Makai - A Monstrous Outing

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Description: A new Darkstalker begins to prowl the streets of Southtown, but might she bite off more then she can chew in her first attempt to hunt? (Jae Hoon vs Ichika)

It's a nice day!

The kind of bright and sunny day that warrants a content little stroll through Southtown.

As a foreigner still trying to get the layout of the city, Jae Hoon has been spending most of his free time adventuring. However, between school, fighting in the Neo League, working his new part-time job at the Spilt Bean, getting a new pet hamster (who he has fondly named Bomi), and training, he's a fairly busy kid, so it is somewhat challenging to make time for a leisurely walk that is not constituted as part of his training. It so happens that today is a day off from all of those things - save for maybe the hamster - so he has gathered up a small backpack full of snacks, books, and other such things to help feed his touristy inclinations.

Having just fought in a decently tough match against Mitsuru just the day before, he sports a couple fat bandages on his bare forearms to cover up some of the less-than-pleasant scrapes he obtained. It is quite the look, but not uncommon by the likes of the folks of Southtown, so he should fit in like a glove for the most part...

Except, on today's wanderings, the Korean teen comes upon the business district, where he most definitely sticks out with his bandaged arms, t-shirt, and jeans. This is not an area he figured he would come upon, with its immaculate skyscrapers, fancy-dressed suitors, and almost-sparkling spotless streets. Clearly, the city government works hard to upkeep the cleanliness of this sector. Kind of makes sense, given the likely importance of it.

Or the price of its inhabitants who could probably sue if their standards aren't met.

Either way, he ignores any pointed stares regarding his humble appearance as he peruses the sidewalk, bubble tea in hand, merrily enjoying the day. Casually, he eventually stalks through a back alley way to check out any run-of-the-mill restaurants or pit-stops along the inner strip, unsuspecting and innocent in his search.

Jae is in a great mood! Nothing could possibly go wrong today!

Indeed, it's a beautiful day. Warm, yet not to excess; the sun thrums down from above, and even the dangerous looking mafiosi seem slightly less inclined to drag someone off for a beating if they are randomly slighted. The area that Jae Hoon currently prowls is less inhabited; off the main beat of foot traffic, the youth wouldn't precisely be alone, but there's an air of more isolated vulnerability then one usually would get in the midst of a populated city center.

Yet then, Jae Hoon likely catches a sound in the air. A woman, crying for help. Tinged with despair. It's down an adjacent alley; it's not particularly desperate, likely a good sign about whatever situation lurks unknown ahead. It seems that this particular spot is a distribution hub for a number of high-need businesses, leading Jae Hoon relatively far from commercial storefronts and active streets.

The source of such seems to be a slight woman, not even five feet tall. Both of her arms appear to be clinging to a man of rather menacing proportions; dressed like a gangster, in flashy and expensive clothes. Immediate first impressions are that she's being attacked; the bleach-tipped 'aggressor' is slumped forward, arms... very loosely on her shoulders. Actually, a very attentive gaze might see a number of things wrong with this encounter.

"Help... I'm..." The girl then casually shoves forward. The limp body of the gangster falls away, hitting the ground at an uncomfortable splay of angles like a marionette with the strings cut off. Only then does she lick her finger, peering sidelong towards the new arrival.

"Still hungry..." She's clearly a demihuman; the animal-type Darkstalker often prejudiced, due to small numbers and countless not always inaccurate assumptions. Round brown ears jut from a short bob-cut, frame rather sinuous and long-bodied with an excess of brown tail flowing behind, capped in black. Wearing a rather risque black and silver kimono, the sort popular in the clubbing scene.

Whether Jae Hoon paid attention to the muted reports of someone fitting this description attacking people or not is another question... but the sharp, hard stare she would level could only be called dangerous and predatory.

Hm. This shop looks interesting! Maybe he could step inside and take a peek --

Forget that plan, because his attention is immediately stolen elsewhere. Like a moth to a flame, the youthful teen perks his earth-coloured irises in the direction of the distressing noise. A woman shrills, likely not far from here, and before he knows it, he is kicking off the ground in the direction of its source.

Into an adjacent side street he sprints, halting at the sight of the woman seemingly being assaulted by a rather menacing looking presence. A man hovers over her, apparently preparing an attack on her person... until, he suddenly is not, because he's collapsing to the ground like a used toy, limbs splayed about in a rather distorted fashion.

What the...?

No, Jae Hoon isn't aware of such creatures stalking the streets, which is quite odd for someone like him. In truth, it is because he hasn't been set up with cable yet, so don't mind him as he just gawks for a moment. Simply put, this creature is unlike anything he has ever laid eyes on before. She appears to be positively ravenous, which doesn't bode well for someone who just walked in on a dude getting his insides turned into dinner.

In most circumstances, the Kim scion is often inclined to involve police. There are just some criminal activities he shouldn't interject himself in. But, he is here, and that thing is there, looking as though she may pounce his bones at any given second. If she leaves the secluded darkness of the alley, who knows what she will seek out for her next victim.

That would just be completely unacceptable!

Blue-ebony strands trickle into his face, concealing an eye from plain view. Maybe he appears threatening. Maybe not. Regardless, Jae steels himself, with fists balled at his sides. With all nerves swallowed, the driving force of justice rises to his throat, forcing him to speak. "Who are you? What have you done to that man?!"

This certainly doesn't feel like a mundane incident; there's a clear air of the unnatural. The way her grinning mouth has too many sharp, pointy teeth, for one. Her fingernails seem painted a steel gray, with an odd, porous sheen that seems more akin to steel then anything else. A slow once-over is given of Jae Hoon, curious. An appraisal transient of the simply physical, into the vibrant dance of his soul.

"Ooh...? You're not bad. Someone raised you well. Hee... nobody told me the world now was so interesting...! Back then, there might be one boy like you in an entire village, if lucky...! Maybe because they were so appealing?" She skips somewhat in the direction of Jae Hoon. She has no stance, that can be seen. Attention distracted. If she's a fighter, the technical aspects ingrained into the youth show in that regard, he's almost certainly well above.

"My name is Ichika! I'm just living my nature. I'm hungry... I eat souls... that's fine, right? Right? It's not like I'm a human!!" She's still approaching, at a sedate rate that might not be comfortable. Round ears swiveling to and fro, speed of her tail picking up in swishing as crimson, inhuman eyes grow larger, iris slowly compressing together like a cat.

Just what IS this transient being? Like seriously.

While Jae Hoon is absolutely uncomfortable being in her presence, there is no indication of it on his handsome features. Inwardly, he does feel a twisting and turning of his soul, as if it is trying to resist the thing that is steadily advancing toward him. Her being here truly feels as though he stands among a lightless place chock full of deranged, maniacal energy.

Certainly haunting, in some respects.

Still, she approaches. The lean fighter stiffens somewhat, as if he is on edge - which he most definitely is. If this creature decides he is her next meal, then his guard shall be up in preparation to defend himself. No way in hell he will allow himself to be overcome.

At least, not without a proper fight.

Not bad? Jae doesn't know what she is talking about. At least, not at first. However, through her continued talking does he glean the fact that she must be some ancient existence. There really is no telling just how old she is by glancing over her features, but her past-tense speech is enough of an indicator. Also, this means she likely has some incredibly strong abilities that have been honed over time.

Oh boy. What is he getting himself into here?

A frown splits his face now as this Ichika inches closer. "If you are going around hurting people by stealing their souls, then you are a threat to humanity." He proooobably doesn't sound too menacing right now, does he? Oh well. At least give him credit for trying! "You should leave this place!"

"A threat to humanity...?" Ichika says, shifting to press her paws behind her back. An almost coquettish stance, pausing to scuff the ground with a bare foot. Toes have the same, odd look of metal upon them. "No no no. Even if I wanted to, I'd never be THAT. It'd be like saying an anteater is a threat to an ant's existence. Heck... even a hive," She gestures to the city around her, spinning briefly in place. "Won't die just because an anteater lives near. Right? Right? There's plenty of humans to go around! What... is it that big of a deal that you might be another's prey? Go deep into a jungle, or roam a savannah, and that's already the case!"

She then twists, to face Jae Hoon directly. "Are you saying I'm not natural...? I was born into this world, just like you! ANYWAY. I'm not here to chat... umm, philosophy." That toothy grin returns. "I'm here to play, and to eat...~"

Then, she moves. Well, most like. A rush of chi is distinctly evident; wind. It seems to whirl around her, vastly amplifying her motions; it might be difficult for Jae Hoon to keep track of her visually as she snaps above. Before... her fingers shift. Each becomes a nearly meter-long sickel, wickedly curved and splaying out. They drop down with unrestrained savageness; and regardless of how Jae Hoon might deal with it, the ground behind and around him is neatly cut, rippling out almost two meters behind; there are no cracks, an oddly unblemished inch-wide line that is too deep to see the bottom as the giggling Ichika balls up and attempts to flit backwards away from Jae Hoon afterwards...!

COMBATSYS: Ichika has started a fight here.

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Ichika           0/-------/-------|

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Jae Hoon         0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0           Ichika

Well, given Ichika's response, there is absolutely no doubting the fact that she is some sort of non-human entity. No mistaking the hungry gaze as it earlier glossed over his features as if he were some delectable meal awaiting her.

Sorry, but Jae Hoon is definitely not about that!

"That may be so, but that doesn't make what you're doing okay. Humans are not some snack for you to chew on." Reasoning with her is fruitless, however. Their conversation is cut short so that she may advance towards him, chi swelling so intensely that he could almost sense its presence. Not a moment later, he feels it.


Ichika flies up, movements so swift he barely has time to react at all. Sliding one strap of his backpack down the length of one arm, the young Kim ward attempts to slough out of it. In doing so with his other arm, he barely allows himself a moment to actually get away. Clutching his belongings inward, he leaps..

And the effort fails, however the impact is not substantial.

His foot is caught up in the savage swipe of razor-sharp digits as they descend earthward. A cut splices into his calf, a few inches above his ankle, but it is something of a surface wound that gushes a smidgen of blood as his toes touch down some meters away.

Glancing in his wake does he see the imbedded markings this attack deposited into the ground. Even the leftover body of the man gets sliced up, and the remains are rather unsightly. Considering himself rather lucky, the lithe fighter plants himself firmly and returns a steady gaze up at the demihuman; sudden determination rising like an overflowing volcano, he tosses his bag to a nearby dumpster bin to free up his load.

"I don't know what you are, but I'm going to make sure you don't harm anyone else!" Jae Hoon kicks off, dashing towards the predicted spot that Ichika might land. Rearing his leg up, he will launch himself up adjacent to her and, igniting his calf with amber chi flames, would attempt to send an aerial high kick into her midsection.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon successfully hits Ichika with Hien Zan ES.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1           Ichika

Looks are at least somewhat deceiving. This Darkstalker has the basic shape of a human... beyond the tail and ears, or other subtle indications. It's not surprising that such a look is rare, to those not within certain public channels. The Makoto Nanaya's of the world are still trying to trailblaze a positive image! Yet there's genuine surprise from the kamaitachi that her strike is only glancing... landing in a crouch, bracing herself with a hand. "Ooh...? I didn't intend for you to evade like that..."

Clearly, she is not taking this seriously; it is like a game to the girl. Her own pace is sedate, nearly playful, and she was too distracted by the scent of more interesting blood. Her gaze lifts to see Jae Hoon's flame-shrouded foot already in motion. There shouldn't be time to do anything... he has her. What might surprise the taekwondo expert is that she -- does move.

In the wrong direction.

With a brief shimmer, Ichika briefly displaces... and as a result, the blow strikes her much harder then intended. She had almost no guard, and there was not an excess of restraint in that technique. The feel of her crumpling around Jae Hoon's foot is likely surprising; did he kill or break her? Was she much weaker then he thought? The kamaitachi flies backwards, bouncing once off the alley and then crashing into the side of a dumpster, leaving a modest dent.

Her mouth is agape, eyes wild, doubled over briefly. But there's a billow of wind, as she violently moves once more, gripping the side of a building up high. Both her toes and fingers shifted to razor-like hooks, easily clinging to the stone. A burn upon the belly of her kimono, wound beneath looking unkind. "Tch...!! What, what was that...?! How rude...!!" Have martial arts progressed this much? Jae Hoon should not have been that forceful, quick or refined based on her assessment... technique and willpower, alas, have no correlation! Heels dig in, whirling with energy, an unnatural feel of wind rippling through the enclosed alley.

Then she kicks off, launching herself forward again. Two, three brief images of her, darting side to side. Then launching herself straight forward, twisting to impact her heel into Jae Hoon's stomach with a monstrous expression of pained rage. Her technique is almost literally non-existent... yet her wind-amplified movements are very hard to track, and the raw power she has needs no further assistance!

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon just-defends Ichika's Aggressive Strike!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1           Ichika

Honestly, even Jae Hoon is mildly surprised by the impact hsi foot has to the side of Ichika's face. Is she just that fragile that she might have crumbled under the pressure of such a kick? Well, no matter. The side of the dumpster has met with her now, with a generous sized dent in the thin metal frame. Good enough.

Seeing that she is sufficiently stunned for the moment, his movements slow a little so that he may get once more glance back at the destruction that the first attack had left. Aware of the split concrete under his feet, his weight shifts warily in the soles of his sneakers. Best to avoid those the best he can.

Keen peripherals catch sight of a split-second movement. Head snaps in the direction of the dumpster, finding... no Ichika sprawled out there. Another glance brings him to where she clings to the side of one of the towering buildings above them. She certainly is looking a little worse for wear, and more than a little pissed.


"Rude?" he asks, sinking defensively. "You're the one who attacked me!" Wait. Why is Jae Hoon trying to reason with a demicreature?

Better not, when she is soaring toward him, whirling with gusts of wind-like energy that practically engulf her entire form; indeed, it is not easy to spot. It is fortuitous that the young Kim scion has been in many matches as of late, otherwise he might lose sight of its fast-paced trajectory. Closer, closer still...! That heel serves to drive itself right smack into his centre, but Jae isn't having any of that. Swiftly, he maneuvers his palms to deflect the incoming blow in its entirety.

Lithe frame slips from her immediate sight, but not escaping proximity, he begins to raise his outer leg and swing it around with incredible finesse. There is absolutely no doubt he is proficient in Taekwondo's artform with a true-aimed kick such as this. And, should this hit connect? The kick will slam right into her cheek, sending her away from him once more.

COMBATSYS: Ichika blocks Jae Hoon's Shou-Kyaku Hou.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1           Ichika

A face hit probably would have hurt less; the attempted evasive leap that lead to the strike right into her vulnerable ribs is the whole reason the hapless kamaitachi ended up rather messed up. Still, it's clear that his attacker is fully sentient, if not entirely human-seeming. How that might mix with expectations of society and empathy is another matter entirely...

If ever Jae Hoon wondered the point of relentless, rote repetition-training, it's probably here. Reacting to the girl through sheer reflex might not be sufficient; in raw movement, she probably well outclasses the boy. Yet the enormous gulf in practice, skill, and technique... were the kick more refined, using less brute power, it might not be so casual to shrug away, easily diverted so that reckless impact instead billows into the empty air.

She's definitely open, until -- snap! Her tail sweeps down, the lithe limb hitting the top of Jae Hoon's shin. It stalls it long enough for her arms to whip up and properly block, the blow sending her skidding backwards instead. Lips peel back to bare teeth that look nothing like a human's now; her expression seems feral, lines like whiskers upon either cheek. Her right arm flicks backwards, before past the elbow her entire forearm and hand whisks into a massive scythe. Wind whirls around her, making the ground tremble.

SLING! There's a split second feel of a breeze, before the ground parts open. A much thicker line, a few inches, ripples up. A dumpster is past Jae Hoon, and despite being made of industrial metal, parts like butter, followed by the dense concrete and rebar wall behind, dull THUNK of neatly cutting material running almost four meters high. Muffled shouts are from within, from employees who probably didn't expect /that./

"WHAT IS THIS!" she calls out, looking towards the rooftops. "YOU SAID I WOULD EAT MY FILL IN THE WORLD AS IT IS NOW!!" It's not really clear who she's talking to. There's not really any sign, nor sense, of any kind of spectator...

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon just-defends Ichika's Slicing Wind ES!

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Many years has it taken for this fair-skinned scion to be able to calculate the difference between finesse and power. In this instance, his focus had been on ensuring the aim, but not entirely the power coming through it. He wanted to hit enough to bounce her away from his general proximity, and it did so, quite successfully. Those long tails smack down on the heel of his foot, creating a substantial force that not only sends her away, but also has him staggering a little to regain his footing. Her following response to such a collision earns him a rather loathing glare, with animalistic fangs barring in a threatening manner meant to disarm him.

Mostly, it serves to disgust. To him, a creature of this nature generally exists with a load of deranged issues, and whether that is the reality for Ichika or not, he does feel a growing empathy for her; he knows better than to lean on such emotions, however. Such things would be far more detrimental to him in this fight than anything else, given the fact that is up against someone far beyond his current understanding.

All right. Focus, Jae Hoon. Regain your center.

Feet planting solidly to the earth beneath him and fists raising up to eye-level, he poises himself into a deeply defensive stance. Brown irises peer up through ebony eyebrows, across the expanse of space that lingers between the two fighters, and there, he finds the demihuman is motioning for another attack. Through some bewildering chi, or magic, or whatever, her arm transforms right before his very eyes, and with this newly formed creation does she advance. A quick take around the space in which he stands tells him that he doesn't have many places he could just get out of the way here, especially because he is just noticing he is backed against a wall. The fierce wind rustles him, even at this distance, but he stands like an unwavering boulder. Bad place to be, Jae.

Steady now...

One more second...

Jae Hoon figures he will just block it, and... somehow? As he swiftly spins around to close the distance a little so that he may deflect, the gales meant to pierce through his skin just... don't. By some miracle, the inherently dangerous wind-infused attack feels like a cold gentle breeze on a summer day; just eliciting a shiver from him! Yet somehow, it splices through the cold concrete behind him as if it is warm butter?

Unscathed. No blood. Nadda.

How the...? Poor people inside the building behind him! Well, whatever. He isn't going to question it further.

Instead, using the sliver of a chance her slight tantrum offers, the lithe form peels out from underneath the charred marks in the wall and darts off to the immediate right. Outside of her line of sight, he hopes to catch her off guard by sticking a nice ol' kick right into her ribcage. A crescent kick aims where he hopes for it to land, intent on erupting her with amber flames while simultaneously sending her skyward should it land.

Either through desperation, adrenaline, or perhaps a now thoroughly lost sense of cockiness, the kamaitachi is no longer acting in a manner either playful or relaxed. Frustration wells even deeper within her as a fierce application of raw wind chi, a point of pride for the creature, ends up only damaging the surroundings. All of this, and she's barely cut the youth...! Apparently, shouting to the proverbial heavens does not quite make her quite so vulnerable this time.

Almost as if in slow motion, her head twists as Jae Hoon moves. As flame begins to ignite in the savage kick, wind shimmers up in a literal veil about the demihuman. Causing her features to be faded and soft. In a FOOF! she launches herself straight upwards, and that heel snaps into empty space, not even close to brushing against her retreating tail. Has she dialed up her evasiveness even more?!

"Enough... enough games!!" she growls, now... hanging in the air nearly level with the buildings, half-curled like a feline preparing to pounce. She can fly?! It seems to be the case! Before without warning, she shoots down like a half-furred missile. Landing on the ground on all fours, directly before Jae Hoon, a sudden impact of wind whirls around her like some trailing sonic boom; the concrete cracks beneath splayed metal claws, an inch long of wicked metal.

But it's a feint. A moment later she vanishes again, moving so quick even she has little sense of where she is. Behind. SHINK! Above!! Shink! Finally she attacks, and of all places, from dead ahead -- aiming to strike into Jae Hoon's torso, and drive him upon the ground on his back. Brutal scythes ripple out from her hands, trying o sink deep into his side and bicep, as she twists down to *snap* her teeth into his shoulder with monstrous canines. A well of wind builds up, before a great burst makes to send her flying backwards to a safe distance...!!

COMBATSYS: Ichika successfully hits Jae Hoon with Hurricane Rush.
- Power hit! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Ichika

The kick... it didn't even land!

She is soaring clear up into the sky, further than a hairsbreadth away and entirely out of his reach. Suspended, she remains so for only a short moment, in which he uses the time to regain balance back on both his feet before she fires off like a shot.

In the seconds of impact, where the ground seems suddenly severely weighted by something much larger than Ichika herself, Jae Hoon stumbles back slightly in an attempt to avoid losing balance over the jagged cracks in the concrete. Entirely feral in nature she is, unlike anything he has fought against before, and quite honestly? He's getting the inkling that he has bitten off more than he can chew here...

This is mostly confirmed. How? Because she is zipping in and out of sight so quickly that there is absolutely no way the Korean teen is able to track what from where. Zaps at his peripherals would turn his head one way or another, finding nothing no matter where he looks. It is only in the last possible moment that he can see /anything/, and it is barely the image of her form as she flies dead on into his torso.

The momentum air whooshes from his lungs. "Urk!" he gasps as back collides with ground. Not a second later, pain. It feels as though his left bicep is being pierced right into the muscle itself, though not entirely through to the concrete below him. Spleen is not pleased either, as razor-sharp claws dig into his side. Hot blood seeps from both wounds, staining his clothes. To top it off, vicious fangs sink into the soft tissue of his shoulder and tearing through the thin fabric of his shirt, eliciting a pained guttural noise from his throat.

Seriously, ow!

A slight splatter of crimson hits his face, painting his cheek and neck. However, as Ichika lifts off with another burst of wind, he doesn't keep himself splayed on the ground for long. The aching pain serves as a motivation to keep himself moving, lest he be slowed entirely and left vulnerable. He will not stall out here. Up he gets onto his feet, bloodied and battered, but resolve shining in earthly brown eyes.

With nothing kind to say, he rushes forth with a fierce cry, enclosing on her dead-on with one leg propped (definitely not the one corresponding to his injured side), he will attempt to sink a kick into her sternum and send her flying into the nearby wall!

COMBATSYS: Ichika dodges Jae Hoon's Medium Kick.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Jae Hoon         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Ichika

That instinct which so greatly rewarded Jae Hoon before is what the kamaitachi tries to leverage against him now. It's not as if she has never fought someone of talent before, rare though it is... a proper swordsman could cut her down if she merely charged. Disorienting them briefly has oft worked, and she is rewarded here when her attack is finally leveraged.

That bite, though; it's... hungry. If Jae Hoon had any lingering doubts about the nature of his opponent based on her humanoid appearance, when she surges away with a near-purr of satisfaction, that should be gone. This is a predator. Not a serial killer, not a sadist; someone trying to EAT him. It is not a situation modern humans oft find themselves in, to say the least.

There is plenty of time to stand again, tentatively. She is savoring, slowly licking lips and fingers clean. "Like I thought... your soul is delicious...! You'd be the highlight of my year in my old hunting grounds!!" Yet here, Jae Hoon is a bit too direct. She's watching him keenly as he rushes, and there might be no surprise when his kick hits nothing. For a brief moment, potential confusion, as an after-image of wind remains, offering no mass for his heel to pass through.

This time, there is no delay. She is behind Jae Hoon, and already attacking. Her foot arching in a brutal crescent, aiming to take the youth in the side of the head with savage, unrestrained force. Toenails curled into blades, intent on cutting in as she lets out another laugh, somewhat breathless; that earlier kick still has her staggered. "Come, come!! You defended so WELL before!! This can't be your first battle for survival, can it?!"

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon interrupts Medium Kick from Ichika with Shakka Shuu EX.
- Power hit! -

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jae Hoon         1/-----==/=======|=======\====---\1           Ichika

Another miss. Is his calculations just that inaccurate, or is this girl just incredibly more adept than he is giving her credit for? So easily, she leaps away from his assault, which in turn staggers him slightly toward the opposite wall with no mass to collide into.

There is not a moment for pause, really, as she unrelentingly goes in again. In the split seconds between his feeble recovery and Ichika's incoming blow, quite suddenly, there is a foreign energy bursting from his core. The heat of it is familiar in that it belongs to some nature of chi, but it is not alike to the kind he harnesses in his own power.

It feels... sickly.

Burns in his veins, even.

Thoroughly confused by its presence, he almost misses his chance to retaliate. Unwilling as he is to be taking another hit from her, Jae Hoon simply isn't done here. Most definitely not about to let some bout of strange energy stop him from holding his ground, either. If anything... the leg rising up feels imbued with it. As if his pores are seeping its properties out over his fair skin.

Driving his heel in a backward swinging motion, it burrows into that crescent kick so intent on reaching his head, though the momentum does cause bladed nails to graze along his nape, slicing the skin in a three-lined jagged cut. A sting of pain. Pushing through, and with an opening presented to him, the lithe fight repeatedly forces her out of his perimeter by way of one singular side kick. One, two, three, right into the chest, sternum, and gut. With each contact of his foot does the ooze of green chi smear, until it ebbs away into nothingness.

At least, the awareness of it falls to the wayside of his conscience.

As he regains his footing, the earlier wounds mercilessly throb. Certainly, the one at his side has torn open further, gushing dribbles of blood down one thigh, now staining denim. A palm presses tight to the injury in an attempt to staunch it.

Dammit... those bites hurt.

Ah; Ichika had not expected that.

Her own leg connects with Jae's own, a grimace of discomfort as strange energy burns acrid upon bare shin. For a brief moment she competes -- a mistake. It is a decisive loss, as she cannot keep up her momentum long; while a skilled kick, from proper balance and technique, drives through. The first kick slams home, starting to send her away. Yet two more dart out to drive in, each sizzling like a viper from the odd energy.

She hits the ground a few meters away, briefly rolling. A few foot-shaped burns are now upon the front of her kimono, as she makes a thoroughly distasteful expression. "Hck...! W-what is this...!!" She glances at her hand, where a final wisp curls away. "...this isn't you!!" She sounds very sure of that, and fairly unhappy. "Disgusting. Disgusting!!"

The kamaitachi rises, then almost collapses back to her knees. Two hits, and she's in this state? It's seeming her jailor was correct after all. This land is full of intensive meals... if she does not become one first. A brief hop upwards follows, before wind billows her damaged dress as she hovers in place, tail angrily twining behind. Ankles press together, both palms gently impacting as if in prayer.

The air in the entire alley feels heavy, then. As her own chi begins to infuse it, building up to a level of power that might not have been expected even with all she's shown prior. Crimson eyes slit in concentration, the scent and feel of a storm beginning to rage; debris, trash, and bits of chipped stone start whirling around.

Before a snarl leaves Ichika, as a great torrent of wind suddenly erupts like a tornado straight up, wherever he was standing or attempting to evade. It rages fiercely, shaking the ground, sound of distant breaking glass as she unleashes her elemental rage for a few long, intense seconds before exhaling, sagging mid-air as it violently displaces and leaves broken, cracked ground beneath...

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon just-defends Ichika's Cyclone!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jae Hoon         1/----===/=======|====---\-------\0           Ichika

Ichika is right. That strange power... it is not his. The chi he harnesses is quite obviously flame-based, so where did this unstable burst of energy come from, exactly?

Ichika is right. That strange power... it is not his. The chi he harnesses is quite obviously flame-based, so where did this unstable burst of energy come from, exactly?

Something to remain befuddled over, despite already carrying out his action against her and seeing the after effects of the lingering wisps of disintegrating chi.

Holding himself up, stamina remaining, the teen glares across the expanse of space to where the kamaitachi fights to maintain herself whole. Jae Hoon understands that luck is really working in his favour, but that can only last for so long...


Atmosphere choking in, the air whirls about, swirling steadily more violent in the air, until it begins to resemble the formation of a tornado. Where his clothing isn't soaked through with blood, the fabric ruffles with the intense wind. Dark fringe billows in a slight halo around his head. Jae watches in mild awe as the magnificent chi builds upon itself, blowing so wildly that he thinks he may not escape whatever is threatening to blow out from this attack. The force of it can is tangible, radiating outward, powerful and raw.

Quite suddenly, the concrete beneath him vibrates. It rattles his legs, wobbles him, but recognising that there is absolutely no way he can evade an all surrounding attack such as this, he plants his soles down firm. Waiting. Grounded, his forearms tuck in, and then...


The air /rips/ around his ears, a storm so enormous he swears his eardrums would break from the sheer ferocity of the noise. Gales so powerful bowl into him as they rise; he takes off from where the force begins to creep up underneath him, sending himself airborne... and then he crouches mid-air. Knee tipped up, he notes the direction the closest whirlwind is spinning and, with a surge of his own energetic chi acting as something of a barrier between himself and the assault, swirls about to bat it away with a clean and true blocking roundhouse.

Unscathed once more, the lithe fighter rotates through the air to where Ichika stands unhindered by her winds. Then, using this momentum, he will burst up with a high kick aiming right for the underside of her chin. Should it succeed, she will fly into the air with him following suit to bring down a fiery crescent kick over her crown that will smack her earthbound. The circular motion will allow for him to hit the ground with his palms, digits splayed, into a flip that would send him out of her proximity to the spot nearest the dumpster. Once there, Jae Hoon clumsily stumbles back into the industrial sheet metal, bloodied bicep and torso aching from the remnants of her previous blows. He leans there for a moment, catching deep breaths to work himself through the pain.

COMBATSYS: Ichika dodges Jae Hoon's Ryuusei Raku.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jae Hoon         1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0           Ichika

Ah... this is no good.

He's too skilled. Again and again, this stupid human proves to be beyond her reach. It's not a matter of speed, or strength, or energy levels... she outclasses him in all of those, were the metrics so simple! What began as an ecstatic expression quickly fades, ears going flat, when the distorting wind reveals the hazy form of Jae Hoon, the only damage to his outfit and her pride.

"..." She's not going to win. In fact, she's already spent far more energy then she regained on that bite. ...delicious though it was. "I'm not ready for you..." she suddenly purrs. "...not yet." Still hovering in the air, the taekwondo expert hurtles towards her; yet, once again, the direct assault fails. She suddenly darts straight down, landing in a crouch as he flings overhead. While the youth recovers from the assault, she gathers up chi once more -- yet there's little aggression there. "I will stop being picky... recover my strength... and then I'll remember the smell of your blood. The TASTE of it... I'll be back...~"

Then, with a ripple of air, the kamaitachi... shoots straight up. Intent on just flying away, in a direction that someone more terrestrial-restricted would have no hope of following her!

COMBATSYS: Ichika takes no action.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jae Hoon         1/---====/=======|=====--\-------\0           Ichika

Fully prepared to muster up the slowly whittling stamina remaining in order to continue the fight, the last thing the young Kim ward really expects is for the Kamaitachi to outright back out of the scene. In fact, the mere suggestion that she would remember him solely by the taste of his /blood/ is kind of... off-putting and honestly a very strange way to recall someone, but he digresses as he watches her flit off into the darkness of the alley. Up, up, flying out of reach does she go, until she leaves his immediate sight.

For a moment, Jae Hoon lays suspended against the side of the dumpster, earthly irises blinking up the pathway she had taken, knowing full well there is no way he can pursue her. Certainly not in the condition he is in.

It isn't like he is in the worst state of affairs ever, but it likely is not wise for him to go chasing the creature that intends to basically eat him alive.

Well, it is a lucky day for him that he gets to walk away with only a few cuts and a nice chomp to his shoulder. A shame he has nothing to cover up the bloodied shirt, though.

"Well... that was something. Didn't expect my day to go like that at all." Sighing, fatigue sort of settles over him like a soft blanket. Moveable, however, he wanders to the bag so kindly disposed of and halves himself to grab hold of a strap. Before hefting it over an uninjured shoulder, he digs in a pocket for his cellphone. The first thing he does with said phone is ring his best friend, but it turns over to voicemail after a time. Not bothering to leave a message, Jae Hoon then pulls up an internet search on the screen, lending to his ability in finding the nearest pharmacy so he may grab medical supplies which, oddly enough, he doesn't have on his person? Weird for a fighter who carries a knapsack.

Sloughing off as much of the pain as he can, the Korean teen meanders slowly, carefully, out of the alleyway. Occasionally, a cautious glance shoots back over his shoulder, lest she come leaping after him while his back is turned. Reckoning he is safe enough, he pursues the walkway to the main road, effectively startling any citizens who had been casually strolling along, enjoying their day and probably not expecting some roughed-up teenager to come meandering by.

Best to get those supplies and head on home to treat his wounds. His poor hamster friend will be in for quite the surprise when she sees him.

If hamsters even paid attention to that sort of thing...

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon takes no action.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Jae Hoon         1/--=====/=======|=====--\-------\0           Ichika

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