Nena - Dinner at the Washingtons'

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Description: Nena Memory Archive 107: Today, my friends, Eden, Storm, and Rafferty attended an evening meal at the residence of myself and my uncle, Simon Washington, who is not really my uncle. Rafferty did not punch any babies, but he did make Eden cry.

Dinner would be at six P.M.

This time, both Rafferty and Eden (and Storm the cat) had been invited to the Washington residence on the north end of Southtown Village. It's still a single-story white wooden house with a picket fence and an enclosed garage, although this time it's slightly more wet on the outside due to a light drizzle of rainfall. A rust-red Toyota Celica is parked on the driveway, and the grass appears to have been mowed earlier in the evening. The back of the property is enclosed by a brown wooden fence, with a concrete sidewalk leading from the front porch to the gate to the backyard. A fairly large red shed lurks behind the fence, noticeable from a distance or with a pit of a cheeky peek.

Of course, the main oddity of the exterior remains the intercom next to the front door, equipped with a doorbell, speaker, and what appears to be a small camera for identifying guests, and there are a number of other cameras hidden inconspicuously around the outside of the property, covering every conceivable manner of entry into the abode.

"The waitress was a bunny girl, you know with bunny ears, but not like a Playboy bunny. The whole place was full of darkstalkers, like Lyraelle and I got free Cristal, it was pretty sweet" Rafferty chatters, regaling Eden with tales of how he spent his Saturday night.

He's somewhat nervous of encountering Simon again and the conversation is proving a distraction. After all, he now has baby puncher (alleged) to add to his crimes of posting a falsehood online and being a wuss, by passing out at Nena's fight with Tarmo. He's starting to worry he hasn't made the best impression.

He's gone for a smart yet casual ensemble this Sunday evening, teaming a beige linen blazer with a cream silk shirt, brown chinos and old school Converse high tops. As the threesome approach the doorway (yes, Storm has accepted the invite too), he clears his throat before ringing the bell and speaking into the intercom.

"Hey babe, Hey Mr Washington, it's us, Rafferty, Eden and Storm and we bring gifts! He holds up a bottle and a box of chocolates, incase the camera can detect them and takes a moment to strike a pose too.

As she walks, Eden listens to Rafferty talk about the club. She listens complete. She understands the place was full of Darkstalkers, so she can't resist in asking him with a sign. "Are you going to be the next Darkstalker because you mind controlled a toddler to punch himself in the face?" She cocks her head, with a grin. Everyone and their mother knew she would bring it up. And she will again, and again, and again, until it bores her.

As for what Eden is wearing, she seems to be wearing one thing, or she's having numerous of the same outfit. At least it's not smelling like last week trash, so she's keeping that dark blue dress and what goes with it, clean. She also keeps herself clean. Only are thoughts are not, but no one in this group can see them. At least she doesn't think so.

Once at the door, she stays put nicely, until she sees the camera, and Rafferty striking a pose. She brings her right arm up, with her middle finger raised. You know fuck this camera... At least anyone knowing her would know it was really Eden, so there was that. But it makes Storm react. "EDEN!!! Stop." She shrugs and after shaking her arm a bit to bring her point accross, she brings her arm back down. She also brought a gift, some flowers, so she also gave a bit of mixed signals, but again, it's Eden

The intercom crackles to life, and the dulcet baritone of Simon Washington comes through the speaker.

"Charming," the voice on the other end says with a faint ironic levity. "I have to say, Nena's taste in friends is fascinating. Is that cat talking, or is the girl a ventriloquist?"

After a moment, there's a buzzing sound, a click, and then the door swings open, revealing Nena - dressed in her schoolgirl uniform, as usual. She's looking in somewhat less damaged shape than she had been, her dermal abrasions and lacerations generally smoothed out, and she even appears to have done her hair and makeup neatly - though she appears to have forgotten her left hand somewhere, as only the stump is showing.

"Hello, Eden. Hello, Storm. Hello, Rafferty."

There's a faintly different intonation to the way that she says Rafferty's name. While her tone is flat in all of the greetings, it seems somehow slightly more flat in the final case.

"I hope that you have not assaulted any infants en route to this location, and that we may enjoy a quiet evening free of baby punching. Please, come inside."

With that, she disappears into the house.

"I don't think being a darkstalker works that way" Rafferty sighs, his lips forming into a pout. "Besides, I didn't mind control him. At least not intentionally."

He's just about done with all the teasing, but he's determined not to let it spoil his evening. He forces a smile back on his face, which soon shifts to an expression of horror at Eden's antics.

"Storm! You're really going to have to learn to control your human better."

At the sound of Simon's voice, the model's posture becomes even more upright than usual. Straightening his already perfectly in place jacket, he prepares to initiate charm mode, as the door swings open, to reveal Nena.

"Oh, I thought it would be Mr Washington" he explains, relaxing somewhat, though Nena's less than warm greeting doesn't go unnoticed.

"I did not have violent relations with that baby" he says clearly and firmly.

"As to what happened, your guess is as good as mine."

He steps inside the house, checking his reflection in the mirror on the wall, as he makes his way through the hallway.

What Rafferty says, makes her chuckle silently, what Mr Simon says... Ah Simon says... makes her chuckle too. When she notices Nena's left hand is missing, she can't help it and a sign appears. "Do you need a hand?" But wasn't sure if Nena noticed it or not.

Meanwhile Storm can't help it, and has to answer the question. "I talk, and Eden doesn't." There is no further explanation about it, as if that statement brought no other questions to the table.But he does answer Rafferty. "You think I have much control over her? The day you feel full confident in keeping Nena in line for anything, assuming she needs to be kept in line, you come back to me and tell me that." He wasn't upset, just telling him, not bringing the toddler getting punched, up/

After that, they both go inside. Eden looks around, but follows Rafferty and Nena on where she is suppose to be. Storm, with the instinct of a cat, starts roaming the place, as if he's looking for something in particular, but really, it was just a new place to explore.

Eden just makes one more sign ater a while. "It's a nice place." She apparently meant it too.

"Simon is currently evacuating the contents of the oven," Nena informs Rafferty as the trio follow her into the house, "and thank you for offering, Eden, but I have a spare."

It's a pretty typically-furnished home with turquoise walls, cream carpet and an open floor plan, allowing Simon to be seen as he works in the stainless steel-and-white kitchen. There's a smell of chicken and butter in the air.

"Hope you don't mind, but I decided to make poppy-seed chicken. Been too long since I had an excuse to cook somethin' nice from back home. Well, other than the opportunity I nearly forgot," the African-American engineer says with a glance over his shoulder at Rafferty. "Been hypnotizin' anymore babies to punch themselves lately, son?"

Apparently, Nena's uncle has been fully informed of the latest in Rafferty-related gossip.

"Nena's just about fried a logic circuit tryin' to reason out that clip on FightTube."

"On the contrary. Logic circuits are not used for literal attempts at logical reasoning, Simon," Nena remarks calmly as she sits down at the table.

"Never thought I'd be dealin' with a smartass AI," Simon responds as he carries a large casserole dish covered in crumbled crackers over and sets it down on an oven mat on the table.

Meanwhile, as Storm is exploring near the barely-cracked basement door, a hand suddenly emerges from it - then continues crawling past Storm like a spider. It's clearly Nena's robotic missing hand, and it carries on toward its owner at a hurried pace.

As Eden makes her quip, Rafferty's eyes move down to Nena's hand, or stump.

"Oh, has it wandered off somewhere?" he asks casually, looking behind him for any signs.

He's witnessed the occurrence often enough now, to be rather blase about it.

Storm gets a sympathetic look and a shrug of the shoulders.

"Nena behaves herself for the most part. I've never had the need, or the desire to keep her in line really. I think I'm the one who tends to get himself into trouble."

Speaking of, apparently Simon is fully aware of his latest notorious adventure.

He laughs along with the older man's teasing, but the amusement doesn't quite reach his blue eyes.

"Well if Nena can't figure it out, there's no hope for any of us" he remarks, before taking a seat at the table.

As the enticing smelling food arrives, Rafferty wastes no time in helping himself to a sizeable portion. Perhaps all the rumours about models eating habits aren't true. As he puts some in his mouth and starts to chew, an alarmed look appears on his face.

"Oh sorry, I forgot you like to say grace here don't you?"

So appalled is he by his lack of manners, that he doesn't even register his girlfriend's missing hand doing its Thing impression.

Eden watches everything going on and nods at Nena for the answer she gets. She still stuck with the flowers. She had no idea what to do with them now. She knew it was of good taste to bring something to a host, but had no idea how to offer them and get rid of them, and for one of the few times since tboth Rafferty and Nena have known her, she looks uncomfortable, she even fidgets a bit. She ends up extending her arms with the flowers. Wishing someone will take them, and a sign appearing above her head. That was different from her usual self as well. "Thank you for having me."

Storm on the other hand... jumps when he sees the hand moving. He's not used to that. Hands don't usually move, and it's not something Eden can do, so he's really not used to it. He ends up hissing, and then running away, between Eden's legs. Which gets a little glare from Eden, but not much more.

By the time the food is served, she's hoping the flowers have been taken away, otherwise, she's even more awkward with it, as she puts them under her arm. She sees Rafferty starting to eat just like that, before mentioning they say grace here. Another sign appears beside her head. "How rude." She grins, truth be told, she has no idea what one has to say for grace. She would try however, if she had to say it." Then a third sign appears. "It looks delish." She looks hungry, but she waits. She doesn't really know what else to say. She never had a dinner like that and it kind of shows.

"Oh, Nena. Didn't you see those flowers?" Simon asks as he takes his oven mitts off and stows them in a drawer. "When someone shows up on your doorstep with a gift, you should accept it."

"My apologies. I did not realise that they were a gift," Nena says as she rises from the table, then moves to take the flowers from Eden, allowing her to sit down with her hands free, while the female android stands looking at the flowers in her hands with a slight tilt to her head, then seats herself at the table, still holding the flowers. Her hand arrives at her ankle and starts to crawl its way up her leg before she leans down slightly to allow it to attach to her wrist before straightening up.

"You can give those here, Nena," Simon says, holding out a hand.

"Oh. I do not understand," Nena says, but offers up the bouquet anyway.

Simon takes it and rests it on the countertop.

"We'll stick them in a vase after dinner. They'll brighten up the place," the scientist says.

"They do not appear to be bioluminescent," Nena points out.

"It's a figure of speech. It means they're pretty," Simon says as he sits down at the head of the table.

"Oh. I see." The robotic brunette seems to consider for a moment before turning her eyes to the blond model. "Rafferty will also brighten up the place."

"Let's say grace, then," Simon says, before bowing his head.

"Our father, who art in heaven..."

The engineer recites the rest of the traditional prayer before dishing up some of the cracker-topped casserole onto his plate.

"So, how's school treating you kids?"

Rafferty's gifts have been placed beside him on the table. There's a bottle of 1990 Cristal champagne and a box of Godiva chocolate truffles. He's put down his knife and fork now too, setting them together on the plate, as he awaits further instruction.

Turning to look at Eden, he gives her a warm smile, it's obvious she's trying to make the effort.

"It is delicious" he murmurs under his breath.

As their hosts join them at the table, Rafferty prepares to pray. It's not a custom he's been raised to do, but he's respectful of others beliefs. His preparations only pause briefly, to give his girlfriend a wink, in response to her compliment on his prettiness.

Closing his eyes and bowing his blonde head, as Simon recites the familiar words, he holds this rather solemn posture, until the man is done. Once he is, he returns to his devouring of the delicious home cooked meal with vigor.

"School has been good" he comments, between mouthfuls.

"That might all change again tomorrow though, now I'm an internet celebrity again."

When Nena takes the flower, Eden gives a nod of thanks to her. That was dealt with, she wouldn't look like an idiot anymore. It wasn't fun. At least when she realizes it anyway.

When she is siting down, as previously mentioned, Storm lays under the chair, it was a nice place to be. Eden was happy the flowers was appreciated, though she didn't show a lot of emotions at the moment except to smile back a bit at Rafferty, which slowly turned into a smirk for one reason or another, before going back to mostly emotionless..

That's until Grace is said. The demon soul inside her doesn't quite appreciate it, and a very low growl comes out of her a little. Actual sounds, but maybe it was her stomach, or it could be Storm. Eden doesn't make sounds after all... It stops when Simon is done, and she digs in.Soon after she took her first bite, her eyes lights up. What the hell was this food. That's delicious. She starts pilling up the food in her mouth until she hears Simon's question, and then she slows down, and chews while Rafferty answers. As if she didn't want to make a sign with her mouth full. When it's her turn, she puts up a sign, making sure Simon can see that one. "School is weird, but you get to eat everyday and Storm can stay with me. So I will tolerate them. Especially since there are people worth being around." She can't help it, and this text is added. "Even if some of them punches little kids." She eats slower after that, even if she would like to get the entire plate in her mouth in one go.

Nena closes her eyes and bows her head throughout the prayer, despite the fact that she is a robot, and therefore need not have concern for her eternal soul. When the recitation is completed, she opens her eyes again.

"Amen. Oh, Nena - sorry, hon', I forgot your smoothie. It's on the -"

Nena's right hand suddenly shoots across the table, past the scientist's head, causing him to duck. It flies on to lock around the blackberry-pineapple-avocado smoothie sitting on the kitchen counter before rapidly withdraw back along its tethering cable to lock back into place. Nena starts to slurp the drink noisily.

"Now, Nena! What have I told you about firing your rocket hand at the table?" Simon questions with a faint scowl.

"My understanding was that your complaint was withdrawn when I refuted your arguments based on a rational desire for efficiency," Nena says, before slurping the drink once more.

"I shouldn't have to argue about it! I'm your uncle, for Pete's sake!" Simon retorts, seeming moderately annoyed.

"You are not my real uncle, Simon," Nena reminds the man before slurping from her beverage once more.

"I brought gifts too" Rafferty informs Simon, gesturing towards them.

"I figured since you never got to actually drink any of that champagne last time, I'd give you another chance to try it. I find it goes well with the chocolates."

If he detects the growling, he certainly doesn't react to it, but Eden's swipe earns her a stare.

"I didn't...oh, whatever. This is starting to get like the other issue, where it would feel easier just to admit it, even if it isn't true."

He eyes Nena's interesting choice of beverage, crinkling his pretty nose. Apparently her unusual taste in smoothies is more alarming than the Blitzcrank impression.

"How does it compare to the mango licorice?" he asks, sipping from his water glass.

The food disappears quickly from her plate. Not as quickly as she would want to do it, but it goes. She grins at Rafferty with a mouthful of food, when he reacts to that thing she mentioned again, but at this time, she keeps her mouth close. Him reacting to it, made it fun, but she didn't understand why he cared so much. The grin slowly turns to a smile. Then the hand comes flying, and Eden laughs quietly at it, but foods fall from her mouth. When she realizes it, she looks mortified and stops eating altogether.

Storm was quiet through all of what was happening at dinner, except when he feels Eden's mood shift. He peeks out from under the chair and starts speaking. "It's ok Eden, it's ok." He frowns. "She's not used to this" He explains, then there is a moment of silence.

After a bit when he can speak again, during one of the time Nena is noisily slurping her smoothy, Storm asks Simon. "Can she actually process the food in anyway to actually help recharge her battery or whichever energy source she is using? Or is it simply to look more human?" Nena is his friend too, and he wonders about her. "Oh I didn't say yet, but thank you for having us Mr. Simon." he adds as well.

As the tense atmosphere between Simon and Nena seems to go mostly unnoticed by the guests, the former composes himself with a light sigh before tucking into his food. Once he's between bites, he speaks up to Rafferty. "Thank you, son. A friend of mine came by to help me stitch Nena back together so that you two wouldn't have to. I didn't want a repeat of last time; that must've been quite somethin' to come in to."

"I believe that the fructose content is slightly more elevated. I also appreciate the use of certain other elements. The texture is interesting. However, I do not have a sense of taste, in the traditional sense," Nena remarks.

"She has a tongue, but she's got a robot brain. It makes its own mind up about what flavour means what," Simon comments, before looking at Storm.

"I really want to know what your story is, Kit-Kat. Were you born in a lab? Anyhow, don't worry about embarrassing yourself in front of me, Miss. I don't judge."

The last part is directed to Eden, after which he focuses his attention back on the cat. "She can process things in her own way. It's not exactly necessary as fuel, or what have you, but it does help maintain her organic elements. Wouldn't want to be wasting down to her frame, after all."

"I enjoy eating. However, I prefer food in liquid form, as it is easier to process," Nena remarks.

As Storm pipes up, Rafferty peers downwards, seeking out the feline.

"That's a good question, buddy" he praises, looking towards Simon, as he too awaits the response.

He may not fully grasp the answers provided by the man, or the input from Nena herself, but it's enough for him to get the general gist and he nods along with interest.

On the subject of his previous visit to the house, he says "I appreciate that, Mr Washington. I admit it was quite the shock at first, but I'm growing accustomed to the idea now. Plus, it's handy to know I can remove bullets, should the situation ever happen again."

He continues munching on the chicken with contentment.

"You know, this kinda reminds me of my mom's cooking. That's definitely a compliment by the way."

Storm nods at Rafferty, and listens to the explanation. "Of course it's real skin, so the nourishment would go toward keeping it alive, and not getting necrosis in the skin. Helping the illusion of an ordinary teenage girl." He smiles at Simon and Nena, like a proud cat. "Nena is a technological wonder, can't deny that, but she's first a foremost a friend."

Before answering Simon's question, he seems to ponder if he will. Mean while Eden swallows slowly, but looks like she would cry. Emotional, wanting to be good, Eden. Was she pregnant? For information, no she isn't. She gets a hold of herself, and nods at Simon, with the slightest of the beginning of a smile.

By that time Storm decides he could answer. "I was a human man once, but, I was a drunken asshole." He looks at Nena after sayign that. "Oh also, I think you're amazing."

While Storm is talking, Eden has started eating again, and manages to finish the plate, and even though she really tried to be the best she could be, she ends up licking the plate clean. It could also be taken as a compliment however, just not very lady like.

"Just don't go thinking you can do the same thing on a regular human," Simon warns Rafferty between bites of creamy chicken. "Nena's got two up on the rest of us - first off, she can't feel pain, and second, she can't bleed out."

"It is only two of the many ways in which I am superior to fully organic life forms," Nena remarks, before slipping her straw back into her mouth and slurping once again.

"It took a lot of great minds and a lot of work to put Nena together," Simon comments as he sits back in his chair. "And I helped, of course. She's self-evolving, too - she was practically a baby when she first turned on, but she learns fast." He turns to give the cat a curious look. "You used to be a person? How'd you manage to wind up as a cat?"

To Rafferty, he adds, "Thanks, son. I got the recipe from my mom. It's addictive - must be somethin' to do with all the poppy seeds in it."

"I do not believe that the poppy seeds used in preparing this dish retain the opioid properties required to foster addiction," Nena comments as she looks down at the casserole.

"Well, I've not got any complaints about how she looks" Rafferty states, smiling over at his not so ordinary teenage girlfriend. His eyes remain fixed on Nena, until Storm supplies them with a glimpse of his past.

"You used to be a man?" he asks, almost choking on his food.

"Did a witch turn you into a cat for groping her, when you were drunk or something?" the boy wonders.

Eden's poor table manners pass unnoticed in the wake of Storm's revelation.

Realising Simon may be concerned he's going to try playing doctor, he offers him reassurance "Oh, I won't be messing with any blood and guts" he says, with a shudder."

"I just meant, if it was an emergency and Nena needed me, I could do something, rather than just standing there like a dummy."

His lips curl up, at the suggestion of the poppy seeds being addictive.

"Are you trying to turn us all into drug addicts, Simon?" he teases, dropping the formalities in the process.

After Eden finishes licking her plate clean, she sits quietly. Well as quietly as she can. She does fidget a bit. Food is done after all, and they have been sitting a long time. Though she does not look like she wants to run away, or bash their heads in something. So there is that.

Storm meanwhile continues to listen and be part of the conversation. "Nena is amazing. Everything would come full circle if she could build a human being." At least that made sense for him. Then he answers Simon's question. "I pissed the wrong." He shrugs as best as a cat can. "At least I didn't piss off a mafia boss or something." He looks at Rafferty with a raised eyebrow, wondering how he could be so close in some way. "I don't grope people without permission." He does another cat shrugs. "Being a cat works for me, or I wouldn't have met Eden and be able to help her. She needs people to take care of her, even if she doesn't get it. At least she has me."

While Storm says that last bit, Eden doesn't seem like she listened, or at least pretends she hasn't. She suddenly extends her arm forward, and opens her hand. It seems like an attempt to rocket her hand off, but alas her hand only goes as far as her arm goes. She pulls it back slowly to her, and acts like nothing happened.

You won't get addicted on poppy seeds, but if you are unlucky enough to get a drug test done very soon after eating some, you could make that test positive. That would be the third scandal about you? Rafferty a junkie?" He shakes his head. "We don't want that, you have enough on your plate right now."

"Magic, huh? I'm sayin' magic, because science can't do that - yet, as far as I know," Simon remarks on the subject of Storm's transformation from man to feline. Looking slightly incredulous, but no more so than he did when he realised that Storm could talk in the first place, Simon turns to Rafferty. "It's good to know that someone can be there to extract lead in case I'm not around the next time she gets shot up."

"If necessary, I can also perform these repairs on myself," Nena comments as she sets her smoothie down. "However, I am uncertain that I would be capable of proper dermal repair and maintenance. Further study would be required."

"I assure you, I'm not tryin' to turn anyone into drug addicts, or get anyone expelled," Simon says as he leans back against the back of his chair. "I suspect that people would think any of us were on drugs, if we told them about this dinner. A mute girl, a talking cat, a male model, an engineer and an android?"

He lets out a snort.

"I believe that I have a foolproof rebuttal for such an assertion," Nena says. "I am a robot."

"You're pretty loyal to Eden, considering she kicks you" Rafferty says to Storm, sticking his tongue out at his blue haired friend.

"I don't think anyone is gonna mistake me for a junkie" he adds with confidence.

"I don't exactly look the part. But then, do I look like a robot fucker or a baby puncher?" he sighs.

"Sorry for the language, Mr Washington" he quickly apologises, back to using the man's title.

He starts to laugh at Simon's summary of their social gathering.

"You do make a good point, Sir. I mean, who's gonna believe a male model came to dinner?"

Storm seems to really have fun here, and really likes Simon, but then again, who doesn't he like in their expanding little group. "Magic yea. Don't piss off a witch." He then adds to make it clear. "It wasn't groping though." He shrugs again. "I needed it." He sighs.

Eden giggles when Simon mentions their weird group. a silent giggle.

Storm turns his head when Rafferty talks about his loyalty. "Eden loves me. I know you will find that statement weird, but it's true." He jumps on Eden's lap, and she accepts it,. Then Rafferty only mention about the male model, and Eden leans over, while keeping one hand on the cat, so he won't fall, and she smacks the back of Rafferty's head for good measure. Then a signs pop up. "I predict you will say 'Ow! What was that for?!' To which I answer. 'That sounds full of yourself.'"

"I find the concept of magic troubling," Nena says without expressing her concern in her features. "Am I correct in understanding that magic is defined by the circumvention of natural laws?"

"That's the gist of it," Simon says as he dabs himself with a napkin.

"The ability to violate the established parameters of existence renders my capacity to predict and interpret the patterns of behaviour of persons and phenomena in the environment potentially insufficient," Nena says with a tilt of her head.

"That's what we call havin' your mind blown," Simon says with a knowing nod. "Happens a lot. Part of bein' human."

He turns to Eden after she cuffs Rafferty. "Now, children. No fighting at the table!"

"Does that imply that fighting is otherwise permitted, Simon?" Nena asks the engineer.

"No fighting in this house, then," Simon corrects himself. "Outside the house, it's up to you, your conscience, and the law."

"What the hell, Eden?" Rafferty yells, which is somewhat out of character for the cool Californian.

He rubs at his head, where she struck him and shoots daggers at her, with his expression.

"I was making a joke, not being full of myself. The point is, that the male model is the least out there of those things" he explains, with a roll of his blue eyes.

"I prefer no fighting at any time, or any place" he tells Simon.

"I don't even think I can stomach going to any more fights of Nena's if they are anything like the last one."

He laughs lightly, pushing his now empty plate to the side and propping his elbows up on the table.

"I meant to ask by the way, babe. Did you find out who you are facing yet?"

Storm mulls over what Simon says about magic, and Nena's answer. Eden brings up a sign, that says "Sorry, for Simon, and she just grins sheepishly to Rafferty. She was amused. Storm looks at Rafferty. "She still likes you a lot, even if she roughens you up."

After Eden looks at Nena, with another sign. "I will come to your next fight to cheer you up. I am fighting a mysterious alien in my next fight apparently, but not in Ristar." She ponders, and another sign appears. "You can win this Nena. I hope you do!!"

Storm asks Simon. "Mister Simon, could I bother you for some milk? That would be nice."

"I can understand that, son. You don't seem to have the stomach for violence," Simon remarks before taking a long sip from a glass of water.

Nena turns to Rafferty. "Yes. My next opponent will be Kuma, the heir to the Mishima Zaibatsu." She then turns to Eden, dipping her head slightly. "I appreciate your support, and wish also that you fare well in your battle with the Mysterious alien, lest the world succumb to their imminent invasion."

Simon gets up from his chair to get a bowl and fill it with milk from the stainless steel refrigerator. "I make it a policy that if an animal asks me for milk in American English, I comply," he tells Storm as he leans down to set the bowl in front of the cat.

Still rubbing at his head, Rafferty looks at Storm with a dubious expression.

"Yeah, she's fond of both of us and look how she treats us. God help any future boyfriends."

He watches as Simon fetches milk for the cat, his expression one of amusement.

"You know if I told people at the agency about this, they'd think I was crazy. I mean, I think they already suspect something is off. Thankfully they ignore it, since I'm bringing in the money" he grins.

"So a heir to a fortune and a mysterious alien, hm? I'm sure you'll both show them who is boss, Nena and Eden" he encourages them, returning to his previously friendly tone. Apparently Eden is finally off the hook, for her random act of violence!

"You're totally right, by the way, Mr Washington. I don't have the stomach, the face, or any other body part for violence."

Eden bows her head and a sign appears. "I will teach aliens why they don't want to invade this planet. less they want me to invade there!" She grins heavily at that. Then she hears what Rafferty says about boyfriends and her hand shakes a bit, wanting to hit him again, but she does not. Storm though says something to him in return. "You may think so, but think what happens to people she absolutely hate... Then realize how lucky you are that she actually likes you."

Then Storm sees the milk and grins at what Simon says. "Asante sana kwa maziwa" He says. Would Nena able to search languages in her database, that was Swahili.

"I intend to acquit myself at full operational capacity," Nena assures Rafferty after slurping down the last of her smoothie.

"It's commendable that you've got yourself a place on that fighting show, Miss. Just be careful - they seem a little lenient on safety measures on there," Simon says to Eden as he considers what's left of the casserole dish and his empty plate. After a minute or so, he scoops out another serving.

"What was that, Kit-Kat?" the scientist wonders in response to Storm's words.

"Storm said, 'Thank you so much for the milk,'" Nena informs her not-uncle.

"Oh, anytime, Kitty. Anyone else want seconds?" Simon asks, looking around the table.

Seeing Eden's shaking hand, Rafferty ducks his head, just to be on the safe side.

"Yes, I am glad she doesn't hate me. That's a good point" he replies to Storm.

His gaze remains on the white cat, as he breaks into a foreign tongue.

"Asante what now?" he wonders.

When Nena plays the role of translator, he nods.

"So what language was that then? Is it the one of the place you were from, when you were a man?" he questions the clever kitty.

"As for food, I think I've had my fill, but it really was good" he says to Simon with a smile.

"Besides, I've got some homework to do, that's due in tomorrow."

Eden looks up at Simon when he seems to care. She wasn't sure how to feel,and it shows a bit, but a sign comes up. "Lenient rules for them equals lenient rules for me!" She ends up grinning.

Storm nods when Nena translates what her said and he answers Rafferty eventually between drinking his milk. "Swahiti." It gives a hint perhaps where he is from or where he went at one point. Or do all cats know Swahiti, but since they only meows... nobody knows.

When Simon asks if they want second, Eden looks around, see if anyone actually request so, as she did want to.Seeing no one doing so, she brings her arm up, but slowly. At least this time she doesn't give the middle finger. Storm adds. "Your chicken must be delicious." It almost seem if somewhat Eden and Storm communicate telepathically, or perhaps they are just that close.

"Are you intending to complete your homework yourself, Rafferty, or do you intend to have me complete it as usual?" Nena asks the model, turning to look at him as she makes her inquiry. The question causes Simon to give the boy a dubious look over the rims of his glasses.

Eventually, though, he turns back to Eden. "Here you go, Miss. Plenty more if you need any," he says with a warm smile as he serves out a second helping to the teen.

"If we are to be engaging in homework, then Storm may have by seat," Nena offers.

"I don't think..." Simon starts to say as he looks between Storm and Nena uncertainly. "...well, I suppose that's up to Storm, really. Why don't you two use the living room, if you're getting up?"

The teenage boy's eyes go wide, as Storm explains the origin of the language he spoke.

"Well, I wasn't expecting that."

He hesitates before answering Nena's question, then gives her his sweetest of sweet smiles.

"If you could help, that would be amazing, babe. You're so much smarter than me."

He reaches out to touch her arm lightly.

"I'd be happy to do it in the living room, then I can walk back to school with Eden and Storm, when we're all ready to leave."

He gets up from the table and carries his plate over to the sink.

"Thanks again for cooking, Mr Washington. I'll have to come here to get fed more often."

Hearing the exchange about another lack of prowess from Rafferty, Eden makes a sign. "Rafferty, bad at fighting, unless it's a wo passes out the fastest fight. Bad in school work as well, needs girlfriend to do homework for him. Doesn't like kids, as he punched one, or simply tried to win a fight. Unsure at this point. Can be nice, has an attractive woman around him, attracts pussies just fine too, if Storm can be enough data to go by. Also is nice to the chick he probably wonders if he would be better without than with. Color of hairs might be the reason of his bad sides. Is also handsome, and he knows it... Can also listen to advices when needed. Loves the attractive woman he's with. Diagnostic? Worth keeping around, cool guy." That big sign is kept around until she gets another plate from Simon. Then it is replaced. "Thank you Mister Simon. If I didn't care, I would steal your whole casserole and take it home. But you are a nice uncle, I do not wish to disappoint you." She starts eating again, before the sign switch. "I shall do my best to never hit you again Rafferty, unless we end up fighting in a competition, or if you're about to do something really really stupid, that would bring you more harm, than me hitting you." She keeps eating

Finally answers about taking a free seat. "It only depends if you're fine with a cat on you furnitures. I know not everyone wants pet on them. But having a discussion with you would be nice. How Nena came to be. The why I mean, what's the origin. If you are allowed to say." He smiles at Simon having finished the milk, and having some around his mouth, not that it would show really well, since he's white.

"I can get you a tupperware to take back with you, if you want," Simon offers to Eden as Nena evacuates her chair, pulling it out and making room for Storm to get on it. The engineer looks over to the cat, nodding his assent and gesturing for Storm to make himself at home.

"Oh, I can't really get into all that. It's sort of a non-disclosure agreement issue," Simon says as he settles back into his chair. "I'm sure that we can find plenty to discuss, though - one cool cat to another." He flashes a white grin. Apparently, not being an actual uncle doesn't stop the elder Washington from having an uncle's sense of humour.

"Come, Rafferty. I will assist you in completing your assignment," Nena bids her boyfriend as she moves into the living room.

Rafferty is left speechless, by Eden's Stewart special sign.

When he eventually speaks, it's in a rather quiet and calm voice.

"Rafferty is fully aware of his good and bad points. Rafferty dislikes fighting, not because he's a coward, but because he knows it could damage his most valuable asset, namely his face. Rafferty is not super smart, he knows this, but he is smart enough to know that his looks are his best chance at getting ahead in this life. Rafferty doesn't want to struggle for money, because he has seen his parents do so in the past and he likes the finer things in life, as well as the essentials. Rafferty tries to be a good boyfriend and a good friend, but he knows he doesn't always get this right. He also knows he can be self absorbed, because, well, he has to look out for himself. He sometimes misses his family and friends, who are back in California and he's grateful for the company of all those he's with tonight, especially if they refrain from hitting him. He won't stand for them being mean to him constantly though, because he's worth more than that. He doesn't think he's a wuss, because he passes out at fights, he's just sensitive in some ways. He also totally did not hit that baby!"

Speech over, he glances at each of his dinner companions in turn, before giving a simple nod.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, Rafferty has to write a history essay on The Great Depression and would be incredibly grateful for Nena's help."

He starts to move in to the living room, before pausing and looking directly at Eden.

"What do you have against blondes?"

While Rafferty refers to himself in the third person, probably offended to a point by Eden's sign, and who can blame him, Storm goes into the chair. "Thank you. I understand you can't talk about it, but I had to ask. I am curious of nature, and cats are already curious so." He doesn't know what to say to Rafferty, so he continues speaking. "Nena needs a robot cat, I don't know how, but it would do her good." He nods his head

Eden listens to the whole thing Rafferty says, and no once does she put a sign up. Then when he moves away, she starts eating, but not with as much enthusiasm as she was before.

When Rafferty turns to her to ask her what she has against blonde. She does put up a sign. "Nothing, I am a bitch get used to it." It's only when she's alone with Simon and Storm, that tears start to fall, but she's trying to hide it. They are not full on blood tears, but they are tainted red a little. She did not answer Simon about the tupperware offer, as it slipped out her mind after Rafferty's well deserved explanation.

During that time, Storm feels awkward. He knows full well she's trying to hide, so he didn't want to bring attention to her, but he cared.

Simon looks between Eden, Storm, and the casserole dish, before smiling sympathetically, if somewhat uncertainly, at Eden. "I'll get you that tupperware - and a chocolate brownie," he offers quietly with a nod before getting up to do so.

Shrugging his broad shoulders at Eden's blunt response to his question, Rafferty slips into the living room before witnessing any sign of the tears she sheds. His voice can be heard from the other room.

"So it began with the Wall Street Crash in October 1929, right?"

Should he have seen that his friend was crying, he would have wrapped his arms around her, giving her a big hug, but alas he did not, so is left in ignorance of the emotions he's triggered in the girl.

He gets on with his homework, or to be more precise, Nena gets on with his homework, whilst he occasionally chips in with a remembered nugget of information he acquired, in the small section of class he didn't daydream away.

When the essay is complete, he packs up his textbooks and moves back into the kitchen, to join Simon, Eden and Storm.

"I'm ready to go when you are, guys" he says, sounding back to his chirpy self.

There's no sign of the serious tone or the irritation he displayed earlier.

When Simon offers what he offers, and he actually move to do so, she rubs her hers, and then moves behind him, and she hugs him. Not like the crazy time she jumped Rafferty and Simon, not like the crazy times she might smother Storm. Just a genuine hug, perhaps a little bit too tight, as she is probably a bit stronger than looking at her would tell anyone, but also she didn't really know how much pressure to put into a hug. There would be a little shake, felt by Simon, but she also let go in a timely manner as well, at least for Eden. As compare to normal for someone else, it might have been a tad more lenghty.

Storm watches the display of affection from Eden and how Simon seems genuinely nice, so again he has nothing to say, but a smile was slowly making it way on his cute cat mouth.

When Rafferty comes back, he might see the end of that hug, or at least her releasing Simon. Storm answers for them however. "I think we will be ready shortly. Eden managed to get all the food left. Also, sorry buddy." Not like he was ever pushing or mean to Rafferty, but he understood the speech that had to come out earlier. "Thank Mister Simon for letting us into your home. You really made an impression." He jumps down from the chair, going to Rafferty, to let time for Eden to compose herself.

Simon Washington doesn't have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with actual teenage girls with teenage emotions and teenage sensitivities. He does manage to provide a pat and squeeze on the shoulder to reassure her, letting her get it out, and a smile when she lets go. He looks up when Rafferty comes back to say that he's ready to head out.

"Anytime, you three. It's good for Nena to have some... normal human interaction in her life," he says, finishing the thought with a little less certainty than he started it.

"Yes. Your normal human interactions are appreciated," Nena says to Rafferty, Eden and Storm, before stepping up to Rafferty and pulling him down to her level for a farewell kiss.

"Well, at least some of it's normal, anyhow," Simon says as he starts carrying the dishes to the kitchen to clean them up. "Take it easy, kids."

Rafferty pets the pussycat and gives him a grin.

"It's all good."

He does witness the end of Eden's display of affection for Simon, but makes no comment on it, deciding it's none of his business.

"Yeah, thanks Mr Washington. It's been...a blast" he settles on.

"The food was great and I got my homework done early enough, that I can go back and watch a movie in my dorm."

He heads for the doorway, stopping to accept Nena's affections on the way.

"See you tomorrow in school, babe. Thanks again for the help."

Stepping out into the night, he pulls his lightweight blazer a little tighter around him, feeling the drop in temperature, since they walked here earlier.

"So did I ever tell you about the time I saw Courtney Cox at the mall?" he asks Eden, as they set off back to Pacific High.

Eden wanted to kiss Simon's cheek, but she wasn't sure if that was ok or not, so in the end she doesn't. She makes a sign for Simon and Nena. "Thank you for everything." She helds the tupperware close to her chest, but it wasn't only the food that was precious.

Storm "Bye Nena, see you in school!" He did wait until Rafferty and her were done, before saying anything. "Bye Mr Simon, don't be a stranger." Then again, it probably was suppose to be the other way around, but yea.

Eden goes out with Rafferty and Storm, holding the tupperware close still. To be quite frank, she didn't know who Courtney was, and she didn't care about his cock, but she just shook her head and listened to Rafferty talking about it. She would learn than, it wasn't quite what she thought.

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