Abigail - Catching Up Madly!

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Description: Is it a new partnership in the making? Poison comes a callin' on old comrades with dollar signs in her eyes and a certain meat head in mind to help make riches a reality!

It's been a while since Poison has had any dealings with Mad Gear gang, sure she kept abreast of things, occasionally offered her two cents, but by and large she's been as clean as a whistle. As far as looks could tell, working a very honest job, if not respectable, as Hugo's wrestling manager, cutting promos, seeing to his keeping top billing status. She started to work with other wrestlers as well, building a stable, and doing her best to start her own wrestling promotion.

For whatever reason, now of all times, she sought to touch base, and that's why the click-clack of her heels can be heard about the Harbor as she walks directly towards one of the Mad Gear areas, looking for literally anyone to get in touch with.

Normally, people would advise a woman not to walk by her lonesome in such an area, but seeing as anyone with gang affiliation of any sort knows who Poison Kiss is, she's quite likely to be left to her own devices.

Indeed, she's been gone awhile, as news by now would have circulated that she's not the only one that has gone..'legit'...so far as such folk are capable of doing so. Old habits do die hard but there are some that are putting in a pretty good effort though it seems to have had minimum impact on how the Bay Area looks. Things are as trashy as they've always been..but the old Bay Area Chief was never really concerned with picking up litter, now was he.

Metal working, loud noises, death metal and absurd feats of machine-working and car modding? Now those things -do- concern him and as Poison rounds a corner, the neon glows of the sign above an auto-modding shop garage and adjoining junkyard come into view. Abigail's Scrap Metal. The sign, complete with a cartoonish image of the grinning giant Bay Area Chief, casts a gaudy glow over the area while welding noises and the sounds of metal being crunched and compressed echoes from the depths of the open garage. A garage whose tiled floors has the symbol of the Mad Gear gang emblazoned upon it.

Stacks of tires abound along with several abandoned cars and leaning against one of those cars is none other then Roxy - the 'Flower of the Mad Gear Gang' - and one who has more then just a little looked up to Poison and adopted her style for herself. So when Poison appears she naturally lights up into a big smile and a bright expression.

"Poison!!! Hey!" She hops away from the tires and then yells back towards the garage, "Hey! Axl! J! Poison's back!"

The sound of metal working tells Poison she's on the right track, god was it ever headache producing, good thing she never been cursed with having to work at a garage for a living. Thank god for wrestling and suckers. Even though some of the fans are pure trash! Imagine the evil stories they tell about her just because they're jealous!

"Yoohoo! Abigaaaailll..." Poison holds her hand high above her head and waves it as she approaches the garage, having no doubt in her mind that the big oaf is in there.

What she doesn't expect is the cheerful voice of Roxy, and blinking in surprise, Poison heads at a quickened pace into the garage, "Roxy, that you...? They work you while they rest? Need me to whip them into shape?"

Roxy lets out a lilting laugh and reaches by her side to pat a metallic baseball bat, "I got it covered! Naw, they treat me good. They know what's good for 'em. Besides, if I wasn't here the big gorilla wouldn't even know how to smile to greet customers, let alone keep up with all of his paperwork."

Meanwhile Axl and J pop up from the junkyard. Oily and dingy looking but seemingly in good health. Axl waves a large wrench, "Heeeey, look who it is!"

"The Chief pays well." adds Roxy, "Got a bunch of us working here. It's not bad if you can handle the noise and his mood swings."

A deep voice suddenly booms out, rattling car windows and rumbling the ground, "HEY!!"

"Kinda like that." winces Roxy.

And so he comes. Abigail seems to somehow completely fill up the garage entrance with his immensity as he ducks his head and lumbers out into the open with all the delicate movements of an avalanche in motion. A welding mask is currently covering his face and numerous tools bang noisly at his waistline as he rumbles forward. "What the hell am I payin' you all for?! Axl, I thought I told you to get that damn dent out of my truck!!"

The behemoth abruptly stops as even he is not so single minded to miss Poison standing there and he reaches up to lift his welding mask, revealing a stunned bull doggish face and smeared corpse makeup. "WHat the.. Poison??!"

Poison laughs and gives Roxy a thumb's up, "that's how girls do, good to see you, Roxy, been ages...you sure you don't want to give wrestling a try? Surprisingly, it's less filthy and smells better than the garage!" When Roxy gives the reasons she's essential here, Posion shakes her head, "you're right...it would go to hell in a day."

When Poison gets a sample of the chief's loudness she winces, already she was regretting coming here for the metal work sound alone, now that grating yell on top of it.

When Abigail comes out to pretty much block the garage entrance all on his own, Poison lifts a hand and twirls her fingers at him, "hello to you too, big guy, honestly, it's such a crime that you're not into wrestling with that hot body of yours...good thing we like crime, isn't it?"

"Haven't you heard, Poison? Abigail's a big shot fighter now!" quips J, half teasing, half proud. "He's won King of Fighters and got a Belt from Neo League and everything. But he's been losing a bunch of matches lately and--"

"S..Shut up!" Abigail stutters at J, looking briefly mortified, "Those matches weren't fair! Those people are nuts! Fightin' ontop of racin' cars and stuff!"

He pauses and then says, "Well..actually that was kinda cool. But I still lost!"

J recoils but Axl just facepalms and then reaches out to grab the blond haired mohawked guy to drag him back into the junkyard.

"Abigail's workin' really hard on pushin' his business, Poison! He hasn't committed any crimes..er..recently?"

Abigail grimaces but then begins walking forward towards Poison while wiping his hands off with a dirty rag, "Yeah, yeah. I'm all goody two shoes or somethin' now. Where's that mop headed partner of yers, POison? Wasn't Hugo with you?"

"You don't say..." Poison takes a world of interest at the news Abigail is into fighting and won the Neo League belt. "You wouldn't happen to need a manager with style, would you, Abigail? You know I can get you a lot of push..."

At the mention of Hugo, Poison gets so upset, she exhales enough air to push some of her pink locks away from her face, "that big lug decided he wanted to be babyface, I had to drill into him how stupid of an idea it is and how the money's at being a perfect heel. Idiot said I was mean, and now we're on a break...that is until his brain gets unscrambled from the hero nonsense."

"I keep tellin y'all that them Andores aren't all there all the time." declares Abigail with absolute certainity of this.

Roxy just sort of..gives Poison a sideways glance that practically screams. 'Pot. Kettle. Black.' though she wisely says not a word.

"Hmm...manager eh?" continues the behemoth, "I dunno..I mean..I am bigger and stronger then Hugo. More popular. Got belts. King of Fighters title.. Successful moddin' business.." Occasional insufferable ego as well. But he seems mostly oblivious to that.

"It's possible!" he concedes. "..But I'm not into that wrestling and CWA stuff.. What kinda ideas you got and what if Hugo shows back up?"

"Clearly!" Poison agrees, but then whenever she's upset with Hugo, she's always quick to agree with anything disparaging about him. It's really weird how they somehow always end up back together.

"Bigger..." Poison seems to muse it over, but doesn't quite sound positive, until she finally nods, "okay. Stronger..." that one Poison doesn't commit on, before eventually laughing, "more popular? Darling, please, you need the best in the business to be the most popular, and that would be me. Ask anyone. And lucky you, being the King of Fighters, I would love to work with you!" It's weird how somehow Poison makes it sound like he's the one who should want her, and not the other way around.

"Oh you could get into tag team if shows back up, the stupid lug." Poison snorts, "he'll have to apologize of course." As for ideas, she quips off the top of her head, "make them chase you, anyone that want a shot at you, has to beat the loser you beat for the belt first. You know how upset fans get when a champion avoids belt challenges? We'll come up with reasons, they'll be so riled up, they'll be giving you money just to put the belt on the line!"

He's not that sharp..but he's sharp enough. Oh he picked up on that. "Yes. Bigger! And stronger! Did you forget why I was Bay Area Chief!?" His face twists into a brief look of irritation but it fades away quickly.. It's all really besides the point, though a man has to have -some- claim to fame. Poisons words do hit him.

"Huh. That's...uh...that's actually..huh." He struggles. He's trying to not say it. Then it bursts out.

"..That's a good idea."

Roxy just smirks and shrugs, "That's our Poison!"

"You should give me more credit when it comes to wrestling, I'm good at it, I mean, just look at the stupid forums and see how much hate I garner. And hate equals title matches, main events, push, hype and money. They love to hate me because they're jealous, and they love me, besides, nobody cuts a promo like I do." Poison ends her own self adulation by blowing Abigail a kiss. "I'm telling you, it's a pretty good idea," and she flicks Roxy a thumbs up.

"But if we have some down time...we can always get some more income on the side, get some of the boys to pickpocket the fans and whatnot...on the downlow, nothing big scale...just consider it a tip."

"Huh, you aint completely changed I see." Abigail gives a soft laugh and then grins, "Sounds fun..but don't be tyin' me to that part of it. Some of us are serious about tryin' to be legit and do something different now. I aint goin' soft or something but....I got a real thing goin' here..and it's not that bad."

Abigail pauses in thought, looking strangely thoughtful for a brief instant, "You should think about it. Mad Gear's always gonna be Mad Gear, you know? Cause it's us." He presses a hand against a meaty chest and then relaxs, Roxy remains silent though she just raises an eyebrow

Odd coming from him, perhaps.. but any research will quickly reveal that Abigail has made something of a name for himself compared to the days of being Belger's biggest muscle.

"Tell y'what.. Lemme think about it. It all sounds good but I gotta weigh everything first! Last time I just jumped up and said yes to someone on the spot it was Katana and I ended up takin' lumps for the U.N. of all things!"

"Abigail...! How dare you! I'm legit as fuck!" Poison snaps out, looking quite stunned, obviously feigned though. At least to Roxy. "A girl just gotta do what she gotta do to survive, you know?" A slight roll of her eyes, "and quality heels." Short pause, "....maybe makeup too." It looks like she's about to add to it, but she suddenly shakes her head, "no, I mean it! I'm legit. It was just a thought."

"The U.N.? What a bunch of losers..."

"Errrr yeah.."

The colossus looks embaressed by that and Roxy shoots him a scolding look even if she knows Poison quite well and read that look. Doesn't mean they can't both add to the giants shame at his comment.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." he repeats, "I got it. I'm just sayin'. I got enough problems without cops sneakin' around here."

"Yeah you should see the paperwork from all the times he's been hit by a bus and has to pay out for smashin'--" begins Axl from the background.

"Shut up Axl!!"

"Anyway yeah. I don't even get what it was all about. Some stupid war the stupid U.N. started and some stupid stuff in Southtown over in Japan. That place is stupid as well. Each time I go over there for business I end up running into..ghosts and ninjas and crazy people with hado-this and psycho-that and it's just nuts. And people been calling me a Darkstalker! What's up with that!?"

Abigail finally tosses away the greasy cloth he'd been using. It's noticably not done anything to make him look cleaner. "Anyway.. You know yer welcome to hang out Poison and do your thing around here. Place is yers."

"Awww," Posion gets into a dotting girlfriend routine without being a dotting girlfriend, "that is so terrible, I can't believe it happened, to call you a Darkstalker? You're not dark, and you're definitely not a stalker, anyone can see you from miles away!" She sashys closer to Abigail, and pats him on his huge arm, "that's what I wanted to hear, Abigail, world could use more old fashioned hospitality, I definitely intend to crush for the night...so keep it down!"

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