Tsugumi Sendo - Training Arc

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Description: Tsugumi Sendo barges into Daisuke's morning and forcefully touches him in a supposed training session!

Daisuke's phone would ring. And if he didn't pick up? It would ring again, and again. Until he'd pick up the phone to see that it was Tsugumi calling him. "Hey Iruka! Like I promised, it's time for training- Don't try to make excuses! It's weekend, and I know you're free. I'm coming over to your place, OK? I'm sure that house has some rad place to train. Lots better then our crappy apartment anyways! See you in... 5 minutes!"

5 minutes? Daisuke might know that Tsugumi lives 20 minutes away at the very least. How can she be there in 5 minutes?

But alas, five minutes later- Tsugumi would arrive in her fighting garb. Skin-tight bodysuit cut off at the elbows and upper legs, with a blue and white sports jacket worn over top. "Heyheeey! Good morning, Daisuke-Chaan! I hope you slept well, you're gonna need all the energy you can muster! Heeheehee."

Five minutes? There's no way, right? At least Daisuke makes the assumption that Tsugumi is exaggerating, and he has at least *some* time to get himself into gear after... well, she more or less woke him up with the phonecall.

Nevermind that he's not exactly looking *forward* to seeing Tsugumi, right now. Going back to school after developing some kind of telepathic slash empathic sense was hell on him with the barrage of emotions and the occasional surface thought from people around him assaulting him. Sure, being in the vicinity of just *one* person should be much easier, but then... it is also someone he *knows*, so he fully expects it to be even more akward for him.

And indeed, five minutes later, the dreadful sound of the doorbell comes. Oh no.

And when the door opens to the foyer of the traditional japanese home, Tsugumi is greeted with the sight of Daisuke... in pyjama pants and shirt, with the latter buttoned up messily enough that it ends up unintentionally exposing a good bit of his chest and the supple muscle there. And he has a half-eaten sandwich in his hand.

"...Sendo-san. Were you already on your way when you called?"

"Yes! I'm not one for wasting time, it's called multitasking! But man, you just came out of bed? Pffff." She barges in- Taking off her shoes in the process, before joining Daisuke wherever he was eating his breakfast. Seemingly, she doesn't seem to mind his current, limited apparel. Daisuke might sense excitement and inpatience to get started from her. "Take your time! A good breakfast is very important, I ate like a horse this morning. Oh yeah- Congrats on winning against that Yuri chick. We're one step closer to fighting eachother, huh? Can't wait, mr. 'Blazing Panther'." She chuckles, making a little fun of his -awesome- nickname.

"...It's... like... super early..." Daisuke complains even as the wrestling enthusiast of Gorin just blazes right past him, leaving him to close the door again with a sigh before padding after her to the kitchen.

"W-well, there's another blt-sammich there for you if you want it anyway... I wasn't sure if you ate or not. And some tea. I usually cook a bit more but I didn't think I had too much time..."

Well, he did turn out to be right about that, even if it was even less time than he figured.

He huffs a bit at the teasing, however, after taking another bite out of the sandwich. "Shaddap... I literally just came up with it on the spot, alright? But I guess, right...? I mean, assuming we both make it to the next round."

He does avert his gaze from her after saying that, frowning faintly. "... I am getting some second thoughts abotu that whole tournament, though..."

"That so? Something happen?" Genuine worry- As Daisuke might pick up on. She sits in one of her chairs, elbow planted on a raised surface while supporting her head with her arm. "I ate. And you're probably going to need that second sandwitch in a few hours- Not gonna lie, this is gonna be pretty rough. Do let me know if you need a break though, it's bad to overexert your body to the point of damage, y'know?"

The worry is both picked up on *and* sensed-- which ultimately makes Daisuke shuffle a bit akwardly where he's sat down.

"It's just..." He starts, words drifting off for a moment out of some uncertainty on how exactly to put his feelings into words. "...I went into it to begin with just so I could have, like... a more active way of testing out... well, I guess 'my powers', for lack of better term. But, you know..." His free hand comes up to rub at the back of his neck, nervously. "Even when I don't end up like I did with our first spar back in the day, I feel like it's actively hurting me to do that. In the end, channeling all that energy, right, it's... what's brought me those wins, but I don't know if I'm risking breaking something irreversibly if I keep using it."

"Huh, I see. That is worrying- I think you've been doing, great, but. I don't know what your body feels like."

Wording, Tsugumi Sendo.

"But I think, the power still comes from you. I can't really imagine that simply using it has to be a bad thing. Just, control, y'know? That's kinda what I wanted to propose for today. You try to channel small amounts of that energy, I try to defend myself against it. I also wanna learn how to deal with it myself, so.."

She stands up straight, looking confident. "But if you don't think that's a good idea, I'll gladly teach you some grappling techniques and defenses instead! Y'know, you gotta prevent me from touching you at the places you don't want to be touched!

*WORDING*, Tsugumi Sendo.

"Anyways, lemme know what you feel like."

Sure, the telepathic sense in Daisuke does let him know pretty easily that Tsugumi does not, in fact, mean the things she says in any kind of untoward way, but even so-- hearing that last bit coming from her makes Daisuke sputter faintly and blush fiercely *despite* that understanding.

"U-uh, sure, I guess...?"

The redhead makes the effort of distracting himself by shoving the rest of the sandwich into his mouth, and standing up after swallowing it down. "Uh... We can try that... I'll just go get changed first..."

He does provide a short bit of directions for her to go through the house with before he seperates for his bedroom, however. Ones that bring her through a sliding shoji door into--

An actual dojo. Not one of those modern gym-like halls either, but an actual large, open room with hardwood flooring and decorative walls. There's even a small buddhist shrine on the opposing end from where she steps in from, flanked by two smaller sliding doors that presumably hide storage spaces within.

And a short while after she's stepped in there, Daisuke slips in -- now in a loose white t-shirt and black exercise pants.

"Think this'll do?" He asks, at the door. "The floor's kinda hard and all, but there's some mats in the back there we can spread out too..."

She looks pretty wide-eyed at the indoor dojo. "Damn, that's awesome! It's like, like, one of those halls that you see in martial arts movies! Karate Kid!" Yes, that's the association she makes. "I'll get the mats! You do not want to be smashed against those wooden planks, trust me~" At Daisuke's instruction, she goes to 'the back' and comes back carrying a huge stack of those padded mats, before spreading them out evenly across the floors. "Yosh!"

"So, you wanted to start with energy or grappling? I'm prepared for both!"

"Yeah, well... Apparently dad's grandpa--" Because no blood relation for Daisuke himself, see. "--he was pretty big on kendo way back in the day when he had this house built. There's some bamboo swords back there, too." You know. In case she decides she needs some extra tools for disciplining the redhead, or something.

"Er... Grappling, I guess...?" Daisuke suggests after a moment of being prompted, and he moves, on his bare feet, onto the space formed by the spread mats. "U-um, so... How do you want to...?" Yeah, he's definitely nervous.

"Perfect! Well, I'm gonna have to establish a baseline, I'm just going to try and put you in a fairly simple hold- And you will try to escape through any means- Try not to dodge too much though. Sound good? Just stand right there.. Go!" Once her training buddy (or dummy, depending on who you ask.) is all set, she'd dive at him, her arms aiming to seek grip with his legs so that she'd be able to trip him to the ground.

"So... let you take hold first and then try to..." Before Daisuke's really fully done with vocalizing the instructions for himself, she's already set the signal mark. The yelp of surprise shows that he didn't really even have time to bring himself to *try* to dodge, and her arms find purchase around his lower legs, and--


Down goes the redhead with an audible *thump!* that is muffled a bit by the padded mats as his back hits the floor, with his legs helplessly wriggling there within Tsugumi's grip and hands trying to push at the floor to try and get himself back up. "W-w-wait how do I--?!"

She doesn't respond yet, still testing the redhead. Manipulating his legs in such a way that he'd be forced to roll over onto his stomach, before letting go of his legs, and attampting to sit down on his back while trapping the his arms with her legs, pushing them into his sides so that his arms would be forced to remain pushed into his sides, finally putting her arm between the mat and Daisuke's neck to put him in a chokehold- Putting just enough pressure to discomfort him, but it doesn't hurt per se.

She waits for a few seconds, or until Daisuke would tap out, before rolling backwards off of him.

The split second that his legs are free, Daisuke actually thinks he has a moment of respite... but then he finds Tsugumi's backside on top of his back while she maneuvers her legs to pinning his arms down against the mat while her arm coils around his neck.


What follows is a lot of helpless wriggling and flailing of his now-free legs -- all the way until she uncoils herself from him. And the unintentionally-continued wriggling ends up resulting in his face smacking right against the floor once the lifting from her arm is suddenly not there anymore.


"Jeez, You're alright?" Tsugumi would help him up, under the surface however- And as Daisuke might overwhelmingly sense, she is coming close to bursting out laughing. "So, uh. Couple of things."
You need to stop panicking, violent wiggling isn't gonna help you. You'll also need to learn to control the opponent better- I know grappling isn't really your style, but you'll be in trouble if you don't know how to escape a hold. I mean, remember how I pummeled at the end of our first spar? That happened cause' you allowed me too. Just uh, try to move with more intent in general." She thinks for a bit, scratching her cheek as she thinks of a way how Daisuke can train. "Lets see here, what type of lessons did I get when I started shoot wrestling..."

"Oh! I got it."

"I'm okay..." Daisuke mumbles, voice muffled against the floor -- though his pride is definitely hurt more than a little. It doesn't help that he can *sense* the amusement boiling underneath Tsugumi's front. UGH.

Helped up to sitting again, he looks all the more embarrassed while he takes the moment to just sit there on the mat, and listen to Tsugumi's advice. "...I mean, I get that, it's just... I don't know, I just stop thinking and my body doesn't know how to react."

He does bring his attention back up to her when she seems to come up with some idea, however, his head cocking sideways slightly. "Whassat?"

"Drills! We're just gonna practice multiple techniques- And you should eventually be able to wrap your head around a lot of general defensive principals. Let's start with, the armbar! Why the arm bar? Because the armbar is one of the most common techniques! You uh, basically secure someone's arm at the wrist and lock it down with your knees! From there you can apply more pressure, stretch it out, or even break it if you'd want to! And hopefully provoke a submission from a less skilled opponent! Here, I'll show you- Get down on the ground, stomach facing upward. I'll do it on you!"

The girl winks. "Don't worry though! I won't apply enough pressure to make it hurt, and afterwards you can do it on me!"

"Uhhhhhhh....?" Daisuke doesn't exactly seem *incredibly* eager abotu the prospect of getting his arm locked down like that, even if Tsugumi is promising to go easy on him and all. SHe *did* just mention the hold could be used to break an arm! "S-so you just, want me to... uhhh..."

Some red gathers on the red-haired boys features and he deliberately averts his gaze for a moment, though he does ultimately roll himself down to laying down again. Stomach down, as instructed!

"... Why do I feel like this would be considered scandalous under different circumstances...?" He mutters down there, quietly.

"Hey, uh... speaking of, is there... any advice you have for... I dunno, getting out of that...?"

"All in due time, my pupil~ But no, really. Escaping it is a pretty complicated affair. Though... actually.."

The spark of an idea seems to have formed. "I'm not saying you have to try that right now, but you do have the unique advantage of that energy stuff- Usually the difficult parts of escaping is gathering enough momentum to strike back, and if you want to escape, that tends to be very technical. But I feel like you might be able to like, blast them! No punch or kick required! But maybe that's for another time, just a thought. It would prevent you from having to learn all this technical stuff, y'know! Anyways..."

She looks downward, only now realizing that he's stomach /down/ she said stomach /up/ did she not? "Iruka-chaaaan, turn that body around. Stomach up. *UP*" When the misunderstanding would've been cleared, she crouches down next to him. "Sorry bud, but you're gonna have to get used to awkward positions-" And indeed, she delivers- Sitting on the mat by his arm and folding her left and right leg over Daisuke's neck and waist respectively, his right arm situated between her legs, she grasps his wrists with both arms, folding them around while locking down the upper arm with her knees before /leaning/ back her entire upper body so that his arm is forced to extend out fully. "So, you don't want to find yourself in this situation- Because.." She leans back only slightly Daisuke would start to feel a close to painful pressure in his shoulder, before releasing some of the pressure- But still having him in the hold. "So, your legs are too far to properly kick me with, and you only have one arm free- What is your first instinct in this situation?"

"...And not learning it would be... bad, I guess...?" Would mean he would potentially go through less pain, maybe.

"Uh..." Daisuke's face quickly gets red again with the correciton, and he practically snaps himself around to laying on his back instead. "I-- I knew that, I was just, uh, um... testing you, yeah!"

He definitely was not.

"Look, I do feel just a little si-BWAH?!"

The surprised sound comes with Tsugumi's legs wrapping about him and pinning his arm in between them. His knees instinctively lift upwards while his feet try to kick at the ground, and... the lower portion of his face ends up pressed right against the underside of her shin. "MMfff!"

THe helpless wriggling only increases when she uses her weight to pull further on his arm, too! "Bwaaaah!" His voice muffles against her leg, face turning red again for... various reasons. "I don't know! Die?!"

"Well, learning this would give you a real edge in combat! I watched your recordings, and you lack much of any fighting style!" She casually says, as she keeps up the hold. "Bad attitude, Iruka-Chan! Since competition usually does not put limits on the types of techniques you can use, that second arm would be /your/ best friend you can try launching an attack with it, though punching from that position is hard, if not impossible. You can maybe get my leg, but that won't stop me- You gotta keep in mind that in a real scenario your opponent /would/ just be able to snap this baby here." She pats his arm as she says that. "In other words, you're gonna want to attempt to create space. A good technique in this situation is moving so that we end up parellel from eachother- You'd basically want to walk and shuffle along the ground until your legs face in my direction, that will give you a lot more room to work with! It also makes it a lot harder for me to put pressure on your arm. From there, you might be able to sink a knee into my torso, or whatnot, y'know?"

"Come on, give it a try."

"D-.. do what, how?!" Daisuke babbles, voice still slightly muffled by that leg pinning him down. The panicked reaction is all too telling of someone who lacks both training and experience with these kinds of things. Even if he was able to pull off a miraculous win against Mitsuru in his first Ristar match.

Maybe his brain behaves differently in more serious situations like that? Who knows.

Thankfully he does have all the time in the world in this situation. And he at least isn't sensing that Tsugumi has any *real* intentions to snap his arm... for now. So he does eventually get some of it figured out; using his free left hand to grab onto one of Tsugumi's legs and use it as a leverage point to help shuffle his feet along the padded floor to guide them towards his teacher's head.

"L-...like this...?" He mumbles uncertainly, letting out a sigh of relief when he feels himself able to align his caught arm into a more reasonable position. He does not, however, try to follow the additional advice to knee his opponent now! It could be because he just doesn't feel confident about being able to pull it off properly, or... not wanting to hurt Tsugumi. Maybe both?

"That's the stuff! Alright, let's break it up." And she lets him go. "I know this might seem a little pointless, all things considered- But it's good if you at least understand the basics, you know? Once you get said basics you'll be able to escape out of many situations- It's an important advantage. Practicing these kinds of techniques will really help you out long-term." She goes into teaching mode, as she explains her point of view to the redhead.

"You need a break? I'll be on the recieving end next- Be gentle~" Now that, that time it was quite intentional.

Daisuke takes in a sharp breath once he's released, and he scoots himself up to sitting on the mat. Giving a little sheepish look to Tsugumi's way from down there. "I mean... It's not really that pointless, it's... basics, right? Something you went through ages ago too. Though I mean..."

His foot shuffles lightly against the padded mat.

"Probably won't help me with getting someone else out of that, will it?"

That might be a mildly worrisome peek into the boy's priorities.

As Tsugumi may well have expected, then, his face IMMEDIATELY turns red at her particular wording. "D-d-don't make it weird, Sendo!"

He does relent enough to at least agree to give the technique a try... nevermind the good, long moment of akward shuffling whenever she does settle down on her back, before he takes hold of her arm and tries to copy the way she pinned his upper body down with her legs earlier. It's... very much hesitant, and he doesn't seem at all willing to exert any kind of real force to her arm, either.

"...I, uh..." He mumbles in the middle of it all too, much more conversationally than could be done in a proper fighting situation. "I'm... still kind of thinking of quitting the tournament."

"Getting someone else out of that- Like, stopping some bullies? Just... hit them? Doesn't seem too complicated there. About that actually, grapplers naturally have more trouble fighting multiple opponents. They can generally only lock down one guy at a time, unless they're like, inhumanly huge and strong. You do have some real monsters though."

Tsugumi lets her training partner do the techniques, correcting him when he slips up and giving him a good idea of what to look out for. "There you do, you're doin' a good job! You should put a bit more muscle into it though, don't hold back."

And when they seperate again, Tsugumi responds. "Is that so? Because of how you don't wanna go overboard and hurt yourself? Makes sense, but..."

"I really don't think that you should. You're doing pretty well, just gotta get that under control- Like i've been saying, training!"

"I don't wanna hurt you though..." Daisuke is quick to complain at Tsugumi's urging, with a pout. He *does* pull a bit more at her arm with that, but he's still obviously holding back, all the way up until they seperate.

"...I mean, kinda, that's part of it, sure," he admits on the matter of the tournament then, while he sits up, draping arms over his upraised knees. "But it's also... like... Mmm. I don't... really want to hurt people too much either, you know? Especially when... all those people are more or less just trying to prove their own abilities, too... win some glory or whatever."

He shifts slightly where he sits, hugging his knees closer towards his chest, frowning faintly.

"What if I end up going overboard and seriously hurting someone just because I wanted to test that power...?"

Tsugumi looks at him a little funny, trying to judge what to say. "That's dumb, Aho. No one is going to blame you for hurting someone when the goal is /literally/ to incapacitate your opponent. You might go overboard, you might injure someone. That person expected to get injured when they signed up. They might have to lay in a bed for a few weeks, but that won't mean the end of their career."

She shakes her head, seemingly being a bit annoyed as she berates him. "I mean, come on. It's a little insulting to your opponents /not/ to fight seriously. People who step into the arena are expected to give their all. I know that you're not one that likes to fight for the sake of fighting, but that doesn't go for most folks in tournaments like that; They want to fight, they want to get stronger, and they want to face strong opponents. I share that mindset! Maybe it's just not something that you want to do, but don't be afraid of hurting anyone in such a scenario, Idiot."r
After her being stern, she lightens up a bit. "Sorry for getting all serious there, but I hope you can take my point to heart."

Daisuke looks a bit surprised by his friend's reaction to his words, and he visibly recoils back. "U-uhm..."

After *that*, he can't quite bring himself to look straight at her, out of some measure of embarrassment. "...I mean... I understand where you're coming from. I get it. I just... I don't know. It doesn't feel good for me to do that anyway, is all. ... I guess that just means I deserve to be in there even less, not to even mention... winning. Someone who actually wants that kind of glory would be better to be the winner."

He does peek at the wrestling girl with that, smiling akwardly. "Someone like you."

"Awww, that's sweet. But don't feel bad. You might not have as much drive for relentless violence, but-" She winks, indicating that she's kidding.

"That doesn't mean there's no place for you there. I overgeneralized a little, people partake for all kinds of reasons. Yours is no less valid then mine, you know? Loosen up a bit, Daisuke-Chan!" She gives him a firm pat on the back. "It's not all about winning, it's not all about the glory. It all depends on the individual."

She stretches out, her arms above her head. "Anyways, that's it for my little speech. Lessee, how long have we been going for... Around 40 minutes, huh? You up for another few drills? I generally train for like, three hours a day- But I'll spare you /that/ much effort!"

Daisuke lets out a feigned 'oof' of a sound at the pat to the back, and smiles sheepishly at that and the words she gives both. "I mean... I'll think about it, I guess..." He mumbles. "We'll see how my next fight goes at least, I guess..."

While she goes through her stretches, the red-head scoots back subtly-- and then winces visibly at the time she gives. "T-...three hours..."

Slowly, he pushes himself up to one knee first, and then further up to standing, stretching his own arms above his head. "Well... I'm still kinda... worried about hurting you, but should we try what you suggested earlier?"

Tsugumi lights up as he finally agrees to her proposal. "YES! I'd be glad to." she takes her bottled water, chugging down for a solid two seconds before wiping her mouth and screwing the cap back on- Then stands in the middle of the Dojo, looking fairly pumped. "Alright- First thing's first. Don't be afraid about hurting me, as you know, I can take it- Lets see, I don't know how your stuff works, but.. just grab my arm, here." She sticks out her right for him to take, confident in her idea for training. "Like- See if you can.. shoot out as little as possible with when holding me. If it explodes in my face, that's fine too. I'd like to think that starting as small as possible and building up from there might be a nice way to do it- It lessens the risk of you accidentally going all-out."

"...You are *way* too excited about that, Sendo!" Daisuke points out, with a vague hint of concern in his voice. And the concern spreads to his expression, too, while she runs him through her plan on the course of action.

"...I hope you mean channeling it into my *other* hand then." He does reach with his left hand over towards her right arm after a moment of further hesitation, however. Though even that touch is deliberately gentle, like he's somehow afraid even a regular touch like that is too much.

"... I feel like we should have figured out like, target dummies or something to put up..."

"Eh? You're not wrong. I'm risking to sound like some weird masochist or something. I'm simply excited to finally help you out with this, you know?" She tilts her head as she assesses his idea. "Well, a training dummy isn't alive- It can't provide as insightful of feedback as I can, that's kinda part of the point here. And, I also want to practice against defending against attacks like these- I suck at it, it's my biggest flaw in my defense." She wiggles her arm, giving Daisuke the go-ahead to attempt his thing.

"Go on then, see if you can like, build it up slow and steady or something? Gotta admit, this is not my forte. Most of what I for advice can probably be traced back to some anime or manga!" she chuckles.

"That... doesnt really fill me with a lot of confidence, I'm going to be honest..." The red-haired boy points out with a visible wince.

But hell, he makes the choice to try, anyway. Daisukes eyes close for a few seconds -- and when they open, the green irises have taken on a very obvious, visible glow to them. Cyan-colored energy crackles along the length of the arm like arcing electricity, nearly all the way up to the hand holding onto Tsugumi's forearm. Crimson brows knit together with focus, and teeth pinch down at his lower lip while the energy gathers--


Suddenly, his hand lets go and snaps away, and all the energy fizzles out while the boy himself pants audibly for a few seconds.

"I-- I'm sorry," he mumbles, eyes turning down to peer towards the floor. "I... kind of panicked, I... I can try again..."

She keeps calm as she sees- and feels the energy being channeled, and doesn't really react much when it fizzles out again.

"Hey, you alright?" She approaches him, that worry is there again. She lays a hand on his shoulder, if he'd let her. "See if you can calm down a bit, want me to fetch that second sandwich for you? We can try again after that. Don't force yourself though."

"I just--" Daisuke mumbles, rubbing at his own wrist while Tsugumi moves closer. He doesn't stop her from settling her hand on his shoulder, but he does send her an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry... I just got caught up in the worry. I know you can probably take it, but I can't help but..." He shakes his head, glancing aside with a deep frown. "I'm sorry. I'm a coward like that."

"Stop" *thump* "Apologizing!"

She playfully slaps his shoulder, just enough to sting a little. "You're not a coward, you're just too nice! You remember that Rafferty kid from pacific? Now there's a coward~" She walks him to the nearest sitting area, sitting down together if he'd let her.. "So, what would you need to get over that barrier? Do I just have to act really mean, or something? I can act like a bully if you want me to!" she jests, though the question is genuine.

Playful as it might be, Daisuke does still let out a little "weh!" in response to the shoulderslap (mostly out of protest rather than any actual pain). "Thanks, I guess...?"

He just ends up shuffling a bit more akwardly next to her when she asks the half-joking, half-genuine question. "I mean... being a bully really would be a bad look for you though, Sendo..." He points out, with a faint hint of joking in his own tone of voice, even if he isn't quite looking directly at her right now. "... I... I dont know, though. It's like... trying to figure out how to stop me from not liking the taste of pinecones, or something..."

"Uguuh, I'm pretty bad with.. analogies, I think it was? But you mean like, you feel like it's something integral to yourself- that hesitation and unwillingness to hurt someone. I guess that makes sense." She scratches her chin, thinking. "If that's something you're unable to shake, it's a problem. But at least when it comes to training sessions such as this, please try to let go of that feeling at least a little."

"I... guess..." Daisuke just looks all the more self-conscious with the agreement from Tsugumi on his mental block on hurting people outside of very specific circumstances, and he hugs one of his legs a bit closer to himself after. "I can... try... But its just hard, is all." He considers things quietly for a short moment, and then peeks back to his friend, akwardly. "...Maybe I could just... I don't know... channel a little mass of it without directing it at anything, first? See if I can do that much and keep it under control and then think about... I don't know, throwing it at you..."

"Sounds good! You have any idea for a suitable target? We don't wanna blow any holes in your beauty of a house. I don't know, maybe we could assemble a makeshift dummy with those sticks- uh, swords in the back? If you're okay with potentially damaging those. Otherwise we might be able to do something with sheets... or.." In her train of thought, she eventually waves it all away.

"Ah, I guess it doesn't matter that much! Do you have any ideas?"

"I was more thinking like..." Daisuke murmurs, now slowly lifting himself upwards, to one knee first, and then up to his feet altogether, besides Tsugumi, regardless of if she'll stand up with him herself.

"Lemme just... see if I can hold it... it always comes out as, like... a lot? And I wanna see if I can get a mroe controlled amount of it out instead, if that makes sense..."

He holds up the same hand he'd used earlier with her, but rather than reaching out for her this time, he instead holds it palm up -- staring at it. Slowly, as focus gathers in his eyes, they take on a faint glow once more -- and that familiar energy begins to crackle along the length of his arm.


There's a couple bright flashes, the kind that might make Tsugumi think there's about to be an explosion again, but, after a few seconds -- theres just a tiny little orb at the end, hovering above his palm, once it's all settled.

Tsugumi really wants to say something but does not as she looks /pumped/ as Daisuke is succeeding his attempts. She decides to say silent to not disrupt his concentration.

"Hhhh--- well, it's... n-not... blowing up..." Daisuke mutters through grit-together teeth -- apparently this is putting some strain on him, too. The fact that he has to focus on keeping it controlled to such precision probably doesn't help matters either.

"Uh-- did you want to..." Looking to Tsugumi, he waves the palm channeling the orb vaguely towartds her, causing the little mass of energy to wobble briefly before settling again.

"Oh- I didn't know you wanted-" she shakes her head, not wanting to make him hesitate, as she moves to in front of him- Putting her hands down in a volleyball-esque position to potentially catch the orb. "Alright, sorry for making you wait- Give it your best shot!"

"I *don't*, really," the redhead admits almost immediately. But once she's set herself up in that prepared posture, he--

Suddenly kicks the floor and crosses the short distance between the two of them. "This can be used like this too--!"

And that hand holding out the orb is thrust out in what outwardly looks like an open palm strike -- but also serves to shove the mass of energy at Tsugumi's shoulder!

"Oh, like that, huh!" she clenches together her forearms so that the orb gets pushed into the hard surface- The energy crackling into a small explosion that licks as Tsugumi's skin, her face contorts just a little, but the pain-levels seem to be very managable for her overal. When it's said and done, her face lights up as she shakes the slight burning sensation on her arms away. Tsugumi looks at the redhead excitedly. "Yes! Awesome job, Daisuke-Chan! I'm doing fine- more importantly, how did that feel? Is your arm hurting?"

Daisuke's palm presses in to Tsugumi's forearms, and left in between the pressure of the two points of contact, the small mass of energy explodes in wide crackles of energy before the redhead sweeps his hand back away again.

"A-ah! I'm sorry!" He offers in quick apology again even in spite of the fact that, indeed, she herself suggested this. "Are-- are you okay?"

Well, he didn't make her explode, so there's that, at least. The question she shoots back at him brings him looking at his own arm, with a thoughtful frown. "I... it does. It... kind of feels like it's burning from the inside. It's not as bad as back when we first sparred, though..."

"I see, progress! That was a good attack, by the way- Powerful but controlled! Come on, lets try it a few times more- We'll stop when the burning gets too much, but repetition is the key to improvement- Come on!" She would put her arms in the same tight guard, giving Daisuke a clear target to strike.

"Uh... if you're sure..." Daisuke does look very much *nervous* about the prospect of repeating that. But this'll be good training for her too, right? So backing up now would certainly be considered rude by her, so...

With a steady breath, Daisuke focuses into the flow of the energy again. Eyes glow, arcs of energy flash and crack along his arm... and the orb forms much more quickly along his palm this time around. And just like that, he's much more quick to stomp in after Tsugumi and shove his palm at her arms--

The explosions more pronounced now. Enough for a shockwave to send Daisuke himself recoiling back. "ARgh?!"

And while he's still stumbling back as a result, his left hand grabs hold of his right arm. "T-tsugumi..." He hisses out in pain. Glowing lines have formed along his arm now, visible where the short sleeve of his shirt has left it exposed, visibly pulsing. There's even faint hints of steam rising up from where those brands glow, for a few seconds -- before the glow fades down, and the patterned lines disappear entirely again.

"Woh!" Tsugumi was not expecting that much force, and she gets blasted back a few feet herself, sliding across the hardwood floor with her socks as a mark is left on her arm. "Ow-ow-ow- I mean, crap. You alright?!" She hurries over to the redhead, moving to support him. "Darn- Nice job, but, sorry for pushing you that far- I didn't mean to get ya hurt."

The redhead ends up dropping himself down to one knee by the time Tsugumi's gotten over to him... but it's *her* arm that he ends up focusing on, rather than his own. "I... I'm sorry..." He mumbles quietly. "Did I hurt you? I didn't... I didn't mean for that to happen... Maybe I don't have enough control afterall."

"Its stings, but it's nothing I can't handle! And that control? Is why we're practicing. Let's stop for today, though. Don't wanna put too much strain on your body. Though.. I want to propose that we make this a weekly thing- You're gonna need it. If you don't wanna risk blowing up in anyone's face, we need to keep doing these drills, you know?" She helps him up, and walks him back to the living room, supporting him if need be.

"This is the only way you're gonna get a grip on this stuff, Kubo-Kun." She reassures him this fact- Boring, repetitive and painful training.

Daisuke does seem capable of walking, at least, even if there must still be pain surging through his arm. ... And that he seems outright *ashamed* still, even in spite of Tsugumi's assurances of things being fine on her end.

"I know you're right," he concedes to her on the way to the living room. "...Though I can't help but feel like you're putting way more effort into helping me than I deserve."

"I'd smack you if you weren't crippled right now, Aho!" she jests, with a obviously fake angry tone. "I want to help you out, it's fun! There is no such thing as 'deserving' in this situation, that doesn't matter at all.

"And besides, you always make it up to me with your cooking~" She heartily laughs, as she sits him down in one of the living room seats. "Yosh. Anything I can get ya?" Tsugumi asks, while spinning her more damaged arm clockwise idly.

"... I can at least cook, yeah." THat much he can agree on, if nothing else. But even so, he looks... guilty, almost. No matter how much Tsugumi might actually enjoy helping him out, it still feels wrong to him.

Sat down on one of the cushions spread about the table in the rice-matted living room, he peeks up to her briefly just before she's sitting down, herself. He stays silent, but-- after a few seconds, his face suddenly flushes with red, and he's turning to look off to some... very interesting spot on the far wall. Incredibly interesting indeed, yes. "...Um. I'm okay. Thanks..."

"Yup! Best food I eat- Much better then what I have to hastily put together after school." Tsugumi decides to sit opposite from him. "Uwaaaah, that was a good session." she yawns. "You sure? You're not lookin' very mobile there champ."

Then, she notices his flushed expression- and smirks evilly "Hohohoh, are you getting little shy? Or are you thinking of buying a new wallpaper, with how intently you're eyeballing that wall. Ooo! Do you have a wall fetish?! I ain't judging, but that's unusual!" more hearty chuckling, as she messes with her friend.

"Well... I guess it's a good thing I enjoy cooking for you, then." Even if he is blushing some, and his voice is a bit quieter, he does manage to make that sound genuine.

But of course she has to point out that flush, too! And her initial pointing out of it makes him shuffle akwardly where he sits, turning his gaze further away from her... only to snap his green eyes right back to her at that *particular* accusation. "W-w-w-what?!" He spits out, eyes going all the more wide for it. "W-w-what's that supposed to mean? Do I really look like that kind of weirdo to you?"

She does a exaggerated shrug. "I was just trying to make sense of your behavior, Daisuu-chan~ It's up to you to clarify what you were lookin' at." Tsugumi keeps up that smirk, never-ending. "As much as I might look like it, I'm not psychic, you know!" Funny that she should say, while the redhead opposite from her /does/ seem to be displaying some interesting emotional awereness... not that she notices, of course!

"Anyways, I don't want to leave you here alone while uh, moving is hard. Though I do have to head out in... around 90 minutes? Let's hope you've recovered a bit at that point! Until then, I'm at your service.

"N-n-nothing," Daisuke claims, notably turning his gaze away from Tsugumi again right after that. And keeps it averted, too, thanks to her particular wording. Not a psychic indeed, ha ha ha ha... ha.

Tsugumi's offer makes him shuffle sheepishly in place where he sits, glancing sidelong at her just briefly from the very corner of his eye. "You really don't have to go out of your way for me, honestly," he insists to her. "I'm not that badly off, I promise..."

She tilts his head. "Are you sure? I'm not gonna force myself on you.."

/WORDING/, Tsugumi Sendo

"..but you shouldn't strain yourself when I'm here to help, you know? This is what I expected when I offered to train with you!" Sendo smiles, leaning on her elbow as she looks at Daisuke. "If you're not that badly off, stand up~ Prove it to me, Kubo-San."

At least Daisuke somehow manages to not react to Tsugumi's unintentional case of PHRASING this time around!

"You... expected me to wreck myself or something...?" The red-head's green eyes narrow at her over that. "I don't know how to feel about that... but fine, look!"

With a groan, he pushes at the floor with his free hand and starts lifting himself up. He does manage to get up pretty easily by first glance, at least! "See? It's just my arm, really..." He claims. And as if to prove his own well-being further, he turns to walk around the low-set table. "I'm-- gh--!"

A sudden hit of dizziness spikes through the boy, and he wobbles a bit on his feet -- and finally ends up tripping up in his steps, sending him into a falling course towards Tsugumi!

Tsugumi had already stood up ready support the teen when he'd inevitably fall down- And when he does, the wrestler's beefy arms are there to catch him by the shoulders. "Woh- I told you so! You might not be a total cripple, but you're cripple enough to hurt yourself!" The Gorin girl helps him back to his seat. "There you go. Want some water? I'm getting some water anyhow." she walks to the kitchen with that, filling a large glass (or two, depending on Daisuke's answer) with tap water. Walking back to set the glass(es) on the low table.

"So it seems as if you're stuck with me for a little longer~ Anything ya wanna do?"


Daisuke is mroe or less limp in Tsugumi's beefy arms for a few seconds, before his feet shift to steady himself in place there -- and ensure his weight isn't *entirely* pressing down on her. Even if he surely realizes she's strong enough to carry him wholesale if she really wanted to.

"...S-...sure... I guess..." Is all he says on the matter of the water once he's sat down again, face red and eyes drawn down to his own legs. "... And I mean, I dunno. I don't really entertain guests very often, you know?"

"That's ok! Sitting in silence can be fun too~" She stares deep, deeply into his eyes- Deep and long enough to make the situation uncomfortable. Daisuke can probably sense that she's teasing him again.


Yup, still going. Has she even blinked yet? Uncertain.


Daisuke does blink, though! First when she locks eyes with him first, and then a few more times after, with a few seconds in between. Clearly not at all sure of what he should even *think* of this, he leans back slightly -- and it takes no time at all for him to turn his eyes away, with his cheeks burning red. "W-what are you doing?"

"Hah! Made you blush again! Man, I never get tired of how easy you are. Buuut.." She thinks for a moment. "Oh! I know something we can do. You know who your next opponent is, right? I think he was called... Yun? How about we watch his fights! It should be fun, and should help you prepare against fighting him.. if you're not dropping out, that is." She scoots around the table to sit next to him, taking a smartphone from her pocket- and within a minute she found the broadcasted recording of the fight between Yun and La Huesuda.

Man, does this girl think about anything except fighting and teasing?

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