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Description: Sybil comes by Velvet's club, the Gold Lounge, with a very strange proposition...

On this side of Southtown, a stock broker in a fancy suit was nothing new. Businessman, family men, these were the prime consumers in this marketplace of services. Flashing of lights and skin was how product flowed. Vices of lust and greed moved hand in hand, from sidewalk to private room.

The vice of the latter was what brought Sybil Kathrine to such a place. She was neither buyer nor seller of the local commodities but arrived as a form of 'investor'. She walked past the sellers on the street to retrace the path of the Tao boy's memory. Neon lights shown down on her silk hat, but not illuminating her face. The glimmer of her golden rings brought a number of 'marketing pitches' that she simply ignored. By the time she found the alley she was looking for, her wallet had avoided picking three times over.

As far as Sybil was concerned, there was just a door that led into a bar. A bar she would be entering.

The door to the Gold Lounge as a auburn naugahyde, the slat on it opening briefly before the door creaked open--as the woman apparently could see the entrance. Someone inside was intrigued!

The interior of the club is likely not what one would expect from the exterior--it's a cabaret and drag bar that is done up in the roaring '20s speakeasy aesthetic. Back in prohibition days, when booze was illegal. But the only thing illegal here might be some of the occupants, who aren't quite human at all. A mocha-skinned very tall woman with bunny ears (real ones) will greet Sybil and show her to the sitting area, where an elegantly dressed Velvet is hanging out, on a pair of couches joined in a L-shape.

"And what do we have here...?" Velvet looks up, in what looks like a full-body black spandex suit, a dark purple lace leotard that looks like it's vinyl, and a pair of matching closed-toe pumps.

In one stride Sybil removed her hat and tossed it to the girl with a brief "Thank you Cinnamon". The absence of the hat revealed the face of middle-aged woman who sported sunglasses there were terribly large and dark for such a late hour, framed with long black hair. Her reaction to the veritable menagerie of customers was well muted. She seemed to almost ignore the guidance of the girl outright, tracking down the desired location a step before the rabbit. She navigated the dimly lit field of chairs and tables with a confidence and speed most would ill-advise. The sounds of her heels upon concrete ended at the couches.

"Velvet Blue, right?." Sybil leaned down and outstretched her hand to shake with the proprietor. "Ms. Katherine, but you can just call me Sybil." She grinned with a smile that was too shining for anything natural.

"What you have here is a business opportunity."

"This is quite a place if you were looking to watch a drag show, sweety," Velvet sits up, putting down the drink they were nursing, crossing their arms and looking up at the woman. "I'm Velvet, correct, and you're in my club, at that--what do you have for me?" he raises a brow at the woman's... eagerness, lets say, his tail slipping about on the large pink suede sofa he was resting on.

"Most people can't come in here, you know, so you being able to find the interest means you're not normal, I'm intrigued," the blue spaded tail flicked about at that especially interested, like how a cat's might.

"If you're looking for me to do some modeling, I will warn I don't come cheap," he grinned, showing off pearly fangs over his lower lip.

"I'm not one to watch sweetie." Sybil said as she sat on the other side of the L-shaped sofa.

"While not exactly what you would call 'normal', when compared to your greeter how I got here was positively mundane" she lied. "I learned of this little hole in the wall down the grapevine." She gestured to the general establishment. "And a bar that is hard to find normally make business a little light, doesn't it." Up her sleave she produced a bill that she began to fidget with. "Less of a money flow." She stopped the dollar, pointing it at Velvet. "I had something in mind a bit like modeling, to help with that money flow."

"For certain people it is hard to find, yes," Velvet agreed, still amused and a little curious with the woman, but watching her now with a sort of interest like one might give an exotic animal.

"Really? you flatter me, then, I am not usually given such propositions," he's fine with flirting, though, it seems, taking the end of their tail and toying with it as they listened to the woman, sitting back and crossing their legs.

"Would be curious to know how you heard of here, but then again--you're not too normal, I fear, which is fine by me. Normal can be quite boring," he tipped the drink back, draining more of it. "So, what do you have for me then, miss KAtherine?" he grinned.

"You are too harsh on the normal, normal in this case is a matter of... perception." Sybil said with a coolness about her. "If anything, I think finding this place might be extraordinarily easy for a normal person, given the correct guidance."

Sybil snapped the dollar bearing hand and disappeared the bill back up her arm. She brought back her friendly tone. "Onto the business, I would simply request that you wear a little something" From her second hand she produced a shining gem encrusted pedant. "Just wear this little beauty whenever you are out and about, or attending your bar. In exchange I can offer a negotiable amount in cash." She extended his arm so allow velvet a proper view of it.

"You would be paid for a job that is no additional work"

"Well we don't cater to the sorts most would call normal... or human, or traditional, as you can see," Velvet grins as the bunny girl, now decked in a French Maid costume clacks by in black 6" stilettos, refilling the bat-eared one's drink.

"Thank you dear," he gives her an amused grin, receiving a bit of a cold stare in return, before she saunters off. "It depends if you are sensitive to chi energy, my dear, which I am assuming you are, otherwise you would have just seen a brick wall instead of an entrance," Velvet clears their throat, after having tipped back their drink.

"Oh? And just what does this pendant do?" Velvet may have been born at night, it would appear, but not last night. "If I can find something that works with it, anyway, I'll need to examine it," he raises a brow, likely leaning over to try and take the thing by the chain to scrutinize.

"Well of course." She lied. "If I weren't sensitive, then I wouldn't see it." She continued with a half-truth. Sybil was not sensitive to chi at all, but she also did not see the door in the traditional sense. But the half-truth about what the item did was of more importance.

"It is a form of communication device. Being a bit of a bartender, I assume you have all the freshest and hottest gossip. I just love my gossip, but I could use it hot, fresh, and discrete." She lightly tapped one of the stones with her finger. "Just press it, and you can just repeat those juicy bits of drama right to me."

"So you want me to wear a kind of... magickal listening or viewing device?" Velvet raised a brow at that, holding the bejeweled pendant between fingers tipped with long dark pointed claws. "Reeeeaally, what're you getting at exactly? You could just pay me if you wanted some kind of information, you know, but there's a limit to what I might report on," Velvet still held the jewel, closer now--perhaps trying to sniff out any sort of charms or enchantments that'd been laid on it. Unless it's some kind of high tech thing, in which case Velvet might be presuming too much here~

"More like a pager" Sybil said as she hurried on the barmaid. "I would be just paying you for information, it is just a manner of the channel. I am a busy woman you know; I can't just slip by to the red-light district of Southtown every night. Don't even get me started about what kind of rumors would stir." She delicately gesticulated towards her visage. "I do have an appearance to maintain."

She rested her chin upon her hand and gave a rolling tap as Velvet inspected the device. "As for limits, I think we can figure out some numbers might make them a little more... Flexible." She produced a fan of bills from her sleeve. " I can offer prices far from 'normal' in exchange for information that is likewise far from the normal of what you would sell. I want it before anyone else and I don't want it announced to everyone with an antenna and key cracker."

"Well, far be it for me to discriminate--and how many figures were we thinking of?" Velvet raised a brow at the necklace. There really wasn't much magickal about it, from a cursory inspection. But there seemed to be something...

Though Velvet was distracted by the money being flashed, raising a brow and grinning a little. Well, the club /could/ use a few... enhancements.

"Oh yes, and what an appearance it is," Velvet muttered under his breath, taking the necklace and pocketing it.

"Well if it is information you seek, then I suppose we can make a deal, our lady of the many faces," Velvet is a little dramatically ambiguous on what the hell /that/ title is meant to mean. "I do have certain responsibilities to my people, as I am sure you, let us hope this arrangement is benificial to us both," Velvet rose, moving over to the lady to shake on it.

"Yearly or quarterly?" Sybil asked.

She began tapping at her knuckles, as if calculating the numbers. "What you find and bring to me will determine what I can provide. A standard week's worth of information, presuming the world has a utopian level of peace and stability, would be about $600." She interjects herself with a point of her finger. "This number presumes you have a normal, boring, bartender week, and you have mentioned you are not keen on the whole 'normal' thing." She fanned herself with the money. "If you can give me something special that only you can get, a week's worth would be the minimum reward for it, twice or triple being customary."

"A particularly prized piece might place as far five figures my friend, six if at sufficient risk."

She let the numbers spin in Velvet's brain as the broker brought herself back up to a stand. "And I will say this agreement with provide a benefit to us both." Sybil grabbed the hand to provide a firm, prolonged shake.

There would be barely a hint as she slowly saw the past memories. Big fry to guppies, there was so much to pull, but only so much time that a handshake could be carried. But as long as she held on, his past would be an open book of sounds and sensations.

"Hmm, not bad, it would allow me to do some more things with this place, along with the other shows I do," of course, in this context, 'shows' likely meant things like Midnight Channel PPVs, or other arrangements. Velvet would give the shake a few firm shakes, before retracting their grip. "In the meantime, feel free to come by here if you need my attention, or to leave a message, I'll give Cinnamon the directions to give you the VIP treatment," Velvet grins, stepping back and giving her a bow, apparently not picking up on the psychic transfer of memories there.

"Shall that be all, then?" he half-turned, blue spaded tail swishing along with him.

It had gone swiftly.

No need to loom threats of monster hunters with heavy pockets and light morals. The fate of the lounge was in safe hands, safe, greedy hands. A place such as this was the perfect place to disperse the spying eyes of Sybil's bounded bills. A hub of Darkstalkers with cash was too good to ignore. What Velvet would find would be peanuts to the dissipation and information the payments would provide. A customer who got change for that beer would have a chance to find one of her bills in their wallet. "One last thing..." the broker said after slipping the initial payment to Velvet.

"Where is that Mimosa I asked for?"

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