Neo LEague 0165 - NL#0175: Mitsuru vs Tsugumi

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Description: Mitsuru and Tsugumi have a clash of fists- A battered Tsugumi Sendo has objections to Mitsuru's behaviour.

"She's a country girl, a real bumpkin."

The stoic girl with the glasses whispers into Mitsuru's ear. The tall, lanky girl was dressed in the navy blue school uniform of Seijyun High. She has been doing all her Neo-League fights in that way, even out of the school. She didn't want to wear her other uniform. Besides, her hat was still missing. Once she got her hat, she would be wearing something like that again. But the lanky teen was sitting on the bench here in the Dream Amusement Park down at Sound Beach in Southtown. For the Neo-League, she would be facing her opponent between the Merry Go Round and the Haunted House. Various characters in costumes, including your usual Lightning Spangles team of a Spangles character, a man in a Hoedown Dillo suit, and whatever in gods name was the man in the white mask with the too long nose. There was the endless organ music.

But the girl in the glasses continued to rub Mitsuru's shoulders.

"She came to Gorin High. Barely speaks Japanese in a proper accent. A grappler too, and she just lost the Rising Star tournament. And she's so perky too, isn't she? I bet her family haven't even been to school... but she probably gets spoiled like a piglet by them Mitsuru..." Mitsuru narrows her eyes, twitching as she stares ahead as Kaicho's rubs the tall girl's shoulders. She leans in even more, almost bringing her lips to Mitsuru's ear. "Sorry, Mitsuru is such an awkward name. Wouldn't you think Yui would be a better nickname, or maybe Kyoko-"

"I like Mitsuru."

The bigger teen growls, pulling out of Kaicho's fingers. "It's a very pretty name. I bet you had one too, Kaicho." Kaicho suddenly turns -crimson-, lowering her eyes as she shrinks back. Mitsuru strides out, moving herself between the haunted house and the merry go round. The area was roped off, but an audience stands at the side, some seated on the bench and fences, some just standing. Mitsuru holds up her fists, glaring around wildly. And she calls right out.

"Yare yare daze... where are you Tsugumi?"

"Sorry, sorry- I'm late!" As Mitsuru calls her out, she runs onto the scene- Halting her momentum as she sort of slides over the ground. "Phew- I almost missed it!" She pants, catching her breath as she rests her eyes on the much taller teen. The wrestler recognizes her well from watching Daisuke's fight over and over- "Heya, Tokugawa-San- Or do you prefer Mitsuru-San? It's great to finally meet--"

She stands up straight, before bowing deeply in greeting. "I'm Tsugumi Sendo!" She announces with her endless enthusiasm, leaning well within Mitsuru's personal space. "I've seen you fight- That silver energy of yours is so cool! I wish I could- Well..." She pauses, being reminded of that weird surge of light that seemed to erupt from her against Hayley. She shakes her head, removing the thought. "Well- Anyways, I can't wait!"

And It seems that she won't have to for very long, the match is already running late, and the judge seems eager to get this scuffle started-- The old man seems rather spent with all these NL matches as of late. Tsugumi gets into her position, seperating her arms fairly wide, with the hands open. Dressed in her usual battle-ready garb, of a sleeveless black body-suit cut off below the thighs, combined with the blue-and-white sports jacket and large, padded white fingerless gloves.

Mitsuru was pouting furiously at Tsugumi, as she staggers in.

When her personal space is invaded, the taller teen glowers at the arrival, her mind rattling with the words Kaicho placed in there. And suddenly, new words are there as the other girl is just -there-. Mitsuru looks up and down. As Tsugumi rattles off compliments, about how she was watching her fight and how her silver energy was cool, Mitsuru starts to turn bright red. Squirming uncomfortably, she swallows hard, lips twitching. Sniffling, she finally blurts out.

"I'd prefer you just back off!" Mitsuru barks at Tsugumi. "Yare yare daze! You're such a- such a bumpkin!" She snarls. "What kind of dumb accent is that-" She stumbles, staggering backwards. "Um..." She mutters, looking somewhat distracted. "Um..." The bell is rung, and Mitsuru has a kind of half peek-a-boo stance up, her fighting stance still wide open with a sort of half-boxing attempt in place for defense. And dazed and confused, she suddenly answers a question.

"I'd prefer to be... Mitsuru?"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|

The tomboy frowns a little at Mitsuru's half-hearted attempts at mockery, but doesn't seem to think too much of it- She had seen Mitsu do it before with Daisuke, after all. "Sure thing, Mitsuru. Match is starting, good luck!"

As she says so, and confirms the tall girl is indeed ready, she begins to quite literally wind up her arm, spinning it fully clockwise multiple times before lunging out with a powerful straight, her arm carrying her body forward! "Aaand, go!" The attack would fly toward Mitsuru's upper torso, if she wouldn't move away in time!

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru blocks Tsugumi Sendo's Wind Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

Mitsuru didn't -like- that feeling.

It was an odd feeling to describe, sure. But she didn't like it. How nice Tsugumi was being, how perky she was, and how she was basically ignoring how Mitsuru was making fun of her. Mitsuru liked the feeling of being in charge of people by bullying them. She liked feeling stronger than other dumb bunnies. Not that she was a dumb bunny herself. And yet, as she says good luck, the girl explodes at Mitsuru with a staggering punch to Mitsuru's center. The teenager snaps out of her daze, and actually brings her stance around to deflect it cleanly. No wild slams, no aggressive flailing. A clean block with both arms, stopping it with a steady block.

It's enough to gun up her spirit again.

"... BAKA!" She blurts out. "I wasn't ready! Yare yare daze, good grief!" She sputters as she recoils her arms gingerly, wincing as she strides forward. That silver energy floods out in both arms as she jumps up. Flailing, she slams both of her arms wildly towards Tsugumi. "You are a real jerk if you think you are going to trick me into thinking you are nice!" She declares as a smattering of silvery energy peppers the ground around the theme park.

Hopefully catching Tsugumi in the barrage of half-formed energy blasts.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo blocks Mitsuru's Flash War Dance.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

"Oh-- Sorry! You looked prepared. Nice block!" She shoots back, doing her best to brace herself for the scatter-shot of chi raining down, putting her arms in a similair tight peek-a-boo guard, it smashes against her arms. She takes the brunt of it, not really being capable enough in this type defense to redirect some of that force. And worse, Mitsuru is frustratingly far away now!

Tsugumi reels back her arm, taking a few solid steps toward Mitsuru, shifting to the side a little so that her stretched out-elbow could make contact with Mitsu's neck- slamming in forward and toward her own body at the moment of impact- The Lariat!

At Mitsuru's other words, Tsugumi decides not to react- It doesn't really mean much, anyways.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru blocks Tsugumi Sendo's Osaka Naniwa Lariat.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo


Mitsuru fumes as all she gets out of Tsugumi was an- an apology? That's what she wanted, wasn't it? And yet, Mitsuru wasn't blushing any less. As she barrages Tsugumi back, Mitsuru lands on both feet. That gives her time to steady herself out, and for Tsugumi to come howling in with a lariat. Kaicho was watching, her face still blushing too, though her expression was neutral. She was expecting Mitsuru to be insulting Tsugumi more.

ANd she wasn't.

"Of course my blocking is good! Watch this!" Mitsuru declares as she slams an arm hard into the elbow. Leaning her body in, she clinches in, thumping roughly into Tsugumi before breaking away. "I learned from a REAL Middleweight champion! Steve Fox! He taught me how to box! You've probably learned how to- yeah! You've probably learned to fight from wrestling pigs or something!" Mitsuru's insult seems to fill her with strength, as she lurches after Tsugumi. Staggering, she leans back, drawing her foot back. ANd there, trying to catch Tsugumi from a flank, she attempts to launch a staggering, stomping kick with all her weight behind it. It was a clumsy kick.

But no less powerful than her best.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Strong Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

Grinning, she quips back- "I'll have you know that I trained under the finest Shoot Wrestling Gym in Osaka!"

Tsugumi is impressed by the clever way her lariat was defended against, before the wrestler get pushed away- and into a stomping, clumsy kick- But a kick such as that did beat out Tsugumi's clumsy attempt to dodge. Still off-balance from the break, Tsugumi tried to roll of out of the way, to the side- Only to be kicked in her side before her back had even hit the ground.

She rolls backward, over the ground before finally managing to halt the moment, propping up on a knee as she puts a hand over her hurting side. "Ow-oow. That was a.. Nice kick!" That really did hurt, but she seems mostly undeterred mentally. She stands herself up, dashing in close and attempting to grip both of Mitsuru's upper calves, pulling them into the wrestler's sides so that the Banchou is forced to fall down onto her back. If she gets to this point, she would /heave/ backward, pulling up both her arm and rolling backward while letting go; Chucking her opponent horizontally head-first. "But didn't that Steve Fox guy kidnap you? That's what I saw on the news, anyways-- Don't you hate him?"

REPLACE/Moment = Momentum

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru endures Tsugumi Sendo's Power Throw.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Mitsuru          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0    Tsugumi Sendo

"Osaka, huh?"

THe power of a hundred bullies fill Mitsuru as Tsugumi reveals the true origin of her silly accent. Even as the staggering side kick is unleashed, she seemed to be glowing now with a petty meanness. She didn't even dwell on the pain of the impact she left. As Tsugumi comes at her, Mitsuru actually was inviting her. The teenager suddenly grins as the girl goes down. Grabbing on Tsugumi's shoulders, she drops, keeping a close clinch as she heads down. Thus, when she goes with the roll, she doesn't clear a lot of floor horizontally, keeping enough control to twist sideways, hitting the theme park grounds very roughly. But very short, barely clearing any distance. Because as she rises back up into a stand?

She'simmediately waking up with a heaving right cross.

"Steve saved my LIFE! It was a big dumb confusion, um, big dumb confusion from the whole Black Dragon thing!" She hastily lies. Whether the cross connects or not, Mitsuru would immediately chain straight with her other arm, attempting to hook it around Tsugumi before she could even fully stand up. "And mommy put out an announcement that it was okay! And charges were dropped!" Should she succeed, she would roughly pivot, to slam her back on the ground, before finishing with another furious stomp.

"I guess some idiot from Osaka wouldn't know any better!"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with Thunder God Fist.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Mitsuru          1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1    Tsugumi Sendo

"Eeeeeh?!" She exhaled, as she saw the girl power through her attack-- Tsugumi could be seen attempting to put up her arm in a guard, while bracing herself for impact- But the cross came too fast. Socking her in the head as she is slammed into the floor and stomped upon- She struggles, but she is kept there, the taller girl's foot weighing heavily onto her chest. In her attempt to escape, she grasps Mitsuru's leg with both her arms, holding it tight while raising up her legs to push up at her opponent, pulling the leg in both directions in a sort of improvised, painful jointlock- Simultaneously applying a rotational force to the limb to create further pull!

"Oh- I see! A misunderstanding, huh." She takes the explanation very casually. "Pffah, I might be an Idiot, but I'm proud to be an Osakan Idiot, you Aho!" She shoots back.

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Mitsuru with Strong Throw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Mitsuru          1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1    Tsugumi Sendo

Stomp stomp stomp.

As the final stomp comes, she expected Tsugumi to blow up at her. The same way she expected Jae to blow up at her. Daisuke blew up at her, and that was awful and nice. But Tsugumi -wasn't-. Like she wasn't taking her seriously? When she goes for the leg, Mitsuru doesn't even resist. She -plans- on rolling with it, and using it for leverage for more kicks. But as she takes to the ground, she doesn't quite overpower the trained wrestler in wrestling. Smashing hard to the ground, she lets out a squeak of rage. And then, sounding utterly flabbergasted, she blurts out.

"Why are you doing this?!"

Mitsuru huffs as she twists around. "I'm -hurting- your feelings! I'm being a jerk! Stop being so -happy- about it! Are you some- Are you some kind of weird pervert!?" Surging with power, she tries to use her other leg to kick out. And then, she would try to unleash two head punches at her, to force the grapple out.


COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo endures Mitsuru's Fierce Punch.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Mitsuru          1/---====/=======|=======\=====--\1    Tsugumi Sendo

Twisted, and pulled to the ground- However, Tsugumi does let go shift her position as she gets kicked in the stomach; The two head-punches fly into her, but she moves her body upward so that they instead collide with her chest- The wrestler gasps in pain, as she takes all this punishment, but she eventually manages to stand while Mitsuru is still recovering. "You think that this is enough to get me mad?! I am used to much more, you're gonna have to try harder if you want /me/ to get mad." A response with some potentially unpleasant implications, though said like it is no big deal.

Then, she pumps her arms-- before shouting out. "YOSHA- This is getting me fired up- Prepare yourself, Mitsuru-Chaan!" Apparently, Mitsuru had entered the '-chan' zone. Though that is admittedly not a small step when it comes to Tsugumi. The wrestler stomps the floor, kicking up a cloud of obscuring dirt as a byproduct- Making it harder to see what is going on. She reaches for her opponent, wishing to grab both her sides before bending her body over backwards to slam Mitsuru's head in the floor! The Iconic suplex- For her own little twist however, she continues the hold past the slam, applying painful pressure on the ribs as she does so.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru just-defends Tsugumi Sendo's Rainbow German Hold!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Mitsuru          1/---====/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo


Mitsuru was bright red now, insulted at the idea that she had to -try harder- to get Tsugumi mad. Was it a challenge? Was she challenging Mitsuru to bully harder? Mitsuru was absolutely speechless, sputtering dumbly even as her final punch comes out. Stuck in the chan zone, Tsugumi flashes to her side, seizing her up. As she is whipped around backwards, she snaps to, and then, she roars out. NOt with the husky thuggish growl she put on at the beginning, oh no.

No, it was the air of a princess.

"How -dare- you, you low-born bumpkin! UNHAND ME!" Mitsuru declares indignantly, immediately breaking free of the grapple at the apex of the suplex, with the focused strength of true majesty. Flipping once in the air, she lands on both feet, drawing her hair away from her eyes delicately as she -glowers- at Tsugumi, the mask of a thug pulled away as a true anger comes out. "Don't you know who I -am!?-" She huffs with airs, as she flares with silver energy. Suddenly, she begins to throw out punch after punch, unleashing a staggering rhythm as a barrage of blows blaze out. "Ora ora ora ora ora!" She cries out, as the punches fall away to outright slashes of silver energy, rending cuts burning out as she finally breaks the assault with a singular uppercut, attempting to send Tsugumi skyward.

"You coarse ruffian!"

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru successfully hits Tsugumi Sendo with The Path Of The Raging Demon.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo

"Tch- Nice one, princess!" That escape was extremely clean, and Tsugumi recognizes that-- She attempt to turn around to face Mitsuru, rooting herself to the ground in a tight guard- Yet Mitsuru's fist strikes her before she could manage even that. Caught squarely in the fierce Ora-Barrage, those silvery slashes gashing at her skin and clothes all the while- Dozens of bruises and cuts later, Tsugumi flies up before collapsing into a heap on the floor- Blood seeping under her clothing, and between the tiles of the floor. "D-Darn it.."

It did not look like she was going to stand for a moment- "F-Fighting, Spirit.." But she crawls upward, onto a knee- Mitsuru might notice that some of her more shallow cuts seem to be closing /themselves/. "You know, Mitsuru- It would do well for you to be a bit more friendly sometimes.." She leans forward, back into her stance- Her body making a disturbing /crack/ of protest. "Guh- But you fight well..! Come on then!" She stomps the ground, as she makes her last stand- That sudden regeneration still on full strength.

"Show me!"

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo gathers her will.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo

Mitsuru was ready for a lot of things from Tsugumi, but not that.

When she calls her a princess? The hackles on Mitsuru's back rise. She holds back, ready for the counter attack- that doesn't come. She trembles, face scrunching up into fury. She was still burning with that silver energy, still surging. Breathing hard, she snarls as she steadies herself out. Chest pounding, fists tight, she finally sputters back a response as Tsugumi charges herself up.


Mitsuru shrieks. "I'M NOT A PRINCESS!!! I'm a gruff and tough street tough that's going to beat your bottom raw! How dare you! I don't need friend- I don't need friends..." Her anger goes off the rails a moment, as she looks towards Kaicho. With the moment of space, she looks around. She shudders, pursing her lips as she shuts her eyes.

"And I don't need to be friendly either!"

Mitsuru stamps her own feet. "You low born- I mean you idiot from Osaka! You octopus ball munching weirdo! You're just like- You're just- with the- Kansai- you-" Mitsuru shakes wildly, before flinging herself straight at Tsugumi. Hand drawn back, she unleashes a staggering haymaker, a well-trained punch that showed far too much boxing influence. All while giving an unladylike bellow.


COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo blocks Mitsuru's Strong Punch.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2    Tsugumi Sendo

"Just look at yourself-- You have been calling me names, insulting me all this time, but when someone does it to you? When you run into a slight setback?" She stumbles on her feet, almost falling over even before that fist comes crashing in-

"You lose it."

Tsugumi seems angry, but angry in a different way- Something about Mitsuru's attitude seems to have personally /really/ struck her the wrong way, on a personal level. Tsugumi puts her elbow in the way of that surprisingly controlled haymaker, it *slams* against her arm painfully. Tsugumi wobbles, wobbles and-

-dashes in for a final assault, not so much to try and secure a win, but more to prove her point- prove her determination her hands shoot out for a final time. for the shoulders, this time around; Flipping herself up and over to land on Mitsuru's high-up shoulders, sitting on her opponent's neck with her legs folded over the upper-arms. Suddenly.. It's back.

That energy is back again. As she winds up her first punch, it shines with a bright, yellow-ish light, before the energy expands over her fists into a sort of oversized gauntlets. Tsugumi begins to smash her now energy-loaded fists into Mitsuru's temples, one after another while putting pressure on the girl's neck with her knees. The punches fade in strength, and the light turns dimmer with each strike.

Before both fade, and Tsugumi is left limply on Mitsuru's shoulders- Barely conscious. She would either slip off and fall, or pull Mitsuru with her, if th Banchou ended up being that dazed from her assault. "..But I would still like to hang out sometime, Mitsuru- It would.. be.. an.. interesting.. conversation."

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo can no longer fight.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mitsuru          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Tsugumi Sendo successfully hits Mitsuru with Loop Line Crash.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mitsuru          0/-------/--=====|

Lose it.

Mitsuru's aura of hostility suddenly withdraws. The words make her -flinch- as they cut at her. Her furrowed brow snaps between a snarl and a pout, drawing back her fist as she recovers from the haymaker. Unfortunately, as Tsugumi wobbles, the counter attack -explodes-, catching her up on the shoulders. She flails and struggles, the best she can do to disrupt it as Tsugumi unleashes the full Gorin might straight into her. Blow after blow goes to her head, the light blinding her. She was mad, so mad and hurt.

It was true though.

Mitsuru hated it when people stood up to her, and punched back verbally. She hated it, and she hated herself for how easy it was to poke at her. She didn't like looking at herself. And when Tsugumi finally goes limp, as she -whispers- in her head, Mitsuru rips at her. She rips at her and makes her get off her. Her face was all swollen and bruised, her body hurt so much. BUt she wasn't falling. She wasn't falling. She stares at Tsugumi, disgusted and afraid.

And for a moment, she didn't realize she just won.

When the judges call for her, call for her win, she looks around confused. She looks back at Tsugumi, who had the medical team at her side. Mitsuru breaths hard, jaw slack. ANd Kaicho was at her side... hugging her. "You did it, Mitsuru." She says, nuzzling her head on the scar upon Mitsuru's chest. "I knew you would beat that dumb bimbo! I believed in you, and you did it!" Kaicho looks up at her, eyes glassy. Mitsuru stares back, and- and she shuts her mouth. Kaicho nods. "We did it together! You did this with my help, Mitsuru-"

And Mitsuru twists away.

"Go away Kaicho." Mitsuru states directly to her. She raises her voice, as Kaicho stares dumbstruck. "Go away and stop touching me!" Kaicho's faint smile drops, as she blinks. She tries to put her hand back on Mitsuru. But it was too late. She ruined it. "I don't like you either!" Mitsuru then -shoves- Kaicho to the ground, the smaller girl's glasses falling off to clatter on the ground. Mitsuru strides away, tears in her eyes as she shoves past the Hoedown Dillo and Discount Spangles. She had won. And she probably would end up hanging out with Tsugumi, anyways. But she just didn't want all these people around her. She didn't want anybody. She would be telling Steve about all this. He would be mad at her. Kaicho just lays there on the ground, hurt. Wounded. She grabs her glasses, and looks back at Mitsuru. And then, Tsugumi. Her face is blank. There is a snapping sound. The glasses are broken.

And blood oozed from her trembling hand.

COMBATSYS: Mitsuru has ended the fight here.

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