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Description: In the final instalment of our epic saga, the PROFESSIONAL FIGHTING ORDER and their remnants of the GALACTIC FIGHTING EMPIRE, thought long destroyed, have been tracked to the planet EXEGOL in the UNKNOWN REGIONS by the MIDNIGHT ALLIANCE. There, the ultimate plan of the PROFESSIONAL FIGHTING ORDER is unveiled: the resurrection of the EMPEROR of MUAY THAI. Our special guest heroine, REY-CHEL ALUCARD, will face down the resurrected EMPEROR in a showdown for the fate of the galaxy!

A dim, ghostly blue light illuminates the chamber, refracting off the haze drifting thick over a stone floor covered in grey sand. The air is just shy of still, the slightest movements reflected by the ever shifting flow of the glowing mist saturating the throne room at the heart of the Galactic Fighting Empire's hierarchy.

A throne of carved stone sits at the top of ten stone steps. From behind it, a fan of sharp, stone spikes stretch out like the claws of a predator waiting to close in on whomever would so boldly sit upon such a seat.

Statues so tall that only the lower half of their etched robes are even visible loom in rows on either side of the grotesque dais; faint glimpses of hands pressed as if in prayer and hooded heads bowed if one squints up through the darkness hard enough.

With the stage of Exegol set, all that remains is for the actors to make their appearance. A disturbance in the air heralds the arrival of one as mist a few meters away from the throne begins to swirl, briefly forming a tight vortex before poofing into an obscuring, thick cloud of vapor.

As the cloud dissipates, what remains is, in theory, the protagonist of this grand finale scene, Rey-chel Alucard, heroine of the galaxy. At least, that's what the cue cards suggested. If only a certain someone had bothered to read them.

Golden hair done up in long pigtails swishes about her as she turns to face the throne itself. Crimson eyes, half-lidded, gaze at it in thought as her right hand, covered in the ruffled, ebony sleeve of a layered gothic dress, rests curled fingers lightly against the side of her head just above her ear.


At her left side is a large predatory beast - or, well, maybe if viewed through the lens of a Saturday Morning Cartoon. As-is, the rotund, large feline sitting on its haunches looks about as intimidating as the dolled up girl in black and crimson.

"It is a disappointingly drab thing, is it not. It hardly seems fit for an empress, but if it is the best this desolate place can offer, I suppose it will have to do." The beribboned girl glances around, eyes opening slightly more as she looks up into the dark to gaze at the towering statues before shaking her head, "And the decor... as empress, I must insist on a complete overhaul of the entire mean affair. Where are the roses? Where am I to take my tea? Why, I can hardly crush my foes into errant atoms from such a fallow seat of power. What is the point of galactic domination if it means sitting on such a tortuously uncomfortable seat..."

The large cat has something of a nervous look to his eyes as Rey-chel speaks. "B-but princess, I think the role you were given for this droll charade was that of the, ah..." He swallows nervously, voice trailing off.

Rey-chel narrows her eyes, "Yes?"

The cat's voice comes at almost a whisper, "...protagonist..."

Rey-chal's eyes close, her right hand closing into a fist as the large cat cowers back away from her, bracing for the worst. A soft sigh of infinite annoyance escapes her lips before she speaks. "Are you suggesting that I made a mistake?" Crimson eyes slip open a sliver, her voice still threatening violence at any moment as she glances side-long toward him.

The large feline-like mound quivers, "D-did the Princess not actually read the script for this staged farce?"

The girl's eyes open the rest of the way, a frown at her thin lips. "Gii. Where are you? What have you done with the script sheets this drivel was penned upon?"

"Right here, Princess!" A round flying creature with tiny bat wings and tiny claw-like legs comes careening back toward Rachel. Rather than flying straight, it seems to be spinning in circles, clasped awkwardly in its clawed feet is an active lightsaber prop, glowing with gold light, making the iconic electro-vibrating noise as he spins rapidly toward his master. "Nago's right, Princess, you're the heroine! You need to defeat the emperor and save the Midnight Alliance. It's all explained clearly in the script!"

Rey-chel relaxes her clenched fist, ignoring Gii entirely as he goes spinning on by. The crimson hued familiar crashes into the base of one of the statues before flopping to the ground, lightsaber still in his claws.

Rachel goes back to resting her fingers against the side of her head, another long-suffering sigh released.

"I see. Very well."

A dangerous smile plays at her lips then, "First I will depose this so-called emperor. And then... Galactic Domination."

Nago braves glancing toward Rey-chel now that it seems violence is not about to be sent his way for the immediate moment. "That is certainly a creative spin on the idea of protagonist, Princess. I'm sure everyone will love it."


The shrieking laughter comes echoing across the chambers of the Exegol. And then, a droning sound. Four capsules rise up, between the feet of the massive statues near the throne, big enough for a man. The frosted glass makes it look like one cryogenically sealed fighter is in each. One is bald and wears an eye patch, another has a bottle of illicit wine and wild hair, and the third is in boxers and tall hair and looks really pleased with himself. Obviously, it's not the real Sagat; merely an actor hired to look like him. But the fourth has a figure clad in black robes, hood well over the eyes, a thread of red hair somehow manages to poke out. The chamber opens with a hiss, and standing up like a vampire from the tomb, is a figure in absolute black. And it shrieks aloud.

"SO! You have FINALLY COME!"

Steadying his feet, he gropes for the air before him, pawing as he staggers towards the steps of the throne. "YES! I can SENSE the POWER that RUNS THROUGH your VEINS! THE DAAAAAARK SIDE! The FORCE runs POWERFUL through YOU! BUT! You have come to destroy me... destroy me...." The Emperor leans forward, at loss of words. He looks around a bit. "I can't -SEE- the CARDS IN THIS DAMNED THING!" And then he flips his hood back.

To everyone's surprise, it was actually Adon all this time.

The Emperor of Muay Thai mutters as he frisks around in his robe. "So you have come to destroy me... destroy me..." Drawing out a light saber, he tosses it on the steps with a clatter. Then he finally draws out a stapled together script. Rummaging through, he points a finger to it, and nods. "Rey-chel Al-u-card?" Adon forces through the name. Smirking, he shakes his head, looking up to look at the prim young lady. "A-LU-CARD?!" The red-haired Muay Thai master snorts loudly.


Slapping the script back into his robe, he leans forward, continuing on his rant. "I! ADON! THE TRUE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI- THE GALACTIC FIGHTING EMPIRE? And I am a CLONE of the ORIGINAL EMPEROR-" Adon halts, and immediately glares over at the side, slamming a fist down. "NO! I AM THE ORIGINAL EMPEROR! I am no MERE CLONE or COPY of some INFERIOR EMPEROR! I AM THE ORIGINAL! RAISED FROM MY UNTIMELY DEATH at the HANDS of... of... NOBODY IMPORTANT!" Adon's talents in improv rival Rachel's own. "But SEE AROUND YOU, the IMITATORS! THE SOULS AND VESSELS of THOSE who will BECOME ME SHOULD YOU STRIKE ME DOWN! LOOK upon them and SEE the INFERIOR REPLACEMENT CLONES of the GREAT and MIGHTY EMPEROR! HWA JA! SAGAT! JOOOOOOOOE!" Adon shrieks hideously as he points at the capsules. Joe jolts a bit, grinning widely, and shuts his eyes, pretending he is in a clone coma.

They could get the original Joe.

Adon thrusts his fingers back at Rachel. "JOIN ME! REY-CHEL A-LU-CARD" Adon forces his way through the words. "And WE can DOMINATE this GALAXY TOGETHER! As JAGGA and DAUGHTER! And the WHOLE UNIVERSE will be RULED by MUAY THAI! FALL TO THE DARK SIDE... AS YOUR-" Adon goes back to the script. "As your mother, King, did? KING IS FAKE MUAY THAI- Who WROTE this INFANTILE DRIBBLE?!" Adon looks up over at Rachel's side, directly to the small flapping thing.


At the sound of 'ancient' machinery droning to life to elevate the four capsules of 'previous' Muay Thai Emperors, Rey-chel Alucard and her chatty companions fall quiet. Closing her eyes, the girl leaves her hand resting against the side of her head. Nago looks back and forth, sitting on his haunches, tail swishing against the dust covered ground as wary eyes glance toward each of the cyro-units in a continuous loop. Gii rights himself by rolling around for a moment, tiny bat wings finally hefting him up into the air while his claws continue to cling clumsily to the golden lightsaber he is clearly enamored with.

At last, one of the four 'dead' emperors proves to be very much alive, thanks to the dark conspiracies of the Galactic Fighting Empire, but the so-called heroine doesn't seem to be paying any attention. As the hooded figure staggers toward the throne, screeching out lines with eardrum menacing auditory assaults, the pudgy black cat never takes his eyes off the spectacle. "My Lady," Nago comments, "I am questioning the wisdom in engaging in this absurdity. The Princess's Springtide Rosalia is coming up soon and there is still so much-"

"Nonsense," Rey-chel interrupts, eyes opening to narrow slits to observe the screaming man with an impassive expression. "This momentary diversion is just the reprieve I need. It is not normally my lot to take to the stage afterall... Following this brief entertainment, I will plan the engagements for all of our guests." Adon flips the hood from his head to start searching for the cue cards on his person and Rey-chel quietly observes. "There is some small glimmer of hope that this doggerel will spark my imagination for crafting the most exquisite experiences for our attendees..."

Adon shouts something insulting to the Alucard name and Rey-chel's eyes narrow to the point of almost seeming closed again.

"A very. Small. Glimmer."

As the mad emperor of Muay Thai's ranting continues to get louder and more hysterical, however, the 'jedi' girl's eyes open a little wider, now clearly focused on him. A faint smile starts to form at her lips. "Oh my. This one has quite the loud bark, does he not."

"Indeed, Princess, but you know what they say..." replies the cat still pressed right up against her side.

Gii brandishes his lightsaber as best he can, pivoting it up and down as he twirls clumsily in the air. "You will never defeat the Princess, you false emperor!" he chirps back at Adon, completely absorbed by the compelling script playing out around him.

Adon gesticulates toward his opponent as his tirade continues and suddenly Rey-chel's eyes widen in clear alarm, mouth opening, expression aghast.

Has fear finally stricken her heart? Has she realized the dread error of her ways in challenging the Temperor?

"Nago-!" she gasps.

"On it, my Lady!" the cat replies, leaping suddenly from his hunkered posture out in front of the girl as if to take a bullet for his master, his soft looking body shifting form, stretching out wide at one end, narrow at the other, until a split second later, he has taken on a far more utilitarian form.

A fraction of a second later, a single droplet of spittle from the mouth of the ranting splashes against the black canopy of the parasol being held out in front of Rey-chel as a barrier.

Gripping the handle of the parasol with one hand, the girl raises it up and back, propping it against her shoulder as she looks back at Adon right as he hurls invective at her crimson blob of a bat.

Lowering his lightsaber sullenly, Gii leans forward in the air, the fight taken right out of him it would seem. "P-Princess..." he sniffles.

"Demonstrating poor self-preservation instincts, you have foolishly chosen to insult my familiar. Your punishment will be forthcoming." Rey-chel declares toward Adon in no uncertain terms.

With her words, a wind begins to sweep across the set. If not for the powerful fog machines off to one side of the set, the haze would have been cleared away entirely. Instead, thick smoke continues to swirl, driven past the actors, by the air currents traversing across the stage. Much of the blue lighting shifts to an ominous red as the heroine's pig-tails and ribbons twist and turn with the winds at her side.

Gii perks up, awkwardly lifting his lightsaber once more, its golden glow pushing back against the ominous crimson lighting. "You're in big trouble now, evil emperor!"

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/-======|

Adon doesn't even seem to blink when the cat thing becomes an umbrella.

See, most folks might realized the gravity of their mistake when Nago goes to protect her princess. Their hearts would be moved, as Rey-chel would use the healing force to heal him back and save its life. And then, looking at the tranquil wrath of the young lady, they would truly realize that they had unleashed the unstoppable fury of a woman whose property has been damaged, and she would very much like to see a manager. But as that ill wind blows though?

The Emperor lets free a cruel cackle.

"It is in fact YOU who is IN the BIG TROUBLES!" He sweeps his arms, his robes flapping upon the gusts of wind. With a flip, his lightsaber seems to jump off the steps and right back into his hand. It extends out. The color is red, of course. "Your familiars distract you from your TRUE CALLING! Your mind and imagination are WASTED on such TRIVIAL MATTERS! The only MATTER that will MATTER is the MATTER OF RULING THE UNIVERSE! I! ADON! The EMPEROR of THE UNIVERSE! Make a VOW! That those USELESS CREATURES will be destroyed by the UNSTOPPABLE MIGHT of MUAY THAI!" Raising his leg up, his body builds up, ready to launch forward as the red-haired, firm-bodied Muay Thai master leans back arrogantly. "By the TIME I am through with you, there will be NO Springtide Rosalias! No PRINCESSES! And above all? NO UMBRELLAS!!"

And he pounces.

Launching through the air, the robes flutter and flap as the Muay Thai master hurls straight for the Last Jedi. Leading in with a flying Muay Thai knee, he opens with a savage strike to hurl himself straight in the midst of Gii, Nago, and Rey-chel. Was he targeting Rey? Nago? Gii? Maybe he was targeting all three with a beastial charge into their midst. Almost instinctively, he swings his light saber around, probably letting it look like he's doing a wild defensive technique that would look absolutely cool at home, but not actually make any sense in terms of real CSYS-driven combat activity. All while letting out a wild scream.


COMBATSYS: Adon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Adon             0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0   Rachel Alucard

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard blocks Adon's Medium Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Adon             0/-------/-------|======-\-------\0   Rachel Alucard

As Adon promises big troubles in return, Gii cowers, the crimson blob of a bat trembling as he recoils a few inches behind Rey-chel, golden prop lightsaber brandished with markedly less confidence. The girl doesn't seem to notice, however, standing with one hand relaxed on the U shaped handle of her black parasol, her other arm resting at her side, looking none-too-ready to defend herself from any JAGGA'ing.

A thin blonde eyebrow quirks as the lightsaber leaps from the stone steps of the throne into the grip of the wouldbe Emperor while the girl's upright ebony rabbit-like ribbons sway in the wind.

"If Muay Thai was capable of destroying my familiars, it would be quite a terrible force indeed," Rey-chel observes, voice calm amid the combined storm of actual wind and verbal tirade. "To think, he actually believes we are in any danger of being damaged by him-" the umbrella in the storm master's hand begins to chortle, only to be cut off as the Emperor seeks to make good on his threat, leaping into what looks to be almost a three on one - if a talking umbrella and useless bat are to be counted as anything at least.

Rather than use the obvious parasol as a means of deflecting the wild swings, the small opponent weaves around the strikes with the least movement required - a lean here, a swift but precise step there. Now and then, however, the prop weapon will clash against the handle of the umbrella as the mastermind behind the trio facing Adon shifts her arm slightly to intercept his swing, all without ever fully removing it from being propped against her shoulder.

"What good has being Emperor of the Universe ever done anyone, I wonder? You fight, claw-" *CLACK* "-backstab your way to the top. Is there ever a story like that with a happy ending...?"

When it looks like Adon actually is in danger of smacking her shoulder with the crimson weapon, Rey-chel snaps her right hand out, grabbing Gii out of the air, and moving him into intercept potion in a blink of an eye. The weapon rebounds off the harmless looking bat's face before the girl releases him back into the air. Looking a little dazed by the lightsaber to the face, Gii holds up his golden lightsaber in his claws, "I-I... think I defeated him, Princess!" his childish voice squeaks with no small amount of pride.

"Look at this place," Rey-chel continues as if she hadn't heard a thing. "Is this the reward for your conquest? Why, there isn't even a single cushion in sight. This barren temple must be what was alluded to by the term Dark Side. I can scarcely imagine anything less regal."

Rachel slips back then, seemingly carried by currents rather than her feet, which hardly move. As her hand releases its grip on her parasol, the black mass drops to the solid floor, becoming a solid artillery cannon.

"Now stay away from me," Rey-chel commands. "Your offer of an alliance is summarily rejected. And I abhor loud, sweaty men."

She gestures by swinging her other hand out, fingers lazily indicating Adon's vicinity, when suddenly the cannon at her side fires, lobbing three pink, spherical projectiles into the air at three different angles. One will clearly fall short, another looks like it might be fairly accurate, and the third seems to be flying too far to be any immediate threat.

Contact with any of them would result in being jolted by powerful magic, and where each projectile lands, a slender lightning rod juts up out of the ground, decorated by a bat on the top of the pole.

Gii, having recovered from his daze, swishes his lightsaber some more, "You want that I should destroy him, Princess!?"

"That will hardly be necessary," Rey-chel replies, flicking her extended hand to the side slightly. An errant wind current pushes the cannon ball falling short outward, giving it more reach at the last second than might have been predicted.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard successfully hits Adon with Tiny Lobelia.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Adon             0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1   Rachel Alucard

Well, at least they were MOSTLY in character.

Some people might question -why- Adon would be the emperor here. Well, the actual reason was as follows: Adon would actually believe he was really the Emperor. "QUIET YOU!" He scolds the Gii. "All my power will leave you in AWE as you ONLY RULE inside a TOOOOOOMB!" Adon shrieks as the knee is deflected by the umbrella. In his Muay Thai brain, he didn't even register the two familiars as like, seperate entities. For him, they were just part of the style defending Rachel. Twirling around the light saber, he lands on both legs, already circling around Rachel as the pressure builds. "You will be DRAGGED into your DESTINY WITH or WITHOUT your PRECIOUS UMBRELLA!" As Rachel pulls away, the jaguar of Muay Thai chases the wind, charging as the three orb barrage is unleashed. Leaping over the one that should be coming short, he narrowly slips around the second, his attention locked on as he chases the young lady. He was already turning mid air to evade the third... when the first suddenly slams his leg. The impact was barely anything. But when the first surge of lightning comes to jolt him... The third connects -hard-, and he full bodies it in mid air. Adon is rocketed away, the emperor flung straight into one of the capsules. There is silence for a moment, only the wind blowing. A moan comes.

And he rips free of the capsule.

"KYA HA HA! You PECTUELENT PRINCESS of PEPETUAL PISSINESS, you wretched GIRL!" Shaking a fist, he quickly sinks back down, as broken glass runs off his robed back. Whining, he begins to jostle the poor stunned stuntman that was -in- the capsule. "You may have killed me, but you forget all my CLONES! I AM NOW RE- I AM NOW REBORN- GIVE ME YOUR HEADPIECE!" There is flailing inside, as a voice comes out with panic. "Dude, that isn't a head piece, that's my hair-" There is a ripping sound, and a scream. Adon emerges again, wearing the white head band with the black-hair poking out. "YES! I! ADON! THE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI! HAS BEEN REBORN FROM THE LESSER CLONE HWA JA!"

And Adon leaps through the air again.

Flipping forward, a flash of energy crackles over his leg. It's a LOT of distance to cover, so he falls down. Feet hitting the floor, it gives him time to whip out the red light saber again. After it comes out again, he flips off again, flipping forward a second time. This time, he raises his heel up high. Shrieking, he snaps his leg down hard, attempting to slam it squarely -through- the umbrella this time, to power through to the Rachel underneath. All with the hideous cry.


COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard dodges Adon's Jaguar Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Adon             0/-------/--=====|=======\==-----\1   Rachel Alucard

As the screeching and violence plays out within the capsule, Rey-chel seems to be giving the entire spectacle not a single iota of thought. Her right hand lifts, resting her curled fingers lightly against her golden hair just above her ear. Eyes half closed, she seems lost in thought, or perhaps simply bored as the theatrics transpire around her.

The clumsily hovering crimson fiend that circles around her, proudly waving his golden light saber prop with the the excitement one might only find in small children at play, on the other hand, can't take his beady little eyes off the 'transformation' from one Emperor to another. "P-princess, the clones are fighting each other for dominance! What should we do?!"

The canon at Rachel's side melts back into a parasol as the girl lowers her hand to receive it, moving the ebony sun protection back into position against her elbow, its canopy all but blocking her view of the 'resurrection' in progress. "Bother... I hoping one brush with the Princess's magic would be enough to dissuade him from any further subitaneous histrionics... But he might be too stupid to die," the parasol muses.

Adon leaps back into the open, featuring a headband-centric costume change, and the epic battle for the galaxy's fate resumes.

As the reborn Emperor leaps, his hated target, the black canopy of Rey-chel's parasol, moves swiftly out of the path of his heel as the girl moves it to the side. His foot slices through the air, inches from her face, with enough force to send her long twin-tails blowing backward behind her though the crimson-eyed monster doesn't so much as flinch.

"You are a sad, funny little man. You are deserving of my pity," she states calmly. "If only I had not already exhausted such benevolence on another hopelessly boorish creature." She vanishes then, a swirl of black energy collapsing in on the spot where she had been, reappearing an instant later much closer to the stone-looking throne. "But no, you are most definitely not qualified to be the emperor. I have seen fit to bring an alternative to rule here once I have disposed of you."

The girl in lace-adorned black and crimson leans forward slightly, knees bending only just a bit, as she sweeps her left hand down and back.


A large green frog appears on the sound stage floor at her feet, the blowing mists from the fog machine swirling around him.


Rey-chel continues, "I present to you, George the Thirteenth. He will occupy this throne, not you. And will do a far better job at ruling, I feel compelled to add."

Atop the soccer ball-sized frog's head is a small golden, bejeweled crown.

And inscribed around its circumference reads 'Emperor of Muay Thai'.

'Ribbit.' The frog takes a single hop forward in Adon's direction and Rey-chel raises a thin golden eyebrow. "Oh? It seems George the Thirteenth has seen fit to execute you himself. You should be honored. Normally such insects are beneath him."

'Ribbit.' The frog hops toward Adon again, closing in on him one deadly hop at a time.

Gii points toward Adon with his amber-hued lightsaber. "You're in trouble now, Hwa Ja clone!"

'Ribbit.' Hop.

COMBATSYS: Adon interrupts George XIII from Rachel Alucard with Rising Jaguar.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Adon             0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1   Rachel Alucard

COMBATSYS: Adon blitzes into action and acts again!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Adon             0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1   Rachel Alucard

Most experts in the Muay Thai circles would prefer the term 'misguided' for Adon.

As the enraged Emperor flings himself at the aloof vampire, his missed attack seemed to only further his fury instead of dissuade him. "WRETCHED CREATURE! You THINK ANY can be worthy to I! The EMPEROR!? NONE can REPLACE MY GREATNESS! WHO DARES TO BECOME SUPERIOR TO I!?" Rey-chel reveals who she believes would be, could be superior. Adon looks down. In a brief moment, all the rage suddenly disappears as it dawns on him what exactly was being presented here.

He stares at the frog, arcing an eyebrow.

As it ribbits, Rey-chel helpfully explains to the Emperor how the Frog of Muay Thai was going to replace him. His jaw goes slack, his eyes wide. He looks back to his throne, and then, George the XIIIth. And he reads it. He sees it and reads it. The CROWN. Every hop showed the flawless form befitting a Muay Thai Master. Even the gutteral tones were nearly a match to the beautiful Muay Thai language, a mysterious tongue long lost to time. And finally, as Gii points a lightsaber, the challenge is made. Right now, it wasn't Rey-chel that was threatened with unworthiness. It was Adon himself. At this, Adon begins to puff up, his own throat swelling as he turns bright red. Upon the final hop, the chonky frog leaps up. Adon drops his lightsaber. And body tense, body tight, Adon explodes forward, launching straight into the hopping frog.

Adon is promptly electrified.

In that part, the terrible trolling would be absolutely successful. Adon, having been aggro'd into attacking the frog, screams. In pain, yes, after all, lightning was erupting from the fabulous frog. But an object in motion tends to stay in motion, and as Adon and George squabble for dominance over the rulership of Muay Thai, that full-frenzied melee was now launching straight at the vampiress and her minions.

Very, very quickly.

"No ARISTOCRATIC AMPHIBION will USURP the ULTIMATE MIGHT of MUAY THAI!" Shrieks Adon as he full-force -slams- into Rey-chel, seizing the electrified frog upon the second knee. Smoking and burning with horrific electricity, he is half-blind to the other Skywalker- the other Palpatine? It was all very confusing lore and Adon didn't really read it that much. But his goals had shifted significantly now. Using one hand, he forces a clinch on George. Tearing the crown off the frog, he immediately uses his other hand to spike poor George the XIII straight at the face of the vampire princess, smoking and smoldering as he spasms and twitches. The electric energy still cascades over him, but after spiking George away, he focuses on the crown. "IF YOU WANT TO KILL A KING... YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE FOR THE HEAD!" He hisses.

As he prepares to place it on his head.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard blocks Adon's Light Random Weapon.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Adon             0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1   Rachel Alucard


For Adon, it would be as if he decided to savagely Rising Jaguar a central power station conduit. Instantly, electricity explodes out from around the assaulted amphibian, erupting into a ball of lightning so bright that the digital recording equipment is only able to render the scene as a solid white for several seconds. Some of the mics around the sound stage erupt into a shower of sparks, their own systems blown beyond all capacity by the crack of noise accompanying the powerful surge.

The crackling maelstrom of prideful Muay Thai fighter, regal frog, and an unhealthy amount of electricity plunges directly into the parasol wielding vampire child. Crimson eyes widen slightly, Rey-chel legitimately surprised for the first time in quite a while. She had certainly intended to provoke a reaction from the man, but the ballistic ball of violence comet-ing toward her was beyond expectations. Not many would have applied enough upfront force to generate the momentum to continue forward after such a jolting experience with Georgie XIII!

A little sigh of annoyance goes entirely unheard as Rey-chel releases her cat-eared umbrella, allowing it to fall around her, expanding, stretching out into a long, ebony cloak with a tall collar that drapes around her shoulders. With a sweep of her left arm, she pulls it up and in front of her, blocking herself from the collision of man and frog. While the enshrouding black absorbs the electric discharge without incident, the kinetic impact is sufficient to drive the girl back two steps. A groan of pain escapes the cat-cloak however, scuff marks appearing on its surface where Adon had collided.

When the vampire lowers her arm, pulling back to the cloak from over her face, her expression has changed. The distant aloofness is gone. Rather, Adon has her full attention now, both crimson eyes fixated on the man as he wrestles the Muay Thai crown from the head of George XIII, her mouth a thin line, her expression showing anything but amusement at his actions now.

Both hands snap up to catch the hurtling frog right in front of her face, fingers closing over him and arms bending to absorb the momentum with a precise amount of strength to stop the royal amphibian without injuring it in the process. Slowly, Rey-chel lowers the frog, revealing the same glowering expression as before, watching the Emperor coronate himself with the newly acquired tiny crown.

"You are a horrid little man." the girl states, venom in her tone. "Daring to strike royalty." Looking at him straight on as she speaks, for the first time this match, tiny fangs are visible among her top teeth. She crouches slightly, letting George XIII, who really looks no worse for the wear for his recent ordeal, hop down to the floor.


The frog declares, before hopping away from the battle. Rey-chel's eyes follow the frog's trajectory for only a moment before her attention locks back on the crown-wielding Emperor.

"Count yourself fortunate, insect. I was going to reduce you to ash. But George XIII has encouraged leniency for your insults."

Gii hovers behind Rachel's shoulder, lightsaber shaking violently in his trembling claw-feet as he peeks worriedly over her shoulder. "P-Princess, is this really the right time to get angry-" whatever else the crimson bat-winged thing had to say is drown out by a new crack of lightning, a thick column of raw power exploding down around Rey-chel as she raises her arms up over her head, face lifted, eyes closed.

Lowering her arms, she locks her focus on the Emperor once more. Vanishing a swirl of black mist, she reappears right in front of him.

"Nago. I believe he told us to go for the head."

The cloak around her shoulders surges up behind her back, taking on the form of a hovering, human-like torso with the feline's cat-like head on top. But this is no ordinary human torso. Instead, the guardian's figure would put most of the strongest men alive to shame, body taut with bulging, powerful muscle, sculpted abs, and thick, tree-trunk like arms.

"Gladly..." the ponce-like voice of Nago is gone now, replaced with a lion-like growl as he brings both of his mighty arms up over his head and slams them down toward Adon, clearly intent on crushing him against the ground.

"Now let us be done with this travesty." Rey-chal declares. Immediately after the swing, the tiny monster raises her right out with a slight gesture and twist of her wrist. The sound stage ceiling above explodes open as a violent tornado plunges down into the faux-cave interior. Wooden beams, recording equipment, floor boards, and even the throne itself, clearly not made of actual stone, are all swept up into the devastating vortex of surging winds and crackling lightning.

And all of it is centered on Adon. Who might be suffering a bad case of being slammed against the ground.

Folding her arms, Rey-chal stands adjacent to the storm, dress and hair whipped about by the currents but otherwise seemingly not affected.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard successfully hits Adon with Gerbera Lute.

[                            \\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Adon             2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>--\-------\0   Rachel Alucard

To Adon's credit, he had very likely fought a battle with a power station conduit.

And he had power through then, at the cost of the electical power for that part of Chonburi, but really they were asking for it when they didn't show the Muay Thai emperor the proper respect. Even now, as Adon transfixed the crown on his head, he looked down upon Rey-chel but especially George, baring his teeth in a swaggering grin. "It is MINE!" He declares, shifting his glare only as Rey-chel begins to speak. He scoffs, almost as if Rey-chel herself was beneath the Emperor himself, a power dynamic that the Muay Thai master was daring to be challenged on. When she puffs into smoke, however, Adon was almost moving instinctively, half-mindedly sweeping his arm to deflect whatever she was going to do next. And then, with the roar, he looks up. That smirk fades in a split-second. He begins to move when-

The smell of ozone intensifies, as Adon's skeleton flashes to light.

"GRAAAAGH-" He begins to scream, as electricity surges through the crown directly into his brain. Nervous system flatlining for too long, his screaming only cuts short as the mighty paws of Nago spikes him straight into a heap to the ground. When the whirwind comes around, the sound stage is ripped asunder; the two remaining capsules whirling around. One bearing a Not Sagat who may very well be pooping his pants. And another one holding a Joe making an O-face in surprise, looking like he's on a rollercoaster and just kind of having the time of his life. There is also an Adon in there. He is ragdolling badly. When the storm finishes, the two capsules go crashing down on each side. One capsule opens up, and the Not Sagat leaps out just in time for Adon to slam in with a burst of sparks. The Not Sagat staggers a bit, looking at Rey-chel. He raises his hands in surrender. "Hi I'm not the real Sagat, and I'm supposed to be the next phase of the Emperor here, but at this point I'm totally okay with following the frog. Like when I was a kid I had this bullfrog, and I would feed him these-"


Screams from the chamber. "NO! SAGAT! NIGHT! BAD!" Screams Adon in his usual level of eloquence, augmented by the severe brain injury that was howling from the crown- why was he still wearing the crown. Wasn't it still trapped. And right on cue, another surge of electricity explodes out, as Adon's robes swiftly catch on fire. The Not Sagat's eyes go wide, and he promptly faints, leaving the only standing clone being the one on fire. Arms flailing wildly, Adon charges blindly, rush with savage speed and power straight to the floor, before rising up a second, then third time, to rush straight for Rey-chel. "GRAAAAABGBLEHEEL!" He screams defiantly, as he finally charges with a flying kick straight for the vampire princess... and the almost bottomless rift RIGHT BEHIND HER for a last ditch attempt to finally defeat the heroine. As he closes in, foot aimed squarely at her. IF he connected? He would send the pair of them flying over the edge of the rift, and begin unleashing kick after kick, blow after blow before outright latching on her shoulder, and hurling out a brutal barrage of elbow smashes straight to the head, before kicking her off into the walls of the rift. If he hit her cleanly, of course. If he didn't?

Well, he would just sail off into the rift. Falling as he would shout his immortal line.


COMBATSYS: Adon can no longer fight.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/--<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard dodges Adon's Jaguar Avalanche.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rachel Alucard   0/-------/--<<<<<|

As the swirling vortex of wind, lightning, and no small part of the sound stage surge around Adon, Rey-chel finally unfolds her arms, lifting her right hand as the obscenely swole feline melts back into a far less imposing looking parasol. The girl's fingers clasp around the handle and return it to being propped against her shoulder.

Gii continues to cower behind the vampire's other shoulder, peering over at the devastation being wrought on the unfortunate Emperor. "P-Princess, he deserves this and more, b-but is this maybe, possibly, just a little too much?"

"Hmph." the girl replies, twin-tails snapping with the wind as they're blown back behind her head. "No doubt, the cockroach will survive. I did hold back, after all."

The pile of capsules once more plays host to an unfortunate series of events until one tall, way-too-slender-to-be-Sagat man staggers into the open, clearly trying to escape all of this insanity without having to endure whatever it is Adon just went through. Rey-chel doesn't seem to pay him any mind, but the feline eyes on the cat-eared canopy of her parasol seem to keep a wary watch and Gii does gesticulate toward him with his lightsaber, "If you're lucky, the princess will show mercy-"

Adon screams and surges back into the scene. No doubt, some daring soul in the recording crew has taken to capturing the final moments of the bout with his camera phone, since all the rest of the equipment has been crushed into a giant pile of detritus left over from the tornado. The first and second times Adon hits the floor and rises, the Alucard heiress continues to ignore his very existence, staring off at nothing, her hand resting against the side of her head.

Only when he screeches his inarticulate cry of rage and defiance does the golden haired girl move at all, hand snapping out to snatch Gii from the air and shoving him into the path of the man's kick while slipping to the side herself.

Instead of the vexing girl or her loathsome parasol, it is the crimson ligthsaber wielding bat that Adon bludgeons into the open air over the rift. "Ow! Ow! Hey! Ouch! Stop that!" Gii flounders, flailing his lightsaber around until another kick breaks the prop weapon in half.

Whatever violence follows, the so-called heroine can't say, having already looked away to survey the ruin of the sound stage. "Perhaps I did get a little carried away... But that man proved far more infuriating than I had anticipated. I shall have to take it out on any of the guests I don't like."

Nago hazards a response, the umbrella's voice back to normal. "But Princess... isn't that ALL of your guests?"

Rachel Alucard smiles slightly, a faint look of amusement in her porcelain features as she closes her eyes. "No one likes a quibbler, Nago." The vampire releases her parasol and once more Nago falls around her shoulders as a black, light-absorbing thick cloak. With no further word, Rachel sweeps her right arm up, whipping the cloak out, its silhouette briefly taking on the form of a bat wing as it then wraps around her entirely. By the time the shadow of the cloak fully engulfs Lady Alucard, she has vanished, the cloak along with her.

Definitely not having forgotten anything at all.

"Princess...!!" Gii's cries echo against the sheer walls of the rift.

COMBATSYS: Rachel Alucard has ended the fight here.

Gii's cries echo over the remains of the empty soundstage, mingled with the distant screams of jagga.

There is a tapping sound. "Uh, hello?" Joe calls out from his capsule. He is upside down in the capsule, but otherwise uninjured. It seems that his hair absorbed most of the impact, cushioning his head and keeping his neck stable. But as he looks out from the capsule, it rattles a bit. "Hey, uh, I can't get the door opened. Could somebody help me? There's a lot of blood going to my head." There is no response. "Hello? Helloooo? Come on, isn't there anybody there? My spine's getting kind of itchy." Joe glances around from inside his capsule, pouting a moment. And then he gives a big, toothy smile.

"Man, Lilly is going to think it's SO COOL that I finally got my first SNF."

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