Neo League 0165 - NL#0174: Jae Hoon vs Tarmo

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Description: In the atrium of the Southtown Museum does two honourable contestants come forth to fight in the Neo League! Take part in witnessing the intense match between Jae Hoon and Tarmo as they clash together in a battle of skill and strength. Who will rise to the top? [Winner: Jae Hoon]

Thanks to the particular influence instilled by the champion of the previous season, the League is now making, at least in part, a point of trying to tour the matches in very noteworthy sites through Southtown. It works as advertisement for the more popular tourist sites themselves in some cases, and in others to bring attention to the damages caused upon the city from the Darkstalker Raid -- and the repairs still needed.

Naturally, all this also comes with plenty of calls made towards the charities set up for the reconstruction efforts and promotions from various sponsors also directing money into the very same projects:

And today, the site the cameras have been brought to is the Heritage Museum! The museum itself might be funded largely by NOL, so even after the damages brought upon it it may well be in a much better state of being than many other locations foudn in the city-- though there are certainly a couple of the massive, ornate windows still left broken and waiting for construction crews to get to replacing them,

Somehow the positively gargantuan T-rex skeleton dominating the very center of the main atrium has gone without any damages, though. Well enough that it has then, at that, for it provides a more than decent background for the feeds in the cameras!

And for once, Tarmo isn't late to his fight! ..:But he did, apparently, bring some takeaway food along with him. A certain league official may or may not be steadily getting frustrated by the Finn constantly doing this. At least he had the decency to bring a box of... some kind of donuts this time around, instead of sauce-slathered meat, this time around.

And lo, the giant finn waits somewhat impatiently there in the middle of the atrium, one heavy boot tapping idly against the floor while he munches steadily on the pastries.

A warm light is cast on a lithe teen who traverses the streets of Southtown, intent with a destination ahead of him. Who is surprisingly in good spirits despite his rather questionable encounter from the other day. Something that mildly disturbed him, mostly for the fact that he was apparently meant to be some creature's meal. Creepy.

But, nothing clears the mind better than a good spirited fight?

Admittedly, a museum is kind of a weird place to fight.

Honestly, Jae Hoon doesn't refuse based on that fact. He does vaguely worry about the artifacts lain within, though. Wouldn't they be subjects of collateral damage? Hopefully the ancient objects have been relocated, lest his opponent be entirely destructive in their fighting style.

Only one way to find out, though.

Arriving with bandages covering a section of his nape and shoulder, which the latter part can only be seen if one decided to stare down inside his collar (weird, if they did), the young Kim ward looks a little worse for wear. But, he is positively alight with fighting energy! A bright smile brims his features as he appears in the atrium, adorned in his traditional gi, always crested with his father's symbol.

Across the room does he see a rather large brute of sorts. It seems Jae has the fortune of encountering these types, which suits him just fine. Wrestlers challenge his skill, and with them both requiring close proximity, they would make for a rather interesting fight to outsiders looking in.

After a large gulp, he sets his water bottle down near his belongings, then approaches the middle of the well-lit atrium to face his new adversary.

"I hope you have not been waiting long," he says, somewhat apologetically, while taking note of the assortment of food items the big guy has in his possession. Wait. Is that... donuts?

/Donuts/ before a fight?


Jae suppresses the urge to frown and scold the guy for his poor dietary choices, and instead offers him a polite bow. "I look forward to our match."

"Oh! Heyo!"

The spotting of the approaching Jae Hoon draws the attention of Tarmo pretty quickly, and he brings one enormous hand up in a faux-salute to the teenager.

"So I'm guessing you're that Kim fellow then, huh?"

The Finn flashes a wide, toothy grin to the korean teen-- but then his eyes do actually go wandering down along his form, and his eyes narrow visibly at the sight of the bandages.

"Hey, you sure you're alright to fight there?" He asks with a slow upward lift of his thick brows, leaning over a bit as if he needs to get himself closer to get a better look. "Seem like you've gotten worked up a bit already there? Not that I'm gonna stop ya if ya think you're good to go."

He straightens up again right after that, and promptly shoves the mostly-emptied takeout box towards Jae without any hesitation. "Ya want one before we get started? They're pretty good and still warm and all."

Yes, he IS that Kim fellow!

One of them, anyway.

Such a concept is an honour for someone like Jae Hoon, who is so deeply determined to represent his family name on broadcasted television. People had grown accustomed to his father's face, but now, the young wards were making their presence known.

... Well, maybe only one of them. Who knows what Dong Hwan is doing?

Dark head lifting from the bowing position, the lithe fighter gazes upon his opponent with an expression of mild amusement, but all around an intentful joyfulness despite himself. Clearly, his bandages have garnered some attention on behalf of the wrestler. No way is he going to mention on camera the cause of such wounds. Regardless of how bad they appear, he really isn't feeling too hampered by them.

"You are very kind. It is nothing to worry about," he tells the Finlander with a smile. "These will not stop my ability to give you a good, even fight."

Though, as the box is promptly shoved in his direction, it takes a second for Jae Hoon to suppress another urge to scrunch his nose up in disgust. Every muscle is making efforts to keep his expression neutral.

Sweets are just NOT his thing.

Not to mention, eating them before a fight? So bizarre and so, so bad for your body!

"Ah..." he begins lamely, with one hand politely waving out in front of him. "No, thank you. I appreciate the offer, though."


The massive Finn doesn't seem entirely convinced by the assurances Jae Hoon is giving, not judging by the look he's giving to the visible parts of the bandages, still.

But still, he can't really disrespect someone wanting to put their all into things like this in spite of whatever issues they may have had earlier, can he?

"Well, if you say so!"

The refusal for a donut-y snack makes the Finn scrunch his own nose, and furrow his brows in faint disappointment. "Ah, well..."

And thus comes his decision to quickly get rid of the remaining donuts for the sake of getting ready. ... But lifting up the box and shoving *everything that remains* into his mouth whole in a big, audible *NOMF*, and just a quick chewing before he swallows with an almost comically visible brief bulging in his throat. It's almost cartoonish, even.

"Juuuuust a second!" Not rude enough to just carelessly throw the emptied box somewhere onto the floor, Tarmo does actually go out of his way to move over to a trash bin and deposit it there before returning back to Jae Hoon's way--

And now, with that particular approach, his boot-clad feet seem to have much more weight in them when he stomps forward, too. Body slightly hunching over, and an utterly *eager* light glinting in his eye.

"If you're sure you're ready then, Young Kim," the Finn rumbles, as he shits his feet slightly apart, and then spreads his arms out with a slight bend -- easily invoking the image of an actual bear rather than (an admittedly huge) human fighter.

"I'll be happy to see what you've got, whenever."


Watching Tarmo dump the entire contents of the donut box into his mouth in one fell swoop is... kind of stomach turning.

Jae, once again, holds back any urge to make a disgruntled noise or comment regarding such a thing. If the consumption of sugary sweets is all part of his opponent's regime, then... well. All the power to him, I guess?

Definitely not Jae Hoon's cup of tea, so to speak.

Once the takeout box has been safely discarded, the Finlander approaches him, large and bear-like in his disposition. It probably means to intimidate, but already well-honed in the art of fighting people who are considerably bigger than he is, this fighter is not at all worried about the match or his opponent. Instead, the Korean teen observes the stance the seemingly jovial fellow dips into, then offers a him relatively friendly smile... before a note of seriousness overtakes his expression. A deep, long breath inhales into his lungs, and then he, too, sinks into a defensive stance, poised and ready for action.

Honour the family name with an honest fight, Jae Hoon.

A referee approaches them, glances at each contestant, then shoots his hand down with a shout.


And, for a moment, Jae remains where he stands, if only to bounce a little on the balls of his feet. Gathering energy, plotting his advance. Then? Quite suddenly, he kicks off. Rushing in, skipping through his steps, his left leg raises and neatly tucks into his torso. A forceful, powered high kick will shoot out from there, heel aiming right for the chest of his adversary. The intent is to drive right in and send Tarmo skidding back some distance away, should it land.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Tarmo has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Tarmo

COMBATSYS: Tarmo blocks Jae Hoon's Shou-Kyaku Hou ES.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Tarmo

"Not much of a talker, huh?" Tarmo observes with the faintest hint of a smirk tugging at his lips briefly. He maintains that bear-like stance, regardless, eyes never leaving the korean even while the referee gets into place--

And then comes the signal, and a burst of motion.

Jae Hoon's initial burst is faster than Tarmo's however-- but still, he reacts to it quickly. Eyes snap towards the incoming kick, and the enormous Finn turns his form sidelong with one muscular, tree trunk -sized forearm turning up to brace against it.

"And quick'n too, huh?"

With a wild grin, he gives just enough of a shove at the still-upraised leg to knock it aside -- only to reach after it with one gargantuan paw of a hand. Reaching to grab onto it by the ankle--

And should he secure that painfully-tight hold there, immediately set himself into a spin to pull his opponent off his other foot from the floor, and swing him around several times over before letting go, and sending him plummeting through the air into the nearest wall that *isn't* made of glass.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon fully avoids Tarmo's Moukariheitto.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Tarmo

"That depends." The response is quipped, but not in a way that can be interpreted as rude. Rather, Jae Hoon speaks friendly enough, but he is most certainly driven by an deeply intensive focus. The encounter in the back alley of the business district was troubling enough to wisen him up to his goals once again. Always, he wishes to be the best version of himself he can be, through honour and integrity. The Kim family name is a heavy burden to carry, and with Dong Hwan slacking off as he does, it is up to the youngest son of Kim Kaphwan to maintain dignity.

That doesn't mean he intends to be abrasive or unapproachable. There are just some things he cannot avoid, and with camera lenses honed in on him, the image of his father's vision must be maintained.

"Still, he does quirk a smile as a hefty forearm reinforces itself against his heel, easily deflecting the kick. Always intriguing when one can take his attacks with ease.

"Though, I must say, I am impressed by your speed. Nice block." A praise, and then the seriousness takes over once again, as he catches sight of the subtle movement Tarmo begins to shift with. Probably intent on grabbing hold of his ankle, the lithe form moves so quickly that he is able to completely snake his foot around the meaty hand in a deft display of finesse, dodging it entirely from the firm grip heading straight for it.

It actually could be missed by onlookers, should they not be paying close attention to the subtleties of the fight.

This swinging of his leg allows him to gain momentum, in which he swivels himself round and swaps legs mid-way. This time, the foot and corresponding limb will ignite in bright chi-infused flames.

The amber will lick up the Finlandian's upper torso, intent on sending both the deliverer and the victim straight into the air, should it succeed.

"Hien Zan!" Jae Hoon will announce as he performs this move, fiercely determined use his lean form to sneak in a blow on the underside of the much-bigger fellow's chin.

COMBATSYS: Tarmo endures Jae Hoon's Hien Zan EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0            Tarmo

"Just instinct," assures Tarmo with another flash of his teeth-- but it's only a split second after that his expression turns into one of pure surprise, on account of the way the korean's leg goes coiling around his grabbing hand. "Wh-?!"

THe surprise grows only further with the apex of Jae Hoon's movement that sees his fier-wreathed foot colliding straight with his chin with such force that even his considerable weight is sent up off his feet and into the air!

"Hrrrh-- You're stronger than you look, too--!" The Finn growls as his briefly-jolted head turns to leaning back forward to set his eyes on the also-airborne Jae Hoon.


Rather than allowing himself to be completely flipped into helpless motion by the impact, the Finn displays a phenomenal tolerance for pain and swings his head in further to tip his weight through the aerial momentum, towards Jae Hoon's body.

"You're still in my reach!!"

And in tandem with that motion comes an upward sweep of his hands from below-- guiding them quickly towards the korean's sides before clamping them in with the intention to grab onto him by his ribcage. Should he not manage to avoid that intimdating grasp--

He would see himself hoisted up with a seeming lack of effort, while the finnish wrestler is still up off the floor, all the way up over his head-- only to be swung around to where the korean's head is facing ahead of the finn... and then swung down in a powerful spiking motion when gravity brings both of them down, to drive the Taekwondoka's head straight into the floor with earth-shattering force!


COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Tarmo's Ihmiskeihas EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0            Tarmo

Not unsurprising that the Finlandian is much sturdier than the average person. He is rather bear-like, after all, and can likely take quite the beating before it shows on the surface.

Just means Jae Hoon needs to stay on his toes, both figuratively and literally, in order to avoid his wide-spread swings. That being said, just because he is smaller that his adversary does not mean he can't take a good smacking around himself.

"That may be so, but I have no intention of remaining that way!" The wrestler uses the motion of the aerial assault to launch big mitts forward, intent on grabbing him, but Jae is not having it. Keen eyes observe this movement, noting the nuances of it. Just as quickly, he calculates their trajectory, determining they are heading for his ribcage. As such, the slender fighter hoists his knees right up into his chest. When the moment is right, both feet thrust out in opposite directions, right into a midair splits, and effectively deflects the hands away from their desired destination. Such a movement actually strains the muscles of his calves, although only slightly, because of the weight of Tarmo's limbs smacking against the underside of his feet. Easily enough, Jae pushes through the stinging effects, even going as far as doing a slight flip in the air to maintain his position in the air.



Continuing his airborne ascension, the Korean teen adjusts the angle of his body in relation to where the wrestler lingers diagonally below him. The distance is not far, but it does require some finesse to bring himself within the appropriate proximity. Shortly thereafter, he uses his body to descend at a semi-rapid speed, and once close enough, he will attempt to drive multiple heel kicks right for the Finn with the intent on whapping him upwards of three times over the crown of his head. Such a force would knock the large man out of the air and back down to the earth.

COMBATSYS: Tarmo fails to interrupt Hishou Kyaku from Jae Hoon with Moukari-Isku.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0            Tarmo

Jae managing to avoid Tarmo getting a proper purchase on him draws a grunt from Tarmo that is equal measures frustrated and impressed. And when he does finally come down -- the force of his weight alone is still enough to *CRACK* the floor underneath him, though perhaps not as powerfully so as if he'd actually succeeded in using the korean as a post spike.

Still, somewhere, a NOL budgetary official mysteriously feels his blood pressure rising.

"Sshhh-- Real slippery, h-"

The compliment is brought to a complete halt when the Finn realizes just what exactly Jae Hoon has been up to while he has been straightening himself post-landing. The acrobatic maneuvering through the air brings his eyes widening, and with quick thinking, he decides to respond to it not by backing away or bringing the guard of his arms up -- but rather by stepping in and reaching for the Korean's descending leg--

Only for it to slip right past his grasp and smack him straight in the forehead.


The following two hits smash right against the top of his head, and the Finn is sent stumbling back before dropping down onto one knee with a growl of pain, now actually forced to rubbing at the top of his head in an instinctive effort to alleviate some of the sting brought upon his skull.

"...Yeah. Real slippery."

A rain of kicks fall upon Tarmo as he descends, triumphantly. When the impactful onslaught of attacks is done, the lean fighter uses his final kick to send himself up and away from his opponent to a spot on the ground nearby. Jae Hoon's feet touch down and he evenly distributes his weight back onto both feet, with fists raised defensively at eve-level out of sheer instinct.

He doesn't need to do this straight away, clearly because the big guy is busy rubbing the sore spots on his head for a moment or two, but alas. Jae is eager to continue the match, finding his adversary to be rather enjoyable to fight against. The moment also allows for a quick bit of dialogue, in which a playful grin splits itself across the handsome features of the youngest Kim ward. "Sorry about that - I can be a little hard to catch. Hopefully I didn't give you /too/ much of a headache in the process."

May the audiences enjoy that.

"Now, the heat is on!" Once again, he kicks his feet off, pushing himself forth toward the Finlandian. It is not a mad dash, per se, but he does narrow in on the wrestler's personal space. In some of his previous fights did he learn more about putting the pressure on, being unrelenting in the assaults when necessary. Perhaps such a lesson could be applied here, and so Jae tests the theory.

The tell-tale sign of an incoming kick occurs, in which his knee gets tucked right back into his torso right as he nears his destination. In a short burst of energy, his front leg will kick out a series of side kicks. Two, three of them will aim at Tarmo's chest, should they hit. His signature move, which will hopefully serve to startle and perhaps slam the massive man with a few decent blows.

COMBATSYS: Tarmo blocks Jae Hoon's Shakka Shuu.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0            Tarmo

The reprieve the Kim provides to Tarmo might be a very brief one, but it is still taen advantage of for as long as it is there. If only to let him stand upright from his single-kneeled position.

It barely gives him the time to respond to the sudden burst of momentum that the korean exhibits.

But just enough for him to turn his side towards him and lift his own arms up -- using the sideways stance to brace his feet to the ground and keep his stance stable while his arms soak up blow after blow.

"I always preferred... hhh... the cold!"

On the final kick that the korean inflicts upon him, the Finn suddenly bursts forward -- stepping to the side just enough that Jae's leg sweeps past him before his own arm coils around it, and his other hand reaches for the other fighter's shirt. Intending to use the two points of hold and his weight leaning forward and down to force the korean down onto the floor, back-first, with pure overwhelming force and leverage more than anything else.

COMBATSYS: Tarmo successfully hits Jae Hoon with Medium Throw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jae Hoon         1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Tarmo

Even still, this guy is quick!

Given the onslaught Jae decided to inundate Tarmo with, it is somewhat surprising to the teen how those massive mitts lifted with such rapid precision in order to deflect his attack. Not only that, but to maneuver themselves about in a sudden burst of motion and get themselves firmly gripped around his foot, considering he does try to dodge it by sneaking his foot out before it gets snagged? Yeah, that's impressive.

Having some experience under his belt with a wrestler now, the expectation from here is that he will not be able to maintain his balance on solid ground. It isn't in his preferences to be earthbound, but there is absolutely no way he can wiggle his way out. Especially when the Finlandian gets hold of the front his gi.

Prepared for impact, with eyes squeezed tightly shut, his lithe form is raised up into the air and then immediately launched into the ground. The weight of the big guy is obviously more than that of Jae Hoon himself, which serves to force the wind out his lungs the moment his shoulder blades and upper back meet their maker. Quite easily, the bandages around his shoulder are somewhat disturbed, but thankfully he tied them tight enough that they aren't about to unfasten any time soon.

However, that doesn't mean that the throw doesn't hurt, because it most certainly does.

His spine cracks midway at the collision. The dressed wound on his shoulder instantly aches, rippling waves of fresh pain across the corresponding shoulder and up the length of his nape, into the injuries there. Simultaneous to this, the laceration at his ribcage, unseen by the onlooker's eye, stings to the point of sharp discomfort. The angle of which he's been slammed down is enough to tear at some of the scabbing underneath, even spreading the cut wider, and as a result, a fair bit of blood seeps through the wrappings there. Nothing that can be seen as of yet, but if any contact is taken there, the white fabric of his gi may very well shine with crimson staining.


Brown irises peek up through his eyelashes while his jaw sets tightly. Then, he smiles, somewhat weakly, as he summons forth a renewed energy. Swiftly, he brings his calf up to wedge itself between himself and Tarmo and says, "Time to get off me." And then, his foot thrusts out into a high-aiming kick, intent on smacking the wrestler square in the chin once more and, consequently, hopefully sending his weight off of Jae.

COMBATSYS: Tarmo fails to interrupt Thrust Kick from Jae Hoon with Karhun Isku EX.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Jae Hoon         1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0            Tarmo

Getting the korean slammed down onto the ground does come with at least a bit of catharsis, if nothing else. It shows in Tarmo's lips stretching into a wide, toothy grin again over it. "Theeeere we go!"

But of course Jae Hoon wouldnt let that go freely, no. He does let go of the boy's gi immediately when he sees him turning to prepare for a counterattack -- freeing his own arms so he can wind his other arm back and with the hand curled into a tight fist, launching it down at him in the same instant the foot is thrust out in a kick up at him--


But as he said, the korean is unexpectedly fast. And strong too, for that matter -- at least stronger than he expected from someone that lean. He probabyl should have learned his lesson from the first time he took a blow to the chin, but no...

He somehow looks surprised the instant he gets decked. And he's sent recoiling back rough enough that his fist, intended to slam down on the korean while he's still down, is sent sweeping up from the sudden redirection of momentum.


It's perhaps a bit impressive that someone of that size is sent stumbling back so much by a kick, groaning out loudly as he drops down onto one knee again with a wince. "Damnit... Gonna break my jaw like this eventually..."


Another hit.

Jae Hoon senses that the wrestler intended to interrupt, but by the twist of fate, or perhaps luck, he manages to get his foot right up in that chin-space. The blow knocks the weight of Tarmo off of him, allowing a moment's breath while earthly-coloured orbs observe the descent of his opponent as he skids away and lands elsewhere with complaints soon to follow.

Yeah, it probably isn't nice that Jae keeps striking the jaw. Oopsie.

Rolling his form backwards so that his lower torso swings overhead, the Korean teen finds purchase with his toes so that he may spring back up and redistribute even balance over them once again. This fight is going swimmingly, just on the pure fact that they are managing some good hits on one another. Sufficiently pleased by the Finlandian's approach, Jae acknowledges the grumbles with a faintly shy smile and a slight bob of his dark flaxen head.

"I have no intention of breaking any bones, but I certainly have no plans on staying too close to the ground, either."

As his words imply, he is off in another intense burst of energy. The momentum of such force allows for him to kick up off the ground with immense power, becoming slightly airborne, and imbues the following attack with that strength. Heel out once more, it serves to drive right into Tarmo's midrib, perhaps straight into his sternum, to steal the air from his lungs and potentially gut him.

With a fierce cry, Jae bellows, "Take this!"

COMBATSYS: Tarmo dodges Jae Hoon's Heel Kick ES.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Jae Hoon         1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0            Tarmo

"Hah! No intention, he says!"

This answer from the korean apparently amuses the Finn infinitely while he straightens himself up. Grinning wildly, with an equally wild glint in his eyes, he levels his gaze on the younger man as he pounds his fist against the open palm of his otehr hand.

"Don't feel guilty if ya do. It's just how these things go, huh?"

And as Tarmo may have well expected, he sees the Korean making another advance on him. Quick, with a lot of power behind the movements. But maybe, by now, he's starting to see some kind of pattern in that motion. The timing. With a deep breath...

Tarmo suddenly stomps forward with a sideward motion that brings him just enough to the side where Jae Hoon's foot simply drives right past him.

"Not this tiiiiiime."

And with that same forward momentum, his upraised arm drives alongside him at his side -- aiming to not so much strike at him though, no, but rather to coil that thickly-muscled, powerful arm about the young man's throat. And pull him right against him as his other hand goes to coil underneath Jae Hoon's opposing arm and hook over the arm applying pressure to his throat, to lock him in, and rob him of a proper airflow.

COMBATSYS: Tarmo successfully hits Jae Hoon with Choke Hold.
- Power hit! -

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Jae Hoon         1/--=====/=======|======-\-------\0            Tarmo

"Certainly they do, sometimes. I try my best to avoid proper maiming of someone who doesn't deserve it." In Jae Hoon's mind, that sort of nonsense is reserved for the truest of evil.

However, accidents do happen, as he has seen countless times while teaching in the dojang. It sometimes is unavoidable, but he does hope to lessen any chances of that today.

How silly, given that he is participating in a League, but I digress.

The kick he hoped would land definitely did not. Jae had the fortune of watching his foot soar right passed Tarmo's midsection, which is disheartening, because it leaves him wide open, even if only for a second Anyone would be wise to take advantage of that moment, and this teen would actually be surprised if his opponent didn't.

But, as anticipated, he does.

So much so, actually, that the sheer might of which the Finlandian grabs hold of him actually startles him out of his stance. Sweltering muscles maneuver him as if he is a ragdoll, positioning his arm so that it may cross-section his chest and press up into his throat. The desired effect occurs, in which Jae finds himself both winded from the impact of Tarmo sucking him into his massive form, and from the locked in technique that presses just enough force onto his throat that he finds himself scrambling for breath.

Not to mention that the limb chosen for this event happens to be the corresponding one to his injured shoulder, which absolutely protests the abuse. It stings, the skin underneath twisting uncomfortable, unhinging the scabs further so that the wrappings spot crimson. One would only notice should they be looking down his gi, which wouldn't be such a stretch right now, given his current standing.

Simultaneous to this, he finds his energy sapping quite suddenly. It is a strange sensation, considering the type of movement being forced upon him. However, Jae perseveres, intent on getting himself entirely out of this choke hold lest he lose consciousness.

Despite his discomfort, and with black dots decorating his vision, all efforts are made for him to swing his right leg straight up and around, aiming an ascending crescent kick straight for Tarmo's forehead.


COMBATSYS: Tarmo fails to interrupt Hangetsu Zan from Jae Hoon with Moukari-Isku.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Jae Hoon         1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1            Tarmo

Out of all the possible ways Tarmo might have considered for Jae Hoon to attempt getting out of the tight chokehold... the korean swinging one of his legs so high up that his foot swings right over his own head to smack the *finn* was... not among one of those considerations. Not even close. Most people don't have that kind of focus and flexibility on their side.

The pure unexpected nature of the move is what drives a Tarmo's reaction, too, to be on the panicked, somewhat confused side. And it's that particular confused nature that works against him when he quickly loosens his grip from around Jae Hoon's throat and-- he isn't even sure, himself, where to go from there, really. One hand instinctively goes for the korean's other arm, and theo ther reaches up for the incoming foot ina complete mismatch of coordination.

One that costs him dearly, with the foot getting brought to SMACK against his forehead.


And this in turn results in him stumbling back far away as his grip on the korean relents entirely. The repeated hits to his head are starting to accumulate, for certain; even if his skin hasn't been broken anywhere to cause bleeding, the pure jostling to his brain alone is having a significant affect on his focus, and for a good moment, the giant finn is left to just.. wobbling on his feet, trying to regain balance that just isn't quite *there* anymore.


Okay... a success.

Jae Hoon practically stumbles, nearly fumbling to the ground, as he manages to break free of the choke hold. His hand comes up, fingertips grazing over the sensitive skin there. Panicked breaths suck in and out as he regains himself for a moment's time. Quite possible his voice will be slightly wrecked from that kind of pressure, but he isn't feeling too bad right now, so who knows. Either way...

That was a close one!

Swallowing heavily, he spins around to take stock of his opponent. Judging by the wobbly stance, the guy is not feeling so hot. Probably from the sheer number of boots to the head he has been receiving.


Well, that's just how it goes sometimes. The two of them agreed as such just a few minutes earlier.

Fully facing Tarmo now, the teen sinks deep into his defensive stance once more. That serious disposition overcomes his handsome features, dark fringe shadowing his right eye into grey. This very moment of pause could be the chance he needs to finish off this fight.

Or, it could be something else entirely, depending on how the Finlandian recovers from the smack to his forehead.

Perhaps, he will spare a second or two for himself. A second that would allow for him to regain some of his composure. To recalculate his approach. Even to take some of the pressure off his adversary.

Is this a kindness? Who knows. Maybe Tarmo has earned it after the beating he has received thus far.




COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon gains composure.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Jae Hoon         1/--=====/=======|=======\-------\1            Tarmo

The further wobbling actually results in the Finn actually ending up stumbling further back, further away from the Korean. All the way until he ends up bumping against the nearest wall--

And the giant stone tablet hung on it.

Tarmo manages to build up just enough focus there after a few seconds of leaning against at -- and perhaps feeling that the texture of the surface he's leaning against is different, he turns a quick look back over his shoulder...

And just grins.

"I'm... hhh... Barely stayin' up here, buddy..." He rumbles, casting just the quickest of looks to Jae Hoon catching his own energy back before he turns to, of all things, wrap his hands along the underside of that stone tablet, surely large and heavy enough that no one would ever even *consider* trying to move it around with a small crane.

"...So let's make it a good finish at least..."

And yet, with a loud groan of effort, the Finn pushes and heaves--

And the whole thing just *tears* off of the wall.

Holding the massive slab over his own head while he turns to facing Jae Hoon again, he just flashes a wide, wild grin at his opponent before stomping forward, carrying the tablet - almost as tall as a small house and wide enough to cover an entire room's wall - with much less effort than should be reasonable.

"Here I come."

And he sets into a mad dash towards the Korean. The tablet's swung down to his side first, still held with both hands -- and then swung in a wide horizontal arc towards him, the weight behind the motion enough to likely send the Finn himself spinning around over once or twice, too.


COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Tarmo's Raskaat Tyokalut.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Jae Hoon         1/=======/=======|-------\-------\0            Tarmo

Of all the things Jae Hoon could have anticipated in this moment, the Finlandian grabbing hold of some stone tablet adhered to the freakin' /wall/.

Yet, here Tarmo is, ripping this massive thing clear off its hinges, holding it squarely in his mitts as if it is just some book or something. How is he able to hold such a thing? That tablet probably weighs more than Jae himself does!

It also probably will serve to hit him, too, and that is not something he wishes to be taken out by, although it is quite likely.

After all, this IS a huge-ass block of stone we're talking here.

"You're barely standing, yet you're running at me with THAT thing?!" the Korean teen exclaims, handsome features contorting with mild confusion. Well, there certainly is no doubt in his opponent's strength, if he is able to manage something like that.

And, to him, Tarmo comes.

It is probably idiocy to try and block this makeshift weapon. Truly, it likely could knock him into the next century. Or into a coma.

Something like that.

But, believe it or not, Jae Hoon dares to try, anyway. The intensive dash is headed straight for him, and so he shifts his lean form about so that when the first blow comes, he brings both forearms down to protect his torso. The spinning motion, however, is a little more challenging to deflect, but Jae endeavours to try. With each spin of the stone tablet set in his direction, his arms raise up. Every hit collides with his skin, some of the jagged edges of it scraping occasionally over the skin and tearing a cut or two into it.

Otherwise, strangely, he remains mostly unharmed, though the cuts sting and are actually considerably annoying, should he focus on them.

He doesn't, though.

Instead, the young Kim ward waits for the opportune moment in which he can strike, and it comes during a sliver of an opening as it appears to him. His stance alternates so that he can close into the wrestler's general proximity, bring his knee straight into his chest, and with a quickened burst of energy, send a flurry of kicks straight up to Tarmo's head. Should they land, the will follow up will be Jae performing a backflip shooting off from the ground and a kick that would lick up the sternum of his adversary. From that kick, a chi-infused phoenix would be born from the ascending limb, bright explosions of fire igniting all around the Finn, serving to batter and burn him. The attack would also launch the large man airborne and away from him, quite possibly a little toastier than he had been prior.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon successfully hits Tarmo with Chou Hou'ou Kyaku.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0            Tarmo

The downside to using something that is much heavier and larger than yourself as a weapon - no matter if you are so ridicilously strong that you are actually able to wield such a thing - is that the weight behind it is going to carry you along it at least to some extent.

And in the end, that weight means Tarmo is sent to nearly slumping over at the apex of his wild, spinning swing when the heft of the enormous stone slab finally comes crashing down onto the floor with his hands still holding on to one end of it.

...It may very well even end up acting as a stepping stone to Jae Hoon himself on the way to delivering his impending attack upon the massive man.

Certainly the weight of his unusual weapon is weighing down upon his hands still too, at that, to keep his arms from rising up quick enough to respond to the young Kim's leap.

The knee to his heavily-muscled chest might not be too much, but now it jostles him just enough to seal the deal on his inavility to respond to the korean's movements.


Again and again, his poor, already-abused head gets smacked by Jae Hoon's vicious kicks. His hold on the slab releases fully in the middle of them, and he's sent wobbling backwards...

Only to be swept upon by a fiery phoenix of pure chi right after.


And sent flying back through the air, his massive form careening uncontrollably now across the room, crashing down onto the floor again just few feet short of one of the massive windows.


And he just allows himself to slump down entirely, with steam rising up from his form after the searing he received from the phoenix.

"...Pretty sure... that settles it..." He mumbles down there, one cheek squished down against the tiled floor thanks to the way he is limply laying there.

"So quick though..."

COMBATSYS: Tarmo takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Tarmo can no longer fight.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|

A glorious flame, so monstrous in sheer size and magnitude. It crests upon Tarmo in a successful wave, erupting like a volcano and trickling up into the sky, eventually evaporating into nothingness, as its power launches the Finn far from him. The heat of such a magnificent display remains, radiating throughout the atrium space, it's brilliance slowly fading away with time. As Jae Hoon settles his feet down on the ground, it is only moments later that a loud ringing of a bell sounds off.

Signifying the end of the match.

Well then.

Truly, this was an intense fight. Between them, there was a friendly camaraderie that the young ward of Kaphwan thrives in. He loves being able to exchange a fighting passion and spirit with his fellow contestants and friends, and the vibe he got from the Finlandian had been quite the same. As such, more than anything, the Korean teen wants to go to his adversary to inspect him, to assure he is okay, but before he can make any steps towards him, the referee intercepts him. His hand is taken and raised up, and with a fierce announcement does the referee tell the judges and viewers that he is the winner of today's match.

While this is occurring, the teen watches as the medical crew begin to flank Tarmo at the opposite end of the room, completely intent on ensuring the poor fellow is well taken care of and his wounds are seen to. This eases Jae's anxieties, if only a little.

With that, the lean fighter is turned away to be escorted out of the room so that his own injuries could be looked after. Considering some of the beating he's taken, there is no doubt his gi is spotted with stains of blood by now, fresh from old wounds.

But, before he gets too far, Jae swivels his head around so that he may call to Tarmo, saying, "It was an honour! I hope to have the privilege of fighting you again some day!"

"Sorry about your head!" And then, he's gone.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon has ended the fight here.

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