Jae Hoon - Lesson One: How to Mom Your Way Out of a Fight

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Description: Ever been a 5'10" dude trying to convince an enormous 8'8" muscle man, who totaled the front of a civilian bus, to do the right thing? Yeah. Jae Hoon didn't think he'd be doing that today, but... well. Here we are.

It's a typical day here. Busy enough to have people pounding the pavements and heading from storefront to storefront, sight seeing, going about their business..the usual sort of thing. Busy enough to be crowded but not obnoxiously so like, say, in downtown Southtown. Still, life goes on. People got places to go, things to do, bars to drink at, restaurants to crowd into, etcera, etcera.

A city bus begins rapidly picking up pace as it nears an intersection, on its way -towards- downtown Southtown and so picking up speed with the assurance of clear driving ahead as pedestrians wait patiently for the traffic light to change.

So imagine the bus drivers surprise when a very not paying attention massive shape and frame suddenly steps into view, casting shadow over the streets and the incoming bus like some sort of meandering kaiju that took a wrong turn and stepped into the area.

"LOOK OUT!" yells someone, surprisingly in english no less.


The entire area shakes, windows rattling and the sound of metal wrenching fills the air. The bus comes to an immediate stop as if it just slammed into the proverbial immovable object, the rear of it literally lifting up off the road. The driver lurching forward and nearly slamming into the front window. Passengers don't fare much better. The driver blinks, stunned and recovering quickly enough only to realize that the entire front of the bus is cast in shadow as something immense blocks the sun. He looks up and then up some more. A gigantic torso literally filling up his vision just outside of the crumpled front end of the bus. The torso leans down, revealing Abigail's furious visage as the bus had literally slammed into the giant and nearly folded itself around his immovable frame.

"HEY, WATCH IT!! I was walkin' here, eh???"

For a foreigner like Jae Hoon, the day is not so typical, as he tries to navigate the length of Southtown in his attempt to get a layout of the land. He's chosen to move here, and of course, he's prepared with everything a newcomer is expected to have: a map of the city and it's districts, complete with transit routes, a translation guide for any kanji he might not understand, and even a book on the greatest dining hotspots and most-hip coffee shops outside of The Bean (because he doesn't exactly want to be a bother for the young Howard scion by constantly showing up at his work to visit).

He's ready for a normal day, and so he sets out from his apartment early to allow time for exploring while also getting the morning sunshine.

The Korean wanders down the street at about midday with the intent of perhaps taking the bus to a different area. Except, well... in his eagerness he misread the time and therefore is a little earlier than anticipated. Not a huge deal. He stands at the stop with one earbud in, minding his own business, as he waits for the arrival of transit.

The distance of which the stop is at in comparison to where he hears this loud sort of discombobulated commotion is not far. Jae Hoon's dark head snaps up in the direction of the noise, finding that the bus he'd been waiting for is... kinda wrapped around a large dude. Like, a really large dude. So big, in fact, that he's certain he's never seen anyone of that size and magnitude just casually strolling about on the streets. He'd been told by his father that he would see many sights in Southtown, but this is just something else entirely.

Suddenly cognizant of potentially injured citizens - and maybe the big guy, although that is somewhat debatable - his feet are moving before he even realizes what he's doing. An earbud is ripped out of his ear as he starts approaching the scene, and Jae eventually comes around the side of the impacted stranger - holy crap, he's tall - and gauges the scene. In the initial glance over, it looks like most people are just startled. Then, he turns to the roadblock of a dude, brows creasing with... confusion? Concern? At this point, he doesn't even know how to feel about the fellow who took out the entire front end of a bus and received no damage.

"Um. Are you... okay?" he asks this as he slowly withdraws his phone from his pocket with the intent to call emergency services.

"This is why I can't stand comin' to this town.. Last time I was here a pack of werewolves tore up my custom tires. Now I get hit by a bus?? I can stay home and have -that- happen!!"

Abigail lays a huge hand onto the bus and then shoves, flexing slightly and screeching the ruined vehicle backwards from him with about the same amount of ease that somone might push an empty cardboard box around by nudging it with a foot. The movement leaves an Abigail shaped wedge along with a palm imprint but, aside from torn clothing, he does indeed look impossibly unharmed.

Bystanders snap photos and murmur to themselves in confusion and awe.

"Wow, is that a Darkstalker??"

"He's gotta be a Darkstalker."

"One of those Oni's?"

This is mixed in with groans of "My back!" "My neck!" "My coffee!" as the bus riders begin to off load.

"For God's sake, I'm not a Darkstalker!" thunders Abigail before turning around like some sort of landslide made of muscle to focus his full ire on Jae Hoon. "What?? Oh....I'm fine!"

Oooookay. This guy is just... casually peeling the bus off like a squashed bug. Cool. Although, considering all the grumbles and complaints of the people unloading themselves from the broken transport, the statement of "Cool" is actually not that cool at all.

An ambulance should be brought to the scene, but it seems the bus driver is taking care of that, so the Korean fellow just tucks his unneeded phone away.

He sighs, but doesn't appear to be relaxed at all. Another glance at the bus truly confirms that he won't be going anywhere by transit today. At least, not on /that/ particular one.

Which is fine, because there clearly is a need for more hands around this scene in case there are people who need medical attention. He's no expert, but at least he's somewhat proficient in treating minor injuries in lieu of actual EMT's.

Still. Jae isn't so sure about the poor citizens who could have been put in danger by this accident, and this disturbs him a little.

In fact, this whole situation is just plain distressing.

"I'm glad you're all right," the Korean says, brows furrowing over his brown irises as he gazes up at the very tall Abigail. "But, I don't think shoving the bus was a very good idea. It could have hurt the people still in it, or the people around it."

"What're you, my nanny?? Beat it kid!" Abigail waves a hand dismissively and does so close, perhaps to close, to Jae. He might even brush him aside and considering he just pushed an entire bus backwards like it was a plaything, even a casual flick by him might be unsettling.

Regardless of if he brushes into Jae or not, he continues on brazenly and without much regard for the well being of the passengers: "These people have been friggen..attacked by vampires, robots, werewolves and all sorts of crazies and fighters and whatevers. You think I'm worried about them being knocked around a little? -I'm- the one that got hit."

It is a little odd after all. Usually the person being -hit- is the victim but here Abigail is..the one being scolded for -being- hit? Well..things happen when you have biceps so big they wear tires like armbands.

Plus..it -was- his fault, stepping into the streets to soon without looking.


"Listen, I'm just trying to --" Boof!

A big mitt whaps into him, causing his legs to scramble underneath his swaying upper body in an attempt to keep himself upright. It's nothing that really /hurts/ per se, but it does cause a startle to the young teen who, luckily, manages to stabilize himself, albeit with a bit of fumbling before his feet root to the soles of his shoes and therefore the ground underneath them.

It's a good thing he's got decent balance, otherwise he'd be knocked flat on his ass in an instant.

Slightly perturbed, but mostly concerned, by this man's insistence that he should be the one to walk away without consequence or without even helping anyone who /is/ potentially injured, Jae Hoon tails after Abigail with a fierce determination in his eye. "That may be so," he says, a finger pointing back towards the jostled citizens behind him. "But that doesn't mean they deserve to be battered about."

"I just think maybe an apology to both parties would be fair. Maybe even sticking around until the ambulances get here, just to make sure everyone is okay?" A considerate kid, he is, but he really should learn his place sometimes. It's not like he needed to get involved in this. He could have minded his own business, but wanting to be helpful, he jumped the gun.

"Oh, so cause I just happened t'be tough enough and big enough to not be...I don't know..DEAD.. -I- gotta apologize? That's--"

Abigail pauses. He's not a Darkstalker. It can't be racist. Discriminatory towards huge people?

"That just aint fair." he settles on.

He turns around now, stopping his departure to give Jae Hoon a chance to make his closing argument for this case.

But to be fair he's not trying to stomp him into the ground or grind his bones for his bread or something like that. He does arc an eyebrow though, one eyes opening larger then the other and his facial features scrunching up his facepaint rather angry like.

Ah, fairness.

That's what it boils down to? Maybe it's something deeper, but it's a concept Jae Hoon latches onto in order to make his argument compelling enough for the stranger to stick around and at least /help/ a little bit.

Hands spreading out at his sides, the Korean teen visibly relaxes his shoulders. If he appears tense or agitated, his message probably won't be communicated well. The last thing he wants is to cause another scene, but at the minimum he wants this big bloke to understand that his actions have dire consequences, should he choose not to take any care to the environment or the people around him.

After all, it's not exactly safe for people to just go waltzing into the street. It also is equally unsafe for drivers to be paying attention to obstacles on the road. See? A two-way street exists here. Hopefully, Jae can communicate this in the least offending way possible.

"I know it doesn't seem fair since you are the one who was hit, but walking carelessly into the street could have killed the people on that bus. Doesn't that also seem a little unfair?" he asks with a sort of genuine care that translates into his body language. His tone is non-aggressive, rather a soft compassion that clearly shows he cares about the people around him, regardless of knowing them or not.

"Hear me out: just... stay until the ambulance gets here? If you feel nice enough, maybe apologise? Either way, your conscience is clear and you can go about your merry way, knowing you didn't hurt anyone who didn't deserve it."

Abigail fumes. His nostrils flare and he rumbles, sounding remarkably like an idling monster truck engine. His glare falls on Jae Hoon with all the weight and irritation of a sentient earthquake that just decided to notice and pay attention to him. He flickers his gaze back towards the bus and then back towards Jae Hoon and then towards the gathered crowd. In truth the people -are- okay but an ambulance is a reasonable and safe precaution after all.

Finally, the goliath begins to stalk back towards the bus. His approach and the literal shaking of the ground is enough to get most of their attentions but to help seal the deal he reaches up and actually clasps his hand on top of the busted up transit vehicle.

There is a horrible screeching and groaning sound as he presses downward like a living trash compacter. His arm muscles bulge to sizes that make trees look like matchsticks as the front of the bus compresses down and down.

"HI! You can send complaints and bills on items and sundries to this number! And remember, Abigail Scrap Metal for your automobile modding needs and the best tires in the business!!"

His free hand flicks out a business card and which he slips into a fold of metal on crumpling bus he's taking his annoyance out on.

He then smiles. Eyes squnting and mouth tightlky closed. Somewhere, far away, a woman screams in a high pitched tone.

The crowd is struck starkly silent. Abigail then turns and begins to walk away, moving away from Jae Hoon and up the streets slowly.

The number on the back of the card is to the offices of Professional Fighting Worldwide. Send complaints to the PFW.

At first, Jae Hoon is absolutely certain he's not going to break ground with this guy. Abigail looks pissed. It might be that he's banging his head against a brick wall, for all he knows, but he stands firm in his spot. If he backs down now, there's no guarantee that his persuasion would be successful.

... and, to his surprise, the big guy moves. Not away from the scene, but towards the citizens, with large feet rumbling the earth beneath him.

Awestruck, the teen watches the spiel the large fellow has for the crowd, because he definitely doesn't expect there to be an offer for fronting the bill for the damage. This... went better than originally anticipated.


A bright smile brims Jae Hoon's face as he watches the muscle-man turn aboutface and head back in the direction he had been intending before the teen interrupted him. There's approval in his eyes, probably very similar to that of his father's gleaning smile, as he witnesses the leave of Abigail. He may not know the man by name, but that is a face Jae reckons he'll never forget, thanks to this whole ordeal. Not just because he's a weirdly unique and large guy, but because he did a great deed today in helping the lives of others.

That is always a positive in Kim's books!

"Have a good day!" he shouts as Abigail departs. Then, he turns on his heel and retracts to the crowd of citizens, fully intent on helping them for the day instead of mapping out Southtown. Much more important, really.

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