Venus - The beauty and the beast.

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Description: Rafferty is the beauty, Venus is the beast. Talk of panties dropping, except both Rafferty and Venus keeps theirs. A tale of a model and a woman with problems, becoming friends.

It's Saturday afternoon in Southtown. The weather is mild, despite the clouds in the sky and a certain Californian teen has made his way to the beach. He finds himself alone on this pleasant afternoon. His girlfriend, Nena is at the house she shares with her "uncle" doing homework, both her own and Rafferty's. Edenlith and her ever present pet cat, Storm aren't answering his messages and Ryan his roomie is on a lunch date.

Feeling at somewhat of a loose end, the Pacific Higher has put on a striped Saint Laurent t-shirt, donned some black denim shorts and sandals and set up on the sand. He's got a phone and a Kindle in tow, his attention constantly switching between the two, as his brain divides itself between Instagram and Brett Easton Ellis. He's recently discovered the controversial author and has been devouring his collection of novels.

Running a hand through his gleaming platinum locks, he lets out a sigh of contentment. Despite being an extrovert in nature, it can feel good to be solo sometimes. The only people in sight are a family further along the shore and a young couple out for a weekend stroll.

Another woman decided to come on the beach, but she didn't look like she was fitting there, in her gray hoodie, hood up over her head, her jeans, sneakers, and gloves. Everything was covered, except for her face, because a girl's got to breath.

She is walking but mainly watching the water. Her gray eyes are intense, but they also show pain behind them. Although the water with its waves seems to keep her calm.

She keeps walking narrowly missing the young couple, but when she does at the last moment, she does it with an easy grace. She was getting closer to Rafferty, but hadn't notice him yet apparently, her eyes still fixed on the water.

Lifting his head up from the exploits of Victor Ward, Rafferty sees the woman down by the water. He watches her for a few minutes, admiring the ease with which she moves and then turns his attention to his silver cellphone, stopping to like several posts on his feed. One of his fellow models from the agency has just aquired a new sponsorship deal and as she prettily poses with the product, the comments flood in. Alas, most of them seem to be about her physique, rather than the virtues of the handbag in question.

Taking a can of lemon and lime soda from his backpack, the blond boy takes a long drink, looking as if he's posing for a soda commercial, which coincidentally he has already starred in for this very brand of drink. It's a change from his usual champagne, which he has taken to only drinking behind closed doors and not out in the open. It seems Nena's influence is rubbing off on him.

When she hears the sound of a can opening, she looks in that direction. She might not feel at ease with people, but she still get curious. She sees the young man responsible for the sound. Oh my god, he's very cute. Not that she wanted to go out with him, or anything, not that someone so cute would want to go out with her anyway, and she didn't want to be with someone just because they were cute, but still he was damn cute. She keeps her eyes on him, but they travel on his body. "Hi." She says, but it comes out a big strangled, as it's never that easy to talk with people. She blinks. Wait, why did she said Hi in the first place. Well she did now. "I didn't mean to disturb you though." Her right hand starts trembling a bit ,and she grabs it with her left, to stop it. "You're probably on the beach to have some peace and quiet, not be talked by some weirdo girl." Then why did she continue to talk. Shut up Venus.

She sighs, it would be rude to leave now with the conversation she initiated with him, so she stays around, although she didn't look all that comfortable.

"Hi" Rafferty responds, rewarding Venus' sociable act with a dazzling smile.

He doesn't appear to mind her approaching him and his posture remains relaxed, as he takes another sip from his zesty beverage. If he notices her checking him out, he doesn't comment on it.

"You didn't disturb me" he responds, continuing to smile brightly.

"I'm pretty much busy doing nothing here" he says, gesturing to the beach around him.

"As for company, it would be nice to have some. I've got another soda if you'd like one" he offers, already reaching into his expensive looking black leather bag.

She takes a moment to answer, she wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't him, she never seem that comfortable to begin with. "O..ok. Thank you." She nods her head. "You must be rich." She didn't want to say that, it came out of her mouth, because of the expensive looking back. She knew full well not to judge a book by its cover, as she was Rich too, or at least her parents, and she didn't look Rich.

She takes a seat nearby, not too close to Rafferty, yet not too far either. "Sorry, you might not be rich... I shouldn't assume." She frowns and shivers. "I didn't mean to say that." She goes silent a moment more. "I am Venus and... awkward." At least that was honest. She was still holding her right hand at the moment. Her skin, at least on her face, was on the pale side, yet a litle rosy.

Passing the soda to the woman, Rafferty laughs lightly.

"I don't really think of myself as rich, but I do like nice things" he admits.

Someone with a keen eye for such matters would recognise that he is dressed head to toe in designer labels.

"I certainly didn't grow up rich. My family are pretty ordinary, at least in the sense of income and lifestyle."

He studies her face, already detecting the discomfort she seems to be feeling, before she admits as much.

"Don't worry about asking. I'm not offended at all. Is your name seriously Venus?"

His blue eyes go a little wider, as he says the exotic sounding name.

Venus takes the soda. "Thank you." She ends up cleaning it up, with her right sleeve, rubbing it all over, before she opens it. "You have also fine clothes, I think. Might not be." She had seen designer clothes because of her mother, but she couldn't be sure 100% or even if she was, she would still doubt, because she's Venus. "I am Venus..." She seems to hesitate. "De Milo." She starts laughing or anything after she said that.

She ends up taking a sip of the soda, and of course it somewhat manages to go down the wrong tube, and she coughing for a moment, her body shivering again. She couldn't even drink normally, she had to be weird. "I am.. ok.. sorry." She frowns, and it made her pull away a bit, as she figured as time goes he would regret offering her to stay.

"You're welcome" the teen says, the smile still present on his face.

He watches her clean up the can, not thinking it's too out of the ordinary. After all, there were all those stories about rat pee and cans in warehouses.

As she mentions his clothing, he looks down at it, nodding his head.

"Guilty as charged. I do love my designer labels. It's not just about the status though, they really are made beautifully" he explains, though his tone doesn't sound defensive.

As the woman's full name is revealed to Rafferty, he shakes his blond head, the smile turning to full on laughter.

"No way! You're teasing me now" he grins.

"Nobody is called that for real. Apart from the statue anyway. What's your real name?"

His mirth continues, till Venus starts to choke on her drink.

"Oh shit! Are you okay?" he asks, rubbing her back.

"You might wanna take it easy, yeah?"

Venus doesn't really smile much, but there is a slight curve on her lips in the right direction.

"You have the..." Again she hesitates. "face and..." more hesitation. "Physique to wear them. Just don't let them be... you."

The cough happens first before she can answer and when he touches her she literally jumps, not quite to her feet, but a bit like suddenly her as had been on fire, and her right fist goes straight for his nose. She manages to stop it, not even an inch from his nose. Thanks her reflexes again. "Oh shit... I.. I didn't... mean too. Yo... you shouldn't touch... me. I..a... I am sorry." She looks away to hide the tears that were coming into her eyes, from frustration, she was actually liking Rafferty so far. She would answer him about her name, but not right this moment.

It all happens very quickly.

Rafferty looks truly horrified, as Venus flinches in response to his touch.

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable!" he protests.

"I just thought it would help you to stop choking!"

As her fist heads towards his perfectly straight nose, he turns his face sharply to the right, whilst his full lips form into a pout. His piercing blue gaze then fixes itself on Venus, locking eyes with her and giving the woman a look of such intensity, it seems to be enough to force her hand back towards her own nose.

A look of confusion appears on his handsome features and he becomes briefly silent, as he finds himself uncharacteristically lost for words.

"I...don't know what happened" he claims.

"It's the same as with that damn baby."

She still managed to move her head out of the way, as gracefully as a woman mad at herself could, and even her hand stopped righ before where her nose would have been anyway. She wasn't mad at him, she was at herself. "I don't make friends easy, I always fuck it up." This one is said really quickly, instead of the stuttering from before."

The baby thing makes her curious though, and with her eyes a little red from the tears of frustration she looks at him. "What did a baby do to you? Maybe stole your light, because babies are damn cute, when they're not a pooping, puking factory." It was like the slight fighting experience they just shared, if one could call that fighting at all, had made her feel better in a way.

When she is even more calmed down, she says. "I am really Venus de Milo, I have both my arms though, so I win!" She ends up grinning a little.

The young model is greatly relieved at the speed of Venus' reaction. He really doesn't need to add woman beater to his list of other crimes and misdemeanors.

"You mean there's someone who doesn't know about the baby?" he asks, a grim expression on his face.

"Basically a baby came at me like you just did and somehow his fist hit him instead. Some people have been saying I punched him, but my hands didn't go anywhere near his face. Sadly he didn't have reflexes as fast as yours" he sighs.

"I seriously don't know what's happening with it. It's freaking me out. I mean, once could be a fluke, right? But now it's happened again..."

The American's voice trails off, as he circles a long finger around the rim of his soda can.

"You didn't fuck up anything, by the way. I could see you were nervy, so I should have kept my hands to myself. It was just an instinctive reaction to try and help you out" he shrugs.

When she starts to grin, he seems grateful that the tension is broken and he mirrors her facial gesture.

"Your name is officially badass. I mean, talk about giving someone a lot to live up to though. Are you actually a goddess?"

"Parents shouldn't let their baby punch you. If they can't raise him right, then punching himself will be a learning experience that might teach him instead. Who would want to..." Now she hesitates again. "damage such a pretty... you know, face." She shrugs. "Maybe it's a chi thing you know." She looks down. "Thanks for understanding by the way. I am actually... the PC way of saying it is... Mentally ill a... little. I do want to be touched, but I totally don't too." She knew how weird and stupid that did sound.

She didn't say anything more, until he asked her if she was a goddess. That time, her face goes so red. "No not at all. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum of being a goddess. Not me, no sir." she hides her face.

"Yes!" Rafferty enthuses, delighted with Venus' take on things.

"See, I've been thinking the same. Why is the kid trying to punch people at random? You should have heard the cursing on him too. His parents looked kinda shady when I met them, on another occasion and then there was the whole thing with his hair. The first time I met him it was dyed blue and then the time he attacked me, it was dyed bright pink! I mean, what kind of parents do that to their kid's hair?"

He shakes his head in disbelief.

"I really don't know why anyone would want to punch me, Venus. I wasn't harming anyone and my face is vitally important, you know? I'm a model, so I can't be getting cuts and bruises."

The pout is back on his lips, as he thinks back to the horrific incident at the mall.

He glares into space angrily for a moment, before asking "What's Chi? Isn't it to do with balance and energy or something? I have a cousin who is into Chinese Medicine and I swear she mentioned it, or maybe that was Qi" he ponders.

"I'm sorry to hear about your mental illness. There seems to be a lot of it about these days. It's a crazy world, yeah?"

His face softens into a warm smile.

"I hope you can work out your issues, whatever they seem to be. You seem like a nice woman, you know, besides trying to hit me" he teases.

He tries to peek past her hands, as she protects her face with them, but is sure not to make physical contact with her again.

She frees her face. Her grey eyes as intense as ever. "Kids these days. The internet is their parents. And real parents are still kids. So they aren't even done growing up, and they are suppose to teach kids how to behave." She rolls eyes. "I probably never will have kids, and that's ine."

She sighs."I don't use chi myself." Actually she might with the way she can dodge so well, but who knows. "Chi is like a mystical energy, allowing people to do great things, like throw fireballs and such. Maybe you have it so no one can hit your face. It might mean that much to you." She shrugs. "I am no expert though, so don't try to get it in the face to test it out."

Her left hand this time starts shaking a bit and she puts her soda down, to hold it with her right hand."Qi is something else we won't get into."

Mental illnesses are not cool. Those who really have them, wish they would be gone. If you're proud of your mental illness, you're probably not mentally ill." She seems to feel strongly on this, maybe she had bad experiences.

She ends up giving him a bigger smile, though it didn't reach her eyes fully. "Thank you Rafferty, you're really nice. I might make you tired before long, but this is nice." Somewhat she never stuttered once in that bit of talking.

"How old are you, Venus?" Rafferty wonders, as he listens to her talk about the kids of today.

"I'm only sixteen and I think between the two of us, we just managed to sound like two grumpy old folks" he laughs.

He nods along, as she tries to explain Chi to him, but the look in his eyes suggests he doesn't really follow.

"Mystical energy" he repeats. "I don't have any of that, as far as I know, but my face does mean a lot to me."

His hand moves up to stroke it, as he says the words, lingering on its chiseled structure.

"I can't imagine how it feels to be mentally ill" he sympathises.

"I guess I'm lucky that way, in that things don't really get me down for long. I have my moments and my sulks" he admits "but I can usually work my way out of them."

He smiles back at her, taking a sip from his now flat soda.

"I'm glad you think so. You seem really nice too and I'm not tired, of you or anything else. You're right, it's nice."

"I am old enough it would be a little weird if we were to date." She seems to realize what she said. "I am not... you know... saying you would, and... like... I wouldn't either, but... if we were, it could be weird." It seems that's as much he would learn of her age, but he could pretty guess after 25 years old, but before 30, at least that's the vibes her face would give. The clothes she was wearing were hiding a lot of her curves and other things.

After she calms down again, she even releases her hand, she continues."We did sound like that, but our world is mentally ill too, it seems, don't have to be old to realize it."

She ends up talking another sip of the drink, along one, and she manages to take it safely, in the right tube. "You're probably not a fighter anyway. Fighting and modeling don't sound like it would mix well together. Just one broken nose and you're done for, no more modeling. I am guessing anyway."

She then shrugs about the mental illness. "It has been with me ever since I can remember, no one has stuck around, but I am also responsible, I don't only blame them."

Again that smiles, that doesn't reach her eyes fully like she is never totally happy."Thanks. It would be easy for you to just kick me away, you probably have no trouble whatsoever to make friends, or even to make most girls..." She doesn't finish her sentence.

"I love fighting by the way, I can forget all my problems when id o. I even love it a little too much sometimes." She ends up frowning

"You'd be surprised" Rafferty says, with a wink at the older woman.

"The oldest woman I've dated was thirty nine and I'm guessing you're not that old. Although, I don't suppose I was technically dating her, since she was married" he muses.

"Either way, I am currently taken and you're not interested anyway, so there's no need for for us to worry about anything like that."

"You're right though, I don't have trouble attracting friends or romantic interests, but I'm pretty fussy when it comes to both. I only let special people into my life" he states.

"I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy to hang with almost anyone who isn't a jerk, but that's a big difference from getting close to them."

"So you're a fighter then? I really can't think of anything worse" he mock shudders.

"Some models could get away with a broken nose or two, the ones who have the whole rough thing going on. Me? I'm a pretty boy, so it wouldn't really fly."

"Tell me, what do you find so good about it? Is it some roundabout way to hurt yourself or others?"

The expression on his face suggests he's genuinely interested in her response.

Venus ends up chuckling a little. "No I am not that old, and apparently I don't look that old either. It's good for me." She cracks her knuckles, not because she's angry and want to fight or anything, it looks like just a regular thing she does, and it does get a bit loud, the family looks in their direction because of it."

She blushes a bit, when she asks. "Did you fuck her?" She meant the older woman. By her reaction and easy blush, she might feel to Rafferty as if she is still a virgin.

After he answers, or choose not to, she rubs her face a bit and adds with."I would think you can get pretty much any girl to drop her panties for you... if... if you excuse the crude language."

At the fighter question fter things have calmed down, she answrs. "Yea, it gets my blood pumping, I feel alive and more in control. I just try to not get touched" Which might sounds weird in fighting.

She then nods. "Yea you don't have the rough look on you yet. You have the pretty boy baby face. Maybe that baby was jealous..." She doesn't laugh at that, almost like she is serious.

At his last question, she ponders a moment. "I don't feel mentally ill when I fight, hell, I am pretty much a prey all the time, but once I start fighting, I am a predator in some way. When I am full into it, I love hurting people." She closes her eyes tightly. "I love hurting people when I fight, because finally I am better than them in something, I am not the crazy little nothing that people wouldn't look twice at normally." She blinks. "I...I.. I don't know why I said that. That's pretty personal. She lifts her knees to herself, and puts her arms around them, and her face into them. Like she was getting defensive again.

The blond boy looks at the fighter's knuckles, as she cracks them, giving a polite smile to the family, when they glance in the duo's direction. He seems to hesitate before answering Venus' very personal question, but eventually responds.

"Yeah, I did. Several times, as it happens. We had a lot of fun, but it was kinda awkward and me moving here helped me out of the situation. She was my mom's best friend" he admits. "Not that my mom ever knew about it. Can you imagine?"

He smiles to himself, as she continues with her forthright talk.

"You're not as shy as you seem, are you, Venus? Lets just say I'm not short of offers, but the truth is I'm a one girl boy. I flirt like crazy, because, well it's fun" he shrugs.

"I'm not a cheater though and never will be. It just isn't my style.

He listens intently as she explains about her motivation for fighting, his face not giving away his feelings on her revelations. Once she's done confiding in him, he asks calmly "Have you ever thought of getting help?"

His tone doesn't sound judgemental, if anything he seems concerned.

"I don't think it's natural to want to hurt people" he frowns, quickly smoothing out the furrows this creates on his brow, with his long fingers.

"I mean, I totally get the desire to do something that you're good at, that feels natural to you. I'm no star in the classroom or on the sports field, but point a camera at me and I come alive."

He takes in her body language, realising how ill at ease she must feel.

"Don't go worrying about what you've said to me, yeah? I can keep your secrets, if you keep mine."

The dazzling smile is back, as he seeks to give comfort to the clearly distressed woman.

"Is it okay if I ask another question?" he then wonders, before going ahead and asking it anyway, not giving her a chance to reply.

"How do you manage to fight people without getting touched?"

She says from her position. "What would be awkward, is your mother finding out, and then asking the same treatment. Nothing else would weird you out and probably disgust you as much as that."

"Venus sighs. "I am shy and not at the same time." She keeps her face buried in her knees currently, her voice muffled, but she speaks loud enough so he can hear her at least. "I don't have two personalities or anything. I am Venus, and Claudia for example, but I am shy one minute, I am not the next. Things like that. It must sound pretty alien." She tightens her holds against her legs. It has been so long since she could open up to someone like she is doing with him

She takes a deep breath, her body shivering as she does."I tried getting help. I saw a few doctors. I got a pill in the morning, and one at night. Then I was told I was fine. That also was enough for my parents. The doctors said I was fine. But I wasn't. I wasn't fine Rafferty" She lifts her head as she says his name. "It's like someone trying to hurt you, and you put a blindfold over your eyes to feel safe. You're not in a better position, it's just fake. "That's how I felt with my disease. I would take those pills, I would hurt and feel as bad as I was, but I couldn't be sad about it... I wasn't fine." She frowns. "What are you doing to me Rafferty, why does it feel the easiest it has been in a very long time to talk with you" She closes her eyes.

"By the way, it's not natural or right to enjoy hurting people. But I deserve to feel decent sometimes, so I continue to fight, while being careful..." Not even a real pause before she continues."I dodge, that's what I practice most when I fight. I dodge everything I can, I get mad at myself internally when I fail, but I continue. One day I will dodge everything anyone can throw at me. Maybe."She ends up chuckling at that too, before getting serious."Thanks for keeping my secret. Yours is safe with me too."Another part of a smile comes from her.

"Oh jeez, Venus! Don't even go there" Rafferty cringes, holding his hands up, as if he can swat the idea she presented away.

"My mom isn't a weirdo like that and neither am I. It's one thing to desire a woman my mom's age and another to desire my mom."

He puffs out a breath, exhaling loudly and stretches out his long legs in front of him.

"I admit I don't get what you describe fully, because I haven't been there myself. It sounds such a horrible situation to be in and it seems like you haven't been getting the help you truly need. Have you ever spoken to anyone, as well as popping pills?" he wonders. "I mean, besides a sixteen year old schoolboy.

He smiles slightly, after saying these words, putting his now empty can back into his backpack.

"I'm glad you can open up to me and I promise I'm not doing anything to force you to do so. Intentionally anyway, but I feel like you need to talk to an expert or something. One who will truly let you express your feelings. If there's one thing I know, it's that you won't be able to fake it to yourself for long. You can fool others, but if you feel bad, it isn't just gonna magically go away."

"As for the fighting, I'm glad you're careful. I mean, if you're gonna fight, then dodging sounds a smart way to go about it" he laughs, his eyes meeting hers.

"Maybe be less hard on yourself though. There's plenty of people who will try and make life difficult for you, without doing it to yourself."

"I am sorry I've put this image into your head." Venus says, with the beginning of a giggle, but she meant the apology. It's the last she speaks of it too, to further prove her sorry, moving on

I've had enough doctors for a life time. Nature calms me, I travel all over the world, whenever I want. Lucky me I got here today. It's nice to be meeting you."

While she speaks that last bits, she blinks as if realizing something. "Oh, you're that Robot f... Romancer." She corrects herself in the last second. "Sorry, you didn't deserve all the heat you got for that." She nods her head. "Sad a robot is doing a lot better than I am. Or I should say android, she looks human from the picture I saw." She slowly starts lowering her knees down, ready to open again for a moment. "Dodging is awesome, really. You don't get touched, you don't get the pain. But truthfully I get enough pain anyway. I am not good enough yet to dodge absolutely everything."

She doesn't comment about life being difficult, although she is aware she is her worse enemy, but she does ask."My turn to ask a question... how did you became a model? How did it start?"

"I can get the whole nature thing" Rafferty nods. "I mean this, here, now, it's just stunning" he sighs wistfully, his blue eyed gaze taking in their sandy surroundings.

"Traveling too. That's totally cool. It sounds like you have a pretty decent life, besides your issues" he comments.

"It's kinda weird how life works out, isn't it? How you happened to show up on this beach, on this day, otherwise..."

Whatever he was about to say is halted by Venus mentioning the Robot Fucker scandal.

He groans and ruffles a hand through his platinum tresses.

"Did everyone in the world see that thing? I knew I had a lot of followers, but this is getting ridiculous.

He seems grateful for her sympathetic take on the subject, but he eyes her cautiously, as he continues to talk.

"She totally looks human. I had no idea what she was until recently. I mean, I'd kissed the girl and she felt like any other girl I'd kissed. I had no reason to suspect. Now I know, I already have feelings and she's not like the other girls at school. She doesn't get all jealous and over emotional and she's super smart. She calls me out on my shit too" he grins, the look on his face revealing his fondness for his girlfriend.

"As for how I became a model, I was just working at the mall. I had a weekend job there in a clothes store and someone approached me and gave me their card. They said they were from a modeling agency in Los Angeles and I should call them. So I did and they signed me up. My mom and dad were cool about it and drove me around to castings and such. They were used to doing things like that with my sister, because she's a dancer and goes to competitions and such. I got plenty of work and then I was chosen to do a soda commercial in Southtown. For the soda we've been drinking actually" he laughs.

"It did well here and I was offered the chance to move over for the forseeable. The agency offered to pay my school fees and everything. My parents weren't too sure at first, but I managed to win them over" he grins.

"I've been here a few months now."

Venus nods her head. "Nature is the best, everything is worth seeing, and then you can come back later, when it has been a while you haven't been to wherever you were before." She ponders a moment. "That part of my life is good, my parents let me use as much money as I want to travel." She shrugs a bit. "I can go wherever I want, when I want. They accept the fighting too, it keeps me out of their hair." She frowns a bit. "I don't live up to the Venus de Milo's name."

She frowns for him a bit. "It made the news outside of your instagram too. I happened to see it. I don't surf the net that much." She tries to lighten up the whole thing. "She seems very realistic. But is it the weirdest... person you have in your life? I mean keep me in your life long enough and I will become the weirdest for sure."

She suddenly starts scratching her left arm pretty intensely, but it doesn't stop her from keeping the conversation. "Thank you for explaining your modeling path, I was curious how things like that started. How lucky I have real model on the rise right here in front of me." She cocks her head. "You enjoy it here?"

"It's nice to have the money to do that. I know people say money can't buy happiness, but it can often buy freedom" Rafferty remarks, blinking as the afternoon sun appears from behind a cloud.

"What is it they say? There's no such thing as bad publicity. I'm not sure I really believe that, but well..."

He smiles, taking a pair of black sunglasses from his bag and slipping them on.

"I suppose some people would call Nena weird, but to me she's just Nena. Who am I to judge who's weird and whose not? I don't think you're weird really. You're just someone who's trying to do their best, like the rest of us.

He glances at her arm, when she scratches it, but doesn't comment on what she's doing.

"I do enjoy it here, yeah. It's a bit of a culture shock at times, but school isn't too different to back home. There's a lot of Americans who go there."

"If you know what to do with the money, you can be happy. If you just live to make more money without ever using it, then no. No happiness for you." She keeps going, actually hurting her arm, but it couldn't be seen through her sleeve, and she didn't make it bloody enough to seep through the sleeve, not yet anyway. But she spots, with a slight wince, sighing.

Then she hears what he says about Nena, and how even Venus herself is not weird.

"You're sweet Rafferty, If things were different for both of us, you could probably make me drop my panties for you as well." The pinkness comes bck to her cheek as she says that. She indeed could be so 'normal'. "I would go to school here." She says much lower, but I already got my diploma. Got home schooled. It's not as fun as it sounds."

She soon after starts standing up, she wasn't leaving, she was just stretching, and doing some movements. Part of it almost looked like dancing, yet it wasn't quite that. "Do you think you will ever want to learn to defend yourself? Well beside that unusual skill of make people punch themselves? Warranted though. They can leave you alone if they don't want to punch themselves." She chuckles, as she continues her movements, though a bit self conscious at doing it.

"I spend plenty of the money I earn" the boy laughs.

"I've got expensive habits. I save plenty too though, you know, for the future. I want to take acting classes and be able to afford my own place at some point. Maybe get a nice car, once I learn how to drive it."

Although it's not visible behind his dark shades, his eyes go wide at Venus' declaration.

"You sure like to talk about dropping panties" he laughs again.

"I think it's safer for everyone if our panties stay on."

He watches as she gets up and starts performing her stretching routine.

"I don't think I'd have liked home schooling. I think I'd have been so bored with just Phoebe to hang out with. I mean, I love her and everything, but it was nice to spend time with friends."

"Defending myself? Sure, if I ever need to, or if they wanted me to learn it for a movie role or something. Right now I'll stick to relying on my mouth and spooky mystical powers" he jests.

Venus listens to Rafferty more, as she does her things, it was almost like a ritual, like she needed to do it, or at least it's how it looks. "It looks like it makes you happy." She winks a bit shyly, meaning about spending money. "Saving money is nice. I will have plenty of money when my parents die, not that I want them too. They did what they could with me. I don't hate them" She shrugs a little.

After she's about to answer the panties thing when she burst out laughing and it sounds genuine. "Our panties? So you're wearing panties too? It's good to know." She didn't mock him, but he said it, it at least earns him a little tease.

"You wouldn't have liked home schooling." She gets serious again and in her form. "It sucks, but it helps when you have problems being around basically anyone. See I am doing better nowadays. Sorta."

She then ponders, as she stretches as far as she can. "I have a feeling your mouth could get you as much into trouble as it could get you out of it. No offense." She keeps stretching.

"Yeah, I am pretty happy" Rafferty reveals.

"It sounds like your parents are wealthy. Mine aren't, but hopefully I can help them out plenty. I'll be sure to look after them when I'm a famous movie star."

There's no signs he's joking about this statement, it seems he has every confidence it will happen.

"Yep, I'm wearing pink frilly ones" he grins, in relation to the panties.

"They look super cute on me, but they aren't the most comfortable."

He gives a little snort of laughter and then tilts his head to the side.

"What do you mean about my mouth getting me into trouble?" he wonders.

"I haven't been upsetting you have I?" he checks.

Venus nods. "They are. Good thing. I don't think I could make a living out of fighting. Not a living where I travel where I want when I want anyway. Though it sounds a bit cliche, a girl who uses her parents money. Though I know full well I didn't earn it, I just am lucky. Goods thing in my life as well as bad ones, not just bad."

She seems to wonder. "Can you act Rafferty, don't take it wrong, you have the look, you take care of yourself. It's more like I wonder if you have an innate ability to act, or if it;s something you will have to entirely learn." She closes her eyes. "I hope that wasn't insulting." She even turns her head away. "It's like fighting. some need to just learn it, but I am lucky enough to have a natural affinity to it. It's easy for me to learn, at least the basic." Trying to explain why she was asking, then moves on

"Panties in the butt crack are very uncomfortable." She seems to switch around, feeling uncomfortable, then coming out with things like this, then feeling bad. It might seem weird. "Oh no no, you didn't upset me, you're one of the nicest person I've seen in a long time." She takes a deep breath. "It's just you have a way with words, and maybe totally unjustified, but some people good with words, they also have the problem associated with it, when the words make things harder. You know like. "My Nena will kick your ass, so I am not afraid, and then getting beat up for it." Trying to illustrate what she means.

"Yeah, well I figure embrace the luck" the model says, stretching out his limbs. "It's good to focus on the positive things you have going for you. I'm not saying ignore the bad, but if you make the most of what you do have..."

He seems surprised when Venus questions him on his acting skills.

"Well I acted in some school plays, if that counts. I'm gonna make sure I get lessons though and I just know I can do it. I don't just wanna be eye candy and star in a few romantic comedies. I really wanna make a go of things."

His youthful voice brims with passion as he speaks of his ambitions.

"You didn't insult me by the way and I'm glad I didn't upset you. I think what you're trying to say is I might try to smooth talk my way out of situations and it may not work? If so, then you could be right, but I'd still rather do that, than get violent."

He pauses for a beat, then asks "So you know Nena fights then? I suppose it's pretty common knowledge after the tournament she's been in. Her battles are eyecatching to say the least."

Venus nods her head, going still, from her forms. "If I had no good in my life, I would have given up I think honestly. As nasty as it may sound, so I agree with you."

She listens to Rafferty, how passionate he seems to be, and if she worried before for him, she didn't anymore, she knew he would make it work. "All good then, you seem to have a real drive for this, you know what you want."

Then Rafferty proceeds to explain what he understood of what she said and he was pretty spots on."Got it, you're a pretty boy but you don't get insulted easily. You're not exactly a diva then." Her lips curves into a smile again for that. "Nena is in the Ristar tournament. She's having a good sets of wins. Some weren't as easy as others. She's going against Hisako I think next, and she stabbed someone in a fight. Eden or something like that. They both looked scary but Hisako won." Just talking about the fighting stuff, seems to excite her."

"Well we wouldn't want that" Rafferty smiles, as Venus refers to giving up. "Just think, you'd have missed out on the chance to meet me and spend the afternoon together."

When she tells him she has confidence in his future prospects, he nods.

"I do know what I want and I'm willing to do whatever I need to do, in order to get it."

"As for being a diva, some may differ with you there" he laughs.

"I like things my own way, I do admit that much, but no, I'm not insulted easily. I pretty much know who I am and who I'm not, so other people's opinions don't carry as much weight as my own."

He appears impressed by Venus' knowledge of Nena's fighting career. "I suppose you move in the same circles as her, so it makes sense you'd keep up to date with things. I've only actually been to one of her matches and I fainted at that. As for Hisako, yeah, Eden has told me things about her. She sounds terrifying, but I have faith in my girl."

"It could sound full of yourself, but it's actually the honest truth. I feel more comfortable then a lot of people I met recently." Her right hand starts shaking again and she grabs it. It seems to annoy her as everytime one of her hand shakes, she grabs it to make it stop.

"That's the spirit, kick ass" She squeezes a little harder, not that it would really show, unless perhaps he was really attentive to her hand.

"I don't think you are a diva. I am not close to many people to care enough if someone else thinks you are." She gives a wink.

Then she adds."Know thyself and nobody will make you doubt. I wish I did like you."

"I've been following the Ristar. I wanted to participate in it, but I got to them just after the incriptions closed. Nena is doing great, it's really awesome you know her and it's your girlfriend." She then blinks. "You know Eden too. I have no right to say that about someone, but she looks so weird. Is she like that normally?" Thinking it might just be for show. "How many people from the tournament do you? You're like the guy who knows everyone." Again talks about something related to fighting, she seems even more relaxed.

"Well I'm glad you feel at ease around me. I try not to be too scary."

He does notice what she's doing with her hand, but he doesn't draw attention to it further, sensing she may be uncomfortable.

"Hopefully you'll get there one day" he says encouragingly. "Just try and be kind to yourself, yeah?" The dazzling smile is back on display, as he offers his words of advice.

"I don't think it's fair to call Eden weird. She's just being herself as far as I can see and yeah, she's eccentric at times. It doesn't make her a bad person."

He seems far more defensive of his friend, than he was of anything said about him personally.

"I think Tsugumi is still in the tournament, but I haven't been keeping up to date, other than with Nena" he confesses.

"Our paths have crossed a few times. I like her, but I sense she's still making her mind up about me."

Venus says "I could kick your ass most likely if you were scary, but then it would all bounce around, and I would have to dodge myself. That would be quick a fight. Bounce, Dodge, Bounce, Dodge." She can't help but let out a little giggle. "It would be silly." She ease up on her "I try I was way worse when I was younger, then the pills stage, and then now."

I didn't mean anything by it. I call myself weird too. Sor..sorry."A little stutter here. "Miss Tsugumi Sendo is still in the tournament, going againsts Miss Hayley." She seems to know that tournament well."To know three people from the tournament is pretty good. I've met Tsinghua from the tournament, and we even fought. I won." She looks away. "But he also got eliminated in the first round. Not the best right now, but there's something about him." She nods her head.

"So you are here alone. Is it by choice, or everyone else is busy... Well you're not here alone because I am here, but you know." She ends up chuckling.

"Yup, you probably could kick my ass" the teen admits, without any hint of embarrassment. "Unless, my weird super powers kick in, like you say" he grins.

He shrugs off her apology, not seeming really offended.

"Well, thanks for the update. I'm glad she's still in and doing well. Maybe her and Nena will meet in the final and make it a school battle" he suggests. "I don't know the Tsinghua guy, but congrats on your victory."

He briefly glances at his phone to check the time and then looks back at Venus.

"A bit of both, I suppose. I could have found company if I really wanted it, but the three most obvious candidates were all busy, or four if you count cats."

She grins as well. "Without that weird power, certainly. With, probably not, unless I would figure out how to bypass it. Not that I want to beat you up."

she waves her hand dismissively. "It's no problem. I have a pretty good photographic memory, and that tournament is interesting, so I have all positions in my head."

She then stretches a bit. "Tsinghua was a very nice guy, until he got nasty, wanting to fight. I must have offended him or something. Something about I wasn't really there for nature." She shrugs. "I was really there, but the fight was nice." She licks her lips a little, as it brings back memories.

She then looks at him, clearing her head, at least of the fight. She doesn't push further about cats, but she does say. "Well if you want to be alone just let me know. I enjoy being with you, honestly, even if I may do things to the contrary, but I understand wanting to be alone too."

"I should probably be going actually" Rafferty decides.

"If I head off now, I'll have time for a nap before Nena comes over for movie night. I woke up really early today and I think I might fall asleep, if I don't get some more rest first" he explains with a yawn.

Getting to his feet, he dusts the sand from his black shorts and collects his belongings. He moves to reach a hand out to Venus and then quickly retracts it, remembering about her fear of touch.

Instead she gets a smile and some parting words.

"It's been a pleasure to spend time with you, Venus de Milo. Maybe our paths will cross again some time in the future."

A brush of the hand through the hair, an adjustment of the shades and the model is on his way, leaving his companion for the afternoon behind.

"Ok, that's fair. Thank you for your time, it was interesting and nice Rafferty." She smiles at him and it was the most genuine of them all. She is grateful he is not touching her, but he still gets a pat on the shoulder, albeit with a gloved hand, but still a pat. "Maybe we will see one another in the future, as you said." She watches him leave, but she stays behind to look at the ocean, getting lost in her thoughts.

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