.

Once they are done talking, she gets in the general position, and figures Rafferty will as well. She looks at the boss. "Pay for the meal, you made us wait quite a bit, so I got hungry, and we were thirsty." The boss seems used to her and waves at her dismissively. She is giving a bottle of the new perfume, and then it starts.

At first she is told to take different position on her own, and she fluidly takes them. She was a natural, and professional as well. Then it was time for Rafferty to join in. The Photograph tells them. "Ok Chanel, put your arms on his shoulders, and look up at him, you're in love, and you want to seduce him. Rafferty, put you arms around her, hands on her lower back, her perfume is driving you crazy and you can't live without this woman." Chanel gets in position as she is told and looks up in his eyes.

The expression on Rafferty's face warms, as Chanel talks of helping her family.

"I'd do the same for mine" he says softly.

He gives her a look of distaste however, for the manner in which she addresses the boss.

Once the shoot is underway though, all signs of animosity he may have shown disappear. As directed, he wraps his long arms around the French girl, resting his hands on the base of her spine and then moving his chiseled face towards her. He brings his lips down towards her slender neck, parting them as if he's about to go in for a kiss, but instead has paused to linger on breathing her scent in. He's careful to angle his lean frame, so the bottle of perfume is in clear shot, mindful of it being the reason for their display of desire.

Chanel takes note of the professionalism of Rafferty, and knew she had made the right choice. If he continues that way in his career, he knew he would go far, even if he started kind of late for a long career. She says none of it right now however, as the potograph told them other positions to take. She didn't have any trouble, and Rafferty as mindful as he is, shouldn't have any trouble either.

For a while, only the the photograph's voice, and the click click click of the camera can be heard. Then they are told to take 10, while the pictures are looked at.

She finally voices what she was thinking. "You're pretty good. I was worried since you started late you might have trouble, but I think you have what it takes to go far if you desire. From one model to another."

She looks at him, not saying anything about the look of distaste he gave her earlier, but moving on. "I really hope we can be friend." She lowers her voice. "Maybe you will even come watch if I have a fighting opportunity during my stay." Everything that could be seen of her, looked flashless. She had no mark of fighting whatsoever. Maybe she's somply jesting.

Rafferty stays in character, managing to maintain the same level of intensity till the twosome are told to take ten.

As he sips from a bottle of coconut water, he gives Chanel a bemused look.

"Fourteen isn't late to start. I know I haven't been doing it most of my life like you, but I was still just a kid. Some would say I am now" he shrugs, before hydrating himself further. He stretches his long limbs out like an athlete and then looks towards Chanel, with a friendlier gaze than before.

"Sure, I don't see why not. I know it isn't easy being in a foreign country away from your family, especially at our age. Maybe I can introduce you to my girlfriend sometime. She's a fighter like you."

He seems to study her closely, before asking "Don't you find it risky mixing the two professions? What if you mess your face up in a brawl or something?"

As he says this, his fingers find their way to his own perfect skin, stroking it lightly.

"We will agree to disagree." She says about Fourteen not being late to start. "We are both biased anyway, with our own experience. I am partial to the earlier you start the better. You're doing fine, and started older. So you're partial to, it's late." She smiles. "Either which way, I enjoyed having you as my partner. It may be done, if the current pictures are appreciated."

She seems to ponder. "Yes you should introduce us, so there is also no mistake on what I am to you. Though I presume your girlfriend wouldn't be the jealous type, even if she sees the pictures." She smiles. "Beside she's a fighter, so you said, so she will understand some other things as well."

She takes a short pause, before she smiles widely. "Deal, introduce me one day." She keeps her pearly white smile. "I am never worried about messing myself up. It's not because I am flawless however. I just can take care of my body, and I do." She winks. "That body is mine and I am keeping it."

"I enjoyed working with you too" Rafferty admits.

"You obviously know what you're doing."

He glances towards the photographer, watching as he discusses the pictures with the representative from the brand.

"I don't think Nena would be jealous, nor would she have any reason to be. She knows what I do is a job, the same way she'll understand if I do sex scenes, when I'm an actor. Besides, she has no reason to be jealous. I don't mind turning it on, when it's needed, but I'm a one woman man."

The photographer heads over, letting the teens know they are done for the day.

"Looks like we nailed it, Coco" he grins.

"It's good to hear you can take care of your body, by the way, It's vital in this job."

"If you aren't willing to follow, and able to do as you are told, you don't last long. We both know that apparently." She says

She stretches her body, bringing her arms over her head and pushing them as far as they will go. "Would you be jealous if she was a model or actress? I mean if she had to do a sex scene?" She ponders. "Don't take it personally, I am trying to know you better is all. I prefer to ask my questions directly, than just wonder and make a false opinion. It's more fair."

When the photographer tells them it's done, she grins as well. "We did, it's easy when you're a professional with another professional. Good and honest work."

"Maybe if you're nice enough, I will let you know how exactly I take care of my body." She winks. "Oh, it's nothing sexual." She laughs very softly. "I think I was about to give you the wrong impression."

She smiles again, and then asks this question. "You can say only one thing about the school, what comes to mind first?"

"No, of course not" Rafferty responds, shaking his blond head.

"If that was Nena's dream, I'd be all for it, as long as she came home to me afterwards."

"I'm not offended, by the way. It's a fair question. You're asking me if I'd put up with something, that I expect her to put up with."

He thanks the photographer and the brand representative, shaking the hand of both and then wanders back over to join Chanel.

"I think I'll let you keep your secrets" he decides, as she offers to share them with him.

"I've no plans to get myself into any fights soon."

When she asks him about Pacific High, he responds without any hesitation.

"It has an excellent cafeteria."

She smiles. "That's fair. I was in a relationship, and he said once we moved in together, I should drop all this, and I am like. "No way, thanks for bringing red flags right away so I don't need to spend more time with you to find them later."

"I love all I do." She nods her head. "I am also happy you understand. I decide now this Nena is lucky to have you." She pats the photographer's shoulder after. "Great job, as usual. You're one of my favorite." She also smiles at the boss.

She seems happy to hear about excellent cafeteria. "I might not have to bring lunch in everyday. This is great."

After another moment, she says. "You know of a good quiet place we could be at, outside? without getting bothered? Or at least where I could go? If you decide you would rather not come?" She takes a pause. "There aren't a ton of paparazzis in Japan, I like that a lot."

"Yeah, she's incredibly lucky" the blond boy grins.

"I am too though, so it works out well."

He looks on with approval, as Chanel thanks the other workers, his opinion of her increasing, from the feelings he had earlier.

"Yeah, don't bring lunch. They have pretty much anything you could wish for. There's lots of fresh stuff and the decor is like a fancy restaurant."

Glancing at the time on his silver cell phone, he then looks back up at the female model, suggesting "I'd say Sound Beach is a good choice. It's right by the school and you can usually find a quiet spot. I'm heading back to the dorm to change, if you want to walk together, but after that I'm gonna head over to Nena's house for movie night."

"I will look forward to meet Nena then." She smiles and goes to her servant, to get her purse back. "Thanks hun." She eve hugs her, and you can see from the look of her servant, they were close.

She goes back to Rafferty. "Ok, we will go with you to the school, and then then go our separated way. I need to get my babe (she just used that word, they weren't involved together) some food too. I don't know what I would do without her." She fix her handbag on her shoulder. "I am ready if you are."

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