Aranha - Allergic Reaction

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Description: It's unusual for the winner of the fight to be in worse condition than the loser however Olivia had a severe allergic reaction to her plant based chi outbreak. Aranha ends up being forced to act as a translator while the medics work on his opponent.

It's a few moments after the Neo League Quarterfinals between Olivia and Aranha. Other than med staff and the first fighter to arrive there, albeit through his own locomotion, the med tent is quiet and empty. Most of the med staff familiar with Aranha's physiology know that the capoeirista should be okay as long as they leave him alone and let the modified biology do the heavy lifting.

Aranha immediately moves towards the nearest military styled sleeping cot and lays down on his back his hands covering his forehead and eyes. A blue glow leaks out from under his palm and between his fingers.

Med staff still perform cursory checks on him even as the bruises fade and wounds knit themselves shut now that Aranha was at rest allowing his body to divert resources from fighting and movement to recovery.

There's a flurry of activity as another fighter is ushered into the tent on a stretcher. It's a bizarre situation - usually, if one of the competitors needs to be taken to urgent medical care after a professional fighting match, it's the one who lost. The brown-haired Brazilian girl now being brought in, still in her scarlet macaw costume, doesn't show many signs of extreme injury - though she did take one solid kick to the head during the match. However, she's looking a much lighter shade of beige than usual, drenched in a cold sweat, and most worryingly -


- every now and then, she's sneezing and coughing up red flower petals, her veins turning visibly green each time.

"Christ. What are we looking at, then? Some kind of fungal infection?" one of the masked medical staff posits to one of the others, looking up from the petals at the other workers.

"Haven't got a clue, mate," one of the other workers responds through his mask. "Need to get the ECG hooked up."

There's another 'Eheu!' from the Brazilian girl as the team attempts to get her hooked up.

"Here, hold her steady!"

The capoeirista twitches at the sounds of sneezing. The weirdness hit the capoeirista first causing him to form webs made of magma. But whatever it was, circulated out of his system quickly. The fact that she was rushed to urgent medical care while Aranha could walk to the tent made him feel a little bit of bitterness towards Tessitore. He didn't even know if he would be doing as well as he was if it wasn't for her violating him with unwanted modifications on his body.

The medics working on him who at this point, due to triage, move to work on Olivia after all, she was the more dire situation.

The capoirista's chest rises and falls before he removes his hands from his face to look at his opponent.

"What's going on?"

It's not like he's expecting anyone to answer him but just feeling the need to verbalize the chief of thoughts bouncing around in his head.

One of the staff members holds the South American kung fu fighter down carefully while another gets the ECG set up. Once it's online, the sounds coming from the machine indicate that Olivia's pulse is rapid and weak.

"Could be anaphylaxis," one of the paramedics suggests as he looks between the girl and the readouts, perhaps in response to Aranha's question - though just as likely expressing his own thoughts to his colleagues.

"So it might be a reaction to the flowers - whereever they've come from," one of the others says, before turning around to face Aranha. "Sir, did you notice this girl eating any flowers before or during your fight?"

"Aranha..." the girl's voice comes up, deliriously faint. "Ajude-me, por favor..."

She turns her head to the side on the pillow beneath it, hazel-brown eyes drifting pleadingly toward the capoeirista.

"Nao deixe os anoes me sequestrarem ..."

"Do any of you speak Spanish?" the first medical worker asks.

It's strange. Being a native English speaker and a practitioner of a martial art of Brazilian origin has placed the Dancing Spider in a unique position to help. Raising an eyebrow and then turning to the first medical worker.

"It's Portuguese."

He then plays the words back in his head. Most of the time speaking a language forces a person to reorganize their thoughts to the point they have to think in that language. Other than their first fight, it had been a while since Aranha had to sort of think in Portuguese so it takes a few moments to process what she's saying. Dwarves? Okay... Let's not translate that for doctors. At least not until they have a better handle on what's going on with her physically.

To Olivia, he says to her in halting Portuguese. "Estou aqui." I'm here.

Then he turns to address the medics who were asking about the flowers. There's another quick pause to reset his thinking back to English before speaking again. "Plant like spikes shooting out of her elbow and lots of red petals in her wake when she was fighting. Her veins turned green before those things happened. Also she didn't do any of that when we fought the first time."

"Obrigada..." 'Thank you...'

The presence of the other fighter near, responding to her in her own language, seems to calm Olivia as her head rolls back to look at the ceiling of the tent - though she gives another shuddering cough.

"Fighters. Good Lord. It's a good thing most of you don't /need/ much help from us, like," the first medical team member says as he looks down at Olivia. "Right - let's give her epinephrine, right away. Let's treat this as an allergic reaction and work from there."

"Que?" 'What?'

The Brazilian looks somewhat confused and distressed at the British medical worker's words as one of the others prepares an adrenalin jab for her.

The capoeirista gives her a nod. This second fight and the aftermath has been weird. Olivia has gone from treating Aranha like the scum of the Earth to actually grateful that he was around almost as quickly as she managed to disassemble him outside of the tent.

"Os medicos estao tratando isso como se fosse uma... al... alergia." He struggled to find the words to tell Olivia that they were treating this like an allergic reaction. It was clear he wasn't as used to using Portuguese as he was Japanese or English. But to be fair, he was born in the US and spent a significant amount of time living in Southtown.

Meanwhile out of the corner of his eye, he can see one of the medics prepping an epinephrine shot for her and he wanted to try to, if not keep her calm, distract her enough that she doesn't freak out about the injection.

"Olhe para mim." Look at me. He is trying to catch her eye long enough that the medics can do what they need to do.

"Os anoes... sao medicos?" 'The dwarves... are doctors?'

There's a distinctly confounded look on Olivia's face, but the capoeirista manages to at least keep her attention held long enough for the injection to be made. Her eyes go wide as the readout from the ECG starts to become much more pronounced.

"Looks like she's responding," one of the staff says as Olivia's breathing starts to become louder.

"Looks like it's an allergic reaction after all - if she needs anything more than that, we may have to move her in hospital," the first staff member says with an uncertain look above his face mask.

"She might need quarantining - we still can't rule out the possibility of some kind of infection, can we?" one of the others remarks.

"Infection...?" Olivia looks up blearily at the doctors. "Oh... you aren't..." The Brazilian girl finally speaks English as she seems to gather some clarity. "Desculpa... I thought you were the dancing, euh..."

"Miss, do you have any idea what's going on? Do you have any allergies or infections you're aware of...?" one of the masked medics asks.

"Oh... euh... febre do feno - hay fever?"

The medical staff pass bemused glances around the group.

"Well, at least she's lucid," one of them says.

"Did anyone see where the band that were playing on the big rocks went?" Olivia asks.

"...Mostly," the one who just spoke adds.

Welp... She told on herself in terms of the hallucinations by mentioning the band. Can't help her there. But it also gave him more information, some of which wasn't good to hear in terms of his morale. First there was the allergic reaction. Something strange happened that fight and it could be that she might have had the misfortune to be allergic to her manifestation of weirdness or it could be his unique circumstances cycling out whatever his problem was before an allergic reaction could act upon him. He needed to ask questions. That being said, it still hurt that he pretty much got his ass kicked while she tripping out on whatever was going on with her.

"There was no band."

"Hey, Olivia... Have you ever done the whole sprouting plants from your elbow, green veins, or sneezing flower petals thing before?"

He pauses and looks around at the medics before continuing. "I've /never/ thrown out magma webs before."

"No... band...?"

Olivia looks somewhere between worried and perplexed by the revelation. The colour in her veins seems to be returning to normal - still a slightly green tinge, but less noticeable as her body seems to be fighting back whatever it was that's been affecting it.

"I don't... no - well, not since the last time that I fought, against Lightning Spangles," the Brazilian brunette reveals to the capoeirista. "But before that, never."

She closes her eyes for a moment, a grimace crossing her features, before she opens them again.

"I remember that... it was like a volcano going off, but - then I was okay. But then things got strange."

This said by a girl still mostly dressed like a cheeky parrot.

"I don't know what any of it is. My shifu says that I control air. She says I have the head for it."

"It looks like her vitals are returning to normal. Perhaps we can just monitor her for now and get in touch with a specialist," one of the medical staff says to the others. The group busy themselves about with recording the relevant data as they start to disperse.

"Mine doesn't have an 'element.' It's just axe... usually." ('axe' is pronounced 'ah shay')

The capoeira is silent other than answering any questions that the medics have and when the medics file out, he looks over to his opponent. Wanting to be angry at her because of the way she treated him earlier when they were fighting but after seeing her vulnerable like that, he just can't seem to muster up the rage and bitterness.

"Good luck in the next round."

He turns to look up at the ceiling and upon closing his eyes, the room goes a little darker.

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