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Description: Velvet Blue hears of Rafferty modeling shirts with Lyraelle on them, leading to his inviting the charming adonis to The Gold Lounge.

"Ahh... phew, need to pick up a few more cans of Boss coffee from the machine down the street," Velvet muttered to himself as he went through a cooler he had next to his desk backstage at the Gold Lounge. The place had expanded a bit, they kind of had to--to accomodate a lot of the people that had settled nearby. Their kind, that is--after the invasion from the Makai with Kira's forces, especially. They'd had to take a few of those in until they could find places to put them, as well. Velvet was just relaxing in his private quarters/dressing room when he accidentally pushed over a few magazines that he'd left stacked there, eyes falling on the sight of...

"Woah... waitaminute..." his eyes narrowed as he noticed the print on the shirt the rather statuesque model was wearing. The print that read 'Minion' on it.


And thus, the tale of how Velvet put feelers and an invitation out to Rafferty came to pass.

Rafferty would get the business card in their mail that would give them the invitation as well as directions to the old theater district downtown, downtown Southtown, that is. Of course, the directions on the card would shift and change--the dark blue ink crawling across the material to create new letters everytime a milestone was reached.

Which would bring him to an alley with a large naugahyde door with a brass handle, that he swore he hadn't seen there before, if he'd looked down that way.

Rafferty is in the midst of an internet scandal (yes, another one). Videos of him either punching a baby, or making a baby punch himself (viewers are divided) have gone viral and once again his Instagram has blown up with unwelcome comments. To make things worse, Nena has been giving him some very disapproving looks. He'd only just got back in her good books too. Simon will probably know about it and Eden will...oh gosh, Eden. He can only imagine the teasing he will get from her.

Therefore, he is looking for an escape from his troubles and the invite to attend the Gold Lounge has arrived at the perfect time. Intrigued by the business card he received in the mail, he's dressed in his new red suit and made his way to downtown Southtown. Nervously venturing in to the rather dangerous looking alley and staring at the magical card, he swallows hard, before lifting the brass handle and knocking on the door to the club.

The door opens for Rafferty, as it turns out--the environment he steps into doesn't seem... normal. Well, for a number of reasons. For one thing, there is a party going on in the Gold Lounge, with a whole medly of different people (and creatures) going about, and there is music, and live entertainment as well as drinks flying around. The latter not literally, Velvet is /not/ paying for a cleanup crew every night.

Upon noticing the very good-looking human in the red suit that just came in, a cigarette girl, looking like a very tall, thin lady with rabbit ears, dressed in a French Maid costume bows her head to Raff, and directs him over to a sitting area, near to the stage. The interior has a sort of 'queen of hearts' from Alice in Wonderland meets a speakeasy look to it. And speaking of queens...

"Oh, well well--it's our guest, hello there," getting up from the L-shape of couches is Velvet, wearing one of those form-fitting full-body suits of theirs--this time it's red, white fur-ruff around the shoulders, and a pair of magenta long high-heeled boots with some sizeable platforms. From around him, what looks like a humanoid goat man in a smoking jacket and pipe get up and excuse themselves, as well as a few others. Entourage, apparently. They knew enough to make themselves scarce when Velvet had... 'special company'.

Rafferty doesn't know where to look first. Upon entering the club, his blue eyes dart everywhere, trying to absorb all the sights and sounds on display. A beaming smile appears on his handsome face, which only grows brighter when he's approached by the bunny girl. He's more than happy to let her lead the way, checking out her costume as she does and then makes himself comfortable in his seat, tapping his fingers against his knee, in time to the beat of the music.

Upon Velvet's approach, the young model can't help but stare at him.

"That's quite the outfit" he remarks, his tone sounding approving. "This is quite the place too. Are you the one who invited me?"

Brushing long black hair back from their face, Velvet grins, their blue spaded tail swaying about behind them. Raff could notice there was a 'cuff' of sorts that went over the base of the tail on the suit, keeping the special perforation it passed through closed and concealed.

"Thank you Cinnamon," Velvet dismissed the bunny girl, reaching out to shake Rafferty's hand. He might notice the nails are dark and pointed.

"And a big thanks to you too for coming down here upon my summons, I very much wanted to meet you--I'm Velvet," he nodded his head, perhaps letting the hand contact linger just a bit more than necessary.

The blond boy does indeed notice the striking looking nails, but it doesn't stop him accepting the hand and shaking it firmly. Despite Velvet's lingering grasp, there's no signs he is uneasy with the contact.

"That's a very cool name you have. I'm Rafferty Lawrence Stewart, but then I suppose you know that, if you've invited me."

He runs his free hand through his platinum locks and fixes the other man with his gaze."

"Are you a fan of my work?"

"Oh yes, do come sit down," Velvet finally stands back from Rafferty's grasp and moves towards the L-shape of two sofa's lined up, one was a sort of creamy pastel pink, made from suede the other was a dark blue in fake leather. Velvet moves to the center of the pink one, leaning back and crossing their legs. There is a glass coffee table amidst the center, with ash trays and drinks scattered across it.

"I see you've partnered with Lyraelle, so to speak? I'm also a partner of hers, a bit more clandestine, as you can see--given the establishment," he gestures to the club around. Some of the less familiar patrons eye the human in their midst a bit uneasily. Humans don't exactly like their kind, queer or not.

"You've a very lovely... portfolio, I must say, though I didn't see any records for you in the various leagues or fighting arenas. New to the scene?" he sits back, tail draped over their lap.

"Can we get you anything? before I forget."

Opting for the dark blue sofa, Rafferty straightens the carmine red fabric of his suit and then plants his backside down on the fake leather cushion. He eyes the drinks on the table, then asks rather brazenly "Any chance of champagne? Cristal if possible."

At the mention of The Demon Queen, a smile plays on his lips.

"Yes, Lyraelle and I have been working together since she came to visit me in my dorm room at school. She's a very interesting woman. Generous with her pay too. What is the nature of your relationship with her? Is it business or pleasure?"

He visibly preens as his portfolio is praised, but this soon turns to laughter at the mention of fighting.

"Oh, I'm not a fighter, Velvet. Far from it. It wouldn't mix well with my line of work. Imagine if I got bruised or worse?" He shudders.

"My girlfriend is a fighter though, I went to see her last match."

"Cristal? my, first time I've met someone around here with actual taste in champagne, let alone alcohol," Velvet makes a little clap of his hands, to summon the bunny girl, quickly handing off Raff's order. She returns with a try bearing a pair of glasses. "Leave the bottle dear, me and our model friend have some serious discussing to do," he grins, sending her away again. Once the drinks are handed off, Velvet sits back again, listening to Rafferty speak.

"Visit you in your dorm room? Dare I ask?" Velvet seems to imply this is... a bit irregular. Which well, it is. "Business, despite her looks she's pretty serious, though I wouldn't put it past her to get up to mischief," Velvet smirks a little, sighing.

"I was curious, yeah--you look far too pretty for that kind of work," he sipped the tall flute of champagne, raising a brow and humming. "Bit more of a lover than a fighter myself," Velvet quickly cleared his throat however. "With me, she wanted access to the club, you see we're one of the few places that serve dark ones in Southtown, sometimes she needs 'help', hire ons, that sort of thing."

"I always have some champagne available" the school boy states. "Champagne and chocolate truffles. I like eating them in bed" he grins.

"Lyraelle wasn't visiting for anything clandestine, although I suppose it isn't something my teachers would approve of. She'd given me her card before about working with her, so I messaged her back and she just happened to be passing. I guess she thought she'd come pay me a flying visit" he laughs melodically.

"I mean, literally. You know, I thought she was a cosplayer, when I first came across her, so I didn't really take her seriously, then I found out about the whole darkstalker thing being real and googled them and who should be the first one to appear, but her, being sat on by a dog."

He pauses to take a sip of his drink and sighs with appreciation.

"She doesn't really like me to mention that though."

"Really, tell me more," Velvet is having a lot of fun with this, leaning closer and placing an elbow against his knee. "That's not usually the behavior one sees out of a vtuber or cosplayer, I admit," Velvet smiles, showing ivory points of fangs denting their lower lip. Velvet wasn't wearing much makeup this evening, but the teeth were not hard to spot regardless.

"Sat on by a dog? well, I don't pass judgement on folks," Velvet smiles a bit, edging even closer. This is great gossip, to boot.

"So your arrangement is entirely consensual then? That's good."

"You're being very naughty, trying to get me to tell you secrets" Rafferty teases, before taking in some more champagne to slip down his throat.

"As it happens though, it's public knowledge, so I don't see the harm. It was when she won her championship belt last month. The guy she fought had a dog and it wound up sitting on Lyraelle, which is kinda funny because I heard she likes to use people as a throne in her fights."

He seems more fascinated than scared of the teeth, as Velvet moves in close enough for the model to get a clearer view.

"And yes, things are totally consensual. I wear clothes with her face on and post about her on social media, she pays me money. We're both happy."

"Naughty, moi? oh no~ I'm a perfect gentleman," Velvet grinned, sitting back after gesturing to themselves with a splayed hand against their chest. "Least she has the hips for a belt like that," Velvet mused, before nodding. "Ahh, that is true--someone finally gave her a taste of her own medicine, it seems," Velvet looks back to Rafferty, with those yellow, cat-like eyes of theirs, seems to pick up on the fact they have Rafferty's rapt attention, flicking the tip of their tongue off one of their fangs as they gaze back.

"That's all, really?" Velvet is grinning at the details of arrangement. Secretly, though, he finds this way too funny.

Rafferty grins back at Velvet, mirroring his body language and sitting further back in his own seat.

"Yeah, she's got an amazing body. I can't say I haven't noticed that" he admits. "I may be taken, but there's no harm looking."

As his companion's tongue flicks over the fang, he looks away, instead focusing on the bright feline eyes.

"But yes, that really is all. She's a business woman after all and she thought I'd sell well."

He drains his glass of the golden liquid and seeks out a top up.

"So am I the only human in here right now? If so, I'm honoured."

Velvet leans forward to help Rafferty with his empty glass, pouring his drink for him. "Taken, huh? I see you didn't waste any time relationship wise," it might even be a bit discouraging to hear that, for Vel, though they try not to show it. He was having a wonderful evening, and wasn't going to let that fact get him down.

"Was just making sure, I've fought alongside her before, so I think I know her personality, and morals," the entertainer is good at glossing over the fact they were partly here to scrutinize just what Lyra had planned for the poor adonis here.

"Mostly, Cinnamon, the lady with the rabbit ears who saw you in, is not either--she was a... undocumented citizen, as they are calling them now--illegal alien, if you will, I had to help her out of some unfortunate circumstance--the rest you see are folks who have business here from Makai, or have come here as refugees, much like myself."

"I got here in January and hooked up with Nena at the school's Valentine's Dance" Rafferty reveals.

"There was someone back in California, but she wasn't really appropriate. So whilst it was fun while it lasted, it was probably smart I got away."

He gratefully accepts the Cristal top up, getting to work on it right away, though he sips rather than gulps.

"It's really sweet of you to look out for me, in regards to Her Majesty, but I think I can handle myself, well business wise anyway, I wouldn't want to fight her. I imagine she's pretty fierce. I bet you were glad to be on the same side as her."

He smiles at the mention of Cinnamon.

"Ah, so the bunny ears aren't real then? She's more like the kind of bunnies we have back at the Playboy mansion in California? Not that I'm suggesting she strips off or anything."

"I wouldn't want to fight her either, if it helps," Velvet nods, muttering, "Probably need a crowbar to prise me free of her butt," under his breath. He looks back up at Rafferty, giving them their attention again.

"Ah no, they are in fact real--you see she was being held as a slave of sorts, you might have noticed she gives me filthy looks here and there--I do tease her about it at times, like with that outfit she's wearing," he nods, a beat passing before he adds, "Sorry, that must sound a bit monstrous, but she's excellent at what she does," he leans back.

"I mean, I'd ventured the idea to her, but she would probably stab me before she let me get her into a getup like that," he laughs a bit, thinking of the playboy bunny outfit. "Nevermind get on stage, she's content with bar wench here."

Rafferty raises his dark eyebrows at Velvet's reference to Lyraelle's butt, but doesn't remark on it further.

"That must have been rough for Cinnamon" he sympathises.

"I think teasing is very dependent on intent. I have a friend who teases me all the time, but I think she means well and likes me. I'm pretty scared of her though" he laughs.

"So I guess I'm the only human here who doesn't have any animal parts then. I'm still unique in that way."

He smiles to himself, then asks "So did you just get me here to quiz me about Lyraelle or is there more to it? I mean, not that I'm complaining about the free champagne and hospitality, but I am curious."

"I like to tease people I enjoy, I assure you," Velvet nods, before continuing. "Just leave her a good tip on your way out, though the drinks are on me, she'll appreciate that," giving a sigh of relief. "She is from there natively, I am not, I'm originally from the east coast of America," he explains, "Going to that world is perilous, and most don't leave the same way they arrived, as you can see," he gestures to the large bat-like ears of his, shrugging.

"I wanted you here as my guest, silly--though I was also curious what designs Lyra had on you, as I said, not that I'd accuse her of anything untoward," he sipped the champagne. "Plus, I rather did like the modeling work you've done, I was impressed," he smiled, much like a cat, the tips of the fangs showing again.

"Oh, of course yeah, I'll be sure to sort her out" Rafferty readily agrees, glancing over at the bunny babe.

"Where is there? Somewhere that changes people's ears" he wonders "And where on the East Coast? I was thinking about moving to New York, before the opportunity came up here. I don't think the winters would be much fun though. I mean, not that they're exactly mild here, compared to back home."

He looks rather pleased at Velvet's words of praise and the dark haired man earns himself a dazzling smile from the teen.

"Yeah, which was your favourite shoot?" he questions, eager for more flattery.

"The Makai, the demon world--darkstalkers come from there. Some might call it hell, but I don't think anyone that passes away here goes there, it's just another world--and you'll have more than your ears changed if you ever go there," he snorted. "As for where on the East Coast, Massachusetts--that's not far from NY," he shakes his head, "And no, they are not--it's about 5C for most of the year, except when it drops down to -10 during the winter, and 35 or so for the few months that it's summer," he snerks, doing some quick mental calculations on what the temperature would be there, compared to Europe or Asian standards.

"To answer your other question, you look rather debonair in the suits and jackets, though I must confess I also looked through some of the swimsuit catalogues you featured in," he grinned with a wink.

"Oh, the Makai is a place" the young blond nods, trying his best to understand.

"I didn't realise there were other worlds. I'd just gotten used to the idea that there were other things in our world."A look of fear crosses his face, for a brief second, but he's soon back smiling again.

"Yeah, I know where Massachusetts is. It might be cold, but at least there's those beautiful falls there. The colours look stunning."

His second glass is now empty and he's starting to get a slight buzz on.

"I did a swimsuit shoot at the water park recently too. I was gonna be on the cover of Southtown Style, but then..."

He shakes his head. "I'm not thinking about all that. What do you like to do for fun?"

"Yes, like Wales--except you can't get there by car, you need to find a portal, where do you think all these individuals came from," Velvet teases a little, shaking his head, not seeming to mind the boy's initial confusion. For most people, grasping the fact there are more worlds than this one is not easy.

"Fun? well when I'm not taking care of this place or performing I'm taking care of the territory around this place, or trying to find spooks that slip through the cracks between worlds, suppose you wouldn't really call that recreation, though," Velvet thought about it. "I like to visit friends of mine, have a bit of good conversation like we're having now--also relax, read, watch movies--the latter are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine," he lenas over and begins to pour the model more drink, though he's a bit more conservative with it this time, realizing the man might be getting a bit tipsy.

"I hadn't really given that much thought to where they all came from. Obviously I've always heard talk of vampires demons, ghosts, that kind of thing, but I presumed it was all fantasy. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised there's other places too."

He silently toasts, Velvet, as his glass is refilled.

"I watch a lot of movies too. Lots of classic stuff. I actually want to be an actor, in the long term. The modeling is fine for now, but I know I won't be able to do it forever. It's a young man's game." His hand moves up to touch his face, as even the thought of ageing may summon wrinkles. Relieved to find his complexion as silky smooth as always, he relaxes and questions his host further.

"what's involved in taking care of the territory? You mention spooks. Are you a ghostbuster or something?"

He starts to giggle at the thought and perhaps because of the champagne.

"Hmm... I see, I used to be a stage actor myself, a long time ago," Velvet swirled the dregs of his glass around, the yellow eyes staring down into them. He seemed sort of drifting, for a moment, before returning his gaze to Rafferty. Jeez, for such a big guy, he seemed to be a bit of a light weight. Well, to be that young again, he thinks.

"Something like that, I don't like having to 'take care of' sentient darkstalkers, obviously, especially when some of them used to be fully human--but beasts from the other worlds can get lost here, when a portal is opened, which is what happened with Kira Volkov and her minions, you weren't here for that, I figure," he's silent for a bit, making eye contact with Cinnamon from across the club and apparently signalling him over.

"As for you, my honored guest and beautiful hunk--Cinnamon, my coat, I am going to walk our guest home," he gestures to her once she finally comes by, standing up and setting the wineglass down on the coffee table. Once he's handed his coat, he'd gesture for Rafferty and walk closer to help him up.

"Are you alright to walk? I could call us a taxi," he asks, leaning closer. Professionally, now--he's not about to take advantage of anyone due to their mental state or inebriation.

"No, I wasn't here for the Kira thing, but I've read about it since I found out about things. That's actually what sparked my interest. We were talking to a girl on the beach and she seemed upset about it all and angry that I didn't know anything about it."

He rises from his seat, with Velvet's help and places his now empty glass on the table. Pondering the question of their method of travel home, he decides "Walking is fine. I could do with the air and you can tell me all about your acting career. Perhaps I will pick up some tips."

He sashays his way over to Cinnamon, slipping a substantial amount of notes in her hand, probably as much as he'd have spent if he'd bought the champagne himself and then heads towards the doorway.

"I'll let you lead the way."

"Well, it was not a fun time to live in Kabukicho, I will say that, well then, c'mon," Velvet donned the full-length dark suede jacket over the costume they were wearing, more or less concealing it--except for the feet of the boots. "Well, it was in college, y'see..." Velvet lets on he might be a bit older than what he appears, in that--falling in alongside Rafferty as he walks. With a little flick of his wrist, a bit of his own glamour energy will pass into Rafferty. There shall be good dreams for him tonight. Though he may not remember them in his waking hours. Velvet's kind, y'see had the ability to view and manipulate them, to an extent--at a small expense.

It's the least he can do for his guest, after all...

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