Scorpion - After The Match

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Description: On his way back from his Victor Ortega match, Tundra turns a corner and sees a ghost. Violence ensues.

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A battle of titans.

What had just occurred was the Lin Kuei ninja known as Tundra against the undefeated CWA champion, Victor Ortega, with the ninja fighting until the bitter end against the champion. Even still, no winner was declared, and Tundra was acknowledged by one of the most powerful men in the world.

Tundra even revealed his face, to which he is strikingly similar in appearance to his brother, and his true name: Kuai Liang. To that end, when the battle ended, Tundra began to exit the stadium, rolling and stretching sore muscles as he did so and applying his face mask and hood to reconceal his identity.

Is this the end of Tundra's night? or has it only just begun? Who could say?

But Victor had left, and the arena was virtually empty. There was just Tundra.

[OOC] Tundra says, "how's that?"

[OOC] Scorpion says, "I like it...where exactly is he? Still in the ring? Up in the bleachers? Is he sort of backstage in a hallway?"

[OOC] Tundra says, "oh sorry! Making his way out through a backstage hallway"

[OOC] Tundra says, "easily traceable and pursuable, open space"

"You had a chance to kill him."

The voice calls out, all at once sounding a million miles away, and right next to the ear. Lights overhead flicker on and off, and the temperature...seems to rise. Around the proud Lin Kuei, the air shimmers the way an oasis in the desert almost looks unreal until you get closer, even as, at the end of the hallway, a figure clad in black stands with their arms crossed...or is their back turned? It's impossible to tell, the details are impossible to see until one gets closer.

"If you ever meet that fool again, he'll be ready for you. So why not eliminate him now?"

Just beginning, it would seem.

The voice caused Tundra to look as if he were at the ready. Ready to move, ready to fight, ready to run if there were too many. But instead, he sees only one: a shadow in the distance just waiting for light to be shed upon it.

Then the question is asked: Why? Tundra had a chance of beating the unbeaten and killing him to seal the legacy, but Tundra chose to spare him, and perhaps save himself as well. "There was nothing to be gained, no worth in his death. My intention was to beat him, not slay him, to rest the night of Ortega through kombat." Tundra states as he draws near, his own aura beginning to show as he begins to lower his own body temperature, his breath becoming cold and clashing against his environment, no doubt preparing his Arctic Magics.

He continues, "Respect is harder to gain than the death of one's foe, and I am happy to have earned respect." His eyes narrow. "Now Show yourself!" Tundra calls to the shadow. "Lest I speak with a man afraid to show his face."

[OOC] Tundra ughs. "*to pause and look, *near

At his prodding, the form at the end of the hallway, slowly drops is hands, almost in slow motion even as the upper torso starts to turn, even as the head starts to turn at the same time. This figure moves at a glacial pace, ans every time it does the lights flicker more and more violently, the electric hum getting louder and louder as the power fights to stay on.

Until a bulb explodes, violently and loudly as a shower of sparks rain down, and it seems that was enough for the flickering to stop, for the lights to remain on, like they'd always been. There was no figure at the end of the hall, nothing at all that was out of the ordinary. Except for a voice directly behind the Chinese ninja warrior.

"The Lin Kuei are killers of men, assassins above all else. You speak of respect, and demand bravery. These things are of no value in the world you come from. You're wasting your time."

[OOC] Scorpion says, "You there, man?"

[OOC] Tundra says, "yes! sorry, was taking care of something"

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Tundra scowls. "Tou dare dishonor the Lin Kuei name?!" he calls out with disgust and rage in his voice. "You know nothing of what you speak!" The Lin Kuei are trained killers, it's true. But they are not without honor.

He doesn't appear intimidated by he dramatic entrance or the explosion of a bulb, but then there was nothing. No figure...They were gone. Tubdra takes a deep breath, the exhale showing the heat of his breath. "Where are you." he murmurs.

"Who are you to speak ill of our name? You speak as if you know better of us."

Tundra looks for the warrior, for movement, for..anything. "You will need to do much better than that to intimidate me, warrior."

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Turns out, he didn't have to look very far. The second Tundra turns around to search for the source of that voice, the back of a fist covered in a wooden black gauntlet snaps forward in an attempt to tag the young Lin Kuei across the nose. Not the most damaging of attacks, but just a little something to wake the young warrior up. A little something to get him to pay attention.

The owner of that fist stands in the hallway, clad in black and yellow cloth, not much in the way of armor aside from gauntlets and shin guards. And those seemed more to protect him if he threw any kicks or punches. Those eyes, milky white, didn't seem 'focused' on anyone, and yet it was unavoidable to feel their unblinking stare.

"Intimidation, boy? Or distraction?"

COMBATSYS: Tundra blocks Scorpion's High Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Tundra           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0         Scorpion

Underestimation can be a fatal mistake, especially among ninja.

A hand comes from the shadows, barreling straight for the Lin Kuei's face, though Scorpion may be surprised when a hand lifts and catches his fist, knuckles cracking from Tundra's hand at the effort, and his eyes lock onto his enemy.

Soulless. Empty. Lack of focus.

"I am no boy." Tundra replies, before he sees his garb, eyes narrowing before he tries to extend his left leg and attempt to strike Scorpion in the chest with a kick!

"Regardless, both efforts have failed!"

COMBATSYS: Scorpion blocks Tundra's Front Kick.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Tundra           0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0         Scorpion

The fighter in yellow is patient, so completely still that it looks like he isn't even breathing. His chest does not rise or fall, he merely stands there like a statue or a scarecrow. He remains that way until the very moment Tundra's kick is about to connect, then the ninja's hand sweeps up to snatch that blue-booted foot, and keep Liang there on one leg.

That one leg is a target as Scorpion shoots out a snap kick to the side of the knee. Not hard enough to break bone or ligament, but just enough to cause a bit of instability, and a brief moment of terror. At the same time his free hand shoots out in an arcing wide chop, the edge of his hand aiming to loudly connect with the Lin Kuei's throat and adam's apple. And not even a fraction of a second later Scorpion is pushing Tundra backward by the ankle he's still holding, not caring if the younger fighter staggers away, or loses his balance and hits the ground hard.

"No boy? Is this how a man fights?"

Was an unholy wraith of vengeance taunting him? Was that a tone of humor in the spirit's voice?

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COMBATSYS: Tundra dodges Scorpion's Kombo EX.

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Tundra           0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0         Scorpion

Tundra's eyes narrow as his foot is caught by the mysterious ninja. But Tundra waits for Scorpion to strike....Kuai Liang was not nearly as reckless as Bi-Han.

The onslaught begins. The kick to the knee is met with a raised shin, guarded by protective material and suffering no damage. The arching hand is met with nothing but air as Tundra had leaned backwards, the push of his ankle allows Tundra to perform a back handspring, landing perfectly on his feet.

"I am Tundra." He says only, Without even gracing Scorpion with a further response, Tundra charges him, a rapid series of jabs coming fast at Scorpion, with strikes aiming for his stomach, head, and sternum in that order, attempting to either stun him or test the extend of his hand to hand skills.

"A warrior fights with wisdom and patience -- now test your might!"

COMBATSYS: Tundra successfully hits Scorpion with Rapid Jabs.

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Tundra           0/-------/------=|=====--\-------\0         Scorpion

Tundra has reconnected.

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Tundra has dropped a connection.

The onslaught begins, and the man in black and yellow is caught within it. A flurry of punches tag the bigger ninja, finding openings in his guard, tagging his stomach and clobbering him around the cheek and eye, causing the man to straighten up and take the punch to his sternum without so much as a flinch. Though, it's likely he would flinch when he felt it later, the next morning.

Unfortunately, Tundra had to close distance in order to land that third shot, with Scorpion on the backpedal trying to remove himself from the situation. Which meant while the younger fighter was focused on throwing those attacks, the ghost thrust a kunai forward aimed at Kuai's stomach.

"You're mighty, boy, there's no doubt of that."

COMBATSYS: Tundra blocks Scorpion's Doom Slice.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Tundra           0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0         Scorpion

[OOC] Tundra says, "fast afk"

Tundra's fists find purchase in Scorpion's body, though each strike seems to hurt the wraith less than the previous, and it comes to a head when Scorpion doesn't even flinch at the last strike.

But he's too close now.

The kunai thrusted at his stomach is smacked aside with his hand's edge, though the blade was able to cut him ever so slightly. "As are you." he replies coldly.

in response, he attempts to punch Scorpion hard in the gut. Immediateky after, he creates a sword of ice between his hands as he attempts to slice him across the gut with it's ice-hard edge. Seens Tundra reacts well I close range.

how will his enemy respond?

[OOC] Tundra returns

COMBATSYS: Tundra dazes Scorpion with Ice Pick!

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Tundra           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1         Scorpion

Scorpion doubles over, and that's the worst place in the world to be as he now has to dodge and avoid a blade entirely of ice. His eyes narrow even as he backflips to avoid being bisected. It works, and now he merely is wounded. Not that he seems to notice, running on adrenaline, and the shock of the cold, means he won't truly know the extent of his injury for a few moments.

In the meantime, he performs three more backflips, and on the third he throws out his hand, shooting that kunai outward even as coils of rope fly behind it. That kunai is aimed entirely for Tundra's solar plexus, and the ninja screams out,


COMBATSYS: Tundra blocks Scorpion's Spear.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Tundra           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1         Scorpion

Tundra has reconnected.

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[OOC] Scorpion says, "Welcome home."

[OOC] Tundra laughs

Tundra seems pleased that his fist made proper purchase, but his blade? His blade finds nothing but air as Scorpion manages to evade that blade of ice. But now Tundra has a new problem: Scorpion is far away from him, which means Tundra may be vulnerable to long-range! The tethered kunai that launches at Tundra forces him to think on his feet, using the ice blade he had created to take the brunt of the attack, which shatters straight through the sword and barely knicks Tundra as he's pushed backwards, causing him to roll backwards in order to get onto his feet.

"Too close." He mentions to himself, before he's clenching his fists until the knuckles crack, Tundra moves his hands in a circle-like motion as a ball of arctic energy seems to form in his hands -- the next moment, he throws the Ice ball forwards towards Scorpion, aiming for his torso to try and blast him into a nearby wall!

Scorpion isn't the only one running on adrenaline. Tundra realizes that if he loses this fight...he might die.

And that is unacceptable.

COMBATSYS: Tundra successfully hits Scorpion with Arctic Assault.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Tundra           0/-------/--=====|=======\===----\1         Scorpion

One second Scorpion was standing there, the next he was frozen to a wall, his scream of anguish cut short and he stands, frozen in time and space.

But, was he really? A moment passes, and that wall of ice starts to spiderweb, crack and drip into liquid far quicker than it should. Seconds later it completely shatters into bits and the man in black and yellow stands there with his fists clenched. Except, each fist looked like it was completely on fire, and even the rest of him had waves of heat emanating from him. His eyes narrowed, his left cheek and eye swollen and clearly cut with blood trickling down, but he didn't seem to nursing his wounds. Instead, he speaks with every word dripping fury.

"Lin Kuei dog, I am Scorpion. Your display of 'honor' and 'respect' may fool the masses. But I will never believe any word that comes from you."

That's all he says before spinning in place to throw a high roundhouse at the side of Tundra's head...except that's not right. He's all the way down a hallway, there's no way any attack would connect.

When he completes the rotation, he is close enough for his foot to make contact, which is great for Scorpion as his next attack is a sliding elbow attack that aims to drive deep into Tundra's solar plexus. Oh, and while all this is happening? Every attack is accompanied by a flash of Hellfire. The heat is so much that the wallpaper around them is starting to peel and fall to the floor, the very structure of this building growing somewhat sad and droopy. If this attack connects...Tundra might react slightly differently.

COMBATSYS: Tundra dodges Scorpion's Krushing Blow.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Tundra           0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>------\1         Scorpion

Tundra watches as Scorpion gets blasted against the wall, frozen solid in time and in perfect condition no less. Usually, the enemy would approach and finish the job, but Tundra was in the process of turning around to walk away...that is before the hears the ice begin to crack. He turns around sharply as the ice shatters into liquid with the flames embroiling his enemy.

Ice has met Fire.

Tundra seems to take a stance then when Scorpion charges him, though Tundra seemed to pant ever so slightly, the kick that comes his way meets nothing but air as Tundra takes a step back, the elbow to the solar plexus is caught, but hte force of it is more than enough to push Tundra back, the ninja looking at his hands for that brief moment before he channels his frost to cool it off, but the next reaction is immediate as he keeps backing up, dodging or gliding the weapon off rather than immediately trying to block it, especially with those molten fists threatening to immediately punch a hole in him.

He attempts to counter attack with a sharp punch, aimed for right between Scorpion's eyes if he can time it just right. But then he hears the name: Scorpion.

"Scorpion!" Those cold eyes narrow. "You are the spectre?!" He demands answers of Scorpion.

COMBATSYS: Tundra successfully hits Scorpion with High Punch.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Tundra           0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1         Scorpion

His head snaps back from the stinging blow, but that seemed only to serve to infuriate him. Enough to step backward, reaching behind his back, and slowly pulling a short, compact ninjato. Just perfect for assassination if not quite meant for honest swordfights.

That sword is halfway out of its sheath before the ghost turns his head, brow raised at the sound of sirens outside, and the flashing of red and blue lights that are visible even from the nearby seemed their fight had caught somebody's attention, and in a few short moments, there would be witnesses. Complications.

Snarling in annoyance, the assassin's blade is left in its sheath, and the man in black and yellow turns his head to focus on Tundra again.

"Another time, boy."

And then he was gone.

COMBATSYS: Scorpion has left the fight here.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Tundra           0/-------/--=====|

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[OOC] Tundra says, "Sure! Thank you for the fight :)"

COMBATSYS: Tundra has ended the fight here.

Tundra manages to jab Scorpion perfectly in the face, but he knows that won't finish off the revenant warrior. When he watches Scorpion draw that blade, he backsteps into a deep stance, hand closed and to his hip, while one that was open was held outwards as he was fully prepared for combat.

Then he hears the sirens, the flashing lights of blue and red from outside as Tundra looked that way, then right on back to Scorpion, only for the assassin to disappear in shadow and flame.

Tundra takes a deep breath then, stumbling backwards until he's leaning against a wall. A few, short breaths later and Tundra is readjusting himself before he too takes to the shadows to make himself scarce.

Scorpion. The man Raiden warned him of. They will meet again.

[OOC] Tundra says, "thank you for the great scene! Had a blast :)"

[OOC] Scorpion says, "No sweat."

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